Scorpio, Oct 23 -Nov 21


The Sun is moving through Scorpios’ fifth house forming easy angles to Scorpio. Express your self sweetly and life can be fun. Neptune is in that same house and those rose colored glasses fit well. The new Moon happens there and Mercury is retrograde. Keep strumming the fiddle while Rome burns. Uranus moves into your opposite sign and the seventh house March 6. Those of you in any sort of relationship will be feeling a need for independence. Transition is afoot and the rest of us know that change and Scorpio are not synonyms. Over the next seven years Scorpio will make changes voluntarily and involuntarily. This month there will be changes in your helpers. Venus, moving through the fourth house of home and family, brings guests to the door. You most likely will not be expecting those guests and will not look your best when they arrive. Double check the mirror before going out and try to overlook other peoples’ faults. Take time to recharge at the full Moon March 20. Some of you will be at the doctor around that time. Perhaps it is just to go along as moral support for a friend. Best days 6,15,23,24


The month opens with stressful people and situations that cause Scorpio angst. Drive safely and watch out for the other drivers as they too are distracted by responsibilities. Siblings, neighbors, and even the person in the cubicle next to Scorpio cause you to pull out of what you need to do in order to handle their situation. You are everyone’s therapist after all. Use care so you don’t bump your head or hurt an eye February 13. Once Mars moves into your opposite sign February 14, Scorpio must tackle hurdles and the people that are holding those challenges in place. Opposition to accomplishing what you initiated as far back as December 2017 and January 2018 is fierce. Friends are very possibly working against Scorpio. Remember the old adage to keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer until the end of March. On a positive note, some of your relationships will be full of excitement. Flirt but don’t over do it and and go “me too” on anyone. The new Moon calls for Scorpio to get new homes or just new stuff for the current one. Socialize at home. The full Moon February 19 is trine Mars and that brings fun and young people to the door. Many will share their appreciation and some will take your side in the battle against your detractors.

January 2019

Spend time and money on your well being. This includes fashion and beauty treatments that make you feel good about you. January is a month when Scorpio feels less intense and more content with your finances and your personal relationships. At the same time your daily routine is very busy. Many of you will travel but most likely not to places that are terribly far away. The new Moon eclipse brings new topics of study and new ways to communicate. Some Scorpios will begin to teach while others will learn how to teach others in the coming months. The full Moon eclipse brings a strong focus to your career beginning January 21. Recognition for a job well done or not, puts Scorpio in the limelight. If you are not liked by your boss, bring a box to work as you will be packing your personal belongings. If you are loved by your boss expect a corner office or some other reward. Parents will need assistance. The timing is not so easy because work is so demanding now. Mind your health as January becomes February. Play nice January 27 even when others want to argue. Sudden change of circumstances is coming to those of you born during the first couple of days of this sign. Do not allow yourself to be duped out of money. Best days 10,11