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October 2021

October has the potential to be a volatile and dangerous time. The days around the full Moon October 20 are especially potent for war like behavior. Use caution when moving about the planet. October 1,7,13,17, 20 and 27 are the hotspots of October.

Shifts in global financial markets are likely around the full Moon. Pay attention to the US markets and US news. Do not panic. Times are changing.

Planets Changing To Direct

October is a time of shifting energies due to the change in direction of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. When planets go retrograde, the energy they provide us is turned towards our inner selves. This is often frustrating because we are trying 0 accomplish tasks in our outer worlds. Once planets go direct, our lives begin to feel like they are moving forward and many pressures subside.

Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn since April 27, goes direct October 6. While Pluto was retrograde, we turned our transformation inward. Many of us were able to heal ourselves emotionally. Some of us spent time in hibernation preparing for the time when we get a signal from life to come back out into the Sun.

Saturn, retrograde in Aquarius since May 23, goes direct October 10. Saturn began restructuring societies across the globe but many have resisted change. Once
we Saturn goes direct, we will get back to cleaning up our messes and refining life. This is easy for Gemini, and Libra. They are touted as wise. Aquarius must be disciplined while Taurus and Scorpio no longer settle for the status quo. Leo is starting over, but needs to decide which mountain to climb.

Jupiter, retrograde in Aquarius since June 20, goes direct October 18. Jupiter provides adventure and opportunities. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius certainly feels better as does Aquarius. Our ideas and business ventures begin to move forward especially since Mercury is going direct at the same time.

Mercury, retrograde in Libra since September 27, goes direct October 18. Mercury, the trickster, receives more undeserved fear than malefic planets Saturn and Pluto. Once Mercury goes direct, those who have reappeared from the past are sure to bow out of our lives. Communication and details get ironed out with less effort. The effects of Mercury retrograde last until November 3, but it is generally okay to get back on track as soon as Mercury goes direct.


Mercury, retrograde in Libra, is square Pluto October 1. This harsh aspect brings up control and manipulation. Do not sell yourself out to bullies. Luckily, Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto. Venus is not so good in Scorpio, but it does alleviate some of the intensity. Libra, Capricorn, and Scorpio are feeling zealous and the pot just may boil over today. Channel the energy into getting answers and making resolutions.

Mercury is happily trine Jupiter October 3. This is a good news and travel aspect, but remember both planets are retrograde. Opportunities of all sorts may appear but will stall before coming to fruition. Do not jump the gun now. Mercury, having gone direct, is trine Jupiter direct October 30. This is when the opportunities come through for real. Have patience.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Mars October 9. Confrontations occur when dealing with Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Turn down the drama in order to finish what needs to be done. Channel that yelling into doing.

Mercury is sextile Venus October 16. This is a great time to socialize. Time spent with difficult people can be easy. Sexual tension is good tension now.

The New Moon

The new Moon occurs October 6 at 6:05 AM CDT in Libra at 13 degrees. Libra and balance go together. This lunar phase says bring all situations that are out of whack back into harmony for all parties. This new Moon is in aspect to Uranus so we can expect accidents and maybe even violence. Mercury is still retrograde so this is not a great time to start new projects. The books of life must be brought back into balance and the events that occur in this phase of the Moon culminate with an intense full Moon. Use caution as this is a volatile lunar phase.

The Full Moon

The full Moon occurs October 20 at 9:58 am CDT in Aries at twenty-seven degrees. This full Moon is conjunct Aries making it intense and powerful. Talk of war and violent events are sure to occur. Factions that want their way will be ready to take control through force. In our individual lives we can get a lot accomplished. War will be on the minds of many of us and in the news. Stay out of scary unstable places at this time.


During the first seven days of October, Venus finishes moving through Scorpio. This can be a sexy but tense time for relationships.

Venus moves through Sagittarius October 7 to November 5. Venus in Sagittarius compels us to explore the meaning of love with lots of people. Many of us feel independent under this transit. It will be hard for some of us to make a commitment. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo have the good looks and vibes to be popular now. Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo must deal with uncertainty where love and money are concerned. Venus in Sagittarius is a good time to take a universal and mature approach to life.

Just as Venus moves into Sagittarius, the Sun and Mars conjunct in Libra. This is a volatile energy but one that can snap us into a sense of what is right and wrong. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius can get a lot done with some spicy honey.

Venus is sextile Saturn October 13. Enjoy time spent with someone you love and respect. People who are out of our age group provide solace and tender moments. Do not be an ageist.

Venus is square Neptune October 26. Venus is love and Neptune is the higher vibration of love. The square can confuse us and what we think is love can be someone fooling us. Enjoy the bliss but keep your feet on the ground. A picnic in the park or any romantic venue does the trick. Memories can be made now with someone we know we can trust.

Venus is sextile Jupiter October 28. This is another lovely aspect that bodes well for romance and popularity. Sagittarius and Aquarius are wise to ask for favors. They are shining today.

The Sun

Sun in Libra is trine Jupiter October 15. This is another wonderful aspect for luck and business. Opportunities and projects that have been in the works will see some movement. Travel is good but take a carryon because Mercury retrograde would love to lose your luggage.

Sun moves through Scorpio October 23 to November 21. This is the time to dig down deep into one’s emotions. Self-discovery is very healing now. Many of us will explore the darker side of ourselves. Avoid controlling and jealous behavior. Most signs are challenged by issues of intimacy in one or more areas of life. Cancer and Pisces can sail through the dramas with ease while the rest of us are experiencing various degrees of devastation.

The Sun square Saturn October 29 brings restrictions and the need to move beyond that which no longer works in our lives. This time is most challenging for fixed signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. They generally abhor change and tend to bloody themselves resisting.


Mars in Libra is square Pluto October 21. This is one of the most challenging times of the month. Those who have power will want their way and those who want more power will go to many lengths to control others. Much can be accomplished, but many use underhanded methods to achieve their goals. This aspect falls just after the full Moon so we can expect violence. Use caution when moving about the planet.

Mars moves through Scorpio October 30. Mars is powerful and positive in Scorpio. Mars is single minded here and gets so much accomplished but must do so without adding fuel to any fire. Emotions are extreme and there will be no middle of the road while Mars moves through Scorpio until December 13. Those who thrive on drama will be quite delighted as they are able to wreak havoc. Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with as are Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. Times are sure to be intense and events are sure to be explosive literally and figuratively.

Mercury Retrograde

Sep 27 - Oct 18

October 2021 Almanac

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I have been writing this column for over twenty-five years now and in order to better assist readers who are not students of astrology I offer some suggestions as to how to use the monthly summary.

Read the summary with your calendar that shows the whole month on one page. Read through the intro and make note of the days that I point out. Mark the new Moon and the full Moon. The days between the new Moon and the full Moon are when you generally want to start something that you want to grow. Do look at that Moon void chart and take a rest on those days. I have discovered that no matter what I plan, it turns out another way on a Moon void day. Anything you try to accomplish will turn out with unexpected results.

Make note of the three days before the new Moon. People usually get anxious during these days because the phone does not ring or they feel confused or simply nothing is happen. That is because it is wind down time before the new Moon. You will usually notice that the action of life picks up once the new Moon occurs. Also note the days that planets change directions, especially Mercury retrograde.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a bit of a start to maneuvering through life with astrology.

Robert E Brown

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