Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19


Saturn moves through Capricorn beginning December 19. Saturn is very productive in Capricorn and you can evolve in wonderful ways over the course of the next three years. Those of you who are old enough to remember do well to reflect on the last Saturn transit of Capricorn November 1988 to February 1991 in order to get an idea as to what to expect in the three years ahead. Those of you born since 1991 will have experiences that force you to mature. If you are wild, the ride will be tough. Wise and diligent Capricorns will excel in their chosen path of life. All Capricorns do well to use discipline in all your affairs and you will be ahead in the game of life come December 2020. Best days 1,9,19,28


Capricorn has power struggles with those who have the power to control your destiny and freedom. Do the tasks and pay your dues so that you can regain control of your path and life plan. Get back on track and don't let challenges at mid month side track your progress. This is a very productive time for Capricorns born during the first ten days of this sign. Those of you born during the last ten days of this sign are still in for surprises that knock you off center between now and next May. Those challenges will actually turn out just fine so stop the worrying. Love and children keep Capricorn extra busy at November 4. Pay it forward November 18 to December 3. Best days 3,4,11,21


Jupiter moves into the eleventh house October 10 which brings all sorts of new people into Capricorn lives. Your family of friends will increase through new activities and groups that you encounter. Getting to know new people increases Capricorn's business and thus brings more income. Capricorn will mentor others during the next year because you have the wisdom and experience those people are looking for in their lives. In the short term of this month career takes precedence but there will be times when you must jump to the needs of family members. Avoid activities that undermine your authority and reputation. You have an agenda so collaborate only with people that are on the same page as Capricorn. Expect the unexpected from bosses and home repairs. Best days 7,16,25


Tend to the daily matters that you have been able to put off the past few weeks. Situations that you have been wanting to come to fruition are demanding Capricorn’s attention. Wake up and drink the coffee so that you are alert and can handle pressing matters. Generally speaking, life should go well for Capricorn as you are able to speak your mind with diplomacy. Others are attracted to your sexy energy September 9 - October 14. Confusion happens September 8 and 9 so get everything in writing and ask for confirmations when finalizing plans. Life starts revamping starting with the new Moon September 20. New adventures that nourish Capricorn emotionally and spiritually are best begun September 20 through October 5. September 27 can be tough. Best days 1,10,18,20,28