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Robert’s readings are the perfect marriage of astrology and intuition with a healthy dose of good common sense thrown in to the mix. I rely on his insights whenever I hit a crossroad and have learned the hard way to pay closer attention to what he says. I refer my friends to him and that is the most eloquent statement I can make about his abilities.
Ginger - Dallas, Texas

September 2015

September is a month of changing gears with a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, Pluto going direct, and Saturn finally finishing the trek through Scorpio.

Venus, retrograde since July 25, has put the final nail in the coffin of many relationships. Some of us have been surprised that honeys and lovers have returned to their old ways. Others of us have hit the relationship wall and said enough is enough. Still others have worked through misunderstandings so that relationships can move to a place of better understanding for all parties concerned.

Venus and Mars connect September 1 in Leo. This should bring some sparks as loose wires try to reconnect and get a new pulse of power. Remember, though, Venus is still retrograde and starting a new relationship is ill advised especially since the Moon is waning. However, it may be hard to resist that hard bodied hunk or curvy cutie so keep your expectations to a minimum.

Venus, in Leo, goes direct September 6 and finally gets back to the place where she originally went retrograde by October 9. Use the days until October to hang out with your emotions and maybe coast a bit when it comes to love. Since Venus rules Taurus and Libra, these two signs are sure to feel less like a scratchy piece of sand paper. Likewise, Leo is sure to be back to a roar and lions will be in the news again with a positive spin.

Sun in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn September 5. Many of us, but especially Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus feel a sense of power and the ability to get what they desire even days before and after this aspect. Taurus’ born in the first week of May are set up for good stuff to happen though it may not seem so at first.

Mars in Leo is trine Uranus, retrograde but seeming static in Aries, September 8. There is really nothing static about this aspect. Mars is excited, active, and magnanimous in Leo. Mars and Uranus together at this angle has us usually responding to any situation with excitement and determination. Since Uranus is retrograde many of us are nudged, prodded, or pushed off a cliff to make a decision or to take action. What are you afraid of? Name it, claim it, and dump it now so you can get on with the process of life. Uranus retrograde, prodded by Mars, brings some of the biggest changes in your life now. Visualize the gods cheering you now to make big changes. This is not the time to sit by the television watching Donald Trump insult various groups of people.

While we are on the topic of
Uranus, Venus is trine “The Great Awakener” September 22. Get out and schmooze especially if you are Aries or Leo. A lot can be accomplished and statements can be made if you are willing to just show up and be seen. Look at your investments and consider companies that are out of your usual scope of interest.

Mercury in Libra is square Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn, September 9. This is a stressful aspect that can cause us to feel distrustful. Somebody is going to be interrogated and Capricorn and Libra are probably in that mix. It is time to get to the bottom of questions. This aspect comes around once again September 24 when Mercury is retrograde. At both times stress and maybe a stiff cup of coffee will be what gets the job accomplished.

Speaking of
Mercury retrograde; that blessed event starts September 17 and ends October 9. We have traded Venus retrograde for Mercury retrograde. Since September begins with a waning Moon, I suggest you don't try to start anything new before October 13 at 4:38 pm CDT. Here's why, once Mercury goes direct the Moon is still getting smaller. The October new Moon is at 7:06 pm October 12 and the Moon is immediately what we call void. It remains void until October 13 at 4:38 pm CDT. After October 13 at 4:38 pm is the time to put it all back into forward motion for the most part. October 14 is really good for starting new projects, but do so before 7:58 pm CDT. Since Mercury is retrograde in Libra we will continue to rethink all sorts of partnerships. Some partnerships will leave while others will recycle back through our lives as they have done previously. Just remember, with Mercury retrograde you do not have all the facts plain and simple.

On top of Mercury retrograde,
Jupiter in Virgo is pulling up to oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Picture yourself trying to maneuver through a maze. It can be confusing. Do not assume anyone will do what they say they will do and don't project how you feel or think onto others. Your impressions may be totally wrong. During this aspect work to be in tune with the cosmos and all it offers and represents. Good luck with that. We all feel Jupiter opposing Neptune September 5-30. Virgo and Pisces may be walking around with mismatched shoes. Gemini and Sagittarius will be quite busy juggling family and work and difficult bosses.

The best news of the month for Virgo is the new Moon/solar eclipse September 13 at 1:41am CDT in Virgo at twenty degrees. Solar eclipses are potent beginnings and this eclipse in Virgo is a good one for taking stock on your health regimen and the routines you live by daily. Many of us will begin new diets and workout routines while others will clear our spaces and take stock of our health. This is a good cycle for getting a check up. Still others will embark on learning or teaching a topic that interests us. This new beginning in Virgo can mean the beginning of a new culture for the work force. The minimum wage will most likely rise either this year or next with another solar eclipse in Virgo next September 2016.

The lunar cycle peaks with a
full Moon September 27 at 9:50 pm CDT in Aries at four degrees. This is a fiery one and many of us will have upsets because our emotions get the best of us. This is a time of breaking worn out patterns and rebalancing ourselves with others. Stay away from reacting harshly and watch for events that can be explosive, literally. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are agitated to act so do something smart not destructive. A lot can be accomplished around this event.

In other comings and goings, Saturn moves into Sagittarius September 17/18 until late December 2017. Saturn was briefly in Sagittarius late last December until this past mid June. Sagittarius looks at the big picture of life. Sagittarius wants to explore the universe while Saturn in Sagittarius insists that certain details be addressed such as getting back home from that trip to the edge of the solar system. Saturn in Sagittarius says, "Do you really want the second piece of pie? What will it do to your overall good looks?"

Saturn in knowledgeable Sagittarius is going to bring new ways to secure our personal and national information. New programs will be initiated to protect our computers, our travel, and even our relationships with other countries. Higher education is sure to get a revamping as will our feelings about our religion. Perhaps those who think we should all live by their rules will be sent off to Antarctica when it melts. It will be interesting to see how and what Saturn in Sagittarius realigns. We may get a small hint when the Sun in Libra sextiles Saturn September 23.

September 23 is the Autumnal Equinox (Fall begins) as the Sun moves into Libra at 3:21 am CDT. The Sun is not at its best in Libra. All that balancing and I don't want to be alone stuff is sure to come up for many of us. This is a time to strike a balance with others and remember Mercury is retrograde so many people are trying to play with a stacked deck called misinformation. Play nice, play fair, and if you can't make up you mind then just sit until you get a sign from within or without. This goes double for September 30 when the Sun and Mercury retrograde connect in Virgo.

Mars moves through Virgo September 24/25 through November 12. That should stir up a few tummies and have us juggling many plates at one time. Some of us will try to make processes more efficient while others of us will refuse to change to new ways of doing stuff. Try to finish one thing before losing interest and moving onto another. Virgo may be a bit bitchy while Pisces is still confused and does not want to be told what to do. At the same time Sagittarius and Gemini are agitated by people who stand in the way of their parade. That will be evident when Mars squares Saturn September 25 when progress must yield to details.

Pluto, retrograde since mid April goes direct September 25. While Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn we have worked to rejuvenate something in our lives. It is now time to move forward and hopefully we are refreshed. When I think of Pluto and anything Pluto is doing I think of the character Daenerys Targaryen in The Game of Thrones. She walked into her husband's burning funeral pyre and when the fire went out, there she sat untouched and holding three baby dragons that helped her conquer and liberate those who were enslaved. That is how Pluto works. Now, go conquer September.

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