You did my last reading in late August. During the reading, a third baby kept popping up, and I thought that was crazy, because no way in... you know... were we trying to have another baby. Well, didn't know it at the time, but I was apparently two weeks pregnant when we did the reading. Due with my third girl in late April. You also saw me moving in the next year, and thanks to #3, we are in a few weeks. That gift of yours is kinda creepy but very awesome!

Chas - Houston, Texas

October 2016

e made it through three eclipses (August 18, September 1,16) but don't think you are past their effects. Over the coming months, many of us will see changes in our lives that create endings we may or may not have seen and new beginnings that take us to new places in life and on the planet.

The square between
Saturn and Neptune has created frustration and confusion for many of us most of the year but that is now waning and many of us will begin to feel more certain about our decisions and the directions we want to pursue. The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have been especially affected. The cooler weather of October will hopefully cool us down and revive our sense of balance that we have been missing for so long.

October opens with
Venus in Scorpio trine (120 degrees) Neptune still retrograde in Pisces. Venus in Scorpio can be tough and vengeful but this aspect with Neptune removes that edge and bestows a sense of kindness and compassion. Magic will be in the air.

October 5 Venus is sextile (sixty degrees) Pluto in Capricorn. This is good for doing business and getting down to the facts about any venture. If there is anything to learn about a partner it will come out now but that does not necessarily mean what you learn will be negative. Definitely, it will be enlightening.

On the same day,
October 5, Mars now in Capricorn, is square Jupiter in Libra. Mars is active and Jupiter is enthusiastic. Many of us will be so excited to get into some game or situation that we will overlook the small details. This is not the time to brag or boast unless you can put your money where your mouth is going. Otherwise, you will be taken down a notch especially if you are Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

Venus moves out of dark Scorpio and into optimistic Sagittarius October 18 - November 11/12. Love relationships and the pursuit of love is much less intense with Venus in Sagittarius. While Venus moves through Sagittarius we feel excited and ready to care for all types of people.

Venus in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces October 25 dazzling many of us like a cat batting at something shiny. With Venus sextile Jupiter October 26 we feel open and honest but with the Venus/Neptune aspect in effect be sure you do not make decisions based on excitement that has no substance.

Venus conjunct Saturn October 29 brings a big dose of reality back to relationships as many of us find out Prince Charming is not so charming. This is a time when we have to be supportive of our loved ones even though that may be trying. Do not be late for dinner.

In other planetary news, the
Sun in Libra is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius October 4. This is a time when being realistic and looking at the facts gets us just where we want to be in life. Long term projects can be worked and we can count on help from someone older and wiser with more experience. Do productive tasks now.

Sun in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn October 7. Someone is sure to fall off the Libra balance beam now and try to manipulate and control. Watch out for those people who want what they want just because they want it. You can get to the bottom of most dilemmas.

Sun opposite Uranus October 15 brings surprises and sudden changes for many of us. If you need freedom, now is the time to escape. The same thing happens when Mercury is opposite Uranus October 20.

Sun moves through Scorpio October 22/23 - November 21. While the Sun was moving through Libra we felt the need to find balance. While the Sun moves through Scorpio, our desires are strong and intense. Simple aspects of life will seem more serious than normal. This is especially true for Scorpio. Aquarius and Leo will feel the intense desire to pass over obstacles while Taurus will have to consider their needs as opposed to the intense needs of someone else. This should be a steamy time. However, Cancer and Pisces can easily roll with all the drama.

When the
Sun is conjunct Mercury October 27 in Scorpio, many of us, but especially Pisces and Cancer will be able to easily and efficiently feel and think our way through any situation.

Mercury, having worked many us over with his retrograde antics in September, finally moves into and through Libra October 7 - 24. Remember that Libra is all about finding balance in our life and relationships. The biggest challenge many of us will face with this transit will be to make a decision and stick with it. Your butt is going to start to hurt if you keep sitting on that fence.

October 11 is joyful as Mercury conjunct Jupiter has us feeling optimistic. Many of us will plan for travel or some other exciting endeavor. Since Mars in Capricorn is sextile Neptune in Pisces, collaboration and cooperation is easy. This is a good time to come to some sort of agreement.

Get it all signed on the dotted line before
October 13 when Mercury is square Mars in Capricorn. Conversations can become heated. If all parties can remain calm, much can be accomplished. However, we must really avoid arguments and accidents now. Hopefully, the influence of Mercury sextile Saturn October 14 will bring in a sane voice that will keep us on the right track. The challenge will be that we are already feeling manipulated by Mercury square Pluto October 15. Don't be pressured. Remain calm so that you do not agree to something you will regret.

Mercury moves through Scorpio October 24 - November 12. While Mercury is in Scorpio our thoughts and actions become brooding and intense. We can, however, come to understand situations that have perplexed us, previously, especially October 27 when the Sun is conjunct Mercury. That which seems unfair is very evident to Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo during this time. Take a deep breath and know that these feelings shall pass once Mercury moves into Sagittarius November 12.

Probably one of the most intense aspects of October is
Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn October 19. This combination affords us the drive and will to accomplish whatever we want. The trouble is that these two planets together will be cause for some of us to resort to subversive or destructive ways to make a point. Use caution for a couple of days before and after October 19. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Later in the month,
October 29, Mars is square Uranus. This can also be an explosive time that brings accidents. Do not let impatience dictate your actions. You can get hurt and just as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, pay attention to your surroundings.

The current lunar cycle began
September 30 with the new Moon in fair minded Libra. This cycle reaches its peak October 15 with the full Moon in Aries at twenty-three degrees at 11:23 pm CDT. This full Moon is conjunct Uranus still retrograde in Aries. Remember that Uranus retrograde can bring moments that are like a bottle of champagne being opened. It can surprise us and spray all over the place causing us to grab a towel to clean up the mess. This full Moon is cause for independent actions on the part of many of us here. Some of us will say enough is enough and make wide and sweeping changes in our lives. Our abilities are sure to be tested now and those of us who are born at the middle of any month can expect more and sudden change around this time. This is not the time to act impulsively. Count to ten and do the right thing and again, use caution.

October comes to a close with the new lunar cycle that begins on the
new Moon October 30 at 12:38 pm CDT in Scorpio at seven degrees. This lunar cycle is about doing things that gives us more autonomy and power in our lives. Many of us will start a new partnership while others will make important financial decisions. Since the new Moon is conjunct Mercury in probing Scorpio and trine idealistic Neptune, our efforts are sure to have a bit of altruism thrown into the mix. What I mean is that we will want to move onward and upward but with a purpose that is universally good for ourselves and those we love. It is sure to be an intense month that ends with a beginning that is based on the better qualities we all possess.

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October 1,8,15,21,28

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October 4,10,28,31

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