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Gemini, May 21 - Jun 21

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July opens with Gemini’s ruler retrograde until July 11. You continue to be on hold until then but that does not mean that you cannot get stuff done. Remember this is a time to research, reinvent and readjust about anything else that involves “re”. July 7, 8 and 26 can be challenging if you try to push too hard. Do not worry, Mercury matters are a lot easier July 22 and 30. Since Mercury is retrograde in your second house of money, hold off making financial plans or financial commitments. The full Moon July 4 occurs in your eighth house. This insures some big endings in months to come. It is a good time to pay off loans or settle any other debt in months to come. You may go off the deep end a bit emotionally so put your crazy in check. Obsessive behavior will not help you win the object of your affection but just put remind that person you are not the one. Gemini has a lot you want to accomplish and you can do that between now and January. You can be a leader or team captain but you must use good managerial skills, otherwise friends will avoid you because they think you are too full of your self. A soft sell will get you far in months to come. If you want something after the new Moon July 20 you will have to get it with other than the usual way you go about getting what you want, Gemini. Best days 7,17


The next twelve months are memorable. Venus retrograde on your birthday that means that you will be rethinking your relationships. People from the past will pass through and you will wonder if the person you are with is really the one for you, dear Gemini. Rethink your own behavior. If there is a problem you are surely part of the equation. The full Moon eclipse June 5 occurs in your seventh house of, yes, relationships. I would usually say this is a time to balance your needs with the needs of those you love and those you must collaborate with in the world. However, on the day of this eclipse the Moon is square Mars adding a lot of contention to the event and to your relationship. There is going to be fussing and fighting that will affect you throughout the next several months. Stay calm and do not tell anyone else to calm down. That is the fuel added to a fire that is already ablaze. Use caution around this eclipse. Boss will be bossy and you must lay low in order to keep the job. There will be a lot to do at work which is probably done at home. In the months to come, use the talents you have been ignoring. You can make some money if you just pull out that tarot deck and start doing some readings. The old ways no longer apply especially since the new Moon in Cancer occurs in your second house of money. In the months to come, create new beginning in ways to make money. You must make psychological adjustments in the months ahead. Your ruler, Mercury is retrograde June 18 to July 12. Forget attempting to manage the stuff of life that you cannot control. Best days 1,10,19


May and June are very busy for Gemini. Venus is already in your sign and out of bounds. Stay busy and social but don’t even consider making any sort of commitment until early August. You have many ideas and situations to juggle. Just as soon as you make one decision another will come around that sheds new light on your most recent decisions. While Venus moves through Gemini until August 7, you cannot help but look great. Put a lid on the gossip and extra chatter unless you are talking to a Libra or an Aquarius. Venus retrograde in Gemini May 13 to June 25 brings people back from the past. They are not back permanently and this is one of the reasons Gemini should avoid making any firm commitment over the next year. Let your curiosity guide you in the months to come. You must balance your needs with the needs of others throughout the next twelve months. At least you will look fabulous. Just remember to give thought before blabbing away your good looks. Your future is at a crossroads. Best day 23


Venus moves through Gemini April 3 to August 7. This is an unusually long time because Venus is retrograde in Gemini May 12 to June 25. That should bring old friends and lovers back for cameo appearances in your life. This month, Venus in Gemini has you being social and you look very attractive especially to Libras and Aquarius. Whether you are in quarantine or out and about, Gemini has the energy to easily accomplish what you desire. The full Moon is a fun and joyous time. Gemini will be able to make the most of any situation around the full Moon but you must be careful so that you do not have accidents. Like most signs, the new Moon is an intense one for Gemini. You will have to come to terms with losses around you, Gemini. This is sure to change your viewpoint of your life. Gemini’s priorities will be shifting in the months to come. Friendships will change as you realize people who you thought were on your team indeed are not. Other friends and groups will need your wisdom. April and May are a time when you can be a healing presence for the people that need a fun Gemini on the ground. Best days 15,16, 25, 26


Remember that your ruler is retrograde until March 9. Reconfigure the big picture of life during these first nine days of the month and avoid traveling. If you must make a trip roll with the delays and check your tires. Lay low March 2 and avoid the people who want to argue. This is a challenging month where friendships and group dynamics are concerned. You may have to resign from the softball team or stop being the team leader at work. If you are offered the lead roll think long and hard before taking on a new leadership position. Consider the personalities that are involved. People can be hurtful and I don’t want you playful Geminis to get your feelings hurt by someone who is processing their own drama. If anyone asks you to go into business and or for a loan decline the offer at this time. You are in an intense time of adjustment psychologically. The power within you is going through an adjustment and your are not quite ready to take it out on a trial run. Over the next two years starting March 21, you will become the authority others count on for guidance. Do your homework. Best days 10, 11,19, 29


Most Gemini’s want or need to know when their playful ruler is up to his old retrograde tricks. This is one of those months when you want to get projects started so that you can weather the changes and about faces that happen while Mercury is retrograde February 16 to March 9. February 10, 16, 20, 26,28, March 4, are days when you will notice Mercury’s tricks. Plans for the future hit bumps while bosses and other important people change their minds about this or that. Shared ventures go well as long as you are realistic and move forward with like minded partners. Do not finalize any plan while Mercury is retrograde. Have patience and practice due diligence. Your day is really busy February 9. Drive carefully from the 8th to the 10th. Make significant lifestyle decisions on the 15th. The new Moon February 23 is cause for clearing the clutter and making space for new people and goals. Shared business ventures pay off this year but you must remain steady with your efforts. Do not cut corners. Best days 4,12,21,22

January 2020

January opens the portal for Gemini to come to terms with your emotional scars. It won’t take place just this month but in the years to come. There are two personalities to a Gemini so both yourselves will be compelled to do a bit of inner house cleaning. This will be prompted by partnership changes or losses or even the death of someone in the months to come. Ask yourself why you behave the way you do in partnerships. This does not have to be all bad. Consider the reactions of people to you. Most likely those reactions are somewhat unpleasant. Look within to see how that is your reflection. If someone is withholding love and intimacy that could go back to your early life. Explore the past and heal it. At the same time Mars is moving through Geminis’ house of relationship January 4 to February 17. During that time Gemini will be dealing with a mountain of emotions that must be sorted through. This can be done quickly but don’t just pass it off as someone else’s problem. You must rebalance your ways with others. Change your rules of engagement. This all starts with friendship issues January 2 and comes to a final conclusion regarding one or more relationships around the full Moon eclipse January 10. Challenges come with children or honeys January 17. Watch your words at that time. The new Moon January 24 calls for a new vision and a trip to get away from your world as you now know it. A meditation retreat or other spiritual endeavor will soothe your soul. Best days 8,16,24


Gemini has the energy to get so much accomplished at work. That is good because some of what you will need to do is get others to calm down at work. There will be trouble makers and you will be one of the targets. Lay low when possible and use your words very carefully. This is not the time to be your chatterbox self. A bit of quiet will also help Gemini get in touch with what’s going on deep within you. You have been slowly shifting in consciousness since 2008 but now that the heat is turned up, the stuff that needs to go is bubbling up to be skimmed off the top. Partnerships and those issues serve to change your outlook. Consider how every person you encounter is a mirror to what is going on within Gemini. The full Moon in Gemini December 11/12 is stressful so use caution and avoid a meltdown of blabbing. The new Moon eclipse December 25/26 ushers in opportunities to take a personal inventory and grow from there. This is a great time to start therapy or a therapeutic process. There will be deaths both physical and ideological. Money will come to you from refunds, estates, or partners who owe you over the next year.
Best days 1,11,12,19, 20, 28, 29


Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in the sixth house of health and habits until November 20. The work environment feels uncertain. Gossip about layoffs or changes to the daily routine is best avoided. Consider better ways to do your job and roll with the events of each day as one day unfolds differently than the day before. Mercury in the sixth house can cause confusion regarding the way to perform a task. Get plenty of rest and eat properly. If anything of importance is going to take place at work or in your community, it will do so at the full Moon November 12. This is a great time to have projects finished especially since Mercury is retrograde. Mars moves through the sixth house November 19 to January 3. During that time Gemini will have the energy to take on an extra work. Some of you will be doing more than one job. Others will be lifting more weight than usual. Gemini continues to have to adjust to what the situation needs. The bright spot in November is when Venus and Jupiter connect in your seventh house of relationships November 24. Gemini will be lucky in love. Single Gemini should be out in the world that weekend. Those of you who are in a relationship will enjoy extra time with that special person. The new Moon brings new relationships that will pop up out of the blue. The key word this month is adjustment. Best days 13, 22


Mars moves into Libra October 4 which gives Gemini an even and steady flow of energy to move through life with ease. Generally, It will be easy to balance your needs with the needs of others through November 19. Your confidence radiates and others will want to follow your lead. All of this goodwill and positive vibes help Gemini make necessary adjustments as Mercury moves into your sixth house of lifestyle and the work environment. Venus follows Mercury October 9 followed by the Sun October 23. Watch what you say to others as they may be extra sensitive to your wit now. The things that Gemini thinks is funny or pertinent may not be the same for the people at your work. October 5 is stressful and full of responsibilities you will not enjoy. Doors that close at that time will not reopen. The full Moon October 13 puts Gemini in the spotlight. Friends will need help and guidance or bail money. Money matters and how to spend it shakes your feelings of security October 21. The new Moon occurs in your sixth house October 27 and Mercury, you ruler, turns retrograde also in the sixth house October 31. Get all your projects started and don’t download the upgrades until after November 20. Shop for new clothes and take care of beauty appointments before October 21. Best days 17,18


Since mid August you have been feeling the planets as they move into Virgo forming a square to you, Gemini. The square is a hard aspect that compels us to push forward with an idea or plan. Push is the operative word and your forcefulness can activate others to oppose you at various times this month. The first quarter of the Moon September 5 is just one of those times when you have an agenda that is not so easy. Avoid arguments with partners and family members at that time. At the full Moon you receive recognition that you may or may not want. If you have cut corners or done a bad job you will be called on the carpet. Career and family matters will vie for your attention at mid month. Expect to be pulled in more than one direction. Family matters will win out for your attention September 21. Try to remain neutral when drama pops up with family. As Venus and Mercury move into Libra September 14 many matters will become easier to handle if you can respond to surprises with mature words and behavior. Life becomes much smoother as the month progresses but don’t let your guard down until October 4. Best days 10,11,20,28


Gemini's ruler, Mercury, has gone direct as of July 31. Now you can move forward with life but do expect some goofy incidents that catch you off guard August 2 and 13. Your daily routine is very fast paced. On occasion, though, you will have to yield to the whims and wishes of people with whom you are connected emotionally or through business. Somebody is going to want to have a power struggle. Gemini’s best bet is probably to be the one who makes the adjustments. Or at least make the other person think you are bowing to their wishes. Watch your words at the full Moon August 15 and all will turn out well. Use caution driving and leave for short trips on time. Both short and long trips at mid month provide experiences that teach you better ways to travel in the future. Companions will be a challenge so choose carefully when inviting anyone anywhere. Home and family demand your time and attention as August moves to a close. Best days 5,14,24


Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde July 7-31 in your third and second houses. While Mercury is retrograde in the third house until July 19 there will be all sorts of delays in the daily routine. Leave home early for any appointment as traffic and car problems can delay your arrival to anywhere. Once Mercury backs into Gemini's second house, money matters will be delayed and deals can dissolve. While the new Moon eclipse is in your second house of money July 2, Gemini is smart to delay financial decisions until next month. You do not have all the pertinent details to make a decision until next month. In the months to come you will need to balance out the karma between you and your partners. This includes love and business associates. The full Moon brings up completions to shared enterprises. What you put into motion this month financially comes back around right around the new year 2020. There will be pay offs and payouts that stem from years and lifetimes past. At the same time as the full Moon July 16, Mars is trine Jupiter bringing good news and opportunities. If you have been waiting for an outcome this will be the time for action to happen. However, do use caution with your words and your commute. Those of you born July 7 to 14 should stay away from the camera. At the same time others will not see you as you see yourself and you may get caught in a compromising situation. Listen to the others you trust as some of you are somewhat confused. Ask your boss to tell you how to do a better job. Best days 8,18,27


June 1 and 2 are the last days before the new Moon. This is closeout time for Gemini so finish projects and clear papers before the new Moon June 3. At the same time you will have a sense of wanting and needing to be loved. This could be romantic or a deepening of your compassion for others. The new Moon marks a fresh start full of optimism. This is a lucky one for you, Gemini, but you must be warned against moving too quickly and ignoring the little details. Money may seem to be running through you, but don’t worry, there is more where that came from. At the same time do not nit pick with partners. Take the stresses that your partners are enduring into consideration. They and you will have disappointments but those failures can be a bonding experience. Once Venus moves into Gemini June 8 for the rest of the month you will be a darling. Love will be on your mind and you will radiate goodwill. Go ahead and flirt it will be well received. Family matters and the house itself can be a source of concern June 10 while the full Moon June 17 calls for Gemini to balance your needs with the needs of another person. If enemies are lurking in the shadows, they will come into the light around the full Moon. Friends and group dynamics make you feel shaky and maybe a bit wounded June 25. Best days 3,12,30


Mars moving through Gemini since March 31 has had you busy and active tending to more fires than you have fingers. You won’t be able to slow down until May 15 when Mars moves into your second house of money and creature comforts. At that time, Gemini, you must consider what situations in life make you happy and which circumstances must be deleted. Money can be made hand over fist if you apply yourself consistently. Mood swings subvert your success so keep your eyes on your goals and shoo away distractions. Friends and group dynamics respond kindly to you around May 22/23. If you are not recognized for your true self at that time, then you are hanging with the wrong people. The new Moon May 4 calls for Gemini to take a personal inventory in the peace and quiet of your own presence. Time spent alone results in you knowing what behaviors and lifestyle activities must be let go at the full Moon May 18. Maybe its time to alter your current diet or beauty regimen. Best days 6,7,15,24


Mars moves through Gemini until May 15. This means Gemini is more active and animated than usual. You have a lot to accomplish and the energy to do it all as long as you do not put too many irons into the fire. When you act too pushy your friends will hit you at your core. Friends and groups provide surprising disappointments and lack of support in early April. Gemini born during the first few day of this sign must deal with friends that hurt your feelings. This is just a sign that you must change your playgrounds and playmates. Gemini with offspring will have to pull in the reigns with children at the full Moon April 19. Perhaps you have been giving them too much autonomy. Romantic partners are up to something that shows Gemini that maybe you are with the wrong person. It could just be that you need to express how you feel and what you need from honeys and children. It is time to clear the air and talk about everyone’s needs. Somebody, hopefully not Gemini, will be super sensitive April 20 until May 1. Go easy around parents and bosses. Best days 9,27


Your ruler is retrograde March 5 to 28 in Pisces. That is a hard angle to you, Gemini. Also, Mercury retrograde occurs in your tenth house of career matters and authority figures. March is a challenging time not to mention the new Moon happens in Pisces in that same house of career. Resist the temptation to start a new job or make any kind of plan for your work. It will stall in confusion and you will find yourself back at square one in months to come. Saturn in Capricorn has Gemini continuing to make adjustments in your partnerships. People don’t want to give you a break or a raise, but this is not permanent. Mars transiting the twelfth house brings up worries and loss of sleep. However, Venus is moving through Aquarius in the ninth house. For all the difficulties you are experiencing, Venus has Gemini looking good and ready for travel. Get away from the routine. People and situations that are far away will appreciate Gemini way more than the ones who are nearby. This is especially true around the full Moon March 20. Romance can happen while you travel, but remember that Mercury is retrograde so take a carryon. Your checked luggage is in danger of arriving at another destination. Hang out and watch the world spin. If you get involved you will just get frustrated especially March 14. April is much more productive. Best days 4,13,21,30,31


The first three days of February are the time for Gemini to finish up projects. Make payments that are due so that once the new Moon occurs February 4, you can look to future plans, hopes, schemes. Some of you will travel, others will learn a new topic, and still other Geminis will take trips that are learning experiences. Make a gratitude list and include those friends that are hard to love. Gemini has lots of opportunities this year but you must choose wisely as to where to turn your attention. You likely will be attracted to someone much older or younger. It is okay because you yourself will always be a youthful spirit. Career matters require planning and you want to start projects before February 20 so that you can finish or refine those projects while Mercury is retrograde next month. Lots will be happening behind the scenes and you will often feel like you are taking a sideways approach to get anything accomplished in the days until late March. Family needs your attention around the full Moon February 19. You just may find yourself on a ladder replacing air filters or fire alarm batteries. Restless sleep is not a permanent thing. Best days 3,4,5,14

January 2019

Gemini is letting go of the family issues that have kept you from getting down to your true essence. The new Moon/eclipse in the eighth house offers opportunities to grow into the real you in months to come. The agent of your growth may be an intimate relationship or business partnership. In order to be able to do those relationships Gemini will have to dig down deep inside of both yourselves and cull out behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve your best interest. Over the next several months Gemini would do well to go through some sort of therapeutic process. Get most of your socializing done before mid month because at that time you are not going to enjoy people who do not follow through or bail on plans last minute. Part of your growth will be letting go of fair weather friends. At the same time Venus moves through your seventh house of relationships January 7 to February 3. Romance can flourish during those days but you must pick a trustworthy person. Both you and you will want to be at your best so leave the baggage at home. The full Moon January 20/21 brings lots of activity to Gemini over the next several months. Surprises happen where friends, siblings, and neighbors are concerned. Best day 7