Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20


March opens with Pisces forging a balance between yourself and other people. You will notice that some people oppose your ideas and you in general. Stay true to yourself and plug away getting your agenda accomplished. March 10 is particularly sensitive so take a deep breath and don't join in the argument. March is not all tough as you are able to feel better at about being independent in the face of faltering friendships. Many people will float away over the next couple of years but that just leaves room for new and better buddies to come into your realm. In the days until July you will be cleaning out the closet of worn out philosophies. Pisces may want to do a liver detox. Best days 5,6,15,16


Plans and adventures come to fruition. Travel is illuminating and for those that do travel, you will have cool experiences. Whether Pisces travels abroad or stays in the backyard, this is the time for you to take stock of where you have been in life thus far. Endings and completions will happen now and even in the coming months. The new Moon eclipse February 15 in Pisces' twelfth house shuttles in several months of making peace with yourself. There will be people and situations that require your compassion and maybe even a ride to the doctor's office. The good works you do will bring about the recognition and accomplishments Pisces desires. Fighting for your cause is right but you will have to withstand opposition and possibly defamation. Best days 6,16,17,25,26

January 2018

Pisces is considering the ideal way to proceed in life since you no longer have the restrictions of Saturn limiting your every move since 2015. The responsibilities of the holiday season are over so kick up your heels New Years Day and into the first week of the year. Pisces with children are really busy early throughout the month. Many of you will be quite social. The beginning of the end of many relationships is coming and there will be great new friends coming in the three years ahead. January is a social month. Late in the month and early in February take time for your health. Don't like what you see in the mirror? Stop complaining and get moving on a makeover. Best days 1,10,19,20,21,29

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