When the Moon enters a sign it begins to form angles or aspects to the other planets in the sky. Once the Moon has formed its last aspect in a sign we say that the Moon is void of course. This is the time period from the last aspect until the Moon enters the next sign. This time period can last for a few minutes, hours, and sometimes for several days.

During that time period all are advised to take a break as we are not as sharp as usual. Plans that are initiated while the Moon is void usually have an unusual twist even though they are actually
planned for a time when the Moon is not void. If one makes a plan and the Moon is not void, but the planned event is to occur when the Moon is void then still the event will have a goofy outcome. Presidential nominees Goldwater, McGovern, Gore, and Kerry were all nominated when the Moon was void.

Those who shop when the Moon is void will find that they forget an item or that what they buy is not used as originally planned. Bad news is softer when delivered while the Moon is void.
On June 5, 2001 the Moon turned void at 8:39 pm CST. Tropical storm Alison crossed the coast of southeast Texas. The Moon was void until 11:41 pm on the 6th. It went void at 1:57 am June 7 and remained void until June 9 at 11:20 am. In four and a half days the Moon was void all but ninety four minutes. In those four and a half days almost thirty seven inches of rain were dumped on Southeast Texas. Many motorists were trapped on freeway over passes and had to spend the night there. Twenty-two people were killed. Eighteen wheel trucks were floating down the freeways. Moon void periods are not always this extreme but do expect the unexpected when the Moon is void.

If you have a party when the Moon is void, unexpected guests will arrive and many will stay way past their welcome.

Make note of the Moon void times and see what happens. You will chuckle at life’s turn of events when the Moon is void.

Monthly Moon void times can be checked below. They are updated at the start of each month. Just click on the one of the files to view or print the current Moon void chart for your time zone.

If you click on the pdf and you get last month’s VOC chart, refresh your screen and the current month VOC will display.

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