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Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21


The eclipses tend to bring Sagittarius more clarity regarding your life philosophy. You will realize in months to come that your impressions and or basic understanding of life does not hold the water it once held. A taste of this new awareness will cause a thirst for even higher knowledge and for some, enlightenment. The attitudes and behaviors you have previously embraced will evolve into a better expression of your true self so that you can create nourishing relationships. This includes siblings and even the guy next door. While Mercury is retrograde August 12 - September 5 reorganize plans willingly or be forced to do that by goofy circumstances. However, Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius August 25 so some elements of life will begin to move forward. Best days 2,11,12,20,30


Review your commitments but most of all consider your personal needs over the next several weeks. There will be opportunities to clash with others who share your space and your life. Send your ego on vacation and remember that when you are insulted or hurt it is not necessarily about you but what is happening in the mind and life of the other person who is hurtful towards Sagittarius. July 19 - 26 is especially challenging with friends and loved ones. Dates will be a dud and Sagittarius will not feel loved or sexy. If you receive any invitation during these days you are best to graciously decline. Get active beginning July 20. Most stuff you try to accomplish will be easy until September 5. Best days 5,6,15,23,24


A new dimension of the world is opening up so that Sagittarius can see beyond what everyone else is seeing. You are understanding your interactions at a new level of awareness and enlightenment. No one can put one past you now. The stuff of life that has been on hold since February begins to budge forward. Big conclusions happen especially where joint finances and property are concerned. Mid month will bring situations that make you doubt your abilities. Push on from that notion you are not equipped for current life challenges. What you don't have in ability you will surely find in one of those boxes stacked over there in the corner. June 9 brings high anxiety while June 23 brings joint ventures. Best days 8,9,26


Please enjoy the early part of May as much as possible. Conserve your energy and don't rock the boat. Relationships of all sorts are exciting but as the month progresses Sagittarius must deal with people who oppose your ideas, worth, and even that outfit you are wearing to a special event . Incidents will occur that steal your serenity. When that happens, take steps to alleviate the pain and don't take others issues on. Release the anger anyone causes. At the same time do not vote against yourself. Don't do stuff that sells Sagittarius out to any bidder. Spend time alone around May 10 in order to charge your battery. You are going to need stamina like a fighter in a ring at a match. Best days 3,12,13,21


Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius April 6 to August 25. Remember that Saturn has been redefining your life since October 2015. Most Sagittarius' are feeling deprived or disciplined and not sure where they are going to land. Buck up dear optimistic ones and consider what you need to eject from your life in these months ahead. Those of you born in the final days of this sign are most affected now with heavy responsibilities. This too shall pass and by mid month career and family matters become so much easier to juggle. Work alone when possible to stay out of the turmoil that fellow workers want to generate. Beginning April 21 Sagittarius must know when speak up, when to shut up, and when to duck. Best days 5, 15


Friends do not seem to support who you are these days. Perhaps it is time to find new friends and playmates. Speak up and tell people what is on your mind. Group dynamics are changing just as Sagittarius is changing who you are at this time in life. The rules of the group are becoming apparent and Sagittarius does not fit that dynamic. Speaking of rules, those of you who have children might find they are challenging your rules. Work on long term projects and find a new way to express who you are. An improv class might be just what you need. Work is stressful at the full Moon. Tie up loose ends so that the recognition you receive will be positive for your reputation. Best days 1,9,18,19


Sagittarius continues to enjoy a sense of independence that seems to make life more fun. While life and the daily routine has been quite busy since late January, you are able to organize and accomplish the small tasks that lead to the big changes you are making. In months to come Sagittarius will change the frame of your life thus recreating the whole picture. Undiscovered talents are sure to blossom beginning February 26 and an opportunity to change your living arrangement comes to Sagittarius. If you want a new home just ask and that is sure to happen. People from your past and even long lost relatives are sure to show up in months to come. Help around the house is easy to manifest.Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


Money matters have Sagittarius focused on your comfort level. Hold off making financial decisions until after January 8 as you don't have all the information you need until that time. That includes making decisions about home repairs except in an emergency. Settlements and financial payments are notable but not necessarily a bad thing. Honeys and partners need your financial and or emotional support. There is a lot of action taking place around home and family and much of what is taking place is a challenge coupled with career events. Remember though, you are an optimist. The new Moon January 27 ushers in a time of learning, taking tests, and important communication. This year brings big changes for Sagittarius born after January 9. Best days 13, 22, 23


The first couple of days of December have Sagittarius feeling a bit shaky as home and career happenings throw wrenches at you. Keep calm and adjust to those surprises. This is a really good time for you to put forth your ideas to solve dilemmas and bring others together for a common goal or cause. Your wit and humor helps to make a point and get the wheels rolling in the right direction. December 7 - 13 is a time when Sagittarius is weighted down with responsibility. Do what needs to be done during this tough time so that you reap future rewards. At mid month you must consider other peoples' points of view though you may not agree. Avoid financial decisions between December 19 and January 8. Best days 8, 9,17,26,27