My initial consultation with Robert was a birthday gift from a friend many years ago.Ever since then, I have consulted with Robert 1-2 times a year as a gift to myself. I have found his consultations invaluable in areas of career, relationships, and major transitions in my life. I have used Robert's guidance very successfully during some major life transitions, including career changes and geographic relocations. I have found his unique gifts of wisdom and insight absolutely reliable, helpful, and useful. I am not particularly knowledgeable in the realms of astrology or psychic ability--all I can tell you is that Robert is amazing, and his abilities have enabled me to make consistently good choices in my life.
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The New Year begins with Mercury still retrograde in Capricorn. Hopefully, travel and all other plans went well for all the dear readers, but I suspect many of you have had quite a time making it through all the fun and responsibilities that come with the end of the year.

Mercury, still in Capricorn, is sextile (sixty degrees) Venus in Pisces January 3. This is a playful energy. Mercury backs into Sagittarius January 4 before going direct January 8. Sagittarius will bear more of the brunt of Mercury's tricks and many of us will rethink the big picture of life. I once saw a Facebook post that said, "Mercury is retrograde, do nothing." That pretty much sums it up.

Once Mercury goes direct, life gets going again and all those challenges that happened can begin to work themselves out, generally. When
Mercury moves into Capricorn January 12 our thinking becomes structured and we are concerned with the best ways to move from one point in life to another. Smile when you talk so that others do not think you are being cold. Capricorn can be very businesslike and sometimes others misconstrue matter of fact behavior for lack of compassion. When Mercury is sextile Neptune January 23 our compassion and caring will be more evident and our words can be inspirational.

Mars now in Pisces crosses over Neptune in Pisces January 1. Mars and Neptune together like this can confuse or diffuse our process or actions. If you feel over sensitive or feel side tracked right around this time, just put life back in perspective. This is especially true for Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Some of us will feel our allergies and others of us will be downright sick. Jump into the flow and if it says don't go then sit still.

Venus moves through Pisces January 3 - February 3 we may feel a sense of loss or longing. Many of us will be recharging with a loved one. Right off the bat Mercury sextile Venus on January 3 encourages us to spend time with someone special. How about a spontaneous romantic getaway to a mountain hideaway? Better yet, Venus is conjunct Neptune January 12 for a sensual and delightful time. It will seem that magic is in the air.

Speaking of
Venus this planet of love is sextile Pluto January 20. Bonds can grow deeper as we become more intimate with a particular person or situation. However, a week later when Venus is square Saturn, love loses its luster to responsibility and situations that test our ability to commit.

Sun moves through Capricorn until January 20. Remember that this is a great time for creating new systems in life. The Sun conjunct Pluto and square Uranus January 7-10 offers opportunities to discover new ways to embrace the power we need to move forward. Right after that on January 11 the Sun squares Jupiter and Mars is sextile Pluto. While Mars and Pluto have us wanting to push ahead, the Sun and Jupiter want to go overboard into exaggerations. Pull up the reins and watch what you say and do so that you do not make statements or actions you may regret.

Remember that we are feeling the remnants of
Uranus square Pluto which is a rebirth we have experienced since 2010. Just as the Sun finishes crossing Pluto it comes to square Uranus triggering a rebirth experience that may not be so much fun. The same thing occurs January 29 - 31 when Mercury crosses Pluto and squares Uranus. These can be stressful days that bring experiences that change us forever.

Mars continues to move through Pisces until January 27/28. Remember that our actions may go sideways and some of us can get a bit passive aggressive with this transit.

Mars moves through Aries January 28 - March 9. Mars rules Aries so Mars is extra powerful. We can use Mars to tackle challenges and chores or we can devolve into arrogance and impulsive behavior. Use this powerful energy wisely especially if you are Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Sun moves through Aquarius January 19 - February 18. While the Sun moves through Aquarius we move from the need for structure into the desire for freedom. While the Sun moves through Aquarius we come up with new ideas and ways to reinvent ourselves and the way we go about life. At first this may not seem the case on January 19 as Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius shows us blocks and dead ends. Once that passes we will feel carefree.

While the
Sun moves through Aquarius this sign is ready to start anew while fellow air signs Libra and Gemini find life generally runs smoothly. Fellow fixed signs Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are challenged by situations that now exist.

full Moon occurs January 12 at 5:34 am CST in Capricorn at twenty-two degrees. This full Moon has us turn to ways that we can bring our wishes and dreams into reality. We must face the facts as to what actions we must apply to accomplish our goals. This is especially true for those of us born at or right around the thirteenth of any month and for those born Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, or Aries. At the same time as this full Moon occurs, Venus is conjunct Neptune and Mercury is moving into Capricorn. Additionally, Saturn is square Chiron adding a great amount of intensity to the days around this full Moon. Markets will be tense and the earth may shake or create some other natural event. Pay attention to the world around you now.

new Moon occurs January 27 at 6:07 pm CST in Aquarius at eight degrees. This new Moon can usher in innovative change for us. Aquarius likes freedom and is a forward thinker. In the days until the full Moon February 10 initiate actions and projects that are new and bring you a rebirth in one way or another. At the time of this new Moon, Venus will be leaving a square to Saturn. Venus square Saturn is restrictive so since Venus is leaving the square it seems that we will begin to leave something that is restrictive behind in our lives.

2017 At A Glance

2017 is sure to be an intense year as
Saturn moves into the later degrees of Sagittarius. This is especially true for those of us born in the later degrees of any sign. Necessary change will be foisted upon many of us and in some cases many of us will be picking up the pieces of life once that change has occurred. Saturn last moved through this area of the zodiac in 1988.

Venus is retrograde March 4 - April 15 in Aries and Pisces. This can cause money or relationship problems for many of us.

Monitor your financial picture at all times in 2017.

Be sure to jot these
Mercury retrograde dates down so that you can plan around them. These times are when you want to avoid traveling or starting most new projects. Don't buy anything that has a plug or more than one moving part.

April 9 - May 3
August 12 - September 5

December 3 - 22

Check the ASTROLOGY TERMS page below to understand the terms I use in WITS

Mercury Retrograde

December 19 - January 8, 2017

BEST DATES - Times are based are listed in CST or CDT depending on the time of year

Consummate Relationships
January 6 starting at 2:18 pm CST through January 7 at 8:23 pm CST
January 28

Undergo Medical Tests
January 5,11,18,25,26

Sign Contracts
January 15,20,22,23,28,30

Dates for weddings, surgery, signing contracts, and other activities are picked for clients individually and can usually be done in a thirty minute appointment for 55$ plus Tx state sales tax.
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