Robert Brown has read for me for the last 5 years. I am always amazed at his accuracy. I think one of his greatest gifts is relationship analysis. I date frequently and can't tell you how beneficial his readings have been for me. Sometimes I don't see people as they really are until it's too late. It's great to "know before you go". I highly recommend Robert and his work.

Jane Leigh – Austin, Texas
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March 2017

he T square created by Jupiter in Libra square Pluto (exact March 30) in Capricorn and Jupiter opposite Uranus (exact March 2) in Aries continues this month. What does this mean to all of us? Do you know someone who is breaking the rules and being greedy? Is that person doing things that hurt other people? Are you wanting to break away from the rules yourself? Are you feeling stifled by those rules? Are you wanting to revolt against the people who are doing unjust activities?

If so you are feeling the effects of this T- square. Look to the world stage and you will see it in action as citizens across the globe are voicing their opinions in demonstrations. Somewhere in our own lives we are all re writing our personal rules to better reflect who we are at this point in our lives.

An element of cooperation takes place between different factions
March 8 and 9 while Mercury and the Sun in Pisces are sextile (sixty degrees) Pluto. However, some side stepping and avoidance of the issues will be going on at this time.

There is sure to be some sort of outrage for all of us
March 23, 24 and 26 when Mercury now in Aries squares Pluto, opposes Jupiter and crosses Uranus. This is a time when we see the need to really break away from the patterns that exist in our lives and with other people. No matter what happens in our lives, we are all making big changes that reflect who we always have been. These days will most likely be a contentious time.

In other big news for March,
Venus in Aries turns retrograde March 4 and remains so until April 15. Venus rules money and our values. While Venus is retrograde we all will reconsider what is important to us. Perhaps that friend we thought was our friend is only our friend because we can do something for that person.This is the general theme we will experience somewhere in all our lives. This in not the time for taking great action such as ending a relationship. Instead it is a time for evaluating relationships. Since Venus rules money, you will want to hold off making big purchases or financial decisions if possible.

March 1- 6 The Sun now in Pisces and Mercury are conjunct Neptune and each other. What an ideal time this can be especially if you are Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. However, we must all be sure that we are seeing life clearly. Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled into doing something you do not want to do. Better yet, just enjoy feeling tuned into the vibes of the universe. Do not try to move in more than one direction now.

While many of us are feeling all starry eyed others of us are getting down to business and making our material wishes come true
March 5. This is because active Mars in Aries is forming a trine (120 degrees) to Saturn in Sagittarius. Those of us who persevere and go through the proper steps are able to manifest our desires. This is especially true for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. We have a similar effect when Mercury is trine Saturn March 29.

Speaking of
Mars, this action oriented planet moves through Taurus March 9 to April 21. While Mars moves through Taurus, Mars is slower and less impulsive than when Mars is in his home sign Aries. During Marstransit of Taurus we can methodically go about our business to accomplish projects that take a lot of time.

full Moon occurs March 12 in Virgo at twenty-two degrees at 9:54 am CDT. A full Moon in Virgo has us making changes to how we do our work and our personal habits. This full Moon is loosely trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury is square Saturn in Sagittarius. This all means that we are going to be faced with facts and information that is cause for us to make changes. Circumstances in our lives are sure to make us make the changes that we need. Virgo is a mutable sign so go with the changes without digging in your heals.

Mercury moves through Aries March 13 - 31. While Mercury moves through Aries. Aries is a confident sign so our thoughts and communications are sure to be courageous. Don't be surprised when Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn come up wth a statement that is shocking or rocks you off center. Mercury conjunct Venus March 20 says our words mean well especially if you are Leo or Sagittarius. A romantic gesture will go far as long as it is not over the top.

Saturn, in Sagittarius, tames Mercury in Aries March 29 and we are able to focus on projects and situations there require diligence. This bodes especially well for Aries and Sagittarius.

Mercury moves through Taurus, March 31 - April 20 when he retrogrades back into Aries. While Mercury is direct in Taurus our thoughts and actions are grounded because Taurus is an earth sign. There is nothing innovative about Mercury in Taurus. We will move along slowly using the usual paths that we trod.

Sun in Pisces is square Saturn in Sagittarius March 17. This is a bit of a downer time because we are shown what is not working in life. This can be bad news or feeling that someone is not supporting us. Use this tough and fast transit to build on what you have as opposed to crying over what is wrong in life. We do feel lighter by March 18 as Mercury crosses Venus in Aries.

Sun enters Aries March 20 at 5:29 am CDT. This is the Vernal Equinox or commonly the beginning of Spring. While the Sun moves through Aries until April 19 we emerge from our winter hiatus to get out and start new life ventures. Aries is spontaneous and sometimes impulsive so many of us will leap quickly and sometimes forget to look first. This is a great time for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius to rock along easily. However Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn must adjust their volume and direction.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius look good and can get their way generally on March 25 when the Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries. Get out and see and be seen at this time.

new Moon occurs March 27 at 9:57 pm CDT at seven degrees Aries. All new Moons are about starting a new cycle and beginning new projects. Since this new Moon is in assertive Aries we are sure to strike out anew with vigor. This cycle is about making a new you. The new Moon is very close to Venus so this can be a very social period while the Moon grows to full April 11. Ask your self, "What can I do to attract what I want?" Since Venus is retrograde we will also be asking, "Do I want what I have?"

Mars, in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces exact just hours before this new Moon, many of us will be creating ways to be more sensual in the coming two weeks. Passion is in the air around this new Moon.

Mercury Retrograde
April 9 - May 3
August 12 - September 5

December 3 - 22

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