Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22


The Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and the new Moon are in Libras' sixth house. This means you want to focus on your lifestyle, health, and work. Take what you are doing and make it better. Consider eating better food. Use that microwave for storage and warm food the old fashioned way. Start a workout routine or make the current one more efficient. Find better ways to do the job and don’t invest in gossip or gossipy people. With Uranus moving into the eighth house March 6, money and stuff Libras share is going to get a bit of a jiggle. You may feel uncertain as to how you are going to make some expenses and you may wonder if you can count on your partners over the next seven years. Do not despair as that will not be an every day affair. At the same time, Uranus and Chiron are thirty degrees apart with Chiron being in the seventh house of relationships. Chiron is the psychic wound. It is not our fault or bad karma. Some relationships are going to shake up your life courtesy of Uranus. Libra, you are being nudged to make a decision and get off the fence. Don’t worry, life always works out for your best interest. Libra is protected at mid month. The guides and angels will steer a course to safety literally or figuratively. However, use caution when traveling March 20.
Best days 4,13,21,30,31


February opens with powerful emotional events that may have carried over from last month. Make decisions that affect your future. Getting along with others is both uplifting and nerve wracking at times. Some people will make Libra nervous in a good way while others will have you wanting to walk away in the face of confrontation. Virgo has the ability to roll with the tides even when those tides feel like tidal waves. As the month progresses past Valentine’s Day, Libra moves into making emotional adjustments within yourself. This will help you be decisive when faced with challenges over the stuff of life you share. Some Libras will decide to end relationships while others will be negotiating who gets what in a deal or separation. Many of you are making tough family decisions because you must move out of pleasing and placating relatives. Grow up and be an adult. Life will be more enjoyable. Walk through fire, reset boundaries, and don’t let anyone get all the toys. This will all be so easy if you will get off that fence and rock the boat. The new Moon February 4 compels Libra to speak your truth. Recharge at the full Moon February 19. Best days 3,4,5,14

January 2019

Mars moving through Libras’ opposite sign revs up relationships through mid February. Those who oppose you come at Libra with vengeance while those who want you will do things to get your attention. Mid month is an exciting time where romance and travel is concerned. Fun activities with someone who you enjoy be it friend or lover. Tension happens with the opposite sex January 14 and we all know Libra does not like to fuss. That may be unavoidable at that time. The new Moon eclipse brings choices about your home and family through July. Your resources will open up and add to your stash of cash. Latent talents emerge and some of you are getting new homes. January is a time to consider where you belong both figuratively and symbolically. The full Moon in your eleventh house of friends and goals brings about sudden endings to friendships especially in your work environment. A friend is going to need your help. Those of you born around October 5 are wise to avoid being taken advantage of this month. Pay attention to your health and reconsider the advice you have been given. It won’t hurt to get a second opinion. Best day 7