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Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21


Gemini is beginning a phase that includes expanding your mind and your experience with other cultures. Many of you will be traveling and learning new subjects. The less broad minded of you will have lessons that force you to grow beyond the limiting thoughts and prejudices you possess. Use caution when entering into any legal matter unless you are starting law school. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in Virgo/Leo which can bring extra communication challenges. Details are sure to get out of whack and all the while family upsets drain your time and energy. Your home is going to need attention. If you call a repairman, be sure to monitor the work so that you don't have to pay for another service call a couple of days later. Best days 7,16,24,25

Venus moves through Gemini July 4 - 31. This means Gemini is extra cute and super social this month. The magnetism is sure to help Gemini to sell whatever it is you want to sell now whether that is your good reputation or your product. Just be sure you are not flaky and do not behave like a player. It will not pay off in the long run. Do avoid gossiping and gossipy people. Social faux pas and karmic paybacks come around the week of July 24. Lay low that week as you will not be up to snuff. You have the ability to make lots of money but remember that money is not who you are, it just lets you get around and enjoy life on earth. Best days 11,19

While Gemini is at the time of year to initiate new beginnings, you are also required to make adjustments within your personal connections. Gemini born during the first week of June are prone to confusion especially at work and where family matters are concerned. Do not take what authority figures tell you at face value. Gemini's comfort level is a concern, especially where money and intimacy are concerned. In many cases money is running out as fast as it is coming into your accounts. This will last until July 20. Life does become more fun and you are freer than in the recent past to express how you feel to those you love. The full Moon June 9 calls for Gemini to strike a balance with partners. Best days 3,13,14


Gemini has the bravado to accomplish more than usual. The challenge will be which choices do you want to make. You may be wise to sort through all the Mercury retrograde debris once Mercury goes direct May 3. Hold off on your new endeavors until the new Moon May 25. Avoid being overbearing and let others get a word in edgewise. Those of you who are athletic can bowl over the competition but all of you must let your other half in life and work have a chance to get what they want. Relationships are very challenging during the last ten days of May. Let your buddies get their issue off their chest. Yours is not the only valid point of view. Stay focussed and kind. Best days 7,17,25,26


Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde April 9 - May 3. Pay attention to events that take place behind the scenes. Goals will be delayed and in some cases plans will fall apart all together. Friends may disappear or communications go silent. Do not despair, all these events will work themselves out once Mercury goes direct in May. Business matters are a challenge as it is difficult to negotiate and balance yourself with bosses. The process gets easier after mid month. Do express yourself at the full Moon April 11 but don't blow the others out of the water with dramatic behavior. Gemini born in the later days of this sign are making important decisions about life. Gemini will be rethinking your life direction over the next five months. Best days 1, 20, 28,


Friends and the groups you are involved with are a source of concern now. It seems Gemini is ready to speak up about the injustices you are experiencing at the hands of those who are supposed to be your buddies. Perhaps you no longer share the same goals. It is time for Gemini to move on to be with more like minded people. This can also be the case where romantic attachments are concerned. Whatever the case it is time to speak up and take action. Be sure to formulate your words carefully as you want to make the right impression. March 5 is stressful so play nice. In the days around March 12 Gemini must juggle work and family issues. Family and home will take precedence. Best days 4,24

Details and communications that have had Gemini so busy come to a head this month. Many of you are finishing projects and other life situations. Those of you have in-laws will be preoccupied with their affairs. Neighbors and siblings need attention and hopefully are not a pain in the neck as Gemini is working to move beyond responsibility and into fun. However, you will be required to take the lead in dealing with a group endeavor especially if someone’s mess needs to be solved. The new Moon eclipse February 26 opens the possibility for Gemini to move in a new life direction over the next several months. Many of you will have new jobs while others will breathe new life into your current work. Best days 5,15,24


The year starts out with your ruler, Mercury retrograde. Don't forget to pay the bills and watch what you say to people so that you don't have a misunderstanding on your hands. Work and career require lots of attention so that Gemini does not get negative attention. Make sure that rumors and incorrect information are not circulating behind your back. Do your job without cutting any corners and be sure to call Mom and Dad as they will need a checkin and maybe a bit of help. Take care of yourself at the full Moon January 12 and don't let others take advantage of you then. Get new projects started after the new Moon, January 28, and new adventures will come calling. Best day 28


Many of you have been confused and assimilating to new information. It seems like you are starting over. However, this month Gemini begins to make sense of all the pieces of life that have been thrown at you. You may not put all the pieces together until next year, but at least you will begin to see new goals and connections developing. At the same time new ways of expressing yourself see Gemini into the ways to collaborate and cooperate effectively. Some of you will be going into joint ventures or even love connections. Of course don't forget, your ruler is retrograde December 19 - January 8. Once December 19 arrives, do not commit to any joint effort, you do not have all the facts. Best days 4, 12,13,21,31