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December 2023


Neptune, retrograde in Pisces since June, turns direct December 6. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, compassion, and inspiration. Inspiration and compassion can turn into delusion and illusion and vice versa. While Neptune is retrograde, life seems more realistic whereas when Neptune is direct we often are fooled by the mirages of life. We actually feel the effects of Neptune retrograde until March 25, 2024. So how will we feel; deluded or realistic?

In the days between December 8 and 18 we will be feeling the effects of the Sun in Sagittarius ninety degrees from Neptune. Events and relationships create confusion. Many of us feel less energetic thus falling prey to dishonest overtures. Step out of unhealthy behavior when it presents itself and tap into your creative energy. We all have that energy in one form or another. Loss of faith in ourselves is possible. Turn off those thoughts.

Additionally, we feel the same when Mercury is square Neptune December 25 to January 13. This is the time to get everything in writing so that we have proof when others try to confuse us. Many of us find it difficult to express ourselves at this time. Others will make outlandish claims.

Even more intense is the square from Mars in Sagittarius to Neptune (exact December 28) December 24 to January 3. Mars and Neptune bring the bravado to fight for a cause. On the world stage we will see battles amping up. Many will fight for war, many of us will fight for peace.

Others of us will be two faced. This is not the time for backbiting or deceiving others, but we will see that happening in our individual lives and on social media and the news. Remember, Neptune is compassion and with the Mars square we can take a stand without destroying one another. The choice is ours.

Additionally, Mars squaring Neptune brings up issues regarding water and waterways. It is quite possible for maritime accidents to occur or invasions of waterways by leaders who wish to expand their influence. Floods are possible and water pollution just may be in the news.

Other challenging days are when the Moon is angling Neptune at hard angles. are December 5,6, 12,13,18,19,15,24,25. Roll with the melancholy and try to avoid sweets and stimulants that blur our judgment.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the most affected by these events but we will all bear witness and feel these aspects with Neptune due to the behavior of those around us. Believe in your self and not the snake oil salesman.

Mercury is retrograde December 12/13 to January 1. We have been feeling Mercury retrograde since November 25. Mercury starts off retrograde in Sagittarius which is sure to have many of us feeling anxious. Travel can be a challenge whether you are headed to the market or the other side of the world. Many of us will want to accomplish big results from big plans, but those are sure to sink or be put on hold in the days until Mercury backs into Capricorn December 22. Mercury backs up to the position of the Sun creating lots of confusion and then moves into Capricorn. This is the time to hunker down to fix the stuff that has come up to be fixed.

The lucky ones among us are the people who are born with Mercury retrograde. They are usually more productive now. However, the rest of us must communicate with clarity and be deliberate with our actions. Slow down and do not get all dramatic as many people do in this down time. Delays happen and are usually for our best interest. If you start a job it will not be permanent. If you buy something mechanical or electric, it is going to have a clink and a clank. Read the fine print and really do stay away from finalizing agreements. Relax and go with the flow, Mercury is not retrograde forever.

Mercury starts out the month moving into Capricorn. Get serious about work and work plans. Be sober but not authoritative in your communications.

Mercury is sextile Saturn in Pisces December 2 and 21. This is a productive aspect wherein we are able to employ good sense in our daily doings. At the same time, Venus in Libra is square Pluto December 3 so we will have to use our common sense when dealing with the lunatics who want to control and manipulate with irrelevant words and actions.

Mercury is happily trine Jupiter in Taurus December 7 and 18. This is a great time for making financial decisions and traveling. Look ahead to how the decisions now can help you in the long term. Do get all the facts at December 18 as Mercury is retrograde.


Venus moves through Scorpio December 4 to 29. Venus is not at her best in Scorpio as she brings the mean girl out in many of us. Scorpio will be especially beautiful and hopefully not vengeful. Try to be kind during this time. That advice is mostly directed at Scorpio, Aquarius,Taurus and Leo.

Venus is opposite Jupiter December 9. This is a joyful time among so much confusion in other areas of the zodiac. Since Jupiter is involved, it is important that we operate within the borders of self-discipline. Otherwise, we are sure to wake up with a hangover and a bit of regret. Temperance makes this time so much better. We feel this December 3 to 13.

Adding to this joy is Mercury in Capricorn sextile Venus December 11. This is sure to help us to maintain a sense of decorum at the office Christmas party. No topless dancing on tables or making out with the boss’ wife, please.

Venus opposite Uranus December 21 brings sudden shifts in our relationships. For those of us who need this shift it is exciting. This does not have to be the end of a relationship. It can be a new adventure.

The New Moon

The new Moon takes place December 12 at 5:32 pm CST in Sagittarius at 20 degrees. This new Moon compels us to begin a new mission in life. Explore a new philosophy or culture. Look for a deeper meaning to your life and employ the optimistic voice inside of you that says, “Yes, you can go for that.”

Do remember that Mercury is just turning retrograde and there is all sorts of confusion. Use caution in your endeavors and know that with this new Moon, life is sure to get better for all of us. Do something out of your ordinary life existence.

The Winter Solstice

Sun moves into Capricorn December 21 at 9:27 pm CST. This is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the reemergence of the light in the sky. At the same time Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in Capricorn. Common sense should prevail so do what is expected at this time.

December 24/25

Sun in Capricorn is sextile Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces. These two aspects make for a lovely time filled with compassion and joy. This is a great time to do something charitable or just spend quality time with those we love.

The Full Moon

The full Moon occurs December 26 at 6:34pm CST in Cancer at 4 degrees. Cancer is the sign of home and family and that is where many of us will be at this full Moon. The Moon and the Sun both are harmonious to Jupiter in Taurus. Go to the place and people that are your security. It may be blood relatives or chosen family.

At the same time as the full Moon, Mercury is conjunct Mars which is square Neptune. Remember Mars squaring Neptune is a big event. Also, Venus is sextile Pluto and semi sextile Mars and Mercury. This all means that while there can be great stress, but love and acceptance will get us through the day. This is a time of great healing. Live and let live and play a game of cards or Monopoly.

Venus moves through Sagittarius December 29 to January 24. Optimism and adventure prevail especially if you are Sagittarius. This is a great time for Aries and Leo to ride the wave of life.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius turns direct
December 30. Jupiter has been retrograde in Taurus since September 4. This is good news especially for Sagittarius and Taurus. The work we have all been doing since September begins to manifest. Hopefully, you have been working on a game plan and are ready for the results of your inner work and planning. Life is ready to move forward on many levels.

Get ready this next year is going to be a humdinger full of life events for all of us as we move into new ways of awareness and thriving. There will be bumps in the road, but that always happens when we traverse new and untried paths. For now, enjoy the present.

Mercury Retrograde 2023

December 29, 2022 to January 18

April 21 to May 14

August 23 to Sept 15

December 13 to January 1, 2024

2023 Almanac

Consummate Relationships
December 22

You may want to get an app called Planetary Hours and consummate during the Venus hour.


For Accurate Results Have Medical Tests
December 7,14,20,27

Sign Contracts
December 2

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I have been writing this column for over twenty-five years now and in order to better assist readers who are not students of astrology I offer some suggestions as to how to use the monthly summary.

Read the summary with your calendar that shows the whole month on one page. Read through the intro and make note of the days that I point out. Mark the new Moon and the full Moon. The days between the new Moon and the full Moon are when you generally want to start something that you want to grow. Do look at that Moon void chart and take a rest on those days. I have discovered that no matter what I plan, it turns out another way on a Moon void day. Anything you try to accomplish will turn out with unexpected results.

Make note of the three days before the new Moon. People usually get anxious during these days because the phone does not ring or they feel confused or simply nothing is happen. That is because it is wind down time before the new Moon. You will usually notice that the action of life picks up once the new Moon occurs. Also note the days that planets change directions, especially Mercury retrograde.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a bit of a start to maneuvering through life with astrology.

Robert E Brown

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