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Robert has always been very accurate about my work. I asked him about my new work prospects, and he said that he saw a picture of a sphinx in my new workplace. About two weeks later, I went for an interview and there it was in the lobby – a big picture of a sphinx – and I got the job.
I hadn’t seen or talked to my brother in 25 years or more – it was like he didn’t exist. Robert said that I would be hearing from my brother soon, and about two weeks later, he called me right out of the blue.
Cindy – Alabama

February 2016

February opens with Mercury having gone direct January 25. We are now in that period called the shadow of Mercury retrograde waiting for Mercury to get back to the point where he originally made his about-face. The shadow period lasts until February 15. During this time we get to deal with decisions and actions that were made just before and during Mercury retrograde. It may seem as if Mercury is still retrograde but these are events we must deal with because we tried to trick the trickster himself.

Mercury in Capricorn is trine (120 degrees) Jupiter, retrograde in Virgo February 6. Look back to what you were doing at mid January. You are probably dealing with the same or a similar issue that has to be solved now because you did not or could not do that in January. Usually, this is a good time to write, travel, teach, or even interview someone. Since Jupiter is retrograde you may not get all the information or the results are less concrete and more philosophical.

Mercury moves through Aquarius February 13 - March 5. Aquarius is a forward thinking sign that has new ideas that take the rest of us awhile to assimilate. While Mercury moves through Aquarius we will have new solutions to ongoing dilemmas. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are chatty and get our attention with their intellect and information. Fellow fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio are sure to rub us the wrong way while Leo has trouble conveying their ideas.

Mercury is sextile (sixty degrees) Saturn in Sagittarius February 25. Mercury and Saturn together at this aspect can accomplish goals with planning. Fewer words get the point across so keep to the point especially if you are a Gemini.

Mars continues to move through Scorpio until March 5. Mars is direct and to the point in Scorpio. We have our eye on the prize or goal and have little time for that scenery along the way.

Mars is sextile Pluto, in Capricorn February 3, while the Sun in Aquarius is sextile Saturn. Many of us, but especially Scorpio and Capricorn are dead set on what we want. Watch out for those who will do anything to succeed early this month. At the same time, though, the Sun and Saturn afford us the concentration and help from someone more experienced to accomplish our tasks.

Sun in Aquarius is square (ninety degrees) Mars in Scorpio February 7 while Venus is sextile Mars. Squares can get the job done but with this square we must avoid squabbles and ego battles that get us off the path. Don't waste your time with people who want to argue now and don't waste your time being one of those people who want to argue. Venus spices up the day with attractions and the ability to network and flirt your way past difficult people.

Mars is sextile Jupiter February 13. The green light seems to be on but remember that if you are starting a business venture with Jupiter retrograde your money making ability is weak. Pick and choose carefully what you want to start at this time.

The square between
Uranus and Pluto continues as these two remain very close but not exactly square. This is the violent and revolutionary energy we have been feeling recently. It will really start to subside in April, but for now we must deal with great change and rebirth in our lives and across the world.

Venus in Capricorn crosses Pluto February 5 and squares Uranus February 6. At the same time the Sun is sextile Uranus. This is one of those intense times when we feel rebellious and confident in our actions. Pay attention at this time and watch out for people who are out to make a point no matter who gets hurt. This time is especially challenging for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Other tense days when the Uranus/Pluto square is triggered include February 12, 18, and 26. Use caution on these days and know that when the emotions you feel subside, you will have moved up a notch in your evolution.

Venus is trine Jupiter February 10. What isn't favorable under this aspect? Oh yeah, Jupiter is retrograde and our results are not as forthcoming as they would be if Jupiter were direct. That's okay; sometimes a fool's paradise is just what we need.

Venus moves through Aquarius February 16 - March 12. Relationships and the way we relate within those relationships have an element of freedom. Some of us will gravitate to people that we usually do not seek. Let go of old ways of behavior and limiting expectations during this transit. This theme is very true when Venus is sextile Uranus in Aries February 26 and again when Venus is sextile Saturn February 29.

February lunar cycle starts with the new Moon February 8 at 8:39 am CST in Aquarius at nineteen degrees. This is the start of the new lunar calendar and what is called the Chinese New Year. This new Moon compels us to get out and connect with others who can help us accomplish our tasks and goals. Use good sense when deciding how to channel your energy during this new Moon. There is no need to go off the deep end of any situation.

full Moon occurs February 22 at 12:20 pm CST in Virgo at three degrees. This is the peak of the lunar cycle and many of our emotions will spike with discontent. This full Moon is ripe for us to make life changing decisions regarding our diet, health, and the behavior we allow to come into our lives.

Sun moves through Pisces February 19 - March 20. We are now finishing the projects of the winter and preparing for spring to awaken. Our thoughts and actions turn altruistic and compassionate. Pisces feels renewed while fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio are supported by situations that seem favorable. Pisces' fellow mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius need more effort to get what they want while Virgo needs some rest before getting back to business.

While the
Sun is conjunct Neptune February 28 many of us feel very in tune with the cosmos. Our sixth sense is heightened and so is our gullibility. If your gut says don't open the door, don't open the door.

February seems like a low key month. Pay attention but do enjoy this time as March brings us Saturn retrograde and two eclipses which will no doubt try to knock our socks off.

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Mercury Retrograde
April 28 - May 22
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Consummate Relationships
February 13 from 5:35 pm until February 14 at 5:13 pm
February 17 from 1:24 pm until February 18 at 5:50 am

Undergo Medical Tests
February 5,12,18,25

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