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Scorpio, Oct 22 -Nov 21


The vote of confidence your team had for Scorpio is weak early in September. This is not the time for any competition because Scorpio is not up to the task. Roll with the tide as opinions and energy change. Friends that you thought were friends are rooting for someone else. You will recover quickly. As the saying goes, this too shall pass. Scorpio gets another quick dose of this valley around September 13. Venus moves through Scorpio September 10 to October 7. Venus is not considered to be good in Scorpio, as this planet can be vengeful and jealous in your sign. Venus can also be super sexy in Scorpio, so get out your sexy outfits and costumes. Somebody you know is going to love to be disciplined. Being a Scorpio, you will enjoy the opportunity to dish out some lessons and crack your whip. At September 16, the weight of responsibility is cause for Scorpio to redefine roles within your relationships. Unexpected upsets and behavior happen with loved ones September 22. Imbalances in your associations make themselves apparent. Good fortune and harmonious love arrived at the door in the days around September 29. The new Moon September 6 brings new friends. This new Moon is a good time to make a list of goals to work toward. The full Moon September 20 brings heartfelt emotions from those you love and those who want to pursue. Express yourself from the bottom of your heart. You will not regret that exercise. Best days 2,11,19


The best way to get anything done now is to do it in a group. Trips and events with buddies or even the grandchildren generally go well. If you need help with a project, put it out to the network and Scorpio has numerous offers at your fingertips. Likewise, when friends and loved ones need your help, jump at the chance. Disappointments pop up around August 9 and 24. Sometimes the people we know will help us just are not able to be our saving grace. Scorpio is learning what and who needs to be changed in your life. The life lesson is that you cannot control all events continues for several more years. Those born at the end of October and the first several days of November are getting this loud and clear. Roll with the tide, after all you are a water sign. Once the middle of August arrives, Scorpio is wise to take time to close the door and tend to your private life. If you have been too busy to relate to a loved one, now is the time to enjoy time alone together. The new Moon August 8 brings new career opportunities and maybe a new boss. The full Moon says that career and a parent can be more demanding than usual, but it works out to your advantage. There is a lot to accomplish at the end of August. Find the balance and put that stinger away.

Best day 5th


Freedom and independence to do as you please elude Scorpio as you must tend to work and family matters. You may feel like you are losing yourself in the tasks and problems that other people present. You can get it all done and you are certainly busy. Take advantage of those moments where the noise and activity subside. That is temporary. Embrace the knowledge that you can change some things and employ wisdom to know what you cannot change. While this sounds stressful, Scorpio has the energy to fly through the fog and still land on your feet with time to spare. If you do not have a trip in the mix, plan a getaway once the new Moon happens on July 9. At the same time, strike out in a new career direction. You have many months ahead for finding new work or deciding to go it alone in your own business. Some Scorpios will make retirement plans. The full Moon July brings immediate family as well as extended family into focus. Scorpio will have to set boundaries with those who are off the rails. The process of resetting your relationships continues. Enough is enough is a good affirmation for Scorpio in most areas of your life. Best days 9,27


Mars moves through Leo June 11 to July 29. This transit through the Scorpios’ tenth house has Scorpio taking lots of action to assert yourself in both work and family matters. The stronger of your parents is sure to have you jumping to deal with their demands. People in authority are not so easy so please use caution when dealing with those who think they are the cat and Scorpio is the mouse. Mars square the Sun infuses Scorpio with the desire to achieve. Put that stinger away and use a soft touch. If you push ahead without concern for others you will wreck the train. It is a busy time, use your ambition wisely. Adjusting to what others need can be to your advantage, but do not let your dishonest, neighbor, sibling or coworker get by with dishonesty. This is especially true at the full Moon June 26. Use caution with your communicating and think twice before sending that email or text. Drive safely at the full Moon June 24. The new Moon eclipse June 10 brings new ways of communicating with partnerships. The same new Moon brings on the need to assess business matters such as taxes and insurance. Best days 1,11,12, 29


Mars moving through Cancer until June 11 saturates Scorpio with good vibes to handling most life tasks with ease even in the face of difficulties. You have your opinions and others may not agree. Listen to the others as they need a sense of equality when dealing with Scorpio. This is the month to balance give and take between you and partners at work and in your personal life. The new Moon May 11 brings new partnerships that are transformational and harmonious. These can be business or love partnerships. Scorpios that yearn for romance or babies have the opportunity to expand their personal life beginning this month and well into 2022. Issues will have to be talked out and both of you will have to adjust to the ways and needs of the other person. The full Moon eclipse produces windfalls and expenses both of which upset Scorpios’ apple cart. Family matters come to conclusions while in-laws’ and neighbors’ behavior must be dealt with wisely. The change you want has a few more steps to the process. Best days 5,6,15,16


Health and lifestyle are Scorpios’ focus as you consider better methods for getting along here in the third dimension. Even younger Scorpios must mind their safety when exercising or any other strenuous activity. The new Moon April 11 is the time to start your new routines if you want them to grow into a habit. Do not pay attention to people who tease you. Siblings and other people close by are unsupportive April 11 and 16. Ignore those who try to pull their usual tactics on Scorpio. Scorpio is compelled to help someone that you really do not want to help, but you know helping that person will actually help someone else or even you, Scorpio. Give shelter to someone who is down on their luck. Do the service but do not be a doormat especially April 24 and 25 when family members need Scorpio’s assistance. The full Moon April 26 is a stressful and emotional time as surprise events and endings shake Scorpio. This full Moon is especially potent for those born during the last few days of October and the first days of November. Best days 8,9,18


Fun is the theme for March. Connect with the flow of creativity and artistic passion. Some Scorpios get to enjoy romantic passion. No matter what the situation, leave worries behind. Those born on or near the last day of October are especially compelled to leave behind the stuff of life that you cannot control. Spend time with children and do activities that build your self-esteem and confidence. Speaking of fun activities, Scorpios who want to have children can get that accomplished. Pay attention to life to avoid accidents around the middle of March. When life swerves, somebody besides Scorpio will be at the wheel, maybe it is Jesus. This is not only to remind Scorpio that you have no control, but to dazzle your interest in that which you cannot see but innately know is there. Organize the home while you are there. Siblings and their issues come to Scorpios’ door. Close bonds are adjusting in the days until late April. This is especially true at the full Moon March 28. Abrupt endings and surprise events shake Scorpio. You will recover and be better off for those events that first shake your core. Tend to insurance and tax matters and do begin new partnerships. Only compromise when that is in your best interest. Most of all, have fun. Best days 12, 23, 31

February 2021

Home and family matters demand Scorpios’ attention. Throughout 2021 there will be an underlying stress at home. This can range from how should we care for Aunt Mable to how are you going to get that that unwanted lover out of the house. Remember that Mars is moving through the house of relationships you love and relationships you can leave. There is a lot to resolve where other people are concerned and Scorpio just needs a break from those who are underfoot. Feeling stuck is no fun so sit down and visualize where you want to go from here in life. Dreams do come true. You know that, so get to dreaming, Scorpio. Take stock of life and give in to the stuff you cannot control, including repairs and children who have to come stay for a while. This is all an opportunity to let go of your stubborn attitudes. Those of you born during the last week of October are sick and tired of being sick and tired so make the changes now. The new Moon February 11 brings new furniture or gadgets and even friends back to visit. This full Moon is the harbinger of new family dynamics in the months ahead. The full Moon February 27 brings easy resolution and endings with business associates friends and loved ones. Put that stinger away and do what needs to be done without drama. Best days 13,14,22


Mars moves into Scorpio’s opposite sign Taurus January 6 through March 3. This means that the good, the bad and the ugly relationships come to Scorpio with a bone to pick. You may suddenly have an amazing ability to agitate others as Libra has done since last June when Mars moved through Aries. Bite your tongue and put your stinging wit away. Let others rebalance the relationship with you and know that this is not permanent. As the month progresses to the 15th and 23rd , Mars crosses Uranus and squares Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun. Mars and Uranus will cause blowups with others. Prepare for challenges with loved ones and family members during this time. It can be very intense especially for Scorpios born in late October. This astrologer recommends that Scorpio consider the future in order to deal with bad behavior. On a positive note, the air is getting cleared. Avoid legal matters especially where property is concerned. Family members are stressed. At the same time, the shadow of Mercury retrograde begins January 15, so there are sure to be misunderstandings. Repairs to your home are necessary and some of you will be fed up and want to move. Hold off until after mid-March if possible, so that you do not make a misstep and have to move again in the near future. The new Moon January 12 occurs in the third house of neighbors and siblings. These are the people who could be rocking your boat. The full Moon January 28 brings more stress and tasks that must be addressed this minute. Scorpio can get a lot accomplished now, but you are going to have to deal with some very difficult people and situations. Do not add fuel to any fire. January is a great time to take one of those classes where you learn to walk across a bed of coals. Best days 8,16, 17, 26