Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22


Libra needs a bit of rest. Your diet is showing results, hopefully the results you want. This is directly related to your health and if you are one of those that doesn't know where your organs are located, you may be in for a health surprise. Refine your regimens of health and work. Cleaning out the stuff in the garage or just moving twenty-seven things an inch or two will get life moving. Don't be surprised starting at mid month if people, especially family members, are demanding. Your status in life shows you that you must make changes in your home, your resources, and your overall well being. You are sure to let everyone know how you feel about just about everyone at March's end. Best days 13,14,31


Libra is supported by the goodwill of others so push your agenda to get what you want. Use loyal words and behaviors. Most people will bend to your way and give Libra what you want on a silver platter. The new Moon eclipse February 15 ushers in a period over the next several months whereby Libra will have expanded confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Those who want romance or children to come into their lives can accomplish that but you will have to be willing to accept that you are up to that new adventure. Make time for joy and fun. Do things that please you and leave the serious stuff on the back burner for a while. Choose your words carefully and drive with caution. Best days 4,14,15

January 2018

The full Moon January 1 puts Libra on your friends’ and relatives’ radar. Hopefully because you are wonderful and not because you have been dancing on tables topless. This is a great time to be recognized for a job well done and some of you will be getting job offers especially if you are born in the first days of Libra. Those natives need to make changes now. Libras born September 20 - October 3 are stressed to evolve this year and not because life is so great. New projects around the house and even a new house can be in the picture beginning January 17. Money and your self esteem must be managed. It is time for you to balance the scales between you and others. Best days 17,18,27