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May 20 - June 20


As mentioned last month, Mars is moving through Gemini until late next March. While Mars moves through Gemini, the twins are busy with more than one iron in the fire. Luck and success are on your side as the month opens. Listen to your instincts and follow them. Do not follow the talking heads September 2, and 26. Their words are most likely lies they are selling. Venus and Mars bring sexy times but drama also during September 23/24. Geminis’ ruler, Mercury is retrograde September 9 to October 2. Mercury turns retrograde in Libra and Libra is a harmonious sign to Gemini. This particular Mercury retrograde instructs Gemini to use discrimination when picking friends and activities. Mercury retrograde does become more challenging September 23. Impure motives get you in hot water especially where love is concerned. The full Moon September 10 brings the need to balance home and career. Whether to work at home or the office is a choice many of you will have to make. The new Moon September 25 brings the need to say what you feel. Remember your motives should be pure when bearing your heart to anyone. Best days 7,16, 21, 26


Mars in Geminis’ twelfth house has Gemini feeling like life is going sideways. In reality, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Surprising news and accidents are lurking about during the first few days of the month. Gemini is at a place where you want to make decisions as to your purpose and work you came in this life to accomplish. The full Moon July 11 has Gemini questioning the concepts of life that seem to have holes in the logic. Events around the full Moon August 27 compel Gemini to consider lifetime goals. Once Mars moves into Gemini August 20, you are super busy and active. Action is the order of the days until late October 30 when Mars goes retrograde. Now is the time to be independent and take care of you, dear Gemini. The new Moon August 27 brings people and projects to your home. Gemini is very focused on you and your life through late March 2023. Pull in your energy and focus so that you do not spread yourself thin in the next several months. Best days 2,3,11,20,30


Sharing time, space, and money is an issue as July opens its doors to Gemini. Say no when the person you just met asks for money or some other inappropriate behavior. Over the next several weeks it will be easy for some of you to ignore the people you realize you cannot stand to be with anymore. While life seems to go sideways between July 5 and August 20, events show you that life is still brewing for your best interest. Tend to money matters and make a budget beginning July 6. Make purchases that add to your comfort. Gemini is looking extra cute through July 18. Avoiding gossip and too much chatter is even better, but if you cannot keep your mouth shut, avoid being critical of others. That will detract from your magnetism. Productivity is what you want to strive to accomplish. The full Moon July 13 brings psychic connections and people who need your wisdom. Friends need to lean on Gemini at the full Moon. The same full Moon is a good time to pay off financial and karmic debts. The new Moon July 28 brings short trips and new gadgets. Some of you are getting a new and fun car. Consider new ways to communicate including acting and writing. Best days 7, 24

June 2022

Your ruler is retro until June 3. Finishing organizing and toss out junk and papers that are collecting dust. Gemini with pets are wise to manage your critters’ well-being through mid-month. Change your lifestyle to accommodate their needs. They depend on you, dear Gemini. Look to the details of life and use your best diplomacy and compliments to get others to open doors and help you on your way. Take the lead if you want stuff done right. The full Moon June 14 brings conclusions to legal matters and some relationships. This is the time to do the right thing, thus creating harmony moving forward. Bosses and other people in charge must be checked for honesty. Do not take anyone for face value around the middle of June. The new Moon June 28 brings the need for a budget and new rules of life that make Gemini feel comfortable with all those thoughts dancing in your pretty head. Best days 9,17,26,27

May 2022

Gemini is already feeling the beginning of Mercury retrograde even though that occurs May 10 through June 3. Prepare for life to slow down amid lots of back tracking and do overs in the weeks ahead. Laying low is not a bad scenario. Soon Gemini begins to meet new people who can help your cause. Do not commit to the first Tom, Dick, or Mary that wants to be your new best friend. Embrace opportunities and file them for the future. The full Moon eclipse May 15 brings closure to jobs and roles you have played in your community. Do not fret; new windows of adventure come soon. Quit your bad habits including substance and relationship addictions. It is all part of becoming your authentic self. Now is the time to make a name for yourself, but read all your messages before pushing the send button. Mercury is retrograde and you do not want to sink your reputation. Life goals are within reach. Play the game of life wisely. Life puts Gemini in the right place at the right time during the last week of May, but Gemini must roll with the tide. Best days 2,13,30,31

April 2022

During the first half of April, Gemini has the ability and energy to accomplish recognition and goals that you have on your dream board. People who are ahead of Gemini in the game of life offer help. Accept the fact that you must let go of some of your old ways of doing life in order to come into the fullness of your awareness and creativity. Spending time alone provides insight to the next steps in life. The new Moon April 1 brings new and different friends and teammates. The full Moon is time to sing and dance and play. Let it all hang out at that time. Many eyes are upon you, so do stay within some boundaries of courtesy and decorum. The second half of April brings demands from bosses and the stronger parent in your life. Let the boss take precedence. During this time in April, you can make great strides climbing the ladder of success. April 27 is one of the best days to make a great impression by doing something magnanimous. The new Moon April 30 begins several months of inner growth and charging your spiritual battery. A retreat in the country is a wonderful tonic, especially once Mercury goes retrograde May 11. Best days 5,6,15,24


Gemini is easily letting go of habits and behaviors that are no longer suitable. Enough is enough with the partners, helpers, and shared situations where you are doing all the sharing. While you are letting go of difficult people this is an outward appearance of the psychological shift taking place. The way you have thrived in the past no longer suits your emerging identity. The new Moon March 2 brings new bosses and other people who challenge Gemini to be better. Opportunities come to Gemini this month. When others are challenged by responsibilities March 2 and 28, Gemini is able to step up to the plate do what others are unwilling or unable to accomplish. The shifts you are undergoing emotionally and psychologically are seasoning Gemini to become an authority moving forward. You are equipping yourself to become the mentor and the advocate. The full Moon March 18 exposes the need to balance career and your personal life. Put your home and family matters in order so that you can pursue your career dreams and goals. Best days 9,10,19, 27


Mercury, Geminis’ ruler, goes direct late in the day on February 3. Problems with obsessions and anything shared should start to get smoothed out. Gemini is undergoing emotional and psychological adjustments that actually began in 2008. Intense emotions have you or another person in your life acting manipulative. Recognize that behavior in yourself or that other person and nix it with a mature response. Adjusting does not mean being a door mat. You are becoming more aware and mature this year. Seek the help of someone who is wise in order to continue to grow. Over the next eighteen months, Gemini is letting go of old habits that no longer serve your health or the ability to do your work. The people you have helped may be taking advantage. Leave that behind and do what is good for Gemini. Enjoy some fantasy, but most of all, connect with the unconditional love within you. Listen to your intuition. Do things that connect you with the spirit that connects us all. Seek your true self. Ask, “Who am I?” The next several months can be one of the most enlightening times you have had since 2003/2004. Best days 10,11,19

January 2022

Jupiter is now moving through Gemini’s tenth house of career and reputation. This is a great time to make career strides. The warning on the side of this box is that Gemini must not take on too much or overstate your capabilities. There will be obstacles to climb over, but you can do that with the right measure of confidence. Bragging is sure to get Gemini into trouble, especially in your primary business relationships. Venus, retrograde until January 29, insists that Gemini take stock in all sorts of partnerships. The new Moon January 2 brings new associations. Sort through the why’s and how’s you got to your healthy and unhealthy behavior. Dig deep and don’t lie to yourself. This is going to help Gemini with success in all areas of your life. The full Moon January 17 calls for Gemini to balance your comfort level with the needs of your nearest and dearest. Money matters and shared resources must be worked out to the satisfaction of all parties. This is not the time to loan money to just anyone. The new Moon January 31 provides new solutions to the blocks that hold you back in life. Philosophies are sure to shift and Gemini will move past the people who do not share your belief system. Self-inquiry is the answer to all your questions now. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Best days 13, 14, 23


Gemini is dealing with all sorts of relationship matters and issues through next March. The new Moon eclipse December 4 opens Gemini to business and love relationships. Many of you must resolve challenges to your lack of consistency in your relationships. You do have the tendency to bounce in and out of responsible behavior and that is sure to come up in the days ahead. The full Moon December 18 happens in Gemini, so the spotlight is on you and your behavior. You must learn to balance the needs of both of your personalities with the needs of those who reside in your life. Additionally, Venus is in your eighth house of intimacy and other stuff shared until March. Venus is retrograde December 18 to January 29. People from the past are sure to show up. They won’t stay, so don’t get all jazzed. While Venus is retrograde, Gemini is wise to look at your relationship patterns. Dig deep to figure why you behave the way you do. This would be a great time to adjust your self so that you are a better partner. Jealousy and control and faithfulness can be addressed very productively. So, if honey says let’s go to therapy, agree and be there on time and participate in the process. You will have much more fulfilling relationships if you do these things in the months to come. Best days 8,17,18,27


November opens with clearing the air. You have to speak up where children or romantic partners are concerned. Do not be the one doing the manipulation. While November is one of those months where Gemini is making all sorts of adjustments, you do have an element of protection that keeps you from accidents. The work environment is a challenge, especially with men who want run the show but have no sense. Maintain control and do what it takes to remain efficient. November is a wonderful time to begin a new health regimen. Join a health club. Go swimming or research better ways to cook and eat. The new Moon November 4 compels Gemini to try something new. Perhaps rowing the English Channel? Exercise or that secret relationship could be your new obsession. Either way, learn to listen to your body and your spirit. The conversation should be loud and clear in the months to come. Guard your secrets carefully. Otherwise, Gemini has a lot of explaining ahead. Just remember, the truth always comes to light and that you are defined only by you alone. Best Days 2,20,30


Mercury, your ruling planet, continues retrograde until October 18. For those of you who are not born with Mercury retrograde, tread lightly and focus on finishing the stuff that is already on your plate. The good news is that the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in your fifth house, creating easy ways to express yourself and have fun. With Mercury retrograde, though, many Geminis will have to be an observer while everyone else gets to sing and dance. The new Moon on October 6 does bring new ways to express yourself. Nevertheless, Gemini is a bit stifled until after October 18. Relationships, whether business or pleasure, have uncomfortable moments. There is an imbalance that must be corrected. Perhaps one party is more attached than the other. Money matters and the quality of intimacy are most likely the sources of distress. Have patience, as love stuff just may take until next March to become smooth again. Now is the time to work on getting onto the same page as you partner. The full Moon brings moments when you must get those feelings off your chest where children, friends, and honeys are concerned. Avoid melting down so that you do not have to immediately go into damage control. Write down your great ideas but remain unattached to outcomes. Best days 6,14,15,23


Home and family challenge Geminis’ peace of mind as you feel unsettled over Mom and or Dad and even where you may move. Yes, some of you are moving so muscle up and get some rest. Gemini needs extra stamina even if you are not literally the one picking up the sofa. Bosses are sure to weigh in with some crazy ideas as to who you truly are these days. Do not rock the boss’s boat. Do not allow parents to control your life. Once mid-month arrives the in-laws or other people out of you intimate are more fun than usual. In fact, the days until October 30 are joyful you feel free to express your feelings. What you have to say is well received. Buddies and honeys from the past come back for a final act in the play of your life September 27 to October 18. During those times you want to be very specific with your words and deeds in order to avoid misunderstandings. The new Moon September 6 gives Gemini a lift around the house. The changes you need to make are easy. If you feel stuck move 27 things around your house just after the new Moon. The full Moon September 20 brings recognition you may or may not want at your work. State your case and opinions very clearly at that time and no matter what happens it is part of your divine order. Best days 8,9,26,27


August opens with a bit of the doldrums but that passes quickly. Accidents or surprising messages and repairs happen August 3. The new Moon August brings new ways to communicate. Home life is busy, as Mars, Venus and Mercury are hanging out there. That means friends will be hanging out at Gemini’s place. Some of those people will be repairmen. Delay any major renovations as they will be more expensive than the budget right how. Try to hold off on all repairs until after Mercury goes direct in October. Otherwise, start projects before September 10. Here and now in August, some of you are moving while others are packing kids off to camp or college. Home is a beehive to say the least. Opportunities to travel are abundant and you may even consider a new vehicle, be it car or boat or computer for riding around the internet. Dates with mates are fun beginning August 15. August 22 is the full Moon and it nudges Gemini to act on that opportunity to set out on a new adventure. It will be well worth your effort. Have faith in you, but don’t get all preachy with those you love.

Best days 3,12,30


Opportunities that dry up are sure to come back around at the beginning of 2022. Continue to thank everyone that helps you along the way until then. Consider what is your purpose and what you really want to do with your life over the long haul. Do not consider the money or the job but what makes a Gemini sing happily. Meanwhile, stay open even when you get put down at the middle of July. Make a budget at the new Moon July 9 and find new ways to connect with potential friends and buddies. It is time to think on your feet through next February. Friends bring Gemini their problems because they know you will guide them or at the very least point out new directions they can head in life. Finish business and tend to details July 5-8. Work, bosses, and some family members are a challenge July 26 and 27. Book a trip with a purpose July 23/24. Use caution driving and watch your words. They are powerful now so use them to your best advantage without bullying others. Best days 6,7,16


Now don’t forget your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until June 22 . That means slow down and make sure all the fine details are addressed. Mercury shows Gemini, just what you forgot in the funniest and least helpful ways. The best antidote is to laugh. Travel is best done for work or education this year. If you do your work and eat your vegetables you may be able to get away for a tour of that castle or a rain forest. Work and travel are a theme. Money matters and the rush to satisfy goals and wants subside somewhat June 11 but the daily routine speeds up and communications heat up for the next several weeks. Use caution driving and smile when you speak. When you see an opportunity, grab it because no one is going to offer Gemini anything on a silver platter. The new Moon eclipse June 10 occurs in Gemini. This is a wonderful new beginning prompting new paths and creativity for Gemini in the coming months. Act upon the ideas that come up and you will someday look back and see that the events of this year are a positive turning point in life. Best days 9,10,18,19


Mercury, Geminis’ ruler, moves into Gemini May 3. This is a busy time full of planning and doing. You will be in your full glory what with being one of you one day and another of you the next day. Mercury turns retrograde May 29 and you begin to feel it starting May 15. Get your projects started, buy the stuff you need to buy, and for God’s sake back up the computers. Trips and starting new jobs are best avoided, but once Jupiter moves into the tenth house of career May 13, you will see some opportunities to seize. Get on that fast but do not expect results until later next month or even later in the year. The new Moon May 11 brings times for recharging and soul searching. The full Moon eclipse insists that Gemini balance your needs with the needs of partners. Some associations come to an end. If there is anything that anyone is hiding, that will come to light in months to come. You can make lots of money with new ideas, but you will also have lots of expenses. This is not a permanent situation so turn off the worry thoughts. Remember, the birds don’t have jobs and they do just fine. Venus moves through Gemini starting May 8. Gemini is looking good so don’t ruin your vibe with idle chatter and gossip. Just sit there, close your mouth and look good. Best days 13,31


Mars continues to move through Gemini infusing you with bravado and lots of ideas. You can be charming but must not be pushy. In the days around April 9 avoid the tendency to fall into unhealthy behaviors. You just may need to be a bit lazy at that time. Just make sure you are not lazy on the couch with a half-gallon of ice cream. April 16, Gemini is up and catching up with good luck and sterling motives. You can get a lot accomplished and receive all sorts of rewards. Do watch out for people who are being nice because they want something from you. You will be amused by the ones who think you are oblivious to their schemes. Gemini must be a leader by example especially when others depend on your assistance and shoulder during the second half of April. The new Moon April 11 is a new and expansive beginning for Gemini. Life will be full of opportunities and adjustments. You will have to get used to a new normal over the next thirty days beginning April 11. The full Moon April 26 brings an unexpected trip to paradise or just time at home in your room recharging. Life should calm down beginning April 23. Best days 16, 25


During the course of March and April, Gemini is infused with energy and enthusiasm that must be used carefully. You always have a million ideas and even more irons in the pot. Slow down and give thought as to how you can aim your focus to your best advantage. Otherwise, Gemini is doomed to doing too many tasks with not enough time in the day. Your effectiveness will be lackluster. Check in at mid-month to assess progress. Details and situations that have been overlooked come to mess with Gemini at mid-month. Take steps at that time to finalize plans that involve importing, exporting, or any other matter that is far away. Have faith in yourself especially when the glitches surprise you, Gemini. Geminis born late in May are ready for a new adventure. Do not let your current status in life or the opinions of your contemporaries keep you from striking out in a new direction. One cannot deny their dharma and yours is calling you now. Be that it may, you will clash with the status quo in life. The new Moon March 13 brings connections from new groups of people who share your zest for adventure. Embrace opportunities to meet people who are not like you on the outside but just like you on the inside. The last week of March, including the full Moon, supports far out ideas and a new look at your destiny. Let yourself be led to what you desire. Best days 1,10, 20, 29

February 2021

Just a reminder in case you have had your head in the clouds or somewhere else; Mercury is retrograde until February 20. Luckily it is happening from a harmonious angle so you should not have too much trouble with the tricks your ruler tries to play on you, Gemini. Travel should be avoided and not just because of Covid, but because there is no telling where you will land. Study and get your facts straight so that you can defend your position. February is the month to learn, read a book, or visit a museum. The better equipped you are, the better you can move into a stronger Gemini. Have faith in yourself. All that matters is that you can look in the mirror and know you are the best you can be at this moment. On a more mundane level, watch your hips and feet. Avoid falling and having accidents. You can do just about anything you set your mind to this month. Once Mercury goes direct, make plans for future travel. The full Moon February 27 brings home and family to your attention. This full Moon is not the time to discuss your life plans or philosophies. Cherish and build your plans without interference or unnecessary opinions. Best days 2, 20


Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde January 30. However, you will begin to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde January 15. Once Mercury goes direct you continue to feel that until mid-March. I hear the collective sigh, but that’s not what your life is all about. You also now have Jupiter and Saturn moving through Aquarius which both bring opportunities to expand and grow in your life and work. This month could be a bit rocky, as you must deal with the inner tension of Saturn and Jupiter in your ninth house square Mars and Uranus in your twelfth house. In plain English this means you, Gemini, must address the areas of your inner self that can be left behind. Gemini is ready to soar but must get the ground crew to work first efficiently. Consider what it is you use to delay or delude yourself. This is a great year to take lots of classes so that you can grow in your faith in you, dear Gemini. Make note of the challenging events and address the causes. Those of you born around June 9 experience confusion as to where to go from this point in life. Stop whining and take an analytical approach to this dilemma. Transform by being open to inspiration which goes back to education. If you are not inspired by your teachers, mentors, or coaches, find new helpers. The new Moon calls for a psychological shift that brings new partners into your life. The full Moon January 28 brings signs that it is time to live a more healthy life. That includes what you eat and your work routine. Yes, back up the computers, but most importantly, know you are loved by the stars and the people in your life. Best days 5,14