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Sagittarius, Nov 21 - Dec 21

Miley Cyrus 11/23 - Billie Ellish 12/18


Sagittarius is compelled to travel early this month. It seems like life is not You must focus more on what you have and not on what you think you lack. Unexpected events in work and in the daily routine have Sagittarius needing to escape the doldrums. Go someplace sunny to recharge your batteries. Mars continues to move through your house of relationships with those you love and those who are enemies until March 25. People of all sorts come to challenge Sagittarius. This has been going on since late last August. The best tact is no reaction. Take responsibility for your actions. Do not respond to bullies. Do some protection work and put your hand over your navel when the bullies attack. The new Moon February 20 brings your home into focus. Family matters come up to be dealt with so deal with that without inserting drama. Those same people want to manipulate Sagittarius. Do not play their game. Do take stock as to who is your true family. You may not share the same DNA. Begin to lay a new foundation for moving on in life. People will want to party at your house. Best days 5,14,22,23

January 2023

Jupiter is now moving through Aries until May 16. This means that Sagittarius will be receiving all sorts of opportunities that put you in the best seats in the house. You will travel, have romance, and feel like life is fulfilling during this time.  Delay making money decisions until after January 18, but do know that you can make plans for your future life now. It is time to sit down and make that dream board, giving direction to the stars. Relationships continue to need resolution. Siblings, neighbors, and your known enemies must be handled with diplomacy. They will continue to come for Sagittarius, so be ready with a big dose of honey and kindness. That will daze and confuse them and hopefully defuse those who wish to take Sagittarius down a notch. January 22 is a productive time to take responsibility for those who need a leader. The full Moon January 6 brings moments when Sagittarius must make your needs and self-esteem the priority. The new Moon January 21 brings new neighbors and people from the past. Use this lunar cycle to communicate effectively. Best days 8,18,26