Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18


Continue to play catch-up and consider where you think you want to make your next life move. Sleep when you can and try to remain cool and collected May 6 and 7. At mid month Aquarius begins to tap into resources and inspiration that you were not aware was available. Uranus moving into Taurus brings unsettling situations and change in life direction. Many of you will be moving away from family and familiar situations both literally and figuratively. This is especially true for Aquarius born in late January. Abrupt decisions and incidents happen at mid month. Use caution and check the house before you head out. Aquarius will be called upon to lead a group or help out a friend at month's end. Best day 25th


Use the first half of April to clear the clutter off your desk and out of your mind. Some of the small details will tend to become big challenges while Mercury is retrograde. Miscommunications are sure to occur but once the new Moon comes to pass April 15, Aquarius gets back to being your productive inventive self. Reconsider your work path and do not take on more responsibility than is realistic. Guests at home and tasks at work must not get under your skin. If that happens you will grudgingly move through the month. With all this, the full Moon occurs April 29 in your tenth house and you do not want to have a scowl on your face when the spotlight shines on Aquarius. Best days 9,10,18,19


Work out the dynamics between yourself and people with whom you share something in common. Consider how you feel with the one you are closest to at this time. Perhaps you realize that you are done with one situation but should go back to another. Many of you will have cash outlays in order to come to terms with a particular ending. The future seems to be on hold but that won't be forever. You have tasks to complete between March 8 and July 10 before you can go to the next step this year. The steps you take now are just part of preparation for the new cycles that begin in 2020 and 2024. Do what is comfortable not what you think you should do. Best days 13,14,31


February is exciting for Aquarius in the sense that you begin to be a new person. The new Moon eclipse February 15 is especially powerful for you as it is a supercharged new beginning. Your work and career will expand exponentially and you whether you know it or not, people in places of power will be pulling the right strings to advance your life and work. Mercury in Aquarius has you busy handling details in innovative ways that can make your life easier. Just remember that you cannot be too self-absorbed or detached such that other people are put off by Aquarius' ambition and resolutions. February 8 brings challenges from parents and authorities. Socializing brings good business beginning February 10. Choose your words wisely February 23. Best days 4,14,15

January 2018
As the new year rolls in Aquarius is looking in the mirror taking inventory and many of you will swear to a new diet and exercise program. Don't blame the holidays or anyone else for your situation. Some have had it at work but it is wise to think twice before walking out the door. Talk over your life with an adult before you do something that is not in your best interest. This month is especially ripe for a bit of wild behavior. Tests with love and or business partners are ahead. The relationships that are complete will go away in months to come. Some will leave with a bang. This is all about Aquarius finding a balance between yourself and the people around you. Best days 17,18,27