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Scorpio, Oct 22 -Nov 21


Mars moves into Scorpio’s opposite sign Taurus January 6 through March 3. This means that the good, the bad and the ugly relationships come to Scorpio with a bone to pick. You may suddenly have an amazing ability to agitate others as Libra has done since last June when Mars moved through Aries. Bite your tongue and put your stinging wit away. Let others rebalance the relationship with you and know that this is not permanent. As the month progresses to the 15th and 23rd , Mars crosses Uranus and squares Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun. Mars and Uranus will cause blowups with others. Prepare for challenges with loved ones and family members during this time. It can be very intense especially for Scorpios born in late October. This astrologer recommends that Scorpio consider the future in order to deal with bad behavior. On a positive note, the air is getting cleared. Avoid legal matters especially where property is concerned. Family members are stressed. At the same time, the shadow of Mercury retrograde begins January 15, so there are sure to be misunderstandings. Repairs to your home are necessary and some of you will be fed up and want to move. Hold off until after mid-March if possible, so that you do not make a misstep and have to move again in the near future. The new Moon January 12 occurs in the third house of neighbors and siblings. These are the people who could be rocking your boat. The full Moon January 28 brings more stress and tasks that must be addressed this minute. Scorpio can get a lot accomplished now, but you are going to have to deal with some very difficult people and situations. Do not add fuel to any fire. January is a great time to take one of those classes where you learn to walk across a bed of coals. Best days 8,16, 17, 26