Leo, Jul 23 - Aug 22


May is all about Leo’s career and which direction said career and life will take you in the future. While the you can bask in the limelight of accomplishments you and your plans will be tested by people who are not on team Leo. Those of you born in the last week of July are jumping to demanding changes and uncertainty while others receive a boost May 14,18, and 30 due to the smart choices you have previously made. The new Moon May 4 brings new work or new bosses. The full Moon August 18 occurs in the opposite fourth house. This means family situations will pop up and attempt to take precedence over the need to tend to career and responsibility. The opportunities that come with the new Moon will certainly affect your home and family life in weeks to come. Perhaps that new work scenario will be cause for a home move. Whatever the case may be, home and family needs will have to be balanced with your career responsibilities. Play nice with your critics May 11. Friends are demanding May 26. Best days 1,2,19, 20, 30


April calls upon Leo to reconsider your life views. Consider what is working and what is not working in your life. If the rules and dogma you embrace are keeping you from happiness it is time to get change your perspective. Travel and education are a great place to start over. Embrace activities and new groups of people in order to get out of the rut. Plan for new adventures but follow through and actually have the adventure in May. Uranus moving through the tenth house has many of you feeling uncertain about your future. Embrace the uncertainty and consider this time an adventure into the unknown. Clear the clutter of life at the full Moon April 19 so that you can dive headlong into your future. Important papers and documents must be handled at that time but don’t worry. Compromise and adjustment continue to be a theme for Leo. April 22 brings bumps in the road so be ready to jump when circumstances, bosses, or parents throw surprises your way. Best days 4,5,13,14,22


Mercury is retrograde in Leo’s eighth house of stuff shared including money and the bedroom. Do not initiate any sort of new partnership. The ones that are already established will most likely work your nerves. Do not jump to the wrong conclusions and actively create misunderstandings. While the new Moon suggests new partnerships March 6, go very slow because you do not have all the information whether it is a business deal or a romantic liaison. Take some time and do not sign on the dotted line. Uranus moves into Leos’ tenth house of career March 6. Get ready for some changes especially if you are a Leo born in July. Embrace the uncertainty as that is about all you can do for now. You will land on your feet but the process will not happen overnight. At the same time, Mars moving through Taurus is a square to Leo. Mars is not so good for Leo there. A square angle can get a lot done but it can be a tough road. Lions can get a lot accomplished but you will have to push against the odds. You might want to hide at home mid month. The full Moon brings unsettling news around March 20. The good news is that Jupiter sill in Sagittarius brings help and support in the face of any challenge. You will be fine. Best days 8,9,17,25


The first half of February has Leo communicating with ease and accomplishing what you want because people are open to your charisma. Once February 14 arrives you will be full speed ahead promoting your agenda. From then and until the end of March you are going to have to change your approach. Leo’s charisma and enthusiasm will be perceived by many as pushy behavior. This is not to say that you can’t have your way. This means that you will be opposed by people who see Leo as a threat. Temper your approach and throw a bit of flattery out there. Remember that Jupiter moving through Sagittarius brings opportunities and ease of life generally until December. The events of mid February to the end of March can just be some bumps in the road to success. The new Moon February 4 brings new relationships and people with whom you can have fun. Travel and fun go together this month. The full Moon February 19 brings issues of life that you share with others. Single Leos are up for new romance around the full Moon. You will have to address what does and does not make you happy at that time. Play nice February 26. Best days 9,18

January 2019

Address your health and lifestyle this month and in months to come. Saturn and Pluto are powerful planets that are not going out of the sixth house of health anytime soon. They both require that Leo consider your emotional connection to your health as well as the discipline to initiate and continue a more disciplined approach. The new Moon eclipse January 5 brings new ways to handle your health in months to come as well as new ways to do your work with ease. In the short term, family or work challenges may be the cause of a slip up at mid month. Don’t beat yourself up for missteps. Venus joins Jupiter in Leos’ fifth house January 7 - February 3. This along with Mars moving through Aries creates a grand trine in fire for Leo. At this time you have the creativity and vision to accomplish your goals and lead others to victory. Remember, though, that playing with fire can burn anyone. Leo must use this powerful energy to fuel more than your ego and personal desires. Maintain a magnanimous and generous agenda. Otherwise, you will come up with failure and loss of face in the days until mid February. The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 brings big life changes to Leo but especially to those of you born at the beginning and end of this sign. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31