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Uranus turns retrograde August 2/3 until January 2, 2018. Uranus is a planet that is usually responsible for those sudden events that catch us by surprise. Uranus retrograde is one of those times when we open a can of soda and it spews everywhere because it was shook up previously. Uranus retrograde also shows us sudden awareness and realizations such as who shook up the can of soda in the first place. Revelations are sure to happen in months to come.

Jupiter in Libra is square (ninety degrees) Pluto in Capricorn August 4. We have actually been feeling this since mid July and will notice it until August 22. Jupiter and Pluto at this distance from one another are cause for many of us to work hard to get what we want. Just remember that sometimes we don't want it when we get what we think we want. Greed and determination will be evident for many of us and some of us will use unsavory methods to accomplish our goals. Stay above board and don't do anything dishonest in your quest for success. You can have that without enslaving others. The news is sure to be full of injustices exposed due to this aspect.

A full Moon lunar eclipse occurs August 7 in Aquarius at fifteen degrees at 1:11 pm CDT. Aquarius is about group dynamics and what is good for all of us, not just the people who want to be in charge of us. This particular event will raise questions and bring injustice to light. Those who have acted as if they are untouchable are gonna get touched. Even burned or taken down in months to come. Another eclipse happened at this degree in August of 1998. Think to then for clues as to what may come to you this time around.

The lunar eclipse is followed by a new Moon/Solar eclipse August 21. This eclipse occur in Leo at twenty-eight degrees at 1:30 pm CDT. It is also trine Uranus. New Moons are new beginnings and this one is a kickass new beginning. Of course you can’t have a new beginning without and ending. We are going to see some endings and beginnings in our lives and across the world as situations evolve from stalemates to new beginnings of expression. Trends are going to take off quickly and some world events will take us by surprise.

This eclipse is conjunct Pluto in the charts of those of us who were born 1954-1957. Perhaps it is just a signpost for these people to retire. I think these baby boomers will be reinventing themselves.

Donald Trump was born with twenty-nine degrees Leo rising and Mars will cross his first house during the first days of September. This US president is sure to be even more in limelight in one way or another during these days. Lets hope this dramatic Gemini can refrain from spraining his Twitter hand.

Probably the most jarring news of the month is that Mercury, in Virgo, is retrograde August 12 - September 5. Yikes. Mercury rules Virgo so this one is going to be potent. Don't start stuff, don't buy stuff with moving parts, don't make big decisions. Do your research and handle the details that may come back to bite you in the butt. Take deep breaths and know it will be over come September 5.

Saturn, retrograde in Sagittarius, since April 5 goes direct August 25. While Saturn was retrograde we all were rethinking out commitments. It will now be okay to say "yes" to the new propositions that come your way.

Just two days later Jupiter is sextile (sixty degrees) from Saturn August 27. This terrific aspect brings many of us promotions, raises, and more responsibility. We can grow and expand but it is easy to do all that with good sense. We feel this influence August 10 to September 14

Mercury, in Virgo is sextile Venus in Cancer August 10. At the same time the Sun in Leo is sextile Jupiter in Libra. This should be a social and happy day for most of us. Pisces may not be so happy since the Moon is square limiting Saturn.

Venus, still in Cancer, is trine (120degrees ) Neptune in Pisces August 12. We will probably feel this sweet aspect more August 11. Take time to relax and enjoy life. Forget about your worries.

The Sun, in Leo is trine Saturn in Sagittarius August 13 and then Mars is trine Saturn August 22. These are days when we can be organized and easily handle added or current responsibilities. Relationships with men should generally go well especially if it is a mentoring situation

On August 15 Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn and then Venus is square Jupiter in Libra. Venus with Pluto is intense and passions arise over jealousy and insecure feelings. Right after that Venus and Jupiter are light hearted and do well as long as there is no pressure. Imagine you are on the way to the Oscars because you are nominated then your honey picks this time to tell you they want a divorce. Your experience may not be that intense but the roller coaster ride effect will still be real.

Mars in Leo is sextile Jupiter in Libra. Mars and Jupiter help us to get the job done when at this angle.

The Sun moves through Virgo August 22 - September 22. While the Sun moves through Virgo our attentions turn away from the summer frolic to the everyday details and responsibilities that Virgo demands. Back to work, back to school, back to the routine. It is time to wind down towards the “fruits of the summer practice” that will pay off starting September 22. Another words it is a good time to harvest your spring and summer efforts.

Right before moving into Leo August 26, Venus squares Uranus August 24. The apple cart is sure to be upset by something unexpected. Those who go with the flow just may end up getting home very late on this night. Others will be disturbed by someone’s behavior. That includes staying out very late.

While Venus moves through Leo until September 19. These days are wonderful for romantic love. Not the kind that is flighty or superficial but the kind of romantic expression that is sincere. This is not the time for empty grand gestures.

Just in case you have forgotten, Mercury is retrograde and late in the month, the Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo August 26. This is sure to rev-up our Mercury retrograde delays and issues. And of course Mercury backs into Leo August 31. Look out Leo, your roar may come off like a meow now or your meow may sound like a whine.

To sum it up, August will prove to be hotter than the temperature on the patio thermometer as the planets shift and angle one another with intensity. Change is always happening. It is the rule.

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BEST DATES - Times are based are listed in CST or CDT depending on the time of year

Consummate Relationships
August 7 before 1:11 pm CDT. Be careful, you are starting a relationship on a full Moo eclipse. It will be a humdinger.

No other dates due to Mercury retrograde.

Undergo Medical Tests
August 4,5,11,12,18,24,25

Sign Contracts
August 4,5,6,11

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