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November 2014

Hopefully, we all made it through Mercury retrograde, October 4-25, without too much difficulty. At this writing in mid October, this Mercury ruled Virgo has done pretty well thus far. The only things that have caused much problem is that I accidentally deleted myself from all emails lists at the real estate office and I hit who knows what button and sent out 800 LinkedIn invitations. That was good because I probably never would have thought to connect with all those people but it was bad because there were a lot of people on that list I would never consciously connect with on purpose. I am sure many of them are scratching their heads on that invite.

We are still in the period called the shadow of Mercury retrograde until November 10. This means that Mercury has not gotten back to the degree of the sign whence he went retrograde. I am not one to give this shadow period too much credence but all of us have our astrology buttons that get pushed. The Mercury retrograde shadow is not one of my buttons, as I am always just elated for Mercury to go direct. However, during the shadow period sometimes stuff happens and people will ask, “Is Mercury still retrograde?”

Mercury started out retrograde in Scorpio and backed into Libra. Mercury returns to Scorpio November 8 and finishes his business there November 27. While Mercury moves through Scorpio our thoughts and conversations are deep and thought provoking. Some of us will be a bit obsessed especially Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. If you have something to hide, hide it well because somebody is looking to expose the secret. This is especially true November 16 when Mercury is sextile Pluto.

November 1 Mercury still in Libra is sextile Jupiter in Leo. Look to the big picture of life. November is a new month and we are in a new lunar cycle. The sky can be the limit especially for Libra and Leo.

Also on November 1 Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto and Mars in Capricorn and they are sextile Neptune in Pisces. Venus and Pluto suggest carpe diem (seize the day) while Mars and Neptune compel some of us to take in a movie. Maybe a movie will be your way to seize some down time. The Moon is void until 11:37 am CDT so do not do much of consequence until after that time. Since the Sun is coming to sextile Pluto November 3, you have time to seize the day and take a timeout. Try both.

Mercury comes to trine Neptune in Pisces November 11. At this time our thoughts are psychic and imaginative. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are especially tuned into the hum of the universe as are many of the rest of us. If you have a premonition now, listen to those voices as they may have a valid message.

I am sure readers are tired of hearing about Uranus square Pluto. This aspect is the backdrop for the upheaval that is happening on the planet. It seems to be everywhere. Remember that Uranus is us, the masses, and Pluto is them. It seems to be a battle between them and us. Uranus square Pluto was a strong influence in Michael Phelps’ chart when he was arrested for a DUI. Uranus and Pluto were the influences that exposed Stephen Collin’s dark secret and Uranus square Pluto are the indicators in the United States chart that has brought about the EBOLA and the ISIS crisis.

This month Mars, now moving through Capricorn, crosses Pluto November 10 and squares Uranus November 12. We will feel this intense trigger November 6 – 17. If you have been having high highs and low lows these are times when you may experience those same feelings. This does not have to be classified as good or bad. These days are once again times when we are on the fast track to life changes. One can accomplish progress. If you are in pain it is most likely the pain of progress. Make note of other days this month when the Uranus/ Pluto square is triggered. They include November 4, 18, and 25. If you are born during the first week of any month you are feeling this influence more than most. If you have planets in the degrees of 8 - 16 you are greatly affected by the square.

Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, since June 9, goes direct November 15/16 depending on your time zone. While Neptune is retrograde many of us are extra sensitive and psychic. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio get an extra dose because they are already quite sensitive. This is not to say your gut instinct is going to disappear. If that extra cocktail gave you a headache from June 9 to November 16 that will probably no longer occur with Neptune direct.

The full Moon occurs November 6 at 4:23 pm CST in Taurus at fourteen degrees. Taurus is concerned with value and is opposite Scorpio. Scorpio is about sharing stuff. This full Moon brings the need to balance your stuff with someone else’s stuff. That stuff can be the house chores, the checkbook, or paying the insurance. It is all about who is in charge and how that can be harmonious or hell. Bulls born around the fifth of May are going to be at one end of the spectrum, as will most of the rest of us born in the first week of most months. Try to get in the middle it will be more comfortable.

November 9 Venus is square (ninety degrees) Jupiter in Leo. I can just see Venus and Jupiter headed for the bar or dessert cart. They will be moving so fast they will not give a thought to the ramifications of their decisions. Slow down and think about anything that compels you to rush forward to an empty reward or calorie.

November 12 Venus, still in Scorpio, is now conjunct Saturn. This is the payback and reality of any previous actions that were outlandish including the sugar hangover from that visit to the dessert bar three days ago. Tomorrow, November 13, the Sun in Scorpio is square Jupiter and then conjunct Saturn on the 18th. It is a seesaw from November 9 to 17 as we expand and contract between blind optimism and reality. Reality bites according to some.

November 16 Venus enters Sagittarius until December 10. While Venus was moving through Scorpio our feelings and relationships seemed intense and even obsessive. In the days that Venus moves through Sagittarius our thoughts of love and romance are unsinkable, resilient, and optimistic. Sagittarius is so cute in that oversized cruise muumuu while Aries looks better than ever in those work out pants. Leo just has to purr to have their way with us.

Right after Venus in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces November 20, some of us will feel rejected while others of us are not seeing a person, situation, or business matter clearly. The result is that we make decisions without using good sense and that will result in a disappointment. Wait a few days before making any decisions.

November 21 Mercury now in Scorpio is sextile Mars in Capricorn. This combination makes it easy to irritate others. Mars in Capricorn may want to ignore us while Mercury is that person that just keeps on bugging us. If you cannot get someone’s attention now hold off a few days. If you do make contact it is a good bet that you will not have a pleasant interaction.

The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22 at 3:38 am CST and the new Moon occurs just hours later at 6:32 am CST at zero degrees Sagittarius. The Sun and the new Moon in Sagittarius shift our focus from self to the outer world and the adventure of life. In the coming weeks many of us will strike out in a new directions exploring new philosophies and developing our truth. Since Mercury is square Jupiter there will seem to be no limit to what we can accomplish. Those of us born on the first day of Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo are sure to be getting a new outlook or just a new look in the weeks to come. Pisces and Virgo are turning a hard corner while Gemini is sure to be looking for a new beginning in a distant place.

Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio November 25. The excitement we felt a couple of days ago is sure to fade with serious news and the need to take care of what is now at hand.

Venus still in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries November 26. Get out of the box so to speak and success is likely. That which is unique is appreciated. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are extra social today and others are happy to connect with these signs.

At the same time the Sun in Sagittarius is square Neptune. While some of us are enjoying the fruits of Venus and Uranus others are feeling melancholy. It is just an illusion so don’t get dramatic, as these doldrums are sure to pass. At the same time this is not a day to plan important events.

Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius November 27/28 until December 16. Our thoughts now turn to the big picture of life. We may wonder if Mercury is retrograde because our attention to detail may be lacking thus creating goofy Mercury retrograde like effects. This is especially true when Mercury is square Neptune November 30/December 1 creating confusion. Laugh at those instances because that is what tricky Mercury wants us to do when he messes with us. In the days until December 16 use your enhanced communication skills to get your way.

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