Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


Scorpios' bliss depends on how you figure into other people's lives. Come to terms with the impact you have on those you love. From that point Scorpio can correct your course and do for others thus adding to personal satisfaction. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio March 8 to July 10 calls for Scorpio to take a step back and refine your words, behavior, and health. Some of you will fast and cleanse while others will prepare for coming events and challenges. Scorpio's comfort level is somewhat of a challenge until mid month. Money may seem to run out until then but at the same time Scorpio can accomplish financial goals. The best thing you can do for yourself in March is to love and approve of yourself, stinger and all. Best days 5,6,15,16


Scorpio is taking care of relative’s children while others of you will be doing repairs or upgrading the house to make it more modern. A new home is on the horizon for many Scorpios in months to come. Fancy gadgets are attractive and you just may have to have the latest invention. Do not neglect your work. Remember, you just had a full Moon eclipse in the tenth house of career January 31. There are projects to complete and positions coming open that you may want. Your reputation is one that brings a bigger workload. This is great for Scorpios who work on a commission. Whatever you do this month, don't fret about money and do what makes Scorpio comfortable. New talents come to light. Best days 17,25

January 2018

This is a month Scorpio pushes ahead of your contemporaries because your agenda requires lots of focus and energy. Dash away those moments of self doubt in lieu of embracing an expanded life philosophy that supports Scorpio. The new Moon January 16 adds support and prods Scorpio to learn new ways of communicating. The new ideas create a dynamic that props up your self doubt when it rears its ugly head. Use wisdom when dealing with siblings and neighbors. They have lessons to teach Scorpio. The full Moon January 31 brings about stressful responsibilities at work and where family matters are concerned. Abrupt endings happen with authorities in months to come. Scorpio must take charge whether you want that opportunity or not. Best days 1,2,10,11,20,21