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Libra, Sep 22 - Oct 22

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Libras’ ruler, Venus, turns direct late in the day on September 3. While Venus was retrograde, Libra has been evaluating what is appropriate for you. Friendships have been distant, but most will come back to Libra. At the same time Libra has been thinking about goals and revisiting where you think you want to go in life. For the most part you have probably wasted time on pipe dreams that are not practical thus torturing yourself over past decisions. Once Venus turns direct, you will feel better and ready to tackle life from where you are now. The changes you want open up in the days around the middle of September and again during the last days of this month. Meanwhile, Mars has just moved into Libra visiting you until October 11/12. While Mars is not at its best in Libra, you will be infused and enthused with lots of energy to get off that fence and get busy. Just be sure you do not get too self concerned. Mars moving through your sign makes Libra super direct about what and who you like and do not like. Jupiter turning retrograde September 4 to the end of December calls for Libra to search for your personal truth. Some of you have to handle other peoples’ business and must do so with the best intentions. During these months Libra comes to realize that any death is a continuation. Best days 6,11,16,25


Libras’ ruler, Venus, is retrograde until September 3. During this time Libra is rethinking your goals and your friendships. You will be changing your mind about both and that is just fine. Libra is sure to change your mind once September arrives and that is okay too. Meanwhile, August opens with a full Moon that promises to help Libra express yourself. Your ideas are innovative and you will have much on your chest that you must express. Contracts and karma are completing so that it is time to decide where you go from here in life. Do not fret, you have plenty of time. The latter half of the month brings endings which are life informing Libra it is time to move on to new pastures. The new Moon August 16 brings new friends and groups. This is a good time to get out and mingle especially if you are single. Singles bowling anyone? The second full Moon August 30 occurs in Libras’ house of health and habits. Those of you who are out of balance receive a wake up call to get back on track. Health news and issues come up August 1 and 26. Take some time off and be good to yourself. What were you doing eight years and nineteen years ago? Best days 1,10,15,20,25


Libra is taking steps to create a safe and healthy environment and thus a healthier you. Some of you will move to better places. Others are working deep within yourself to find stable sense of self that is there within you. By doing this work you will be creating a safe place for you and for those who come into your life. July is the time for recognition for doing great work or for cutting corners. The month starts off social, but by July 10 Libra must deal with those inner thoughts and motives that keep you out of balance. In the days until August 27, Libra gets a big surge to clean out your emotional closet. The full Moon July 3 brings home and family focus. Create a work/life balance at this full Moon or you get really frazzled. The new Moon July 17 puts your work back in focus as you begin new projects or jobs. Employ healthy habits and use your mind to make the changes that are at the door. Do not say yes to people who have treated you poorly in the past. Once Venus, your ruler, is retrograde July 22 to September 3 you may feel a bit off kilter. Stay the course and do not do anything beneath you during this time. It will pass, don’t worry. Best days 14,24


Libras’ word for June is adjust. Adjust to the needs of others and find a new balance in the way you eat, live, and work. Those of you who are born during September have an element of protection. Almost accidents and catastrophes occur, but you are generally safe to move about the planet because you are protected now. Close friends and partners bring surprises during the first seven days. Prepare to be interrupted and disrupted especially around the days leading up to and just after June 26 when you are taken aback by someone’s behavior. In the months ahead, Libra is charged with helping others in your community. Polish your work and health habits and come to terms with who you can and cannot trust. Trust is a theme Libra is working on for years to come along with self empowering activities. June is a productive month, but you do have forks in the road and detours that must be maneuvered. The full Moon June 3 brings Libra to a peak of busy activity. Take time to evaluate your priorities as well as your life philosophy at the full Moon. Use caution driving during the first days of June. Situations and news bring conclusions to situations that have been hanging in the air recently. The new Moon insists that Libra move beyond the rules and data that has limited your existence. Pinpoint the thoughts that keep you trapped. June is very creative if you accept all that life brings to Libra. Best days 8,17


Libra is at the beginning of many years of deep change in how you relate to loved ones and express your creativity. You are digging deep down to explore your talents. Your relationships are going to undergo a big transformation. This is augmented by the new Moon May 19. Your insight is on the spot, but you must remember that your knowingness does not match everyone else. Avoid your lectures and have data to back up those generalizations. This is a slippery slope and especially where your children are concerned. Mercury retrograde until May 14 is a very good time to focus on personal self-awareness as opposed to other peoples’ issues. Joint ventures are very favorable over the next year. Your partner, if you have one, will make more money. Money comes to Libra through refunds, taxes, and insurance. This is a good time to increase your credit and your understanding as to what makes Libra tick psychologically. The full Moon eclipse May 5 strikes a need to understand what circumstances in life add to your comfort. Here is a hint. It is not how much money you have or property you own. Libra is pushing to get ahead professionally through May 21, but you must avoid stepping on other peoples’ toes. Avoid pushy friends around May 21. At that same time do not stir the pot. You will get that gunk on yourself.

Best days 2,21,30


Mars is moving through Libras’ tenth house of career. This is the time to take big steps up your chosen ladder to success. Libra is recognized for your talent, but also for bossy and indecisive behavior. You have an agenda to accomplish between now and May 20, but your enthusiasm will not be acceptable to everyone you encounter. Slow down and let others get a word into the process. Relationships require cooperation now more than usual. Plans for joint projects go well until April 21 when Mercury goes retrograde. Settle plans before April 7 and then be prepared to sit still and resolve loose ends with others until the middle of May. Venus, moving into Gemini April 11, softens the challenges because you are so darn irresistible from April 11 to May 7.

The full Moon April 5 insists that Libra consider the needs of others with your needs and identity while the new Moon eclipse April 19 brings new and different relationships in months to come. Some relationships come to an end because you have both had enough of each other. Life is always about relationships for Libra. Now stop sitting on that fence.
Best days 5,6,23


Saturn moves through Libras’ sixth house starting March 7 until February 2026. The sixth house is your health and your work. This is the time to get serious about your job and career. Some of you will be changing jobs while others look for more efficient ways to do the job. Since Saturn is forming a challenging angle to you, dear Libra, many of you feel limited by your circumstances or by bosses who micro manage and limit your creativity. This is sure to lead to Libra making important decisions about the direction of your career beginning as soon as March 25. At the same time, Saturn insists that you take responsibility for your health. Do that now so that you can avoid health issues in the future.

Pluto transitions into the fifth house of self expression including your offspring between March 23 and November 2024. The next twenty-one years is a profound time where children are concerned. Take care of their health and be sure that you do not control them such that you harm the relationship. Where love and romance are concerned, Librans may find themselves enamored with the totally wrong person. Relationships are intense with this transit and relationships that make in through this time are sure to last your lifetime. Pluto in Aquarius is harmonious to Libra so this is a wonderful time that is full of empowerment. You will come through it a new person leaving behind behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve Libra.

Relationships are important this month of March. Avoid making sudden romantic or business decisions that you may later regret. It is a busy month, but you must still focus on the tasks at hand. Delegate tasks but make your own decisions.

The full Moon March 7 occurs in your twelfth house indicating Libra needs time alone. This is a good time to start to focus on your health so pay attention to those aches and pains. Surprising or hidden information comes to light. Guard your secrets and your online data.

The new Moon March 21 occurs in Libras’ seventh house of relationships. New people are coming for business and or love. Do not turn away that younger person. The age difference could be just what a Libra needs to stay young.
Best days 9,18,26,27


Libra has the enthusiasm to grow and expand in a chosen area that floats your boat. You are an air sign so it should be the area that flies you to happiness. You are growing and learning so that people out in the world can see your work. You are getting stuff done and becoming empowered, but power is an illusion and you must not act bossy or cause arguments. Libra is becoming proficient at what you are doing between now and March 25. The full Moon February 5 brings recognition among your friends and teammates. Congratulations are there for Libra at this time. Libras born in the latter days of this sign are recognized as experts and mentors. People will mimic you because you are so fabulous. Be kind to those who are wounded emotionally or physically. Those people are drawn to Libra over the next several years. Help them, but do not do the work for them. Write down all those ideas that come to you so that you can act on them at a later time. The new Moon February 20 is in your house of health and lifestyle. Fine-tune your habits. February is a great time to indulge beauty treatments. People are sitting up and taking notice of Libra. Best days 10,18,27

January 2023

Mars retrograde until January 12 has Libra continuing to keep your opinion to yourself. This is a time to subscribe to live and let live even though it is killing you to talk about your neighbor’s second cousin’s choice of dress for New Year’s Eve. Remember, everyone has their own rules. Libra feels best being at home most of January. Home is where you can launch your plans. Speaking of keeping to yourself; you are wise to keep your plans to yourself so as not to dilute the vibe you are building.  Entertain at home, repair only the stuff that has previously been repaired, and do not let others needle you over the dust on the coffee table. The full Moon January 6 brings family issues to the door both literally and figuratively. The new Moon January 21 brings fun people for play and even romance. Using the right expressions with love and patience grows relationships of all sorts. Best day 3,13,14,22,31