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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20

Carrie Underwood 3/10 - Adam Levine 3/18


Saturn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces are telling this sign to lighten up and stop being so serious. Self awareness practices pull the veil back so that Pisces can see the true illusions of life. Do not listen to others who are looking to manipulate you dear sweet Pisces. Your openness is often fertile for others to take advantage of your compassion. Over on the other side of the zodiac, Mercury is retrograde until September 15. This is not the time to commit to anyone or anything as you do not have all the facts. Wait until October 1 as by then you know the true motives of the other people. Likewise, Jupiter and Uranus, retrograde through the end of the year, compel Pisces to get to know who you are so that you can properly process the knowledge you have and the input you are receiving from the world around you. The new Moon September 14 brings new partners in both business and love. These will be people who are out of your social norm, thus helping Pisces embrace the diversity of the world. New associates open your mind to a new reality. The full Moon September 29 brings important endings and a death to the way you have shared your life. Your psychology is changing. Take yourself out of the center of the action and observe your environment. Best days 4,9,18,27


Pisces are focused on taking care of yourself. Do that from within and avoid any major makeovers until after mid September. Otherwise, Pisces is sure to have hair and makeup mishaps. You do not want to look like a clown. If you are a clown go ahead as you definitely will be center ring with that new look. Meanwhile, the full Moon August 1 brings up secrets and surprises. Consider your health. If you are fine, help someone in need around this full Moon. Mars moving through your opposite sign, Virgo, has Pisces working out relationship challenges. Deal with what is on your plate and do not start new battles unless you have the emotional resources to duke if out with others. The new Moon August 16 brings new ways of working and thriving. This lunar event shows Pisces new ways of getting along in life as you let go of old ways of living. Make ready for the uncertainty that comes with change. August 22 and 27 are downer days. Pisces will wonder if you are doing right by your life. As long as you are not putting up barbed wire between you and your neighbor’s house, you are probably fine. The full Moon August 30 brings commitments to your process, but you must be disciplined with your reactions to life events. Best days 3,8,12,13,22,23,27,31


Develop a strategy that works better than what you have been doing since last March. Pisces born in February are most affected but all are pressed to take responsibility and build a new sense of values. July 9 and 20 are wonderful days to revel in bliss so plan a picnic or take a hike in nature. During July 15 to 25 there will be disappointments and setbacks with partnerships and negotiations. You may feel attacked so prepare for these days and have plans to deal with the challenges that occur during these days. They will involve your most important relationships. Friends, children, and honeys are set to gaslight Pisces. Luckily, Jupiter and Saturn are still sextile and you can turn sour lemons into lemonade this July. Focus on that which is productive and do not shoot yourself in the foot with negative thinking or words. The full Moon July 3 is great for laying plans with friends. Strategize for short trips and the big game if you have one on the horizon. The new Moon July 17 pushes Pisces to have fun and express your creative self. Stay positive and let go of that which is superficial and does not matter in the scope of your life. Best days 7,16,26


Pisces has an agenda that can easily be accommodated if you are up to slowing down for speed bumps and mountains to climb. You, your words, and your methods will be tested. Friends will not agree with you in many cases and some will leave your life. Said friends are probably best gone because you are no longer like-minded. When the going gets tough this month, take a short trip. This includes a short trip to the car dealership. Mars moving through your sixth house insists that Pisces get some rest between now and July 11. Otherwise, Pisces will have to take some time off to nurse your health. Helpers are going to be a pain in the neck and you will have to reconsider some of your habits. All these things are really minor unless you let such irritations rule your mood. Otherwise, Pisces is pretty productive until May 2024. The full Moon June 3 brings family into focus and to your door. Pisces has to juggle family events with career demands. Life is very busy beginning June 12. Use caution so that you do not fall, literally or physically especially around June 12. Finish projects at home. Family relationships must be sorted if they are willing. Best days 1,2,30


While Mercury is retrograde until May 14, Pisces is thinking about your early life relationships with siblings and school chums. Take a realistic look at your role in those relationships and consider ways that you can improve those connections. It is time to take a more diplomatic approach. With Saturn now moving through Pisces you are becoming wiser and more seasoned. The full Moon eclipse May 5 brings up your passion for adventure and travel. In months to come, Pisces needs the confidence to move beyond your daily routine and towards new horizons. Do avoid the tendency to have a tantrum and do choose your words wisely. You can have fun with ease, but once the calendar turns to May 21 you must tend to your personal habits and health. May 21 to 23 are especially intense so use caution and avoid doing things that make your co workers want to punch you in the nose. Beginning May 16 Pisces has so much to do in your daily routine. Lots of short trips are coming over the next year. You may have to get a new car to accommodate all your travel.

Best days 5,13,14,22,23


Pisces, especially those born in the last week of February, are feeling the pressure of taking responsibility for your own hopes wishes and dreams. Stop talking about what you want to do and take action. Plans go well and news is positive April 5. At the middle of April, relationships with family members are stressful. All sorts of challenges are sure to pop up including miscommunications or unexpected visitors. This is a good time to schedule alone time. Life feels lighter by April 24.

The full Moon April 5 brings endings to close relationships. Drama over money matters happens if you let your mind go wild. This is the time that the circumstances of life change. You must adjust in order to remain on an even keel. You and your partner’s needs both must be satisfied at this time.

The new Moon April 19 is a total eclipse in the second house. This means that in months ahead Pisces is making changes to your financial structure. Deciding what belongs to who is one of your many tasks. Settlements are made and new money comes to Pisces, but the best tact now is to realize what is truly important outside of the bottom line in your accounts.
Best days 25,26


Saturn moves into Pisces March 7 to February 2026. The best news of this transit is that Pisces can use Saturn to build up your body or lose weight. Discipline will be the order of the next thirty-five months. Pisces must take responsibility for past, present, and future behaviors and decisions. You will change your look. You will change your outlook. Develop your personal self awareness and let go of anything in life that no longer serves you, dear Pisces. This is a serious transit so process through the guilt and anxiety.

Pluto moves into the twelfth house March 23. While this 20 plus year transit takes place, Pisces is clearing out the clutter in the deepest depths of your psyche. This is the time to resolve issues around past events that trouble you and create a sense of shame. This is the time to become more direct in your approach to life. Secrets are just waiting to be discovered, so Pisces is wise to let go of all aspects of your emotional self that are destructive. Over the years you will have some amazing metaphysical and spiritual experiences. This is a good time to begin some sort of spiritual practice to elevate your consciousness. Take a look at your thoughts and words and how both affect your life.

Meanwhile, Mars is continues to move through the fourth house of home and family until March 25. Home continues to bustle with visitors and repair people. Since Mars is square Pisces, you are sure to feel some push back from people you push. Once Mars moves into Cancer March 25, you will be able to glide over bumps with ease.

The full Moon March 7 occurs in Pisces’ seventh house of relationships with friends, loved ones, and enemies. Issues must be resolved and in some cases a connection will crash and burn. This is all about Pisces finding a balance with other people. This does not mean you are in the right.

The new Moon March 21 occurs in the second house of money. This is a good time to create a budget. This is not a good time to make snap decisions where money is concerned. Recognize how you think about money and let go of poverty talk.
Best days 1,2,12,20,29


As of March 7, Pisces is finishing up the business of the last fourteen and a half years and the business of the last twenty-nine years. You now have just a few weeks to prepare for three years of discipline and restriction. It is not all bad; you can lose weight and sculpt your body. Take charge and make some solid decisions now so that you are able tackle this new cycle that is quickly coming upon you. Meanwhile, the full Moon February 5 insists that you make health and work decisions. It is time to break bad health habits and find better ways and places to work. Since this full Moon is square Uranus, be ready to triage unexpected events. Use caution driving and look out for neighbors and siblings doing incredible things that set Pisces off your center. You are wise to find your inner center and stay in that spot until the new Moon February 20. Venus moving through Pisces until April 19 has Pisces looking sweet as honey. However, you will want to hold your temper and stay in your happy place February 4 when you feel so angry over repairs or family issues. Spend time in your cave recharging. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2023
Keep managing your home and so that you feel comfortable and safe. Resentments that fester are of no use to Pisces.  January 1,2, and 18 are great for calming dissension with friends and team mates at work and on the field. Jupiter, now in Pisces’ second house until May 16 expands Pisces cash flow. Fear about money should be released in these months. January is a very productive month for Pisces, but you must be the one to take the lead and be the adult. Pisces is finishing up a cycle that began fourteen years ago and 29 years ago. The full Moon January 6 compels Pisces to reach out and touch those with whom you need to set the record straight. Let others be who they are, you do not need to approve or disapprove. At the same time, use caution when playing, especially around water.  The new Moon January 21 compels Pisces to make peace with others, but making peace with yourself is even more important.  Best days 6,16,24

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Sydney Poitier born February 20. Second African American actor to win an Academy Award. First to win for Best Actor