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February 2023 - Can you feel it?

Many clients and friends are talking about
having a feeling that something big is about to happen. As most humans seem to do, lots of people have a feeling of doom and gloom. If you read most predictions on public sites they are usually a bout negative events. Do not worry because change is inevitable. However, change does not have to be bad. If we did not experience change, we might still be living in caves.

Two big shifts are about to occur in the zodiac. The first is that Pluto, transiting Capricorn since 2008, is about to dip into Aquarius and back out several times between March 23, 2023 and November 20, 2024. This is the transition between Capricorn and Aquarius.

While Pluto has transited Capricorn we have seen a rise up of people who want to have sole power over the masses. Wannabe dictators and many
current dictators have attempted to consolidate power. Politicians have come forth across the planet making rules that take away personal choices. Some are committing crimes against immigrants and alternative communities such as the trans community. While Pluto has moved through Capricorn we have seen that business and politics are destroying our planet and putting guns on the streets. The last recession was caused by a group of dishonest people who used the system to rip off the rest of us and send the world into recession. Terrorism has been a tool of those who want to stay in power. Lying has been common. We have seen power grabs by a relative few who wish to rule the larger population of the world.

On the other hand, Pluto in Capricorn has brought the restructuring of social and political systems. We can write a book, a song, or make a show and put it out there passing by the old structures that only let a few into those clubs. Cryptocurrency was an effort to create another financial system outside of the established markets that are run by a relative few.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius there will be a rebalancing of power. Those in power now are sure to lose their influence. Those who do not use their power to help the masses are going to be out in the coming years. We are already seeing the great turmoil in the British
monarchy. From appearances it seems the king and his wife are the biggest perpetrators of gossip and have fueled yellow journalism that is so prevalent in England. In the United States we have seen laughable dishonesty in the news and out of the mouths of people who just want to be in the news. Any publicity is good publicity for some.

People governing and people running companies will be challenged by we the people. Workers are done with the sexism, racism, and power that is wielded over them with low wages,
micro-management and bullying. The reason wages are low and products are poorly built is because costs must be kept low so that profits are greater and CEOs get more money. The people have had enough and will take back their power in the coming years.

We the people are going to move beyond the fact that we are different due to our faith, our color, our education, or even our bank balance. The elitist haters and their soldiers are going down in the next twenty years and hopefully the society of the world will recognize and respect the rights and talents of all people regardless of perceived differences.

During the last transition of Pluto into
Aquarius, the American colonies revolted against King George and became independent paving the way for democracy. The US war of independence ended with Pluto in Aquarius. The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror toppled the elite in France with Pluto in Aquarius.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius, moves into Pisces March 7 until it begins to transition into Aries in May 2025. Once Saturn moves into Pisces we will see a concern for taking apart the societal structures that are currently in place. Another effect of Saturn in Pisces is that we can solidify our dreams and spirituality.

While Saturn moved through Aquarius since March 2020, we experienced the Covid-19 pandemic. Citizens of the world bucked useless government actions and the Black Lives Matter movement gained steam.
Anti-government sentiments and actions have taken place including the January 6 riots. Gender identity issues and the general attitude that citizens are not going to be controlled by people who have not addressed their own issues of power and their sexuality.

Now through April, Saturn will be
semi-sextile Pluto. This is a minor aspect that can be very productive. Saturn is structure; Pluto is death and rebirth. During this sextile we will see an opposition to the random laws that heads of states and countries are imposing on the people. There could be lots of disruption. The people of the world are on the brink and are ready to take back power. Saturn sextile Pluto can bring us opportunities and breakthroughs, but we have to have a plan and cannot just spout stuff that is not true to have our way.

So yes, you are feeling great change afoot. The world economy is on its way down. The next economic bottom will be August 2026 to March 2028. Real estate will also reach its low about that time. Rulers will lose power including Russia which
will have a major upheaval in years to come. New and hopefully compassionate people come onto the scene and actually lead. This is worldwide and the masses will be the ones who change the world, not the top tier. Maybe some people will have really good reason for going to Mars.

Next month I will describe how each sign will be affected by these planetary shifts. Meanwhile do not freak out. Be still and focus on your true inner self.


The Sun in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus February 3. Surprises are abundant and we will have to act fast to pick up the pieces after accidents and unexpected events rock us. Once we come back to our own homeostasis, events caused by Uranus often turn out in our best interest. So missing the plane could be a good thing.

Venus in Pisces is square Mars in Gemini February 4. Oh, love and hate so can go hand in hand. Keep it frisky and try to stay away from hot topics.

Full Moon February 5 at 12:29 pm CST in Leo at 16 degrees

This one is in demonstrative Leo so many of us have something to say. This full Moon is square Uranus which means expect the unexpected. Tempers are sure to flare and there could be some violence from the crazy sector of humanity. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Lets talk Mercury

Mercury, is sextile Neptune in Pisces, February 6 while Venus is sextile Uranus in Taurus February 7. This is
a great time to be social or go to a benefit. You may run into someone exceptional.

Life goes to hell when Mercury
crosses or should I say Pluto double crosses Mercury February 10. Words and actions are intense. Jealousy, gaslighting, and control issues are displayed by the people who do those sorts of things. Pay attention and adjust your friend list.

Mercury moves through Aquarius February 11 to March 2. Progress will be the order of those days. Whose progress may be a problem, but we are sure to be concerned with and thinking of better ways of living and what is good for all of us, not just the guy at the top of the heap.

Mercury is sextile Jupiter in Aries February 17. Broaden your horizons and open your mind to new ideas that do not include a gun. Take a trip, learn the guitar or do something that is a plus for everyone else
in your circle.

Mercury is square Uranus February 21 just like the Sun was square Uranus February 3. Expect unexpected news and travel changes. Roll with events and do not get upset.

At the same time
, Mercury is trine Mars February 22. With all the upsets and confusion this is a time for some straight talk. Just don’ t look to the internet for that as straight talk is not there for the most part.

Venus and the Sun

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces February 15. This is a great day to read a fantasy book while having a picnic with your favorite person who brought an expensive bottle of wine to the blanket. Do not plan to balance the books as that will not happen.

The Sun brings back reality while conjunct Saturn in Aquarius February 16. With all the fantasy and romance between Venus and Neptune going on, we need the structure and common sense of the Sun with Saturn. Since Saturn is in the final degrees of Aquarius until March 7, we can expect some big endings beginning February 11.

The Sun moves through Pisces February 18 to March 20. This is a great time to recharge before we get to spring. It may be hard to make decisions as we may feel a bit

Venus is sextile Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn. People we thought were a challenge will show us they do have scruples. Now is the time to enjoy people with whom we have a deep connection. Someone just may surprise us when we thought there was no connection.

The New Moon February 20 at 1:06 am CST at one degree Pisces

This new Moon compels us to recharge and release people, places, and things we no longer need. At the same time Venus is leaving Pisces and starting anew in Aries. Let go. Start over. In the next few weeks, volunteer or do a good deed. Lots of people and animals need a rescue. Maybe now is the time.

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