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Leo, Jul 22 - Aug 22

Kylie Jenner 8/10 - Barack Obama 8/4


Suddenly you will feel flush and your wants can run away with your credit card. Once Mercury goes retrograde September 9 to October 2, you will want to hold off on spending when possible and delay buying anything that is electric until after October 2. Trips are delayed and car maintenance must be handled. Relationships with neighbors and siblings are challenging. Mind your own business and do not get involved in their behavior, especially when that behavior is worthy of being posted online. Group ventures keep Leo busy in the months until next spring. If you choose to be a leader during this time, do so with grand and supportive gestures as opposed to micromanaging. Teamwork is Leo’s path to success in the months until March. The full Moon September 10 has Leo dealing with large sums of money. Some of you will be buying houses, others are finalizing partnerships to begin or end. The new Moon September 25 ushers in new ways to deal with those pesky neighbors and siblings. Tests must be taken and forms must be completed and filed. Best days 3,16,19,21,26,30


Leo is ready for a revolution and freedom from the current status quo. Some of you experience this process with a considerate effort, while other Leos take a more volatile approach due to oppressive people and situations. Use caution and deliberation during the first week of August. Remain calm when attacked by those who feel entitled to harass you. Leo can accomplish objectives August 8 to 14 when multiple surprises rock your plans. Relationships, family, and bosses demand your attention at a time when Leo needs to focus on your wishes and desires. The crosses you bear and the difficult people are there to make you move onto greener pastures. The full Moon brings endings August 11 while the new Moon August 27 brings new loans and financial beginnings. Lots of details must be handled after August 27. Do not run through the minefield life has laid in front of you this month. Leo must lead others in the months between August 20 and late next March. Those weeks are a very productive time for Leo. Make a list of goals. Best days 7,15, 25


Make the most of the easy times of the first four days of July. Leos born in the last few days of July have people jumping to help you on the path of life. Some of you are invited to travel, while others must travel for work, school, or for a spiritual renewal. July 5 brings lots of tasks that must be accomplished pronto. The process is a challenge and will be stressful, but not necessarily bad for those of you who dwell in the illusion of good and bad. The best tack to take in the days until August 20 is for you to take the challenges with grace. You have great ideas and can make great progress in your career. Bosses are a little crazy, while other people are not on board with Leos’ enthusiasm and ambition. Turn down the intensity when you get pushed back. The full Moon July 13 brings completed projects and the discipline to live a healthier lifestyle. Surprises bring unexpected results at work or with a parent July 9,13 or 28. Leo has lots of details to tend to in order to get a new start beginning July 20. The big changes you may or may not want come with the new Moon July 28. It's all going to turn out fine once you realize that disconcerting factors can work out in Leos’ best interest. Best days 1,11, 27

June 2022

Leo has important meetings and challenges with boss and career. At the same time, family matters are demanding. Your schedule and responsibilities are intense through the middle of June. Once you get past that point, you can stand back and see that it was all worth the long hours and difficult people. Some of those people will be gone once and for all. Moving for jobs and changing jobs is on the table. Life is changing for Leo in the months ahead. Remember those turning points in 2003, 1984, and 1965 for older Leos. This is one of those times in life. Take it in stride and do what you have to do daily. The full Moon June 14 brings romantic closures. The way you thrive in life is changing with this full Moon. The new Moon June 28 brings new friends and teammates. Leos born late in July have opportunities to learn and travel. People are ready to help Leo in your transition. It’s all going to be okay. Best days 4,5,13,21,22

May 2022

Leo is juggling home with the demands of bosses. Family is winning the your recognition. Maintain your strong personality and not give into making decisions based on pleasing others. Leo has a lot on their plate. Leo gets help in life as people and situations come to your aid in the months ahead. Doors open and life just seems to be lucky especially during the last week of this month. Late May to the middle of June is very busy and intense. This is a preview of what to expect beginning December 22 to the middle of May 2023. Over the next five months, life opens and your prospects for success are excellent. This month Leo looks wonderful. The stuff of life that you want to accomplish comes easily and many people are willing to help Leo. The new Moon May 30 brings new friends and new goals to consider. You are on your way after a long period of waiting. Best days 8,17,25,26,29

April 2022

Leo is at that place in life where you know it is time to move on from bosses, careers, family, or other stifling situations that no longer feel right for you. New adventures beckon. You are ready to go but the calendar has not quite caught up with your plans. Keep an eye on the adventure but do not forget to handle the little details that can make or break your plans. At the same time, current relationships are a challenge to resolve as you begin to redesign your relationship status. The turning point now is about starting over. Review the past and reconnect with the wonderful aspects of you past and take them forward. This includes relationships that you miss and relationships that must be reviewed and released. The full Moon April 16 brings inspiration to your life plans and aids in the progress of lifestyle changes. Alter health habits at that time so that you do not catch a cold. Your feet will appreciate some kindness and a new pair of shoes. The new Moon April 30 brings new bosses and freedom from worries about the future in the coming months. Make plans, let go of what and who no longer works and forgive yourself for your past. A wonderful future is ahead. Best days 1,10,11,19,28


Leo must focus on your life, your work, and your personal habits. Work is super busy and even stressful. You are the one taking charge and giving so much that you may feel out of balance. March events trigger emotional and psychological change. Leo is at a crossroads. For some, you need a new insurance company while others are separating the linens and moving away from shared intimacy and other arrangements. Your time is up with many people due to your desire to start over in life. Get your money matters in order. Pull together the people who have the savvy to make your mortgage or other financial dream come true. It is time to say goodbye to home and family and a way of life and work that has come to an end. Let life happen for you as you are ready for new ways of thriving. The tasks at hand are sure to proceed with a divine order. Uncertainty is an illusion, so do not give into thoughts that are scary.Best days 4,5,14

February 2022

Many of you are pulling up roots, or at the very least, spending less time at home. This is the plan in place for some, but other Leos experience sudden events that trigger you to pack up and move on in life, literally or figuratively. Lifestyle changes are happening throughout February and into March. Leos born after the middle of August are the most activated now, but all of you will be on the move over the next seventeen to eighteen months. Mind your health and your diet. Changes in the way you do work take lots of adjustment, and some lions are finding new jobs. The full Moon February 16 calls for you to balance the you within you. Flipping and flopping like a fish on a boat deck is stressful, so know your mind and flip back into water that is more palatable for your existence. Some relationships must end, as Leo is tired of being pulled in multiple directions. Meanwhile, clean out the closets of life and prepare to take flight to a new life. The future you is calling. It will all be fine. Best days 24

January 2022

Leo, especially those born during the first week of August, is compelled to start over and make a new life of freedom. That could be freedom from a full closet or freedom from the family dynamics and dead-end careers. Before you can move into greater freedom, there are tasks and obstacles that must be solved. Take stock of your relationships at work and in your community. Consider who is loyal and who is reliable. Who can you trust? Who will show up and help? Resist the urge to eat the foods that are not healthy for Leo. The new Moon January 2 offers a new beginning for your work and habits. With Mercury retrograde in the seventh house, Leo is wise to hold off on making new commitments, especially to those people who come back from the shadows of the past. Forge new bonds beginning February 4. Rest at mid January. Surprising news gives Leo pause to recharge and assimilate new information. Help those who need help, but also take care of your own aches and pains. Take some time at home to rest and plan your next steps. You will get to where you want to go but must sort through the opportunities that are a waste of time. Best days 8,19,18,19, 28


December is a wonderful time for Leo to have fun and express your charming qualities. Your charisma is widely accepted. At the onset of the month, others may misconstrue your words, so be sure that you are direct with what you say and how you express your wishes and hopes. The new Moon eclipse December 4 charges your energy to restore your confidence, which makes Leo so attractive. Other people will be drawn to Leo in the months to come. This is a great time to do things that you have been afraid to try, such as rock climbing, jumping out of an airplane, or asking your crush out on a date. Over the next several months, Leo is dealing with your lifestyle. That includes your diet and your work. Food is a wonderful thing and now is the time to eat healthy. That will be a tall order, especially while Venus is retrograde December 19 to January 28. Make a food and exercise plan for those 40 days and try to keep it up through the first week of March. Where work is concerned, find better ways to do the same old tasks. Look out for people who try to sabotage all your efforts. That includes the friend who wants you to eat that extra piece of cake while you are trying to be healthy. The full Moon in the eleventh house December 18 brings friends that need your help. Don’t help them eat that cake or finish that bowl of spiked punch. This is a social time, but choose your loyal friends over the ones who are emotionally unavailable. Best days 4,12,13,23,31


Use caution on short trips during the first two days of November. The new Moon November 4 brings new people and projects to your home. Don’t be surprised who rings the bell in the coming weeks. The stuff you want to accomplish is not so easy November 10 because the people who are supposed to help are no help whatsoever. This can lead to arguments November 11. November 15 brings electrical problems at home or work. Find your favorite spot in the house to rest and read November 18-19 and 29. The repairs and remodels you want most likely are not finished until the last few days of the month. Your home and your work have big changes in the next twelve months. Some of you will get new jobs, other have new homes, while others are changing both locations. Your future is taking a new direction. There will be a lot of work involved to make the changes but, by this time next year, Leo will be in a new place figuratively and literally. Best days 6,15


The daily routine is busy and productive. Just be sure you double check all the details. Remember, Mercury is retrograde in your house of details, short trips, and communication. The challenges that Leos encounter are most likely beneficial in the long run. However, it never hurts to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Delays, mechanical repairs, and missed calls are on the table. Leo does not get to pick which one to tackle. People from the past make contact as they pass through life once again. No need to get attached as said travelers will not be staying. Neighbors and siblings and the in-laws provide instances wherein Leo should count to ten before responding. Work is hectic and Leo must consider better habits at work and at the dinner table October 1,7,12,17, and 21. Those born at the middle of August are wise to look after their health more than most Leos. The full Moon October 20 is cause for driving carefully and choosing your words even more carefully. Once the Sun moves into Scorpio October 22, home and family matters are a handful for Leo. Best days 2,10,19


Something in life has Leo uncomfortable during the first few days of September. It could be an extra expense of that you found out that honey has a whole lot of debt. Some of you may just be worried about money because you wild thoughts have dragged you down the rabbit hole. This happens again briefly at September 15. Do things to strengthen your financial position. The daily routine becomes very busy September 15. Leo will most likely be spinning your wheels over the next few weeks, but just make sure you are not doing donuts in your car. Drive safely through the end of October. Mind your words September 21. At that time lots of frustrating events block Leo from getting what you want done. Leos born in late July continue to be starting over. Move past obstacles and keep moving forward. After October, the vise on your progress loosens. Those born in the middle August have to ask and say please in order to get what you want. The new Moon September 6 tells Leo to make a budget in general or start to save up for that big ticket item you want. The full Moon September 20 exposes scams or dishonest lovers. Spend time with the person who is the real deal for you at the full Moon and again August 29. Best days 4,13,21,22


August is Leos’ time to shine. This sign does that well as long as you remain magnanimous as opposed to prideful and vain. August 1-2 is a bit of a downer. Do not give up when bad news hits. Create solutions when life hands you surprises. Opportunities to make money come from said surprises so look up from crying in your beer. The new Moon in Leo brings new starts and struggles to maintain your comfort and budget. If you are not receiving the payouts you want, it is because your expectations are not realistic. Money and monetary returns are a strong focus all month and into next month. Yes, work wisely to make those dividends and sales, but sometimes you are wise to swallow that karma and take the loss which is the case during August. Some of you are starting over from square one. Look for opportunities. Leos must let go of your ego for a moment. These tasks set you free to enjoy the change and independence you want. The full Moon brings conclusions to your current status quo. That same full Moon brings very good business partnerships. Contentment is just up ahead.

Best days 25th


July is a good time to rest and consider what you have accomplished since your last birthday. Consider what you would like to do once this next birthday occurs. Let go of the stuff of life that does not work so that you have room for the events that are coming up with your birthday. The revolution of life continues as Leos consider changes to lifestyle and relationship. Relationships that are business and personal continue to undergo changes because Leo is changing. Venus conjunct Mars July 13 sets Leo off on new cycle of love and passion either for another person or a situation that jazzes Leo. The last time this cycle began was August 24, 2019, and it occurred in Leos’ second house of money and self-worth. This time it is extra special because it is all about Leo and bringing passion to you. Just past mid-month, look out for near misses. Let yourself be guided by the unseen because that is where your protection against accidents and other scary events lies. Guard your health later in the month and adjust to better habits of diet and exercise. The full Moon July 23 brings sudden endings that are in Leos’ best interest. People who are not your ally come out of the shadows at the full Moon July 23. Those born around August 2 to 8 get the freedom and change you want, but must take care of loose ends first. Best days 1,2,12,20,29


Mercury retrograde in Leos’ eleventh house has meetings and goal setting on hold. Friends disappear but none of this has anything to do with Leo. Sit back and let the veggies of life simmer because once Mars moves into Leo June 11, the speed of life picks up and you are are running full speed ahead. Balance time in your cave with all the events that you want to attend. Plans get held up by those who are threatened by your ability to reinvent your future and the future of your career. If you know more than someone, especially the boss, you are in for some big stonewalling. This will pass and you can move on your way but not overnight. Give it some time and find a new path away from those who have no power but exert influence to hold Leo back in life. Deal with restrictions first, then move onto the next big step. It is coming soon. The new Moon eclipses June 10 brings new people, networks, and horizons to explore in the months ahead. Surprising connections and events spontaneously point Leo to a new path. The full Moon in Capricorn June 10 signals an end of the way you have lived and thrived for many years. Leo is moving on in big and small ways. Venus moves through Leo June 26 to July 21. Envision where you want to grow in life. Your magnetic appeal is off the chart during those days. Best days 4,15,23


While the Sun is moving through Taurus until May 20, Leo is challenged to realize confidence in yourself. This comes through teachers, bosses, and family members who are difficult or want to impede Leos’ progress. This is not permanent and the severity depends on how well you finesse these people who choose to be a pain in your neck or elsewhere. The Sun moves to form a lovely angle to Pluto in the middle of May compelling Leo to find your power and grace such that people who are a problem have no power. The new Moon May 11 brings new jobs and recognition that Leo may or may not enjoy. You can be productive and inspired. Your social life is picking up but remember that once Mercury goes retrograde May 29, goals and events will be delayed and some plans must be cancelled. The full Moon eclipse May 26 occurs in the fifth house of self-expression and fun activities. Over the next several months endings take place so that Leo has space for new people, romance, and maybe even a role in the community theater. The eclipse is especially auspicious for Leos born in late July. Acknowledge the insights you experience, they are real. Best days 8,18,26


Leo is the leader of the pack this month. You are able to inspire friends and team members in order to reach common goals. This ability you have is one of the catalysts that propel Leo into moving beyond here and now and into an expanded version of Leo. Many of you are able to travel. Travel and education go well now. The old way of doing you just does not work. Take steps to equip yourself and prepare for a new routine because the current way of life is no longer satisfying. Change up your work and health habits at the middle of the month. Adjust to the needs of friends and helpers. Embrace better ways to do your tasks. Those of you born at mid-August are especially busy at mid-month. There is so much to do and in order to deal with the intense schedule, Leo must make opportunities and employ lots of compromise. The full Moon April 26 brings surprises at home and at work. The direction of life takes a sudden turn late in April. The turn may be for the time being or permanent. Either way, it is all okay. Best days 1,2,11,29


Look within the closet of life and clear out the emotional and intellectual baggage that has been tying Leo down. Leo is starting over in one way or another over the next couple of years and right now Leo is feeling uncertain about the future. Current commitments and issues must be addressed and deleted so that you can move on in life. This process is going to take all year but in the short term of March, finish that which can be finished. Pay off debts and recognize what is true. Recognize who has you captive but does not deserve your attention. Hang with people who are an asset as those are the people who will lend support. Accept offers to lead others. The new Moon March 13 suggests that Leo begin a course or activity that helps to shift your awareness. Those strange incidents are real. Have faith in that which is not concrete and mundane. Accept the uncertainty of life and your future especially around the time of the full Moon, March 28. At that time, big changes are happening at work. News will be surprising, especially where siblings and neighbors are concerned. Others look to Leo for guidance. Use caution driving around the last week of March. This can be an amazing time if you let go of your perceived limitations. Best days 14,15

February 2021

The abundance of planets in Leo’s seventh house of relationships has Leo dealing with people who bring their issues to you. Could it be that the tension you are experiencing is not yours? Stand firm in who you truly bring to the table. Avoid taking on other peoples’ problems and do not allow their projections to add to your identity. There is much for Leo to negotiate but wait until after mid March to deal with those who are non supportive of you as a person or partner. If your boss or family members are not on your side or supportive, just make a mental note and do not react now. You are starting over in life on some level so you want to lay some ground work and rules for your ascent over the next fourteen years. Leo will be pushed back this month in your efforts to gain power and accomplish your goals. When that happens, back off knowing that within sixty days your productivity will soar and you will be called to lead the pack when others have failed. The new Moon brings new people that will be part of your new foundation for the future while the full Moon February 27 brings pleasant financial surprises. Best days 6,15


Over the course of the next five and a half months Leo has lots of opportunities, but you have to go out and find them, they will not knock on Leo’s door. Leo is at the threshold of rearranging your outer life. A new cycle has begun. Most of the cycle is about you realizing who you do and do not want to spend time with moving forward. Sometimes you will feel like you are starting over; that is because you are starting over now. Do not rule out ideas before you begin. That is especially true this year for Leos born between July 21 and August 7. Back in the here and now, consider your lifestyle. This includes the foods you eat and the ways you do your work. Both are a bit stressful January 6, 14, 20, and 27. Career matters, bosses, and difficult people must be dealt with on more than one occasion. Leo has great ideas and is ready to accept responsibility, but there are power mongers and dumb rules that will try to hold you back just for sport. Give it time, perfect your plans and wait to pounce when the opportunities become present. Leo can accomplish loads if you depend on your talent and the support of those you love. The new Moon January 12 ushers in new disciplines and more efficient ways to work. Changes are beneficial at mid-month. Travel with caution January 20 and do not let other peoples’ practices impose on your well-being at that time. The full Moon in Leo is January 28 bestowing recognition and drama. You have a lot to accomplish and finish and will feel pulled in different direction during the days ahead. Spending time with family reduces the stress. Best days 1,10, 18,19