Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22


Jupiter moves through Libra's second house of money and other valuables. In the months ahead Libra's financial picture improves causing Libra to feel better about life. The effort you have made in the past years seem worthwhile because payoffs occur. Ideal situations come up at work and Libra will experience improvements in health. Libra's circle of friends is sure to expand and many of you will be approved for credit you may or may not need. As usual with Jupiter; do not go overboard and get yourself into debt in the months ahead. In the short term of October, Libra wants to take control of your surroundings including home and family. Power struggles take place and many Libras are forced to make changes to your home. Best days 1,28


Stop telling everyone about your plan to start a new health regimen and just do it already. Improving your health is important so that Libra can come back to balance. Move beyond the boundaries of life and relationships. In order to expand your happiness, Libra does well to acknowledge that friends and loved ones have their own path and you judging them is not helping you whatsoever. In order to move beyond all limiting aspects of life, Libra is wise to recognize that your experience is not the bar by which others must live. Those of you born October 4 - 11 are especially compelled to grow beyond your past. Take time to recuperate beginning September 20 so that you are up to the busy times in October. Best days 4,12,30