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Capricorn, Dec 21 - Jan 19
Betty White 1/17 - Pete Buttigieg 1/19


It is time for Capricorn to take control of your health. Call your herbalist or other health care practitioner and assess your status. This is not to say you are sick. Cure boredom by taking on little projects. You need to channel some excess energy into something constructive. Avoid tiffs with people who are jealous and entitled. The full Moon February 5 feels a bit intense as Capricorn feels the pressure of responsibility financially and karmically. You may have to pay a big debt or get to make a last payment. Whether it is financial or karmic, something is being resolved and released. Not to worry because Capricorn has all kinds of opportunities coming up over the next two months. Some of those opportunities will take you down a new life path. The new Moon February 20 brings new ways of communicating. Maybe you will learn a new language or even learn the language of the stars. Let your new life begin. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

  • Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18. Hopefully, you prepared by backing up the computers. Pay attention to everything that you do so that you do not have to amend your plans even after Mercury goes direct. Decisions are hard to make, but the best plan is to make no plan and do not revert to old behaviors. Capricorns born in late December are clearing out your home to move or make room for people coming to stay in the months to come. Mars, transiting Capricorns’ sixth house of health, goes direct January 12. Maintain your health and be extra sweet to your pets. This could be a good time to commit to a new pet, hopefully a rescue. The full Moon in Cancer January 6 compels Capricorn to balance your needs with the needs of other people. Some people are going away. It is time for that because new people are coming to you, dear Capricorn.  The new Moon January 21 brings new priorities and people who can become a priority. Whatever you do, do not overdo in any aspect of your life between now and next May. New adventures are at the horizon. Hold on and have patience. The stars operate on their time not yours. Best days 1,11,20,28,29