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Aquarius, Jan 19 - Feb 18

Oprah Winfrey 1/29 - Michael Jordan 2/17


Aquarius’ energy is high and your sense of wit will be on point keeping others laughing. Fun with children and honeys goes well. While you may worry about money or honeys around April 9, news and productivity outweighs those negative thoughts.When that happens, sit down, you don’t have to do it all this very minute. The new Moon April 11 occurs in the the third house of communications. New ways of doing just that are coming up in the weeks ahead. Information comes to light that shows Aquarius who is and who is not on Aquarius team. Venus moves into Taurus April 14 followed by Mercury and the Sun April 19. This shift in the planets puts Aquarius’ focus on family matters. Adjust to others needs April 24 and 25. That is a challenging time and you will feel like you have a burden to carry. The full Moon April 26 brings unexpected recognition in your work and Aquarius must strike a balance between you, your partners, your family and your work. Those born at the end of February and early March are strapped with chores but can get so much accomplished with hard work and perseverance. Best days 16, 25


Aquarius continues to deal with limitations in the face of innovations you wish to explore. Go ahead and explore, as the limitations will lose out to the expansive nature of life. Mars moving through Gemini bestows a big dose of enthusiasm and fun March 3 to April 23. Some of you will have a chance to get away while others have unexpected guests. Whatever you do, organize your house and your schedule so that you are able to ride the wave of events. Do not get shook up and blindsided by unexpected events. Such events will not be bad, especially if you are prepared for diversions and detours. Aquariuses born around February 1, are weighed down with responsibilities, while those of you born around February 10 have lots of opportunities to enjoy too much of what seems to be a good thing. Consider finances and do not over spend during March. The new moon March 13 happens in Aquarius’ second house of money and other creature comforts. This is a great time to make a money plan and a gratitude list. Be sure to state not just what you are grateful for, but also why you are thankful for that person or situation. Plan a bit of charity too. The full Moon March 28 brings up great ideas and opportunities to learn and expand your influence in your world. Have faith, even when news is challenging at March 23. Best days 1,10,20,29

February 2021

Tension and changes around Aquarius’ home and family have Aquarius irritated. Waiting for the green light is not so fun right now and you are ready to climb the garden wall literally and figuratively. The first week of February brings restrictions and responsibilities that Aquarius must endure. Relationships with family members or other people on your team brings up stress that will go away soon. Hang on and ride that wave as it will come and go quickly. In the meantime, do not make comments or decisions that cause you problems long term. Remember that Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until February 20, so you have a lot of sidestepping and redoing that must take place between now and mid March. The stuff that upsets you now will just be a memory of an experience in a few months. Aquarius has two years of maturing and redefining life in front of you at this point in time. Venus moves through Aquarius February 1-25. you will look good, even when a meltdown is happening. The new Moon February 11 is the beginning of a year of becoming a new Aquarius through diligence and innovation. Be the rebel, just don’t get arrested. A price must be paid for the change, but you do not want bail to be the price. The full Moon February 27 brings financial matters to a conclusion. The loan closes, you pay off another debt, or a partnership comes to a conclusion. Whatever the case, the changes and adjustments are inevitable, but the process will be uncomfortable at times. Mind your health and lifestyle habits around February 27. Best days 2,20


Aquarius is learning new ways to live, love, and learn. You just must read the manual so that you do not crash your life. Life is busy beginning January 7, but you must take time out to do the routine stuff, such as take the cat for its shots January 9/10. The days between January 6 and March 3 have Aquarius busy at home. Some of you are remodeling while others are moving. Home and family matters are sure to be busy and somewhat stressful. January 1,7,12,13, 20,21, and 26 are humdingers if you let yourself be affected by events that push Aquarius back. Otherwise, these are times when you can get much accomplished. Carry a fire extinguisher in your purse or backpack at that time. January 12 is a kick butt new Moon in your twelfth house. This means that if you do not get some rest over the next twenty-eight days, you are going to get your butt kicked in one way or another. Manage that inner dragon slayer with your inner monk that needs to sit in the temple. Mind the money this month and pay attention when your intuition says, “don’t do that”. People you love and people you hardly know are going to be trying to get their hands on your money. Monitor your credit and use caution when you get those spam calls. If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true. The full Moon January 28 brings endings and a juggling act in many relationships. If you are going to go where you want to go over this next year, you will have to leave some people behind. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius lasts from January 30 to February 20. Back up the computers and back off from starting anything new during that time. That includes elective surgery. Best days 5, 14