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Office hours Tuesday through Saturday - I generally take appointments at 9:30 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 2:30 pm central time

Topics covered include financial timing, career path, interpersonal compatibility, advice regarding wedding dates, dates, signing of papers, initiating legal actions, and buying/selling property.

Please have your month, day, year, city, and exact time of birth
(if available) when the appointment is confirmed.

I call you at the time of the reading if you live in the United States. Skype, FaceTime, or Ichat/aim calls including video conferences are available at no extra charge.

Visa, Master Card, American Express and Debit cards are accepted. I don’t take checks. It’s the 21st century.  Charges are based on the length of the reading. Payment is due before the reading begins. I use a secure online terminal provided by to charge your major credit or debit card. I do not retain your credit or debit card information in my files. immediately sends a receipt to the email address you provide.

All readings are recorded in MP3 format and are sent to clients via email or US mail once the appointment is complete.

If you pay for a reading on this website without my prior knowledge, I do reserve the right to deny the reading and will promptly credit your card.


Great for first time clients and previous clients that want a yearly checkup. With a first time client I   review the birth chart explaining the Sun sign, rising sign, and Moon sign. I then give a forecast that in most cases covers a one year period. Sometimes I just have to tell a client about something I see coming up past that time period. I focus on career, financial, and relationship matters. Some clients want to know the optimal place to live and that is easily accommodated. Additionally, I read at least one spread of playing cards which gives the client a good picture of what will be happening in his or her life in relation to relatives, friends, and loved ones. There is always time allotted for questions, but hopefully I will have answered the client's questions before they get an opportunity to ask.

45 Minute Reading $103

Good for clients that want to touch base with me for the purpose of getting not quite a year's worth of information. It is good for discussing a particular issue or compatibility. This length of reading is also suggested for electing a time to start a particular project such as putting a house on the market or consummating a relationship. I cannot go into as much detail in forty-five minutes as in one hour but sometimes a client simply does not need a full hour.

30 Minute Reading $65
I recommend this reading to cover one but no more than two questions. At the beginning of the reading I ask the client what they want me to look at so that we can go directly to the heart of the matter. I am able to glance to see what aspects are affecting the birth chart. There is usually time for one card spread.