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July 2014
Hooray, Mercury goes direct in Gemini July 1. Those of us who moved through the last twenty-five days without incident are lucky. The rest of us have dealt with glitches on our electronic devices, losses of personal items, and people dead set on moving forward with plans that were sure to fail. There were a couple of times when this astrologer wondered if there were hidden cameras filming my reaction to the outlandish behavior that had been imposed on me by the nuttiest of nuts. I will never forget this retrograde period.

Remember though that the period called the shadow of Mercury retrograde lasts until July 16. That is when Mercury comes back to the point where he originally went retrograde. In the days until then you may have some Mercury mishaps. It is just the release of unwanted situations that come back around for one last jab.

I cannot forget to mention
Uranus square Pluto. These two planets are the root cause of the deep changes we are all feeling. Some of us are troubled by our outer circumstances because life is telling us we must change. The process is long and arduous. The highs are high and the lows are low especially July 4, 5, 8, 12, 18, 22, 24, 25, and 28. During these days events show us how to evolve. You cannot stop the progression of life events. Look to the news to see how people are changing. Politicians are shifting their position and new players are coming onto the scene. Those who have held our attention are stepping up their game to remain in the limelight while others are just fading into history. We continue this major transition into next year.

Uranus turns retrograde July 21 and remains so until December 21. Uranus is smart and thinks out of the box. Uranus wants to know why things work the way they work. When Uranus is retrograde all that smart and brilliant energy gets stuffed below the surface. Once the pressure becomes too great, Uranus creates explosions and actions that are surprising, illuminating, and upsetting. Uranus retrograde, coupled with his square to Pluto, can bring sudden amazing events. Mercury square Uranus July 24 is sure to usher in discoveries or revelations. Pay attention to what is happening then as events around that time clue us into what to expect from Uranus retrograde in the months ahead. July 22 and 25 likewise are times when the cork is sure to blow off the bottle.

Jupiter has been moving through
Cancer since June 25, 2013. Jupiter in Cancer represents expansion and opportunity through doing for others. Many of us have begun compassionate projects and that in turn has changed our lives for the better. Others of us have explored their roots connecting to lost relatives and even discovering our origins through our DNA. During this time we have come to understand that our emotional well being plays an important part in the quality of our lives.

Jupiter moves into Leo July 16 and continues there until August 11, 2015. Fire Sign Leo is fun and Jupiter enjoys moving through this sign. Leo is about self-expression and entertainment. We are sure to see expansion in that arena as new stars and production companies come onto the scene in the months to come. The evolution of the way we watch television will continue to evolve and new and amazing gadgets will tease us to purchase them. Fun will over shadow the tough stuff of life. Romance and the pursuit of pleasure will come to the forefront. If you are looking for love it is probably looking for you over the next year. Leo also rules the stock market and the games of chance. We will see and hear more than the usual fodder about both. It is said that Jupiter in Leo is not so good for the markets so keep an eye on your investments.

Saturn, retrograde in Scorpio, since March 2 goes direct July 20. While Saturn is retrograde we are compelled to organize the stuff that previously came into our lives. All those papers and ideas that were not previously processed can be put into place. Persistence has been a rocky road but once Saturn goes direct the path will be smoother. We become busier and are able to employ new ideas that we came up with while Saturn was retrograde.

Venus in Gemini is sextile Uranus July 7. This is an easy time to get along with people from all walks of life. Six days later Venus is trine Mars in Libra. Libra and Gemini and many of the rest of us receive recognition for just who we are innately. All of us will find it easy to be ourselves at this time.

Later in the month, on
July 18, Venus moves into Cancer until August 12. Venus in Cancer brings close family and friends to visit. Love and compassion are abundant as Venus is trine Neptune July 24. Our need to help others is strong but friends and relatives require diplomacy, July 28, when Venus opposes Pluto.

full Moon occurs July 12 at 6:25 am CDT in Capricorn at twenty degrees. This full Moon brings work projects to a head. Bosses will be bossy and out of control with some of us. Accept the responsibility that is yours and only yours. Some of us will get sudden job offers while others of us have had enough and quit. Whatever the situation handle it with decorum. This full Moon is most challenging for Aries, Cancer, Libra, Leo, and Gemini. Virgo and Taurus have a safe slide into home base.

Mercury moves through Cancer July 13 to July 31. While Mercury moves through Cancer our thoughts become more reflective. We will be thinking about past events and resolving them in our minds and hearts. You will notice that your Cancer friends don’t seem to have much to say during these days. Aries, Libra, and Cancer get criticism but are wise to embrace it and use it constructively, even though much of that criticism will be unfounded. Scorpio and Pisces feel confident and have good news coming. When Mercury is trine Neptune July 19. Listen to those voices you hear and trust your instincts.

July 19 the Sun in Cancer is square Mars still in Libra. If conflict is in the cards you will not be able to avoid that. Cancer, Libra, Aries, and Capricorn can use this aspect to make a move and get any job done. We all just have to be aware of the land mines and difficult people who want to work our nerves.

Sun in Cancer is trine Saturn July 8. This day is one of those hot days when the Uranus/Pluto square ………is triggered . This connection between the Sun and Saturn can provide some stability to the intensity of this day. Look to some one wiser than yourself for help. A similar affect occurs July 24 when Mercury is trine Saturn.

Sun enters Leo July 22 until August 22/23. Leo is a playful sign so we are lucky the Sun moves through this sign during vacation time. Leo is sure to be more animated than usual while Aquarius needs some rest to consider their next move. Taurus and Scorpio are sure to experience some frustration in the days ahead but that is just what they need to get them moving. Aries and Sagittarius seem to be able to flow with life easily.

Right after the
Sun moves into Leo he crosses Jupiter July 24. This is a very positive day for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Optimism rules amidst the abundant stress.

At last,
Mars moves out of Libra and into Scorpio July 25. Remember that Mars entered Libra last December 8. Mars messed with us from Christmas to New Years then went retrograde March 1 putting many of our businesses on hold. Mars again agitated our life situations in late April to mid June. Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, who have had a hard time catching a break, now get a bit of relief from the fast paced change that has shaken their lives.

Mars is moving though Scorpio, until September 13, many of us will be tested. Some of us will pick great tasks to accomplish and in many cases we will come to know that life is not always a day the amusement park. Others of us will not want to share but are forced to let others into our time and space. Scorpio must be kind to others while Cancer and Pisces have the confidence to move through most challenges. Even without trying, Aquarius and Leo will have the talent for irritating others.

new Moon occurs July 26 at 5:42 pm CDT in Leo at 3 degrees. This new Moon is conjunct Jupiter and square Mars so it is a pretty powerful new beginning without being an eclipse. This new Moon can usher in a time of great creativity. What do you want to accomplish? Set that in motion now and you are most likely to receive terrific recognition for your innovative efforts in the weeks and months ahead.

Mercury moves through Leo July 31 – August 15. This adds to the creativity that the new Moon has started. When relating to the people we love we will do so on an intellectual level. This is a great time to play and excel at mental games such as word puzzles. Some of us will be preparing for the next semester of school while others of us will be finishing up summer school. Whatever the pursuit, Mercury in Leo will be most as long as you do not bore others with your facts and figures.

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