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Capricorn, Dec 22 - Jan 19
The Duchess of Cambridge 1/9- Bradley Cooper 1/5


The full Moon July 4 takes place in Capricorn. This can bring you great recognition for jobs well done, or because you have caused a big scene out in public. Watch your behavior and know that whatever life deals out to you in coming months is part of your destiny. You are one of the signs that should use caution when it comes to the pandemic. Mars is now moving through the fourth house into January 2021. This means there will be lots of action taking place around your house. Some of you will be sorting stuff, selling stuff, or even moving. Whatever the situation, house and home will not be a peaceful or quiet place for Capricorn. Additionally, Mars moving through Aries forms a square to you, Capricorn. Nothing ever gets done without a square, but one must use good sense when using planets forming this angle. That goes double for a Mars square to your sign. Act pushy and you will get pushed back harder. Use your Capricorn good sense to go forth wisely. You have a lot you want to accomplish and can do that during this time. Those of you born December 21 to January 10 are especially active at mid month. All Capricorns should be giving thought to your future. Sit down and make a plan. Your role and the way you communicate is still evolving but will become much easier next month. The new Moon generally brings new relationships but also shows Capricorn where you stand in the eyes of other people. You may be surprised who does and who does not value you, Capricorn. Wake up to what does not work and climb those obstacles. Best days 15,16, 23


Work and lifestyle continues to be in flux through June 25. Even before then Mercury goes retrograde and you will feel confused about your relationships. Then there is the daily routine that seems to be going sideways. People and situations want to sidetrack Capricorn. The best thing you can do is to let the wind blow and stay on the current course. It will change or pickup pace by next month but even then you will feel emotional over lost loves and new beginnings at the start of July. Meanwhile, the full Moon June 5 offers opportunities to help others and that will get your mind off the fact that you are dealing with emotional pain and figuring out how to get back the real you, Capricorn. The new Moon is just like the one in 2001. It brings new relationships but not before you close out the current chapter. This is an intense month, not bad just intense. Continue to set your priorities and be good to you. Remember, life gets better as you get older and the bonus is that you look better as you get older. Pay your dues. Do your diligence and don’t run wild, you will pay a price. Right now, the areas of life where you were not wise are coming up so that you can release and start over. It is good to be a Capricorn when you practice wisdom and open doors for others. Best days 8,17,26


May opens with a bit of confusion. Messages may be lost or there are misunderstandings and miscommunications. Be very specific when you are giving directions. Endings and completions take place where plans and friends are concerned May 7. Be sure you express what is in your heart at that time. Details are handled well amid daily challenges May 7 to 16. Capricorn has the diplomacy to get the job done even when others are uncooperative. You ruler, Saturn, turns retrograde May 10 until September 29. Get a handle on your finances. This may mean you have to deny yourself some guilty pleasures. At the same time, partnerships can be uncomfortable. Venus retrograde May 13 to June 25 brings people from the past who cause Capricorn to reevaluate your current relationships in your community and at work. Your lifestyle is shifting so do not make any new commitments between this month and next. Use caution driving May 13 to the end of June. At the same time watch how you speak to others. Capricorn must be the voice of reason among confusion May 21 and 22. The new Moon May 22 brings promotions and recognition for a job well done either at work or in your community. Begin a new regimen for health and well being May 23. People who appear from the past are just passing through so do not get attached. Look within for answers. Best days 3,11, 21


Capricorn does not need to read a horoscope to know this is an intense time for you. Some of you need quiet time while other Capricorns are forced to work long hours. Partners are stressed April 1. Have patience with them especially the ones born under the sign of Cancer. They or you may feel stir crazy. Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn April 4. This aspect affords the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor you wish to accomplish. Capricorn can do this without manipulation or brute force. Use your talents wisely to combat opposition all month. April 13, 14, 25, and 26 are very productive if you are able to avoid manipulative people and situations Use caution when out and about April 3 to 9. Accidents can happen such as twisting an ankle or hurting your neck. The full Moon April 7 brings career matters into focus. Work and family are a challenge to balance regardless of what is happening in the world at that time. The new Moon April 22 brings the need for change and painful experiences in the course of the next 28 days. All that occurs this month spurs Capricorn to make a plan for your future. Best days 5,13,23,24


Capricorn has the South node, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in your sign this month. This means your river is running slowly and there is a lot to do that can be stressful. Get some rest so that you are ready for the fireworks that are on your plate for March 20 to 23. March is not all stress. You will get kudos and nice opportunities March 11. March 14 is productive and breakthroughs happen at that time. March 27 and 28 has you looking good where romance and fun are happening. Saturn dips into your second house March 21 to July 1. This will give you a sample of what’s to come over the next two plus years beginning in December. This all means you want to get your finances in order so that you can move into a new way of living with ease and comfort. If your finances are a mess you will be stressed. Clean up your credit now. Check your balances to make sure all is in order around the last day of the month. There can be some disappointments with friends at that time. Capricorn is beginning to live in a new way that requires you to let go of the you that you no longer need in order to get to where you want to be in life. Now is the time to paint that new picture. Remember, life gets better as you get older. If you are under 29 or even 40 you are not there yet. Being a successful Capricorn takes time and you have plenty of that ahead. Best days 9,17,27


The events that have been taking place recently are just showing Capricorn that it is time to make some changes. Get the big picture stuff started before May 14. In the short term, Mercury retrograde messes with your daily routine February 16 to March 9. Mars moves into and through Capricorn February 16 to March 30. You will be sitting on a drum of gas that needs to be used wisely. February 20 and 24 are especially productive and Capricorn makes a good impression. There is home and family stress at mid month. Someone is leaving or arriving and that will disrupt the household temporarily. Those of you born in December are affected the most by disruptions at mid month. Do not overspend or overdue on fun February 2. Kid’s and honey’s behavior is upsetting but it is more about them than you. The full Moon February 9 brings adjustments to partnerships while the last quarter of the Moon February 15 brings difficulties with friends who do not share your priorities. Help a friend in need at that time. The New Moon February 23 begins a time for stepping up your communication skills. You know you want that dream car. Best days 2,310,18,19,28,29

January 2020

Most of the zodiac action is taking place in Capricorn this month. Life is probably intense in one way or another. There will be a particular area of life that you must focus on. If it all seems bad then life is asking you to rewrite your script. If life is good, then life is asking your to rewrite your script to be even better than before. This is at time for Capricorn to begin to move on in life. You will be walking through new doors of life over the weeks and months to come. The full Moon eclipse in your seventh house is going to show you how you are out of balance with people who are important to you, Capricorn. Some relationships are going to end with a bang while with others you will just turn and walk away because you know that situation is no longer in your best interest. Home and family matters are stressful January 2. Put on your kid gloves to handle career matters and bosses whose nose is out of joint January 17. The new Moon January 24 calls for a new budget. Best days 5,14,22,23


Jupiter moves through Capricorn December 2 through next December 20, 2020. This provides opportunities for you Capricorn. Look back to December 2007 to January 2009 to get some hints as to what you can expect in the coming months. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto as well as the South node of the Moon in Capricorn This is some intense energy that has Capricorn feeling very assertive. You will be making decisions this month and next that will affect you for years to come. Doors will close so that you can open up to new directions. You may come off as intense or controlling so do watch your demeanor. Family issues are sure to come up. This might be a good time to seek help in resolving hurts from that past. Those experiences may be a contributing factor to what is going on now, Capricorn. Nevertheless you are ready for a new adventure and it kicks off this month and next. The new Moon eclipse December 25/26 is especially potent for those of you born in December. Get ready for new fun and new people to have fun with in months to come. With all this intensity you do want to pay attention to your body, especially, skin, bones, teeth, knees, eyes, and head. Best days 8,9,17,18,26,27


The first seven days of November is very intense for Capricorn. While you can use these intense days to accomplish your goals, you will have to work around power struggles and manipulating people. Those who have a difficult relationship with bosses or the head of the family must brace for challenges from these people. Some of the challenges of the month include friends and group endeavors. While Mercury is retrograde until November 20, misunderstandings occur with friends and some buddies completely disappear. Don’t worry, they will most likely come back. During the days until Mercury goes direct you must not start new projects. The full Moon November 12 brings issues with friends and lovers to a head. Children and their adventures are a challenge and honeys that are not your best match prove this with their behavior. Relationships continue to be a challenge for Capricorn November 19. This goes double for those of you born mid January. The new Moon November 26 offers a new monthly cycle whereby Capricorn must rest and recharge. You will be fulfilled if you do something charitable in later November and December.
Best days 1,2,11,12,20,28,29


September ends and October begins with stress, jealousy, and power struggles. The intensity quickly dispels. However, Mars moving through Libra October 3 until November 19 brings your career into focus. Capricorn has a lot to accomplish and places you want to go now. You have a lot of energy and focus because you know what you want. Do not step on your boss or coworkers as they will push back harder. Your way may not be the best way so let others have a different opinion. If you feel frustration it is because you are not using your talents wisely. October 17 to 27 is especially steeped with road blocks and slippery slopes. Slow down and reconfigure your plans especially when people in higher places are not sympathetic to your ambitions. Disagreements happen October 5. Mind your manners around the opposite sext at that time. The full Moon October 13 brings family matters into focus. You are going to have to forget your ambition so that you can tend to your immediate family. Honey and other partners are stressful for Capricorn October 21. Enemies, if they are out there, will make themselves know at that same time. Once the new Moon occurs October 27 you will be making new acquaintances. Since Mercury goes retrograde October 31 those new people will most likely not be around for the long haul. Take care of your health throughout October. Make sure you are the referee and not the one who is thrown out of the game. Social events are most enjoyable with small groups. Best days 15,24


The lunar cycle that began August 30 is all about Capricorn making compromises where home and family are concerned. It is likely that you feel a bit up in the air regarding your living situation. This is not the time to rush into any decision. Instead, take time for vacation and while your mind is resting from all that corporate stuff, consider the big picture of your life. Have faith and confidence in yourself. This is one of the more easier months while the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are moving through Virgo. While those planet move though Virgo, Capricorn can easily handle details of life. Your faith in someone may falter. Ride that tide and detach from those who are needy. You cannot rescue those people, at least around September 5. Take care of routine daily matters at the full Moon September 13/14. September 21 brings matters to your work that must be rearranged so that it is easier to accomplish projects. Bosses are sure to make work harder than it has to be at that time. At mid month, Mercury and Venus move into Libra bringing challenges to your career. This is not a bad thing. You will have to work a bit extra and will have to work around people who cannot make a decision. In the long run, your diplomacy will win out if you use said ability. The new Moon brings new bosses and projects beginning September 28. Saturn, your ruling planet goes direct in Capricorn September 18. Commitments will be easier to make and you will feel more secure about your direction. Best days 7,8,17,18,26,27


Dealing with what everyone else needs.

Capricorn is concerned with the stuff of life you share with others. This includes financial and other matters right down to the bathroom sink. It seems like partners are expressing their needs and agendas and Capricorn cannot be part of the plan. It all boils down to your responsibilities that limit you. You are on a path that will payoff. Do not let your partners make you stray from that plan. Otherwise, your outcomes and success will be delayed. Tend to your heath this month, especially your eyes. You just may need a new prescription. Friendships and group dynamics are stressful August 7. Sharing is a bone of contention at this time. Money matters and the stuff that makes you uncomfortable must be addressed August 22. Power struggles are sure to take place. Once mid August arrives you are better equipped energetically to handle life. Travel between mid August and mid September should generally go well. Get organized and be thankful for all you have accomplished. Best days 2,3,11,12,21,22,30


July is an important month for Capricorn due to the eclipses that are taking place in Cancer and Capricorn. The new Moon eclipse July 2 occurs in your seventh house of relationships. This opens Capricorn to business and love relationships in months to come. The full Moon eclipse in your sign July 16 is a very emotional time especially for Capricorns born January 10 - 19. Events around this eclipse bring the focus on Capricorn. Just make sure it is not because you are having a meltdown. Use caution around the July 16 eclipse. These two eclipses have you balancing your needs with the needs of another person. You will be considering your personal happiness in relation to others. Those who are not happy will be making big changes in the six months to come. Do not act like a parent to someone who is not your child. Pushy behavior will push the very people you love away from you. Balance is the key and most issues stem from your need to be recognized and loved as far back as childhood. Mars moving through your eighth house of stuff shared adds fuel to your need to be supported and connected with others through mid August. During this time small events can affect you profoundly. Home is unsettled due to members of the family coming and going. This too can be disturbing to your need for structure. January 9 is a time of feeling pulled in different directions. Tend to your health and well being at that time. Do not let friendly competition spiral into arguments July 24. The second new Moon July 30/August 1 suggests you speak your truth and have some fun. Best days 6,7,15,16, 25, 26


June is another intense month for Capricorns. You must really use your diplomacy. Relationships pull you out of yourself and into facing the realities that some people are difficult. Others will disappoint you, Capricorn. Juggle your wisdom with the antics of someone younger and certainly headstrong or self absorbed. Steer clear of doing any activity that brings on the authorities The new Moon June 3 offers a new perspective and supports a new lifestyle for Capricorn. Clean up your diet and readjust your perspective. Move past old wounds that pop up June 7/8 and June 26/27. Travel comes through your work. Capricorn will need to learn a thing or two so take that class when it is offered. At the full Moon June 17 secrets are exposed. Someone is going to need your help around that time and they will need Capricorn to keep a secret. Muster compassion for those in need. Just when you catch your breath family matters pull your heartstrings. Best days 1,9,18,28


Oh Cappie, you have Saturn and Pluto both retrograde conjunct the South node. Don’t ask if life could be tougher because that will just be asking for trouble. Review your commitments and take time to lick your wounds. You literally may have to take time off to heal from an injury in months to come. Luckily, the Sun is moving through Taurus throwing you good vibes to walk through these transformative times May 8 to 17. Mercury can bring good news May 15 to 20 and then Venus throws nice shade at you May 29 to June 7. There is hope especially if you take time from responsibility and have a bit of fun. The new Moon May 4 brings you a passionate cause and the ability to express your creative and romantic side. Those who want to conceive are extra ready. Work alone when possible. Work and your lifestyle will be hectic until mid month. After that you must use diplomacy in the face of people who want to argue. Let them exert their egos and meanness and you will win in the long run. It will become evident after May 18 that some people will be leaving your life. It may just be that you have finished a joint project with that person. Best days 4,13,21,22,31


The overall theme for Capricorn is that you are going to be juggling your time between home and family. Family events and issues come into play staring with the new Moon April 5. Some of you will start home projects while others will be considering a new home altogether. April 9 -16 is especially busy and you are sure to feel pulled in several directions. The answer to your dilemma is to consider how any choice will affect your future in one, two, five, or ten years. Once the full Moon occurs April 19 work and career will take precedence. It will be a juggle especially for those of you born right around the 6th and the 19th. Mars moving through the sixth house makes working with others a bit of a challenge. Do not overdo work or even eating during the days until mid May as you will throw yourself out of balance and into sickness. Making adjustments of all sorts should be a key element for making it through this month.Best days 6,7,15,16,24


March is a fun and active month. Capricorn has the confidence and diplomacy to speak what’s on your mind and in your heart. Others are blown away by Capricorns’ sentiment which is probably somewhat out of character for some of you. Uranus moves into the fifth house for the next seven years. Remember, the fifth house is about self expression. Capricorns are about to embark on new ways of getting your message across to the rest of us. Let go of the old ways of presenting yourself. Life is going to bring you into a transition whereby you shed your skin and become a new person. The process will take time and sometimes there will be surprises. Capricorn will be the one doing most of the surprising. Interesting that the new Moon is in your third house of communication. Capricorn is embarking on a new thought process. Maybe you will learn a foreign language or maybe you will write a screenplay in the months and years to come. Since Mercury is retrograde in the third house there will be stops and starts in the process. Travel delays are most likely so check the traffic before leaving for work or anywhere else. Misunderstandings happen with siblings and neighbors. Use your words carefully. The full Moon March 20 brings recognition that you may or may not appreciate. Issues come up to be resolved March 28. Best days 1,10,11,19


Focus on home and family matters through mid February. Take decisive action to move or remodel or just clear out the clutter. Heavy responsibilities come up fast and are resolved February 18 just in time for the full Moon February 19. This full Moon is easy for Capricorn, especially those of you born right around December 22. At mid month and through the end of March, Capricorn has a lot to do, but generally you will be able to make your lists and check the items off with ease. The bumps in the road will be small and easy to handle. Life will be more fun than usual during that time. The new Moon February 4 occurs in your second house of money. This is a great time to begin a new financial endeavor. Take on a project or goal that will add to your comfort and well being. Between now and June, Capricorn is closing the door on many life situations that are complete. It will be okay but maybe a bit sad. You will be fine, just focus on the future you and who that future includes. Best days 2,11,12,19,20,28

January 2019

The Sun is passing through Capricorn until January 20. This is the beginning of your solar year. Time to start anew. Mercury joins the Sun January 5 to 23 adding the need to plan for the coming year. Of course you will be sensible in your vision for the coming year, after all you are a Capricorn. Saturn continues to move through Capricorn until March 2020. Saturn, your ruler, is having you grow up and take on responsibilities where necessary. Those of you born during the first five days of January have a lot on your plate. Young Capricorns are the most stressed by this because you are having to leave behind your youth and become mature. Pluto is still in Capricorn causing you to walk through fire and become better. Those born around January 12 are feeling the heat and need time to cook up the new you. Times are a changing. Be your own agent of change otherwise circumstances will make the changes for you.

The new Moon eclipse is a good one for Capricorn, especially those born right around January 6. Use this new Moon to get started with a new business or project. Surprises that make you feel uncertain occur at mid month but Capricorn can recover by making adjustments and staying flexible. Activity around home and family and their needs may have to take precedence over career. At the same time you are sure to have challenges with a younger member of the household and will be a problem right around January 16. The full Moon eclipse in Leo January 20/21 brings surprise behavior in your relationships. Those of you born December 21-23 are most affected by the shift that takes place with those with whom you have a strong bond. There is going to be some drama so be ready to be your diplomatic self. Partnerships may end and financial situations must be renegotiated. Some of you will be paying big bills. Determine if you are comfortable in your current life and what you can do to make it better.
Best days 5,15,16