Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21


Since September 2015 Saturn has been transiting Sagittarius. It is hard to be friends with a Saturn transit because Saturn has been forcing ever expansive Sagittarius to grow up, clean up, and do a lot of waiting around in these past years. Saturn moves into Sagittarius' second house of money and other things of life you value. While Saturn transits Capricorn until December 2020 you will be required to put your finances in order. Also, Sagittarius will begin to evaluate your habits that do or do not support your health and well being. The food you eat will evolve and the exercise you do or do not employ must evolve. Do not fret over your failures and inability to lead a healthy life in the past. Best days 7,16,17


Tend to details and take stock of the past year in preparation for your coming birthday. Private matters and secret affairs happen around mid month. You just might be swept off your feet and the feeling of destiny will be in the air and around your relationships. Group dynamics are testy around November 19 when struggles happen over who gets to lead the team so to speak. Uproars take place as fussing creates friction over direction happens. Try to stay out of the mess and keep yourself in a comfortable position without ruffling feathers. Avoid laying any blame during the first weekend of November. Once the new Moon occurs November 18, Sagittarius is able to shift out of competitive mode and into doing service for others. Best days 2,20,29


Jupiter moves through your twelfth house offering this sign a spiritual revival. This does not mean you need to start hanging out in tents singing hymns on Saturday night or sit uncomfortably humming and chanting OM. Your compassionate acts facilitate your connection to the energies that develop your spiritual side. Helping others selflessly is the ticket to most of Sagittarius challenges you have recently encountered. October 8 brings friends who need help and the timing is not convenient. Remember helping others helps Sagittarius. At mid month people and situations bring roadblocks that call for reconfiguring your plans. Sagittarius has a vision and you are ready to push it through to completion. Power struggles occur as everyone is not on board with Sagittarius enthusiasm. Best days 5,14,22


Mars moves through Virgo September 5 to October 22. This energy coming from ninety degrees away in the zodiac has Sagittarius pushing their agenda and opinion on the rest of us. Sure you usually have the right data, but your delivery now tends to be irritating. Soften your stance and your words if you wish to accomplish goodwill. Otherwise, your phone will stop ringing as no one will want to hear your rants and judgments. Mercury follows Mars moving through Virgo September 9 - 29. Put that spoon down and stop stirring the pot. When Venus moves through Virgo September 9 - 14, avoid creating drama for other people. Sagittarius must calm down and let others be themselves if you want to be happy and appreciated. Best days 7,8,16,17