July 2018

upiter has been retrograde in Scorpio since March 8. Jupiter brings growth and opportunity. While Jupiter has been retrograde, we have turned within to expand our consciousness. For many of us, especially Scorpio and Sagittarius, that may have been frustrating. Once Jupiter goes direct July 10 the growth of life takes place in our outer life and circumstances. That is so much more fun because we see tangible results in the physical world. Of course Mars is still retrograde so there is still an element of stall while many of us are going over and over past actions.

July is eclipse time again starting with the
new Moon eclipse July 12 in Cancer at twenty degrees at 9:48 pm CDT. A new Moon is a time of new beginnings. A new Moon eclipse is a super charged new beginning and we feel the effects of this eclipse for six months forward. This is a terrific time to make a list of new projects. However this eclipse is opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto retrograde can be very healing thus creating a new sense of clarity because we have released old behaviors and issues that have been buried in our subconscious. In the months to come we will become aware of personal issues that must be discarded. Many of us will be a bit freaked out or obsess over "what ifs". Let go of those worries. It is the antithesis of faith. Instead, summon your will to create the life you want and don't just sit around hoping opportunities will knock on your door.

This eclipse very likely will preclude some disasters around the planet, but then eclipses usually do bring headlines to our digital devices. Recognize that the powers that be in your life will try to use fear to control you. Kinda like that exterminator that rang the door bell and said, "Oh my god you have a black widow spider at your garage door. You need my service." My response was to laugh and suggest he call the fire department. Stand up for your rights and stand down the fear mongers.

At the same time of the new Moon we have a grand trine in earth involving
Venus in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Venus and Saturn together are great for establishing solid relationships. Relationships are easy because we are feeling mature, generally. This is a great time to have quality time with an older person. Go cougars! Venus and Uranus want us to try the stuff of life we would not usually sample. This grand trine coupled with the new Moon call for letting go of the control and the controllers while moving into a new paradigm of life. This could be a good time to move twenty-seven things around the house.

Of course every new Moon culminates in a full Moon and the
July 27 full Moon is at four degrees Aquarius at 3:20 pm CDT. For everyone that gets all jazzed about this being a blood moon that phenomena is due to the light bounced off the earth's atmosphere. Full Moons bring up powerful emotions. This eclipse is square Uranus and conjunct Mars adding to the drama. Try to remain calm in the face of your own drama. Notable events are sure to happen around the world and mother nature just may have something to say to us. Just use caution in the days and weeks to come. This eclipse has the power to create strong and unexpected changes to our personal lives. Those of us born during the first seven days of any sign are most affected by this eclipse between now and January 2019.

Later in the same day,
July 27, Venus in Virgo is trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This astrologer loves a good earth trine so I advise you to make the most of this aspect by listening to your intuition especially where health and career matters are concerned. This goes double for Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Another shift in the zodiac occurs when
Mercury is retrograde July 26 to August 19 in sentimental Leo. Take the usual Mercury retrograde precautions such as backing up the computers and watch that you don't get a nail in your tire. Some of us will be sitting out on the summertime fun but many of us will think of past good times. This is a good time to reach out to a special someone with whom you have lost your connection.

Sun in Cancer is trine Jupiter in Scorpio July 5. This easy lucky aspect allows us to be guided by the stars and it should all work out. However, Mercury in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius has some people acting over the top sensitive and difficult. Walk around those people and use caution driving because they will be driving cars recklessly.

July 6 is the last quarter of the Moon in Aries. This means the Moon is square the Sun in Cancer. This usually brings door slamming and irritation with the opposite sex. Just roll with the punches. Finish projects and don't work on anything new until after the new Moon July 12.

We have the same experience on the first quarter of the Moon
July 20 when the Moon in Libra is square the Sun in Cancer. That is a good time to begin to solidify plans before the full Moon July 27.

The Sun in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces July 8. Pause and listen to the quiet. Do something compassionate for others.

At the same time we feel
Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio July 9. This is one of those days when we tend to over do our activities. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. One dessert will do if you savor each bite.

Venus moves through Virgo July 9 - August 6. Venus is not her best in Virgo because Virgo can be a picky and critical of loved ones during this transit. However, Virgo will be looking more attractive than usual. Just don't be trying to improve those around you, Virgo. That is not attractive. This transit bodes well for Capricorn and Taurus generally as business money and love can flourish for all three earth signs.

Right after moving into
Virgo, Venus is trine Uranus in Taurus. Virgo and Taurus and many of the rest of us go for people and situations that are not our usual taste. Embracing what is different will be enjoyable.

Venus is busy socializing with the planets as she is sextile Jupiter July 22 and opposite Neptune July 24. Venus and Jupiter make relationships go well but the Neptune influence creates disappointments. Case in point: you go out and have a really great time with someone. One of you is interested and the other is not so enthusiastic. Play it cool and don't overwhelm the other person.

Sun moves through Leo July 22 - August 22. These days are generally wonderful for having fun and expressing our good nature and generosity. Leo is at the peak of their solar year while Sagittarius and Aries bask in the ease of plans going according to plan. But with everything else going on, ease is not something you can take to the bank. This will be evident when upsets and surprises happen as the Sun comes to square Uranus July 25.

July is a crazy active month. Proceed with caution and expect the unexpected from others and from yourself.

2018 Mercury Retrograde

March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6

Consummate Relationships Between July 13 at 12:31 pm and July 14 at 6:12 pm, July 18, 20,21

Have Medical Tests July 5,6,12,18,25

Sign Contracts July No days