Circe Invidiosa - John William Waterhouse
Aquarius, Jan 20 - Feb 18
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Mars moves into Aquarius December 4 – January 12, 2015. Aquarius is busy pursuing ventures that are pertinent to what you want and need. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius the 23rd, you will begin to discover the psychological and philosophical differences that exist between you, your friends, and the groups that you have previously enjoyed. The reality that you no longer fit in and probably never will fit with those people is going to set in over the next couple of years. You may feel like you have no friends. However, you will begin to realize that the glass is filling back up to half full as you meet new people who share the same vision of life as it is for Aquarius. Those born late in Aquarius are making big changes.

Best days

Aquarius colors include shades of bright blue and shades of gray


Recognition for Aquarius’ current and past performance may not be enviable. Even if you are fabulous there will be people who want to trip you up especially November 6 and 14. You may do well to hide at home, but that will be tough to do because even there you have so much to do in order to get out of the mud and into the clover. Much is going on behind the scenes and Aquarius is smart to avoid philosophical quarrels with neighbors, siblings, helpers and coworkers. Adopt the role of helper in this trying time. Doing for others will get you out of your own challenges and they will no longer seem so difficult. Do take care of your health including skin, bones, teeth and knees.

October brings more harmony to Aquarius lives than in the recent past. Consider which situations and projects are worth continuing. Start now to plan for what you want to accomplish beginning the next birthday and beyond. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio brings communication or timing problems up during the first eleven days but that mostly affects Aquarius born in the first few days of this sign. After October 11, most foolishness is easy to avoid or laugh off as Mercury retrograde plays with Aquarius’ moods through your closest connections. Honeys and even your insurance agent may throw in a clinker here and there. Wave off their issues and reconsider but do not commit to any proposition any joker offers. Avoid difficult people and situations October 30.

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