Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


September is a social time for Scorpio. You have lots of opportunities to get out and mingle, join a team, or even get elected president of your club. Scorpio grandparents will be delighted to have lots of time with the grand kids. Watch yourself at mid month so as not to have accidents. Old ailments want to come up at that same time. Don’t bump your head and do get an eye or ear exam. Events at work are surprising. Someone you have a close working relationship will move on or even stab you in the back. You won’t retaliate until later in the month most likely because you are planning the perfect payback. Those of you who use your communication skills will be able to win battles of words and deeds as the month comes to a close. There will still be power struggles as October begins. Siblings, neighbors, and your parents siblings need a helping hand or slap in the face, you decide. Those of you born October 26 to November 3 continue to grapple with change you cannot control. Best days 3,12,14


The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all moving through Leo in your tenth house this August. This means Scorpio will be super focussed on career matters. You can make great strides this month but there will be bumps and detours on the road. People will try to bully Scorpio. Of course bullying a Scorpio is a waste of time and energy. Be sure you have your facts straight and that you are operating out of the highest standards for all concerned. The week of August 4 is especially active so make sure you show up prepared. The full Moon August 15 brings demands from the family. Lots of people will be at your house. It may be a party or a moving party. Either way you will be stressed by events at home. Make a compromise to keep the peace August 23. By that time the pace of life is shifting comfortably and you will start to see results for your great efforts earlier in the month. Best days 7,16,17,26


The new Moon eclipse in Cancer makes for easy new beginnings for Scorpio. It takes place in your ninth house signaling new beginnings in life philosophy. Some of you will be going to school while others will be rising up spiritually. Still others of you will embark on travel. While you may travel, just know there will be delays. In-laws will be come easier to deal with if they have not been thus far. Meanwhile, career matters take a front seat. Perhaps it is more education that will propel you into the limelight. If you want to start a new job, though, wait until next month. This month is not the time to start anything new. Do the research and lay the foundation but do not take the action. The full Moon eclipse brings news of siblings and other people from your early life. There can be challenges with neighbors or those you must deal with in your daily routine. The issues will be that other people do not respect your way of thinking and life. Do not let authoritarian people ruin your serenity. Use caution driving within a week either side of the full Moon eclipse July 16. Scorpios born during the first week of this sign have no choice but to roll with the changes that are taking place. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,29


Deep intimate conversations happen right off the bat this month. Scorpio has the ability to speak from your heart. June is usually a month of making adjustments. This June is no exception. Consider your budget and if its time to renew insurance handle that. Pay off stuff both karmically and with your money. There will be opportunities for joint ventures just be sure it is a good opportunity for you. If your gut instinct says do it then do it. If that voice says don’t do it then don’t do it. Disappointments come from in-laws, siblings and neighbors. Do not let yourself be manipulated and be careful regarding what situation or whom you wish to manipulate. Friends can be a challenge mostly because they have no boundaries with you, Scorpio. Money matters must be considered June 17 but remember money is a tool. This is a good time to shop for summer travel sales if that is a thing you desire. Avoid eating emotionally when someone irritates you June 25. Best days 22,23


Scorpio is juggling your needs and identity with your business and love partners. Consider the fact that your partners represent a reflection of your true self. You may not like what you see and the events of the month will lead Scorpio to refine yourself. The new Moon May 4 opens Scorpio to wonder if you are supported by friends and loved ones. Listen to the nuances because there are people that do not strike a positive balance with you, Scorpio. This will quite evident at the full Moon May 18. The changes you want are dependent on the changes you make at the full Moon May 18. May 11 brings stressful events and responsibilities at work and with anything legal or partnership oriented. Legal matters can go well starting mid month but you must decide if the payoff is worth the effort before diving headlong into any battle. Hold off beginning financial endeavors or new business until after August 11. Consider your current commitments before adding new tasks to the daily routine. Best days 8,9,17,27


Consider your lifestyle this month. They way you eat, the way you work, and the hours you keep all contribute to Scorpio’s well being. The process will be easy and natural for you but you will have a few situations where you realize that some people are not contributing to your happiness. While you may not be able to control those people, you can control how you interact with them. Remember that Uranus is now moving though your opposite sign and you will have to make changes in your relationships. Most likely Scorpio will have to adjust to the changes that other people are making. For instance, a grown child may move away or your best friend at work may get a new job. Try to roll with these changes and be happy for those people. Do not sting them because it’s not all about you, Scorpio. Venus moving through Pisces until April 20 has you feeling pretty or just pretty handsome. Make the most of this time as it can be romantic and intimate if that is what you want. Find time to curl up and recharge at the full Moon April 19. Family matters are stressful April 27. Those of you born during the last few days of October and first few days of November are stressed with responsibilities. Best days 11,20,29


The Sun is moving through Scorpios’ fifth house forming easy angles to Scorpio. Express your self sweetly and life can be fun. Neptune is in that same house and those rose colored glasses fit well. The new Moon happens there and Mercury is retrograde. Keep strumming the fiddle while Rome burns. Uranus moves into your opposite sign and the seventh house March 6. Those of you in any sort of relationship will be feeling a need for independence. Transition is afoot and the rest of us know that change and Scorpio are not synonyms. Over the next seven years Scorpio will make changes voluntarily and involuntarily. This month there will be changes in your helpers. Venus, moving through the fourth house of home and family, brings guests to the door. You most likely will not be expecting those guests and will not look your best when they arrive. Double check the mirror before going out and try to overlook other peoples’ faults. Take time to recharge at the full Moon March 20. Some of you will be at the doctor around that time. Perhaps it is just to go along as moral support for a friend. Best days 6,15,23,24


The month opens with stressful people and situations that cause Scorpio angst. Drive safely and watch out for the other drivers as they too are distracted by responsibilities. Siblings, neighbors, and even the person in the cubicle next to Scorpio cause you to pull out of what you need to do in order to handle their situation. You are everyone’s therapist after all. Use care so you don’t bump your head or hurt an eye February 13. Once Mars moves into your opposite sign February 14, Scorpio must tackle hurdles and the people that are holding those challenges in place. Opposition to accomplishing what you initiated as far back as December 2017 and January 2018 is fierce. Friends are very possibly working against Scorpio. Remember the old adage to keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer until the end of March. On a positive note, some of your relationships will be full of excitement. Flirt but don’t over do it and and go “me too” on anyone. The new Moon calls for Scorpio to get new homes or just new stuff for the current one. Socialize at home. The full Moon February 19 is trine Mars and that brings fun and young people to the door. Many will share their appreciation and some will take your side in the battle against your detractors.

January 2019

Spend time and money on your well being. This includes fashion and beauty treatments that make you feel good about you. January is a month when Scorpio feels less intense and more content with your finances and your personal relationships. At the same time your daily routine is very busy. Many of you will travel but most likely not to places that are terribly far away. The new Moon eclipse brings new topics of study and new ways to communicate. Some Scorpios will begin to teach while others will learn how to teach others in the coming months. The full Moon eclipse brings a strong focus to your career beginning January 21. Recognition for a job well done or not, puts Scorpio in the limelight. If you are not liked by your boss, bring a box to work as you will be packing your personal belongings. If you are loved by your boss expect a corner office or some other reward. Parents will need assistance. The timing is not so easy because work is so demanding now. Mind your health as January becomes February. Play nice January 27 even when others want to argue. Sudden change of circumstances is coming to those of you born during the first couple of days of this sign. Do not allow yourself to be duped out of money. Best days 10,11