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In a session with Robert, you have to be listening to everything he says. Especially his “out of nowhere” questions or remarks. Those are the things that will show up in your life sometime in the near future, like 2 or 3 months. For example, the second session I had with Robert in the middle of his reading he stopped and asked me, “who is Mike?” I told him I didn’t know anyone named Mike. He said the name just popped into his head. On the next session, he asked me the exact same thing. I reminded him that he had already asked me that question at the previous session and I still didn’t know anyone named Mike. He said he saw someone named Mike wanting to spend time with me and this Mike was fast approaching. Two weeks later, my friend and I were out dancing and she introduced me to two of her co-workers. Their names were Brian and Mike. I married Mike.

Jeanne – Dallas, Texas

November 2015

Neptune, retrograde in Pisces since June 12, goes direct November 18. While Neptune was retrograde in Pisces, our sensitive sides have been close to the surface. Many of us have felt the events of our lives more profoundly than we may have felt when Neptune was not retrograde. Some of us, especially Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, have just felt like it's time for a break and that is okay.

Saturn now in Sagittarius squares (90 degrees) Neptune. A square is stress and pressure. Remember that Neptune is idealism while Saturn is reality. Any area of our life that we are taking for granted or not paying attention to is going to collide with situations that awaken us to reality. For example, if you are just head over heels about someone you think is terrific, events are sure to happen that show you that person is mortal just like you. If you have taken a blow it off attitude about your finances, then Saturn is going to show you where you must change the way you handle your finances. Saturn always shows us where we are lacking discipline. However, as a dear friend of mine says, "You have to make friends with Saturn." Once you embrace rules and form to create function you have embraced Saturn and can reap the rewards of wise behavior.

This aspect between
Saturn and Neptune is exact November 26 but we feel its effects November 1 to December 25 and again in 2016 from May to October.
Since Neptune rules the ocean, hospitals, and prisons and our connection to God, I think we are going to see issues about the health of our oceans and rules regarding the oceans. Cruise lines and their operations will most likely come under scrutiny while scandals are sure to come up regarding health care, pharmaceutical companies, and with many leaders around the world. The news should be very entertaining.

full Moon at three degrees Gemini on November 25 at 5:44 pm CST creates a loose t-square. The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all close to one another in Sagittarius. They are opposed by the Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces. This creates stress that will demand resolution of many of the crises in our lives and around the world. That includes world hunger, the refugee crisis in Europe, and health care to name a few. In our personal lives, facts and information are sure to wake us up and pull us out of our comfort zone. News about leaders is sure to show us that they are mortals like us. Use caution when sending selfies unless you are just hoping for attention and don't care that the world sees you bare it all.

The lunar cycle that peaks on
November 25 begins with the new Moon November 11 at 12:47 pm CST in Scorpio at nineteen degrees. A new Moon in Scorpio signifies a lunar cycle whereby we put ourselves in a position to take control of our personal power and our destiny. Those of us born on or around the twelfth of any month are most affected and ready to address using our talents and skills to accomplish our goals and desires.

To sum it up, the lunar cycle is about gaining power and control in our lives but we must be sure we don't fall from grace because we are not worthy, or wise enough, or adept to walk our talk. Be who you are and do the correct and appropriate things to gain life experience and advancement and you will detour around trouble and unbecoming exposure. Do not act in such a way that others lose faith in you. That will happen to those who are careless with the welfare of their supporters.

Mercury moves through Scorpio November 2 - 20. While communicative Mercury moves through intense Scorpio, our thoughts and conversations are geared towards getting to the bottom of any issue. There is no fluff or superficial beating around the bush. Conversations can get testy so tiptoe around Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo. They may burn you with their words.

Mercury is trine Neptune November 6 listen to your intuition. That goes double for Scorpio and Pisces.

Then on
November 10, Mercury in Scorpio is sextile (sixty degrees) from Pluto in Capricorn, bringing fast resolution to challenges we face. At the same time the Sun is sextile Jupiter showing us the big picture. A sextile between two planets gives us the ability and energy to get what we want done. Take a step back from the situation and you will see the solution. Mercury is on a roll sextile Jupiter in Virgo, November 13. This is a great time to make a point and come across as accurate and knowledgeable. This dynamic continues November 17, when the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Scorpio.

Mercury wades through Scorpio he moves through Sagittarius November 20 - December 9. While Mercury moves through Sagittarius our thoughts are concerned with a wide range of topics, including our beliefs and faith. Plans for the big picture prevail but don't forget to figure fairness into any equation. Double check your work during these days especially November 24, when Mercury crosses Saturn. That is when our mistakes and miscalculations can stop us in our tracks.

Venus starts off November crossing over Mars in Virgo November 2. This is a highly creative and sensual time for Virgo and fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini must avoid over the top crazy behavior that repels others as opposed to attracting their object of affection.

Venus leaves Virgo and moves through Libra November 8 - December 4. Venus rules Libra so she is extra comfy here. Libra is looking good now but once Mars moves into Libra November 12, we might be frantically looking at all the sides of a situation. Some of us will completely take down our competition and then have them over for lunch to celebrate our success by serving them crow. Slow down and don't jump to conclusions you may regret.

Venus is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius November 13. Venus and Saturn make it easy for us to move forward with caution and responsible behavior. The challenges and realities we face in our relationships are not insurmountable. Mars sextile to Saturn takes Mars awhile longer, but he gets there November 24. While Mars can be a wild card, Saturn adds a bit of focus and discipline to follow any process to its completion. Libra and Sagittarius are most affected by these aspects from Venus and Mars to Saturn.

In the days between
November 20-23 Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Aries. The Moon in Aries chimes into this aspect November 22 adding a bit of emotional drama. Events are sure to shake our sense of security now. Many of us will need to stay home just because we need to feel a sense of balance amidst the pull in three different directions. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the signs most affected but all of us are sure to feel some pain, upset or even fear. Once this passes the troubles you feel will be replaced with a new sense of hope.

Sun moves through Sagittarius November 22 - December 21. We now move from the place in our lives where we want to connect with others on a deep and intimate level and to looking more at that grand scheme of our lives. This is usually easy for Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. However, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo are challenged by realities that don't seem to support their dream. In that case just go back to the drawing board and make a better plan.

Just when we think the coast is clear and we are home free, the
Sun trips into an aspect squaring Neptune and crossing Saturn November 29. Don't let your guard down, take off those rose colored glasses and get some blue blockers as we are reminded to take a new view of our realities.

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