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Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21


Your ruler is retrograde March 5 to 28 in Pisces. That is a hard angle to you, Gemini. Also, Mercury retrograde occurs in your tenth house of career matters and authority figures. March is a challenging time not to mention the new Moon happens in Pisces in that same house of career. Resist the temptation to start a new job or make any kind of plan for your work. It will stall in confusion and you will find yourself back at square one in months to come. Saturn in Capricorn has Gemini continuing to make adjustments in your partnerships. People don’t want to give you a break or a raise, but this is not permanent. Mars transiting the twelfth house brings up worries and loss of sleep. However, Venus is moving through Aquarius in the ninth house. For all the difficulties you are experiencing, Venus has Gemini looking good and ready for travel. Get away from the routine. People and situations that are far away will appreciate Gemini way more than the ones who are nearby. This is especially true around the full Moon March 20. Romance can happen while you travel, but remember that Mercury is retrograde so take a carryon. Your checked luggage is in danger of arriving at another destination. Hang out and watch the world spin. If you get involved you will just get frustrated especially March 14. April is much more productive. Best days 4,13,21,30,31


The first three days of February are the time for Gemini to finish up projects. Make payments that are due so that once the new Moon occurs February 4, you can look to future plans, hopes, schemes. Some of you will travel, others will learn a new topic, and still other Geminis will take trips that are learning experiences. Make a gratitude list and include those friends that are hard to love. Gemini has lots of opportunities this year but you must choose wisely as to where to turn your attention. You likely will be attracted to someone much older or younger. It is okay because you yourself will always be a youthful spirit. Career matters require planning and you want to start projects before February 20 so that you can finish or refine those projects while Mercury is retrograde next month. Lots will be happening behind the scenes and you will often feel like you are taking a sideways approach to get anything accomplished in the days until late March. Family needs your attention around the full Moon February 19. You just may find yourself on a ladder replacing air filters or fire alarm batteries. Restless sleep is not a permanent thing. Best days 3,4,5,14

January 2019

Gemini is letting go of the family issues that have kept you from getting down to your true essence. The new Moon/eclipse in the eighth house offers opportunities to grow into the real you in months to come. The agent of your growth may be an intimate relationship or business partnership. In order to be able to do those relationships Gemini will have to dig down deep inside of both yourselves and cull out behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve your best interest. Over the next several months Gemini would do well to go through some sort of therapeutic process. Get most of your socializing done before mid month because at that time you are not going to enjoy people who do not follow through or bail on plans last minute. Part of your growth will be letting go of fair weather friends. At the same time Venus moves through your seventh house of relationships January 7 to February 3. Romance can flourish during those days but you must pick a trustworthy person. Both you and you will want to be at your best so leave the baggage at home. The full Moon January 20/21 brings lots of activity to Gemini over the next several months. Surprises happen where friends, siblings, and neighbors are concerned. Best day 7