October 2020


Anyone who can spell astrology is most likely familiar with the term Mercury retrograde. October is a Mercury retrograde month as Mercury is retrograde October 13 through November 3. I can hear the collective sigh.

Mercury is retrograde in
Scorpio, but backs into Libra October 27. Mercury retrograde surely will bring up issues of credit, intimacy, and other stuff we often obsess about. Instead of worrying about Mercury retrograde, acknowledge all those goofy little things that are sure to happen. No matter what you, do there is always something we overlook while Mercury is retrograde. We cannot outsmart Mercury but we can laugh at his antics and prepare for possible scenarios such as lost data and having to restart something that has already begun. 

Mercury retrograde is a time when friends are going to disappear and just about anything else that is out of the norm will attempt to throw you off course. Back up the computers and do all the things that you most desperately would not want to lose in a moment.
Then, just go with the flow, as that's all you can do during this time.  People from the past are going to make an appearance. They are not going to stay, but they're going to show up.

Mercury is opposite Uranus October 7. Mercury and Uranus opposing each other produces surprises and goofy little things happen.  Many of us will wonder, “Is Mercury already retrograde?”

On October 12 Mercury is sextile Venus. This can be a fun and social time. Might be a good time to put on your mask and get out of the house.

Mercury and the Sun connect in Scorpio October 25. This is an easy and busy day for Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.  Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo are wise to stay alert in the face of changes in schedule or hiccups that challenge progress.

Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter in Capricorn is sextile Neptune October 12. This fortunate aspect occurred February 20 and on July 27. This aspect is a bright spot among all the heavy aspects we have been experiencing this year. Jupiter and Neptune at this angle brings good fortune in business and philanthropy. This aspect is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the glimmer of hope we all have within us during this difficult time.

The Planets In Capricorn

Of course, Mars is still retrograde in Aries. Mars retrograde continues to square Pluto. Mars is just coming off the square to Saturn during the last days of September. Every block that we experienced during the past month was Mars square Saturn. That includes that big trailer blocking the gate entrance. If your were trying to do business and someone did not do what you needed, that was Mars squaring Saturn.

Even though Mars is retrograde, tensions remain high. Consider this aspect like a pot with a lid on it just about to boil. For the soup to be ready, the pot has the boil one more time, which we will experience in December. What I am trying to say is that we are not through with the difficult events that are taking place in our lives. We think we are ready to start out new somewhere in our lives. We still have to go through one more passage of Mars square the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Remember those planets were last all together in Capricorn 700 years ago. So, what we are experiencing will be in history books in years to come. We will survive.

During October 11-15 the Sun passes halfway between the opposition of Mars and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This creates what we call a T-square. We now have an opportunity for diplomacy to displace confrontation. 

The Sun is square Saturn October 17. This is kind of a downer day because we probably have to do something we don't want to do, or somebody is trying to get us to do something we don't want to do.

Mars is square Jupiter October 18-19. This can be an enthusiastic aspect, but remember Capricorn and Aries are involved, so simple gatherings can get out of hand for one reason or another. This is no time to go overboard. Yield to diplomacy no matter how hard it seems.

In the overall picture do not forget that Saturn now direct is still in the orb of influence of Pluto. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have brought struggles to us in terms of taking care of ourselves. These two planets are the perpetrators created the unrest we are now experiencing on the world stage and in our lives. Luckily, Saturn and Jupiter will both leave Capricorn in December thus releasing some of the pressures we are all now experiencing.

The Moon

October contains two full Moons. No, it's not the end of the world. It just happens that in the course of the next thirty-one days, there are two full Moons.

What does excite this writer is that both full Moons are forming angles to Uranus in Taurus. A full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, creating a lot of emotions and sometimes anxiety. With the angle to Uranus, we can expect surprises, challenges, and opportunities to live out of the box. Take that chance. 

October 1, the full Moon occurs at 4:06 PM CDT at nine degrees Aries. This full Moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries. Chiron is our psychic wound. Aries is our identity. Those of us with planets or our birthday around the ninth degree of any signs will feel this full Moon collectively, yet differently. For some of us, surprises will be happy and exciting. For others, it may be an ending and a new beginning. Try not to have a meltdown at this time, especially if you are an Aries. It will be normal to question your identity at that time. However, don’t take the mood too seriously, and please come back in off that ledge. Have faith that life is on the correct course.

Between the two full Moons, we have the new Moon October 16 at 23° Libra at 2:32 PM CDT. So, here we go again. We have a cardinal T-square involving the new Moon, which is opposite Mars and square Pluto and Saturn. Once again, we feel compelled to move forward or backwards and make changes in our lives and in the world. Hopefully, the new Moon in Libra will bring harmony and diplomacy. There is sure to be a lot of agitation in the world because of this T-square. The process of intense change is still upon us.

A second full moon occurs October 31 at 8° Taurus at 9:49 AM CDT conjunct Uranus. At this writing, I think it's a safe bet to say that celebrating Halloween is going to be reinvented. At the time of this full Moon, we can expect uncomfortable changes ahead. While change seems scary, it always is ultimately in our best interest. 

The next six full Moons form an aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Expect new inventions and shortages and still more exciting new avenues to open up on the path of life.  


Venus moves through Virgo October 2 through October 27. Venus in Virgo is not considered really good maybe because Virgo is so analytical.  Virgo just wants to go around improving everyone. On the other hand, though, people with Venus in Virgo can be awfully sexy and attractive and appealing. Julia Roberts, Sting, and the Duchess of Sussex were born with Venus in Virgo. While Venus is in Virgo, we will have the ability to define the beauty in details. Your local Virgo will look extra attractive.

Venus’ first angle is to trine Uranus October 10. This harmonious aspect between the two makes it easy to adapt when the course alters. Challenges and problems open doorways to a better result, product, or substitution.

Venus opposes Neptune October 18. This aspect creates confusion. Don't fall for scams. Pay attention.

However, Venus is trine Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn October 18-24 in that order. This harmonious aspect can bring opportunity, resolution, and restructuring during this time period when other stressful aspects are occurring.
Just as Venus is moving into Libra October 27, Mercury is retrograding through the back door of Libra. Venus and Mercury retrograde can bring people from the past into our lives. Misunderstandings and missed connections can take place at this time. But it will all come and go easily and quickly. What you should worry about is Venus in Libra next month squaring  Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. We've got to get those three plants separated and out of Capricorn. That happens in December when Jupiter and Saturn both leave Capricorn. I can only describe that with one word and that word is HOORAY.