Libra, Sep 23 - Oct 22

January 2019

Mars moving through Libras’ opposite sign revs up relationships through mid February. Those who oppose you come at Libra with vengeance while those who want you will do things to get your attention. Mid month is an exciting time where romance and travel is concerned. Fun activities with someone who you enjoy be it friend or lover. Tension happens with the opposite sex January 14 and we all know Libra does not like to fuss. That may be unavoidable at that time. The new Moon eclipse brings choices about your home and family through July. Your resources will open up and add to your stash of cash. Latent talents emerge and some of you are getting new homes. January is a time to consider where you belong both figuratively and symbolically. The full Moon in your eleventh house of friends and goals brings about sudden endings to friendships especially in your work environment. A friend is going to need your help. Those of you born around October 5 are wise to avoid being taken advantage of this month. Pay attention to your health and reconsider the advice you have been given. It won’t hurt to get a second opinion. Best day 7