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May 20 - June 20


Mars, moving through Gemini since last August 20, is still in Gemini. Your energy is stronger since January 12 so get up and get going in life. Do watch your words and remain in the nice zone as Mars can make you a bit bitchy. Mind your manners and strong emotions during the first half of February. Someone is sure to push Gemini buttons which may cause you to lose your temper big time. Bosses and parents are a pain in the first half of February. Remember, love and hate are on the same spectrum. This is not the time to add more irons to the fire. Use caution around water and be sure to pay attention to your feet during the second half of the month. Gemini is has more strength and energy than usual. Pay attention to how you use that energy. Finish the stuff that got started and delayed last September and October. The full Moon February 5 brings a heavy schedule and irritation with siblings, neighbors, or in-laws. Use caution driving around the full Moon February 5 and remember to play nice. The new Moon February 20 compels Gemini to break out of the traps of your career and look for something that is more fulfilling. New bosses and new jobs solve that discontent. Best days 10,18,27

January 2023

  • Gemini has a slow start to 2023 because of Mars retrograde in your sign. Plus, your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde.  These two instances show that Gemini must adjust to the pace of the stars and the needs of your closest until after January 21. The good news is that Venus, moving through Aquarius January 2 to 26, is throwing shade that has Gemini getting your way just because you are so attractive and approachable. Gemini oozes sex appeal January 9. January 22 brings commitments that just seem right. The waiting you have suffered seems to be turning into positive events for dear Gemini on January 29 as the wheels of your bus finally begin to roll. The full moon January 6 brings financial matters to fruition. At the same time, Gemini must consider how you share your life with others. This is a time to realize if you are with the right person or people in your life. The new Moon January 21 compels Gemini to start a new life adventure. Let the gates of life swing open and look to the horizon. It is calling Gemini. Best days 3,13,14,22,31