Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22


December opens with Leo realizing that you are so needed by so many people. It may be a bit exhausting but be there when the call for help comes. Otherwise, prepare for more responsibility in your work. Leo will be called upon to solve problems and make the routine more efficient. Discontinue the useless tasks. Leo is now in the final three years of a cycle that has had you focusing on your inner world including your emotions and family matters. Starting December 19 health matters should be tended to in order to insure that you remain healthy in the future. Dietary requirements and workout routines can take you a long way in the path to better health and effectiveness in your life now and in the future. Best days 7,15,17


Leo is able to accomplish your tasks and goals during November by using diplomacy and a direct approach. Even if you have to push a few people, they will not push back unless you really go overboard around November 10 and 19. Otherwise, dress up and use simple phrases to get your message across to your audience. Leos born in late July are extra busy and in some cases overwhelmed by family matters or even a move to a bigger home. Entertain at home when possible, but especially November 7 to 30. Recognition comes at the full Moon November 4. Leo is required to balance your career with home and family matters into January 2018. Play this month as next month Leo will be on the sidelines. Best days 2,9,20


Jupiter moves through Leo's fourth house of home, family, and resources beginning October 10. During this time Leo's available talents and money provide the groundwork for Leo to move forward in life. Many of you will be able to purchase homes or other real estate. Family matters get soothed over and old hurts can be healed. Open yourself up to the people that are your family. They are there to help you both financially and emotionally. In the here and now, money matters require attention. The stress you may feel in that arena subsides October 22. Starting October 22 the daily routine is busy. Leo has alot to accomplish. Watch your words and drive carefully. Your careless words and reckless driving may cause crashes. Best days 5,14,22


Leo is looking sexier than usual. Those you love will feel loved, but you
must insure that you are not over the top with your heartfelt emotions such
that you scare off your object of affection. Don’t be acting entitled either as
these behaviors will short circuit Leo’s opportunity to experience love and
affection that can extend past September 19. Money matters require Leo
attention. It may seem like more dollars are being spent than earned.
Strive to make more money. Leos that have commission types of income
can strive successfully to make the goal. Do hold off on making any money
decision until after Mercury goes direct September 5. Those uncomfortable
situations that occurred at the full Moon September 6 will be resolved after
October 10. Best days8,16,17