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Leo, Jul 22 - Aug 22

Kylie Jenner 8/10 - Barack Obama 8/4


The full Moon February 5 in Leo is a humdinger due to the fact that it is in a harsh aspect to Uranus. What that means is that Leo should brace for unexpected events and people pulling on you emotionally. In the few days leading up to February 5, Leo is sure to be busy with lots of tasks and deadlines. People around you may be crazy and hopefully that will not have you feeling stressed. This is a time when lots can be accomplished and issues of all sorts are cleared. Leos’ best tact is to balance what you need with the needs of others. You do not need to return those thirteen calls in one day. Otherwise, February is time to reassess what you started at your last birthday in order to plan to accomplish what you want by your next birthday. Expect more changes around your career; job changes, losses, new bosses, and new ways to achieve your goals. The new Moon February 20 brings the need to empower yourself. Disciplining Leo is a good thing and the new lunar cycle is a great time to learn or practice a spiritual discipline. Your need to connect intimately is palpable. This new Moon is a great time to consolidate debts and make a financial plan. Best days 5,14,22,23

January 2023

Venus moves through Leos’ opposite sign Aquarius from January 2 to January 26. This means that Leo is faced with challenges and blocks to your current connections. Hold off making a final decision where love, money, and any type of partnership is concerned. Leo catches a break January 3 when opportunity knocks. At that time, you are able to connect with people from other cultures. Open your mind and your heart to someone different.  The Sun moves into the same position January 19, bringing people and situations that Leo can resolve over the next 30 days. Venus crosses Saturn in Aquarius January 22, solidifying business or love connections. Do not take on more than you can handle emotionally at that time. January is a time for Leo to tend to your health and lifestyle.  The full Moon compels Leo to spend time alone. You could be tired or just need to process the challenges you have had lately. Whatever the circumstances, lay low until the new Moon January 21.  The new Moon is past the time of Mercury and Mars retrograde, making it a better time to relate to people on a personal level.  New relationships and partnerships are coming. Those of you born August 8 and 16 are starting over. Leo has opportunities to travel in the weeks until May 16. Best days 8,18,26