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Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18


Aquarius is committing to terms with situations, attitudes, and behaviors that contribute to unhappiness or ill health. This is a process that started awhile back and will continue even after August. Once you recognize and address the problem areas and attitudes you must correct your behavior. As that happens your work and your relationships will improve. This includes getting out of a bad relationship, job, or even the place you live. Your ability and desire to have healthy relationships of all sorts grows in months to come. Expect new relationships to knock on your door for the rest of the year. In the short term through September 5, Aquarius must intuitively know when to speak up and when to hold your own counsel. Best days 16,25


Aquarius does have the time and energetic resources to tackle just about anything you set your mind to accomplish. Do not ignore your health, though, as aches and pains and fevers are asking Aquarius to tend to some condition. Those who ignore the signals are sure to be sidelined with a fever or some other condition designed to make Aquarius slow down. July 20 - September 5 require Aquarius to ask for help when needed and to make adjustments to accommodate others. People will be demanding at times and Aquarius must be careful to be socially correct with children, their friends, and even your special someone. Attend that event that’s a bore in order to make someone else happy in the latter part of July. Best days 11,19


Jupiter, retrograde since February 5, goes direct and creates situations that cause life to run smoothly. Travel, education, and optimism generally make life bright for Aquarius in the days until October 10. In this month of June, though, Aquarius is warned that you may feel a bit lazy. That’s okay and you probably need some time off but don't avoid the stuff that has to be done. Your work load will increase over the next six to seven weeks. You will have to adjust to a full routine and will need to work alone in many cases just because coworkers have been so difficult. Tend to your health and do not ignore the signs that you are getting sick when and if they appear. Best days 3,13,14


Mars in Gemini trine your Sun will help you make your goals come true with ease. Sports and other physical activities are favored and romance is supercharged as Aquarius is able to express what you want with sincerity. At the same time, family matters can be pressing and demand your attention especially at mid month. The full Moon brings recognition, but maybe not the kind you want. Cover all the bases so that when the limelight comes to Aquarius, you won't appear to be a sour lemon for doing a bad job. The new Moon May 25 calls for Aquarius to follow your heart's desire. Do something fun and don't let detours and delays drag you down in the second half of the month. Best days 7,17,25,26


Aquarius has been busy working to get your ambitions accomplished especially where home and family matters are concerned. You have probably stepped on a few toes on the way. Once the calendar passes April 21 it will all go much smoother and you will be able to get a point across without irritating the very people you wish to influence. Get home projects started before Mercury goes retrograde April 9. Otherwise, they will be an ongoing hassle. The daily routine is less than routine as you have to jump through hoops and hindrances that are thrown your way. Be sure to leave lots of time for delays when going anywhere April 20 to May 4. Backup the computers and then back them up again. Best days 1, 20, 28


Many Aquarius are thinking about a budget while others are concerned about how to earn more money. Pay off debts and figure out ways to balance give and take in your most intimate relationships. Consider ways to become indispensable to bosses and clients. Once Mars moves into Aquarius' fourth house, March 9, home and family matters take precedence over just about everything else. Hold off on home repairs until May if possible. Otherwise, they will tend to break the budget and may not be fixed with just one attempt. While Mars moves through Taurus until April 21 you are sure to be challenged by other people and their ideas. Use your intuitive thinking to allay detractors. Do not lose your cool and drive carefully. Best days 4,5,24


Aquarius is faced with relationships that are both wonderful and challenging. Events take place that cause this sign to pause and consider whether you want to continue with some partnership or to head for the escape hatch. Consider the past several months and how you may have lost your way and especially your balance. Are you giving more than taking or are you taking more than giving? In most cases friends have been aloof but their behavior has nothing to do with Aquarius. Friends’ actions, though, are enough to push Aquarius into new and more rewarding relationships that serve the new you. The new Moon eclipse February 26 brings Aquarius new and wonderful money making ideas and situations in the next six months. Best days 5,15,24


In the days until January 19, Aquarius is wise to spend time alone and take stock of the past year before your birthday arrives. Consider where you want to go over the next year and how you wish to accomplish those goals. Work and health are particularly important at mid month when you are faced with challenges especially in your daily routine. Employ ways to be efficient and take steps to guard your health with healthy emotional boundaries. Money matters are stressful through January 28 if you are not actively working to bring in more income. If more money is going in than coming out, just know that this is not permanent. Do what it takes to feel comfortable in all aspects of life. Best days 1, 27, 28


Aquarius is able to tackle life with extra energy and still bring home the bacon and do the dishes. The first week of the December is especially productive for travel and education. Give thanks for what you have in the face of being so busy you hardly have a moment for yourself. Many Aquarius will travel at Christmas but do remember to take a carryon as Mercury is retrograde and luggage will be lost and delays are sure to occur. Friendships and joint efforts are full of surprises. Handle the partnership you have on the table and do not venture into new ones until after Mercury goes direct January 8. Consider insurance and tax matters and relax when you feel uncomfortable and worried about your security. Best days 4, 12,13,21,31