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Aquarius, Jan 19 - Feb 18

Oprah Winfrey 1/29 - Michael Jordan 2/17


Mars now moving through Aquarius’ fifth house has Aquarius more energetic than in the recent past. Lately, Aquarius has more responsibility and heavy loads to carry. Now is the time for fun and frolic. Playful activities and creative projects are a respite for Aquarius. September begins with short trip and shopping for new gadgets. At the same time, you can make a difficult point with diplomacy. Aquarius does have to adjust to partners’ needs this month, but that will be easier than in the recent past because you are able to focus less on other’s needs and more on yourself, dear Aquarius. The full Moon September 10 brings budget and money matters into play. Insurance and tax plans can be reviewed and adjusted. Travel plans are altered. Have an alternate plan in place when travel changes throw a wrench into your dreams. The new Moon September 25 occurs in your ninth house, which is the same house where Mercury is retrograde September 9 to October 2. This new Moon coupled with Mercury retrograde has Aquarius feeling restless about the world and people around you. Your best tact is to allow others to experience their life path even though you disagree with their choices. Just have fun and let others be who they need to be in their life. Organize your life and your stuff during the last week of September. Best days 3,7,16,17, 26, 30


Home and family matters are intense and Aquarius cannot take a break. The buck stops with you. Aquarius is the go-to person. This is the time to carry a big purse so that you are prepared for all sorts of possible events. Aquarius born at the middle of February are under pressure and must be the responsible person at the table. Take stock of what you have been doing since the last birthday. Now is the month to adjust the course and make the most of what life is offering. August 7 brings hurdles which can be conquered. Fresh ideas arrive August 10. The new Moon August 27 brings new levels of human connection. Love is tough August 28 when Aquarius will wonder how you could have signed up for the current challenge. Remember, love conquers all and a privilege many never truly know. You have the bravado to take charge of all the changes and challenges. Let others know how much you love them. Your thoughtfulness will be well received. Best days 2,3,11,20,30


Aquarius has been super busy with a packed daily routine. The running around comes to a close July 4 and the high energy turns to home and family. Expect lots of action as family members and or repairmen show up at Aquarius’ door. The days between July 6 and August 20 are a time when you have much to accomplish and deal with in your personal life. Men pose challenges to your agenda, but Aquarius knows how to detach and depose those sorts of people and situations. The last week of July and the first week of August bring intense events and accidents so use caution during those days. July 26 to 28 are especially tricky. If you need to tear down a wall in life, put on protective gear and get to work. The good news is that Venus is moving through Gemini until July 19. This throws cool shade and happy times your way. Romance is nice and children are a joy. The full Moon July 13 brings up completions and opportunities to heal you or take care of someone you love. The new Moon July 28 brings new friends and helpers. Best days 7, 24

June 2022

Mercury, retrograde until June 3, continues to affect Aquarius’ family matters through June 15. Many of you are concerned about partners, be they a love or business partner. Aquarius has a heavy load where these other people are concerned. There is not much you can do but hold their hand as loved ones walk along their path in this life. This is all part of Aquarius growing into a seasoned human. Aquarius has more than the usual daily tasks. Stay alert, drive defensively, and do not let your monkey mind get the best of you, dear Aquarius. The full Moon June 14 brings stress, but for some of you this can be a productive time. People are there to help Aquarius and you know you are loved. The New Moon, June 28, brings changes to your daily routine and the way you work. Those who get a new pet in the weeks to come can expect big changes but in a good way. Aquarius born around February 15 are encouraged to hang tight. Storms always come to an end. Best days 9,17,26,27

May 2022

Have your fun before May 10 because after that, you will be the person at the resort who has to work while the other guests play. Aquarius does not have too many snafus until the very end of this month and early next month. Money matters must be handled. This is a good time to prepare emergency supplies and plan for what unexpected events. That is not to mean you should worry, this is just a good time to make sure all ducks are in a row. May can often be a stressful time because you have so much to do where home and family are concerned. The full Moon May 15 brings the focus off of family and onto work and career. The spotlight is on Aquarius. Parents and bosses are demanding. In either case you Aquarius will be recognized for your good work in months to come. The new Moon May 30 brings children to those who want to conceive and fun to those who want to play. The last week of May and the first half of June brings big family events that range from stressful to joyful. Best days 2,13,30,31

April 2022

The first half of April continues to be just as busy as the past several weeks. There are obstacles to climb during the first week but it is nothing you cannot handle. Work with the detours knowing that you will succeed. The first week can be frustrating, but at least you have the new Moon April 1 opening up communication and new ideas to get around difficult people and situations. A charitable demeanor with those who are a pain in the neck can solve challenges with those people. April is ripe for letting go of the past so that you can focus on your future. The full Moon April 16 wants Aquarius to take stock of your blessings and your rules of life. Make a gratitude list and maybe some vacation reservations. The new Moon April 30 brings unexpected changes especially to Aquarius born in late January and early February. Repairs at home, sudden moves, and unexpected family matters come up in the months to come. Life is getting a shake up so you are best to continue to clear the visceral fat from your waist and the fatheads that cause that shoulder stress. Best days 5,6,15,24


The new Moon March 2 has Aquarius considering ways to expand your earning capacity. Use the old ways of dealing with money and the accumulation of creature comforts as a spring board to your new methods. Your expertise in one area will open doors to new versions and innovations of earning and accumulating comfort in life. This includes the physical earthly delights as well as the true comfort that comes from your spiritual connection. Aquarius is letting go of the old ways of finding recognition in the world and finding a new sense of independence. Perhaps it is time to go off the grid. Sober news comes during the first week of March and again March 28. This is just about being responsible and showing others that you are the one they can depend on to man the lifeboat when their ship begins to sink. At the full Moon March 18, partnerships and shared situations show Aquarius that you can accomplish goals with the help of people who understand your vision. People who come forward are the ones that will handle the details that you are not equipped or able to maneuver. This could be a banker, mortgage broker, healer, or therapist. Know what makes you feel grounded and pave the way to get to that spot in life either physically or emotionally. Discovering your patterns of life and your ancestry is a very good tact to take at this time. Best days 9,10,19, 27

February 2022

Bests friends need a helping hand and maybe a baby-sitter. Aquarius is a hero for those little things, so take charge. Those of you born right around February 3 to 9 are under the gun to perform. Yes, there is pressure, but this is the time to become seasoned at whatever it is you do in life. Grow up, even if you are just a child reading this horoscope. This is your time of year to begin a new you and new projects. Consider your motivations and your subconscious motives when you start out on your new ventures. Knowing your motives and your failings are sure to help Aquarius get to your desired deadlines and finish lines. The full Moon February 16 brings up recurring patterns within your thought process. You may feel like you are reliving the past at that time. During the days around the full Moon February 16, strike a balance between you and your collaborators. Tend to details and be very specific. Those who are not on your side make themselves known at that time. Those who understand the flow of give and take reap financial and love rewards February 23 and 24. Do not write off unconventional people or solutions. Changes around the house make it more efficient. Best days 10,11,19

January 2022

January is a time for Aquarius to reflect on the way life is winding down. Endings and completions are at the horizon. Make peace with people and situations that have been in your life for many years. Move past the perceptions of the people around you and show them compassion. Helping others and expressing love and compassion is bittersweet, but you will be glad for the way you have handled life if you do so. In many cases, Aquarius must take charge, because others cannot. You will be the bright and cheery person for someone. A smile, a simple gesture, or a kind word helps those around Aquarius and heals you at the same time. You might as well get off the screen and look within now because Mercury retrograde in your sign until February 3 has the outer world on hold with lots of messy details to work past. Take that in stride and laugh off the illusory troubles and trials that come from life glitches. Your money is sure to get better. Investigate investing in some form of art. Best days 13, 14, 23


The new Moon eclipse December 4 brings new people into Aquarius’ life. Those who are wanting new friends are sure to meet new and compatible people in the months to come. Find groups that share your interests and you will find your tribe. This is a good time to explore new interests. News and events regarding Aquarius finances are stressful around December 8. Check the facts and be wary of scams at that time. This is really a good rule of thumb for the next several years. Monitor your spending and keep a budget now through the first week of March 2022. Those who are uncertain about their relationships are faced with honeys that disappear. Open communication is very important now through early March. Do not keep secrets from the one you love if you want to keep that person. In some cases, relationships will come back around between mid-December and the end of January. Time spent alone is very important. Take a look within to understand how you got to this point in life and adjust your personal psychology so that you can be more healthy and happy. Work and career take on a new intensity over the next several months. Bosses will be butts but this is the time for Aquarius to make your mark in the profession of your choice. Those born at that beginning of February must be responsible and clear out the clutter of life. The full Moon December 18 brings family into focus. Aquarius must be the glue that keeps the family together. Best days 8,17,18,27


Saturn and Jupiter are now direct in Aquarius which means that life is picking up the pace. Aquarius born at the end of January are pressured to take on more responsibility. Some must take charge of the care of a parent or other relative. Sure, there are problems to solve, but you are best to wait and see how those challenges play out at the end of the month when circumstances yield to progress. The new Moon November 4 brings new bosses and opportunities to work. Moves of all sorts are at the horizon. Changes in love and business relationships surprise Aquarius. Hang on and assimilate to the surprises. They work out for you in the long run of life. Those born at the middle of February have opportunities, but you have to assert yourself, as opposed to hoping that change will be delivered on a silver platter. Stay calm and collected November 11. People want to argue with Aquarius at that time. The full Moon November 19 brings long term opportunities to connect to people with whom Aquarius can collaborate. Get ready to do a juggling act over the next year. Do not waste time wandering in your mind. Set some concrete goals to work towards. Best 2,20,30


Life has been sluggish due to the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn goes direct October 10 and Jupiter goes direct October 18. This means that the pace of life picks up for Aquarius. Saturn going direct brings the refinement of life back into the limelight. Aquarius, especially those of you born late January and early February, are learning about responsibility. The difficulties you perceive are opportunities to grow. Jupiter going direct opens opportunities for all Aquarius through late December. This month is a great time to give thanks for what you have and for what you wish to manifest. The new Moon October 6 suggests that Aquarius open a book, schedule a trip, or question that which you have blindly agreed to follow. Find faith in you, not in the superficiality of the physical world. Your values and finances must be adjusted at mid-month. Do not worry about money, as that is sure to work itself out next month and even next year. Beginning October 22 through mid-December, Aquarius is busy pushing your agenda. Times will be tense if you push too hard. When opposing forces block you, back off and try another tact to get what you want from late October to mid-December. The full Moon October 20 kicks off this busy time with events that require a wise response. Drive carefully and choose your words wisely at the full Moon. Best days 6,14,15,23


Money matters and life with a partner have lessons to be learned. One of you is uncomfortable with a situation the other brings to the table. Early September then again on the 13th , Aquarius must handle these challenges. Consider your taxes and shop around for better deals on all forms of your insurance. The good news is that Mars is moving through Libra beginning September 14. This bestows some easy but strong energy for Aquarius to travel and grow in new ways. Just be sure you are not preachy and recite your gratitude list every day. Aquarius is very active and busy until late October. On the flip side, Venus moves into Aquarius’ tenth house of career and recognition. This is usually very positive but in you case Venus is forming a harsh angle to you. Aquarius is sure to be criticized from everything down to your you need to be the boss or that ensemble you wore to a social event last month. Smile without shooting daggers and know that what you do now is applauded beginning October 7. The new Moon in Virgo brings new connections and opportunities to live a healthier emotional lifestyle. The full Moon brings more discomfort where bills and partners are concerned. It will all work out during the last three days of September. Best days 8,9,26,27


Aquarius is dealing with balancing your needs with that of a honey or business partner. Your other has needed attention since late June and Aquarius is very possibly tired. Go on you must, because for you to function, you must deal with that other person’s needs. The new Moon August 8 brings people into life that support you, dear Aquarius. This is great, because you need someone to console you during the first and second weeks of August. Aquarius born January 26 to February 6 are especially challenged to enjoy freedom while tending to your responsibilities. You are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders, but this is not permanent and you are appreciated by those you are serving. Life begins to get a bit better at the middle of the month and again August 22 at the full Moon. Try not to have a meltdown at that time. Buy a lotto ticket August 22. One of you just may win.

Best days 3,12,30


Life continues to endure the process of restructuring. Adulting is becoming Aquarius’ main course as events require this sign to step up to the plate of life. Priorities are shifting by choice in some cases and by force in others. Embrace healthier habits and ways of doing your work. There will be power struggles within the work environment just after the middle of July. This is mostly because someone does not like that you are taking care of you as opposed to being a doormat. Aquarius’ identity and communication methods are changing. You are letting go of the information that once formed a basis of being you in since coming into this incarnation. Freedom from some responsibilities is at the horizon, but you still have tasks to finish where family is concerned. New relationships are coming along with a new phase to current relationships. Those who are open to love are wise to get out and mingle, but do not accept less than what you truly want for you, Aquarius. July is a time of great adjustment in your relationships and in the way you deal with partners of all sorts. Do not accept any deal that is not in Aquarius’ best interest. Best days 6,7,16


Lucky Aquarius has Jupiter moving through the second house of money and creature comforts until July 28. Do not spend too much money now, but know that Jupiter will be back in the second house in late December giving Aquarius financial stability and a good sense of self for a good portion of 2022. Meanwhile, in the here and now, Mars is moving through the seventh house June 11 to July 29. Take action to make new friends and business associates during these days. Mars in the seventh house wants to clear the air quickly when relationships go awry. Do not be surprised to discover that friends are enemies during this month and next. Mercury retrograde until June 22 is sure to bring up surprises where children are concerned. Dates and mates may ghost you or just be unavailable until June 22. Don’t let their absence upset you as you have your own responsibilities to handle. The new Moon eclipse June 10 brings new ways to express your talents and creativity. This eclipse opens a new door for those who want to start a romance or a family. The full Moon June 24 insists that Aquarius take some time off preferably by the water. When someone asks for help late in the month, jump to assist that person. Best days 9,10,18,19


Saturn is sitting still in Aquarius waiting to turn retrograde May 23. Saturn in Aquarius is restructuring your life. Circumstances are coming up that have Aquarius feeling pressure and responsibility. You must do the work slowly and methodically and only then will you accomplish goals. Since Saturn is about to turn retrograde, you just may feel like you are sitting still. The good news is that Mercury and Venus play nice with Aquarius May 12 and 19. Life seems easier around the those days, especially after the downer day you will have May 2. May 15 is not so easy at work. Aquarius will be acutely aware that some people are just difficult and that you must change some of the ways you live and do your work. While Mercury does go retrograde, this tricky fellow is actually in harmony to your sign all through the retrograde until June 22 and beyond to July 11. Mercury retrograde could be easier than usual. The new Moon May 11 brings new beginning at home. Some of you will move while others make the current abode mode comfy. This new Moon is a great time to explore possibilities and talents you may suspect you possess. The full Moon May 26 brings sudden endings and beginnings to friendships. You may suddenly decide to leave the groups or teams because you just know that is not right for you anymore. Money gets easy May 13 through the end of July and then again at the beginning of 2022. Best days 13,31


Aquarius’ energy is high and your sense of wit will be on point keeping others laughing. Fun with children and honeys goes well. While you may worry about money or honeys around April 9, news and productivity outweighs those negative thoughts.When that happens, sit down, you don’t have to do it all this very minute. The new Moon April 11 occurs in the the third house of communications. New ways of doing just that are coming up in the weeks ahead. Information comes to light that shows Aquarius who is and who is not on Aquarius team. Venus moves into Taurus April 14 followed by Mercury and the Sun April 19. This shift in the planets puts Aquarius’ focus on family matters. Adjust to others needs April 24 and 25. That is a challenging time and you will feel like you have a burden to carry. The full Moon April 26 brings unexpected recognition in your work and Aquarius must strike a balance between you, your partners, your family and your work. Those born at the end of February and early March are strapped with chores but can get so much accomplished with hard work and perseverance. Best days 16, 25


Aquarius continues to deal with limitations in the face of innovations you wish to explore. Go ahead and explore, as the limitations will lose out to the expansive nature of life. Mars moving through Gemini bestows a big dose of enthusiasm and fun March 3 to April 23. Some of you will have a chance to get away while others have unexpected guests. Whatever you do, organize your house and your schedule so that you are able to ride the wave of events. Do not get shook up and blindsided by unexpected events. Such events will not be bad, especially if you are prepared for diversions and detours. Aquariuses born around February 1, are weighed down with responsibilities, while those of you born around February 10 have lots of opportunities to enjoy too much of what seems to be a good thing. Consider finances and do not over spend during March. The new moon March 13 happens in Aquarius’ second house of money and other creature comforts. This is a great time to make a money plan and a gratitude list. Be sure to state not just what you are grateful for, but also why you are thankful for that person or situation. Plan a bit of charity too. The full Moon March 28 brings up great ideas and opportunities to learn and expand your influence in your world. Have faith, even when news is challenging at March 23. Best days 1,10,20,29

February 2021

Tension and changes around Aquarius’ home and family have Aquarius irritated. Waiting for the green light is not so fun right now and you are ready to climb the garden wall literally and figuratively. The first week of February brings restrictions and responsibilities that Aquarius must endure. Relationships with family members or other people on your team brings up stress that will go away soon. Hang on and ride that wave as it will come and go quickly. In the meantime, do not make comments or decisions that cause you problems long term. Remember that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until February 20, so you have a lot of sidestepping and redoing that must take place between now and mid March. The stuff that upsets you now will just be a memory of an experience in a few months. Aquarius has two years of maturing and redefining life in front of you at this point in time. Venus moves through Aquarius February 1-25. you will look good, even when a meltdown is happening. The new Moon February 11 is the beginning of a year of becoming a new Aquarius through diligence and innovation. Be the rebel, just don’t get arrested. A price must be paid for the change, but you do not want bail to be the price. The full Moon February 27 brings financial matters to a conclusion. The loan closes, you pay off another debt, or a partnership comes to a conclusion. Whatever the case, the changes and adjustments are inevitable, but the process will be uncomfortable at times. Mind your health and lifestyle habits around February 27. Best days 2,20


Aquarius is learning new ways to live, love, and learn. You just must read the manual so that you do not crash your life. Life is busy beginning January 7, but you must take time out to do the routine stuff, such as take the cat for its shots January 9/10. The days between January 6 and March 3 have Aquarius busy at home. Some of you are remodeling while others are moving. Home and family matters are sure to be busy and somewhat stressful. January 1,7,12,13, 20,21, and 26 are humdingers if you let yourself be affected by events that push Aquarius back. Otherwise, these are times when you can get much accomplished. Carry a fire extinguisher in your purse or backpack at that time. January 12 is a kick butt new Moon in your twelfth house. This means that if you do not get some rest over the next twenty-eight days, you are going to get your butt kicked in one way or another. Manage that inner dragon slayer with your inner monk that needs to sit in the temple. Mind the money this month and pay attention when your intuition says, “don’t do that”. People you love and people you hardly know are going to be trying to get their hands on your money. Monitor your credit and use caution when you get those spam calls. If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true. The full Moon January 28 brings endings and a juggling act in many relationships. If you are going to go where you want to go over this next year, you will have to leave some people behind. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius lasts from January 30 to February 20. Back up the computers and back off from starting anything new during that time. That includes elective surgery. Best days 5, 14