Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22


Money matters start to ease and move forward for Libra starting July 10. In the months to come new jobs and raises happen, but Libra must mind your words and stay out of power struggles with people who have control over your progress. Home and family will compete for your attention but you are best to keep your focus on career opportunities as much as possible. Those opportunities can change your life for the better for years to come. Consider the responsibility to children and romantic partners in the days until August 27. Frustration reigns July 19 and again July 28. Play, but do so with caution late in July. At the same time use your words carefully, otherwise you may awaken a dragon. Best days 18,27


Libra is irritated by the minor questions but people need your help so count to ten and dole out your wisdom while you work on papers that must be complete and filed. The new Moon June 13 brings travel and education along with the desire to move out of the box you have found yourself in lately. This new Moon is especially positive for Libras born at mid October. All of you will enjoy good publicity but you are moving into a bit of a challenging time once Mercury and the Sun move into Cancer May 13 and 20 respectively. Events have you tense or nervous because you must make tough decisions and adjustments. The final days of June require Libra to consider your future. Best days 3,4,12,13,20


Move stuff around the house if you want life to get moving. Sell unused items or give it away. At the very least move twenty-seven things at least an inch to shift the energy of life. At mid month your comfort level gets Libra jacked up emotionally. Maybe honey has tossed out something you love or company comes to visit and gets underfoot. The stress quickly subsides to fun and frolic. Uranus dips into Libra's eighth house this month. The persona that covers up all those things you hide from the rest of us is revealed. Libra will surely surprise the world with their new found transparency. People will come into your life that will assist Libra in bringing out your true self. Best day 25th


Libra receives words and deeds from the rest of us that will rock your scales especially April 2, 5, 7, 14, and 25. Stay steady in the face of indecision. The new Moon brings Libra into a new phase of relationships and behaviors that improve how you get along with those you love and those you tolerate. When all this interaction gets to be too much, turn your attention to your home environment. Clean out the clutter and make repairs. Consider repairing your familial relationships and how you can be a better Libra. In the end of it all do what makes Libra comfortable and happy. This sounds simple but for Libra taking care of your needs can be the biggest task of your lifetime. Best days 9,10,18,19


Libra needs a bit of rest. Your diet is showing results, hopefully the results you want. This is directly related to your health and if you are one of those that doesn't know where your organs are located, you may be in for a health surprise. Refine your regimens of health and work. Cleaning out the stuff in the garage or just moving twenty-seven things an inch or two will get life moving. Don't be surprised starting at mid month if people, especially family members, are demanding. Your status in life shows you that you must make changes in your home, your resources, and your overall well being. You are sure to let everyone know how you feel about just about everyone at March's end. Best days 13,14,31


Libra is supported by the goodwill of others so push your agenda to get what you want. Use loyal words and behaviors. Most people will bend to your way and give Libra what you want on a silver platter. The new Moon eclipse February 15 ushers in a period over the next several months whereby Libra will have expanded confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Those who want romance or children to come into their lives can accomplish that but you will have to be willing to accept that you are up to that new adventure. Make time for joy and fun. Do things that please you and leave the serious stuff on the back burner for a while. Choose your words carefully and drive with caution. Best days 4,14,15

January 2018

The full Moon January 1 puts Libra on your friends’ and relatives’ radar. Hopefully because you are wonderful and not because you have been dancing on tables topless. This is a great time to be recognized for a job well done and some of you will be getting job offers especially if you are born in the first days of Libra. Those natives need to make changes now. Libras born September 20 - October 3 are stressed to evolve this year and not because life is so great. New projects around the house and even a new house can be in the picture beginning January 17. Money and your self esteem must be managed. It is time for you to balance the scales between you and others. Best days 17,18,27