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Libra, Sep 22 - Oct 22

Zac Efron 10/18 Kamala Harris 10/20


Libra has the enthusiasm to grow and expand in a chosen area that floats your boat. You are an air sign so it should be the area that flies you to happiness. You are growing and learning so that people out in the world can see your work. You are getting stuff done and becoming empowered, but power is an illusion and you must not act bossy or cause arguments. Libra is becoming proficient at what you are doing between now and March 25. The full Moon February 5 brings recognition among your friends and teammates. Congratulations are there for Libra at this time. Libras born in the latter days of this sign are recognized as experts and mentors. People will mimic you because you are so fabulous. Be kind to those who are wounded emotionally or physically. Those people are drawn to Libra over the next several years. Help them, but do not do the work for them. Write down all those ideas that come to you so that you can act on them at a later time. The new Moon February 20 is in your house of health and lifestyle. Fine-tune your habits. February is a great time to indulge beauty treatments. People are sitting up and taking notice of Libra. Best days 10,18,27

January 2023

Mars retrograde until January 12 has Libra continuing to keep your opinion to yourself. This is a time to subscribe to live and let live even though it is killing you to talk about your neighbor’s second cousin’s choice of dress for New Year’s Eve. Remember, everyone has their own rules. Libra feels best being at home most of January. Home is where you can launch your plans. Speaking of keeping to yourself; you are wise to keep your plans to yourself so as not to dilute the vibe you are building.  Entertain at home, repair only the stuff that has previously been repaired, and do not let others needle you over the dust on the coffee table. The full Moon January 6 brings family issues to the door both literally and figuratively. The new Moon January 21 brings fun people for play and even romance. Using the right expressions with love and patience grows relationships of all sorts. Best day 3,13,14,22,31