Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20


Jupiter moves through Pisces' ninth house starting a year long period where Pisces is looking to the big picture of life. Petty matters and people have little power to affect how you feel or react to situations. Travel and education are favored as are relations with people from far away. Difficult in-laws become docile and those of you who like to write find that the words drop out of your fingers onto the keyboard. Publishing your works is very probable. Avoid accidents and bad moods through October 22. Try to remain calm in the face of people who tend to agitate Pisces. October and November call for you to make adjustments in life. The next thirteen months can generally go well with some growing pains. Best days 3,11,20,21,30


Everybody knows how Pisces feels as this sign cannot hide their true feelings. You will be working to balance how you feel and your needs with the needs of those you love and those people you have to deal with daily. Balance is an important word and process. If Pisces is out of balance you will go overboard and regret your words or actions. Go with the flow and know when to speak up and when to hold your cards close. There will be misunderstandings so Pisces must not assume anything. Be very clear and very kind when making your position clear with others. Don't just whine, make a plan to move on in life past the people and situations that do not support your individuality. Best days 14,23

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