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Sagittarius, Nov 21 - Dec 21

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Sagittarius must use discipline in their lives. This is not a permanent scenario but you must handle daily details and focus on the present. Adapt to changing dynamics in your relationships at the beginning of September. Politics and alliances are shifting at work and with family matters. Pay attention so that you are able to ride the changing alliances. In the months to come, many relationships bring surprises. Enemies come from out of the shadows. Tread lightly and watch what you say, even in jest. If you have done a lackluster job, this is the time you will pay for past discrepancies. Those who are on top of the details get a gold star. Friendships in and out of work are a bit strained. If someone seems to ghost you, know that person is probably just busy and will make contact after October 2. The full Moon September 10 brings the need to balance home and family matters with work. Some Sagittarius get to work at home, and some will work both at home and at the office. The new Moon September 25 brings new friends. People from your past make contact. You may or may not want to rekindle those connections. Most likely those people are just passing through your life. Best days 3,7,12,26,30


The usual comings and goings of life are proceed with ease. This month starts out with a bang and some impatience. Use caution to avoid accidents during the first days of August. Sagittarius wants to do your work and your lifestyle your way. It is time for some independence from difficult people beginning August 20. That begins a time when others are confrontational and Sagittarius must deal with troublesome people. Tend to details and cover your backside since people are looking for ways to mess with Sagittarius. Sagittarius has the honey to distract the haters. Use your charm to disarm people. You are looking extra cute this month. With all this noise trying to get you off the path, reconsider the ways and means by which you can get past traffic jams and computer outages August 7. The full Moon August 11 is a busy time. Some of you will travel, others will have to lay down the law and prove you have it all together. Do not let other people subvert your confidence at the full Moon. The new Moon August 27 brings new bosses and ways to do your job. Relationships are full of issues to work out between August 20 and late next March. Prepare to defend your honor and actions.
Best days 7,15, 25


Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, turns retrograde July 28 and remains so until November 23. Stop, don’t roll your eyes and have a panic attack. During those weeks and months, consider how you feel, what you believe, and where you want to go in life. Consider the ways you express yourself and redefine fun and play. At times, you will feel like your margarita glass is half empty, so remember, you are at the turning basin of life and are all about assessing and reassessing. In the here and now, take a hard look at your health. If you choose to push full speed ahead, burning your candle at both ends, life is going to throw you down for some rest and recovery. July 8 has you quite busy and fielding opportunities. Make plans for travel July 16 and 31. The full Moon July 13 demands that Sagittarius make wise financial decisions. New horizons and foreign adventures beckon Sagittarius July 28. For the following two weeks you will want to explore a new vision of current plans and codes by which you thrive. Best days 1,11, 27

June 2022

Sagittarius is enjoying a surge of popularity and opportunity this month. You are a darling and can be the center of attention as your words amuse and dazzle. Get up off the couch and use your charm and wit to have your way. Play goes well and people will want to help you on your way through life. It is important that you adjust your diet and pay attention to your body and your doctor’s words. News from the neighbors and siblings is surprising. Your relationships and the way you communicate is under scrutiny by those who are close at hand. Choose your words wisely. Use caution driving through the middle of the month. The full Moon June 14 brings challenges from those who want to sink Sagittarius. Let them carry on while you remain cool. The new Moon June 28 is the beginning of a shift in shared relationships and people who are business counterparts. Do not let the small stuff ruin a good time. Pay attention to your surroundings. Best days 4,5,13,21,22

May 2022

Some Sagittarians are entertaining at home, while others are cleaning out the closets. Repairs and maintenance come up and must be tended as soon as possible. Mercury is retrograde beginning May 10 to June 3. This Mercury retrograde mostly has to do with relationships and miscommunication. We all know you like to chat and we all know you are usually right, but sometimes Sadge just needs to listen and this could be a good month to practice letting others have the microphone. You will get it back and everyone will be entertained. Do make changes to the work schedule and prioritize your tasks. Spend time with people that count. The full Moon May 15 brings choices and a deep sense of needing to contemplate your next move in life. It is coming sooner than you think along with new friends. Beginning this month and for the next year, Sagittarius gets to be who you have been thinking you want to be for a long time coming. Take care of your health and your secrets. The dream you conjure will come true. Buy a lotto ticket during the last five days of May. You just may win. Best days 8,17,25,26,29

April 2022

It is time for Sagittarius to review how you now live with how you want to thrive in the future. Resolve your words and deeds with where you are now in life. Some of you are still dealing with challenges from early life. This is a good time to let go of mean siblings along with the elementary school teacher who held a bias against Sagittarius. In the here and now, drive safely and mind your words. What you say can and will be held against you so speak the kindest of words. This month and this year are a great time to make peace with family members. The new Moon compels Sagittarius to speak your truth. This is a great time to show appreciation and kindness to the people you care about. Your small gestures have a greater impact than grand expressions that are empty. The full Moon April 16 puts Sagittarius in charge of your team or group. Do not let the power go to your head. The new Moon April 30 brings new community members and friends. Open up to a new tribe and a new way of living. Best days 1,10,11,19,28


Sagittarius continues to be uncertain as to where you are going to land. Many of you are waiting to find out how or where you will be working. Others can foresee a lifestyle change coming, but the particulars are not so clear yet. Meanwhile, Sagittarius has that yen to leave the current era of pandemic life and get back into the community that you enjoy. Of course, that community is in flux and you are ultimately moving on to a new way of life. Delete that fretting from your mind and know that this very minute the process of your life progression is taking place. Your job is just to visualize your new way of living. It will happen in due time. It will not happen tomorrow or the next day. Surprises happen at work as the schedule and the way thing are done shifts March 17, 28 and 22. Remember, you are mutable, so go with the flow. The full Moon in Virgo brings great recognition at work and maybe a raise or bonus. Whatever the outcome, the full Moon is beneficial for you monetarily and emotionally. Remember that when downer news or responsibilities seem heavy March 28.
Best days 4,5,14

February 2022

Money matters and your personal worth continue to be a focus. You do love to spend and consume. This month of February brings expenses that are not thrilling to your endorphins. Sagittarius has to be responsible and that is not necessarily a fun thing. At the same time, those who are ambitious can strive for and achieve financial goals. Avoid emotional outbursts, because everyone wants your answer now. The full Moon February 16 brings Sagittarius more busy work. There is so good luck and opportunity at the full Moon. Over the coming year plus a few months, let go of stubborn behavior and habits that keep you apart from your tribe. Your work and health become more stable. Plan and plant a garden to feed yourself and your friends. Volunteer at a pet shelter or get involved in a community garden. Clean out the closets between now and May in order to prepare to share your home. Many of you will be moving or have someone move in to share your home. Grab opportunities, but do avoid rash decisions. Life gets even better in May. Best day 24

January 2022

Sagittarius is full of enthusiasm and a bit of bossy behavior through January 24. Yes, we all know you are the smartest one in the room and you know what’s good for all of us. Soft sell us a little more this month and we will do as you say, dear Sagittarius. This is a great time for Sagittarius to renew and revive you. Your priorities are shifting. Some of the situations and people from your life deserve to be revisited. The old way of doing you is revisited. Don’t throw anything out that you do not think you need for now. Look at your finances and don’t make any large purchases until after February 3. The full Moon January 17 brings final payments. Karmic relationships are finalized. Goodbyes happen here and there. It is time to begin to lay the foundation for the near future. That near future leads to the far future. Use good sense when making choices this month. If you spend a lot this month, just make sure you can cover next month’s expenses. Best days 8,19,18,19, 28


The new Moon eclipse in Sagittarius promises big new beginnings for Sagittarius in this month of December. You last experienced this in December 2002. What was going on then provides clues to what Sagittarius can expect in the months ahead. This auspicious new beginning brings some abrupt endings in your community, your work, and your lifestyle in general. Sagittarius is going to have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off in the face of these unexpected changes. December 8 is the beginning of revelations and news that come out of the blue. Mind your health. Pay attention to how and where you are walking. Stand ready to duck when nasty people come out of the shadows at work and mind your pets. The full Moon December 18, coupled with Venus turning retrograde December 19 compels Sagittarius to evaluate your priorities. Is that need for independence worth losing the best person that ever came into your life? Choices must be wise and you must consider the needs of your other people. Venus suggests you watch your budget and your self-worth through late January. Mid-December brings your activities to a peak through late January. Someone who owes you an apology or money is coming back onto the scene. You probably won’t get the apology or the money so keep expectations low. Those who circle around are not back permanently. Best days 4,12,13, 23, 31


Rest and recuperate so that you are ready for the new cycle that starts on your birthday. There will be times when you have to come out and deal with the drama that is left at your cave door. The middle of November is one of those times. The new Moon November 4 brings new beginnings in your work and lifestyle. Learn to dance to the beat of a new drum. New duties and ways you live and work must be learned in order to adapt. Make changes as opposed to contemplating choices. Mind your pets at the full Moon. Some are sure to be mischievous. Consider volunteering for a good cause but do not plan to be the head of the organization just yet. The full Moon eclipse November 19 is sure to bring about the changes you want and some you do not want. Look back to 2003 to see happened then, as the eclipse this month and next May bring similar situations. November 24 and 25 shake up your world. At that time Sagittarius has decisions to make that lead to a new path. Do not be afraid because these decisions are not wrong. They may create future hurdles but you will not make the wrong choice. Hang out and enjoy the float because you will be very active beginning December 14. Best 6,15


October puts Sagittarius in the forefront of your group of friends or team. Many people look to Sagittarius for guidance. The most important issue for you personally is that you come to terms with your hopes, dreams, and goals. If you have no idea where to go from here, spend time alone thinking about where life should go from here and now. You really have the next sixty days, but this month is the time to determine the outcome and then make the plan. Since Mercury and your ruler Jupiter are retrograde until the 18 and 19th respectively, hang out at the starting gate and really wait until the new Moon November 4. Yes, November 4 is the time to release the ducks that you put in a row in October. Perhaps it is time to move away from the group dynamic. They need you now, but do you need them? The new Moon brings new friends and partners that provide Sagittarius with alternatives. The full Moon October 20 insists that Sagittarius say what is on your mind. There is no reason to be subtle or passive aggressive. You are sure to rock the boat. The best news is that Venus moves through Sagittarius October 7 to November 5. Get out and shine. People will be drawn to Sagittarius in those days. Best days 2,10,19


Parents and other people who think they are the boss of you are a challenge during the first days of the month. Sagittarius is usually pretty independent, so this is not the time to need an unbiased opinion. You will not get it. Sagittarius is saved from a situation that you do not need. Choices are a challenge for those born during the second week of December. Just coast until the new Moon September 6. Get out and socialize September 6. New and fun people are waiting for your wit and wisdom. Mid-month brings a bit more downer news, most likely from a boss or dad. It could be that parents do not know how to be supportive. Do not get hung up on what other people think of you, Sagittarius. The full Moon September 20 suggests you stay home and enjoy the luxury of your time by yourself. Complete home projects and do something nice for a family member in need even though you may want to smack them for being unsupportive. Staying in touch with friends and your network is most important and rewarding at the end of September. Say what you need to say. Your truth may make other people mad but it will set you free, dear Sagittarius. Best days 4,13,21,22


Sagittarius has your career in mind. The desire to grow and achieve is great during August and the first half of September. You know what you can do and you do it well. You must be a diplomat in order to convince the powers that be that you have the talent and knowledge to organize and basically run the place. The boss and even your competing team are threatened by the fact that you do such a good job. Leave your ego at the door and convince all that you want what is best for the team. Rise above the disappointments. You will have your day in the Sun after the middle of September. Family matters want your attention. Dad and accidents are in the mix of life so tell him to use caution. Get away from all the difficult people by traveling far away when possible this month. Take a class and by all means express gratitude daily. That is always a good tactic but it is especially potent this month and next. The new Moon occurs in your ninth house. This is a busy month. Have faith in you, even when others don’t. Sagittarius knows the answer, but do not hit others over the head with your knowledge. The full Moon August 22 brings positive news, but be sure and drive carefully and watch your words. Some get new cars or other shiny gadgets. Gifts come to Sagittarius at the full Moon.

Best day 25th


Sagittarius’ passion for life is renewed as you wake up and look over there and want to be in that spot in your life or on earth. Many of you are having epiphanies and are ready to go out in search of your destiny. Important trips and educational endeavors are waiting for Sagittarius whether you actually take the action or wait for the opportunities to come knocking. Either way, sign up for price notifications on your favorite travel site as you are headed out on new adventures that teach you who you truly are, Sagittarius. Sagittarius does have the gift of gab but over the next several weeks do avoid preaching to your friends. The Virgos and Pisces will be especially uncomfortable when you act as though you know more than everyone else. This is a good time to lead by example. Lifestyle changes are afoot, but you have some bricks to lay before it all comes together. You can really pull work and career together for your best interest. You have the confidence to get the job, but must go easy on the cocky attitude. If the opportunity to move comes up, give it serious thought. There may be very few draw backs. Family matters must be balanced as the month progresses. Open yourself to people who are different and you will discover you have so much in common. Best days 1,2,12,20,29


Hopefully, the full Moon eclipse May 26 brought Sagittarius great ideas and the need to focus on new beginnings. If not, there is still time and you will look back years from now and realize that this month and last are a turning point in life. Mercury is retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships so this is not the time to get intertwined with someone new. The new Moon eclipse June 10 does support new beginnings but you must not rush into anything new during June. Hold off, it will happen in the future. This includes business partnerships, love connections and legal matters. Meanwhile, learn that good things come to those who wait for the right situation and timing. June is a social month so get out and enjoy your independent nature. Mars moving through Leo June 11 to July 29 throws good light on Sagittarius. Your confidence and ability are appreciated by the people you deal with on a daily basis. Travel is highly favored during this time but if you travel this month plan for plans to be subverted and redirected. It just gets better when Venus moves through Leo June 26 to July 21. Sagittarius will be so attractive to others during that time. Look your best and get out of those unfashionable sandals. Best days 4,15, 23


The biggest news for Sagittarius is that the full Moon eclipse May 26 takes place in your sign. This is especially potent for Sagittarius born during the last week of November. This eclipse brings sudden events and endings that clear the way for new adventures. You last experienced this eclipse in May of 2002. Big events happen right now and in the months to come. In the meantime, many of you are preparing for moves and ways to increase your comfort level. Don’t rush, you have well into next year to get that done. Consider how you live now and in the future. Your habits and lifestyle can be adjusted easily once the new Moon occurs May 11. Consider the stuff of life that you share and how you and your partners can do that with more consciousness. Avoid adding debt to your plate between now and June 11. Relationships get a bit wonky with Mercury retrograde May 29 to June 22. You or your other need time off to figure how you feel. Those same days are not good for starting anything that is of a legal nature, such as a lawsuit or partnership. Best days 8,18,26


The circumstances of life are generally supportive. Fun and frolic matters now. Mars continues to move through the seventh house of relationships, meaning that you will receive some push back from the people who are not your fans. Relationship issues have to be worked out, especially around April 9. At that same time, you want to make sure home is safe and sound. This is not a great time to contract someone to do work around the house. Keep an eye on your money and on your investments April 16 to 18. News and messages are challenging April 24 and 25. Sagittarius has to go back and do a project a new way to suits the boss. The new Moon April 11 calls for Sagittarius to find new ways to express how you feel. The full Moon April 26 brings up surprises and exposes secrets at work. Hopefully, it is not your secret. Sagittarius who are in denial about unhealthy behavior get a wake-up call. Consider the way you thrive and listen to the full Moon as it wants Sagittarius to connect to spirit and grow into a better connection with the forces of life. Best days1,2,11, 29


Sagittarius is tested physically and emotionally. Some of you are ready to get back out into the Sun emerging from the long stay inside. Other Sagittarius are frustrated by the words and actions of those you care for and those you can leave by the side of the road. Your wit and wisdom can get Sagittarius out of a lot of sticky spots through late April. You have the ideas and thought processes that help to resolve relationship challenges. Do not push buttons just for the thrill of agitating a situation, as those kind of behaviors will backfire. Consider the needs of the others around you, Sagittarius. Could you be thinking a bit too much about you at this time? When upsets happen with family, behave charitably. Time at home on the patio in the Sun is valuable. It is your best place to be, so do some spring planting. The new Moon March 13 kicks off a time for home projects. Guests are coming and you want to have the place decluttered. The full Moon March 28 brings relationships to a head and you must be prepared to deal with group dynamics that are shifting. Some of you will be called to lead the group. Your psychic sense is strong at that same time so you will know when someone needs your compassion without the witty banter. Diplomacy is very productive this month. Best days 14,15

February 2021

Get a head start on the day and leave early whenever you’ve got to go somewhere. Delays are made just for Sagittarius through February 20. Mercury is retrograde and ready to send Sagittarius on a wild goose chase. Double check the headlights so as not to run down the battery and send important mail with return receipts. Use your words very carefully. Everyone knows you are a chatterbox, so slow down so others do not misconstrue your wit. News is disconcerting, especially when you get on the scale at the doctor’s office. Do try to avoid emotional eating. Change is afoot in your work but fretting is of no use because the theme of life is roll with what happens. Slow down so that you are not sick with a fever. Siblings and neighbors want to tell you their problems or make their problems yours. Screen the calls and consider that self-preservation. The new Moon February 11 brings new stuff to earn and new ways to communicate. Maybe it is time to leave Facebook and Twitter and join a new media platform. The full Moon February 27 brings easy change to your work but you will have to adjust to the people. Best days 6,15


Sagittarius is challenged by neighbors and siblings. Good luck getting what you want or need from these people. A lot of diplomacy must be employed. Sagittarius is very productive until March 6 but must make adjustments especially where your work is concerned. Your title is changing and you have to do work that is out of your job description. Be thankful you have a job but keep an eye on the people that you work with on a daily basis. Check and double check your tasks and theirs. Work, health, and general lifestyle are very intense January 13 - 27. Volatility takes precedence and if you work with environmental concerns you will have to deal with explosions of some sort. It just may be someone exhibiting very bad behavior. Mind your health. Watch your stomach and consider the foods you eat. Spicy or inflammatory foods are not your friend dear, Sagittarius. Yes, you would just like to hang out on the couch eating desserts and sipping champagne with your best four legged friend, but only do so if you spend some time planning your Fido’s future. The new Moon January 12 brings a focus to money. The weeks ahead are a good time to initiate a budget that does not include caviar. The full Moon brings surprise trips, hopefully in a private jet and not an ambulance. There are new developments where your work routine is concerned. The months ahead can be quite productive but you must get your head out of the clouds and off the couch. Partners and friends are very willing to hear your brainstorms. Act socially responsible and do what is for the good of all concerned in your community called the planet. Volunteer your time. Best days 1.10, 18,19