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Leo, Jul 22 - Aug 22

Kylie Jenner 8/10 - Barack Obama 8/4


Venus goes direct in Leo September 3. The gears of life are shifting and the people that came back will now leave once again. Hopefully, you did not get attached to them and were able to stick by your priorities. Put the bandaid back on and remember what happened eight years ago. The past always has a message so you do not have to buy a ticket for the same ride that ends up in the same place. Mercury is retrograde until September 15. For Leo, Mercury retrograde continues to nudge your sense of discrimination until September 15. Hold off on important financial decisions until Mercury goes direct. The daily routine is super busy well into October. Leo is productive, but you do have to be nice at the same time. More hummingbirds come for the fresh nectar so keep your words sweet and life will hum along with positive people coming for your sweetness. Do be careful driving. Wave away the dessert cart unless the cruise ship you are on is advertised as unsinkable. Think freedom and independence mid September and again September 30. The full Moon September 29 suggests that Leo look to yourself for satisfaction. Travel is great late September. Make new goals and plans for yourself. Best days 2,6,11,16, 21,29


The full Moon August 1 occurs in Leos’ seventh house of relationships. Tension has been building such that relationships are at turning points. Some of you are looking beyond what you have now and others of you are considering the downsides to what is currently going on in your life. Hold off before reacting to bad news. Over the next two years, Leo is evaluating your beliefs and philosophies by which you live. You are soon to discover that much of what you thought is now foolish. What you are looking for is inside of you not inside of a building or workshop. August 9 and 15 bring unexpected beginnings and endings to relationships. The new Moon August 16 has Leo amped up for days so start self improvement plans. That’s a great idea, but you must choose carefully and pull some of those irons out of the fire until after mid September, otherwise you will get none of them accomplished. Avoid negative talk about your circumstances August 22 and 27. Feelings of inadequacy come and go quickly. In the days until late January, consider what you can do to make your career more fulfilling. Do not consider just what you will get in terms of money or recognition. Embrace the uncertainty and disruptions that will continue for another couple of years. You will be fine if you go with the tide of consciousness and existence. 5,6,15,20,25


The first week of July is a very frisky time for Leo. Your appeal is magnetic and with a wink and a smile you can have your way with the world and your audience. The fly in the scrambled eggs at the buffet is that Venus turns retrograde in Leo July 22 to September 3. During these days and even before July 22, Leo must tone down your delivery so that others do not question your sincerity. During these Venus retrograde weeks, Leo is wise to take a personal inventory and become the same person that you want to draw to yourself. Selfless behavior reaps great rewards while Venus is retrograde. This could be a good time to volunteer to help disadvantaged or disabled children. The full Moon July 3 brings challenges with coworkers. Complete work projects at the full Moon and make changes to your health routine. Recognition and even a new job come as result of the full Moon. Expenses increase July 10 to August 27. Hustle to make more money while cutting costs. The new Moon July 17 compels Leo to spend time alone. If you do not make the choice to recharge, circumstances confine Leo so that you must recharge. Best days 1,18,19,28


Leo is torn between doing what is right for you, doing what is right for your significant others, your family, or the future of your career. Where should you focus first? You have obstacles to climb, but you are best to climb the mountains by using valid plans. Your resolve is tested over the next year so resolve to accept good luck. You will have to step beyond past challenges and mistakes. Do not let those events define or dictate your current decisions. The full Moon June 3 wants Leo to have fun and express your feelings for those you love including children and honeys. Your career is expanding in months to come as people in power bring Leo offers and opportunities. Step up to those opportunities with confidence. Life is going to throw you new experiences that are out of your wheel house in the next twelve months. You can do it but you must allow yourself to change and grow within your relationships. In the months until November, Leo is charged with finding your truth and your purpose. You must guard your truth and do not let others bully you into accepting anything that is not your truth. This could be a good time to turn off the news and social media so that you can sit without the noise. The new Moon June 17 ushers in new friends and associates. Many of these new people will look to Leo for guidance. Best days 12,21,22


While Mercury is retrograde until May 14 in the 10th house of career, Leo is most productive by sitting back and listening. You will learn so much more about your future by observing the big wigs. Some of them will be gone in sixty days so pay attention and make sure you do not follow in their footsteps. No matter who goes or who stays by your side on the career path, Leo will be appreciated and promoted sometime between this month and next May. Do good deeds for your Mom or your boss. It is karma and you can sow some very positive seeds with right action during the first half of May. The full Moon eclipse May 5 brings big sudden changes to your career but do not worry. At the same time Leo must tend to family matters. Family and career both demand your time and attention at the new Moon May 19. This is a stressful but productive time for Leo. Heavy burdens are not permanent, but wow you are going to clean house where relationships are concerned. This is just the beginning of that process. Life kicks into high gear May 21. Use caution at that time and know you will have to use diplomacy in order to have your way with the lunatics in your life.

Best days 8,16


Travel and education generally go well as long as you travel before Mercury goes retrograde April 21. News and the details of life start to get out of control beginning April 3. Life and the workings of life become especially busy as April progresses. Remember, though, you still have a fairy godmother in Jupiter helping you until May 16. Whatever gets messed up will be taken care of so turn off the worry machine inside your head.

The full Moon April 5 occurs in the third house. Drive carefully and watch your words as there will be people who misunderstand you, Leo. Situations come up with siblings, neighbors, and in-laws that require diplomacy and a magnanimous gesture from you. Your familial relationships are changing and some will go away. You no longer need those relationships. It will be hard to let go,

The new Moon April 19 brings lots of travel and learning in the next several years. Some of you will go to college, others will head for a spiritual adjustment that clears confusion as to your life’s purpose.

Leo needs time alone, but you must socialize at work and with friends. Do not turn down those opportunities especially beginning April 11 when socializing is very productive and you are popular. Best days 1,10


Saturn moves through Leo’s eighth house beginning March 7 until the middle of February 2026. During this time Leo must take responsibility for your finances. If you are already doing a good job handling that this will be a breeze. Those who have been foolish with money are gong to have to adopt new habits. Those of you who are partnered must take charge as your partner is in a transition and is not as prosperous as Leo. The eighth house is our deeper inner self, so Leo must look deep inside to resolve addictive behaviors that do not serve your best interest. This is a good time to make an appointment with a therapist.

Pluto, with its 247 year cycle begins its two year transition into the seventh house of relationships. Relationships that no longer have a reason to be in your life will go away for many different reasons while Pluto moves back and forth between the sixth and seventh house until November 2024. Power struggles are sure to happen in relationships and you will draw people who mirror your own struggles with love and partnerships. In the coming years, Leo is going to learn much about your fears surrounding loss, betrayal, and need for a deep connection to other people. Pluto will be square the natal Suns of those born during the first few days of this sign. Those Leos are going to discover you must grow to a new level of existence.

The full Moon March 7 brings your self worth into play. Your need to take care of you and not the haters could be one of the reasons that you have a shift in your social dynamics. Mind your money at that time.

The new Moon March 21 is harmonious to Leo. In the weeks to come you can expect to be very busy. This new lunar cycle is the time to expand your view of the world. Take a class. Take a trip. Learning is highly favorable now.
Best days 4,14,22,31


The full Moon February 5 in Leo is a humdinger due to the fact that it is in a harsh aspect to Uranus. What that means is that Leo should brace for unexpected events and people pulling on you emotionally. In the few days leading up to February 5, Leo is sure to be busy with lots of tasks and deadlines. People around you may be crazy and hopefully that will not have you feeling stressed. This is a time when lots can be accomplished and issues of all sorts are cleared. Leos’ best tact is to balance what you need with the needs of others. You do not need to return those thirteen calls in one day. Otherwise, February is time to reassess what you started at your last birthday in order to plan to accomplish what you want by your next birthday. Expect more changes around your career; job changes, losses, new bosses, and new ways to achieve your goals. The new Moon February 20 brings the need to empower yourself. Disciplining Leo is a good thing and the new lunar cycle is a great time to learn or practice a spiritual discipline. Your need to connect intimately is palpable. This new Moon is a great time to consolidate debts and make a financial plan. Best days 5,14,22,23

January 2023

Venus moves through Leos’ opposite sign Aquarius from January 2 to January 26. This means that Leo is faced with challenges and blocks to your current connections. Hold off making a final decision where love, money, and any type of partnership is concerned. Leo catches a break January 3 when opportunity knocks. At that time, you are able to connect with people from other cultures. Open your mind and your heart to someone different.  The Sun moves into the same position January 19, bringing people and situations that Leo can resolve over the next 30 days. Venus crosses Saturn in Aquarius January 22, solidifying business or love connections. Do not take on more than you can handle emotionally at that time. January is a time for Leo to tend to your health and lifestyle.  The full Moon compels Leo to spend time alone. You could be tired or just need to process the challenges you have had lately. Whatever the circumstances, lay low until the new Moon January 21.  The new Moon is past the time of Mercury and Mars retrograde, making it a better time to relate to people on a personal level.  New relationships and partnerships are coming. Those of you born August 8 and 16 are starting over. Leo has opportunities to travel in the weeks until May 16. Best days 8,18,26