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Libra, Sep 22 - Oct 22

Zac Efron 10/18 Kamala Harris 10/20


Libra is balancing your needs with the needs of the people around you. Libra is attracting people who are wounded in some way. These people come into your life because you have something they need for their healing. You can be of great service to people so maybe now is a good time to become some sort of healer. The new Moon April 11 happens in your seventh house of relationships. Social opportunities come back to life. Prior to the new Moon, around April 9, many Libras feel weak or lack confidence. Do not get too attached to these downer feelings as they will pass soon. Eat healthy food and send those spam calls to voicemail before you block the number. April 13 to 18 is a get up and get it done time. Libra is busy but not swamped and can accomplish loads of items on your list. There will be some who want to sting Libra with words and manipulation but you do not have time for that foolishness. April 23 begins a time when work is super busy and bosses are anxious. Take the bull by the horns very carefully in order to move forward. Work takes precedence over home and family. The full Moon April 26 brings unexpected expenses -and windfalls. Your comfort level is challenged at that time. Do not make knee-jerk decisions late in April. Best days 16, 25


Libra is adjusting your lifestyle during March. Diet and habits are really important. In the quest to remain balanced, you may have gone a bit too far and it is time to come back to a new sense of center. Those born around October 10 are affected with symptoms. Are you getting enough protein? Are you believing the unbelievable? You have the energy and ideas to get so much done. Bossy opinions and words are not the answer. Wounded beings bring Libra their problems. Of course, you will help, but don’t marry any of these people now or in the next several years. Maybe it’s time to become a counselor. Make plans for future travel and classes that enhance creativity. The new Moon March 13 brings new and better health habits along with opportunities to volunteer and be a servant leader. The full Moon March 28 insists that Libra balance your needs with the needs of others in your life. Some people are never satisfied. Stand your ground, get off the fence, and do what is right for you later this March. The full Moon is challenging, so prepare for the boat of life to rock. Best days 1,10, 20, 29

February 2021

The abundance of planets in Libra’s fifth house is generally a good thing if you are into the dynamic of good and bad. Specifically, Jupiter and Saturn are forming harmonious angles to Libra, introducing opportunities and help from people who have the knowledge or position to open doors for Libra. Saturn is square Uranus in Taurus which does bring a bit of tension where shared circumstances are concerned. Could it be that you know what is available to you in life but you do not have the tools to accomplish your goals? Saturn likes to teach, so this is an easy time to do something about the feeling that you are not well equipped. Of course, do not forget that Mercury is retrograde, which is sure to bring people from the past and communication challenges with the children or your special someone. Be very specific and get off the fence when it comes to making decisions. Those of you born mid October are still undergoing a regeneration and can be challenged to rise up and be better. This is a long-term plumbing job so do some self inquiry and commit to getting to know the true you. The walking wounded need Libra and this is a long-term situation. You don’t have to fall in love with all those people. The new Moon February 11 brings new ways to have fun and express your genius. Just know the world may not be ready. The full Moon insists you take time for a rest and for your body, and away from the stuff of life that agitates your mind and your body, dear Libra. Self-expression and having fun are very important this month. Make that your priority. Best days 2,20


The harmony of life is more evident over the next several months as Libra is able to express your sentiments with ease and comfort. Your words, your passion, your art, and your love is easier to show and more acceptable to those you care about than in the recent past. Your psychology will be tested by partners and the rules that no longer apply. When you push too hard, life and the people around Libra will be push back. This will be evident January 1,6, 7, 12, 13, 20, 27, and 28. These are the days when you can climb the mountain but you must be prepared for the mountain to throw a landslide at Libra. Libras born at mid-October are pressured to take a leap in life and that may be scary because you have not experienced this until this time in your life. Trust your true self to take you where life wants to take you for it is your mind that is manufacturing the fear. Discover innate talents and resources in order to get the desired goals. Leave the credit cards at home and make no major purchase. Once the middle of January arrives, slow down a bit. Do not jump to conclusions and listen before responding. Others may not hear or understand Libra from mid-January to mid-March. You can still do what you do, just do so quietly. Libras born in late September have wounded birds to care for and some of those birds may be people with whom you must settle issues. Be kind to those who need you and even those who have wronged you; it was never really about you, dear Libra. The new Moon January 12 brings family and home into focus. Reunions are on the horizon as are updates to the bathroom or the hot tub. The new Moon in January brings new friends. Keep the ones with whom you share similar life experiences. Those will become life long friends who love you, Libra. Release the people who only want something and offer nothing in return. Best days 5,14