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Pisces, Feb 19-Mar 20

Carrie Underwood 3/10 - Adam Levine 3/18


The full Moon July 4 occurs in your eleventh house of friends and goals. It would be a good idea to avoid weighing in with your opinion. There is no need to stir up a hornet’s nest unless that gives you pleasure. Keeping to your self will be the best way to get what you want in months to come. Tides are shifting and you do not want to be pulled out to sea. Let your friends and the rest of the world do their thing while you recharge. The new Moon July 20 brings about new and more productive ways for Pisces to get from point A to point B. Mars has at last moved out of Pisces and into Aries as of June 27/28. From now until January Mars is moving through your second house of money and other creature comforts. Mars in the second house will have Pisces over spending. It is usually better to use Mars in order to make money. The stuff of life that is important comes into focus during this time. It is okay to defend your position but once again, everyone does not need to know what you think. The new Moon brings new goals to achieve but you will have to surpass obstacles including your current responsibilities. It just may be time to quit some activities in order to devote yourself to new fun stuff. Best days 10,28


Mars continues to move through Pisces Until June 29. Mars likes to get to point quickly so you are sure to have the desire to get up and get going. However, Mars has you floating sideways taking care of business already in play. You will get what you need done, but in a round about way and in Mars good time but not your time. Focus on you but avoid passive aggressive behavior. Venus the Sun and the nodes in Gemini have you addressing old ways of thinking and behaving. Let go of thought patterns about how it is supposed to be in lieu of how life really is now. Rearrange the house and have old friends over when that is possible and safe. The full Moon eclipse June 5 brings recognition that you may not want. Do your job and be ready to defend your actions and words. There will people who disagree with your theories but that is not to say that your truth is not appropriate for you, Pisces. Balance your intuition with the facts. The New Moon eclipse June 21 brings new ways of having fun and expressing who you are for years to come. Use caution with your health at mid month as allergies and infections are possible. Pisces’ comfort zone is shifting because what was once important no longer holds value for this sign. Best days 3,4,12,21,30


Mars continues to move through Pisces twelfth house until May 13. If you are stir crazy and wanting to get out, Mars is the reason. Actively look within and do activities that have you diving vertically into your own being. Mars moving into your the first house May 14 is a good indicator that is safe to get out into the world. That coupled with the full Moon May 7 indicates you have a lot to do in terms of handling details. Perhaps you can just get out and ride around town to cure that cabin fever. Just as the world is getting back up and running you will have other plans that keep you from heading to the mall or your favorite restaurant. Venus turns retrograde in Gemini May 14. Look around the house and determine what needs to be moved. Hopefully, it is not honey spread across the couch. Venus wants Pisces to turn within. This may not be a spiritual experience but one where you actually have to address an internal physical issue. News agitates Pisces May 14. Take a breath it will be okay. That which upsets Pisces will come and go quickly as long as you do not obsess over minor details and cheeky remarks. Friends have a calming effect especially May 9,10,14, and 17. The new Moon in your fourth house May 22 compels Pisces to consider travel and the big picture of life. If you are still out of commission, it is because life wants Pisces to come to terms with your emotional and spiritual needs. That indigestion is more than eating too much. It is because something is eating at you dear Pisces. Best days 7,17,25


Mars moves through Pisces' twelfth house until mid May. While this occurs Pisces will feel like life is moving sideways as opposed to moving forward. You may wonder which direction you should turn. Turn inward for those answers. Surprising news comes during the first week of April. Your networks will look for alternative ways of communicating with you. Pisces just may take the lead in getting every one together at a distance. Do be careful of any sort of accident April 3 to 9. You may trip walking across the room or have an accident driving. Check in on your siblings and neighbors at that time. Money matters and the stuff of life that is of value is shifting. Keep your eye on your finances as April opens. Children and honeys have other ideas as to how to spend and save and Pisces is not on that same page. The full Moon April 7 reaffirms that Pisces must collaborate with others. Debts, either karmic or financial will be paid. The new Moon April 22 brings change to your daily life and how you communicate. Maybe it is time to learn to text or respond to texts with more promptness. You are at a crossroads. Give thought to what is really important in life and count your blessings. One more time; count your blessings. Best days 1,19,28


Money matters are on Pisces’ mind this month. Stay away from thoughts about what you don’t have and think about your blessings. If you must compare your situation to others, do so with those who have less than you, Pisces. Try a new way of dealing with the old stuff. Handle your people and your money differently. Get away from the old thoughts and hurts that keep you from moving forward in life. Life really picks up beginning March 16. Friends and associates will be needing your help and advice March 19 to 20 and March 27/28. That is a social time also. The new Moon March 24 suggests that Pisces find new ways to make money and use your money more effectively. Maybe it is time for a budget. If you have a budget, revise it. Fretting about money is an unhealthy indulgence now. Ask yourself how that is productive. Saturn moves into Pisces' twelfth house suggesting you let go of the stuff that you no longer need, especially negative thinking and martinis. Take a short but cheap trip to get away from yourself. Best days 10, 11,19, 29


February opens with Pisces excited about what you do in life. This is one of those times when you understand that your current activities are relevant and productive especially during the first three days of February. Throughout the year there is general feeling that you are on the right path. Just remember, though, that Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces February 16 to March 9. February 25 and 28 are days when Pisces is wise to pay attention to the little details of life that can make you crazy if you let them. Right around February 7 you may feel nervous about money. Do not focus on what you lack, otherwise lack is what you will manifest especially during the second half of the month. Money matters and power struggles over money happen February 28. Do not loan money at that time. You will not get it back. The full Moon February 9 brings completions to work projects and better ways to accomplish your goals. Consider optimal ways to thrive as opposed to just existing at that time. The new Moon February 23 brings short trips and new ways to deal with financial challenges. Stop worrying about money and take positive action. Your real friends are very helpful. Best days 6,14,23,24

January 2020

The Capricorn stellium that occurs this month happens in Pisces' eleventh house puts the focus on friends and teamwork. An important new friend is sure to come your way but for the most part Pisces is dealing with the friends you already have and may want to abandon. It is time to shed those who are not of like mind. At the same time Pisces can deepen relationships with friends of friends and children of friends. A godchild may become an important part of you life in the months and years to come. Throughout January you will be very busy at work. Promote yourself through mid February but be sure that your confidence does not come off as arrogant. Mars is squaring you until mid February and that gives you an extra edge to accomplish so much but you have to be sure that you do not put off the very people you wish to impress. Many of you are weighted down with tasks and too much responsibility. The stress is not forever and you will be able to get some rest come mid February. Venus moves through Pisces January 13 to February 7. You look terrific during this time so don’t ruin it by pushing your agenda on others. Best days 9,10,18,19,27,28


The next two months are all about friends for Pisces. If you don’t have friends this is the time to go get some. Get out and engage with life. Most likely, though, you will have to deal with feeling like you are getting a raw deal from your friends. Perhaps they are talking behind your back. Are you doing the same? Clean up your act when it comes to others. Let go of the ones who betray you but also take responsibility when it is laid at your Pisces feet. Remember, it takes being a friend to have a friend. Groups Pisces belong to are shifting and it just may be time for you to find new teams to play on over the next few months. Try to lay low at the full Moon December 11/12. Your social skills will not be so good then and you will just need some time at home. Family matters demand Pisces' attention. The good news is that the new Moon eclipse December 25/26 occurs in your house of goals, networking, and friends. Find a class or new activity that will engage you with new sorts of people in the months to come. That is where you will find your new tribe. Pisces has the oomph to get a lot accomplished but you will have to deal with people such as bosses or family members that do not support your endeavors. Keep on keeping on and do not let the detractors discourage you. Best days 3,4,13,22,31


The Sun and Mercury retrograde are in Pisces’ ninth house meaning this is a good time to be thankful. Both the Sun and Mercury are forming easy angles to you so you really will be able to deal with Mercury surprises with ease. Even if you have to travel this month, the challenges will be easily avoided or dealt with. The full Moon November 12 is brings surprising information from neighbors and siblings. You will be able to roll with most of the surprises including when friends irritate you November 4. Power struggles do occur during the first five days of November. You may need to rethink your partnerships. You will view honeys and partners in a new way. Mind your health and your diet at the last quarter of the Moon November 26. Work will feel like work at that time and there is no way to avoid doing tasks that are distasteful. Be sure to get out and mingle during the weekend of November 23 and 24. Life will be full and you will look great so accept invitations you would normally turn down. Best days 6,7,16,24


Pisces continues to enjoy Jupiter moving through your house of career. You are sure to be busy and out in the public. People are getting to know Pisces' reputation through your work. The Sun and Mars moving through your eighth house is cause for making adjustments to your relationships, partnerships, and finances. Some of you will be paying off old debts while others of you are dealing with ongoing matters that just will not resolve. Pisces involved in tax matters or insurance claims will just have to wait until the latter part of the month for it all to work out to your benefit. Do not worry about the challenges that keep coming around. Instead, consider how you attract these situations and how you can change you in order to change what is happening around you, dear Pisces. Friends, children, and your intimate partners bring life issues to your table and Pisces must resolve the issue within so that you can move on from the stuff of life that wants to stick to Pisces. Friendships come to a head and it is time to decide who you must block from your life around November 5. The full Moon brings money matters into play. Bite the bullet and spend the money you have to spend. Whoever irritates you at the last quarter of the Moon better look out because Pisces will creatively and tastefully blast them. In the end Pisces receives the results you desire from that encounter. The new Moon October 27 begins a lunar cycle of empowering Pisces with optimism and opportunities to travel. Make a gratitude list sometime during November. Since Mercury is retrograde beginning October 31, you will experience many completions that make you stronger over the next month. Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


September opens with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars moving through your opposite sign, Virgo. This brings opportunities well into next month to balance your needs with the needs of other people. Partners and mates will be challenging but at the same time they are reflecting back what you need to change in your life. Consider how they affect your well being. September 5 brings challenges with authorities especially the ones who are not your gender. The full Moon February 13/14 happens in Pisces. You just may have to have a meltdown in order to rebalance yourself with others. Speak up so everyone stops making decisions on your behalf. At mid month, Venus and Mercury move into Libra and your eighth house. The effect will be that you must adjust and compromise. There will be some important endings. Maybe you payoff a loan or dump a partner. Whatever the case, be ready to swim in two different directions through mid November. Home and family takes precedence the weekend of September 21. The new Moon in your eighth house September 28 offers new ways to take control of your emotional life. Remember, compromise not surrender. Best days 3,12,14


Pisces will be concerned with your work and lifestyle.

Pisces' work is very busy. You have a lot to do not to mention no one appreciates what you do. Just because you do not see your name in lights it does not mean you are not making a difference. Just keep on plugging away on your own, Pisces. Do not get involved in office politics. Allow friends in your tribe to have their say but do not let what they want impede your opinion of you or your work. It is time for many people to be banished from Pisces life because you simply do not share the same opinions and joy. Travel and in laws can upset your stomach the week of August 4 while the full Moon August 15 compels Pisces to spend time alone recharging your batteries. Once the Sun, Venus, Mars, begin to move into your seventh house August 18, you will have to balance your needs with the needs of other people. It will get better. Best days 7,16,17,26


Do not fall for schemes. Proceed through the current fog carefully. You may be embarrassed at times so make sure you are not doing anything that will cause you to blush if it comes to light. The new and full Moon eclipses put your focus on expressing who you are and how you fee about current situations. It is time to have fun doing something you love. Say what you need to say to others, but do so with a loving heart and kind words. This is not going to be so easy because you are up against people that are just plain mean. In months to come Pisces will question the validity of your friends and group associations. The rules and regulations others live by are sure to be stifling for Pisces. It is either time to take charge or leave the circumstances. Money matters are a bit uncertain and unexpected expenses arise. You really must combat a feeling of poverty consciousness. You do have rights so don’t listen to those who wish to tell you what you can and cannot do for yourself. Find your worth within, not from others. Work alone when possible between now until mid August. Watch your activity and do not stress or strain your self. You will get sick or be laid up in pain. Do not make compromises that are not in your best interest. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,29


Disappointments with friends happen when you least expect it. Consider restaffing your posse. You have been waking up and realizing that some peoples’ issues have no place in your life. Don’t just focus on those people. Turn your attention to having fun. Say what you mean and people will take your comments and opinions without being offended. Other peoples’ children can be a pain in the neck. They may be your honey’s grown child acting like a brat. Just watch and don’t get involved in their drama. The new Moon June 3 brings about new ways of getting your point across especially where in-laws and siblings are concerned. Stay flexible when plans change and do not let other peoples’ far out opinions ruin your moment. Pisces feels pulled in several different directions June 10. Work and bosses take precedence June 17. Unexpected events and expenditures come up June 25. You will be knocked off center for a moment but quickly regain your composure. Surprises can be pleasant depending on your perspective. Use caution driving right around June 25. June 22,23


Pisces has a lot going on where family members and home are concerned. You will be the one who has to take charge and the one who takes the blame when it all goes awry. Accept the hassles and do not take what others say to you personally. Do reconsider your relationships with your friends and your friends' relatives in months to come. Look at your life goals no matter how old you are at this point. The new Moon May 4 brings short trips maybe even in a new car. Once the new Moon occurs employ a new tact with the people around you. Wise words will make an impression and smooth your path especially where friends are concerned. You have compassion so use it and do not get into gossip. Take new steps to meet new people. Many of your long time friends are no longer supportive. At the full Moon May 18 you will realize you do not share the same beliefs as many of the people in your circle. As your thoughts change so will your relationships. Don’t make a big deal of it, just float way on your own raft. Best days 8,9,17,27


Mercury and Venus move through Pisces until April 16 and 20 respectively. These two planets in your sign have Pisces thinking about your deep desires and needs. You are tuned in more than usual and will probably feel other peoples’ agony and ecstasy. April is a good time to walk barefoot everyday in order to feel grounded. Your compassion and intuitiveness is very high and the psychic energy around you may feel like meteors coming at Pisces when you are not looking. Pay attention to the surroundings. The new Moon April 5 calls for Pisces to set goals that will make life easier. These can be financial goals or programs that will provide you a sense of comfort and self worth. This is a good time to consider the budget for the next twelve months. Mars moving through the fourth house brings home and family matters to your attention. Home will be a busy place and in many cases family matters and family members are annoying. As April progresses to the full Moon April 19, you will have to negotiate with partners in order to keep a semblance of calm. Expenses can be expensive but more money will come to you. Best days 11,20,29


March is full of unexpected events for Pisces. Every time you think you have something set in stone, the stone and the plans begin to crumble. There is no use being upset, just go with the tide. You are especially affected by Mercury retrograde March 5 to 28 because Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. Finish projects while Mercury is retrograde. Chiron in your second house and Uranus in you third house bring events and expenses that you probably do not expect. Again, roll with the punches and above all else watch what you say so that you do not proliferate bad fortune with self defeating words. Look to the positive. In the coming seven years, while Uranus moves through your third house you will want to explore and study a wide range of topics that are now interesting. Friendships continue to shift as do your relationships with siblings and neighbors. One of your besties simply will have to go because you simply cannot stand their stodgy disapproval in the face of your humanitarian compassion. The new Moon in Pisces is extra powerful this month. It is a great time to start a project or situation that will end with a new you. Pisces who celebrate birthdays while Mercury is retrograde will have a contemplative year ahead. The full Moon March 20 at zero degrees Libra brings tax and insurance matters to the forefront. Whatever you do later in the month, do so with an attitude of cooperation. Best days 6,15,23,24


February opens with Pisces feeling irritated with your group of friends. Cross words let you know who has your back and who is on a power trip. Let the incident go but don’t forget who was involved. Jupiter, still moving through Pisces tenth house, continues to push you forward even when you want to swim in more than one direction. The new Moon February 4 is sextile Jupiter and that brings opportunities out of your imagination and into reality. Works and recognition can be yours in weeks to come. People will compliment your work. Mercury moves through Pisces beginning February 10. This makes you busy and chatty. Don’t be gossipy. Get as much done as possible as Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces March 5. Once that happens you will be still in the water or just rowing side ways until March 28. Meanwhile, unexpected expenditures come up February 13. Most likely something electrical will be on the fritz. The daily routine gets really busy February 14 until the end of March. Pisces can accomplish a lot until March 5 especially if you are a writer. Finish stuff after March 5. The full Moon in Virgo February 19 calls for Pisces to strike a balance with others especially if you are Pisces born right around February 20. Single Pisces can meet new dates and mates very soon. Best days 6,15,16,24

January 2019

The new Moon eclipse occurs in Pisces’ eleventh house angling Neptune in your first house. This eclipse brings all sorts of new people into your life. Get out of the house and network over the next several months. The people you meet will be able to further your ambitions. Meeting one person could open you to twelve other like minded friends or mentors. However, choose carefully and do not get involved with fake people. Those of you who write must get back to the computer. Travel this month for fun or to get away from the grind and other issues that make you want to hide under the bed. Many of you have and are still experiencing losses. Some you have had to eat crow. Pisces takes a bit of trouble too hard, generally. You are so sweet and look at life with rose colored glasses often. Just as often life does not reflect back that same sweetness. At this time you must have faith. I will write it again. You must have faith in you and in the process of the life you came here to live.

The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 occurs in Pisces’ sixth house. It is high time you make some life style changes. Some of you will quit your job while others will make better health choices. Incidents happen that force Pisces to make those changes in months to come.
Best days 10,11

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Sydney Poitier born February 20. Second African American actor to win an Academy Award. First to win for Best Actor