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Sagittarius, Nov 21 - Dec 21

Miley Cyrus 11/23 - Billie Ellish 12/18


Venus goes direct September 3 forming lovely angles to Sagittarius through October 8. This means that Sagittarius is easily able to connect socially and that you are looking really good. Make time for travel from now until October 8. A honeymoon during this time would be so enjoyable as would meeting someone new while traveling. Fun is the order of the days around the middle of September. Whatever you are up to, though, remember that Mercury is retrograde until September 15. During those days reconfigure plans and work. Mom may be a challenge this month. You do not have to be a doormat for mom or anyone else during that time. Your ruler, Jupiter, turns retrograde September 4 until December 30. During that time, Sagittarius is wise to monitor your health and do good things for others just because and not because you could get something in return. The new Moon September 14 brings new work and bosses. The changes that take place over the next thirty days are positive for Sagittarius. The full Moon September 29 brings recognition with your peers as well as the need to move on from certain people and activities. Best days 2,11,16,21,25,29


August opens with trips and travel that get cancelled or rescheduled. If you are traveling at the beginning of August, keep a vigilant watch on your valuables. For those stuck at home you will be preparing for the next semester of school and life. The full moon on August 1 cautions Sagittarius to drive carefully. The daily routine is busy now and you must watch your words when you are interrupted by people who need your help. Remember that Mars is harshly aspecting Sagittarius until August 27 which means your fuse will be short. Play nice and do not push other people too hard. Bosses are a pain in the neck because they are out of their league. Tolerate their bossiness because you have no choice. The new Moon August 16 is a very harmonious time for Sagittarius. Do question the dogma that guides your life. Life is very busy around this new Moon. The full Moon August 30 compels Sagittarius to lay the groundwork for setting down roots where you currently reside or some place new. A new path is there waiting for you to find your way. A friendly guide points Sagittarius in the right direction. Best days 1,5,6,15,20,25,29


Sagittarius is shifting priorities during the first week of July. Life is going through adjustments and budget constraints. This could be simply deciding whether to take the transatlantic cruise or the transpacific cruise. The full Moon July 3 takes place in your second house further compelling Sagittarius to take care of you while finding balance between your needs and the hopes and dreams of your closest people. Once July 10 arrives, Mars moves out of Leo where this action oriented planet has spurred Sagittarius to get ahead with ease. While Mercury moves through Virgo July 10 to August 27 Sagittarius must soft cell your self and your ideas. You have much to do at work and bosses are a challenge. Anytime you push hard you will be pushed back. Mind your manners while Mars is in Virgo until late August. Work and some of your family are demanding. The new Moon July 17 brings budgets that reflect Sagittarius’ new found priorities. While Venus is retrograde July 22 to September 3, explore a new life path and follow the signposts that feel right for you. Best days 1,18,19,28


Those born during the last week of November are redefining boundaries with your family and setting the stage for the next seven years. The changes that all Sagittarius are making are productive and add new adventures and stamps in your passport. Some of you will move in months to come while others are finally becoming emotionally independent of your family. June and July want Sagittarius to get out into the world and explore. Do something you have always wanted to do but have not gotten around to until now. Conversations are sure to be lively, but you must not drive a bargain or an opinion too hard. The best tack now is to soft sell your ideas and lead the way. We all know you are usually right. Others just do not need to be oppressed by Sagittarius’ opinions. Your energy is at a high this month and next, but if you push too hard, accidents and sickness push Sagittarius to slow down. Take action to make changes but use good sense when going about doing something new. The full Moon June 3 has Sagittarius needing to reconcile your needs with those of business and love partners. The new Moon June 17 exposes other people’s behavior that you need to know about before continuing those relationships. Let the rules of life bend a bit. Best days 12,21,22


Exercise patience in the days until the middle of May. Work and the methods you use are not working as well as usual. The people who work for you or around you are a pain in the neck. While you do not want to micromanage, do follow up to make sure your helpers are doing what they are supposed to do during the first half of May. The full Moon eclipse May 5 sheds light on mistakes. Secrets come to light so guard yours carefully in the coming months. Pay attention to aches and pains at the full Moon. They could be something you need to have checked. Remember, you are in a transitional period wherein your thinking is evolving. Health and work get better for the next year beginning May 16. Coworkers bring you opportunities and some Sagittarius rise to new and better positions over the next year. Such advancement requires Sagittarius to make important adjustments such as working more at the office or travel which you should love. The new Moon May 19 kick starts new ideas. Use caution May 15 to 27. Driving mishaps and tough arguments erupt mostly because you are changing. Use this intense time to make a productive plan as opposed to getting mired in anger with neighbors, siblings, or in-laws. Generally speaking, life should go smoothly after May 27.

Best days 8,16


The Sun, Chiron, your ruler Jupiter, and Mercury start out April in Sagittarius’ fifth house. Speak your mind freely but do so constructively. Joan Rivers is gone and those you love do not need biting wit. Sagittarius born within days of December 9 are in a bit of limbo waiting for lifestyle and work changes that are on the horizon. Make plans now and adjust the way you work and live. All changes should be made to make life healthier. Venus moves through the seventh house April 10 to May 7. During these days, business and love mix well. While Mars transits the eighth house until May 20, your urge to merge is aroused. Take it slow. Sagittarius has to work out stuff that is shared all the way from finances to the bathroom. Remember, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. We know that is true because Barbra Streisand said so in a song.

Mercury is retrograde April 21 to May 14. Work matters go to hell. Make sure you are doing a good job so you do not get the boot around April 21. While others are having fun, Sagittarius will have to be responsible.

The full Moon April 5 brings recognition among friends and teammates. Some of you will be called to lead while others leave the team. Either way, it will all work out in Sagittarius’ best interest.

The new Moon eclipse April 19 brings harmonious new beginnings to Sagittarius over the next few years. This event puts Sagittarius on the tarmac ready to board the airplane of life to a new way of expressing the inimitable you.

Use caution to avoid accidents the week of April 23.
Best days 1,10


Saturn begins to move through your fourth house March 7. In the time until February 2026, Sagittarius is laying a new foundation for life. This is the time to clear out the clutter and make your home a better place. Some of you will move and some of you will have to take responsibility for a family member. Those that buy a new home are wise to carefully inspect the structure of the building from top to bottom so that you know what to expect in terms of repairs now and in the future. Still others will explore your ancestry and learn more about your DNA inheritance.

Pluto transitions into the third house of communication and the daily routine. Words take on a deeper meaning so use them wisely. Sagittarius undergoes a psychological shift away from what you know early in life. The stuff that makes you crazy, including your siblings, and neighbors, comes up to be handled. Over the next twenty-one years you are wise to develop better communication and coping skills. Use caution when traveling and pay attention driving or waiting for the subway. Pay attention to the thoughts and physical stuff that make
s you feel obsessed.

In the short term, Mars transiting in your opposite sign since last August finally leaves your seventh house March 25. If you have felt someone has been out to get you during this time, you are one hundred percent correct. Do not give them reason and pay attention to what the bullies are doing. Once Mars moves into the eighth house, avoid conflicts over the next several weeks as people want to fight over parking spaces and other stuff in the pursuit of illusory control.

The full Moon March 7 brings work and career into focus. You may be called on the carpet or given a medal. Really pay attention to who is trying to mess with you and do not give them any reason to take disciplinary action. Remember the wicked witch and her flying monkeys in the Wizard Of Oz? This is who you are up against. Throw water on his or her plans and win control of the castle by being the best.

The new Moon March 21 occurs in your fifth house. At last Sagittarius gets a break as this new Moon offers confidence and the ability to rebuild your reputation through wise and heartfelt words and deeds. Go have some fun after the new Moon.
Best days 4,14,22,31


Sagittarius is compelled to travel early this month. It seems like life is not You must focus more on what you have and not on what you think you lack. Unexpected events in work and in the daily routine have Sagittarius needing to escape the doldrums. Go someplace sunny to recharge your batteries. Mars continues to move through your house of relationships with those you love and those who are enemies until March 25. People of all sorts come to challenge Sagittarius. This has been going on since late last August. The best tact is no reaction. Take responsibility for your actions. Do not respond to bullies. Do some protection work and put your hand over your navel when the bullies attack. The new Moon February 20 brings your home into focus. Family matters come up to be dealt with so deal with that without inserting drama. Those same people want to manipulate Sagittarius. Do not play their game. Do take stock as to who is your true family. You may not share the same DNA. Begin to lay a new foundation for moving on in life. People will want to party at your house. Best days 5,14,22,23

January 2023

Jupiter is now moving through Aries until May 16. This means that Sagittarius will be receiving all sorts of opportunities that put you in the best seats in the house. You will travel, have romance, and feel like life is fulfilling during this time.  Delay making money decisions until after January 18, but do know that you can make plans for your future life now. It is time to sit down and make that dream board, giving direction to the stars. Relationships continue to need resolution. Siblings, neighbors, and your known enemies must be handled with diplomacy. They will continue to come for Sagittarius, so be ready with a big dose of honey and kindness. That will daze and confuse them and hopefully defuse those who wish to take Sagittarius down a notch. January 22 is a productive time to take responsibility for those who need a leader. The full Moon January 6 brings moments when Sagittarius must make your needs and self-esteem the priority. The new Moon January 21 brings new neighbors and people from the past. Use this lunar cycle to communicate effectively. Best days 8,18,26