Robert Brown has read for me for the last 5 years. I am always amazed at his accuracy. I think one of his greatest gifts is relationship analysis. I date frequently and can't tell you how beneficial his readings have been for me. Sometimes I don't see people as they really are until it's too late. It's great to "know before you go". I highly recommend Robert and his work.

Jane Leigh – Austin, Texas

April 2017

o many of us have wondered if Mercury is retrograde due to the goofy stuff that has been happening in our lives. Former love interests have shown up wanting to give it another try only to disappear just as quickly as they appeared. Coworkers that have seem to have gone off the deep end having unexplainable meltdowns. Still some of us have pondered what we want out of life with no real conclusion.

All these situations are most likely due to
Venus retrograde since March 4. Venus backs into Pisces April 2 and finally goes direct April 15. If you don't know what a quandary is, then Venus in Pisces is sure to show you that.

Even before
Venus goes direct this planet of love and money is square Saturn in Sagittarius April 8 and again when Venus is direct on April 21. This is sure to bring situations that make it hard to relate to other people. Maybe we are the problem, maybe they are the difficult one. Don't push to make something happen for most of this month because the circumstances are just not right to have a smooth affair, whether it is love or business. Responsibilities seem heavy and the people you attract are not the ones you will want especially if you are Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Gemini.

In the midst of it all,
Saturn in Sagittarius turns retrograde April 5/6 to August 25. Saturn retrograde augments our confusion over what commitments to keep and what commitments to make. It might be best to roll with the flow right now.

Sun is trine Saturn April 17 and Mercury does the same April 24. These are great days to be able to see through the fog and get something accomplished. Clarity is there and you will know what to do right around these times. Advice you receive will most likely be good advice. Aries and Sagittarius can be great mentors to us at this time.

On top of all that baloney,
Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde April 9 - May 3. I hear everyone go "UGH". Remember to pay attention and do not start anything new while Mercury is retrograde. While Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until April 20 avoid making financial decisions if possible. Once Mercury backs into Aries we are especially warned to slow down and don't make war. It will not work in your best interest.

Pluto, still in Capricorn, is retrograde April 20 to September 28. Pluto retrograde wants us to look deeper into our souls to really determine what needs to be cleaned up in our lives. Pluto retrograde allows us the ability to regenerate and heal that which needs healing. Many of us will find ways to rebirth and rejuvenate our lives. We often think of a retrograde planet as negative, i.e. Mercury retrograde, but really Pluto retrograde along with Saturn retrograde should really give us a sense as to what we need to change down to the core of our soul.

Pluto turns retrograde Mars in Taurus is trine Pluto April 5. Someplace in our lives we will have the grit and persistence to accomplish what it is we want to accomplish. Money matters go well especially for Aries but all of us are able to work within life parameters to get what we want.

While some of us are cool and getting the job done with Mars trine Pluto, the
Sun in Aries is square Pluto April 8 has others of us agitated and feeling like we have no control. If that’s the case this is a great time to consider an adjustment in attitude or behavior. This is especially true for Aries.

Sun moving through Aries is opposite Jupiter in Libra April 7. All of us, but especially Aries and Libra are warned against over eating, over shopping, over committing or even going over the Moon over another person. Our optimism is off the chart. The Sun then crosses Uranus April 14 instilling a need for freedom in us that may be above and beyond what is really necessary.

full Moon occurs in Libra at twenty-one degrees April 11 at 1:08 am CDT. This full Moon is about relationships. It will show us where and how we have lost our way and ourselves in a relationship. It defines what we need to change about how we relate through presenting situations that put pressure on us to be better partners. Since this full Moon is opposing Uranus, many of us will want to escape from a situation or person. Remember, Saturn is having us question our commitments. Take a deep breath and don't make a sudden move you may regret.

Venus in Pisces having turned direct April 15 is sextile Mars in Taurus April 16. Venus retrograde stirred up a big helping of relationship issues. Venus and Mars at this angle can begin to get it all worked out, but somebody has to make the first move.

Sun moves through Taurus April 19 - May 20. Life was moving fast and many of us were all over the place while the Sun moved through Aries. Now that the Sun is in Taurus we will slow down and be more methodical in our ways. Our attentions will turn towards what is comfortable and what is of value to us whether that is money, a new couch, or time spent with an intimate friend.

Right after the
Sun moves into Taurus he and Mercury retrograde pass over one another. This should certainly be cause for misconnections. Once Mercury moves back into Aries April 20 try to keep from jumping to any conclusion and make any fast moves.

Mars moves through Gemini April 21 - June 4. Gemini is a flexible sign with lots of different interests. Mars in Gemini has us exploring options and lots of different ideas. It may be hard to focus because we want to have so many different experiences.

Mercury still retrograde in Aries is trine Saturn in Sagittarius April 24. Pay attention and focus on the goofy stuff that Mercury retrograde throws at you. Saturn should help you do what you need to do now. That focus gives way to the need for freedom and unexpected events when Mercury crosses Uranus April 28.

new Moon occurs April 26 at 7:16 am CDT in Taurus at six degrees. Taurus loves the physical world whether it is fine clothing or a sensual afternoon. Make time to let your senses enjoy the planet. Make new financial plans but maybe don't initiate them until Mercury goes direct next month.

April 28, Venus gets back to Aries, the sign where she started her retrograde March 4. While Venus moves through Aries until June 6 our desire for love is spontaneous and we want what we want right now! While Venus was retrograde many of us felt like we were in a holding pattern. Now that Venus is direct and back in Aries lots of action should be taking place in the dating and love department.

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