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January 2021
Our Hopes Are High
A new and better time is emerging but the process is not over

Most of us on the planet have been inundated by the fact that Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct December 21. This happens every 19.6 years. It just happened to occur in the sky in that exact spot for the first time in 800 years.


The fact of the matter is that Jupiter and Saturn are now in aspect to Uranus in Taurus. I explained in months gone by that Uranus was in Taurus during the latter years of the Great Depression. There were shortages then as we have experienced in the past year.

Jupiter and Saturn are the faster moving planets and are coming to angle Uranus. Jupiter will hit the exact ninety degree angle to Uranus January 17. Jupiter square Uranus is defined as a time when new ideas come to light. New solutions that are innovative and hard to imagine for many of us. We will experience this transit until the end of January.

Saturn moves slower than Jupiter, so we feel the effects of Saturn squaring Uranus January 12 until late July. Uranus wants freedom and innovation while Saturn has its rules and likes the status quo. This will create tension between what obviously needs to change and the people that are just fine with the way things are. Uranus is sure to win in the long run as we will overcome that which no longer works. This can play out on the world stage where leaders have to lead and even at home when one person wants change and the other does not. Rules versus innovation. Innovation and the emergence of a new generation will manifest in the years to come as a result of what is taking place now in our lives.


The year opens January 1 with Mercury in Capricorn is sextile Neptune at home in idealistic and sometimes delusional Pisces. We will probably all feel hopeful that we can emerge from our days of seclusion and enjoy more freedom.

Mercury still in Capricorn crosses Pluto January 4 meaning somebody is going to be cross and vengeful. It is because there is a culling of the old followed by a rebirth. We are all at different stages in this process. Death comes first and we are not to the reborn part just yet.

One week later, on January 8, Mercury gets lighter moving into Aquarius. On the same day Venus moves into Capricorn, bringing the zodiac down a bit. Social life may be even more restrictive until February 1. During that time, the process of distributing vaccines will become more efficient. A system will be developed wherein everyone gets their turn and not just with vaccinations. Plus, the Sun is now sextile Neptune, filling us with hope. Of course, someone will have to cause a stink just to get attention as communicative Mercury is square Mars now in Taurus.

On January 9
,Venus in Capricorn is playing nice with Mars in Taurus but Mercury is crossing Saturn. This would be a good time to flirt or complement people from whom you would like a favor. News and other communications are sure to be serious.

Mercury comes through, crossing Jupiter and Uranus January 11-12 bringing surprising behaviors and news. Many stories will be out of proportion. Transportation issues and logistics occur and someone important is going to say something very stupid. That is a usual event. Luckily, Venus is in harmony to Uranus, and we are able to adapt to changes January 13. The Sun forms the same square to Uranus January 26, so expect more of the extraordinary to happen.

Additionally, Uranus, retrograded since August 15, turns direct January 13/14. Gears are shifted and our needs and desires are easier to act on in the days to come. More shocks and surprises are at hand. At the same, the Sun in Capricorn crosses Pluto pulling up some dirt and controlling behavior.


At last, Mars moves out of Aries and into Taurus January 6. You will recall reader, that Mars moved into home sign Aries June 27. Mars spent the last months opposing and agitating opposite sign Libra whilst squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. These events were the cause of Libra to have to deal with people who were suddenly unsympathetic. This was the impetus for the bungling of the Covid 19 crisis as well as the protests and violence perpetrated on undeserving citizens of this country and the world. All sides and opinions had those they viewed as villains and spoke up, sometimes with acuity and sometimes destroying the very position in society they wished to maintain. What a time this has been to watch through the eyes of the zodiac. Another reason this astrologer implores you all to take up learning this language.

Mars moving through Taurus shifts our actions from impulsive and volatile to slow and determined. Many of us feel stubborn and others of us will fret about money because jobs have disappeared. The economy is evolving but not before much more change in the system. Mars in Taurus is easier for Virgo and Capricorn as these signs will have the ability to handle the slow process of building what it is they wish to create. Scorpio will be opposed by Mars and is sure to get a similar treatment that Libra received since last June.

In terms of a circle, i.e., the zodiac, Mars will be ninety degrees from Saturn, in Aquarius January 13. Mars wants what it wants now and Saturn says, “No, not now” This is a frustrating energy at mid-January. This will be especially potent for those of us born under one of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The best news is that Venus is Capricorn is now flirting with innovative Uranus in money-loving Taurus so, innovations can emerge, bringing new jobs.

Adding to that scenario, Jupiter, now in Aquarius, is squaring Uranus in Taurus. Actions will be extreme but not necessarily volatile. This brings events that require a change in the social order, on the big picture, and our individual lives. Those who are afraid of losing power, position, and influence are sure to respond in surprising ways. January 14 and the days around that time are full of the desire for reform which will happen. The process just may be a bit messy.

The most potent and scary time of the month is January 20 when Mars crosses Uranus in Taurus. Days later on January 23, Mars is square Jupiter. This is a volatile time. There are sure to be explosions, literally and figuratively. The populations of the world are going to be motivated for change by legislative action or by force. Please note, January 20 is Inauguration Day for the incoming President of the United States. If one creates a zodiac for that ceremony, it predicts an intense administration that will have to address many issues to be dealt with swiftly. Use caution in the days just prior to January 20 through the days just after January 23.

Luckily, Venus is sextile Neptune, which means there is a silver lining January 23. Thank goodness, because the Sun will cross Saturn, and that is a serious time.


The new Moon occurs January 12 at 11 pm CST at twenty-three degrees Capricorn. Pluto is right there and Venus is trine Mars and Uranus. Pluto is death and rebirth and we are about to see that somewhere in our own lives. Capricorn knows how to climb a mountain and nurture power. This is a great time to determine what you want in terms of career and future over all. Get organized. The stuff of life which we want to ignore is sure to bubble up so pay attention to that which you would like to hide or forget.

The new Moon is ripe for making wishes and plans. Consider what parts of your life need a change and address that in your new Moon plans.

The full Moon occurs January 28 at 1:16 pm CST in Leo at 9 degrees. This is a challenging and dramatic full Moon. It is square Mars, indicating reasons to feel anxious. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter, meaning life events are sure to be big ones around this time. Many of us feel optimistic, but we are not through winter and we have much to accomplish. This stressful full Moon can mobilize us to do what we need to do but must act with good intentions and absence of anxiety. Use caution around this Moon. It is a volatile time.

Throughout the month, we will bounce back and forth between innovation and unexpected events and back to hopelessness and round the corner to optimism. January is a merry go round and when we least expect it, Mercury turns retrograde.

Mercury is retrograde January 30 to February 20. Plan ahead in all aspects of life. Check and double check everything. Make sure there is air in your spare tire. Leave home with time for delays to occur.

We begin to notice the effects of Mercury retrograde January 15 and that lasts until March 13.

The best advice for this month is roll with the punches and do not assume anything is settled just yet. The dice of life has us moving three steps forward and one step back more than once. Proceed with cautious optimism.

I have been writing this column for over twenty-five years now and in order to better assist readers who are not students of astrology I offer some suggestions as to how to use the monthly summary.

Read the summary with your calendar that shows the whole month on one page. Read through the intro and make note of the days that I point out. Mark the new Moon and the full Moon. The days between the new Moon and the full Moon are when you generally want to start something that you want to grow. Do look at that Moon void chart and take a rest on those days. I have discovered that no matter what I plan, it turns out another way on a Moon void day. Anything you try to accomplish will turn out with unexpected results.

Make note of the three days before the new Moon. People usually get anxious during these days because the phone does not ring or they feel confused or simply nothing is happen. That is because it is wind down time before the new Moon. You will usually notice that the action of life picks up once the new Moon occurs. Also note the days that planets change directions, especially Mercury retrograde.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a bit of a start to maneuvering through life with astrology.

Robert E Brown

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As a part of helping readers live with astrology I have added a year long astrology calendar on the MOON VOID page. You can see all the voids month by month. Note the new Moons and the full Moons. The lunar quarters are listed and the aspects are noted on each day. If you are not astrology savvy you can at least have the Moon void information for the year. It's a pdf so you can download it.

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