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February 2017

February is eclipse time starting with the full Moon/lunar eclipse at 6:33 pm CST February 10 in Leo at twenty-two degrees. This eclipse signifies a time when we will all be considering how we feel about those we love and adore. This includes our lovers and children. We will be thinking about how relationships need to change over the next several months and what we can do to improve our communication and redefine the way we relate. This process will not just be for this day but in the months until August.

Remember too, that a full Moon is a time of completions. Some of us will be letting go of situations and emotions we no longer need. On the world stage, we can expect some changes in heads of state. Do not be surprised if one or more leader dies during the coming days or months.

new Moon/solar eclipse occurs February 26 in Pisces at eight degrees at 8:58 am CST. Pisces represents our connection to our higher power whether you call that God or something else. We ask our higher power to help us with our wishes and hopes. This new Moon is especially potent for manifesting our desires especially if we acknowledge the powers greater than ourselves. Over the next several months help is sure to arrive in the form of compassionate friends or helpers who provide the next step in our lives. Some would call this a lucky new Moon. This is a terrific time to make a set of goals and wishes for the next six months especially if you have planets that land between three and thirteen degrees of any sign or if you born at the very end or very beginning of any month.

Jupiter, in Libra, turns retrograde February 5/6 until June 9. While Jupiter is retrograde we will need to assess the items and goals we have on our to do list. Those of us who have over reached will have to adjust the way we are going about getting to our objectives, or we will have to totally rethink the goal itself. Don’t call it failure, call it retooling. This will be quite evident even before Jupiter goes retrograde as many of us feel overwhelmed when Mercury in Capricorn is square Jupiter February 2.

Throughout the month we feel the
opposition (180 degrees) between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus Aries. This aspect was last exact December 26 and will be exact again March 2. Remember, this combination exacerbates our need for freedom. Many of us are making big changes in our lives so that we can simplify and do as we please. Pluto in Capricorn is within influence of squaring ( ninety degrees) Uranus and just barely square Jupiter. Our distrust of the current forces and social structures is cause for rebellious behavior in the microcosm and macrocosms of our lives. Mars in Aries squares Pluto February 22, crosses Uranus February 26, and opposes Jupiter February 27. This is sure to be an intense and possibly violent time on a larger stage of life. Use caution but don’t back away from your need to be free of that which has enslaved you.

The Sun, in Aquarius, is trine (120 degrees) Jupiter February 11. This is an easy going time generally, especially for Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Travel and most other plans should go well if done before 7:52 am CST. Mercury in Aquarius is trine Jupiter February 21 produces much the same results

Venus moves through Aries February 3 - April 2. The transit is so long because Venus goes retrograde March 4. While Venus is direct, love and love matters are quick and to the point. Many of us will make snap decisions about our love and our money. Just be sure you give some thought before making a commitment. Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are double warned against making commitments without though to the outcome. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are looking good.

Mercury moves through Aquarius February 7 - 25. While Mercury moves through Aquarius we are able to combine our intuition and our knowledge to come up with unique ways of approaching most anything. This is a time for unusual answers to the usual issues at hand. We are especially productive February 16 when Mercury is sextile Mars and again when Mercury is sextile Uranus February 20. It is easy to be productive with Mercury sextile Saturn February 23 especially when we receive assistance from someone more experienced than ourselves.

Mercury moves through Pisces February 25 - March 13. During these days our thoughts and works will be based on how we feel and what we intuit. This especially true for Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, though, must be sure they don’t get their wires crossed.

The Sun in Aquarius is sextile (sixty degrees) Uranus in Aries February 9, this brings people and situations that are not the norm for us. Many of us, but especially Aquarius and Aries will have to juggle some situations but we will be able to do that easily.

The Sun sextile Saturn February 14 helps our productivity especially on long term projects. We may feel a bit weighted down with responsibility but just keep the course and stay focussed.

The Sun moves through Pisces February 18 - March 20. Pisces operates on intuition and imagination as opposed to action. Many of us will feel less motivated to take action and more motivated to sit and feel how we feel. The Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions says it all. Which direction will you be headed?

Mercury Retrograde
April 9 - May 3
August 12 - September 5

December 3 - 22

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Consummate Relationships
February 2 after 7:50 pm CST, 3, February 4 until 4:42 pm CST

Undergo Medical Tests
February 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,28

Sign Contracts
February 14,19,24

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