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May 20 - June 20


Mars continues to move through Gemini infusing you with bravado and lots of ideas. You can be charming but must not be pushy. In the days around April 9 avoid the tendency to fall into unhealthy behaviors. You just may need to be a bit lazy at that time. Just make sure you are not lazy on the couch with a half-gallon of ice cream. April 16, Gemini is up and catching up with good luck and sterling motives. You can get a lot accomplished and receive all sorts of rewards. Do watch out for people who are being nice because they want something from you. You will be amused by the ones who think you are oblivious to their schemes. Gemini must be a leader by example especially when others depend on your assistance and shoulder during the second half of April. The new Moon April 11 is a new and expansive beginning for Gemini. Life will be full of opportunities and adjustments. You will have to get used to a new normal over the next thirty days beginning April 11. The full Moon April 26 brings an unexpected trip to paradise or just time at home in your room recharging. Life should calm down beginning April 23. Best days 16, 25


During the course of March and April, Gemini is infused with energy and enthusiasm that must be used carefully. You always have a million ideas and even more irons in the pot. Slow down and give thought as to how you can aim your focus to your best advantage. Otherwise, Gemini is doomed to doing too many tasks with not enough time in the day. Your effectiveness will be lackluster. Check in at mid-month to assess progress. Details and situations that have been overlooked come to mess with Gemini at mid-month. Take steps at that time to finalize plans that involve importing, exporting, or any other matter that is far away. Have faith in yourself especially when the glitches surprise you, Gemini. Geminis born late in May are ready for a new adventure. Do not let your current status in life or the opinions of your contemporaries keep you from striking out in a new direction. One cannot deny their dharma and yours is calling you now. Be that it may, you will clash with the status quo in life. The new Moon March 13 brings connections from new groups of people who share your zest for adventure. Embrace opportunities to meet people who are not like you on the outside but just like you on the inside. The last week of March, including the full Moon, supports far out ideas and a new look at your destiny. Let yourself be led to what you desire. Best days 1,10, 20, 29

February 2021

Just a reminder in case you have had your head in the clouds or somewhere else; Mercury is retrograde until February 20. Luckily it is happening from a harmonious angle so you should not have too much trouble with the tricks your ruler tries to play on you, Gemini. Travel should be avoided and not just because of Covid, but because there is no telling where you will land. Study and get your facts straight so that you can defend your position. February is the month to learn, read a book, or visit a museum. The better equipped you are, the better you can move into a stronger Gemini. Have faith in yourself. All that matters is that you can look in the mirror and know you are the best you can be at this moment. On a more mundane level, watch your hips and feet. Avoid falling and having accidents. You can do just about anything you set your mind to this month. Once Mercury goes direct, make plans for future travel. The full Moon February 27 brings home and family to your attention. This full Moon is not the time to discuss your life plans or philosophies. Cherish and build your plans without interference or unnecessary opinions. Best days 2, 20


Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde January 30. However, you will begin to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde January 15. Once Mercury goes direct you continue to feel that until mid-March. I hear the collective sigh, but that’s not what your life is all about. You also now have Jupiter and Saturn moving through Aquarius which both bring opportunities to expand and grow in your life and work. This month could be a bit rocky, as you must deal with the inner tension of Saturn and Jupiter in your ninth house square Mars and Uranus in your twelfth house. In plain English this means you, Gemini, must address the areas of your inner self that can be left behind. Gemini is ready to soar but must get the ground crew to work first efficiently. Consider what it is you use to delay or delude yourself. This is a great year to take lots of classes so that you can grow in your faith in you, dear Gemini. Make note of the challenging events and address the causes. Those of you born around June 9 experience confusion as to where to go from this point in life. Stop whining and take an analytical approach to this dilemma. Transform by being open to inspiration which goes back to education. If you are not inspired by your teachers, mentors, or coaches, find new helpers. The new Moon calls for a psychological shift that brings new partners into your life. The full Moon January 28 brings signs that it is time to live a more healthy life. That includes what you eat and your work routine. Yes, back up the computers, but most importantly, know you are loved by the stars and the people in your life. Best days 5,14