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Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22

Kylie Jenner 8/10 - Barack Obama 8/4


Important decisions come up regarding Leo’s work and lifestyle. Where work is concerned, there will be a shakeup in the environment. Some of you will be changing your job while others will be getting laid off. If your work is just for a paycheck, then it is time for you to find your life’s work. Leo must get to the place in life where you get up in the morning because you love what you do and make money doing that. Do not pursue just a paycheck anymore. Pursue a lifestyle. Change your habits. Consider what it is you do that cause you to hold yourself back. In the months between July and January, pursue a new dream. Take classes and get the needed accreditation to market yourself. Most of all, find the faith in you that you may have lost on the road to hear and now. Spend time alone this month considering all these matters so that you are ready to move ahead beginning July 20. Get up, get out and do something with your life in the months to come. Even in quarantine you can make your way into a new life and new adventure. Do not discount off the wall ideas that come to you, Leo. Best day 29th


Leo continues to reconsider friendships and the goals you currently have set in place. Perhaps it is time to keep the goals, but try a new tact to get to the finish line. Keep on thinking about all that until mid July. Do the stuff you already have in place and know that you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle in place just yet. Have patience. Some of you are starting over in life. Others are looking for independence. Much of this is because you are discovering what and who you believed are no longer supported by the facts of your life. While the full Moon June 5 is in your house of fun and self expression you may be surprised at how those closest to you respond. Do not be the one who is unkind. Leave that to others. There are sure to be harsh words but, once again, this is helping you evolve into a new directions. Remember, you are the sign of loyalty and royalty and the people who do not treat Leo as such are best shown the door. The next six months are sure to be busy heading down that new yellow brick road. The new Moon eclipse in your twelfth house initiates a period of time spent contemplating the next move. Whatever is happening now is temporary. Time alone shows Leo the clear picture as to how to proceed in months ahead. Best day 5


Leo is starting a long process of coming to terms with how you want to express your true essence. This takes place against the backdrop of relationships that are close such as romantic relationship as opposed to friendships. Come to terms with the fact that some relationships are growing away in closeness. It is time to face facts that what you want from other people is not what they are able to give Leo. In certain cases you will discover that the one you care for has indeed been pulling the wool over your eyes. Friends and associates from the past pass through your life. New and very different friendships pop up during the lunar cycle that begins May 22. Those of you born July 20 to 30 are at a big turning point in life. You are starting over in life. Jobs are changing and you are beginning to climb a new ladder of success. What you put into place 7 years ago must be evaluated and changed in light of new circumstances. The full Moon brings recognition and stress May 7. Prepare for unexpected change at that time. Throughout this month Leo will have to go beyond the call of duty. The new normal will not always be so intense. Friends and group dynamics cause discomfort May 30. Stand your ground when someone asks a favor that you do not want to grant.
Best days 1,18,28


This sign is somewhat of a testament that life is shifting for all of us. Mars moved through your house of work and lifestyle since mid January when all this started. Crises at work, health and lifestyle have subsided as Mars and Saturn are now in your seventh house. It is as if you have emerged from your quarantine to see a new world vision. However April 14,15, 25 and 26 bring stresses at work and perhaps with your health. Travel plans will not be certain for a while. Relationship matters of all sorts and surprises come up April 7 as you must deal with the stuff that partners are going through. Remain your calm self and let others be who they need to be even though you may feel left out of their plans. The best plan for Leo is to react with sensitivity. The full Moon April 7 brings surprising news. Use caution as to how you communicate. Drive safe at that time. The people around you will overreact to you. The new Moon in Taurus April 22 brings a lunar cycle of great change at work and in your family. Use caution at the new Moon and expect the unexpected. Unpleasant change takes place around your relationships. Best days 3,11,12,20,21


Work and lifestyle continue to be a strong focus for Leo. Do what you have to do in order to do your job with greater ease and efficiency. This includes updating your glasses prescription, learning a new software or just taking time to eat lunch away from your desk. Do these things so that when the bombs burst in air, you are able to handle the matters with a cool and collected and rested head. Life is full of adjustments this month and over the rest 2020. It is all part of you preparing for a new cycle that begins in December. In the meantime, sell your opinion softly if you want to win in the long run. Friends and partners can be a challenge early in March. Socialize at work around the 8th. Unexpected attractions happen at those events. March 20 to 23 bring intense events in your community or work environment. Those events are signs that you need to make adjustments to the way you live your life. That memo has been in your inbox for a while. At the same time Leo is appreciated for your abilities at work. The beginning of Spring is a busy time for Leo. Your faith in you is being tested. You will pass the test. Best days 7,14,15,24


Continue to enjoy the surge of energy and joy that has prevailed since last month. Once February 17 arrives you will have to put more focus on work and health matters. Leo will have to make adjustments to the way you work and the way you eat through the end of March. The changes you make can be very positive and you will receive support from those with whom you share your life, your space, or your money. If you want a new job go for it but do not start a new job while Mercury is retrograde February 16 to March 9. February 1 is uncomfortable because partners are having their own upsets. Your need for independence is evident as a result of other peoples’ behavior. The full Moon brings full tilt emotions and important decisions February 9. Family is demanding at mid month. Expect personal change with the new Moon February 23. Partners from the past reappear during Mercury retrograde February 16 to March 9. They will not be back permanently so do not make long range plans with those people. Best days 8,9

January 2020

Your life and how you live it is changing in amazing ways as of January 12. Now don’t expect this to happen overnight. In years to come you will look back and know what this all means. Meanwhile, decide what must end in your life. If you don’t like your job then you are in the wrong profession and it is time to make a change. You must leave toxic environments. Perhaps you have more responsibility than you can physically and emotionally handle. If you are not healthy get involved with people who are living a healthy lifestyle and learn how to better take care of yourself. This includes your emotional self. People who do not make you feel loved and appreciated must go so that you can make room for all the good that every loyal loving Leo deserves. The full Moon January 10 is one of the catalysts that will spur Leo to turn the corner of life in months to come. Secrets and stuff you did not understand will come up and make it clear that you cannot go about life in the way you have done until now. Those of you born during the first to five days of Leo and already making changes. These Leos do well to embrace the current uncertainty. If you feel in limbo it is because you are having the opportunity to pause and refresh. Do some self care when you feel anxious. Luckily Mars is moving through the fifth house January 4 until February 17. This event instills fun and courage so that you can deal with what you probably think is a scary time in life. Have fun but use caution January 4 to 11. Avoid mouthing off to anyone at that time. Best days 11,12,20,2129,30


The next year and especially the next sixty days brings a very strong influence that will compel Leo to consider your lifestyle. It is time to evolve in your habits and your purpose. Some of your bad habits will come up and some of your old good habits reemerge to complement the new life that is emerging. There is a lot of activity around home and many of you will be rebuilding, remodeling, or moving. Your ultimate goal at this point in life should be to become self sufficient. The full Moon December 11/12 brings friends and teamwork into play. You will discover that everyone is not playing on your team and it will be time to move onto another group endeavor. Put financial details on your to do list December 18. Do not overspend at that time if you are buying gifts for a special someone. The new Moon eclipse December 25/26 sets Leo on a new career path. It will just happen. You don’t have to chase a dream. Best days 6,15,16,24


The best news of November for Leo is that Venus moves through Sagittarius November 1 to 25. While Venus moves through Sagittarius this planet of love and attraction forms a pleasant trine to all Leos at varying times. You will look good and be attractive to others. You will calm them and other people will generally want to be around Leo. Stay honest November 14 and don’t believe everything you hear at that time. November 22 to 27 is especially lucky for money, business, and love. Over in your fourth house forming a square to Leo are both the Sun and Mercury retrograde. Home and family will be the fly in your scrambled eggs as repairs and drama aim to rain on your days. You can accomplish loads as long as you placate those who want to ground your grand plans. November 13 is especially busy as people who think they are in control will exert their power and drama. November 4 and 19 are days when you must be amenable in order to get what you want. Try to avoid arguments at that time. The new Moon is in Sagittarius November 26. Get all your plans on track through December 12. Best days 8,9,18,26,27


The productivity and progress you have experienced in the past several weeks becomes a bit harder to accomplish in October. Home and family present challenges to Leo. Both are busy and you have to be part of a force that is driving Leo now. Communication challenges and drama pervade this month. You can do it, just try to keep a smile when dealing with the very people you want to strangle. Getting everyone assembled to the dinner table will be tough October 5 but the full Moon October 13 helps Leo glide through life even if you do have a moment of uncertainty at that same time. Mid month brings opportunities to be a leader. Take charge and do the job with joy. Secrets that cause trouble come up October 21. Events at home and family members will occupy your time as the days move past October 27. Cleaning will be good therapy. Best days 2,3,13,22,30


Money is on your mind through October 4. You could be working extra hard to make quotas and commissions. Do not worry If it seems like you have to spend more money on necessities than usual. This is not a permanent situation. Organize finances and make financial decisions around September 8. Spend money on stuff that will add value to your life. September 5 brings challenges with children and honeys over how and when to spend. The challenge will be that you cannot justify extravagant expenditures. Do not allow yourself to go out on a limb financially. Debts will be settled at the full Moon September 13/14. Secrets come to light at the full Moon. If anyone is stealing or hiding money, that will be exposed. Friends need Leo help September 21. It will be an imposition. Bite the bullet and don’t make a fuss. As the month moves on you will have opportunities to head out on road trips. The daily routine becomes busy with calls and messages that you must respond to immediately. The second half of September is very productive but you will feel pulled in many directions. Best days 7,16,24,25


The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all spend time in Leo this month. Leo will be active and magnetic. You will want to start new projects and do all kinds of fun stuff. Your sex appeal is rampant through August 20. Like everyone else this month, you will have your challenges. While you are running full throttle you must pay attention to your work. Be responsible and organized. If you ignore your diet you are going to pay for that. Do not ignore the pain and just keep climbing rocks. Pay attention to your skin, bones, teeth and knees. Use caution driving and do not participate in arguments August 7. The full Moon August 15 requires that you balance your needs with one particular person or a group of people. Act wisely mid month as that is a great time to meet someone new or revive an old romance. Life and work and even your health become easier to manage as August comes to a close. Take a look at your finances at the very end of the month and in September. Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


Spending time alone and recharging will come naturally. These days of the calendar are especially charged due to the new Moon eclipse in your twelfth house. Search within to discover where and how you can nurture yourself. In months to come, it will be important for Leo to connect to your inner self. Explore the creative and compassionate Leo within. Volunteer, take a music lesson, or learn how to make craft beer. Whatever you do, leave behind the need to impress and begin activities that nurture your soul and life purpose. Action oriented Mars moves through Leo July 1 to August 18. You will be more animated and travel can be super fun during the first half of the month if you don’t mind the delays and detours that Mercury retrograde will throw your way. The full Moon July 16 compels Leo to make lifestyle and work adjustments. Consider how you can do your work better and how you can deal with the bossy pants people that look over your shoulder. You may even have to deal with the yard nazis from the home owners association. Handle those people effectively and make them bend to your way through your sheer magnetism and a bit of passive aggressive behavior. What is most important thing this month is the you, Leo, make the changes to suit you, your health, and your quality of life. Big changes are afoot for all of you over the next several years. Those of you born during the first week of this sign know this already. You want to be healthy and happy so that you can respond to the uncertainty life has for you, Leo. Use caution as accidents and upsets lurk around many corners. Best days 4,5,12,13,22,23


Those of you born during the first week of Leo are probably feeling a bit uneasy as life feels uncertain. This is not a bad thing. Life is making you make changes. Every Leo will feel this at some time during the next seven years. As for now there is a lot going on behind the scenes. You may feel like you are a bit invisible but this only lasts until July 1. Do something you love June 1-6. Take care of yourself. Get some rest as you will be very active next month. June is a social month if you feel like mingling. The new Moon June 3 brings new friends and networks to explore. Seek people who think like you or share the same interests. This is a time for healing and figuring out stuff like why do your eyes burn when you eat a particular food. June 10 brings dilemmas. The full Moon June 17 offers help and opportunities to travel. June 25 is sure to be a challenging day. Yes you are worthy of the job you do and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good at your chosen profession. Shrug off bad publicity. Best days 7,15


May is all about Leo’s career and which direction said career and life will take you in the future. While the you can bask in the limelight of accomplishments you and your plans will be tested by people who are not on team Leo. Those of you born in the last week of July are jumping to demanding changes and uncertainty while others receive a boost May 14,18, and 30 due to the smart choices you have previously made. The new Moon May 4 brings new work or new bosses. The full Moon August 18 occurs in the opposite fourth house. This means family situations will pop up and attempt to take precedence over the need to tend to career and responsibility. The opportunities that come with the new Moon will certainly affect your home and family life in weeks to come. Perhaps that new work scenario will be cause for a home move. Whatever the case may be, home and family needs will have to be balanced with your career responsibilities. Play nice with your critics May 11. Friends are demanding May 26. Best days 1,2,19, 20, 30


April calls upon Leo to reconsider your life views. Consider what is working and what is not working in your life. If the rules and dogma you embrace are keeping you from happiness it is time to get change your perspective. Travel and education are a great place to start over. Embrace activities and new groups of people in order to get out of the rut. Plan for new adventures but follow through and actually have the adventure in May. Uranus moving through the tenth house has many of you feeling uncertain about your future. Embrace the uncertainty and consider this time an adventure into the unknown. Clear the clutter of life at the full Moon April 19 so that you can dive headlong into your future. Important papers and documents must be handled at that time but don’t worry. Compromise and adjustment continue to be a theme for Leo. April 22 brings bumps in the road so be ready to jump when circumstances, bosses, or parents throw surprises your way. Best days 4,5,13,14,22


Mercury is retrograde in Leo’s eighth house of stuff shared including money and the bedroom. Do not initiate any sort of new partnership. The ones that are already established will most likely work your nerves. Do not jump to the wrong conclusions and actively create misunderstandings. While the new Moon suggests new partnerships March 6, go very slow because you do not have all the information whether it is a business deal or a romantic liaison. Take some time and do not sign on the dotted line. Uranus moves into Leos’ tenth house of career March 6. Get ready for some changes especially if you are a Leo born in July. Embrace the uncertainty as that is about all you can do for now. You will land on your feet but the process will not happen overnight. At the same time, Mars moving through Taurus is a square to Leo. Mars is not so good for Leo there. A square angle can get a lot done but it can be a tough road. Lions can get a lot accomplished but you will have to push against the odds. You might want to hide at home mid month. The full Moon brings unsettling news around March 20. The good news is that Jupiter sill in Sagittarius brings help and support in the face of any challenge. You will be fine. Best days 8,9,17,25


The first half of February has Leo communicating with ease and accomplishing what you want because people are open to your charisma. Once February 14 arrives you will be full speed ahead promoting your agenda. From then and until the end of March you are going to have to change your approach. Leo’s charisma and enthusiasm will be perceived by many as pushy behavior. This is not to say that you can’t have your way. This means that you will be opposed by people who see Leo as a threat. Temper your approach and throw a bit of flattery out there. Remember that Jupiter moving through Sagittarius brings opportunities and ease of life generally until December. The events of mid February to the end of March can just be some bumps in the road to success. The new Moon February 4 brings new relationships and people with whom you can have fun. Travel and fun go together this month. The full Moon February 19 brings issues of life that you share with others. Single Leos are up for new romance around the full Moon. You will have to address what does and does not make you happy at that time. Play nice February 26. Best days 9,18

January 2019

Address your health and lifestyle this month and in months to come. Saturn and Pluto are powerful planets that are not going out of the sixth house of health anytime soon. They both require that Leo consider your emotional connection to your health as well as the discipline to initiate and continue a more disciplined approach. The new Moon eclipse January 5 brings new ways to handle your health in months to come as well as new ways to do your work with ease. In the short term, family or work challenges may be the cause of a slip up at mid month. Don’t beat yourself up for missteps. Venus joins Jupiter in Leos’ fifth house January 7 - February 3. This along with Mars moving through Aries creates a grand trine in fire for Leo. At this time you have the creativity and vision to accomplish your goals and lead others to victory. Remember, though, that playing with fire can burn anyone. Leo must use this powerful energy to fuel more than your ego and personal desires. Maintain a magnanimous and generous agenda. Otherwise, you will come up with failure and loss of face in the days until mid February. The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 brings big life changes to Leo but especially to those of you born at the beginning and end of this sign. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31