Robert is wonderful! He has done psychic/astrological readings for me for about the last 10 years now. He has been completely accurate on many occasions; he reads with care and has great knowledge as to many aspects of life, for which he has shared with me and which has guided, comforted and enlightened me in many situations.
Lisa – Houston, Texas

July 2016

Life is back in forward motion since Mars went direct June 29/30, depending on where you live in the world. While Mars was retrograde our task was to figure out what we want to do with ourselves in the coming two years. Most of us, including this astrologer, spent our time waiting for results to happen. In many cases those results were disappointing.

For some of us it seemed that life was endless Mercury retrograde. Gadgets and mechanical stuff went on the blink. At this house the garage door opener became quite selective as to whom it would open for and only at certain times of the day. That cable commercial where the family is praying for the internet to come back became reality for one whole evening. It was a very quiet evening but we resorted to playing Farkle with the neighbors.

This month
Uranus goes retrograde, but not until July 29 - December 29. While Uranus is retrograde things explode but not in the sense of bombs necessarily. Think of a can of soda. It is quite peaceful sitting unopened on the counter. If you shake it up and then open it you have a mess. This does not have to be a bad thing though. In some cases we will come to sudden new solutions and ideas that we did think of before stuff got shook up literally and figuratively.

Venus is sextile Jupiter July 1. This provides a nice start to the holiday weekend here in the United States. This is one of those days to spend time with someone you like. Since it is the dark of the Moon do not initiate any big plans.

Sun and Mercury traveling close together in Cancer are trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces July 3 and July 5, respectively. These are days when we can accomplish so much if we use our creativity and idealism for good. Our instincts should not fail us as long as we are not under any outside influence.

Venus and Mercuryin
Cancer are trine Mars in Scorpio July 6 and 10. Relationships are lively and go well for the most part. Mercury and the Sun are sextile Jupiter July 8 and 10 respectively so that just adds to our ability to get what we want and accomplish our goals be they financial or personal.

Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries July 7. Some of us, but especially Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn may feel a bit over anxious. Try not to go overboard when expressing either pleasure or pain. Those of us who are at the receiving end of a verbal diarrhea are sure to be horrified so all are warned to remain calm. At the same time Mercury and the Sun in Cancer are opposite Pluto. Power struggles and manipulation can and will occur especially for Cancer and Capricorn.

July 11 when Mercury in Cancer is square Uranus in Aries and July 16 when the Sun is square Uranus Accidents and unexpected events can occur. Watch your surroundings and do avoid being an instigator unless you are doing it for a good and pure reason.

Venus moves through Leo July 12 - August 5 and Mercury moves through Leo July 13 - July 30. The Sun gets into Leo July 22. Our attentions turn toward Leo types of behavior including loud and proud behavior. Some of us, especially Leo will be boisterous and boastful. Turn off the television if you don't want to hear political rhetoric because it will be really amped up during these days. On the other hand this is a great time to express appreciation and loyalty to the ones we love. Flashy over the top behavior will be fun to see as the posers come out of the woodwork. If you are a salesperson these are the people to contact to get the deal you want to make. Customers will not be discerning.

Mercury and Venus travel through Leo close together until they conjoin July 16. At the same time the Sun square Uranus brings surprises and accidents but through all that the Sun trine Mars helps us to accomplish some headway. Leo is extra magnetic now but, should behave with poise.

Aries and Sagittarius will be magnetic and not so over the top especially when Mercury and Venus in Leo are trine Saturn in Sagittarius July 19 and 20 respectively. At that time we can get organized and are more apt to listen to the wisdom that others propose.

Mercury in Leo is trine Uranus, July 27, allowing us to access our knowledge and to easily communicate with others. It is a good time to play word games and think on our feet, but by July 29 when Mercury squares Mars out and out arguments can and will prevail.

Mercury moves through Virgo July 30 - October 7. The reason Mercury is visiting Virgo for so long that good ole Mercury retrograde comes around August 30 - September 22. Some of the flashy behavior will subside as we turn out attention to the practical aspects of life. These days are not so easy for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces as communications are confused and hard to understand for these signs. Just remember to get as much started as possible before August 29 so that you can rearrange plans as opposed to them just falling apart. Here we go again.

new Moon occurs at 6:01 am CDT at 12 degrees Cancer on July 4. The new lunar cycle in Cancer brings family to the forefront. It is summer and the time that many of us gather with extended family for reunions or vacations. On a personal level, though, many of us will come to deal with matters that have not been previously resolved. For that reason this can be an emotional time for many of us, but especially for Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries. Clearing out the cobwebs can be so messy.

full Moon occurs at 5:56 pm CDT July 19 at twenty-seven degrees Capricorn. This event is the culmination to the cycle that began at the new Moon. Now is the time to balance work and family. Many of us have been off enjoying family and work wants us back or work comes to a head or completion. Either way we are called up to act responsibly and do the right thing around the time of this full Moon.

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Mercury Retrograde

August 30 - September 22
December 19 - January 8, 2017

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