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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20

Carrie Underwood 3/10 - Adam Levine 3/18


Pisces has much to do around home and family until April 23. Some of you are fixing up the place while others are contending with repairs to the house and the family. Get some rest when you feel exhausted in the days around April 9. Whatever worries you, Pisces, it works out at the end of the month. Meanwhile, listen to your inner voice. It is talking to Pisces and wants Pisces to listen and act April 10, 15, and 17. You just may be guided to a financial or spiritual windfall. At the very least do some financial research to empower yourself. You may not like what you are hearing April 24/25 but still know that you are tuned into the universal vibes. The new Moon calls for Pisces to take measures that make you more comfortable. In the weeks after the new Moon difficult friends are difficult. Do not be manipulated by your honey’s friends or children. The full Moon brings surprise news April 26. Use caution when taking short trips such as the market or even across the living room. Best days 8,9,18


Lucky Pisces has Venus moving through this sign until March 21. This transit could alleviate some of the social challenges you have experienced in the recent past. Stirring the pot may have sullied your reputation, but Pisces can make some social progress March 3,4,12,18, 22, 29, 30, and 31. Use those dates to express compassion for all your people. Mercury moves into Pisces March 15, so avoid gossip through April 3. Don’t even listen to gossip. Mars moves through Gemini March 3 to April 23. This is pertinent because Mars at this angle is sure to bring Pisces the agony of defeat or the ecstasy of achieving a goal. Mars can be pushy and bossy. Do not be that. Stay calm and methodical so that your push forward does not create a push back especially from men. Pisces can and must get lots of stuff done during this time. Tread lightly March 9 and 20 so that you do not shoot yourself in the foot because your words are out of line. The new Moon March 13 is a big new beginning for Pisces in that you can initiate your ideals and dreams for your life. However, be realistic when visualizing your desires because they will put you to a test. The full Moon March 28 offers opportunities to help people and pets. Some of you will be able to rest a bit and calm your mind. Do use caution driving in the days just prior and after the full Moon March 28. At that same time, neighbors and siblings are a source of distress. Chill out and do not let others rock your boat. This is a time to smile and say nothing. Best days 12,22,31

February 2021

Pisces must take a big time out. Introspection is the key to get through February. You have just been dragged through a portal, most likely kicking and screaming, but retreat you must. It is time to recharge and get real with you, dear Pisces. Identify your misconceptions and recognize that they are just concepts gone awry. Though you are uncomfortable in one way or another, your needs are and will be met. Come back to now and begin a new wellness routine for yourself at the new Moon February 11. This includes yoga, meditation, shock therapy, or a dry martini. A new purse will make you smile, so do that for yourself. The events of life will continue to be momentous. Fasten the seat belt and have some hankies handy for the big events. I hear you thinking, “is it bad?” Roll with life and do not take yourself or your circumstances too seriously. The full Moon brings your lifestyle, diet, and health into focus. Take a cooking or herb class. Herbs will do wonders for you, Pisces. Best days 13,14,22


Pisces are wise to ponder but not obsess over the “what ifs”. You can actually opt to turn your confusion into inspiration by listening to your inner voice. It is going to have a lot to say in the coming weeks and months and will often do so through your dreams. Once the first week of January passes, Pisces has a very busy routine. Many of you have a lot to do and will be getting out and about more than in the past year. Drive safely and lighten up on the accelerator both literally and figuratively. Avoid arguments and minding the neighbors’ business January 8 and 9. You will lose the battle and it all will not come off well for you, Pisces. All sorts of accidents can occur through the beginning of March. Pay attention to what you are doing so that you don’t cut yourself while dicing a tomato or carving a friend with your words. January 20 is especially ripe for accidents and impatient behavior. Big plans take place January 22 and 23, but just be sure you wear sensible shoes for whatever fun you plan for that time. Surprises daunt Pisces January 26, but if you are able to roll with the waves you won’t get seasick and vomit. The new Moon January 12 brings new friends through groups and structured events while the full Moon insists you get some rest. A bit of foot reflexology will do you just fine. You are ripe for accidents again at the full Moon. Avoid tripping and falling. At the same time button your lip. Listening is better than spreading your opinion at the full Moon. You will have your say, just not this month. Best days 8, 16, 17, 26

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