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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20

Carrie Underwood 3/10 - Adam Levine 3/18


As of March 7, Pisces is finishing up the business of the last fourteen and a half years and the business of the last twenty-nine years. You now have just a few weeks to prepare for three years of discipline and restriction. It is not all bad; you can lose weight and sculpt your body. Take charge and make some solid decisions now so that you are able tackle this new cycle that is quickly coming upon you. Meanwhile, the full Moon February 5 insists that you make health and work decisions. It is time to break bad health habits and find better ways and places to work. Since this full Moon is square Uranus, be ready to triage unexpected events. Use caution driving and look out for neighbors and siblings doing incredible things that set Pisces off your center. You are wise to find your inner center and stay in that spot until the new Moon February 20. Venus moving through Pisces until April 19 has Pisces looking sweet as honey. However, you will want to hold your temper and stay in your happy place February 4 when you feel so angry over repairs or family issues. Spend time in your cave recharging. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2023
Keep managing your home and so that you feel comfortable and safe. Resentments that fester are of no use to Pisces.  January 1,2, and 18 are great for calming dissension with friends and team mates at work and on the field. Jupiter, now in Pisces’ second house until May 16 expands Pisces cash flow. Fear about money should be released in these months. January is a very productive month for Pisces, but you must be the one to take the lead and be the adult. Pisces is finishing up a cycle that began fourteen years ago and 29 years ago. The full Moon January 6 compels Pisces to reach out and touch those with whom you need to set the record straight. Let others be who they are, you do not need to approve or disapprove. At the same time, use caution when playing, especially around water.  The new Moon January 21 compels Pisces to make peace with others, but making peace with yourself is even more important.  Best days 6,16,24

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Sydney Poitier born February 20. Second African American actor to win an Academy Award. First to win for Best Actor