Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21


Woohoo, Jupiter continues to move through Sagittarius bringing good luck, opportunities, and too many desserts. Write down your expenditures and opt for the dark chocolate. September is a really busy month especially where career is concerned. This a great time to receive recognition and to promote yourself and your talents. Travel and work will go together. Maybe you will have to fly somewhere far away to receive an award. If you have sloughed off your responsibilities you will be exiled. Review your financial commitments. Finances and the stuff that make you comfortable are weaving their way to a big decision or event in January and beyond. You will receive some clues to the events next January late this month and early October. Now is a good time initiate a healthy lifestyle. Let go of what must be let go. Group dynamics are changing at mid month. You will be fine but more change is taking place in the way you do your work. Use caution when speaking your mind. Best days 7,16,24,25


Your ruler, Jupiter, goes direct August 11. The results you desire have been slower to come than usual. Hopefully, you have used the days since April 10 to reinvent yourself. It’s show time now so enjoy the opportunities Jupiter brings while he transits Sagittarius until December 2. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars moving through the ninth house bring fun exciting times. This month is a great time to make a gratitude list and to focus on travel deals. You will want to get away from life the week of August 4. Money is the only thing that will keep Sadge from flying away forever. A little bit of discipline goes a long way for Sagittarius. Money discipline is what it will take to get to the places you want to be in the months to come. Once we get to mid month, you will see a light at the end of the financial tunnel. Brace for a very busy time around the full Moon August 15. Drive safe and smile when you communicate. It will take the edge off your tone. Sagittarians born during the first week of this sign must make changes to your lifestyle and the way you work. Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


If you are feeling down and less than your optimistic self, it is because your ruler is still retrograde in your sign. Plug along until Jupiter goes direct August 11. Meanwhile here in July you can begin new connections and joint ventures that mix business and pleasure. Just be sure you are picking the appropriate partner because come January 2020 you may or may not be happy with what you have started now. Mars moving through your ninth house until mid August endows Sagittarius with the energy and ease to tackle new adventures. Pick your battles wisely in the days until mid August. You don’t want to waste your potential chasing after lost causes. Money matters and friends do not mix well July 9. Someone is going to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable at that time. The full Moon eclipse July 16 brings up more about money. Sagittarius will have to balance your comfort level with what someone else desires. There will be conclusions to deals and payoffs in the coming months. Power struggles over money and intimacy are afoot. Do what makes you happy and do not allow anyone else to dictate what is good for you, Sagittarius. The last quarter of the Moon July 24 brings changes to your lifestyle and the way you do your work. The second new Moon brings an opportunity to lead. Best days 4,5,12,13,22,23


Sagittarius continues to evolve and reinvent yourself. This includes reinventing the way you relate to all sorts of partners. Seize the opportunities to do new behavior when old situations come up this month. You need to be with someone who is strong, but you will have to let go of a bit of that independence. Do not rely on what others think. The new Moon June 3 brings the thoughts that you want new relationships. Make a list and think about what you desire in your partners. This includes business and love. Some of your partners will bring great disappointment at mid month. Perhaps you should have spoken up before that one got away. Matters that are shared, be it money or the bathroom, need to be worked out without drama. Sagittarius is headed towards some big decisions that will be finalized next January. June 11 you are pulled emotionally in many directions. June 17 is a stressful time. Many eyes will be on Sagittarius so avoid a meltdown. Use caution in the way you tell people how you feel June 24/25. Get to where you need to be geographically before July 3. Best days 7,15


Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius for the first time in twelve years so let the makeover begin. Start with your diet and lifestyle. Sure those beauty treatments feel good and you love spending too much, but you must consider different modes of fabulousness according to the new Moon May 4. This new Moon suggests you do what makes you feel comfortable as long as discipline and beauty go hand in hand. With Mars moving through your opposite sign until mid month, Sagittarius is challenged to achieve goals. This goal most likely is one that requires a lot of diplomacy. If you are trying to have a relationship with someone, the best way to promote yourself now is to be yourself. Just past mid month and into the beginning of July the focus becomes one of intimacy. Know when to exert your desire and know when to let others be who they need to be during this time. Avoid arguments that undermine your ultimate goal of being close to the one you want. The full Moon May 18 in Scorpio and your twelfth house sheds light on the bottom line of life. Look to the parts of your self that keep you from being the best you can be no matter who else tries to direct your opinions or actions. May 26 is not easy for those born during the last week of November. Best days 1,2,19, 20, 30


All the growth and expansion you have been feeling since last December is going to slow this month and through August 11. This is not a bad thing since the expansion will move inward. You will consider how you can reroute your current path. Ask yourself how you can become a better you. With Uranus now moving through the sixth house, Sagittarius can employ new and different lifestyle situations. Perhaps you can retool yourself for a new career. Otherwise, look in the mirror, literally, and take stock of what you see, then go from there. The new Moon in your fifth house calls for new ways of expressing yourself. Wow, there really is a theme for Sagittarius to revamp your life. Mars moving through your opposite sign, Gemini, brings people who disagree with what you need and want for you. Don’t tell your overweight friends you want to join a gym as they will discourage you, dear Sagittarius. Sidestep the people who block your progress. The full Moon April 19 is a social time and you just may be called upon to help a friend in need. Use caution when playing so as not to hurt yourself. Best days 4,5,13,14,22


Uranus begins his seven year trek through Sagittarius’ sixth house of work, health, and lifestyle March 6. Begin making adjustments to your routine. The process will take seven years. Your hours will change and certainly your job will evolve. Embrace the uncertainty and adventure that comes in the years ahead. If you have not tried alternative medicine, give it a whirl. A new way of eating can greatly help your health. Make contact with people who are like you in one way or another. It is time Sagittarius find your community. Mars is also moving through the sixth house. Work will be busy. Mind your own business and stay out of the fray that is taking place outside your office. Take it easy and don’t overdo during the last half of March as you are sure to have a headache or fever. Home will be the best place to be which is unusual for Sagittarius. Try to avoid misunderstandings with Mom while Mercury is retrograde March 5 to 28. It may seem like everyone misconstrues your words. Curb that Sadge mouth and refrain from giving everyone your sage opinion. At the full Moon consider what kind of influence you can be in the lives of your friends. Are you supportive or critical? Someone will need your help so be supportive and not parental. Best days 8,9,17,25


Extra expenses occur at the beginning of the month. If you have a boo, that one is going to upset your well being for one reason or another. Whether it costs you in dollars or peace of mind, some drama is sure to shake up Sagittarius. By mid month, though, you will be able to handle anything unexpected. At mid month, work and your life lifestyle become the focus. Perhaps work is changing the way Sagittarius lives. On the other hand, the way you live can be the cause for you to change your work. This is not an over night event but one that Sagittarius will work on through the end of March. During that time, Sagittarius is adjusting to a new role and new ways of taking care of yourself. Some of you will have to give up something like coffee while others are smart to lay low and don’t rock the boat at the office. The new Moon February 4 in your third house increases your intellectual awareness. Learn something new. This lunar cycle is a great time to take a test. Communication is productive if you adopt a universal approach to what is good for everyone. The full Moon February 19 in the tenth house brings recognition to Sagittarius. If you have done a good job the applause will be deafening. If you have shirked your responsibilities look for a place to hide. Mind your health from mid February until the end of March. Best days 9,18

January 2019

The new Moon eclipse occurs in Sagittarius’ second house ushering in new financial opportunities for this sign. Many of you will begin to make plans for future savings. In the months to come, participate in activities that add to your well being. Suck it up and make a budget. It is going to hurt but in the long run you will emerge in the coming years with better control over you life and finances. Plus, you will have the money for your beloved travel. Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius this month adding to your appeal. Others are drawn to Sagittarius but you will remain your independent self. Your charisma and playfulness takes you far and brings lots of attention. However, use caution so that your behavior does not bring embarrassment to your door. The full Moon eclipse brings new adventures in the months to come as does your ruler moving through your first house. Seize opportunities and avoid gluttonous behavior as you will pay a price for indulgence. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31