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Mercury goes direct February 11 at 8:57 am CST

Next Mercury retrograde May 18 - June 11 Put that on your calendar now!
February opens with Mercury retrograde until the 11th. We have most likely gotten used to Mercury's antics at this point but don't let your guard down. Stay focused and pay attention, otherwise Mercury retrograde will play his tricks on you. Double check your work and reread anything you have to sign before signing it. Avoid making important purchases that you may later regret.

The positive spin on
Mercury retrograde is that this can be a time to fix stuff and reflect on past issues that need to be resolved. During the last Mercury retrograde, a real estate client who previously could not find a place to lease contacted me. We found her family a home and the papers were finalized just as Mercury was going direct. Mercury retrograde does not have to be a scary thing.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius February 5. This is a great time to reorganize your life and the kitchen cabinets. If you can't get things straight at that time Mercury once again provides this opportunity February 19.

full Moon occurs February 3 at 5:09 pm CST at fourteen degrees Leo. This is the peak of the lunar cycle that began January 20. The full Moon in Leo brings us to a place of needing to say what we need to say. Some of us will break for fun while for others of us this lunar event can signal lots of drama. Any of us born around the fifth of any month are going to feel wound up or even recognized for good deeds or bad. Aries and Sagittarius are sure to receive positive recognition while Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus are stressed about one thing or another.

full Moon in Leo is trine Uranus in Aries but inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, thus triggering the Uranus Pluto square. This is a time for caution. Watch your back and pay attention to your surroundings. Since Leo is the sign of children there is sure to be an event or issue regarding our little ones in the news. Perhaps education equality will come up for discussion.

Speaking of
Uranus square Pluto and the uneasy rebirth we have undergone since 2010, this transit has its last exact aspect March 16/17. As we roll towards that date expect the screws of life to tighten as I have termed it previously. As I have written before, those of us who have points in our charts being touched by Uranus or Pluto will experience high highs and low lows. The February dates that can have us high or low are 1, 3, 8, 15, 21, 28. Mark these days on the calendar and observe life with detachment if possible. Avoid drastic actions and behavior.

Venus crosses Neptune in Pisces February 1. Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus' love, beauty, art, and culture. This is a magical time when our senses are heightened and that handsome stranger could be Prince Charming. He may be charming but not necessarily sincere. Do make a wish and do listen to your “sixth sense” especially if you are Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius may just hear static when they are listening so be careful as to what you wish for under this transit. The Universe does have a sense of humor.

February 8 Venus is sextile Pluto. This is a good time to take charge and make sense of who you truly are especially if you are Pisces or Capricorn. Business goes well because we are committed to making a project work. You can bring home the bacon but don't forget to connect with someone special when you get there.

February 8, Venus is pretty quiet until she moves into Aries February 20 until March 17. Aries is sexy now and our loves can be renewed or revived by this influx of Venus and Aries energy. The past is past and it is time to start anew. While Aries is sexy and ready to pursue, Leo and Sagittarius are also pleasantly attractive. Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn must avoid lazy self-indulgent behavior.

Mars precedes Venus to Aries by less than twenty-four hours moving through Aries February 19 - March 31. Mars has been wading through Pisces waters since January 12 causing confusion and steaming up some of us. Mars rules Aries so we are sure to feel energized.

Mars in Aries has us acting and speaking with a direct fashion. There is no beating around the bush. At the same time though we must recognize the fine balance between being direct and acting pushy. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can get anything done while Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn must use diplomacy to move past obstacles.

February 22 Venus crosses Mars in Aries. Mars' “get it done” attitude is toned down and we are able to get what we want with a softer approach. This is a creative time especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Venus trine Saturn in Sagittarius February 24 brings simple pleasures and acts that deepen relationships with loved ones or boss types. Aries and Sagittarius know what to do to affect their lives positively now.

Mars follows Venus and trines Saturn February 25. Saturn harnesses Mars raw energy and we are able to make effective progress. Organize, prepare, and initiate projects with determination and good sense while we feel this transit February 21 to March 1.

Sun in Aquarius is sextile Uranus in Aries February 2. Uranus likes to mix life up a bit so be ready for surprises and changes. This is a good time to connect with groups of people who are different than us. Think out of the box.

Sun is opposite Jupiter retrograde February 5. Jupiter likes to do most activities in a big way. Many of us will want to go overboard with ideas and actions. Just one dessert or one new pair of shoes will do. You don't need every flavor of ice cream or every color of that tennis shoe.

Sun moves through Pisces February 18 - March 20/21. While the Sun moves through Pisces we move through life with our feelings as opposed to our intellect. You just want to be sure you are using your higher energies as opposed to getting caught up in situations that lead to being taken advantage of or victimized. This is Pisces starting spot for the next twelve months. Have a plan for the months ahead if you are Pisces.

Right after the
Sun moves into Pisces he is square Saturn in Sagittarius on the 23rd. Plans may seem to falter or seem blocked by circumstances or difficult people. Work around those, I will call them people to be diplomatic with, and move on your merry way. The situation will go as fast as it arrived as the Sun crosses Neptune February 25 heralding happiness and idealism. Just don't be fooled by anyone at that time.

new Moon occurs February 18 at 5:47 pm CST in Aquarius at 29 degrees fifty nine minutes and 54 seconds. Talk about the last degree of a thirty degree sign. This new Moon is as if we are standing on a precipice or ledge ready to leap. Make wishes for new goals and enterprises and plan to network with your sphere of influence. Those people will help you reach your goals during this new lunar cycle.

Almanac -Check the Moon void charts on the Moon Void Page to make sure that the Moon is not void at the time of your event

Start a job February 23

Sign contracts February 12,17,19, 21

Job interview February 19,21,23,27

Consummate Relationships, You know what I mean. Keep your pants on until February 22 at 6:28 pm CST, February 23 before 8:57 pm CST, February 27 from 6:50 am to February 28 at 11:53 am.

Schedule Medical Tests February 8,9,15,21,27

File Legal Matters February 21,23,24,27