A New Moon Eclipse
Saturn Moves into Aquarius
Jupiter Moves into Aquarius
Capped Off With The Great Conjunction
More Change Has Arrived

December is an optimistic time of the year as the Sun, Mercury and the new Moon are all in the joyous sign of Sagittarius. However, we have not seen the last of the power struggles, pandemic, and division amongst us. The events we have witnessed are the making of history and the new future. Some say this is the beginning of the age of Aquarius, some of us want to keep things as it has been for centuries. The universe is ever expanding and so will our consciousness. We are seeing a reformation and a renaissance. The pandemic and economic crisis are symbols of the changes that are taking place in the culture of earth.

December brings a shift to the zodiac from the heaviness of Capricorn and its rules that are good for some, to the optimism that is good for all in Aquarius. This begins with Saturn moving into Aquarius December 16. Saturn will move through Aquarius until March 2023. Saturn last moved through Aquarius February 1991 until January 1994. What was your life like then?


A Saturn transit signifies a time when we have experiences that force us to grow up and accept our responsibilities. A Saturn transit brings up important decisions. Sometimes we wake up with a Saturn transit and just overnight decide that something no longer works and must be changed. Many of us fear Saturn transits, but in reality, a Saturn transit can bring us accomplishments for jobs well done.

Saturn does well in Aquarius, and people born with the Sun in Aquarius are going to be restructuring their lives. Discipline will be important, and many will start long-term projects that require a slow and methodical approach. This includes educational endeavors, or even new and healthier habits of eating and exercising.

For all of us, Saturn in Aquarius signifies a time when we assess our friendships. Consider the groups that we are involved with and
have to decide if those group associations support our best interest. Consider the role you play in your community. Consider who is contributing and who is a distraction. Come up with new goals and efficient ways to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Gemini and Libra experience a harmonious angle from Saturn and maneuver the realignment of their lives in stride. Leo, on the other hand, is Aquarius’ opposite sign and is going to be starting over in some way. Aquarius’ fellow fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio are going to wake up and suddenly realize that certain situations in life are no longer tolerable. They will probably experience the most abrupt changes in circumstances over the next two plus years. No, it does not have to be bad.


Just days later, Jupiter moves into Aquarius for the first time since January 2009. While Saturn contracts and teaches, Jupiter brings opportunity and expansion. Aquarius is the sign of independence, freedom, networks, and all things innovative. We are set to experience a burst of innovation in the next year. Many people and groups continue to dig in their heels because they do not want change.

Aquarius receives many opportunities over this next 12 months while opposite sign Leo sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Libra and Gemini are wise to make the most of all the easy opportunities and help comes from unexpected sources. Scorpio and Taurus have many opportunities but will have to work a little bit harder to make those opportunities happen.


Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius December 21. This is a big deal because Jupiter and Saturn conjunct approximately every 19-20 years. The last great conjunction occurred May 28, 2000, in Taurus. Big astrology events, such as The Great Conjunction, bring up new themes for years to come. Since the conjunction of 2000, the challenge was to create equal pay for men and women. The Great Conjunction is a harbinger of the falls of leaders and dynasties as well as the peak of many markets. This astrologer suggests that all readers pay attention to your investments as fortunes will rise and fall.

The current conjunction represents a shift in our lives and our society. Remember that Jupiter is opportunity and expansion, where Saturn requires time and patience. The Great Conjunction in Aquarius brings about the themes of community, social awareness, and equality. The issue of conspiracy theories are sure to come up along with truth across the airwaves and the internet. Health care for all is another topic that Jupiter and Saturn will tackle in this cycle. Hypocrisies come to light and injustices where hospitals, nursing homes, and even mental institutions are addressed in years ahead. Climate change cannot be denied in coming years. Those of us born on the cusp of any sign will be most likely affected by The Great Conjunction.

Over the past year, we have experienced Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto together in Capricorn for the first time in 700 years. Capricorn is the sign at the top of the zodiac. On the world stage, we realized the need for change in the structures of society, governments, and the general rules by which we live. These three planets in Capricorn have shown us corporate greed, conspiracy theories, a pandemic. The stock market is at its highest ever and it has been a long time since we, the people, stood in such long lines to receive food.

Once Jupiter and Saturn move out of Capricorn, the intensity of this process becomes less, but still we are not done with the power struggles we currently see in our lives.

There is one last dose of drama and hopefully not violence December 23 when Mars is square Pluto. That is the time to use caution especially for those born at the middle of any month.

The New Moon

The new Moon December 14 is an eclipse at 10:17 AM CST in Sagittarius at 23°. The new Moon eclipse is a special new beginning that pertains to communication especially since Mercury is conjunct the eclipse. Since this eclipse is in Sagittarius we will see the world coming together in a new way. Travel will evolve and at last begin to ease. We will see new forms of communication and this could really be the beginning of us interacting in innovative ways as a result of the pandemic. This eclipse indicates advancements in medicine and even herbs. This is most likely the onset of the distribution of the vaccines. At the same time, though, there will be conspiracies regarding the effectiveness or the danger of the Covid vaccine and other medical treatments. Poisons and the use of pesticides come to the forefront. Remember, that in 2008, we began a period where many of us would move away from excepted practices and unfriendly corporations. This new Moon eclipse is going to influence the rise of organics, solar power, and alternative fuels for vehicles.

The new Moon forms a harmonious angle to Mars and a challenging angle to Neptune. This harmonious angle to Mars brings us the ability to accomplish what we want for our selves. Mars outweighs the confusion of Neptune. However, avoid the tendency to send all your money to anyone who says they can save you or help you. Stay alert in the face of deceptive phone calls, emails, or conversations. This is a really good time to fact check.

At the same time, Venus is sextile Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. This is a very positive time especially for Scorpio and Capricorn to accomplish hopes and wishes. Business and love relationships can be sealed for future success as a result of this aspect during the new Moon eclipse.

News from Chile, Argentina, Namibia, and South Africa are sure to be in headlines in the weeks ahead. At this writing, Chile has decided to re-write its constitution even before the eclipse.

The Full Moon

The full Moon occurs December 29 at 9:29 PM CST in Cancer and 8°. This full Moon is the last one here at the end of the year. This is a wonderful time to consider your health and welfare and security. The full Moon forms what we call a sextile to Uranus which is very productive and brings easy changes for us. Those of us with planets 8° of any signs are most affected by this full Moon. If you feel anxious around December 29 it is because of the full Moon. This goes double for Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries.


Mercury moves through Sagittarius December 1 until December 21. Mercury in Sagittarius is optimistic and way chatty. Sagittarius is expansive and shoots for the stars or just a second dessert. News is generally uplifting especially for Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo.

Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune December 13. This can be a hazy lazy day so do not plan activities that require you to concentrate. Instead, buy a good bottle of champagne and toast departed friends.

Also, remember that Mercury plays a big role in the new Moon eclipse since Mercury is right there in the zodiac where the eclipse occurs. At the same time, Mercury is trine Mars. This is a very productive, enthusiastic, and uplifting new beginning.

Mercury and the Sun are conjunct December 19 in Sagittarius. This is a smile on your face day because everything seems optimistic. Just be sure you don't overdo in any area of life.

Mercury and the Sun move into Capricorn December 20 and 21, respectively. This shifts the month from the carefree joyous energy of Sagittarius into the dutiful and responsible energy of Capricorn. December 21 is the winter solstice i.e. the shortest day of the year. This is the time to go within and prepare for the coming months that lead to the longest day of the year in June.

Mercury is trine Uranus December 24/25 while the Sun is trine Uranus December 27/28. Changes are easy. Do activities that are out of your comfort zone. Sky diving, anyone?


Venus continues to move through Scorpio until December 15. Venus is intense in the sign of Scorpio. Venus can be jealous and controlling. Reel in your control issues and your petty jealousy and you will enjoy Venus in Scorpio. This is especially true while Venus plays nice with Neptune December 5. Love and harmony reign. Venus is sextile Pluto December 10. Playing with power goes well but that does not mean stick a fork in an electrical outlet. At the same time the Sun is square Neptune so you want to be sure to use good sense. Adding to that, the Sun trine Mars has us feeling excited even in the face of questionable facts. Get more than one quote for a job to be done and do your own fact checking during these days in December. Optimism is good but must not overrule common sense.

Venus is sextile Jupiter December 14 and then sextile Saturn December 15. This is a great time to play with influential people and you just may find yourself attracted to someone older or someone younger.

Venus moves through Sagittarius December 15 until January 8. This prolongs the levity of the Sagittarius energy since the Sun and Mercury soon move into Capricorn. Venus in Sagittarius springs thoughts of love that are lofty and hopeful. Venus in Sagittarius brings love, a trip, or attraction to someone from another culture or country.