Sex,Lies,Paulagate, and Fidel

Pluto/Scorpio = Sex, Lies, Power, Uniforms, Paulagate and Fidel

I write this while hunkered down under the kitchen table expecting the sky to fall or at least the chandelier over the table to come crashing down. Today is the new Moon eclipse in Scorpio in just a few hours (4:08 pm CST). I like new Moon eclipses because they provide kick starts to our lives. They show us a new and extended path.

Nineteen years ago to this day we experienced an eclipse in the same astrological position, twenty-one degrees Scorpio. That eclipse was four degrees away from Pluto, Mercury was retrograde, and Uranus was conjunct Neptune. That packed a punch in our lives. What were you doing then and over the next year?

At the time my Dad was quite ill and died forty seven days later. In the year after that eclipse, I started to write for THE INDIGOSUN magazine and I decided it was time to stop living like a monk. Looking back to then it seems that I walked through a new portal.

This time around, I am living on my Saturn line (not recommended), having my second Saturn return, and I am most excited that an HEBplus (a grocery store) has just opened near my house. I am planning to write more and have several ideas in mind . I don’t have secret affairs that are shocking though I am in love with two mutts and news that a client’s husband passed was a bit shocking and sad.

So here we all sit at this current precipice. In addition to the new Moon/solar eclipse, Mercury is retrograde causing delays and communication problems. We are facing the fiscal cliff, the stock market is uncertain, and the head of the CIA has just resigned from his position due to an affair.

General Petraeus is a sixteen degree Scorpio and Paula Broadwell is a Scorpio at 17 degrees plus her Uranus is at 20 degrees Libra indicating relationships surprises. “Surprise honey, I am having an affair with the head of the CIA and he is in no way as hot as you. But he is in a uniform and that turns me on. Oh, and he gave me a book deal.”

Now General Allen has just come into the story. The new Moon affects his Pluto, Sun, Mars Neptune, Uranus, Moon and Saturn. He has a connection with Jill Kelley the woman Paula Broadwell was harassing for allegedly having an affair with the man she was having an affair with. My head is swimming trying to keep up with this soap opera. No wonder ALL MY CHILDREN went off the air. Their stories were never this good.

I haven’t found Jill Kelley’s birthday. Maybe they all went on double dates. What about Holly the wife? She must have some planets affected also, but I cannot find her birthday. Maybe there’s a video somewhere with more substance than Paula and her husband doing pushups with Jon Stewart. Stay tuned there is more to this Scorpio story of sex, lies, uniforms, and emails. The fall from power is a compelling story.

Those of us who have are born around the 9
th to 15th of any month are affected. If you have any planet near the 21st degree you will become a new you in one way or another and in varying degrees depending on the placement of the eclipse in your chart. If you want to look to see if you have planets on or near twenty one degrees, you can get a free chart at

Just look at the degrees on the planets.

Where’s Fidel? Another man in fatigues…

Recently, I happened to read an article about how Fidel Castro is quite ill. I wondered what his chart looked like. The eclipse falls halfway between his Sun and Moon. The eclipse also affects Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Chiron in the chart of Cuba.

I would imagine we will hear that he has already died or some other news surrounding his condition.

So you wonder why I am hiding under the kitchen table? The eclipse occurs sixty degrees from my Sun and exactly on my progressed Sun. Once the air clears, perhaps more exciting stuff than a new grocery store opening will come to pass in months to come. Something is in store for me and I am not sure what that could be at this point. But I am being very careful when thinking about what I want to manifest. You would be wise to do the same. The fall from power can be very embarrassing.


The Shift Is Here

Clients have asked me many times in the past couple of years what I think is going to happen on December 21, 2012 also known as the end of the Mayan calendar. Well, hell I don’t know. I usually respond by telling them that the Mayans just got tired and the candles burned out so they decided to go to bed.

However, those who are more learned, philosophical, and just plain smarter than me have been coming forward to say that we will experience a shift in the many ways that we exist here on Earth. Yep, I agree with that. But I also feel that the shift has been happening already.

Anyone who reads my astrology column or just about any other astrology website probably knows about Uranus square Pluto. I have it down to just a few sentences from research and my understanding of this astrological event. Here is how it goes…

That last occurred with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer during 1931- 1934. This was a general period of death given the drought, the depression, and the beginning of the rise of fascism.

Now and through 2015 we have Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. There is concern with climate change, economic policy everywhere, and revolution in the Middle East. However, this period is one of rebirth.

As we, some of the people, want change there are those who like everything just fine. Those people are resisting change. I would imagine those who are content with the status quo would be dragged along with the rest of us sooner or later in one way or another. Just as the solar system twirls through the universe we cannot stop it. We cannot stop the shift in consciousness.

For some of us our shift in consciousness is losing our job and having to move to a new version of the same profession or even a completely new profession. For others our shifts come in simple “aha” moments. And still for others our shift in consciousness has happened because a hurricane has blown through a whole region of the country devastating large and small cities and leaving people homeless and hungry. Can you imagine waking up to a day when you have lost everything? That will shift a person’s consciousness and the way that person goes about living the rest of their life.

I am compelled to write this post in honor of those millions of people whose consciousness has shifted this past week. The devastation of hurricane Sandy has placed so many citizens out of their routine to form a new sense of community and relying on one another as opposed to their usual routine.

Just yesterday on the CBS SUNDAY MORNING children who live in those areas were interviewed. One young girl said that since she has no power she is learning to be outside and do activities that do not involve her electronics. Another said her family is talking to one another more than in the past. That same young girl questioned her parents’ decision to ignore the mandatory evacuation.

The shift is here and I believe it has been happening long before many of us were born. Just think of some historical events that must have shifted consciousness: abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, World War I, World War ll, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ushered in the nuclear age, landing on the Moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Fukushima disaster, the World Trade Center attack. Are these events the results of a shift in consciousness or are they catalysts that made the shift in consciousness occur? Those of us who lived to experience all those happenings shifted in the way they live. Some became kinder some used their experience to arm themselves against future catastrophes.

Uranus square Pluto is not going away until 2015. Every time a planetary transit touches on these planets there will be events in our lives that will nudge or even force us to adjust our way of being on this planet. Some of those occurrences will be big like a hurricane while others will be irritations with that nasty person at the office. How will you handle these changes?

One of my favorite affirmations is by Florence Scovill Shinn, author of THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY….

“Infinite spirit, open the way for the divine design of my life to manifest. Let the genius within me be released. Let me see the path clearly.”

Be open to the path and it will be shown. How are you looking for the path? And how do you plan to walk down that path?