October 2017

Jupiter moves through Scorpio October 10 - November 9, 2018. Jupiter is expansion and opportunity, but Jupiter is usually concerned with outer expansion such as exploring the world or just overdoing it at your favorite shoe store. While Jupiter transits fixed water sign Scorpio, we are compelled to explore our inner lives and needs. Many of us will come to terms with that which motivates us to establish our dearest dreams. Our emotional bodies are sure to grow in one way or another and for many of us, we will go after our goals with gusto and in some cases, vengeance.

Those of us who gave up on love and intimacy will have a revived optimism and once again open up to the possibility of finding true love. Since Scorpio is a sign of transformation we will undergo healing and changes within ourselves that takes us to new levels of life. Remember, though, Scorpio is not a carefree sign. Scorpio takes us to new levels of life through trials and tribulations. During the next thirteen months many of us will create situations that ultimately heal us and bring us to new levels of existence. This is not a time of taking the middle way. All or nothing is sure to be the motto as we know what we want and go for it with gusto. Just be sure what you want is good for you in the months ahead.

Jupiter last moved through Scorpio October 2005 - November 2006. What was happening in your life during that time?

October 1-3 Mars and Venus in Virgo are trine (120 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn. Our passion is triggered to seek our desires. Of course, since Pluto is involved we must avoid using underhanded techniques. Love and romance is favorable as we feel open to connecting with others on an intimate level. Relationships are sure to be intense during but not necessarily in a bad way on these days.

full Moon occurs at 1:40 pm CDT at twelve degrees Aries on October 5. Since this full Moon is in Aries, many of us will be resetting the energy that occurs between ourselves and the people around us. Some of us receive attention for our good works while other will be having a fit and need a time out. Mars and Venus, leaving their passionate trine to Pluto are conjunct in Virgo calling for adjustments in our routines and compelling us to seek emotional and physical passion. Since this full Moon is at twelve degrees Aries and Neptune retrograde is at twelve Pisces, we are sure to experience some woo woo moments where life events make us realize there are forces beyond our control.

Venus in Virgo is square (ninety degrees) Saturn in Sagittarius October 8. This brings stress to relationships and especially those relationships that are intimate. This is especially potent for Virgo and Sagittarius. Our glass will seem half empty and those things that honey does that we once thought were cute are simply irritating now. Relationships are just no fun for one reason or another.

At the same time, the
Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Libra. This is a chatty busy time for Libra. You might need to tell a Libra, Sagittarius, or Aries to shut up now. Gemini and Aquarius are able to handle communications and details with ease.

Mercury and the Sun in Libra are square Pluto in Capricorn October 9. Do not use underhanded techniques to get your way at this time. Many of us, and especially Libra and Capricorn are able to get what they want but the process is sure to be fraught with opposition.

Mars in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius October 11. Mars says “Lets take action now!” while Saturn says, "We need a plan first." Step back when life dictates that you are moving too fast. This can be a frustrating time especially when the people you count on are not available or supportive.

Mercury in Libra is sextile (sixty degrees) Saturn in Sagittarius October 12. This productive aspect helps us get what we need to accomplish by getting ourselves organized and thinking through how to get from A to Z.

Venus moves through Libra October 14 - November 7. Venus rules Libra. Libra as well as Aquarius and Gemini are looking good during this transit. Our attentions and actions are best accomplished with charm and grace during these days. Pushy behavior is not productive so employ tactics that use honey not vinegar.

Mercury in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries October 15. This is one of those days when we feel pulled in different directions. Unexpected situations pop up that must be tended to right now. Commitments that are forgotten pop up and require attention immediately and an apology for forgetfulness.

Sun in Libra is sextile (sixty degrees ) Saturn in Sagittarius October 16. Tasks that require focus and concentration are easily accomplished especially with the help of someone more experienced.

Mercury moves through Scorpio October 17 - November 5. During these days our thoughts and actions turn towards deeper thoughts. We are not concerned with superficial matters but are able to dig deep into what motivates us and our counterparts to do the things we do during Mercury in Scorpio.

Mercury crosses Jupiter in Scorpio October 18 affording us an expansive look into that which puzzles us. Communications are sure to be deep and intense around this time.

new Moon occurs October 19 in Libra at twenty-six degrees. This new Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries. A new Moon is a time of beginnings. Since this new Moon is in Libra we will be initiating matters that pertain to finding balance in our lives. This lunar cycle begins with the new Moon opposite Uranus in Aries. we are sure to find new and different ways to live our lives. However there is sure to be lots of uncertainty in the course of this cycle. Unsettling change is sure to happen for many of us, but once we adapt to those changes we will be able to dust ourselves off and be on our way.

Mars moves through Libra October 22 - December 9. While Mars moves through Libra we have a hard time making up our mind or deciding on a course to take. While Mars moves through Libra just remember, at the end of the day, a smile and a bit of charm will take you far Passive aggressive behavior will not suit your best interest.

Sun moves through Scorpio October 23 - November 21. While the Sun moves through Scorpio we will be focused on deep emotions and intimacy. Our range of emotions run from complacent to intense and we will want to get to the bottom of questions and issues. Avoid putting energy into situations that are dead. While the Sun moves through Scorpio we must not act vengeful.

Mercury in Scorpio is trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces October 24. Our thoughts and communications are centered around compassion and larger than life issues that concern us that may seem abstract or hard to grasp. This is an inspiring aspect and happenings will occur that show us there is more to life than meets the eye.

October 25 and 26 the Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter. This optimistic aspect has many of us ready to travel or embark on educational endeavors. You can make a positive impression during this influence but you must avoid over doing anything. This bodes especially well for Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

Venus in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn while Mercury in Scorpio is sextile Pluto October 27. Mercury and Pluto call for deep discussions that combine our intellectual selves with a big dose of intuition. Lying is not an option because someone is sure to sense the deception. At the same time Venus is square Pluto and relationships are full of power struggles and in some cases, abuse. Someone will want their way and will go to great lengths to gain control over others. Emotional and physical relationships experience upheaval under this aspect.

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