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Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


Mars and the Sun moving through Scorpio's tenth house stir Scorpio to work towards promotions and raises in salary. Use good sense when initiating your game plan so that you are recognized for good work and not cutting corners. The new Moon eclipse, August 21, gives Scorpio a kick-start towards your goals in months to come. Family matters vie for your attention. Scorpio will be called to help members of the family and you will have to tap into your compassion in order to get past hurts and betrayals in order to be there for someone who may or may not deserve Scorpio's good will. Misunderstandings with friends occur. It is just a matter of miscommunication and should get sorted out satisfactorily in September. Best days 26,27


Mars moving through Cancer until July 20 has bestowed Scorpio with the ability to accomplish goals with enthusiasm. You may be surprised that it is so easy to do the list you have to do each day. Your opinion is valued by others but you have to be sure that you are not so opinionated that you are bossy especially early in July. Your enthusiasm continues past July 20 but starting then, Scorpio's ability to push through tough projects can be off putting to others. Stand ready to deal with the opposition that comes from bosses and other authorities. Work will take precedence in weeks to come and family may not be amused. Do not miss opportunities to promote yourself. New work or work projects are coming. Best days 3,4,13


Mars moves through Scorpio's ninth house creating an enthusiasm. Exotic travel, going to college, and finding a new purpose in life can be the sources of this excitement. Your energy, and especially creative sexual energy, is abundant and Scorpio is able to use that extra boost effectively and in beneficial ways. It will be hard to make a misstep though late in the month and early next month you will want to think before speaking and drive with the utmost caution. You will need to make adjustments here and there to accommodate the interests of others. While life seems grand you will want to keep a check that you do not become too full of yourself June 6 - July 4. Its okay to have a lazy day here and there. Best days 6,16


Strike a balance between yourself and the people around you. This includes people you love, people you despise, and all those in between. Know when to speak up now and when to lay low. May is a great time to alter plans that began at your last birthday so that you can accomplish what you set out to accomplish at that time. The full Moon in Scorpio May 10 has you on the move to get what you want. Circumstances arise that are cause for Scorpio to work to prevail over what others are pushing onto you. Once the new Moon occurs May 25 you will want to start financial plans. Intimate relationships can form and develop in the lunar cycle that begins at that time. Best days 9,10,19


Scorpio feels out of sync with others. If you feel out of place, even like a misfit, then you want to find new places to be in life. Perhaps a new work environment. Consider your current commitments. It may be time to streamline your responsibilities over the next few months. Relationships of all sorts can be trouble especially if Scorpio does not speak up and communicate clearly. At the same time you don't want to say too much which is usually not a problem for Scorpio. Take time at the full Moon April 11 to recharge. Sleep extra and turn off the news for some peace and quiet. The new Moon April 26 brings new people to balance you in new ways. Avoid emotional eating. Best days 12, 22, 30


March 9 to April 21 is a time when other people step up to challenge Scorpio. The challenge may be justified but some people just want to be a pain in the neck. Many of the arguments can be over procedures at work and how best to make tasks more efficient. Remain calm and put that stinger away until you just have to use it to make a point. Do not risk wasting time and energy with ding dongs that just want to have their way out of ego. Staying balanced emotionally helps Scorpio to deal with the rabble rousers especially at the full Moon March 12. Your face would love a facial or some good tender loving care. Have an eye exam if you have not had one recently. Best days 6,16,25,26


Continue to manage your work and health. Where health is concerned Scorpio mustn't overdo the daily routine. Don’t bump your head and please get an eye exam. New glasses just may be the update you need. Since Scorpio is sure to be in the limelight, you will want to look your best. Hopefully, the light will shine well on you because you have done great work and not stung someone. People that have stood in your way are sure to be leaving Scorpios’ life in the coming months. Family matters will challenge your need to tend to career. Those who are wishing to conceive should be quite happy in months to come while those Scorpios who are looking for romance will find that romance finds them. Best days 7,16,26


When those uncomfortable feelings about the children or your investments pop up, stay calm and know that those situations will work themselves out in the long run. It may be a long run but Scorpio is best to build on your investments and past experiences when possible. Be a rock for your children and do not voice an opinion. Adjust to new situations that are presented and work to stay well now and in the months to come. Your faith is tested the week of January 9 but you just believe in your truth because you are correct. Make plans for your future beginning January 27. Consider not just where you want to go in life, but where you have been up to now. Best days 3, 11,20,21,30


Scorpio moves beyond the stuff that keeps you from being the best you can be in this life. For some of you that may be too much food, alcohol, or drugs. For others it could be a health issue or a dead end job. No matter what the challenge, take time to educate yourself as to how you can rise above the situation. Once you do a bit of study you will suddenly understand why you are where you are in life at this moment. Once Mercury goes retrograde December 19, you will want to leave extra time to get from here to there. The daily routine will take longer than usual. Communication with neighbors and siblings will be a challenge. Settle finances at mid month. Best days 6,14,23,24