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Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22


Consider your emotional needs as you have let other priorities take over your need for a hug and some affection. Speak up and say what you need. Stop being what you think someone else wants you to be. If you feel lonely, the solution begins to come with the solar eclipse August 21 in your eleventh house. Look to friends and group endeavors to balance out your need to get out of your cave. Find like minded people who share your interests in months to come . Libra, especially those born in the first ten days of October, must take a leap of faith in order to take your life to a new level of accomplishment and awareness. Set boundaries with children and honeys who try your patience. Best days 7,16,25


Libra is trying to figure out how to make that big jump from where you are in life to the new and improved Libra 2.0. Many of you will be juggling family because the tasks it takes to get over there is leaving some people and situations behind. Take stock of the resources you have on hand. Make sure you have the provisions you need in order to make the life journey that is coming. The full Moon July 8/9 calls for Libra to make adjustments and repairs to your home physically. Family will have to be tended to at that time. Your schedule is full starting July 20 because Libra is the one who can organize and lead the way for others starting at that time. Best days 11,19


Libra is ready to make your move to make a name for yourself at work and in the world. At the same time, though, Mars will be square your Sun. Libra will be standing up for yourself and telling others just how you feel. You will have to use a bit of diplomacy to have your way so that you do not repel the very people who can help you. Mars square to your Sun affords you the ability to accomplish so much, but do not devolve into childish behavior or use passive aggressive techniques. The best news is that Jupiter, retrograde since February 5 goes direct June 10. Life and the opportunities that have been waiting in the wings now moves forward. Best days 3,13,14


Relationship issues, such as who is in control, have Libra shaking in and out of balance this month. Those issues come to a head at the full Moon May 10. Responsibilities and possessions are the bones of contention. Sure, you don't like to argue, but take care of your needs and don't let anyone else take what belongs to Libra. Luckily Mars moving through your ninth house gives you more courage than a shot of whiskey especially at mid month. Get the hassles settled so that you can move onto the bigger picture of life once the new Moon happens May 25. You begin a very busy period of time over the following two weeks. Some of you will travel while others are on interaction overload. Best days 7,17,25,26


Libra is dealing with work relationships that are difficult because one party is challenging. The hard headed partners are most likely a member of the opposite sex and can only see their point of view. At the full Moon April 11 Libra must speak up and move away from the doctrines that you don't want to defend. Your emotions are tender and you are ready to step on toes. During the week of April 16 family and home matters become touchy as once again you must deal with someone who wants only their way. Home and family matters vie for your attention this April. Do not give up your identity to appease any bully be it lover, boss, or a family member that acts like a child. Best days 1, 20, 28


Where you thought you might have been going is up for reevaluation. You must cooperate with other people and in some cases bend to their way of thinking and doing things. This is not a permanent situation but it is part of you reconfiguring your future. Things shared may not be so easy but remember that those people are here to help Libra in the current situation. The full Moon March 12 brings health matters and solutions to the light. If you are not currently dealing with health matters, stay vigilant and do not ignore symptoms. Someone will need your help and of course Libra will be there. Put down the score pad, though, and just help that person. The new Moon brings partnerships in love or business. Best days 4,5,24


Jupiter, moving direct in Libra since, September 9, turns retrograde February 5 until June 8. Jupiter direct has brought Libra many opportunities including travel and educational opportunities. Once Jupiter is retrograde, Libra will want to reassess your hopes and wishes and dreams. If they are not realistic you will surely be disappointed. If they are realistic Libra is in for good fortune in the days until October 10 when Jupiter leaves Libra. This month Libra will be surrounded by many people. It is because you are so important to so many people. You will find more people coming into you life to help you achieve your work and health goals. It will be easy to find better work and your health and habits will improve. Best days 5,15,24


Work or health or both are a challenge. Libra must find the usual balance between getting your job done all the while nursing a cold or fever. Do what you can to be as efficient as possible and know that this is not a permanent situation. Coworkers and helpers are sure to make some of your daily routine more difficult. Take charge and do your work without getting involved in any sort of politics. Libra has more on your plate over the next several months so you do not need to take on trouble generated by difficult people. Your best place to be for most of January is home. Recognition comes the week of January 9 so don't cut corners. Life is more fun later in January. Best days 1, 27, 28


In the course of the next year, Libra is faced with decisions about how to proceed in life. You will be deciding what to do with the rest of your days here and what steps to take to facilitate that process. Some of you will be making decisions about your career; others will have to make provisions for family members, while still others of you will be making decisions about partnerships and legal matters including where to live. At mid December you will feel pulled in several directions. Do not try to push the river once Mercury goes retrograde December 19. Health becomes a priority at mid month. Eat wisely and do not stuff your emotions with food. Do not let frustrations at work harm your well being. Best days 4,12,13,31