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December 2016

ercury moves into Capricorn December 2 only to turn retrograde December 19. While Mercury is direct in Capricorn our thoughts and words are practical and mostly not very emotional. Many of us will claim we don't feel the holiday spirit and maybe it is Mercury's fault. However that practicality bodes well for earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo as they focus on yearend financial data and closing out the books. Aries, Cancer, and Libra feel frustrated and have a hard time saying what they need to say. This gets even worse for them once Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury is retrograde for the final time December 19 - January 8. The retrograde begins in Capricorn and Mercury backs into Sagittarius January 4. You know the drill, hopefully. Do nothing new while Mercury is retrograde. Finish your Christmas shopping days before the 19th or you are sure to miss out on getting those items that you just must have in order not to disappoint your loved ones. If anything needs to be assembled, pay the store the extra money or be extra frazzled on Christmas morning. Travel is sure to be a snarl so leave for the airport or grandma's house with time to spare. The same is true for the New Year’s holiday. You will see.

In other big zodiacal news this month, we begin to experience a trine (120 degrees) between
Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus, still retrograde in Aries. Saturn is structure and substance while Uranus is just the opposite. This combination between these two planets helps us to sort through our confusion and make sense of situations that have been and will be thrown at us in the past several years. At the same time we can add a new twist to an old dilemma. Like recycling that tacky Christmas sweater. It just might be a hit this year.

We feel the effects of
Saturn trine Uranus well into 2017. The aspect is exact December 24, 2016 as well as May 19 and November 11, 2017.

At the same time we begin to experience
Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Oppositions are usually stressful but this one has us moving beyond our usual boundaries into new ways of life and relating. This aspects calls for us to press the reset button and do usual stuff in different ways. Many of us will break away from the usual traditions during this holiday season and beyond. Over the months ahead many of us will take on a lesson or challenge that supports new growth into better ways of living.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is exact December 26, 2016 as well as March 2 and September 28, 2017. Some of us are going to really be living differently by next September and that will most likely be a good thing.

Remember that we are still feeling
Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn since November 11 and through January 24. Jupiter and Saturn at this distance from one another offer rewards for sustained efforts and patience. Keep on keeping on and you will win the blue ribbon especially if you are Sagittarius or Libra. Mars trine Jupiter December 1, sextile Saturn December 3, and sextile Uranus December 6 add some extra oomph to our ability to stay focused and take action in a good way.

Sun in Sagittarius follows Mars to sextile Jupiter December 9, conjunct Saturn December 10 and trine Uranus December 12. Concentrated efforts get the job done along with a lot of hope, realistic but out of the box approaches. Mercury sextile Neptune December 10 adds a dash of inspiration.

Venus moves through Aquarius December 7 until January 3. While Venus moved through Capricorn until December 7 we have been serious about life, finances, and career. While Venus moves through Aquarius we want to be independent in the way we relate to others. Aquarius looks fabulous but still cool while Gemini and Libra are stunning for the season. Taurus must avoid over doing the jewelry while Leo most likely will wear the wrong style. Scorpio too should leave the leather and whips at home when venturing to holiday parties.

December 25, Venus in Aquarius is trine Jupiter and sextile both Uranus and Saturn. This coupled with Jupiter opposite Uranus and sextile Saturn come together for a very harmonious time. Hold your breath. Yes, this could be a great day, but then Mercury will still be retrograde. Leave your politics at the door and everybody play nice no matter what your opinion. Peace and harmony is helped by Mercury sextile Neptune December 26. Neptune in Pisces can be very compassionate.

Mars moving through Aquarius since November 9, moves through Pisces December 19 - January 28. While Mars moved through Aquarius we accomplished our goals through group or team efforts. While Mars is in Pisces we will be taking the less direct approach. Do avoid passive aggressive behavior as that will accomplish nothing positive. Now more than ever we will all want to apply the K.I.S.S. method. (Keep It Simple Sweetie.) Getting things accomplished will be done so with a roundabout approach.

Sun moves through Capricorn December 21 - January 20. The Sun in Capricorn is a time of setting goals, reviewing structures and plans in place. Who is responsible for what tasks? This is a great time of year generally for fellow earth signs as well Virgo and Taurus. Fellow cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, and Libra are stressed to deal with responsibilities and plans that are in place. Those signs will be compelled to alter plans now in play and that will not make them happy.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct one another and sextile Mars December 27/28. Now is the time to push forward with projects, but since Mercury is retrograde we may need to change those projects. These days can be very productive in a left handed sort of way.

Listen to your instincts and watch your dreams right around
December 30 when the Sun is sextile Neptune. When Neptune is involved there is an element of kismet and the strangest most wonderful things can happen.

Let's not forget the Moon.
The full Moon occurs December 13 at 6:05 pm CST in Gemini at twenty-two degrees. The days since the new Moon November 29 have had us all busy running here and there. Maybe it's the holiday parties. Anyway, this full Moon demands that we get mundane stuff accomplished. Pick up the cleaning, shopping and other details that life demands of us. Since this full Moon is sextile unpredictable Uranus, there will sudden events that must be handled. But since the day before the full Moon, the Sun is trine Uranus we will find innovative ways to get it all done.

new Moon starts the next lunar cycle December 29 at 12:53 am CST at seven degrees Capricorn. It is time to get back to work. Yes, it is still the holidays but get started now before you come back from the holiday. Take action that projects a good sense of self so that when you are in the spotlight you look good.

At the same time,
Uranus, retrograde in Aries since July 29, goes direct December 29. Uranus is more powerful retrograde but don't let your guard down this planet of chaos is sure to cause us to shift in one way or another as he goes direct. Expect change and once you adjust to the shock of the change you will be okay to put the pieces back together.

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Mercury Retrograde

December 19 - January 8, 2017

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Consummate Relationships
December 4, December 11 starting at 6:41 am and ending December 12 at 10:04 pm

Undergo Medical Tests
December 1,2,8,9,14,15,21,29

Sign Contracts
December 6,9,11

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