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Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21


Mercury, your ruler, is once again retrograde this month from December 3 to 22. This happens in your seventh house of relationships meaning that you will be RE doing relationships. It may be necessary to come back to the bargaining table and legal matters are delayed. Do not attempt to get a new relationship going or sign contracts. At the same time on December 3 the full Moon in Gemini has many of you agitated. Gemini must avoid sinking your ship with those loose lips. Saturn moves into the eighth house of intimacy and shared situations. Gemini will be compelled to evaluate the way you share your deepest self and your power. Organize your finances and consider what motivates you to be you. Best days 11,12


Gemini needs a break. The time you spend alone gives rise to clear conclusions and a path you may not see if you are focused on the outer world. Once you get past the break you are recharged and have the stamina and good sense to go about doing what needs to be done with successful results. Gemini has the ability to convey your message with good sense so that others can depend on what you say and promise. Playtime goes well so don't forget your fun loving side. At the same time, though, Gemini receives recognition for your good works. Consider efficient ways to do your job and start a new workout routine and diet regimen. Mixups must not lead to arguments November 26. Best days 5,14,24,25


Jupiter moves through the sixth house bringing expansion and benefits to your work and health. In terms of health, that is sure to improve and you will want to step out of the usual routine and try new workouts or diets that can improve your physique. If you are feeling unhealthy, you are sure to be better off come November 2018. Where work is concerned, be nice to your coworkers. At least one of them can be a benefactor to Gemini. New jobs can be had and the workplace becomes a more enjoyable environment for Gemini. Right now and until October 24, Gemini has a lot they need to accomplish. Avoid pushing people hard, especially family members. The people you push are going to push back. Best days 1,28


Your ruler, Mercury goes direct September 5. You can lower your guard a bit and relax as Mercury will put his tricks away until the next Mercury retrograde beginning December 2. Home and family matters require Gemini’s attention. Repairs to your home and your familial relationships are necessary. Tend to the small details and plumb the old emotional patterns that no longer are an asset. Many of you will be the object of others dissension especially September 13. This is not the time to push for what you want unless you do so very carefully. Gemini has many decisions to make regrading who you are and how you fit into the plans you have previously set in motion. Work and family will battle for Gemini’s attention. Best days 3,4,12,21,30