Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20


Jupiter moves into Pisces’ tenth house November 8. This event brings Pisces recognition over the next year. The work you have been doing will be recognize by people that can help Pisces. During this time Jupiter will be what’s called a square or ninety degrees from your sign. There are going to be so many opportunities so Pisces is going to have to pick and choose which circumstances are for your benefit. Do not take on more than you can handle. I repeat, do not take on more than you can handle over the next year. At mid month Mars moves into Pisces until December 31. This infuses you with the energy to move ahead. Those of you who have felt sluggish or for one reason or another cannot help but get up out of the chair and dance or even climb a mountain. While Mars moves through your sign you must avoid bossy or pushy behavior. Unexpected expenses happen and honeys will surprise Pisces with a gift or divorce papers or something in between. Whatever the case may be, it will be a settling of karma between you and another person. Consider the big picture of your life. What floats your boat? Enlightenment? Travel? Writing a best seller? Whatever you decide, Pisces, you can accomplish it over the next year. Just don’t get bogged down with home and family matters around November 23 and hold off starting all those new projects until after December 6. Best days 7,16,17


While Venus is retrograde October 5 to November 16, Pisces is wise to edit everything you say and write. Otherwise you could be chasing after misstatements and doing damage control daily. Go to your room when you feel jealous so everyone does not see it on your face. Venus represents the women. You may want to avoid that ladies lunch until December. Saturn transiting your eleventh house is already cleaning your address book and deleting contacts you simply cannot tolerate any longer. Do not lament as the new Moon October 8 compels Pisces to take on activities that empower you. This does not mean you want to scheme to take control but to better your life. If sleep is not easy do something to turn off your mind. If you are sleepy during the day you are apt to trip and hurt your feet. Unexpected messages come later in the month from neighbors and siblings. I didn’t say its bad, but Pisces born in the first few days of this sign will have plans altered or cancelled altogether. Employ your mutable status and roll with the punches with a smile on your face. Best days 10,11,20,21,29


Pisces is an important person for many people right now. You may be assisting a friend with chores and tasks or mentoring those who need guidance through September 12. At the same time, some of the people Pisces is helping will tend to misconstrue your motives. Use caution so as not to have misunderstandings and don’t have your picture taken around September 7. You won’t like the results. At mid month and through mid November, Pisces needs time to rest and reflect. Some Pisces will have trouble sleeping while others are having wild dreams. Don’t fret as neither of these situations are permanent. Channel your thoughts and actions into your private life and workings. This is a time to go within. At mid November Pisces gets very active. Rest up now so that you are up to the tasks at hand in November and December. The full Moon brings situations such as unexpected expenses that throw you out of your comfort zone. Take it in stride and maybe take a trip to get away from the stresses of life. Best days 4,5,13, 22,23


Get back to sorting through your stuff and let go of those items that no longer fit or contribute to your efficiency. Find better ways to do your job so that you spend less time and accomplish more. Its high time Pisces does what Pisces needs to do for Pisces. Consider ways to get your needs met because you seem to be giving up your needs for the betterment of others. Get back to cooking for you, not what the rest of the house wants to eat. The full Moon August 26 has Pisces' emotions at the surface. Blow up if you must but you are better to negotiate up front what you need in the face of people who dismiss Pisces. Best days 8,16,17,26,27


Pisces is rethinking the past. You are processing unresolved events and issues over the next five months. Don't be surprised if you sleep less. You are clearing out the cobwebs literally and figuratively. The new Moon eclipse brings more fun than in the recent past. Many of you will feel more assertive in months to come. Romance will flourish for many Pisces. The days around July 24 bring disappointments or disillusion. This may not be an event but just the way you feel at that time. Find your confidence in weeks to come and stop that self doubt. The full Moon July 27 compels Pisces to spend time in solitude. Personal matters are on your mind. Time alone helps Pisces get through the fog. Tend to your health. Best days 3,11,12, 20, 30


Pisces has been busy juggling your career and life work with family matters. It may have been hard to think about what you need to do for Pisces. In the days until mid November, take time to reflect and consider what you need to do for yourself. Focus on the inner you and do not share too much. Home projects are best begun at the new Moon June 13. During the second half of June make a beauty appointment. Do something to relax as the second half of the month will be tense due to work or health matters. Changes in the job environment make Pisces feel uncertain. Roll with it all and know that you will weather difficult events and emotions this month. Best days 5,23


Listen to your intuition and you will be ahead in the game of life. Your idealism is at an all time high but try to remain somewhat neutral so that when downer situations arise you don't feel like you have crashed. Many of you will travel and most Pisces will be called to help friends in need. Some of those friends will be a pain in the neck but smile and help them anyway. Say yes when offers come to you whether the offer is for your benefit or others. Speaking of pain, watch your bones and especially your ankles. Tend to private matters at mid month. This May begins a time when Pisces has so much to communicate. Carry a book to write down your ideas. Best days 9, 10,18,27


Pisces are settling debts and paying out sums of money. Whether its money you share or the bathroom sink, take steps to make life more comfortable in the days until mid April. Once the new Moon arrives April 15, events occur that change your mind. Many Pisces are adjusting priorities while others have events that turn you in a different life direction. Consider your priorities and delay financial decisions until after Mercury goes direct April 15. Trips and education require good sense at mid month. Avoid biting off more than you can pay for now. Question your faith late in the month, but don't throw it away. Pisces' faith is what gets you through the day. Your unrealistic idealism is what throws you off track. Best days 2,12,29,30


March opens with Pisces forging a balance between yourself and other people. You will notice that some people oppose your ideas and you in general. Stay true to yourself and plug away getting your agenda accomplished. March 10 is particularly sensitive so take a deep breath and don't join in the argument. March is not all tough as you are able to feel better at about being independent in the face of faltering friendships. Many people will float away over the next couple of years but that just leaves room for new and better buddies to come into your realm. In the days until July you will be cleaning out the closet of worn out philosophies. Pisces may want to do a liver detox. Best days 5,6,15,16


Plans and adventures come to fruition. Travel is illuminating and for those that do travel, you will have cool experiences. Whether Pisces travels abroad or stays in the backyard, this is the time for you to take stock of where you have been in life thus far. Endings and completions will happen now and even in the coming months. The new Moon eclipse February 15 in Pisces' twelfth house shuttles in several months of making peace with yourself. There will be people and situations that require your compassion and maybe even a ride to the doctor's office. The good works you do will bring about the recognition and accomplishments Pisces desires. Fighting for your cause is right but you will have to withstand opposition and possibly defamation. Best days 6,16,17,25,26

January 2018

Pisces is considering the ideal way to proceed in life since you no longer have the restrictions of Saturn limiting your every move since 2015. The responsibilities of the holiday season are over so kick up your heels New Years Day and into the first week of the year. Pisces with children are really busy early throughout the month. Many of you will be quite social. The beginning of the end of many relationships is coming and there will be great new friends coming in the three years ahead. January is a social month. Late in the month and early in February take time for your health. Don't like what you see in the mirror? Stop complaining and get moving on a makeover. Best days 1,10,19,20,21,29

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