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Capricorn, Dec 21 - Jan 19
Betty White 1/17 - Bradley Cooper 1/5


Home and family matters demand Capricorns’ attention. April begins with the Sun and Venus in your fourth house of home, plus Mercury moves into that same house April 3. Projects to make the house a home impress guests. The new Moon April 11 reminds Capricorn there are repairs to be finished and some of you will begin to think about major remodeling or even moving. Those born at the middle of January are busy with figuring out how you want to survive and thrive in the next several months. Works and the people you work with continue to be a challenge. The daily routine is fraught with challenging situations and people. Keeping a steady and healthy routine gets Capricorn through April and May, but you are challenged to maintain a comfort level in the face of responsibilities to loved ones April 24-26. That is a good time to watch your money matters and investments. The full Moon, April 26, puts the focus on friendships. Some will leave abruptly and in some cases Capricorn leaves friends. Leave the grind behind for fun in late April. Best days 4,14, 24


The rigors of work are not letting up just yet. Capricorn has a lot of responsibly and must sort through the mess at work. Bosses and coworkers, especially men, bring challenges to the daily tasks. Inexperienced bosses and helpers need guidance and Capricorn is the one to take the lead. Work will not end at 5 pm. This all has the general lifestyle agitated, and Capricorn must stay conscious of your personal health. A respite at March 21 offers Capricorn time to get away and do what you need to do for you. Do not take you attention away from any tasks as challenging news is right around the corner March 23. The new Moon March 13 brings new ways of communicating and inspiration. The full Moon March 28 brings recognition at work. The boss may be having a meltdown or just quit. Either way, Capricorn must pay attention to career big time in late March. All the while, home and family tug for attention. Those of you born in the later days of Capricorn need time to process the major changes, while those of you born in late December have an easier time doing what needs to be done right now. Hang in there, no situation on Earth is permanent. Best days 7,18,16, 26

February 2021

Mercury is retrograde in the second house of money and comfort. Delay initiating financial plans and decisions until after February 20. If possible, wait to make your money moves until March 15. Capricorn simply does not have all the facts. Put off friends and people who appear needing a loan, you do not have the facts. However, do inspect your financial situation. You can make more money this year and feel good about it. Do not be prodded into doing something that is good for someone else as once again you are not being given the whole picture. The new Moon in the same second house brings new friends and opportunities to make more money because you are such a good leader. Do not start a new job until later in March, though. The full Moon brings the desire to get out and
about February 27. Sing and dance and enjoy the full Moon. It is a time to play and be a teenager. Just remember to color inside the lines for now and have someone read the directions as to how to pack the parachute. Just because you want to jump does not mean that is a good idea. Best day 8th


Life is less intense now that Saturn and Jupiter have left Capricorn. That leaves Pluto in Capricorn still digging up what needs to be exposed and transformed. This is especially true for Capricorns born in the later days of this sign. The new Moon January 12 is conjunct Pluto renewing the need for change and transformation. At the same time, Capricorn must deal with restrictions either because you are not financially fit or because you cannot say or do what you need to express. Plan to expand and grow in life but know that limitations and time constraints abound. Consider scenarios in life that serve Capricorn and add to your contentment. Financial plans are best put into action before the last week of January. Once Mercury is retrograde January 30, all plans must be temporarily shelved. Mid-January is a happy and romantic time with someone new or someone now. Surprises come from honeys and loved ones January 20 and 26. Use caution at those times to avoid accidents and pay attention to your money and investments. Confusion in the daily routine is a common situation. Save your emails and be very specific in all directions and communications. Capricorns are sure to be daydreaming about faraway trips and travel. It is is a good time to lay down some goals and consider where you have been and where you want to go from this point in life. Reflect on past family upsets, but use that pain so that you do not repeat history. The full Moon in Leo January 28 brings big endings. You could be paying off your car or saying goodbye to someone very important. Take charge of your life at that time and set a plan to live the life you wish to live. The process of life always takes longer for Capricorn but when you get there you value what you have accomplished more than most other signs. Best days 3, 12, 21, 22, 31