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May 20 - June 20


Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde until September 15. This particular Mercury retrograde period brings family tension and news that is probably not news of winning the lottery. Avoid complaining about high class problems and know that once September 15 arrives, the tension eases and is finally resolved starting October 4. Mars, moving through Libra, infuses Gemini with fun and enthusiastic endeavors. Take your main squeeze to ride the rapids. Your heartfelt words and actions are well received by just about everyone you encounter. This is the time to live life to its fullest. Geminis look good and are confident. Do the work you love and if you are just working, then it is time over the next couple of years to discover new talents and work that you can love, dear Gemini. You have one foot in the waters of change. Positive transformations happen over the next twenty years beginning November 2024. Meanwhile, wake up to the people who are misusing their power over you and become your own person. Follow your heart. Listen to more than one opinion before making decisions. Your opinion is really the only one that counts, just be sure it is not a self destructive one. Best days 2,6,11,16,25


Get ready, your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde August 23 to September 15. This time this event occurs in Virgo forming a square and agitating Gemini to action. Home and family matters seem to be in disarray. Mars adds to the agitation with lots of activity you may not want happening in your home. You might want to throw a painting party which will be wildly fun, but the dog may get painted. The full Moon August 1 in the ninth house adds to the action as well as uncertainty as to what you think and feel. It will all be fine especially if you have a quick getaway. Have patience with your feelings and annoying people. You will be surprised who suddenly pushes your buttons. The new Moon August 16 brings welcome messages most likely from the past for the rest of August. The full Moon August 30 insures lots of responsibility at your work or career. Do your job 100 percent if you want accolades. While Uranus is retrograde August 28 until late next January, take time to connect with your inner self. Care for others and expand your spiritual life without joining a cult. Best days 1,5,15,20,29


Gemini, especially those of you born in May, are subject to making a lot of life changes between now and next February. All of you must take your responsibilities seriously if you are to ascend the career ladder. No matter how you proceed, your progress will be slow and methodical. This is a good time to practice patience, but don’t be asking the stars to give you patience because you will create even slower progress. Focus this July on money matters starting with the full Moon July 3. That is the time to pay off bills and finalize new connections as well as ending partnerships that must go. New friendships and connections come to Gemini beginning July 18. Between July 18 through February 2025 consider your future goals and who can help you get to those goals. This is a good time to take leadership classes and learn how to be a leader even though groups may make you uncomfortable. The new Moon July 17 brings Gemini a fresh start financially and a leg up on feeling good about yourself. While Venus is retrograde July 22 to September 3, polish your communication skills and drive safely. Best days 14,24


Gemini is finally out of the Mercury retrograde woods and can generally proceed with life until the next time Mercury goes retrograde August 23. The full Moon June 3 requires that Gemini stand up to bullies and honeys. The stalemate with neighbors, in-laws, and siblings remains until next month. However, by June 10 difficult situations do ease and the daily routine becomes easier to navigate. Unexpected news and secret revelations come to light at the full Moon June 3. Gemini becomes very busy and must avoid too many irons in the fire beginning June 11. At the same time on June 11, Gemini begins to deal with more endings to all sorts of partnerships. News is a downer especially where bosses and career are concerned June 15. No matter what the news, Gemini is protected by people who are important to your success this month and next. The new Moon June 17 facilitates adjustments to your connections, thus propelling Gemini to begin self-improvement activities. At the end of June Gemini begins to realize your next steps in life. Best days 8,17


Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde until May 14. If life seems a bit slow do not worry, you are on track. Slow down and do not jump to any conclusions now because you do not have all the facts. Gemini is able to accomplish tasks easily May 12. At the same time, do not be taken in by people from the past who wish to reconnect; they will not stay once the calendar passes May 14. The full Moon eclipse May 5 brings closure to unhealthy habits. Adjust your diet and find more efficient ways to do your work tasks. Issues of work from home and dealing with micro managers have Gemini calling on your dual selves to dance to the changing music. The push to live healthier is supported by Jupiter moving into your twelfth house May 16 for the next year. Do not ignore your inner needs. You spiritual awareness is shifting and that means those unhealthy treats begin to lose their power over Gemini. The new Moon May 19 is a powerful kickoff to Gemini committing to a long-term project. Do use caution while traveling May 15 to 27. At that time, Gemini can make important decisions that are sure to lead to success. Money is less stressful beginning May 20. Gemini is becoming a leader with your empowering ideas and philosophies. Time alone is time well spent.

Best days 2,21,30


Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde April 21 to May 14. Pay attention to your own behavior. During this Mercury retrograde, schedule mentally stimulating activities with friends. Do not rush into new friendships as you do not have all the facts about the new comers. You will have to adjust to new situations at work as April begins. From now until May 20 Gemini is able to work diligently increasing your income. Expenses run high this month and next. There is no need to freak out; you will bounce back financially, but not until later in May.

The full Moon April 5 is the perfect time to tell others what is in your heart and on your mind. Before you make a grand plan such as one would in a rom com, consider whether how the person will receive your words and actions. It could go terribly wrong so avoid the flash mob at the mall. Do people still do that?

The new Moon eclipse April 19 brings new and eclectic friends over the next few years. Some of those people help Gemini find alternative and inventive ways to make your own dreams come true. Just remember to vet the newbies before letting them into your fold.

You look great beginning April 14. Do not ruin the vibe by talking too much. Gossip does not become you, dear Gemini. April 14 brings tasks that you would like to avoid. Let the stars empower you. You have no choice but to fall into line with your destiny. Best days 5,6,23


Saturn crosses Gemini’s into tenth house of career and the future March 7. This signifies the peak of a career cycle that began September 2007. Saturn moving through your tenth house of career until February 2026 is a time for Gemini to look back on your achievements and consider where you go from here. Some of you will move onto a new career path while other Gemini will embark on a path to becoming a leader in your current career. While Saturn moves through Pisces, Gemini will be stressed to define your boundaries with other people. This is your issue because you are not aligned with what you really need. Relax and do not blame your the people around you. Do not start a war with someone. If you make big moves such as blowing up a relationship, be prepared for the consequences.

Pluto moves into your ninth house March 23. During the coming years, Gemini has a shift in consciousness that changes what you know about your world up to now. Your belief system is changing as you are exposed to expansive ways of the world that you have not previously experienced. Some of you will go to school; others will travel and learn. Gemini will feel enthusiastic about new ideas, but you must be sure that you do not beat up others with your newly found philosophy. Pluto moving through Aquarius is an easy empowering transit that is going to leave Gemini more confident with your place on the planet. You will grow and mature. Your new insight will serve you well unless you decide to embrace crazy ideas such as the earth being flat.

This month Mars finishes moving through Gemini March 25. Mars has been pushing Gemini since the end of last August. You must be exhausted. Mars moves through your second house of your self worth which includes money. Gemini will have lots of opportunities to make more money, but most likely you have lots of expenses until May 20. March 11 is a frisky day so be sure you put on clean underwear. You never know. Use caution around water and anyone who is a Pisces March 14, but really for most of March. The full Moon March 7 brings home and family matters to be fixed or repaired. Your best option is to play like Switzerland. The new Moon March 21 brings new friends and an opportunity to shine among your peers. Someone is sure to be pea green with envy so watch your back. Put your finances and priorities in order during the final days of March. Best days 9,18,26,27


Mars, moving through Gemini since last August 20, is still in Gemini. Your energy is stronger since January 12 so get up and get going in life. Do watch your words and remain in the nice zone as Mars can make you a bit bitchy. Mind your manners and strong emotions during the first half of February. Someone is sure to push Gemini buttons which may cause you to lose your temper big time. Bosses and parents are a pain in the first half of February. Remember, love and hate are on the same spectrum. This is not the time to add more irons to the fire. Use caution around water and be sure to pay attention to your feet during the second half of the month. Gemini is has more strength and energy than usual. Pay attention to how you use that energy. Finish the stuff that got started and delayed last September and October. The full Moon February 5 brings a heavy schedule and irritation with siblings, neighbors, or in-laws. Use caution driving around the full Moon February 5 and remember to play nice. The new Moon February 20 compels Gemini to break out of the traps of your career and look for something that is more fulfilling. New bosses and new jobs solve that discontent. Best days 10,18,27

January 2023

  • Gemini has a slow start to 2023 because of Mars retrograde in your sign. Plus, your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde.  These two instances show that Gemini must adjust to the pace of the stars and the needs of your closest until after January 21. The good news is that Venus, moving through Aquarius January 2 to 26, is throwing shade that has Gemini getting your way just because you are so attractive and approachable. Gemini oozes sex appeal January 9. January 22 brings commitments that just seem right. The waiting you have suffered seems to be turning into positive events for dear Gemini on January 29 as the wheels of your bus finally begin to roll. The full moon January 6 brings financial matters to fruition. At the same time, Gemini must consider how you share your life with others. This is a time to realize if you are with the right person or people in your life. The new Moon January 21 compels Gemini to start a new life adventure. Let the gates of life swing open and look to the horizon. It is calling Gemini. Best days 3,13,14,22,31