Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19


Mars finally moves out of your house of money November 15 so the bleeding of cash slows. It seems you have been spending money either out of necessity or because Capricorn just wants to have fun. Once Mars moves into the third house of communication November 15 Capricorn will have great ideas but must not let your ego come through your communication. Such a display of bossy words and behavior will be repellant. Let others have an opinion. Once Uranus moves back into Capricorns’ fourth house of home November 6 until March your home life will seem less certain. Schedules change often and members of the house are coming and going with little warning. You will not know who is coming for dinner on what day and whether or not they are staying over night. Some of you feel uncertain as to whether you want to stay living where you currently reside. Others simply will have no idea where you are going to land. The new Moon November 7 in the eleventh house brings new friends but also shows you where you stand in the eyes of your friends and in the pecking order of the groups you belong to now. The full Moon November 23 jolts Capricorn into making resolutions about your work and health. Bad habits must be curbed. Little changes in you can make big changes in your work environment. Best days 2,3,11,12,21


Wake up and take stock of your life. What have you been doing that you should not be doing? What are you not doing that you should be doing? If you are not content, then take a good look in the mirror. If you have lost sight of yourself in someone’s shadow, its time to wake up. Life events are going to stir Capricorn into a new direction in the coming months. Consider what life will look like in two years. If you don’t like what you see, now is the time to revise your current behaviors and decisions so that the future is a better future. Amidst your own shifts and surprises, Capricorn will have to be there to support friends. Women especially will need a helping hand, good advice, and maybe even a shoulder to cry on in the weeks to come. Reconsider the groups you are involved with currently. It is time to let go of one or more activities. Friends from the past will reconnect and that may or may not be a good idea. Take control of your finances. Do not loan any more money to friends at this point. Best days 6,15,16,25


Saturn, retrograde in Capricorn since April 17, finally goes direct September 6. It is time to quit reassessing your commitments and move forward with growing up no matter how old you are currently. December Capricorns are especially weighed down with responsibilities. People, and especially your main squeeze will at last settle down for a while. The new Moon September 9 begins a time for Capricorn to look to the big picture of life. Give thanks and look to the horizon and your future. In months to come many of you will learn a new philosophy or begin to write the next great novel. I suggest you learn something you can make money doing, after all you are a Capricorn. Friends and or lovers from the past are going to check in with you this month or next. Smile and act like you got past them ages ago even if they still make your adrenaline run. In that case you better run because away because that ex is sure to exit once again. Visit family late in September. They are going to need your advice and direction. Best days 9,17,28


Reassess your commitments to people and situations. Perhaps it is time to let that irresponsible friend go. Many of you are undergoing a transition that other people see as a revolt against who you used to be in this life. Make a new commitment to yourself and to those who are worthy of being in your life. Some Capricorns are embarking on new relationships in months to come. Sleep may be hard to come by until August 27. Don't dawdle and get to bed so that you are not strung out during morning meetings. Go easy on the coffee as you are already wired. Once the full Moon occurs August 26 you will want to tend to the little details of life like balancing your checkbook. Best days 12,13,21,22, 31


Capricorn is still thinking about what you have gotten yourself into in the past year. Are the situations you created really what you want now? At mid July Capricorn sees the stuff that needs to be fixed in your relationships. Consider it an opportunity to compromise. The new Moon eclipse brings life events that rebalance Capricorn. More transformation is coming as you awaken to a new sense of self. Wade through the chaos as that will lead to peace. Money matters and your comfort level are under fire over the next five months. Avoid overspending. Friendships will push the limits as someone is doing all the taking. This is quite evident at the full Moon eclipse July 28. Be ready to fix and repair possessions. Best days 8, 11, 14,15,22


Money matters are in your face through November 15. Some Capricorns will be arguing over money and who gets Aunt B's silverware while other Capricorns will be spending with unusual abandon. Slow down and use the good sense you naturally possess, but don't always employ. Stuff that you share, including your time, is up for negotiation. Consider going to the free concerts as opposed to the expensive ones. Maintain your balance at mid month when faced with a power struggle with someone who matters. You will handle it confidently and come out on top but must make some acknowledgements in the process. The new Moon June 13 has Capricorn shifting gears. New ways of living and eating and drinking are emerging. Many details must be handled at work. Best days 1,10,11,18,19,28


Slips and missteps have been happening because you have let the demon inside take charge. Get back to being responsible so that you can accomplish good stuff before mid month. At mid month Capricorn begins a calmer but still fun period of life. Use the confidence you feel to express what is in your heart. Uranus moving into the fifth house at mid month brings the need to make changes to how you express yourself emotionally. Some of you will seek physical pleasure but you will do so with more awareness than in the past. At months end Capricorn needs time alone. Personal matters need to be processed with some time in contemplation. Do not ignore that pain you feel in your body. Best days 4,5,14,22,31


Capricorn receives opportunities and recognition you do not necessarily want now. Turn down the deals that do not fit your life plan. Especially avoid the ones that start during Mercury retrograde which lasts until April 15. Play nice with the opposite sex April 8. The new Moon at mid month brings younger people into the home as well as projects and repairs that rejuvenate your own corner of the world. As April progresses, Capricorn is called upon to help others. You stand out in the crowd and with Mars moving through Capricorn until mid May, Capricorn is the one to take charge. Just do not erupt into crazy behavior during the week of the 22nd. Many Capricorns will work on healing wounds in the coming months. Best days 7,16,17,25


Many Capricorns are bogged down with responsibilities. It will be helpful to do a bit of soul searching in order to reconnect with your purpose. Mid month is the start of a busy time handling paperwork and fielding calls that require a quick response. Capricorn will be very busy and very self reliant from mid March to mid May. However, you must avoid behaving arrogant or impulsive during that time. Give love and affection March 7 - 29 without expectation and do not over imbibe anything. The diligence Capricorn displays throughout this month culminates with praise at the end of March. Jupiter retrograde in March 8 to July 10 has Capricorn weeding out friends and goals that are no longer supportive of who you are now. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,28,29


Capricorn is concerned with the budget, taxes and insurance. This is a great time to sit down and set financial goals. Consider the most efficient way to save and get the big items you want to buy. Other Capricorns are dealing with relationship matters. Consider the status as to how the partnership is rolling. Are you happy with your partner's behavior? Do you feel secure financially and emotionally? The new Moon eclipse February 15 calls for innovative thought patterns to address your relationship and financial concerns in the coming months. Capricorns born December 24 - January 1 give or take a day are under a lot of pressure to mature. This is doubly difficult for those of you who are born since 1991. Best days 2,11,12,21

January 2018

Capricorn is really busy this month starting with the Super Full Moon in your seventh house of relationships. Individuals are going to demand your attention and you are going to have to let go of a bit of your own agenda in order to tend to what another person needs. Some call it compromise. The new Moon in Capricorn gives you the opportunity to address taking care of yourself with better habits and a good bit of organizing. You will feel better once you get all that 2017 paperwork cleared out. The Super full Moon January 31 is more about sharing resources with partners. They may need a loan from you, you may need one from them. Balance the books and take care of business. Best days 5,6,15,16,25