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People drop by unexpectedly March 3, 4, and 9. This could be the solar panels salesman or someone you actually want to see. Home is buzzing with activity through March 21. Some of you are doing repairs while others are moving the whole house or some furniture from one room to another. The new Moon March 10 is very compatible to Scorpio. This is a great time to express your heartfelt thoughts to those you love. This same new Moon has the children in your life taking precedent with their own activities and dreams. Do not worry about them as that is not helpful and they will be fine. Once the new Moon occurs, find time for fun. Let yourself be who you need to be and rejoice in being the wonderful you, dear Scorpio. Accomplish heavy tasks while avoiding an argument March 13 to 22. The full Moon/eclipse March 25 calls for a timeout from your busy routine. Finish projects that have been started. Secrets come to light. Keep your balance and avoid falls around this full Moon. Best days 5,6,9,10,17,18


Scorpios’ ruling planet, Pluto, has moved into a touchy spot for you dear Scorpio. In the days until September 1, Scorpio gets a glimpse of what to expect in the coming years beginning November 20. Pluto will be plumbing your fourth house of home and family. Gradual but deep transformation begins to take place this month, most notably around February 5, 13, and 17. At mid February Scorpio has much to do where your family and physical home are concerned. This is not an easy month up to February 18, but at that time Scorpio is able to have more fun. In the final days of February, Scorpio is the rock for others. You are up to being the rock just as you are up for the next twenty years of realizing your true self. The new Moon February 9 has some of you moving while others are coming to terms with undiscovered talents. This new Moon beckons Scorpio to look to a future that you have not yet realized. The full Moon February 24 brings offers to take a leadership role among friends and team mates. Do not cheat yourself out of a future by holding onto the past. Best days 2,3,7,10,11,19,20,24,25,29


Scorpios’ ruler, Pluto, dips into Aquarius January 20 before moving through Aquarius November 19 for the next 20 years. Pluto did the same dip March 24, 2023 to June 12. Think back to what happened then. Those born during the first 4 days of Scorpio feel the pressure to change the most, but the rest of Scorpio hears the drums of change beating. Evolution will be personal and deep within every Scorpio. You will be better for what you go through in the years ahead. Do not worry. There is a lot to be finished in the days around January 19. Your daily routine is very busy from January 4 to February 13. Drive safely and speak with kindness. You are able to get a lot done January 9. Luck is your lady January 18. Pick the right words to get your way. Do slow down when moving about the planet January 4 to February 13. Work and family matters are very intense during the full Moon January 25. You will have to balance the two. Scorpio receives recognition at work. Make sure to do a great job so that you receive accolades and not disciplinary action. Secure the home and do not leave candles unattended. Best days 1,10,11,14,21,31


Scorpio has to make choices or pick a side. Alliances are shifting and you have the power all month to tease others with your indecision. This tactic can actually turn out in your best interest, especially when you are dealing with tough people and situations. You are looking good this month as long as you do not resort to vengeful behavior. Put that stinger back in your pocket and pull it out for those who act like monsters during the last week of December. Money matters must be handled. Some of you are working diligently to make year end goals while others seem to be spending more than usual. The bleeding comes to an end during the first week of January. The new Moon December 12 compels Scorpio to set a budget and plan to take better care of yourself. December is an extra busy month for Scorpio culminating with the full Moon December 26. While this Moon is harmonious to Scorpio, you may question your faith in yourself. A new adventure is just what Scorpio needs, especially since it will be an intense last week of the year. Best days 5,9,14,17,18


November is a high energy plus you are coming off the full Moon eclipse October 28 that continues to bring conclusions to life. Mars has Scorpio extra excited and busy, but you must handle that energy wisely so that you do not agitate any situation. Mind your words and behavior and put that stinger back in its sheath. Money matters come into focus November 10. Review the investments. Children and other special people need a helping hand or a kind word November 9 and 10. This could rub Scorpio wrong as you have your own challenges November 9 to 15. The new Moon November 13 accentuates Scorpios’ need to be free and many of you will turn relationships loose. The ties that bind are renegotiated. Scorpio or someone you are connected to is experiencing a hardship November 22 to 25. Beginning November 23 until early next January, Scorpio experiences influxes of money, but it will be money that must be spent. The full Moon November 27 brings karmic debts to be paid and some of you will actually payoff a debt. Sharing equitably is important at the full Moon.

Best days 6,16,17,18,21


October opens with confusion about friends. Children have dilemmas and some are not telling Scorpio the truth, but Scorpio, always discovers the true story. With regard to dealing with your health, this is not the time to rub salt on a blister. It is the time to take corrective action. Some of you will have to take charge of someone else’s care. Do it, because helping another will come back to you in the form of good karma. October is full of social planning and networking. Get out and mingle. Your ruler, Pluto, turns direct, October 10. This means you can start to see external results for the plans you have been making since March. Mars moving into Scorpio puts life in full speed ahead. Expect to be in overdrive until November 24. The new Moon eclipse October 14 has the opposite effect in that you will need to recharge in the face of all this activity. If you do not take time out, life will put Scorpio on the bench. Mind your energy. Harsh words and manipulation come to Scorpio October 20/21. Monitor your calls from siblings and neighbors. Drive safely at that time. The full Moon eclipse October 29 brings quick conclusions to all sorts of relationships and legal matters. You will not be sad about these endings. New and exciting connections come to Scorpio in the last days of October. When one door closes, another opens this month. Best days 6,16,25


Venus goes direct in your tenth house of career which means work and career becomes less frustrating. However, Venus transiting Leo until October 8 forms tough angles to Scorpio birthdays. While this is not terrible to experience, you may not feel like working or bosses have unreasonable requests. This is not the time to cut corners or begin a romantic relationship with someone associated with your income. Remember that Uranus is retrograde in your opposite sign bringing situations that are out of Scorpio control. Jupiter turns retrograde in your opposite sign, Taurus, until the end of December. Jupiter retrograde implores Scorpio to practice fair play with those you love and those you are doing business during the months until December. It is also a good idea to be kind to your worst enemies. It is good Karma and will drive them crazy. Isn’t being nice really worth swallowing your pride to see them squirm? Tend to private and personal matters this month and next. The new Moon September 14 brings friends back into the fold and introduces new friends in the weeks ahead. The full Moon September 29 brings recognition or raises at work, but the new workload is heavy. Some of you have had enough of the grind and decide that it is time to look to new career adventures. Best days 9,14,18,23,27


The full Moon August 1 brings the need to balance your work with your family. Make family and friends your priority. While Venus is retrograde until September 3, Scorpio is making up your mind and changing your mind as to what you want out of your career. Part of the process should include how you can contribute to your well being where your vocation is concerned. With Pluto in transition into Aquarius until November 2024, Scorpios are letting go of your past which includes siblings and friends that can no longer have a place in your life. The new Moon August 16 is the time to gear up where work is concerned. Some of you will be getting new managers while others are getting new jobs. This new Moon brings adjustments to your schedule. It will not be easy at first but you will adapt. What was going on with your career eight years ago? Mercury turns retrograde in your eleventh house of friends. Some will disappear while others will reappear. Rethink your goals and your group involvements while Mercury is retrograde August 23 to September 15. The second full Moon, August 30 is a gratifying time as you are safe to express your feelings. Look to new educational and travel opportunities outside of your current country. Travel enriches life for Scorpio in the weeks ahead. Best days 3,12,13,17,18,22,23,25,31


Scorpio has been stuck in the past few months, but once July 18 arrives you are able to see some resolution. Between July 10 and November, you will be starting new ways of working and living. Many of you are questioning the way you have lived and begin new and hopefully healthier habits. Work and those who think they are your boss continue to be a pain in the neck until July 10. From that time until August 27, Scorpio is the Pat Sajak of your friends and teammates. You are must lead by example and with new ideas that appeal to those you lead. Support those people in order that you all are able to accomplish that which you have set out to do for your self and others. The full Moon July 3 brings busy days and messages that are important. Use caution during short trips in the days just before, during, and just after this full Moon. Tend to your responsibilities and clear the clutter from life. The new Moon July 17 ushers in a very busy time wherein you may travel, pursue a connection with the vibration called God, or take a class. Once the new Moon occurs, Scorpios question the rules that have strangled your life. It is time to embrace the one-ness that is you, dear Scorpio. Best days 7,16,26


In the days until July 11, Scorpio is super busy making a name for yourself. Work is sure to be a challenge as you strive to accomplish your goals. While you work to overcome challenges Scorpio must use caution so that you do not alienate the people who can help you on your way up the ladder. Extra effort gets you out of the current stuck spot. Avoid acting toxic especially after June 11. Once June 11 arrives, consider the needs of the people who are around you on a daily basis. This includes siblings and your neighbors. Spend the days until October on a higher plane of existence helping others and thus helping yourself. Let others be who they need to be without interfering. Scorpios grow immensely from that practice. Do something creative without thought to making money from late June 17 until November 4. June 28/29 are great for fun and romance. The full Moon June 3 brings money and your self worth into play. Do not give up your autonomy just to be in a certain situation whether it is love or business. The new Moon June 17 brings karmic endings with other people, but also new financial beginnings. Anything you do to empower yourself between the new Moon June 17 and the next new Moon July 17 results in success sooner or later. Slow down and unplug from the stuff you think you have to do just because you are alive. Scorpio feels much better once you let go of the pressure to succeed. Best days 1,2,30


The big May news for Scorpio is the full Moon eclipse on May 5. This is an intense eclipse that will arouse emotions and passions. Single Scorpios desire an intimate connection while betrothed Scorpios come to realize changes need to take place. This is not to say that you are divorcing, but that your relationships need to evolve. If you are not getting the passion you need, this is the time to talk about what you need in life to be content. Those who feel stuck must wait until after the beginning of summer to feel the wheels begin to turn. Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships brings people from the past through May 14. Slam the door in that persons face. Book a fun trip to a water resort, but do expect schedule changes and lower your expectations. Those fabulous restaurants just may turn out to be loud scarf and barfs with lovely white table cloths. The new Moon May 19 happens in your house of relationships and legal matters. This new Moon can be a catalyst to move or remodel. New relationships can be explored after the new Moon May 19. If you travel, be back at your desk by May 21. You have a lot to accomplish and can make career progress as long as you keep your stinger in your pocket. The days around May 21,22, and 23 are days that are full and super intense. Play nice at that time.

Best days 5,13,14,22,23


Friends and associates continue to drop out of the Scorpios’ lives. This is especially true for those of you born in late October. Meanwhile, other Scorpios are learning that you cannot control life all the time. Mars moving through your ninth house until May 20 bestows the energy to easily conquer most tasks. Home and family matters can get ugly April 3 and 20. Yes, you know the right answers, but it is best to soft sell your ideas.

The full Moon April 5 in the twelfth house means Scorpio needs time alone. While you need rest and recuperation, Scorpio will likely have to help someone with a health challenge. Secrets that are revealed bring sudden changes and possible endings to business or love relationships.

The new Moon eclipse April 19 occurs in the sixth house just as the new Moon last month. This new Moon gives Scorpio a three year push to make lifestyle changes and develop new work habits. Some of you will change jobs or retire in the near future.

Mercury turns retrograde April 21 in your seventh house of relationships. People with avoidant attachment style are sure to cycle through. They will not stay so do not fall for their pleas. Hopefully, it is not you that is wanting to go back to a past relationship. You will just change your mind after May 14. Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign is sure to bring some goofy events so be sure to slow down and back up the computers.
Best days 25,26


Saturn, moves through Scorpios’ fifth house starting March 7. This transit compels Scorpio to look within your self for the love that is there. If you are not happy, you have until February 2026 to realize that happiness is right there within you. Do not be the fish looking for water. Your relationships with children are changing and maturing. During this time Saturn is forming a positive angle to Scorpio, thus making all of this an easy process. Hobbies can become sources of income. Avoid investing, but if you must, do your own research and do not depend solely on the financial gurus.

Pluto, you ruler, is transitioning into the fourth house of home and family. Over the next twenty-one years Scorpio puts a jackhammer to the foundation of your life that has been formed since birth. Your deepest self will be explored so that Scorpio can come to terms with the reactions that you have employed thus far in life. You will be getting to the source of your relationships. Power struggles occur and you are ready to lay a new foundation for your life that serves the true you, dear Scorpio. This is a significant time when relationships come to an end for a variety of reasons. Let the tears flow if necessary. This is a good time to employ a guide such as a therapist to get you through this process. You are becoming better but this is a long and arduous process that leaves Scorpio clearer than ever in a long time.

The full Moon March 7 in the eleventh house shines a light on how you interact with the people in your life. Friends and reaching goals makes you feel accomplished. You can be the leader, but many of you will be ready to move on from your current social status. You will suddenly see who are your loyal friends. Help a friend in need.

The new Moon March 21 brings new ways of handling your health. Some of you will become much more active than the recent past. A new health regimen increases your vitality. At the same time, explore new and more efficient ways to live and work. Your lifestyle is evolving and rejuvenating.
Best days 1,2,12,20,29


February opens with Scorpio juggling your needs with the needs of career and family. Family wants to be in your house, but work is demanding. Who really is your family? Some of you have job offers while others are getting new bosses. The full Moon February 5 and the days leading up to the full Moon are busy and stressful. Some of you are dealing with dilemma of working at home versus going to the office. Relationships, especially the intimate ones, are revved up through March 25. During the days until then, Scorpio must compromise where love and lust are concerned. Do not lose your identity to that delightful person. Avoid conflict and know that Venus is lifting your spirits and your sex appeal through February 20. During that time it is easier to have your way with your romantic partners. Children have good news and Scorpio can enjoy secret affairs if you are so inclined. The new Moon February 20 begins a lunar cycle until March 21 that brings fun and more opportunities for romance. Turn off the screens and do something creative with your time. Let go of reticence and go for the person or thing you desire. Stay away from the fray and you are sure to experience love and approval. Enjoy your sexy side and put that stinger away. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2023

January is a productive time for Scorpio in that you are able to communicate your way into reaching the goals you are striving to accomplish. People from the past make contact and want to make nice with Scorpio. That being said, you can put your stinger away and use honey versus poison to make progress. Mars retrograde until January 12 has stifled the drama so Google diplomacy and do that to get what you want, dear Scorpio. Those of you born in the final days of Scorpio make life decisions and changes between now and March 7. The days around January 22 bring commitments and responsibilities that are part of the reason for Scorpio to make changes. Entertain at home even thought that is a bit of a challenge.  The full Moon January 6 brings noteworthy messages from siblings and neighbors. Use caution driving at that time and screen your calls. The new Moon January 21 facilitates changes around your home and family dynamics.  Watch and listen to what people have to say. You will gain great insight from those who make contact. Best days 6,16,24