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Leo, Jul 22 - Aug 22

Kylie Jenner 8/10 - Barack Obama 8/4


Leo is the leader of the pack this month. You are able to inspire friends and team members in order to reach common goals. This ability you have is one of the catalysts that propel Leo into moving beyond here and now and into an expanded version of Leo. Many of you are able to travel. Travel and education go well now. The old way of doing you just does not work. Take steps to equip yourself and prepare for a new routine because the current way of life is no longer satisfying. Change up your work and health habits at the middle of the month. Adjust to the needs of friends and helpers. Embrace better ways to do your tasks. Those of you born at mid-August are especially busy at mid-month. There is so much to do and in order to deal with the intense schedule, Leo must make opportunities and employ lots of compromise. The full Moon April 26 brings surprises at home and at work. The direction of life takes a sudden turn late in April. The turn may be for the time being or permanent. Either way, it is all okay. Best days 1,2,11,29


Look within the closet of life and clear out the emotional and intellectual baggage that has been tying Leo down. Leo is starting over in one way or another over the next couple of years and right now Leo is feeling uncertain about the future. Current commitments and issues must be addressed and deleted so that you can move on in life. This process is going to take all year but in the short term of March, finish that which can be finished. Pay off debts and recognize what is true. Recognize who has you captive but does not deserve your attention. Hang with people who are an asset as those are the people who will lend support. Accept offers to lead others. The new Moon March 13 suggests that Leo begin a course or activity that helps to shift your awareness. Those strange incidents are real. Have faith in that which is not concrete and mundane. Accept the uncertainty of life and your future especially around the time of the full Moon, March 28. At that time, big changes are happening at work. News will be surprising, especially where siblings and neighbors are concerned. Others look to Leo for guidance. Use caution driving around the last week of March. This can be an amazing time if you let go of your perceived limitations. Best days 14,15

February 2021

The abundance of planets in Leo’s seventh house of relationships has Leo dealing with people who bring their issues to you. Could it be that the tension you are experiencing is not yours? Stand firm in who you truly bring to the table. Avoid taking on other peoples’ problems and do not allow their projections to add to your identity. There is much for Leo to negotiate but wait until after mid March to deal with those who are non supportive of you as a person or partner. If your boss or family members are not on your side or supportive, just make a mental note and do not react now. You are starting over in life on some level so you want to lay some ground work and rules for your ascent over the next fourteen years. Leo will be pushed back this month in your efforts to gain power and accomplish your goals. When that happens, back off knowing that within sixty days your productivity will soar and you will be called to lead the pack when others have failed. The new Moon brings new people that will be part of your new foundation for the future while the full Moon February 27 brings pleasant financial surprises. Best days 6,15


Over the course of the next five and a half months Leo has lots of opportunities, but you have to go out and find them, they will not knock on Leo’s door. Leo is at the threshold of rearranging your outer life. A new cycle has begun. Most of the cycle is about you realizing who you do and do not want to spend time with moving forward. Sometimes you will feel like you are starting over; that is because you are starting over now. Do not rule out ideas before you begin. That is especially true this year for Leos born between July 21 and August 7. Back in the here and now, consider your lifestyle. This includes the foods you eat and the ways you do your work. Both are a bit stressful January 6, 14, 20, and 27. Career matters, bosses, and difficult people must be dealt with on more than one occasion. Leo has great ideas and is ready to accept responsibility, but there are power mongers and dumb rules that will try to hold you back just for sport. Give it time, perfect your plans and wait to pounce when the opportunities become present. Leo can accomplish loads if you depend on your talent and the support of those you love. The new Moon January 12 ushers in new disciplines and more efficient ways to work. Changes are beneficial at mid-month. Travel with caution January 20 and do not let other peoples’ practices impose on your well-being at that time. The full Moon in Leo is January 28 bestowing recognition and drama. You have a lot to accomplish and finish and will feel pulled in different direction during the days ahead. Spending time with family reduces the stress. Best days 1,10, 18,19