Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18

January 2019

With four planets moving through Aquarius’ twelfth house you may have trouble sleeping. There is so much going on in your head that it will be a challenge to turn off your mind when you go to sleep. Turn your worries into productive thinking. Take time to recharge and consider what you can do to let go of the parts of Aquarius that cut you off at the knees. The new Moon/eclipse January 5 wants Aquarius to employ discipline in order to become more authentic. Meditation would be a great start but other spiritual practices could help you over the next six months. If you are musically or artistically talented find solace in that or some other talent you possess. The full Moon/eclipse January 20/21 occurs in Aquarius' seventh house of relationships. Somebody, hopefully not Aquarius, is going to have a fit. Relationships that are on the brink of ending find their tipping point in this eclipse. In the coming months you will clean out your address book and let go in order that new people can come into your life. Use caution driving and do not let other peoples’ blockades deter your sense of well being. Best day 7