Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


Jupiter moves into Scorpios’ second house of money and other valuables November 8. Over the next year Scorpio will see that money is easier to come by because you get raises or people just want to give you money. Those of you who need a job will surely be hired. The way you feel about yourself improves along with your comfort level in life. Hold off making financial decisions and big purchases, though, until after Mercury goes direct December 6. Remember that Venus is retrograde until November 16 and Mercury goes retrograde in your house of money November 16 to December 6. Do not rush to any decisions.

Uranus moves back into the sixth house November 6. Work and lifestyle changes are finalized because you simply cannot stand to be stifled by any person or situation.

The new Moon is November 7 is in Scorpio providing new beginnings of all sorts and especially for those of you born on November 7. New beginnings cannot happen unless you clear the past so make some amends where necessary. Mars finally moves out of the fourth house of home November 15. Finish home projects until then as Scorpio will be on the move playing and having fun until December 31. Let go of past ways of thinking and communicating in order to adopt a more enlightened view as to who you truly are at this time.
Best days 7,16,17,26


With Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio October 5 and a new Moon in your twelfth house, Scorpio is going to be needing some time to recharge your battery. This may not be so easy because the events that are taking place in your physical world have Scorpio wanting to be an active participant. Remember when your parents were having a party and you had to go to bed because you were just eleven? You did not want to miss out on all the fun. Juggle your time alone with getting out and about. Take care of your body. Maybe its that blemish on your nose or you just don’t feel like your usual self. Friends from the past are sure to show up and current friends have surprises that make Scorpio want to sting them especially around the time of the full Moon October 24. This is all part of a life transition you have been going through for most of 2018. Part of that transition includes learning new information. Whatever it is you want learn, give in to the fact that you cannot take a one day seminar. It is going to take time to become a master. Home life is unsettled and the family has a lot going on that keeps Scorpio busy. Define your boundaries with difficult people and that goes double for problematic family members. Best days 10,11,20,21,29


Venus moves through Scorpio September 9 - October 31. While Scorpio is not her best sign to transit this can be a sexy romantic time for Scorpio. You just have to avoid that revengeful jealousy part of your self. Turn down the air conditioner and don your best leather outfit. A whip would be a great accessory. If you don’t have one use your wit for a whip. At mid month relationships get shaken up a bit. Don’t step out on honey if you don’t want to sink the whole relationship. This is a great month to make new friends and consider goals. Home and family matters take precedence over career in the days and weeks until mid November. Don’t worry, you will be up for all the activity whether you are cleaning out the closets, redecorating, or moving to a new location. Men and boys are gonna be active around the place. Home will not be quiet and peaceful. Scorpio will want to get a lot accomplished but do not push others too hard as they will push back even harder. Venus goes retrograde October 6 - November 16. Put the kibosh on most activities and don’t get too excited when a former flame or friend makes contact. It most likely will not be a permanent gig for either of you. Best days 4,5,13, 22,23


August is the start of a new career cycle for Scorpio. Consider your image including your hair and wardrobe. You will need to make a good impression in the coming months. Scorpio is under scrutiny by people who can foster your advancement so you want to look camera ready. Interviews and job offers are sure to come Scorpios' way in months to come. Some of you, especially those of you born during early days of Scorpio must embrace changes that are foisted upon you. Remember that if you go with the flow, life is but a dream. Think before you speak and avoid making career decisions until after August 19. Shift gears during the last week of August and have fun. Loved ones keep Scorpio busy. Best days 8,16,17,26,27


Jupiter moves forward in Scorpio July 10. All the issues and situations that seem to be on hold now begin to move forward. At first it will all happen at a snail's pace but day by day life picks up. You will notice an attitude shift and feel like your outer world is more upbeat. That is because you are turning from inward to outward in your focus. Do remember though, that Mars in Aquarius in your fourth house brings lots of action and intensity to your home base. Many of you will be arguing over possessions and many Scorpios will be having to make important family decisions especially late in July. Reassess your direction and remain faithful in the force of nature that directs Scorpio. Best days 3,12,20,30


Awakening to the fact that you may have given some of your power away or feel uncomfortable in a situation does not serve Scorpio. Take some time during the first half of June to figure out how best to get back to your normal. Family matters are disconcerting and take time away from work. Much of what is going on is out of your control. Get used to that as it will be the norm for several years to come. Meanwhile, at mid month you can start new plans and schemes that get Scorpio back to that comfy spot. Expect to be pushed back more than usual when you push others to do what you want them to do. Avoid starting arguments and aggressive behavior June 26 - August 28. Best days 5,23


Scorpio is waking up to realize that you have gotten lost in the lives and situations of the people around you. Maybe you are being taken for granted or maybe you just realized that you need a reboot where friendships and love partnerships are concerned. It is time to fess up to what you want and need. Some Scorpios will throw it all away while others will reach a new level of compromise. Partners from the past are sure to appear for another try and maybe it will work this time. Nevertheless new relationships are coming and some will stay. Scorpio does not like change, but you are going to have to adapt to new conditions from May to November. Go with the tide or drown. Best days 9,10,18,27


Scorpio is in a state of rest and recharge. If you are sick it is most likely your body and soul’s reaction to a need to take some time for yourself. Come out of the cave to help someone who needs you and get right back in there. At mid month, start new habits and regimens that contribute to better health. The daily routine is rigorous and Scorpio needs better tools to help you cope. Siblings and work partners are indeed a challenge. Employ new ways to deal with those who are troublesome and find new ways to solve work pileups. In the months to come, Scorpio is going through a cleansing both literally and figuratively. At the end of April Scorpio must strike a balance between yourself and others. Best days 2,12,29,30


Scorpios' bliss depends on how you figure into other people's lives. Come to terms with the impact you have on those you love. From that point Scorpio can correct your course and do for others thus adding to personal satisfaction. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio March 8 to July 10 calls for Scorpio to take a step back and refine your words, behavior, and health. Some of you will fast and cleanse while others will prepare for coming events and challenges. Scorpio's comfort level is somewhat of a challenge until mid month. Money may seem to run out until then but at the same time Scorpio can accomplish financial goals. The best thing you can do for yourself in March is to love and approve of yourself, stinger and all. Best days 5,6,15,16


Scorpio is taking care of relative’s children while others of you will be doing repairs or upgrading the house to make it more modern. A new home is on the horizon for many Scorpios in months to come. Fancy gadgets are attractive and you just may have to have the latest invention. Do not neglect your work. Remember, you just had a full Moon eclipse in the tenth house of career January 31. There are projects to complete and positions coming open that you may want. Your reputation is one that brings a bigger workload. This is great for Scorpios who work on a commission. Whatever you do this month, don't fret about money and do what makes Scorpio comfortable. New talents come to light. Best days 17,25

January 2018

This is a month Scorpio pushes ahead of your contemporaries because your agenda requires lots of focus and energy. Dash away those moments of self doubt in lieu of embracing an expanded life philosophy that supports Scorpio. The new Moon January 16 adds support and prods Scorpio to learn new ways of communicating. The new ideas create a dynamic that props up your self doubt when it rears its ugly head. Use wisdom when dealing with siblings and neighbors. They have lessons to teach Scorpio. The full Moon January 31 brings about stressful responsibilities at work and where family matters are concerned. Abrupt endings happen with authorities in months to come. Scorpio must take charge whether you want that opportunity or not. Best days 1,2,10,11,20,21