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Nicole Kidman 6/20
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100 years old this year
May 20 - June 20


Mercury, your ruler, turns retrograde January 30. However, you will begin to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde January 15. Once Mercury goes direct you continue to feel that until mid-March. I hear the collective sigh, but that’s not what your life is all about. You also now have Jupiter and Saturn moving through Aquarius which both bring opportunities to expand and grow in your life and work. This month could be a bit rocky, as you must deal with the inner tension of Saturn and Jupiter in your ninth house square Mars and Uranus in your twelfth house. In plain English this means you, Gemini, must address the areas of your inner self that can be left behind. Gemini is ready to soar but must get the ground crew to work first efficiently. Consider what it is you use to delay or delude yourself. This is a great year to take lots of classes so that you can grow in your faith in you, dear Gemini. Make note of the challenging events and address the causes. Those of you born around June 9 experience confusion as to where to go from this point in life. Stop whining and take an analytical approach to this dilemma. Transform by being open to inspiration which goes back to education. If you are not inspired by your teachers, mentors, or coaches, find new helpers. The new Moon calls for a psychological shift that brings new partners into your life. The full Moon January 28 brings signs that it is time to live a more healthy life. That includes what you eat and your work routine. Yes, back up the computers, but most importantly, know you are loved by the stars and the people in your life. Best days 5,14