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Scorpio, Oct 22 -Nov 21


February opens with Scorpio juggling your needs with the needs of career and family. Family wants to be in your house, but work is demanding. Who really is your family? Some of you have job offers while others are getting new bosses. The full Moon February 5 and the days leading up to the full Moon are busy and stressful. Some of you are dealing with dilemma of working at home versus going to the office. Relationships, especially the intimate ones, are revved up through March 25. During the days until then, Scorpio must compromise where love and lust are concerned. Do not lose your identity to that delightful person. Avoid conflict and know that Venus is lifting your spirits and your sex appeal through February 20. During that time it is easier to have your way with your romantic partners. Children have good news and Scorpio can enjoy secret affairs if you are so inclined. The new Moon February 20 begins a lunar cycle until March 21 that brings fun and more opportunities for romance. Turn off the screens and do something creative with your time. Let go of reticence and go for the person or thing you desire. Stay away from the fray and you are sure to experience love and approval. Enjoy your sexy side and put that stinger away. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2023

January is a productive time for Scorpio in that you are able to communicate your way into reaching the goals you are striving to accomplish. People from the past make contact and want to make nice with Scorpio. That being said, you can put your stinger away and use honey versus poison to make progress. Mars retrograde until January 12 has stifled the drama so Google diplomacy and do that to get what you want, dear Scorpio. Those of you born in the final days of Scorpio make life decisions and changes between now and March 7. The days around January 22 bring commitments and responsibilities that are part of the reason for Scorpio to make changes. Entertain at home even thought that is a bit of a challenge.  The full Moon January 6 brings noteworthy messages from siblings and neighbors. Use caution driving at that time and screen your calls. The new Moon January 21 facilitates changes around your home and family dynamics.  Watch and listen to what people have to say. You will gain great insight from those who make contact. Best days 6,16,24