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Capricorn, Dec 21 - Jan 19
Betty White 1/17 - Pete Buttigieg 1/19


Capricorn is busy moving about and changing the way you live and work. Some are actually moving homes, while others are clearing out the house to make more room for a gym or a friend. Venus moving through Virgo September 9 to 29 helps Capricorns’ sex appeal. Those who travel can meet up with relatives, but also make contact with potential mates. September 16, 19,20, 25, and 26 are days to dress for romance and be prepared for a meetup. In the months until next March, Capricorns are focused on work and healthy habits. If you are not taking care of yourself, you are sure to need time off for recovery. The work environment and your helpers are difficult in the months until next spring. Organize your work and your vitamins in the last couple of days of September. The full Moon September 10 brings lots of chores and important paperwork, such as loan documents and a nasty note from an emotionally unhealthy neighbor or a sibling. Take it in stride and use your famous diplomacy. The new Moon September 25 brings new bosses and partners in work. Capricorn is starting out new in many ways. Do so with a logical and frugal approach. Best days 5,14,28


August opens with Capricorn making big changes that are in your best interest. You are becoming independent and ready to do you in a different way now. Watch out for accidents, as errant energy brings setbacks if you are not cautious. Otherwise, Capricorn is making short term adjustments so that you can walk into a new way of being and living in the years ahead. The full Moon August 11 brings financial completions. Payoff debts and leave people behind who cannot come with you on your new adventure. Recognize that none of this happens overnight. You will rethink your changes over and over before you finally land on your path. Surprising changes are easy to maneuver August 16/17. Make solid plans then and again during the week of August 21. Work becomes crazy busy beginning late August. Have all your bases covered when the mean girls and boys come for Capricorn. The months to come bring shifts to the way you do your job and the way you live your life. The new Moon August 27 brings travel and help especially for those of you born in late December. New ways of thriving take months to get used to, dear Capricorn. Work and the people involved are challenging for weeks to come. Make war on your bad habits. Best days 9,17,18,27,28


July is a very busy time at Capricorn’s house. The heavy lifting, literally and physically, lasts until July 5. After that the best laid plans take over and the sailing is smooth except for a couple of blips July 7, 13, 17, 18, 19,20,26, and 27. These are times when you need to wake rested ready to tackle challenges. Financial matters go well. This is a great time to take stock of your budget. Do not freak out about your investments, but do keep an eye on them and be ready to ride out the downturn to 2028. This month is a great time for socializing and enjoying your life. Assess the plans you made on your last birthday and adjust the path. The full Moon July 13 brings negotiations and the need to steady a rocky boat. Do not get off kilter as relationships begin to wind down to closure. The new Moon July 28 signals a period of an emotional shift and adjustment. That happens when we go through big changes internally and externally and that is what is happening to you, dear Capricorn. Best days 4,13,21,31

June 2022

Home is a busy place for Capricorn now through the first week of July. Some of you have company coming, others are making repairs, while some of you are readying to move. Capricorn has a lot to do so now is the time to employ your self starter qualities. Make a detailed plan so that you are not overwhelmed. Money matters require serious consideration. No need to tell Capricorn to use good sense, but you will have to deal with restrictions and rules in order to accomplish the changes you desire. By the middle of June the financial ball begins to roll your way. The full Moon June 14 brings closure to old habits and work projects are finished. Take a break as you need some time alone, especially if you are rocked by surprising news. Pay attention to your health at the full Moon June 14. The new Moon June 28 brings new relationships and new ways to have fun. The transition is busy and stressful, but you will be fine. Best days 7,16,24

May 2022

Capricorn continues to ready yourself for future comfort. Pick the right business partners to help along the way. While Mercury is retrograde May 10 to June 3, Capricorn is able to lay the bricks to the road that takes you to your new lifestyle or work. The full Moon May 15 is very productive in that it brings recognition among your peers in months to come. That same full Moon equips Capricorn to accomplish your goals that you have been working on for years. This is great time to expand your vision of your future and go for that dream. The future is coming faster than you think, so be prepared. The daily routine is busy and often you will not accomplish the tasks you set out to accomplish. That is okay, because you will make progress outside of what is planned. Have fun and do not get bogged down with responsibilities. Sometimes it is just fine to put off tomorrow what you think you want to do today. The new Moon brings new diets and more efficiency to the way you work. Use caution when driving and playing in or by the water. People are coming to visit. Make sure the house is ready because you will have little or no notice before visitors arrive. Best days 1,11,19,28

April 2022

The new Moon April 1 brings new living situations to Capricorn. Some of you are revamping home technology while others are getting ready for someone to move onto college or some other location. Other Capricorns are preparing to move in the near future. Do not get sidelined by money worries. Leave emotions behind and consider your budget. It will all come together, so do not get discouraged by the economy or stupid financial rules the elite have created. Prepare to let go of the life that has come to now and prepare for new goals and new people coming into your life. The full Moon April 16 brings recognition for good deeds done in the past. That same full Moon compels Capricorn to strike a balance between your work and home life as well as a balance in your familial relationships. The new Moon eclipse April 30 is a sign post that Capricorn is soon to express a new sense of self that has time to be more happy go lucky. Life always gets better for Capricorn as you get older. Embrace this and enjoy the ride. Best days 3,13,21,22,30


Early March is very busy for Capricorn. This could be a challenging time as you must deal with closing out the past and opening up to your future. Capricorn is evolving, but the daily routine is demanding that you continue on the current path for the time being. Put your restlessness on the back burner and tend to the here and now tasks while tending to the details that support your future plans. Those plans are going to manifest sooner than you think and you want to be ready. Financial matters must be addressed. Think out of financial box and your comfort zone now. The full Moon March 18 lays the groundwork for all that you have had on your vision board or in your mind, dear Capricorn. The days around March 28 call for commitment to one or more purpose. Capricorn is moving to a new playground and new playmates. Best days 7,16,17, 25

February 2022

All the plans you have been sitting on are now ready to move forward. Capricorn has energy to burn, so get moving, even on the plans that will not come to fruition for months to come. February is the month to do research. Where are you going in life? How are you going to get there? As the month progresses, Capricorn comes to realize many things, including who who is your ride or die person. Your need to be with your people intensifies. If you do not know these people, this is the time to open your heart to new friends. You are letting go of friends and teams because it’s time to move into closer and more intimate relationships. Capricorn is ready to explore and express your true self. Get ready for new adventures. Independence and self-reliance are a new theme, as you decide to leave the comfortable structures of life that no longer nurture you, Capricorn. The full Moon February 16 brings the beginning of endings and financial decisions that are part of moving into your greater sense of creativity. Manage your debt and expenses so that you have the money to get from here to there. What were you doing in 2003? Best days 7,8,17,18, 26

January 2022

Life seems to be on hold this month but that is not forever. Mars, the planet of action, is in Capricorn’s twelfth house until January 24. This means that there is more than meets your eye. The pot is stewing and life is not ready to be served until Mars moves into Capricorn January 24. You will be very busy and active then. Venus is still retrograde in your first house. Reconsider the way you present yourself to others. Mix and match clothes to discover compatible combinations you never thought imaginable. Take a different approach to challenges and challenging people. You might be the one that comes back into someone’s life, so be sure you plan to stay before messing with another person’s emotions. Likewise, someone may come back to you, dear Capricorn. The new Moon in Capricorn January 2 brings secrets and private issues out into the open. Use caution when sharing your secrets. The full Moon and the events around that time make Capricorn aware of your situations and relationships that are out of balance. Begin to get your finances under control with the new Moon January 31. Best days 2, 21


The new Moon eclipse December 4 signals a time for Capricorn to take a step back from life and take a personal inventory. Some of you are burned out at work while others are in need of a new health regimen. Come to terms with the stuff of life that you use to subvert your best self. Explore new ways to express your fun self. Group dynamics and the goals you pursue are changing after December 8. Capricorn is discovering that you no longer wish to fit into the group dynamics that you have enjoyed previously. Some people are just no fun anymore and Capricorn is wanting deeper and more meaningful relationships this month and again in late February and March. Your appearance is important. Many of you will want to upgrade your wardrobe, address your skin care or get new glasses. Your need for an upgrade is the outer symbol that you are changing within your deeper self. People from the past come back for a visit but will not stay. Dig down deep this month and next in order to become clear on what and who you want in your life. The full Moon December 18 brings endings to the way you currently thrive and that is a step towards the future. Best days 6,15,25


Challenging conversations start the month. Details are a pain in the neck. Suck it up and handle the power struggles. You are a diplomat. Once the new Moon occurs November 4, Capricorn finds new friends and opportunities to play. Take the leadership role in order that the team can win the match. Blocks in the road of life impede progress because someone wants to be difficult. November 15 and 16 open the doors to getting what you want but Capricorn must assert yourself. This same kind of energy comes around November 20 and 21. The full Moon eclipse November 19 promotes dreams of travel. Many Capricorns are looking to other countries for vacation. The final days of November are very productive. However, throughout the month, there are challenges and arguments where home and family are concerned. At times, family will have to take precedence due to illness, moves, or just because they are being needy. Over the next year, many relationships evolve out of your life so that new ones can come to Capricorn. Best days 8,17,18,28


Capricorn is compelled to make changes in the direction of your life. Some of you are wanting new jobs while others want recognition in the current place of employment. Plug into the patience you possess for a bit longer. With Mercury retrograde, sit and consider what new directions are possible. Once Mercury goes direct October 18, the wheels begin to turn towards progress and desired expansion. There can even be a raise in the mix. Those of you who want a new job are best to start that new position November 15. Bosses and other peoples’ abominable behavior October 1, 7,17, and 21 are the catalyst to make the changes. The new Moon October 6 is all about new directions, but remember, the time is not right until November 15. Those of you are born at mid-January continue to need time alone so that you can process the massive internal changes you are experiencing. While this may be difficult, do know that you are sure to emerge from the cocoon as a strong and beautiful butterfly. The full Moon October 20 brings demands from bosses and family members alike. Capricorn will have to juggle demanding situations by finding the meaning and of balance in your life. Your expertise will be needed by even those who have disrespected Capricorn in the past. Those moments are what makes life rich. Remember, you are a fine bottle of wine that gets better with age but life may seem bitter at the full Moon. Best days 3,4,22,31


When September begins, it seems like no one is listening to Capricorn even though you have all the data and ducks in a row and give specific instructions. Siblings and in-laws have really different ideas so let them do what they want. Have your paperwork ready at those checkpoints, especially if you plan to travel during September. The same scenario comes around September 13. Capricorn must put on your best diplomacy in the days between the middle of September and the end of October. The good news is that money matters and the plans you want to make for your future begin to fall into place as September progresses. The manipulators in life are armed and ready September 5, 16 and 21. Use new tactics with the usual nemesis. Capricorn has the ambition to claw up that ladder of success through the end of October. Expect a few bumps in the road and people who want to thwart your efforts. The new Moon September 6 offers ideas to deal with the people stuck in sticky dogma that no longer works. Learn something new and make a gratitude list. When doubts appear laugh at those thoughts. Daily details keep Capricorn very busy at the full Moon September 20. Handle those pesky matters in order to have some fun and even take a road trip. Best days 6,15,24


Consider your budget, your love life, and just about anything you share with others through August 22. Whatever it is you wish to accomplish now or in the near future will take some adjustments on your part. Perhaps you are planning a move. Get your money in order so that you can make that happen. Perhaps you want a new car. Consider the cost of insurance. The new Moon August 8 in the eighth house really gets the process going. The mortgage, the car loan, or the bonding with another is coming. Just be sure you do the deed at the right time. Look at the almanac on the home page to check those dates. At the same time, Mars, Venus, and Mercury provide pleasant shade on Capricorn, allowing you to travel and have fun. August 2 and 3 bring fun and surprises so go with the flow when plans are suddenly diverted. August 9 and 24 hold misunderstandings or car and computer problems. Those incidents are short term challenges, so don’t overreact to the small stuff. The full Moon August 22 signals opportunities to cash in on past deals and investments. Consider what makes you happy and go for that goal.

Best days 1,10,19,28


Capricorn is letting go of the old ways of expressing yourself. You can see the crossroad ahead but you have to put on the breaks and read the map before deciding which turn is your best bet. Handle the details and responsibilities so that you do not have to turn around. This is an exciting time and some days you are so busy while other days you must sit with the possibilities. When that happens, think about your goals and the people in your life. Consider who can stay and who must go. New relationships are coming to you between the middle of this month and mid-February 2022. A death of some sort will take place, a birth will occur, and you will make important new acquaintances over the next seven months. Put your finances in order and let go of the situations of life that do not feed your soul. The full Moon July 23 brings this to your doorstep as you decide who and what is right for your life. Remember, life always gets better as you get older. Best days 14,22


Consider how you are living life. Look at the habits you have followed and consider if they continue to contribute to Capricorns’ well being. The new Moon eclipse June 10 compels Capricorn to begin a new way of life. This includes what you eat or drink and how you do your work. Face those unfounded fears and move on in life. Mars moving through the eighth house June 11 to July 29 insist that Capricorn strategize and plan your next course of action. Shed the old ways of doing any relationship so that you are free to be just Capricorn. Do good, but do not seek approval. June 5 and 23 are times when Capricorn is able to take action and get the desired results. Short trips go great until June 20 but do take into account Mercury is retrograde. Take a carry-on or check that the spare tire has air.
The full Moon June 24 brings up the imbalances within your relationships. Honeys and other partners are emotional and a Capricorn must bring back the balance. In the worst case scenario, that means the balance can happen only when the other completely leaves the stage of your life. Remember, you are starting new in many ways in the months to come. Best days 6,16, 25


Work begins to settle down just in time for Capricorn to deal with relationships issues that must be resolved. You can do that quickly especially if you are willing to give in to the needs of another person. Do not sell out to keep something going that is not worth your time. Both of you must work on finding a balance that satisfies each other’s needs. In some cases, enemies will come out of the shadows and attack your reputation. Do your thing and know that the new Moon May 11 allows you to grow in powerful ways such that Capricorn can take command of any situations that involve difficult people. Just be ready to duck when the objects start to fly. Attend those work and neighborhood events. You may feel uncomfortable but just go and be yourself. Watch what you eat and drink. The full Moon eclipse May 26 brings people who need your help. Assistance and compassion are needed at that time. Secrets pop up in months to come. Do not ignore that pain in your hip or foot. Your quest for independent lifestyle is getting a charge so begin to explore the process of leaving the rat race. While Mercury is retrograde May 29 to June 22, helpers will need supervision. New processes that are begun during those days will not last long. Have fun in May. Best days 10,11,20,28


Home and family matters demand Capricorns’ attention. April begins with the Sun and Venus in your fourth house of home, plus Mercury moves into that same house April 3. Projects to make the house a home impress guests. The new Moon April 11 reminds Capricorn there are repairs to be finished and some of you will begin to think about major remodeling or even moving. Those born at the middle of January are busy with figuring out how you want to survive and thrive in the next several months. Works and the people you work with continue to be a challenge. The daily routine is fraught with challenging situations and people. Keeping a steady and healthy routine gets Capricorn through April and May, but you are challenged to maintain a comfort level in the face of responsibilities to loved ones April 24-26. That is a good time to watch your money matters and investments. The full Moon, April 26, puts the focus on friendships. Some will leave abruptly and in some cases Capricorn leaves friends. Leave the grind behind for fun in late April. Best days 4,14, 24


The rigors of work are not letting up just yet. Capricorn has a lot of responsibly and must sort through the mess at work. Bosses and coworkers, especially men, bring challenges to the daily tasks. Inexperienced bosses and helpers need guidance and Capricorn is the one to take the lead. Work will not end at 5 pm. This all has the general lifestyle agitated, and Capricorn must stay conscious of your personal health. A respite at March 21 offers Capricorn time to get away and do what you need to do for you. Do not take you attention away from any tasks as challenging news is right around the corner March 23. The new Moon March 13 brings new ways of communicating and inspiration. The full Moon March 28 brings recognition at work. The boss may be having a meltdown or just quit. Either way, Capricorn must pay attention to career big time in late March. All the while, home and family tug for attention. Those of you born in the later days of Capricorn need time to process the major changes, while those of you born in late December have an easier time doing what needs to be done right now. Hang in there, no situation on Earth is permanent. Best days 7,18,16, 26

February 2021

Mercury is retrograde in the second house of money and comfort. Delay initiating financial plans and decisions until after February 20. If possible, wait to make your money moves until March 15. Capricorn simply does not have all the facts. Put off friends and people who appear needing a loan, you do not have the facts. However, do inspect your financial situation. You can make more money this year and feel good about it. Do not be prodded into doing something that is good for someone else as once again you are not being given the whole picture. The new Moon in the same second house brings new friends and opportunities to make more money because you are such a good leader. Do not start a new job until later in March, though. The full Moon brings the desire to get out and
about February 27. Sing and dance and enjoy the full Moon. It is a time to play and be a teenager. Just remember to color inside the lines for now and have someone read the directions as to how to pack the parachute. Just because you want to jump does not mean that is a good idea. Best day 8th


Life is less intense now that Saturn and Jupiter have left Capricorn. That leaves Pluto in Capricorn still digging up what needs to be exposed and transformed. This is especially true for Capricorns born in the later days of this sign. The new Moon January 12 is conjunct Pluto renewing the need for change and transformation. At the same time, Capricorn must deal with restrictions either because you are not financially fit or because you cannot say or do what you need to express. Plan to expand and grow in life but know that limitations and time constraints abound. Consider scenarios in life that serve Capricorn and add to your contentment. Financial plans are best put into action before the last week of January. Once Mercury is retrograde January 30, all plans must be temporarily shelved. Mid-January is a happy and romantic time with someone new or someone now. Surprises come from honeys and loved ones January 20 and 26. Use caution at those times to avoid accidents and pay attention to your money and investments. Confusion in the daily routine is a common situation. Save your emails and be very specific in all directions and communications. Capricorns are sure to be daydreaming about faraway trips and travel. It is is a good time to lay down some goals and consider where you have been and where you want to go from this point in life. Reflect on past family upsets, but use that pain so that you do not repeat history. The full Moon in Leo January 28 brings big endings. You could be paying off your car or saying goodbye to someone very important. Take charge of your life at that time and set a plan to live the life you wish to live. The process of life always takes longer for Capricorn but when you get there you value what you have accomplished more than most other signs. Best days 3, 12, 21, 22, 31