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Aquarius, Jan 19 - Feb 18

Oprah Winfrey 1/29 - Michael Jordan 2/17


Mars moving through Libra until the middle of next month is energizing but not irritating for Aquarius. You are able to balance your energy and move easily through the noise and haste of busy places such as airports. Aquarius is compelled to reconsider those you keep company with as some people are a drain on your time, energy, and finances. Avoid joining groups or making partnership commitments. Especially stay away from the people who have dolls and pins and plans. They are not your people, dear Aquarius. Stay true to yourself and do not let family or other people dictate your actions with their unpleasant words and deeds. Your honest communication blows these people away as you have been discovering that your peace is what is most important. After all, you are preparing for some of the biggest consciousness shifts you will experience beginning November 2024. The new Moon September 14 begins an empowering month ahead as you explore and develop gifts and talents you may not have used until recently. The full Moon September 29 has Aquarius feeling restless. Important news arrives. Handle all the details then silence the phone and go have fun. Best days 2,6,11,16,25


There is a shift in the air for Aquarius. Take care of you by doing soothing things. Some of you will be working alone through the beginning of 2025 while others are letting go of rules and people who dictate dogma that no longer support your well being. The full Moon August 1 occurs in Aquarius so you are going to be a bit agitated. This includes sadness over past relationships and feelings of loneliness. Ruminating over the past must be dealt with by getting active and out of your head. All Aquarius are dealing with people coming back from the past. Do not fall for the commitment phobic. They will turn on a dime once the first week of September arrives. The new Moon August 16 occurs in Aquarius’ seventh house meaning that you have new partners coming. This can be business or love partners. Take a good look at the new people and the people who reappear as this can save Aquarius from repeating past mistakes. Wait for the one that is healthy for you and you cannot do that over night. Consider what and who is good for you. The full Moon August 30 compels Aquarius to make financial plans based on discipline and good sense. Best days 1,5,6,10,20,25,29


Some Aquarius are feeling romantic while other Aquarius are working to sort out differences between yourself and partners. Beginning July 10 the need for love and intimacy soars. In the days until August 27, Aquarius should come to realize that you need love and support even though you think you need to be independent. While Venus is retrograde July 22 to September 3, think about your partner and how you better solidify your connection. Priorities are shifting and it is time to overhaul the ways you relate to the other people in your life. The full Moon July 3 is cause for Aquarius to spend time alone either by choice or because life just says sit down and charge your batteries. Help those that need help around the full Moon and guard your secrets. Do not hide symptoms from your doctor or anyone else. The new Moon July 17 signals new ways to do your work and life your life. Initiate new and healthy habits beginning July 17. You are in a long transition. Do not waste your thoughts worrying about the future because you cannot avoid your destiny. Best days 14,24


Aquarius is getting to know yourself like never before. This is an on going process over the next twenty years, but in the next five months Aquarius is diving deeper than usual into the depths of you. Mars moving through the seventh house of relationships adds a dose of learning how you can know yourself through the eyes of challenging people and relationships. Unfinished business must be handled starting June 11. Do things that contribute to your feeling of security and remember you are in a transition between now and November 24. You will move several steps forward and then retrace your steps in the next seventeen months. Have patience and fun through June 20. Speak your mind and say what is in your heart. Your words will be well received. Those born in the later days of this sign are coming undone as the boundaries and situations of your life are fading so that new life situations can emerge. The full Moon June 3 brings recognition among your peers and a sense that you need to let go of some people. Aquarius will be asked to lead. Do that if it suits you, but this is not something you must do now. The new Moon June 17 brings new adventures and new fun people to play with in life. Those who wish to conceive should do what it takes beginning June 17. Fun comes in all sorts of packages. Best days 8,17


Home, family, and your spiritual self are strong on Aquarius’ radar this month and over the next year. While Mercury is retrograde until May 14, Aquarius will have to repair stuff that was previously repaired. Aquarius has had a full plate lately and you may have unwittingly sacrificed your inner self. Get all that back in balance especially around the time of the full Moon eclipse May 5. At that time, your work, your boss, and the bossier of your parents are demanding. Do not lose yourself to these people. Some of you will come to realize that you must make career changes in the coming weeks. Your health habits must be handled. Fevers and the work load must be juggled until May 21. The days beginning May 16 to 27 are intense especially around May 21 to 23. Partners and partnerships are intense for one reason or another. People around you show their true colors. The new Moon May 19 is a kick start to change including new homes and talents you have put on the back burner. Listen to your inner self. It will not lie to you. Aquarius is transitioning into one of the most powerful times of your life for the next twenty years.

Best days 2,21,30


The rose colored glasses are coming off and Aquarius is beginning to see the world in a new way. April 3 brings people and situations that have Aquarius questioning the integrity of some people around you. Words can be harsh now and again April 20. Money is a sore subject right around April 14 but that will leave quickly. Financial matters are stressful so set some boundaries when someone wants you to bail them out of a mess they created. Do not take on other peoples’ burdens. You can show them the way without getting enmeshed. Your own money matters look up April 25.

The full Moon April 5 brings circumstances that are cause for Aquarius to question your life philosophy. Listen to your inner voice and follow that, then get out and have some fun. This full Moon energy wants Aquarius to get out and explore the world, but you have to get your house and family in order before getting out in the world. Unexpected family matters pop up at the full Moon.

The new Moon eclipse April 19 happens in your house of communication. New ways of getting your message across are developed in the months to come. This new Moon is very effective at empowering and transforming Aquarius. Your message opens you to new groups of people and can heal relationships with siblings, neighbors, and even the in-laws. Your identity is evolving now more than ever. It is a long term process.
Best days 5,6,23


Saturn moves into Aquarius’ second house of money March 7 and transits that house until February 2026. The second house is your house of money and self worth. For the self worth part, this is time for Aquarius to let go of people and situations that do not honor you. Participate in activities that enhance your self-esteem. Money matters may be more of a problem if you are not good at handling money. While Saturn transits this house, you must be on a budget and get your finances in order. This is also a time when you can lay a new financial foundation for yourself. Taking responsibility is the key to this Saturn transit.

The biggest news is that Pluto transitions into Aquarius between March 23 and November 2024. Pluto then transits this sign for the next twenty-one years. Pluto is life transforming at a slow and deep process. In the coming years, Aquarius life will transform inside and outside. You will walk through fire, or so you will think, but once the process is over, your life will radiate a renewed quality. Do not be afraid. Do take care of your health in the coming years. You are ready to master life.

Meanwhile, Mars is continues to transit your fifth house of self expression until March 25. Have some fun and be direct with your words. Do not jump into any investment without doing your own research.

The full Moon March 7 brings abrupt endings to your life. Some of you will be ending significant relationships. Debts, both karmic and financial, are paid off. Sex can be great, but you must not obsess over the other person or get caught up in compulsive behavior. Take a logical approach to your emotional wounds and dilemmas and do not try to improve the ones you love. They can walk their own path.

The new Moon occurs March 21. The days leading up to this full Moon have been so busy with handling the daily details and routine that you need some time for fun. Use caution driving for a few days before, during and after this new Moon.
Best days 9,18,26,27


The first week of February is stressful due to the fact that the full Moon occurs in Aquarius’ seventh house of relationships. Aquarius now has to balance yourself with friends and enemies. By doing this you are able to grow closer to the all sorts of people. You just may find that you like some of the people you deemed unlikable. Do remember we came from the same spark of light and we really are one and the same. At the same time, your ruler, Uranus, is halfway between the Sun and the Moon creating surprises and the need to spread your wings away from even the people you love, dear Aquarius. Your impatience is growing, but you do have the ability to hold your temper and you will be glad you did just that. Take a deep breath, as you are entering one of the most transformative times in your life. Use caution, patience, and make it okay to spend time alone. The new Moon February 20 makes your five senses stronger than usual. Observe your surroundings and appreciate what you see. Then think about ways to make more income. Best days 10,18,27

January 2023
The best news for Aquarius in January is that Venus moves through this sign from January 2 to January 26. This is one of those times when your free spirit is a magnet for others. January 5, 8, and 29 are a great day to put down the top on your snowmobile and go for a ride.  January 14 brings up issues that entail one party wanting more freedom than the other. This can be a bump in the road kind of day for all sorts of relationships. Remember to keep your cool and take time off from the gym while Mars is retrograde until January 12. Allow others to be who they are while Mercury is retrograde until January 18. Do that which releases karma as opposed to creating karma.  The full Moon January 6 has Aquarius saying enough is enough where difficult bosses, clients, and helpers are concerned. Mind your health and watch what you eat and drink at this full Moon. Changes and repairs at home are successful. The new Moon January 21 brings a new sense of self ready to start anew. Best days 3,13,14,22,31