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Sydney Poitier born February 20. Second African American actor to win an Academy Award. First to win for Best Actor
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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20


Pisces is waking up to a part of yourself that you have not recognized as of yet. This includes tendencies to hold yourself back in life. What is it you think or do that keeps you from being who you want to be in this life. The awarenesses you experience range from subtle to glaring. Once you recognize these tendencies, you will know what you have to do to be come healthier physically. At the same time, Pisces will be able to express yourself clearly. Life will be easier overall. Start new habits whether it is your health regimen, your diet, or a new and more efficient way to do your job. Be kind to your back and spine and don't lift heavy weights. Best days 26,27


Home and family matters continue to be at the forefront. July opens with intense matters at work and where your family is concerned. Make repairs around the house and update that old wallpaper with something from this century. Most of all, make your home secure. Batten down the hatches and maybe put one of those camera doorbells at the front door. You probably wont need it but you will feel better. Emotionally speaking, Aries has a lot to process. Review old hurts and past events that make you smile and make you cry. Use caution to avoid accidents at home mid month. Stay off the ladder unless you have a helper. Life gets much easier starting July 20. Your energy can smoothly accomplish your tasks. Best days 5,6,15,23,24


Pisces continues to see what does not work in life. Rethink your game plans so that you can come up with a better way to move forward. Progress is slow and results are not stellar. The discontent is not permanent and it is happening so that you will recognize the changes that need to be made now and in the future. Having fun especially around the water gives you a fresh outlook and revives your ability to express yourself. Neptune, your ruler, turns retrograde June 16 through November 22. That gut instinct of yours is on target while Neptune is retrograde. Just as your psychic ability is sensitive during this time, so is your body. Avoid the foods and other goodies that your body reacts to negatively. Best days 6,16


Refrain from overdoing on spending May 19. At that time you don't want to spend for that sake of the rush of the purchase. Pisces has much to do around the house and spending on repairs and family needs is smart. Those who have a mate or just a housemate do well to collaborate on how to make repairs and how to spend. Otherwise, quarrels are sure to come about. Men about the house are sure to be a challenge so don't get them riled up as that is sure to mess with your serenity. Cultivate your handyman and kiss your honey to keep them in line and get what you want. Pisces born in the final days of this sign have important decisions late in May. Best days 9,10,19


Venus retrograde in Pisces has Pisces out of sorts. Perhaps you don't feel up to par or your look needs an upgrade. Really think about what you want out of life but don't take any action until after April 15. The daily routine gets messed up April 5 to 20 so take it slow and know that Mercury retrograde wants to play tricks on Pisces. Beginning April 20 financial decisions should be put on hold. You don't have all the information you need so hold off on pulling any financial trigger until May 20. At the same time consider your comfort zone and stay within those limits. Cash outlays for taxes and insurance happen around April 11. The new Moon April 26 brings information to learn. Best days 12, 22, 30


Pisces is concerned with partnerships and love matters that are not satisfying. The luster has worn off and honey is just human after all. Now is a good time to open the discussion regarding what does not make you happy. Some Pisces will just end what they have, while others are wise to work through the current dilemmas. You will not always feel this way so take your time and look before you leap. Pay attention to your taxes and insurance. It may be time to examine your coverage and straighten matters that need your attention. The full Moon March 12 shows you where the scales need to be tipped back into balance. Money matters and any situation that is uncomfortable must be addressed. Best days 6,7,16,25,26

Resolve health matters that keep gnawing at your ability to feel good. Start a new exercise program and fine tune your diet. Don't just count calories consider which foods contribute to your well being. Make changes to your work. This is really a good time to do something that appeals to your need to serve and rescue. If you are stuck in a position consider volunteering for a cause. Move out of your discomfort zone and into feeling safe and not sore. Manage what you have while handling extra expenditures. Those who work on a commission can make some great deals but must use new and different techniques to make the sale. The new Moon eclipse February 26 brings extra special new beginnings for Pisces. Best days 16, 26


Pisces has a lot to accomplish but must do so with a direct approach. This is not the time to swim in two directions. Challenges regarding shared matters including children, taxes, insurance, and even the bathroom sink all call for compromise. Speak up and say what you need to say. Pisces is extra sensitive this month not to mention you are faced with situations that no longer work and need revision. While the process seems tough just let it all happen and change will take care of itself if you stop complaining. Spend time with your feet up. While you are doing that, contemplate where you want to land in life by this time next year. Make time to rest and relax beginning January 27. Best days 3, 11,20,21,30


Pisces continues to alter the stuff of life whether it is your pants or the direction that life is taking you currently. Much continues to go in your head and your imagination. If you are being driven crazy by your thoughts, then you need to do something about that. Otherwise, let your thoughts take you to new heights. There will be people who want to step on Pisces’ toes especially right around December 10. Those of you born at mid March are especially warned to stay calm in the face of restrictions. Beginning December 19, you have the energy to get so much accomplished. However, your biggest dilemma will be which direction to take. At mid month you juggle career and family. Best days 6,14,23,24