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Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21


The beginning of March is stressful as you must balance career with family matters. Gemini feels pulled in several different directions. People and situations of life present challenges to Gemini during the first half of March. Gemini knows what you want to accomplish but you must pay homage to the powers that stand in your way. Some people will openly oppose and criticize you. During the days until early July Gemini will have to contend with poisonous remarks directed your way. Those of you born June 3 to June 8 are especially misunderstood. Add in the fact that your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde March 22 bringing about misunderstandings with friends. Life is full of adjustments to the way you interact with the rest of us. Best days 13,14,31


Generally, this is an easy time of the year. The new Moon eclipse February 15 in the ninth house excites your need to explore new avenues. Your efforts are supported by most people and situations until the Sun moves into Pisces February 18. The “big however” is that Mars is moving through your seventh house of partnerships and this can cause upsets between you and the ones you love the most. Don't let your ego get in the way. As February progresses stay in the comfort of your home to avoid difficult situations and people. If you are lucky, Mars will fire up your relationships making them fun and sexy but most likely not. Smile a lot and keep your active mouth closed for now. Best days 4,14,15

January 2018

Gemini needs to take care of you but it cannot be to the detriment of those you love. Stay extra observant to fine tune the balance between you and the people you love. “In to me see”or intimacy is a big theme this January and in the three years to come. Your lifestyle is changing for one reason or another. Perhaps you are moving or maybe you are suddenly an empty nester. At mid January, initiate activities that will empower you to forge ahead in life and love and awareness. At months end Gemini must turn your attention away from your psychological needs to that of the daily routine. Catch up on paperwork and get errands done. Return calls while you are in the waiting room. Best days 17,18,27