It's May!

While writing this column in mid April, I realized I had left out news about the asteroid Chiron in the April column. Mercury WAS retrograde is my only excuse and I am a Mercury ruled Virgo. Chiron moved into Aries April 17 and dips back out September 25 only to return next February. Chiron represents our psychic wound. It is not your fault, it is not bad karma. It is something unresolved from wherever we are before this life.

Aries is our ego and our warrior selves. While Chiron is moving through Aries we will be addressing the wounds to our identity. Many of us will come to terms with who we truly are as opposed to who we think we want to be or who we think we should be now. Aries is the warrior. We will be hearing lots about the people who have protected us and what we are now doing or not doing to respect and honor these people in months to come.

The biggest news of May is that
Uranus dips into Taurus May 15 until November 6. This provides us a taste of what to expect once Uranus moves into Taurus for seven or so years beginning next March.

Uranus, aka the “Great Awakener”, last transited Taurus from March 1935 to May 1942. Understand that Uranus brings us sudden and unexpected changes in our lives. Just ask any Aries about their life experience in the past seven years. Uranus can also bring about social reform.

Taurus rules self worth, money and finance and is opposite Scorpio which rules taxes and investments. This astrologer believes that we are going to see some big moves on the part of the people around the world who are fed up with a few people having all the money and dictating to the populace what they are going to pay for houses, food, and anything else we need to survive.

Social Security and the Works Progress Administration that created jobs for millions were both created during Uranus’ last transit through Taurus.

In 1939 WWll began with the German invasion of Europe and France fell to the Nazis in 1940. This was an upheaval in the world and we can expect some big changes ahead. Stop ringing your hands, it is going to be okay.

Demonstrations and grass root movements will pop up in order to make the world more equitable. Legislation will be forced onto leaders if they wish to keep their positions.

Since women have had enough of the patriarchy and want to take their turn at the wheel, they will most likely become a strong voice in this process.

Expect the financial world to go through many changes in the coming 8 years.
Digital currencies will be in the news more than ever as the currencies that are backed by nothing struggle to exist. Internet security will be addressed in terms of safeguarding our funds and our well being. Send the scammers packing. You, know the pretty people with blurry pictures. Remain calm and do not make knee jerk reactions.

Those with
Sun in Taurus are going to see some really big changes in their lives. Uranus will tell this sign, "you go this way now". Taurus' fellow fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will probably have difficulty because they often resist change. Those of us born in the first five days of any sign will be most affected by Uranus in Taurus this year.

Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces May 25. That last occurred December 2 and will happen again August 19. This wonderful transit opens our creativity and compassion. We will not be able to ignore those who are in need. Under the umbrella of this transit, we do well to help those who have less advantages than us. Listen to your dreams and gut instinct. They are right-on during this time and especially May 6 when the Sun in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces. We will feel this aspect through this month and next. It is so nice to have a Jupiter transit even if we do tend to eat too many desserts or hoard the same shoes in different colors.

Mercury in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn May 7. Power plays and wars of words will occur. Some of us will force our will on to others. At the same time Venus in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces. Don't let your mind run away with misperceptions about yourself. Gossip is damaging so don't listen to it or initiate untruths about others. Just sit still and watch the games people play.

Right after the
Sun in Taurus is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio mid-month, opportunities present themselves but make sure you don't make foolish decisions.

Sun in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn May 11. Clear the clutter and get to the bottom of questions and dilemmas especially if you are Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo. Those who are direct and honest are appreciated by bosses and supervisors.

Mercury in Aries is square Mars in Capricorn May 12. Capricorn has been quite wired lately so don't be surprised if one of them is involved in some sort of trouble or flare up. Try to be nice when speaking with anyone around this time. At the same time on May 13, we feel Mercury crossing over Uranus so this can be a chaotic and volatile time. Plans are sure to be changed. Go with the flow and don't argue.

Mercury moves through Taurus May 13 - 29. Our words and thoughts slow down. We think about the stuff of life that feeds our need for comfort. Consider the “way” you want to live as opposed to thinking about how much money you need. Mercury, trine Saturn in Capricorn May 18, has us thinking about how we can go about defining our life. Advice comes from someone out of our generation. Consider how much you are willing to commit to a way of life.

New Moon happens May 15 at 6:48 am CDT in Taurus at twenty-four degrees. This new Lunar cycle is cause for financial planning. Set goals and consider how to increase your lifestyle and cash flow. Perhaps you have cash in the attic.

Mars moves into Aquarius May 16. Except for August 12 to September 10, Mars is in Aquarius until November 15. While Mars is in Aquarius we are going to see groups of people organize to make a difference. Somewhere in our own lives we will be working to achieve a common goal with others. Whatever you are up to, do it out of the box. Eccentric behavior will be often and acceptable as new ideas replace old problems. This is sure to be a busy or stressful time for Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. Stop the whining and use this energy to do what needs to be done.

Just as
Mars moves into Aquarius it is square Uranus now in Taurus. Volatile behavior and surprising financial news is in the air. Watch out for accidents pertaining to your neck or ankles. This is a tense period and nerves will be on edge.

We are able to collect ourselves and adjust by
May 19 when Venus, having just moved into Cancer is sextile Uranus.

Earlier in the day of
May 19 Venus moves into Cancer until June 13. While Venus moves through Cancer we will express love by caring for someone. Show a loved one, and not just a romantic partner, that you are concerned for their welfare and stand behind them.

At the same time,
May 19, Venus in Cancer is sextile Uranus in Taurus. What a great time to meet new and different people. Its Saturday so get out and be seen. In fact get out May 17 and 18. This can be a fun time.

Sun moves through Gemini May 20 to June 21. Gemini can be all over the place with a finger in every pot. Try to stay focused on the information at hand. Gemini is a mutable sign so we will be shifting gears here and there. Data and details and knowledge can drive our process now.

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Neptune in Pisces May 22. Your intuition and creativity will guide you now. Look up from the pie chart and graphs and go with that feeling inside. Conversations bring us to new understandings of someone around us.

Mercury in Taurus is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio May 23. Don't get ahead of yourself. Opportunities are abundant, just be selective and don't go overboard especially when spending money. At the same time the Sun in Gemini is happily trine Mars. This strong and steady aspect affords us confidence and a bit of sex appeal.

Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn May 25 bestows the power of persuasion especially if you are Taurus or Capricorn. People will be willing to share information that is helpful.

Venus in Cancer is opposite Saturn in Capricorn May 26. Circumstances show us that we can't rush into any situation. If we have had on rose colored glasses that special someone is going to do something that makes us wonder about our current choice.

full Moon May 29 is in Sagittarius at eight degrees at 9:19 am CDT. It has been a busy couple of weeks and events around this time are cause for many of us to second guess ourselves. Hold on and don't freakout. Mercury moves into Gemini hours later. Mercury is at home in Gemini. Data and details will get worked out while Mercury moves through Gemini until June 12.

2018 Mercury Retrograde
March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6.


Consummate Relationships May 17 after 4:47 pm CDT, May 18

Have Medical Tests May 4,5,12,18,24,25

Sign Contracts May 2,3,18,22