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September 2016

eptember holds an extra special new beginning for all of us as the month opens September 1 with a new Moon/solar eclipse in Virgo at nine degrees at 4:03 a CDT. This lunar event brings us all to a new beginning in our health and our life purpose. Many of us will look to take better care of our bodies while others of us will tend to the way we go about our daily routine and the way we walk our path here on earth. Changes will indeed take place and especially for those us born right around the first day of any month. Ask yourself, "How can I improve my life and well being?".

This new Moon is square (ninety degrees)
Saturn in Sagittarius and opposite Neptune in Pisces. Astrologers call this formation a T-square. I call it an itch that needs to be scratched. The angles to Saturn and Neptune will show us where we need to bolster our capabilities. Some of us will need more education while others will need to move past our rules, regulations, and inhibitions that keep us from achieving our purpose and passion in months to come. Still others of us will be forced to become more authentic in our relationships.
Nineteen years ago on
September 1, 1997 an eclipse occurred at nine degrees Virgo. Just as in the case this month, Mercury was retrograde then. The 1997 eclipse was sextile Mars. Mars says, "I am."

Just before this eclipse on
August 31 Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris during the dark of the Moon. The dark of the Moon is a time of finality. Diana's death prompted a widespread reaction to the way the Windsor family dealt with her death. The result to the public reaction is that the royal family began to change its ways and it sense of who they were at the time. Quite simply, some would say they became more modern in their relationship with the rest of the world. They became less removed from the rest of us and improved their public persona.

This lunar cycle peaks with the
full Moon/lunar eclipse at twenty-four degrees Pisces September 16 at 2:05 pm CDT. This full Moon creates a T-square with Mars in Sagittarius and Mercury retrograde in Virgo. While a T-square brings up choices and dilemmas this one is about listening to your soul. Strange and wonderful and scary events can bring us to a new place in our daily lives but we will know it was an unseen force that directed us towards a new level of life, health, and relationships. Since this eclipse is in water sign Pisces I am sure there will be news about shipping, cruises, more on swimmers and just about anything imaginable about water including those who need it. Compassion and humanitarian causes are sure to be in the forefront and that is a good thing.

Where were you in September 1997? What came to pass in the subsequent months? I think we will all see a replay of situations that happened back then. Moving forward, ask yourself how you can improve your life and your relationships. The answer is improved communication. That is exactly what happened to the Windsors.

Headlines in the LA Times on September 1, 1997 included, "What Do Critics Know, Anyway?" and "Better Health Services Needed for College Students, U.S. Says". Criticism and health are both Virgo topics.*

Headlines on September 16, 1997 included, "Medium . . . Rare" and "Proposed Ordinance to Define Murals". ** Pisces art and spiritual matters all go together. Awesome events are sure to happen in the coming months for many of us. **

September is really a Moon month as a
second New Moon occurs at eight degrees Libra September 30 at 7:11 pm CDT. Libra rules relationships, partnerships and cooperation. While the Moon grows from now until October 15/16 we do well to work on our associations. We can start new relationships and work at being better partners. Ask yourself, "How good am I at relationships. How can I be a better partner?"

Speaking of partnerships,
Jupiter enters Libra September 9 at 6:18 am CDT and moves through Libra until October 10, 2017. While Jupiter moves through Libra we will all be concerned with marriage, partnerships, fairness, diplomacy, mergers and justice. Jupiter likes to be in Libra more than in Virgo so we are sure to see more progress starting now than when Jupiter moved through Virgo over the past year. Libra will experience growth and opportunity and so will Gemini, and Aquarius. Generally, life will roll along with opportunities for travel, education and good reputation. What areas of your life were growing twelve years ago?

Since May we have been feeling
Saturn in optimistic Sagittarius square Neptune in idealistic Pisces. This aspect is exact September 10. The words for this connection between these two planets are disappointment and disillusionment. Most likely where you have had this experience in life is where you have not been realistic or used concrete methods to accomplish what you want in life. Saturn is just telling you, "Change your ways." Do what Saturn calls for and you will be rewarded.

Mercury, retrograde in Virgo since August 30, goes direct September 22. Mercury retrograde demands that we pay attention. However, no matter how much you pay attention, Mercury will still find ways to show you that you missed a detail. Of course, while Mercury is retrograde, the rule is, do not start anything new. When you do something it must be a do over. Otherwise, the new stuff you do will turn out to be a do never.

Just as
Mercury is going direct he is trine (120 degrees) Pluto retrograde September 20-23. Pluto is revealing and during this time information will come to light that shows us the way and gives us a new understanding about some situation in our lives.

Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn since April 18 goes direct September 26. Pluto retrograde is a time when we can regenerate and rebuild. Capricorn rules the status quo and structures. I feel that this Pluto retrograde has shown us that our authorities, especially the justice system, need to change in its relationships with “we the people”. Too many individuals have been abused. Perhaps new and better relationships with the various cultures in our country can be formed once Pluto goes direct.

When the
Sun and Mercury conjunct is square Mars, still in Sagittarius, September 12/13 violence can erupt. Venus is square Pluto September 11. Wrath and control are sure to be running around. Think twice before showing up for a protest.

September 2 the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. This can be a confusing time especially for Virgo and Pisces. Other people may misconstrue our actions so be very clear about who you are and what you are doing. At the same time Mercury, still retrograde, is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Words and actions can really go over the top. Do not fall for big fish stories. It was not really that big.

Sun in Virgo is trine Pluto still retrograde September 7. This is a really good day for getting tasks accomplished especially if you are a Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus. Our powers to use our abilities are high now and we can easily move past anything that tries to block us. At the same time Venus in Libra is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. This affords us the ability to work under a deadline. It will be easy to get over any hurdles that may arise.

Mars, still in Sagittarius, is trine Uranus in Aries September 17. Aries and Sagittarius are easily able to call on their chutzpah. What seems difficult to some of us will be a piece of cake to others. Since Venus is opposite Uranus September 18, many of us will have the courage to break out of our social norm. Don't be surprised if you get stood up around this time.

Right after
Venus sextiles Mars September 19, we are called to work with pleasure and business at the same time. Dress up and be ready to do business at that happy hour event.

Sun enters Libra September 22 at 9:22 am CDT. This is the fall equinox. While the Sun moves through Libra our attention turns toward finding balance in our lives. Be sure you do not over do keeping score with your friends as that way of keeping balance is not so nice and is out of balance. This is an easy time generally for Aquarius and Gemini while Capricorn and Cancer must deal with obstacles. Aries is sure to need a nap. Avoid overdoing on the 26th when the Sun crosses Jupiter.

Venus moves out of her home sign Libra and into Scorpio September 23 until October 18. Venus is not considered to be so good in Scorpio. Maybe because while she transits Scorpio some of us will be vengeful and jealous. My suggestion is to find a hot new piece of leather clothing while Venus moves through Scorpio such as a jacket, or skirt or chaps. One can still have fun with Venus in Scorpio, but if you walk on the wild side, use caution.

Mars moves through Capricorn September 27 - October 8/9. While Mars moves through Capricorn our actions will be purposeful. Don't try to pretend it was an accident. We will all know it was on purpose.

Many of us may feel uncertain and unhappy over results that do not meet our expectations. The eclipses are sure to bring us opportunities to be and do better in the coming months.

Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22,
The year that begins on your birthday is a very important one for Virgo. You are coming into a new sense of your identity that you have not experienced in nineteen years. Many of you will be concerned with your health or the health of a loved one in the coming months. This is not to say you should worry needlessly. Instead, take steps to become healthier both physically and emotionally. Look to areas where you have given up a part of yourself due to the past pressure to be something or someone that others demand of Virgo. While Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until September 22, review past projects and do what it takes to become efficient. Strive to be your authentic self. Best days 19,20,27

Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22,
Jupiter moves into Libra September 9 for the first time since 2004. Generally speaking, the time until October 12, 2017 should bring advancement, adventure, and a sense that all will go well. You must not get out of balance by overextending your physical energy. Make adjustments to your health regimens in months ahead and work to make your work efficient and fulfilling in a way that it has not been in a long time. If you are ignoring your diet and physical body, Libra will have surprises so get your body into balance. Spirit is talking to Libra and you can reconnect with your inner wisdom, guidance, and creativity at a new level. Use caution around water and do not drive through high water. Best days 3,13,14,30

Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21,
Money matters continue to be a stress. For some Scorpios, it seems like you are bleeding money. Don't sit around and wring your hands. Assert yourself and take action that will bring Scorpio back to where you want to be financially. Those who work on a commission basis now have the drive to accomplish sales goals. Just be sure you are succinct in your communication. Scorpio is ripe for misunderstandings through September 22. In the months to come you will be meeting lots of new people through your network or even discovering new groups and interests. Current relationships, especially with children and honeys are shifting. Those shifts will be positive if Scorpio can balance your need to control with the aspiration of serving others. Best days 5,6,24
Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21,
Sagittarius is infused with enthusiasm and the charisma to keep the rest of us on our toes. You are so amusing now but don't get so pushy that you fall on your face both literally and figuratively. Give your honeys some slack and they will do the same when you are perplexed with so much to do and consider. Not to mention you must juggle work and family situations. Both categories of life vie for Sagittarius' attention. In the months to come Sagittarius must come to terms with your personal power and how best to use that power. Some of you will become the boss while others will yield to the need to figure out your purpose on the planet. Take a walk down memory lane. Best days 8,17,25,26
Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19,
Your committee members in spirit are working overtime and keeping Capricorn just a bit irritated with all that talk going on in your head. Much is going on behind the scenes in your life and it seems that Capricorn has no power of input. It is no wonder you are feeling a bit irritated and that will not go away until September 27. Bide your time until then as anything you say or do will make a bad impression. Avoid power struggles September 11 and 18. On the bright side doors will open soon. You have not seen those doors but do know that your philosophy of life will soon be altered. Some of you will actually go to formal schooling while others embark on an adventure. Best days 1,11,19,20,29

Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18,

Aquarius is pivotal in other peoples' decisions. You are the one to get the job done but as usual at this time of year, Aquarius must adjust to the needs of your intimates. Look to your deeper self to understand what you must do for yourself. The best news of the month is that Jupiter moves into your ninth house expanding your horizons though education, travel, people from other cultures and even through your in-laws. When frustration rules, learn to express your needs Over the course of the next year Aquarius will come to terms with what makes you comfortable financially and emotionally. Act on the need to realize what is most important and do not sell out your values to anyone. Best days 3,13,14,22,30

Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20,
Bosses and family seem to be oblivious to all that you do for the rest of us. Normally, you would want to strike out on your own but since Mercury is retrograde, sit still and play your role and watch the others run across those hot coals. Take solace in your home. Soon you will be called to play on the first string and you will need your energy. The full Moon eclipse September 16 signals a leap in life and a big dose of recognition over the next year. Pisces will be front and center and those who have expected you to submit to them may as well give up their game plan. You are coming into your own, especially Pisces born at mid March. Best days 5,6,24,

Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19,
Jupiter enters your seventh house September 10 and transits that house until October 2017. During this time Aries will experience a sense of opposition that may need to be reeled in if you choose to go overboard. Keep the balance between yourself, your friends and partners. Over the coming months Aries must start a new health regimen. This could be due to the fact that you have ignored addressing behavior patterns and employed quick and expensive fixes. The jig is up in months to come as events point Aries out of denial and into realistic ways of living life. Vocalize your frustration with some good old discipline. It has its rewards. Those rewards include a long life, healthy relationships, and satisfaction in your accomplishments. Best days 8,17,25, 26

Taurus, Apr 20 - May 20,
Mars moving through Taurus' eighth house of shared resources, debt, and taxes has this sign feeling uncomfortable at the prospect of having to make adjustments. Avoid new debt and do not offer anyone financial help at this time. Instead, focus on how well life is going. You may have to work hard to do that especially since it seems that everyone else is having more fun than Taurus. However, your work will grow over the next twelve months as many of you get new jobs or new bosses. Friendships are adjusting over the next several months. It seems bulls will discover talents they did not know they have which will bring new kinds of people and experiences into your realm. Children and romance shake up life. Best days 1,2,11,19,20,29

Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21,
If you feel challenged or scattered or simply do not think you are getting ahead, then you are not riding the tide of life. When disillusionment comes calling send it away. Put your mind to the tasks at hand and do not let the noise of the world distract your progress. Many of you are at a new beginning in life and you have so many options. Enjoy the choices just as you would enjoy the chocolate buffet on a cruise. The solar eclipse September 1 calls you home to deal with your house and family matters while the lunar eclipse September 16 brings Gemini into a new sense of power both within you and your outer world. Work and family will vie for your attention. Best days 3,13,14,22,30

Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22,
Cancer is preparing to come back out into the world with new talents and tools that assist you in your current path. You are reminded that there are many paths to success this month, but do not get stressed making the designs as to which choice to make. Ride the tide that life is providing by sampling educational opportunities that become available. The little steps you take now and over the next six months lead to big life changes that you do not see at this point. You may feel irritated with your circumstances, especially at work, but those irritants are not a permanent fixture. Clear out the clutter at home and in your emotions so that you have more space to live and breathe. Best days 5,6,24

Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22,
Have fun and roar loud as a lion. However, Leo is called upon to consider choices about values and your financial picture. Consider your investments and more practical ways to make your money work. Likewise, consider what in life makes you feel comfortable. In the months to come, many of you will be letting go of the controllers, borrowers, and ne'er do wells that take but do not give back in the same spirit as Leo. Don't be surprised if some of those people who have disappeared come back for one last dose of Leo charm and good will. Take a stance and do not just roll with other peoples' wishes because they flatter you. Hold off on big purchases until after September 22. Best days 8,17,25,26



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