Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18

Recognition and success are at the door for Aquarius as Jupiter moves through your tenth house far into November 2018. Your career expands and Aquarius gets new jobs, awards, good publicity. Be willing to step onto the stage and accept the progress that presents itself to you. This is not the time to be shy, otherwise you miss out on fulfilling chances to reach your goals. In the short term this month, life generally goes well and you are able to travel and explore. Events happen that show you the big picture of life is expanding and changing. Do avoid behaviors that undermine your progress including doubting yourself, eating or drinking improperly and listening to people who want to bring you down. Play nice October 27. Best days 1,28


Aquarius is faced with challenges to your comfort level. That is cause for adjusting the way you relate to those you love and those you must deal with in business. Some Aquarians will have to redefine the terms of contracts. The way you handle your money is evolving and Aquarius must decide which expenses can remain and which are wasted resources. This is not just a financial adjustment but also a psychological project Aquarius is walking through now. Make the most of Jupiter's final days in Libra until October 10. You have until then to enjoy Jupiter's opportunities for travel, adventure, and self development that all take place easily if you jump into the flow and let it take you on its journey. Best days 4,12,30