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Sagittarius, Nov 21 - Dec 21

Miley Cyrus 11/23 - Andrew Cuomo 12/6


Sagittarius is challenged by neighbors and siblings. Good luck getting what you want or need from these people. A lot of diplomacy must be employed. Sagittarius is very productive until March 6 but must make adjustments especially where your work is concerned. Your title is changing and you have to do work that is out of your job description. Be thankful you have a job but keep an eye on the people that you work with on a daily basis. Check and double check your tasks and theirs. Work, health, and general lifestyle are very intense January 13 - 27. Volatility takes precedence and if you work with environmental concerns you will have to deal with explosions of some sort. It just may be someone exhibiting very bad behavior. Mind your health. Watch your stomach and consider the foods you eat. Spicy or inflammatory foods are not your friend dear, Sagittarius. Yes, you would just like to hang out on the couch eating desserts and sipping champagne with your best four legged friend, but only do so if you spend some time planning your Fido’s future. The new Moon January 12 brings a focus to money. The weeks ahead are a good time to initiate a budget that does not include caviar. The full Moon brings surprise trips, hopefully in a private jet and not an ambulance. There are new developments where your work routine is concerned. The months ahead can be quite productive but you must get your head out of the clouds and off the couch. Partners and friends are very willing to hear your brainstorms. Act socially responsible and do what is for the good of all concerned in your community called the planet. Volunteer your time. Best days 1.10, 18,19