Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19

January 2019

The Sun is passing through Capricorn until January 20. This is the beginning of your solar year. Time to start anew. Mercury joins the Sun January 5 to 23 adding the need to plan for the coming year. Of course you will be sensible in your vision for the coming year, after all you are a Capricorn. Saturn continues to move through Capricorn until March 2020. Saturn, your ruler, is having you grow up and take on responsibilities where necessary. Those of you born during the first five days of January have a lot on your plate. Young Capricorns are the most stressed by this because you are having to leave behind your youth and become mature. Pluto is still in Capricorn causing you to walk through fire and become better. Those born around January 12 are feeling the heat and need time to cook up the new you. Times are a changing. Be your own agent of change otherwise circumstances will make the changes for you.

The new Moon eclipse is a good one for Capricorn, especially those born right around January 6. Use this new Moon to get started with a new business or project. Surprises that make you feel uncertain occur at mid month but Capricorn can recover by making adjustments and staying flexible. Activity around home and family and their needs may have to take precedence over career. At the same time you are sure to have challenges with a younger member of the household and will be a problem right around January 16. The full Moon eclipse in Leo January 20/21 brings surprise behavior in your relationships. Those of you born December 21-23 are most affected by the shift that takes place with those with whom you have a strong bond. There is going to be some drama so be ready to be your diplomatic self. Partnerships may end and financial situations must be renegotiated. Some of you will be paying big bills. Determine if you are comfortable in your current life and what you can do to make it better.
Best days 5,15,16