Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21

January 2019

The new Moon eclipse occurs in Sagittarius’ second house ushering in new financial opportunities for this sign. Many of you will begin to make plans for future savings. In the months to come, participate in activities that add to your well being. Suck it up and make a budget. It is going to hurt but in the long run you will emerge in the coming years with better control over you life and finances. Plus, you will have the money for your beloved travel. Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius this month adding to your appeal. Others are drawn to Sagittarius but you will remain your independent self. Your charisma and playfulness takes you far and brings lots of attention. However, use caution so that your behavior does not bring embarrassment to your door. The full Moon eclipse brings new adventures in the months to come as does your ruler moving through your first house. Seize opportunities and avoid gluttonous behavior as you will pay a price for indulgence. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31