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Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19


Capricorn is walking through a new experience. It can be a new business or love partnership while for others it can be the finalization of the dissolution of a relationship. Whatever the circumstance, the current events are cause for Capricorn to learn about Capricorn and just what motivates you in life. Do play nice and encourage others to do the same where finances are concerned. Some of you are on the verge of inheriting, however it may not be a big fat check. Listen to your instincts and call up a Sagittarius for advice. They are having lots of clarity and they always know the right answer to any question. Mid month confusion says check your schedule and make sure you have the documents you need. Best days 4,13,31


The opening days of July are powerful for Capricorn. Many of you will have to duel with negotiators while others of you have power struggles with an enemy or even a loved one. Family and home matters are resolved but not so easily. Some of you will move and others begin new life paths in the first week of July. Use good sense this month and intuit when to speak up and when to keep your own counsel The full Moon July 8/9 is very emotional. You will have to balance your identity with the needs of another person. Outburst and broken dishes are not a productive way to move through the current transition. Work and social engagements are challenging the week of July 23. Best days 8,9,18,25


Capricorn is working to find a balance between your self and another person in the days between now and the third week of July. This includes business partnerships and love relationships. Others will try to influence you and or push Capricorn to bend to their way. Find your resolve to accomplish your goals without unnecessary fussing and fighting. The will to accomplish something is very strong at the end of June and beginning of July. Do not let the intense energy at that time bring you down. Instead make the moves you need to make. It will be hard to do but you can accomplish a new direction at that time. Plan to recharge around June 9. Health matters you have ignored may need attention at that time. Best days 11,20,28,29


Balance habits so that you don't get sick or have a meltdown. You have the energy to accomplish more than usual in the daily routine but Capricorn is wise to go about your business quietly so that you do not invoke the ire of anyone else. As the month progresses you are sure to have to field pot shots that are thrown your way by jealous coworkers or others who disagree with your methods and efficiency. Come to terms with people who are standing in your way and figure out later how to deal with blocks to your success. At the same time take care of your bones and especially the bones in your feet. This might be a good time to put the flip flops away temporarily. Best days 5,23,24,31


Home and family are on Capricorns' mind though you are slammed by career matters. Your thoughts and actions are best channeled into actions that simplify life. You do have the stamina and guts to move into new enterprises and lifestyles. Consider it an adventure but at the same time you will be reconsidering your plans over the next several months. Amidst all your activities and your heavy schedule, make time to have some fun. Once Mercury goes retrograde April 9, you will be sidelined while everyone else is having fun. Most likely Capricorn has work to do while the rest of us play. Relationships are stressful April 9 and 19. You receive recognition at work April 11. You must begin to express your needs April 26. Best days 7, 8,17,26,27


Capricorn is making lots of life changes. Some of you are moving. Some of you are moving away from relationships that have evolved out of your life. This makes Capricorn available for a new future. Mars moving through Taurus starting March 9 affords you the energy for fun and romance. Make dates and plans that involve physical activities. Those activities will bond you to the person or persons you want to attract and bond with over time. The full Moon offers Capricorn opportunities to travel and find new adventures. Have faith in your new visions that you foresee for yourself. Capricorn will have to balance home and work starting with the new Moon March 27/28. Home and family will take precedence over career. Avoid arguments March 20. Best days 2,3,30

During February until June, Capricorn is dealing with career and home matters that keep you quite busy. Work can be overwhelming as you have more to do than most days allow. It will be good to get home everyday but even there, changes are afoot and you may feel unsettled. The full Moon February 10 dictates that Capricorn will be making significant life changes over the next six months. Relationships and shared situations evolve to new places and even out of existence. Don’t be afraid, it will all happen for your own good and you will look back and see how much the change was needed. Most of all, communication will become your most valuable asset. Take some classes to learn now to do that better. Best days 4,11,12,21


Mercury is still retrograde in Capricorn so while Capricorn is set to start the New Year, this sign is wise to keep all activity in neutral gear. Mercury does move back into Sagittarius, January 4, so the final days of Mercury retrograde will hopefully put his antics into the background. Your pace picks up January 12 as new plans come into play and the ones that have been on hold are revived. Mid month brings unavoidable challenges. Your desire to move beyond your current circumstances is met with the need to consider the other people in your life. This includes bosses, your partners and lovers, and even family relations. Your need to become a new person must not be hindered by anyone, including you. Best days 7, 15, 25


Since Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn December 19, your biggest task this month is to start all projects and situations before that happens. Capricorns born December 21 - January 6 are very busy handling organizational details and end of year matters. Someone, most likely Capricorn, is sure to be painfully honest just about the time Mercury is doing his about face. This happens again during the last four days of January. That which is not resolved this month just may take until the end of January to be completed. Work and life is moving to new levels and Capricorn will do well to organize behind the scenes when possible. Find balance with partners in business or love. This will be most challenging December 14 and 15. Best days 1, 2,11,19,29