Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


The last time Jupiter moved through Scorpio was late October 2005 to late November 2006. Scorpio will have similar experiences over the coming months. Life will generally go well as opportunities come out of the blue and in many cases you are handed something on a silver platter. You must be careful of gaining weight because Jupiter does like a good dessert or three. Even better, one year from now Jupiter moves into Scorpios' house of money bringing raises and windfalls. Meanwhile back in the now, take stock of the past year in order to prepare for new beginnings that come with your birthday. Words are powerful and if Scorpio uses those words wisely you can take the lead in the group and be a hero. Best days 3,11,20,21,30


Confusion and misunderstandings bring Scorpio to a place in life where you must talk about how you feel if you are to get back to a happy place. Either you or a loved one has the tendency to misconstrue situations. Your ideas are not necessarily the ideas of your children or your honey and that needs to be worked out so that you do not come off as controlling. Friends and children do not want you to take the lead for them. Open your eyes to those facts and know when to let others take the lead whether it's your gamer buddies or your team at work. Make changes in your work style and health regimen that will make you more effective and allow personal freedom. Best days 14,23