August 2018

I have been writing this column for over twenty-five years now and in order to better assist readers who are not students of astrology I offer some suggestions as to how to use the monthly summary.

Read the summary with your calendar that shows the whole month on one page. Read through the intro and make note of the days that I point out. Mark the new Moon and the full Moon. The days between the new Moon and the full Moon are when you generally want to start something that you want to grow. Do look at that Moon void chart and take a rest on those days. I have discovered that no matter what I plan, it turns out another way on a Moon void day. Anything you try to accomplish will turn out with unexpected results.

Make note of the three days before the new Moon. People usually get anxious during these days because the phone does not ring or they feel confused or simply nothing is happen. That is because it is wind down time before the new Moon. You will usually notice that the action of life picks up once the new Moon occurs. Also note the days that planets change directions, especially Mercury retrograde.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a bit of a start to maneuvering through life with astrology.

August opens on the 1st with Mars, retrograde in Aquarius, square (ninety degrees) Uranus in Taurus. Mars and Uranus at this angle in any sign is a sure recipe for big events in life that change us. Mars is action and Uranus thinks out of the box. We have felt this aspect since early May and was last exact on May 16. Many of us have made changes in our attitudes in life since then. Some of us have stepped up to protest our life situation privately and publicly. In the weeks to come there will be more revelations and protest and change that cannot be reversed both privately and publicly. We the people are going to be speaking loudly for change.

Uranus turns retrograde August 7. This usually puts a stopper on innovation and revolutionary ideas. Oftentimes the pressure becomes so great that the cork just blows off the bottle. Uranus often brings about events that alter our course. Those alterations are usually upsetting and then we adjust and get right back up to move forward again but with a new direction.

Mars, retrograde since June 26, backs into Capricorn August 12. Capricorn rules authority. Individually and collectively we will experience a backlash against authority figures that are out of control. This is not just a political situation. In many of our lives we have clients, partners, friends, and supervisors whose behavior is intolerable. August will certainly be an explosive month especially for those people who have made life hard for others.

Mars turns direct August 27, this action oriented planet catches back up to Uranus now retrograde in Taurus September 18. The volatile energy of this combo does not subside for a while. Life should be very interesting. Those who are perpetrators should run for the hills because others will be exposing their unsavory deeds.

Venus moves into her home sign Libra August 6 and proceeds to trine Mars in Aquarius and inconjunct Uranus in Taurus. The inconjunct between Venus and Uranus calls for a sudden letting go of something that we no longer need. Since Venus is trine Mars the decision to let go should be swift and easy.

Venus moves through Libra August 6 - September 9. Venus rules Libra and when Venus moves through Libra we must strike a balance between proceeding forward with grace and being indecisive and inconclusive. This should be interesting with Mercury retrograde until August 19. Just make sure you don't get into a "should I or shouldn't I" loop.

August has one last eclipse for this year. The
new Moon eclipse occurs August 11 at 4:58 am CDT at 18 degrees Leo. Remember that a new Moon is new beginning and a new Moon/Solar eclipse is a special new beginning. Since this new Moon is within four degrees of Mercury retrograde this is a time for rethinking your progress and where you want to go from here. Additionally this new Moon/eclipse is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is power and authority so we are going to see more and more people questioning authority. This event is another boost to those who are wanting to create more power in their lives. The women's movement will gear up as women work towards gaining control over their lives in the face of government regulations.

Individually, this new Moon eclipse calls for all of us to evaluate how we live and express our selves. If you are not happy with your station in life, sort through your way of living and make changes in order to change your reality. It will happen. Adding to that angle to Pluto, this
new Moon in Leo is square Jupiter in Scorpio. Make sure you do not go overboard in any situation. It will be best to do a lot of listening and research before jumping on any new project. We will feel the effects of this new Moon until the first of 2019. Those who are oppressors will be exposed and forced to make changes.

Jupiter in Scorpio has been trine Neptune in Pisces on and off since December 2017. The aspect between the two is exact again August 19. The mood these two create is one of optimism and compassion. I think all of us on planet E could use some of that these days. The lives of those who are distressed and displaced is sure to be in the forefront. Perhaps the last of the children will find their way back to their parents. Do not resist the need to follow your imagination. Letting your creative juices flow will help you to sort through many challenges this month.

Don't forget that Mercury has been retrograde in
Leo since July 27. I hope you backed up the computers before then. Leo is so expressive and playful but not so much with Mercury retrograde. Choose your words carefully so that you do not put a damper on those you love as well as those you wish to influence. Mercury goes direct August 19. Right before that Mercury is sextile Venus on August 18. This can be a pleasant and relaxing time but don't let your guard down in the face of Mercury retrograde. Mercury loves to throw us a punch when we are looking the other way.

That's a lot of big events for one month but additionally the faster moving planets include the
Sun in Leo square (ninety degrees) Jupiter in Scorpio August 6. Don't let your optimism have you overdoing anything especially if you are Leo or Scorpio. Watch out for similar events when Mercury is square Jupiter August 28.

Sun and Mercury connect in Leo August 8. This is a busy chatty time with lots to do at a moment’s notice. The day should generally go fast because there is so much to do and it has to be done quickly.

August 9 is not as festive with Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn. Life can seem like a downer. Tasks will be onerous and every last person you really don't want to talk to will give a call or shoot you a text. Not to mention August 8, 9, and 10 are the last three days before the new Moon. The stuff of life will come to a conclusion and you just may not like the outcome you get. These days can be a frustrating time because nothing seems to be happening.

Sun moves through Virgo August 22/23 to September 22/23. While the Sun moves through Virgo we all get back to practical matters. Vacation is ending and we must take stock of what needs to be done in life. School is starting, supplies must be purchased and businesses prepare for the final end of the year push.

Just days later
August 25, the Sun is trine Uranus. All those lists and efficient plans will be subject to surprise changes. That’s okay because at the same time the Sun will be trine Saturn. Saturn means help is on the way. Your most stable person will help you out with their words or pick you up when the car breaks down.

full Moon happens August 26 at three degrees Pisces at 6:56 am CDT. This is an interesting full Moon because its creates a pattern in the zodiac that looks like a kite we all flew as children. The kite pattern can cause mishaps and accidents. Be prepared for all sorts of situations around the hours of this full Moon. Since it occurs in Pisces there can be water accidents or even late summer floods. To deal with this anticipate possibilities and do not succumb to feeling frustrated although that may be difficult. Hang onto things such as your phone because items and situations regarding the ability to have mobility can be unavailable. At the same time Venus is square Pluto creating tense situations with important people. Do not get all nuts if honey does not call you now. Power trips will do more harm than good.

2018 Mercury Retrograde

March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6


Consummate Relationships August 15 if you don't mind Mercury retrograde. Mars too. Better wait until September 12 after 1:15 pm CDT or September 13.

Have Medical Tests 1, 2, 8,15, 21, 22, 29

Sign Contracts August 31

2018 Mercury Retrograde

March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6

Consummate Relationships Between July 13 at 12:31 pm and July 14 at 6:12 pm, July 18, 20,21

Have Medical Tests July 5,6,12,18,25

Sign Contracts July No days