Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22


Just as Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius are facing uncertain times, so are you Leo. Learn to embrace the uncertainty. You may feel invisible to those you love. Maybe you are, but whatever the case, go about creating a new life of freedom. That does not mean you will be alone, it just means Leo is coming to terms with who you are. Make sure that is a pretty picture. What are your hopes? What are your dreams? Prepare for new bosses, new jobs, new friends and maybe even new lovers. Starting November 8 and into December 2019 life is enjoyable and memories are made. However, Leo may have to sit on the sidelines from November 16 to December 6. Younger Leos who want to have children are ready now so get to that project if you know what I mean. A friend is going to need Leo's help later in the month. Helping that person is going to lead to good karma and worldly opportunities. Best days 9,10,28


The stress you have been feeling is best dealt with by looking into your deep emotions. What makes you tick? Maybe you need a new mechanism to make you work more efficiently. Consider the stuff of life that you hold dear. Evaluate what you have inherited from your family in terms of what you value in this life. I am not talking about your best watch or favorite shoes. The code by which Leo lives could use a bit of revamping. Look to the people that have been challenging you in the past several months. The battles you have been waging may or may not be worth your while and now is the time to determine what is truly important to Leo. The current battles are not over until mid November and even then you must make compromises moving forward. Consider improving your communicative skills. There are classes for that. Get started because the bright lights will shine on Leo October 24. Best days 4,12,13


Leo has been active and busy since Mars went direct August 27. Many of you are contending with a busy work environment while others of you are dealing with health matters. Once Mars moves into the seventh house you are back to jostling your needs with the needs of others. Remember, Mars was moving through your relationship house mid May to mid August. People and situations that you were dealing with then are sure to come back around to irritate Leo September 10 to November 15. Honeys and enemies alike are sure to challenge Leo during these days and weeks. Think about what you might need to learn from these people but don’t roll over to satisfy anyone’s unrealistic whim. The new Moon September 10 compels Leo to make a financial plans that are in your best interest. Do not fall for schemes that people put at your feet. Take a good look at the big picture of your life at the full Moon September 24. Those of you born early in Leo receive kudos at the full Moon. Entertain at home beginning September 9. Best days 14,15


August brings a new Moon eclipse in Leo. This ushers in a new phase of life for Leo. In the coming months lions especially those born around August 9 - 13 begin new phases of life. All Leos are undergoing departures ranging from leaving a career to redefining boundaries with parents and other family members. Break away from the old way of being. This includes the way you do your job and the way you take care of your health. Stand up to the bullies of life. Mercury retrograde in Leo until August 19 is further confirmation that you are ready to finalize life concerns. Debts that are karmic or financial are settled late in August. This further allows Leo to close the door on your past. Best days 1,2,10,19,29


Leo is motivated by work or health incidents that are cause for exile and time alone. Many of you are healing from relationships that have gone awry. Whatever the case, Leo is a bit out of balance and must equalize your time in your outer world with time spent in contemplations and meditation. This is the way for you to get through the emotional imbalances that are present. Do not let power struggles with coworkers or people in your community delay your life progress. Other peoples' reactions to Leo show you where you stand with them and in many cases, people who were once important to you will be leaving your life. Clean up your relationships, and move on to a new happy place. Best days 5,22


Emotions are running high for Leo as you want to express how you feel. Leo is looking good June 13 until July 9. At the same time though, Mars is moving through opposite sign Aquarius bringing challenges from partners of all sorts. In months to come Leo will discover who is and who is not on team Leo. The new Moon June 13 begins a 28 day cycle wherein you find out who is an ally. During this same time you will want to get out and mingle and meet new people. The full Moon June 29 shows Leo that you need to work smarter and employ better personal habits. That same full Moon is sure to bring challenges in your work environment. Best days 7,9, 17, 25


Uranus moving through Taurus' tenth house between May and November forces Leo to make changes to life. Don't worry, you will be expanding your lifestyle and expertise beyond the plans and expectations you have previously envisioned for yourself. Leo will become who you truly are in the world as opposed to being enslaved by what others expect. Starting mid May you will have to balance yourself with others. Expect sudden and startling changes to your relationships. Work out your differences with partners and enemies alike. Do not go looking for trouble. Your career direction is sure to change many times in months to come especially if you are born in the first week of this sign. Embrace the uncertainty and you will be fine. Best days 1,2, 11, 29


The fast pace of daily life has Leo hopping to keep ahead of the daily routine. Many of you are busy fielding calls and handling the buzz of social media and correspondence. The new Moon April 15 brings up the need to grow outside of the box. Many Leos feel unsettled and need to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. At the same time Mercury goes direct and Leo has life breakthroughs and understanding that you have not enjoyed previously. Your social life picks up April 24. Stay away from gossip and enjoy the opportunities to flit and flirt. Just be sure you take care of your bones, knees, skin, and teeth at mid month. April 21-22 brings challenges with the opposite sex. Best days 4,5,14,15


Leo is having fun and expressing your joy to those you encounter. The first half of March is a time for you to feel confident and happy. Mid month brings interactions that show you are protected. Perhaps it is a near wreck or other event that proves there is divine intervention. Take the signs as a need to alter your course and behavior. Mid month brings challenges at work with difficult people. Work alone as much as possible to avoid contentious situations. Most of all, do not work too hard. Otherwise, you are sure to come down with a fever. The new Moon March 17 wants Leo to start projects that help you progress towards your goals. Tend to paperwork and details at month's end. Best days 7,18,26,27


This month and the next several months are about relationships. This includes love relationships, business partners and even relationships with people that are enemies. Leo has been and continues to balance your wants and needs with the desires of your counterparts. While you don't want to give up your dignity and self esteem, this is a great time for Leo to allow others to have their way. This can be a very productive time in terms of relationships. Express your warmth and good vibes and you will go far with ease. New groups of people and individuals are coming Leo's way in the months to come. Just avoid any overboard expressions of emotion. Your life begins a major overhaul in May. Avoid offending anyone now. Best days 9,27

January 2018

Leo has a strong desire to retreat within. Leo will want go to a place where you can be alone. Try your room or a sunny place. A sunny place is always rejuvenating for Leo. Get in touch with what makes you tick and what makes your life go awry. Hold off on the dietary and health New Year’s resolutions until January 17. That timing will afford Leo the best chance for building new habits and successful results. Seek more efficient ways to do your job thus increasing your productivity. This is really important now but the process will actually last for about three years. The full Moon January 31 eclipse in Leo puts the spotlight on you. Leo can expect life changes in the months ahead. Best days 3,4,12,31