Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21


Woohoo! Your ruler, Jupiter, moves into Sagittarius for the first time in twelve years. The world and life experiences push forward with optimism and ease. Sagittarius will move through life like a knife cutting soft butter. Remember, though, that Mercury goes retrograde in your sign November 16 to December 6. Hold off making any big plans, especially for travel during that time. Pay attention while Mercury is retrograde. Mercury just loves to play tricks on us.

On November 6 Uranus moves back into your fifth house until next March. While Uranus moves through the fifth house you will have the opportunity to finish situations that have outlived their purpose. Honeys and other situations that you are not interested in will come back, but Sagittarius is putting one foot in front of the other. There is little time to go backwards in life. After the new Moon November 7 Sagittarius needs time to recharge. Make the most of your downtime because Mars moves into and through the fourth house November 15 to December 31. During that time home and family will be bustling. Some of you will move, others will remodel and some will just have a house full of company. At the same time, Sagittarius must use diplomacy when dealing with people who are not on the same page as what you have planned. Enemies come out of the closet around the 23rd. Find a way to balance your needs with what others in your life want. Best days 2,9,10,19,28


Venus turns retrograde October 5 in Sagittarius’ twelfth house. Venus is full of desire but in this position, Sagittarius is wise to sit with your thoughts and feelings until mid November. Let yourself flow with the tide and do not try to swim against the current. Venus retrograde often brings us people from the past who want to reconnect. That may or may not be a good thing for Sagittarius. Those who return may have realized that you were the best thing in their life, but let them and most other decisions wait until after mid November before you move forward with a decision. You have plenty to do in the daily routine so try not to obsess and focus on the ordinary tasks at hand. The new Moon occurs in your eleventh house October 8. Friendships and how to balance those relationships comes into play. Your usual brutal honesty will hopefully take you far in the next month. If people can’t take your direct approach do not waste your time with them. The full Moon October 24 brings surprises in your work especially for those Sagittarius born during the first few days of this sign. Some of you may will be looking for new work for one reason or another. Best days 4,12,13


Sagittarius must tip toe around your opposite sex as September opens. Remember not to push friends and loved ones and to communicate constructive ideas without acting as if others know nothing. You know how you can go on that’s why its called Sadge mouth. The new Moon brings new ways to do work but those ways and situations are sure to get in the way of something else in life such as your family. Over the next few weeks you are going to have to make choices that are good for you which is probably not a hard thing for Sagittarius to accomplish. Allow your self to flip flop but don’t be confused by what other people want from you. Sagittarius will have the final say late September. The best game plan is to make adjustments and compromises because ultimately those adjustments will pay off financially. Listen to your dreams they have messages that offer guidance. Best days 14,15


In the coming months Sagittarius is compelled to spread your wings and fly to new places in life and on the planet. Many of you are setting your sites to travel and learn. Your conscious awareness will be shifting even if you just sit at home in your chair. However, unless you are home bound get up and get out to enjoy new life experiences in the months to come. Spend money when necessary and if you don't have the funds, pass on the first class ticket in favor of coach. If possible plan your getaway before the last week of August because the full Moon in your fourth house brings responsibilities from home and family that can delay your new adventure. Best days 1,2,10,19,29


Review your financial commitments and consider the stuff of life that is valid. Many situations no longer support Sagittarius and it is time to make changes that reflect the comfort level you desire. The new Moon eclipse July 12 ushers in a new way of life through new ways of thinking and being. Many of you will form alliances that are intimate and or of a business nature. Allow the new you to emerge. Your ruler, Jupiter, turns direct July 10 so life moves forward and your attitude is brighter. Listen to your intuition; it is now stronger than in recent months. Do be careful in the days around the full Moon eclipse July 27. Accidents come out of nowhere and news will be abrupt. Best days 22


It is time to begin to follow through with all the promises you made to yourself. There are many tasks to prepare for the next steps. Clear the clutter and finish matters that are irrelevant. Prepare for new partners of some sort. Those partners will bring Sagittarius a new sense of comfort. However, you will come to know what you do not want by month’s end and will have weeded out those people and situations. Sagittarius has so many ideas and plans that need to be channeled positively over the next several months. As I have said many times before, we all know you know everything. Your lifestyle is beginning to change. Free yourself of the freedoms that became limiting and move into a new way of life. Best days 7,9, 17, 25


Sagittarius is coming to an end where certain relationships are concerned. Many of you have had enough of your old buddies and it is time to move on in life. Initiate new routines that enhance your lifestyle and health. Break away from bad habits and form activities that free you from boredom. This includes getting out to do something new in the neighborhood. Find people who share your needs such as a jogging or yoga group. Spending money has been easy because you seem to have enough, but once mid month arrives close down the spree and go back to being smart with your dollars. Make your home more comfortable. Even small touches will make a difference but being Sagittarius you will want to go grand. Best days 1,2,11,29,30


Sagittarius is an uplifting force for other people with your wit and enthusiasm. Serve a lot of support and hold the sarcasm this month. The new Moon April 15 heats up your need for romance and compliments. At the same time, watch what you eat and drink as you will tend to overdo. Use your words and deeds in new ways to bring about new results through the end of April. The second half of the month is a fun time and you can be the center of attention. Entertaining the troops can be exhausting and by April 29 Sagittarius needs alone time. Tend to your health late in the month. If you are not paying attention to your body then you may receive a surprise health issue. Best days 4,5,14,15


While home and family matters have been keeping Sagittarius busy, March opens with Sagittarius is receiving recognition for jobs well done. Some of you will receive job offers soon while others are suddenly the go to authority for questions and direction. Family matters and other situations that make you emotional come up starting with the new Moon March 17. Look to the future and how you can accomplish what you want during the second half of March. March is sure to be a very busy month for Sagittarius. Money matters and your self esteem come into focus from mid March until mid May. Your ruler, Jupiter, turns retrograde March 8. Consider the root of the behaviors that cause you grief and health issues until July 10. Best days 7,18,26,27


Action oriented Mars has Sagittarius enthusiastic about new adventures and tasks you wish to accomplish. Your actions will be based on your philosophy and knowledge that you want to put into play. Take your time and don't rush. You may discover that your excitement wanes and you abandon those plans. It would be best to start these projects between February 16 and 28. Also make sure the Moon is not void so you don't get unexpected results. The New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius' third house, February 15, introduces several months whereby you will begin a course of study. It may have its own language or you may even begin to study a language in the months ahead. Issues around family matters come up beginning February 11. Best days 9,27

January 2018

Sagittarius is now out of a period of restriction. Your definition of who you are and where you want to go is altered but the process has been long and arduous. Balance your needs with what other partners in your life want. January is the time to take action that supports what Sagittarius needs financially and emotionally. Some of you have big bills to pay and a budget must be compiled. January 17 is the time to initiate new ways of handling finances and your self worth. Your self worth is not just about how much money you have in the bank, but how you allow yourself to be treated. The full Moon eclipse January 31 compels Sagittarius to reignite faith in yourself. The world needs Sagittarius' optimism. Best days 3,4,12,31