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Capricorn, Dec 21 - Jan 19
Betty White 1/17 - Pete Buttigieg 1/19


While Mercury is retrograde until September 15, Capricorn is urged to cheer on friends and loved ones. At the same time, Capricorn is coming to know yourself and will have opportunities to stand steady in what is right for you while others attempt to push their ways and ideas on Capricorn. Life becomes more productive after mid month. Mars, now moving through Capricorns’ tenth house compels this sign to seek recognition for your work. Ambition is the name of the game until October 12. Some of you will seek new work while others will start your own business. Starting a totally new business is not advisable until next January. Since Mars is harshly aspecting Capricorn you must use a light touch so that you do not create a push back from those who are not a fan. Family members are demanding, but remember, you are not to take anyone’s selfish behavior over the next six weeks. Make travel plans that include adventure and fun once the new Moon occurs September 14. Budget your time and money and all goes well on that front. The full Moon September 29 brings a lot of stress at work and with family. Juggle testy bosses and needy family. Balance and diplomacy is the answer. Capricorn must not give in to unreasonable people. This is generally an easy time for you so do not let the bumps in the road mess with your serenity. Take that trip. Best days 4,14,18,23,27


Capricorns are adjusting to the realization that some people and situations are no longer so ideal. Events in your life create a frustrating start to August. Those feelings pass quickly, but do bring a new resolve to how you feel about certain people and situations. At the same time the full Moon August 1 jiggles your need to assess what is truly important in life including your self worth. Meanwhile, Venus retrograde until September 3 is changing your mind about the people who seem to have a large role in your life. Those people will soon be out of the script. August 6,14,21 and 28 are your most intense days, but August 20 to September 1 are days when Capricorn is able to slay fire breathers in your life. Siblings, neighbors and in-laws are difficult and deceptive August 1, 22, and 27. The new Moon August 16 compels Capricorn to do things that are empowering. This is the time to begin to take your power and serenity back from those who want to mess with Capricorn. Who you can and cannot trust is quite evident at the full Moon August 30. This is the time of year for Capricorn to check in with your inner self. Self healing is very important through February 2025. Best days 3,8,17,18,22,23,27,31


Pluto has moved back into Capricorn until next January. This means Capricorn is working on endings and completions. Let go of the old ways willingly and become the new you. Assess where you have been in life and where you are now. Over the next two years Capricorn is formulating a new direction beginning July 18. Family and matters pertaining to your career must be dealt during July. The full Moon July 3 happens in Capricorn. If you feel worked up and upset it is the full Moon compelling Capricorn to take charge and balance the imbalances with those you love and those you cannot stand. Do enjoy the first week of July as romance and fun are in the air. Capricorn has the confidence to tackle tough people and situations with success July 10 to August 27. Bullies and preachy people cannot hold a candle to your knowledge and disinterest in their disinformation. Siblings, in-laws, and neighbors are best treated with firm psychology. The new Moon July 17 brings new business ventures, partnerships, and legal matters for Capricorn to consider and resolve. While Venus is retrograde July 22 to September 3, Capricorn has to handle other peoples’ affairs. It could be as simple as pet sitting. Allow the endings to take place with grace. You have no other choice. Best days 3,11,12,22,30


The life transition continues as Capricorns come to know the new you that is emerging. This is a long term project that takes place until November 2024. Finish up business from the recent past to many years back. Capricorn is coming to understand new priorities. You are responsible to your self in new ways. Some of you are looking for a new direction. That will happen, but not overnight. Those who have siblings have opportunities to help them out with your wisdom. Some will need a loan, but you must decide whether to give those people the fish or the fishing pole. Just as other people need Capricorn assistance, Capricorn is going to need help also. In the days until mid July you are coming to know who you can and cannot depend on for support. This could be the reason some of your important connections come to an end over the next six weeks. Implement wise plans and actions in order to deal with sticky situations. The full Moon June 3 urges Capricorn to spend time alone. Secrets are revealed so guard yours carefully and pay attention to your health. The new Moon June 17 brings in new ways of living and working, but you must adjust to new habits and that is a long process. Do not get stuck in the past. Best days 6,24


May is all about having fun and romance and expressing your true Capricorn self. The big however is that Mercury is retrograde until May 14. This means that until then you are the person at the resort who has to stay in their room working on your computer while everyone else plays by the pool. Some of you will be so low energy or unwell that you do not want to be active. Once Mercury turns direct, Capricorn gets to party. The full Moon eclipse May 5 supports the fact that play must be delayed because this full Moon calls for Capricorn to get the prize you have been working towards. You will have to lead and can realize goals that do not include winning at beer pong. Jupiter moves into Taurus May 16 making your past work a springboard to the future. Opportunities to travel for fun and romance happen. Learn a new art, meet a mate, or expand your family. Just know that it will generally be good to be a Capricorn over the next year, just as it was twelve years ago. The new Moon May 19 is a kick start to shifting your priorities and goals over the coming weeks. Mind your money, but do not obsess over having enough. Spend time and money on your beauty and style, but be very wary around May 21-23 where money or honeys are concerned. There are sure to be matters that must be worked out at that time and anger is not productive.

Best days 1,9,18,28


Mars, now moving through Capricorns’ seventh house of relationships until May 20, brings opportunities to resolve and negotiate issues with partners. Stand guard for the barbs and take responsibility when you are the offending party. Most likely, people just want to argue. Money matters and relationships are a bit tense as April begins. Monitor your finances April 3 and 20. The daily routine is a challenge April 14. Mercury turns retrograde in the fourth house of family matters and your resources April 21 to May 14. Hold off on repairs and know that home will be a bustling place with people under foot.

The full Moon April 5 occurs in the tenth house of career and your reputation. This is the time to rake in the compliments or duck for criticism. Capricorn must balance your schedule and adjust to the needs of children and other people with whom you enjoy spending time.

The new Moon April 19 is a total eclipse in the fourth house of home. Some of you will be moving over the next few years. Others are settling into a new space. Many Capricorns discover and start to use talents and resources that have been dormant. Taking initiative to evolve in life gets a big jump start from this new Moon over the next few years.
Best days 3,12,21,30


Saturn moves into the third house compelling goats to get serious and restructure your days beginning March 7. It is time for couch potatoes to get off the couch and focus on what you need to get done. Set boundaries with the people and situations that waste your time and energy. From now until February 2026, explore new vocations and studies that can lead you to a new career. You will be setting boundaries with sibling and neighbors. This is long overdue.

Pluto moved into your sign in 2008. This has been a transforming time for Capricorn unlike you will experience again in this lifetime. While Pluto is transitioning into the second house of money and worth until November 2024, you are experiencing endings that are permanent. You cannot avoid these endings.

Just as Saturn is leaving the second house, Pluto is entering the same house. For some, Pluto moving into the second house represents a death and rebirth of your finances. If money is your higher power, get ready for a big disappointment. Pluto in the second house resets your priorities whereby you will discover that wealth is deep inside of you, Capricorn. Learn to manage on less and know that what was once important is going away and replaced by something new. Some will find new life paths and come into your true purpose for this lifetime.

Back here in March, continue to consider your lifestyle and prepare for March 25 when Mars move into the seventh house of relationships. There will be much to resolve with partners of all sorts. Be ready to duck when the barbs fly and they will through May 20.

The full Moon March 7 calls for expanding your horizons. Travel to spas and spiritual retreats can lead to new ways of life. Open yourself to new ideas.

The new Moon in Aries March 21 suggests new homes and ways to live. If you are thinking of a move, the new Moon at the end of April can jump start that process. Those who do not move will most likely upgrade or redesign your home. Get ready for a new and exciting period of life to begin.
Best day March 24


It is time for Capricorn to take control of your health. Call your herbalist or other health care practitioner and assess your status. This is not to say you are sick. Cure boredom by taking on little projects. You need to channel some excess energy into something constructive. Avoid tiffs with people who are jealous and entitled. The full Moon February 5 feels a bit intense as Capricorn feels the pressure of responsibility financially and karmically. You may have to pay a big debt or get to make a last payment. Whether it is financial or karmic, something is being resolved and released. Not to worry because Capricorn has all kinds of opportunities coming up over the next two months. Some of those opportunities will take you down a new life path. The new Moon February 20 brings new ways of communicating. Maybe you will learn a new language or even learn the language of the stars. Let your new life begin. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

  • Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18. Hopefully, you prepared by backing up the computers. Pay attention to everything that you do so that you do not have to amend your plans even after Mercury goes direct. Decisions are hard to make, but the best plan is to make no plan and do not revert to old behaviors. Capricorns born in late December are clearing out your home to move or make room for people coming to stay in the months to come. Mars, transiting Capricorns’ sixth house of health, goes direct January 12. Maintain your health and be extra sweet to your pets. This could be a good time to commit to a new pet, hopefully a rescue. The full Moon in Cancer January 6 compels Capricorn to balance your needs with the needs of other people. Some people are going away. It is time for that because new people are coming to you, dear Capricorn.  The new Moon January 21 brings new priorities and people who can become a priority. Whatever you do, do not overdo in any aspect of your life between now and next May. New adventures are at the horizon. Hold on and have patience. The stars operate on their time not yours. Best days 1,11,20,28,29