Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18


Aquarius is adjusting to the needs of others. This is not a big deal and you can take the shifts in stride. Your plans will have to be put on hold until after mid month. However, the road of life will be less rocky beginning October 4. Just continue purging your soul of that which you do not need and all will be fine. Family members come up with good but surprising news. Look out for all types of surprises that will catch you off guard. Group dynamics are a challenge September 5. Money matters come up at the full Moon September 14. A friend will need help. Avoid eating too many sweets at mid month. Aquarius is the one to settle the debate September 21. You will just have the solution for others. When it comes to doing what’s right for you, eats and drink the good stuff sparingly. The new Moon September 28 brings Aquarius opportunities to learn and travel and think lofty thoughts. Be sure to write them down. Best days 10,11,20,28


Relationships; the good, the bad, the love, maybe even the hate, are on Aquarius' plate this month. Strike a balance with others or your boat will tip over. You will become aware of the limitations others bring to your life. Some people will be worth the compromise and others get the boot as you have different codes of ethics. Family and work will vie for Aquarius' attention August 7. By the full Moon August 15 you are sure about who you are and what is good for you. More than one Aquarius will be heard loudly across the planet August 15. As the month moves on, Aquarius will be forced to adjust to circumstances that are out of your control. Get used to being in the gear called accommodating until Fall. Those natives born at the very end of January and the beginning of any February must continue to accept uncertainty as a way of life for now. It will be okay and you will be inspired once you land from the changes you are experiencing. Best days 5,14,24


The new and full Moon eclipses put Aquarius’ focus on your lifestyle and rejuvenation. The new Moon July 2 gives you an extra oomph to restart your diet. Consider the best foods for yourself. Establish a new daily routine that includes nurturing Aquarius. Find more efficient ways to do your work and look for ways to serve your fellow beings here on earth. You do love your groups so maybe it is time to be a leader. At the same time Mars is moving through your seventh house until mid August. Relationships are stimulating. Problems can arise, but they are quickly resolved it you find common ground with the other person. This includes philosophical differences with coworkers around July 9. The full Moon eclipse July 16 occurs in your twelfth house. Aquarius is going to need time alone. This could be a great time to find a retreat and unplug from the world. Secrets and hidden information bring Aquarius to new awarenesses. Information comes to light that helps you on your quest to lead that new life you want. The second new Moon of the month brings new relationships to Aquarius. Turn the page in the way you live and who you let into your life in the months to come. Best days 8,18,27


Life and your back are a bit compressed. Aquarius is in a deep process of transformation. Your emotional and physical self are changing. Alter your lifestyle so that you feel better and can get back to being physically active. It is very important that Aquarians do not overexert. Work is very hectic and it is best if Aquarians keep their head down doing what you do at the office. Do not insert yourself into situations that are not your responsibility. The new Moon June 3 brings pleasure and fun. Your words and actions can take you far over the next few weeks as long as you think before speaking. June 10 does bring a bump in the road because someone else is in a snit. Don’t respond to anger with any thing but kindness and cooperation at that time. The full Moon June 17 makes you stand out in the group but you may not want the attention. Friends are a handful at that time so just float between the big waves. Surprising family news shakes you up June 25. Use caution driving at that time. Best days 2,3,30


The Sun and Uranus followed by Mercury and Venus move through Taurus this month agitating Aquarius to take actions of all sorts. Some of you will actually be moving and those of you born during the last week of January are challenged by surprises. You have the bravado to tackle what needs to be done but that will not be easy. May is a good time to fall back on your spiritual practices for help and support. If you don’t have a practice start one now. This includes meditation, yoga or any activity that plugs you into your inner guidance. Even biking or lifting weights could be the focus you need. The new Moon May 4 pulls Aquarius into talents you have not explored and the need to be at home at least for a bit. However, the full Moon May 18 makes it evident that you must make choices between your work and your family. Recognition comes at work. Hopefully you have done a good job and that will bring you praise. Otherwise, take some time off until everyone forgets about that big mixup. Plan for fun before mid month as work and life really get busy at that time. One day will be smooth sailing and the next day can be a shipwreck. Roll with the tide and you will get through May. Embrace the uncertainty. Best days 6,7,15,24


Aquarius has an abundance of energy to play and have fun through mid May. Use caution though when backing out of the driveway around April 22. You may forget to look before hitting the accelerator. The new Moon April 5 wants Aquarius to pay attention to what is going on in your general vicinity of you. Pay attention to what your siblings and neighbors are doing so you do not get any surprises. April is a great time for learning and taking exams. Communication is important but don’t just talk about yourself. Hone your listening skills, it will help you get what you want because you know what others are thinking and needing. Generally speaking, you can accomplish what you want to do done without too much trouble. As the month progresses allow the adventure of life to happen. Don’t look for a logical reason for everything, it just may be spirit taking you by the hand. Chill out when home and family matters erupt April 26. Best days 9,27


Uranus moves into Aquarius’ fourth house of home and family March 6 and moves through that house over the next seven years. Unexpected events and decisions regarding your home life will occur. Do not immediately think this is a bad thing. You could end up living in a house on the weird home tour or someplace exotic that you never could have imagined. Aquarius will undergo sudden changes that may or may not be under your control. Those of you born in the first few days of this sign are immediately feeling the effects of Uranus. Embrace the adventure. There will be periods where you simply do not have the information to make a decision. Speaking of making a decision, Mercury is retrograde in your second house of money and other comforts March 5 to 28. The new Moon March 6 occurs in the same house and conjunct confusing but inspirational Neptune. Over the lunar cycle that begins March 6 and ends April 4, you want to avoid making financial or emotional decisions. This may be difficult because Mars moving through Taurus all month has Aquarius feeling impatient. When circumstances and people say, “no”, heed the message. Otherwise, those of you who are head strong will create headaches for yourself. Consider the big picture of your life at the full Moon March 20 and give thanks for your blessings. This goes double for those of you born right around January 20-23. Best days 4,13,21,30,31


Aquarius has an intense first few days this month. There is a lot to accomplish and power struggles will get in the way. The new Moon February 4 is at fifteen degrees Aquarius and loosely sextile Jupiter. The lunar cycle that begins now can be productive especially if you think independently and out of the box. Good things happen under this new Moon for Aquarius so make wishes and plans and put them into action after 3:04 pm CST. Explosive conversations and accidents can happen on the 13th. Use caution driving and watch out for what the other drivers are doing. Mars moves through Taurus February 14 - March 31. During this time home and family matters get jazzed and even heated. Lots of action is taking place around your home as you do repairs. People will be coming and going. While Mars moves through Taurus it will be square to Aquarius. This stressful aspect can get many tasks accomplished or lead to arguments and quarrels. Do not push others so hard such that they consider Aquarius a pain in the neck. Take responsibility for those who need assistance February 18. Someone may need a ride to the doctor. The full Moon in Virgo February 19 requires Aquarius to consider what your partner's need in relation to you. Some of you will be finalizing payments and ending partnerships in the days after the full Moon. Love is in the air late in the month. Romantic encounters can and will happen. Money matters must be handled before Mercury goes retrograde March 5. Best days 3,4,5,14

January 2019

With four planets moving through Aquarius’ twelfth house you may have trouble sleeping. There is so much going on in your head that it will be a challenge to turn off your mind when you go to sleep. Turn your worries into productive thinking. Take time to recharge and consider what you can do to let go of the parts of Aquarius that cut you off at the knees. The new Moon/eclipse January 5 wants Aquarius to employ discipline in order to become more authentic. Meditation would be a great start but other spiritual practices could help you over the next six months. If you are musically or artistically talented find solace in that or some other talent you possess. The full Moon/eclipse January 20/21 occurs in Aquarius' seventh house of relationships. Somebody, hopefully not Aquarius, is going to have a fit. Relationships that are on the brink of ending find their tipping point in this eclipse. In the coming months you will clean out your address book and let go in order that new people can come into your life. Use caution driving and do not let other peoples’ blockades deter your sense of well being. Best day 7