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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20

Carrie Underwood 3/10 - Adam Levine 3/18


Surrender to the desire to be lazy. Pisces is halfway through your solar year, so take this time to sit and ponder what you want to do with the months until your next birthday. The full Moon in Pisces September 10 along with Mars squaring your ruler, Neptune, bring drama and lies. Pause before responding. Recognize that some people try to manipulate Pisces with lies and deceit. Consider the people you associate with and recognize that when you lie with dogs you will get fleas. It is time to call out the disinformation that people expect you to believe. Mercury retrograde insists that Pisces be the bearer of truth. Get in touch with the true you and proceed from that spot. The new Moon September 25 ushers in the emotional need to be empowered. Ways for you to empower yourself are to make a budget or set boundaries with scoundrels and other difficult people. Consider what makes other people tick and determine who can and who cannot stay in your life. Muster your logic and leave the emotions out of your decisions now. Best days 5,9,10,19, 28


Please be careful driving and any other moving around the planet during the first several days of August. Think before speaking and do soothing things for yourself, dear Pisces. Adjust your diet and do not get overbooked. Do spend money on health products. Perhaps your favorite skin care line is on sale. This is a time when spending more for who knows what, actually can be in your best interest. There is a lot of reality going around on August 7, 11, 14 and 28. You will have to step up to the plate and do nice things for people that you do not like. Tell yourself that is good karma because it is good for your soul and a gateway to some optimism. Home is very busy beginning August 20. Repairs and guests seem to come to your door at the same time and both are sure to be a bit inconvenient. The new Moon August 27 brings friends who can sit at the other end of the boat and balance Pisces. Home and family take precedence in the months until late next March. Best days 5,13,22,23


Money matters and stresses with controlling friends come and go at the onset of July. Money worries are here so that you can process yourself out of lack and into abundance. Your thoughts are way worse than your circumstances where money and comfort are concerned. The daily routine becomes very busy and productive beginning July 5. Watch your words and the other drivers, so as to avoid conflicts and car wrecks. Worries over sibling and neighbors come when Pisces speaks without thinking. Get the house in order for unexpected guests. June 16 and 17 are wonderful days to row your boat down the stream knowing that life is but a dream. The full Moon July 13 signals a time to schedule mellow and ideal activities. The new Moon in Leo July 28 calls for new ways of thriving as opposed to living. Treat yourself to some luxury during the final days of July. Best days 7, 24

June 2022

Dealing with the past and finding closure is the current way to harmony. That can be said of any person, but this is a big-time theme for Pisces. You are sensitive and compassionate and sometimes the total opposite of that depending on your personal chart. Consider the time that has passed and your role in that life scenario. Then, think about it objectively. Do everything you can do to recognize that all the stuff that is a bother is just a thought you have brought into reality. Pisces is at a vibrational turning point. Money is a concern; possibly, more is going out than coming to you. It is a cycle. The peak has happened. Educate yourself and take control of your money. Worrying is not useful behavior. Reach out to those that are close. June is always a time when home and family are a challenge. Staying at home is a good thing now. Best days 2,29

May 2022

Pisces is full of determination to get what you want. Some of you are outraged and others are passionate and sexy. Choose passionate and sexy over determined and angry as that makes May so much more fun. Pisces will get so much accomplished in your daily routine. Let go of plans and ideals that no longer work. The full Moon May 15 calls for Pisces to let go of useless dogma that no longer serve you, dear Pisces. Have faith in you and do not try to fit in with in-laws or neighbors who do not support you. Open your self to new ways of thinking and being in the coming months. Envision new miracles in your life. The old ones are frayed and worn out. Mind your money especially beginning May 25. Take action and learn how better to invest your nest egg. It is time to pay off the bills so that you can travel. Money and comfort are growing. The new Moon brings plans for home repairs and updates. Best days 6,23

April 2022

The new Moon brings Pisces new ways to find comfort and solace. This same new Moon April 1 compels Pisces to start a budget. There is no room for fear of not having enough money or other resources. Focus on lack and that is just what you will receive, dear Pisces. Instead, consider the endings that are coming. Let go of past issues with in-laws, teachers, neighbors, and siblings. This is a good time to listen to the song, LET IT GO. Let your pain and ego hurts go. The more you clear out the drama, the more you thrive. The full Moon April 16 brings psychological shifts and endings with partners of all sorts. Adjust the way you deal with those with whom you share life or resources. This is a wonderful time to do something charitable. That activity helps Pisces just as much as the recipients of your generosity are helped. The new Moon eclipse April 30 brings surprising news and new ways to get your message out to your circle of life. Take a computer class to keep up with the world and take off those rose colored glasses. Best days 5,6,15,24


Set goals in motion and stop bellyaching that the stuff you want to happen has not happened. Pisces has the ability now to connect with people from the past, but you must do so using new ways of communication. The words and phrases you have used in the past did not work then, and they will not work now. People from the past will reconnect and you will consider going back to old routines but that will not last permanently. Socialize with new types of people and embrace ideas the you have shunned in the past. New and different works better for Pisces. Yes, you may feel like life is moving sideways and money may be a bit slow, but that is not a permanent situation. Enjoy the down time when it comes. The full Moon March 18 creates a great foundation for partnerships and teamwork. Pisces is the driving force for others to accomplish their goals. Lead wisely and hold off on idle chit chat March 9 and 20. Surprising messages happen March 17. Drive carefully in the days before, around, and just after March 22. Inspiration and confusion happen March 23. Pay attention to your surroundings at that time. Money matters and financial plans come into play beginning March 26. Helping others at the end of the month is no fun, but do yourself a favor and help those who need Pisces. It will save you from remorseful thinking in the long run. Opportunities are knocking. Best days 3,12,21,29,30

February 2022

Close the door on the world and find peace within. This is especially true during the first four days of February. If you are tired, rest, because your community, groups, and friends need Pisces’ leadership and participation. You just seem to have the answers that motivate others early on and later in February. Pisces has unique ideas that get the job done with success February 8. February 11 brings dissension and power struggles. People who wanted your help are sure to buck your plans at that time, but by the end of the month, Pisces is the golden one who everyone loves. The full Moon February 16 brings projects to a successful completion, but you will know that it is time to get back to taking care of you, dear Pisces. Get back on the healthy regimen. Consider the psychology that can keep you on a healthy track. Recharge at the full Moon February 16. Friendships start a new cycle at the full Moon and some friendships become deeper and more meaningful. Those who have stepchildren are challenged to be kind. The opportunity to adopt someone or something comes to Pisces. Money stresses come and go. Use a spiritual approach to cope with your fear of lack. You will be provided for in every way when you express gratitude. Best days 3,4,13,22

January 2022

Lucky Pisces now has Jupiter moving through your sign until May and then again later in the year. Life will be full and maybe you can feel optimistic. Your reputation grows, but so will your waist if you do not exercise discipline. Venus retrograde until January 29 compels Pisces to review your commitments to group efforts and individual friends. Keep in mind that it is okay for you to let go of the people who no longer share your same ideals and goals. Like everyone else, people come from the past to connect and in many cases, give Pisces closure. New friends are coming and so are new groups who share your passion. The full Moon January 17 brings up the need to get something off your chest and balance the imbalances between you and others including children or your special squeeze. Do not overdo your activities at mid-month. Otherwise, aches and pains and accidents sideline dear Pisces. When life pushes back this month, take that as a sign to slow down for sharp curves. The final day of January is the beginning of a quest for awareness and wisdom. Seek a guide and you will be guided. Ultimately you will be the guide, dear Pisces. Best days 6,16, 26


Check those moody blues at the door December 8. Pisces is like a sponge and you must discern your feelings from the feelings of the rest of the world. This becomes especially true beginning December 19 when friendships become confusing. Let those people be who they need to be and the bond becomes easier. Yes, you have a lot to accomplish in the weeks and days between mid-December and the last week of January. These are the days to reach for recognition, but Pisces must do so while leaving the high conflict behavior at home. Otherwise, Pisces becomes the one to avoid. Use compassion with bullies at work. You must stay above the fray. The new Moon eclipse brings changes to your future including new bosses and jobs that are full of more responsibility and more money later in 2022. Family and your home environment call Pisces’ attention December 19. Pisces will have to balance family matters with career. The holidays always seem to be a stressful time for some and this December is Pisces’ turn. Do your own thing and do not try to make sure everyone else happy. Consider every word and every action and do not let your responses be a reaction. Let them be a response. Friendships and teamwork require the most patience through late January. Best days 2,20


The past few months have been difficult for Pisces. Many of you have dealt with life-or-death matters. November is a bit smoother and more productive. November 2 is one of the harder days. You may want to stay home under the covers. The new Moon in Scorpio November 4 brings busy days and thoughts of travel. In the days until the new Moon December 4, you will want to question people and situations in which you put your faith. Give thanks for your blessings. The full Moon eclipse November 19 brings many tasks and lots of paperwork to tend. Contend with challenging siblings and in-laws in months ahead. Arguments and dissension are hard to avoid. Keep an eye on the stuff of life, that is a source of comfort and discomfort. November is not the time to loan out money as it will hard to get the money repaid. Use caution driving at the middle of November. Allow yourself to tap into your creative spiritual self November 12, 18, 28 and 30. These days should generally be the best days of the month for Pisces. Best 5,13,22,23


Pisces is forced to make adjustments to the events that are out of Pisces' control. The events that are taking place in your outer world are an expression of the psychological shift that is taking place inside of all Pisces. While the childhood song says that life is but a dream, many Pisces think that life is dreamy and that is not always the case. Tend to practical matters that are currently difficult. Once Mercury goes direct October 18, tackle new dilemmas. The new Moon October 6 ushers in a new psychological you, dear Pisces. Tend to taxes and insurance matters as well as partnership issues that must be sorted. The full Moon October 20 occurs in the second house of money and other creature comforts. Leading up to and including the full Moon, Pisces must balance your income with expenditures. Make a budget and do not loan money to anyone. Do what makes you feel content as opposed to what someone else needs or demands. Clear out the cobwebs of stuff that no longer works. The biggest task is coming to terms with self-sabotaging behavior. Once October 22 arrives, Pisces moves onto smoother roads and faster lanes of life. Best days 8,19


September opens with Mars in your house of relationships opposite your ruler, Neptune. Remember Neptune last transited Pisces 1848 to 1862 and is there now. The first few days of this month are ones where you may feel out of balance in your relationships. Ideals and the ability to love unconditionally are tested. Resolving relationships challenges are not easy and legal matters are a disappointment. This occurs briefly again September 13 and 14 but resolution occurs at the full Moon September 20. Once Venus moves into the ninth house September 11, Pisces should give thanks even for those difficult friends and in-laws who want to tell you how to live your life. Never you mind those dogmatic people, their karma will eventually choke them. Pisces is looking great, so dress for success and romance. Difficulties occur at the middle of September because responsibilities are almost unbearable. However, the final days of September bring you back to that splendor in the grass. Best days 2,11,19


August opens with challenges for Pisces. Rise up to any obstacle and do not give up the cause. Current events leave as quick as they arrive. Drink that beer as opposed to crying in it because the month has just started and you need support in order to balance you with the needs of the others around you, dear Pisces. Relationships of all sorts must be addressed with finesse. You can shoot the messenger or invite them in for dessert. The latter is the best tact because you want to win others over to your way of thinking. Brow beating anyone does not work in the days until the middle of next month. Make peace with those you love and those you cannot suffer. Pisces is going through a bit of a low and must face disappointments here and there. It is all part of the fact that you are in a time of completion between now and March 2023. Don’t roll your eyes, new beginnings can happen between now and then. Your feelings about your friends and your goals are shifting to a deeper and more spiritual level. The new Moon August 8 calls for Pisces to begin a new way of doing work, taking care of your body, and leading your life in general. The full Moon August 22 is cause for time alone in the cave. Secrets come to life and health matters must be addressed at that time. Yes, you will live another day so that you can weigh the 100,000 dilemmas you tend to create. It will all be okay.

Best days 5th


Pisces is being nudged to make changes in your consciousness. Take a look at the sudden and surprising events that show you the current way is not working. This includes relationships with friends, sibling, neighbors and coworkers. Perhaps you cannot abide by their behavior, but do realize those people are reflecting back to you just what you need to know about you dear, Pisces. As you clear out the misconceptions about life this time around, you will find that the going gets less tough. Do drive carefully July 3 and watch your words at that time. The weight of responsibility July 6/7 comes and goes quickly. There are changes to the daily counting July 8. As the month progresses past the July 21, Pisces will need to balance your needs with the needs of those you love and those you do not like. Take the high road July 24 and 25, as everyone is not operating from the same experience as you, Pisces. Otherwise, you will receive big push backs beginning July 29 and into August. There is no need to fan any flame as your eyebrows will get burned off in an instant. Jump at the opportunity to help someone at the full Moon July 23. Best days 9,27


Jupiter has dipped into Pisces giving you a preview of what to expect beginning late December. Opportunities and travel are presented to Pisces through July 28. Watch what you eat as one of the side effects of a Jupiter transit is weight gain. Since Mars is moving through Pisces sixth house, this sign is wise to take action to improve your personal habits including your diet. The work and activities you do at your job and in the community is sure to be hectic. Behave and do not interfere or direct others unless they ask for help. Otherwise, Pisces will have months of sorting out messes that could be avoided if you go with the flow in the days until late July. Handle small details especially where home and family matters are concerned. Mercury retrograde is looking for you, Pisces, so be on the lookout for details you have missed that can kick you in the butt. The new Moon eclipse June 10 calls for repairs, maintenance, and even a move for some but you will not be ready to move forward on any project related to home or family until after June 22. The full Moon June 24 brings endings to friendships and the groups or teams in which you associate and play. This same full Moon offers opportunities to reach goals you have wanted and to be the team captain or leader. Stop worrying about money it will always come through sooner or later. Recognition for jobs well done come to Pisces this month and next. Best days 1,11,12, 29


Pisces is ready to roar and let everyone know how you feel. Your opinions and feelings are generally well received. Pisces has the desire and the energy to have fun. With social Venus and chatty Mercury moving through the fourth house of home and family, you will be opening your home to guests. Some guests are welcome while others are difficult. Mind your tongue, even when they do not mind their manners. Plans for maintenance and sprucing up your home must be started before Mercury goes retrograde May 29. Otherwise, the whole process will be a fiasco. The new Moon May 11 brings all sorts of messages and new ways of communication. Maybe it is time to learn to use TikTok. You could be a star. Discussions about money matters are necessary. The full Moon eclipse May 26 brings recognition in your work. You may not want some of that recognition. For many Pisces, this eclipse is the start of you moving onto another job or profession. Do not dismiss in-laws’ behavior. They are up to something. The full Moon is especially potent for Pisces born in late February and early March. Jupiter dips into Pisces May 13 to July 28. This will give you a glimpse of the good stuff to come next year. Best days 5,6,15,16


Pisces has much to do around home and family until April 23. Some of you are fixing up the place while others are contending with repairs to the house and the family. Get some rest when you feel exhausted in the days around April 9. Whatever worries you, Pisces, it works out at the end of the month. Meanwhile, listen to your inner voice. It is talking to Pisces and wants Pisces to listen and act April 10, 15, and 17. You just may be guided to a financial or spiritual windfall. At the very least do some financial research to empower yourself. You may not like what you are hearing April 24/25 but still know that you are tuned into the universal vibes. The new Moon calls for Pisces to take measures that make you more comfortable. In the weeks after the new Moon difficult friends are difficult. Do not be manipulated by your honey’s friends or children. The full Moon brings surprise news April 26. Use caution when taking short trips such as the market or even across the living room. Best days 8,9,18


Lucky Pisces has Venus moving through this sign until March 21. This transit could alleviate some of the social challenges you have experienced in the recent past. Stirring the pot may have sullied your reputation, but Pisces can make some social progress March 3,4,12,18, 22, 29, 30, and 31. Use those dates to express compassion for all your people. Mercury moves into Pisces March 15, so avoid gossip through April 3. Don’t even listen to gossip. Mars moves through Gemini March 3 to April 23. This is pertinent because Mars at this angle is sure to bring Pisces the agony of defeat or the ecstasy of achieving a goal. Mars can be pushy and bossy. Do not be that. Stay calm and methodical so that your push forward does not create a push back especially from men. Pisces can and must get lots of stuff done during this time. Tread lightly March 9 and 20 so that you do not shoot yourself in the foot because your words are out of line. The new Moon March 13 is a big new beginning for Pisces in that you can initiate your ideals and dreams for your life. However, be realistic when visualizing your desires because they will put you to a test. The full Moon March 28 offers opportunities to help people and pets. Some of you will be able to rest a bit and calm your mind. Do use caution driving in the days just prior and after the full Moon March 28. At that same time, neighbors and siblings are a source of distress. Chill out and do not let others rock your boat. This is a time to smile and say nothing. Best days 12,22,31

February 2021

Pisces must take a big time out. Introspection is the key to get through February. You have just been dragged through a portal, most likely kicking and screaming, but retreat you must. It is time to recharge and get real with you, dear Pisces. Identify your misconceptions and recognize that they are just concepts gone awry. Though you are uncomfortable in one way or another, your needs are and will be met. Come back to now and begin a new wellness routine for yourself at the new Moon February 11. This includes yoga, meditation, shock therapy, or a dry martini. A new purse will make you smile, so do that for yourself. The events of life will continue to be momentous. Fasten the seat belt and have some hankies handy for the big events. I hear you thinking, “is it bad?” Roll with life and do not take yourself or your circumstances too seriously. The full Moon brings your lifestyle, diet, and health into focus. Take a cooking or herb class. Herbs will do wonders for you, Pisces. Best days 13,14,22


Pisces are wise to ponder but not obsess over the “what ifs”. You can actually opt to turn your confusion into inspiration by listening to your inner voice. It is going to have a lot to say in the coming weeks and months and will often do so through your dreams. Once the first week of January passes, Pisces has a very busy routine. Many of you have a lot to do and will be getting out and about more than in the past year. Drive safely and lighten up on the accelerator both literally and figuratively. Avoid arguments and minding the neighbors’ business January 8 and 9. You will lose the battle and it all will not come off well for you, Pisces. All sorts of accidents can occur through the beginning of March. Pay attention to what you are doing so that you don’t cut yourself while dicing a tomato or carving a friend with your words. January 20 is especially ripe for accidents and impatient behavior. Big plans take place January 22 and 23, but just be sure you wear sensible shoes for whatever fun you plan for that time. Surprises daunt Pisces January 26, but if you are able to roll with the waves you won’t get seasick and vomit. The new Moon January 12 brings new friends through groups and structured events while the full Moon insists you get some rest. A bit of foot reflexology will do you just fine. You are ripe for accidents again at the full Moon. Avoid tripping and falling. At the same time button your lip. Listening is better than spreading your opinion at the full Moon. You will have your say, just not this month. Best days 8, 16, 17, 26

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Sydney Poitier born February 20. Second African American actor to win an Academy Award. First to win for Best Actor