Many times I hear people say astrology is too technical and they do not understand the terms.

Picture the zodiac as a circle divided it into twelve pieces of pie. A circle has 360 degrees. Each piece of the pie is thirty degrees large and represents a sign of the zodiac. The planets are traveling through the signs at varying rates of speed counterclockwise. They form angles to one another. In WITS I am giving you my interpretation of the angles between the planets and how they relate to us. I describe the basic angles in my words to give you an ideas as to what to expect at any given time.

If you take notes in a notebook when you read this column you will begin to have your own little astrology manual. Make sections for words I use to describe the planets, the signs, the houses, and the angles.

If you don’t care about technical part, just skip to the dates and read the descriptions as to how you will feel or what may happen on a certain date.
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A conjunction is two planets at the same degree in the same sign. Those planets’ energies are blended for better or worse.
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A sextile occurs when two planets are sixty degrees apart. A trine is when two planets are one hundred twenty degrees apart. They are very similar and easy except that a sextile has more substance whereas a trine can be so easy we forget it is there. Another way to explain it is that in a sextile the planets play nice while in a trine the planets nod at one another and say I approve of this message.
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A square is when two planets are ninety degrees from one another. Say, one planet is at twelve o’clock and the other is at three o’clock. My friend Ginger says, “Nothing ever gets done without a square.” The tension makes us act.
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An opposition is one hundred eighty degrees between two planets. Two people or situations come together to work out their differences. It’s a lesson. It is something you often need to resolve an issue within. Gemini, Donald Trump, is born on a full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius. That puts the Moon opposite his Sun. He has created a lot of opposition and stirred us up over the choices he presents. He himself has flipped from one political party to another. His lesson, it seems, is to make a choice.