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Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22


Leo is assessing your relationships and making adjustments to your interactions. This is due to the fact that you can no longer avoid the fact that you are not happy with the people who have been important to Leo. Some relationships will end abruptly in months to come while others will evolve. Enemies become less important and the power many wield over Leo is weakened. Assess your strengths and weaknesses. This has to happen and you cannot avoid the progression of your life. Health and work matters catalyze Leo to take steps to lead a more fulfilling life especially for those of you born August 5 to 11. Sort out details of your finances, but do not make decisions until after September 5. Best days 2,11,12,20,30


Issues and situations are happening behind the scenes in your work or community environment. You may try to ignore what is happening but it is important for Leo to address difficult people. Those situations will be tough to ignore especially at the full Moon July 9. At the same time, do not ignore aches or pains. Your ability to take action and speak your mind is extra active beginning Jul 20. Leo will roar and those who have caused difficulties will have to deal with Leo's sudden bravado and over the top confidence. Life is extra busy until September 5. The new Moon Jul 23 kicks off your new year and a new you. Tend to your money and budget. Don't fall for schemes at mid month. Best days 5,6,15,23,24


Consider what you want to accomplish in the coming months. Work alone without engaging the influence of others. If sleep is hard to come by it will be because so much is going on in your head. The full Moon June 9 has Leo very busy hopefully having fun. Your ability to get a point across is efficient and what you have to say is generally well received then. The new Moon June 23 compels Leo to find peace of mind amidst releasing things you no longer need in life. Leo's ability to get stuff done is enhanced late in the month but you must be careful that you don't irritate your helpers. Guard your health late this month and early next month. Best days 8,9,26


Venus is direct and casting rays of joy and love from over in Aries. Each an every Leo will have at least a few days this month where life and love seem to go well. Your enthusiasm for starting new projects is infectious. You will have to take some action so channel your excitement into activities that make you look good. Others will appreciate Leo much more than in the recent past, but be prepared for events that cause temporary uncertainty. The last seven days of May can be troublesome where children and other people you love are concerned. Kids won't like your rules and fun plans get put on hold due to unavoidable responsibilities. Enjoy looking good and don't let troubles ruin your buzz. Best days 3,12,13,21


Generally, April is an easy time of the year for Leo. You don't have to push too hard because the Sun in Aries is helping you along to accomplish what you want. Changes and moving beyond current limitations are especially easy at mid month. Be willing to make adjustments especially in situations where you are sharing time, space, or resources. Leo's need to accomplish recognition is sure to push some buttons. Pay attention to those who want to demolish your career or reputation. Power struggles happen around April 12. Play your cards right so that you do not end up looking bad at that time. The new Moon April 26 compels Leo to look for new adventures. That includes new experiences and new attitudes about your path. Best days 5, 15


The rules by which you must live on a daily basis may seem unfair. This is a time when Leo will want to challenge those who are putting their needs before yours. This can be difficult in-laws or even a sibling who wants to take your inheritance away. Stand up for what is right and don't let others keep you down. Educate yourself so that you can be more efficient at work and climb the ladder of success. Just because you have experience the doors will not open now. You must know how to play the game. Your ambitions are sure to create conflict with anyone who sees themselves as Leo's authority. This is because you are making those people uncomfortable. Best days 1,9,18,19


The full Moon eclipse February 10 in Leo is a special peak of life especially if you are a Leo born August 8 to 19. This is a time for all Leos to find a balance between what you need and the needs of your partners in life. If you are out of balance speak up for yourself. It is time for Leo to make Leo happy but you must do so with good sense. Over the next several months Leo is settling old scores and making room for new people to come into life. The new Moon eclipse February 26 introduces people that help to facilitate the change you desire. Some of those people can bring luck and a change in lifestyle to Leo. Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


Partners in love and business do not know what they want in many cases and Leo's best tact is to remain steady and say what you mean and mean what you say. This is not the time to open up to new joint ventures or take on more debt. Focus on your investments, your children if you have children, and your psychological well being. If you do not feel like the changes you want to make are happening fast enough, just wait a bit and that tide will turn. Spend time alone during the week of January 9. Answers and information come at that same time and some of that information can be about your health. Resolution to relationship challenges begins to happen January 28. Best days 13, 22, 23


Situations pop up at the beginning of the month that shakes Leo out of their comfort zone. Uncomfortable feelings will leave just as quickly as they arrive so don't spend too much time fretting. At the same time, do remember to strike a balance between yourself and others in the days until December 19. Generally, life will go well and in the months to come Leo will be able to express their needs and desires and be thankful at last for the changes that are afoot in your philosophy of life. Lions born August 2 - 10 can be troubled by health challenges especially with skin, bones, teeth, or knees. December 19 - January 8 is not the time to have any medical procedure or initiate work programs. Best days 9,16,17,27