How did it get to be June so fast?

Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde June 18 through November 24. Neptune rules our psychic abilities and wherever Neptune is we are more sensitive than usual. While Neptune is retrograde listen to your gut feelings and reactions. They are stronger than you may consciously think. In fact, don't think when you get that flash of intuition. Use it as your guiding light now more than usual. Alas, many of us will just experience confusion.

Mars in Aquarius is retrograde June 26 until August 27. The rule of thumb for this astrologer is kind of like that of Mercury retrograde. Do not start anything new. If you start the fight, you will lose. Hold off on lawsuits, new romance, a new business or just about anything new. If you want to start a fight, tease your opponent into taking the first shot. All efforts will fizzle. Take a break from pursuing new love unless you just want to play like a player. Mars rules actions. Put your action away for now. If you have to buy anything be sure to pay for that stupid insurance everyone says is a ripoff. You will need it later for sure.

Mars goes retrograde, Mercury trines him from Gemini June 1. This is a great day for communications and accomplishing what we want to get done. Agreements should be easily accomplished.

At the same time,
Venus in Cancer is trine Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces (exact June 2). This grand trine in water signs is a really great time for a date or even a cup of coffee to mend fences with an old friend. Gee, June seems to be getting off to a good start. Compassion and love are in the air.

We get back to the analytical side of life
June 5 when the Sun in Gemini is conjunct Mercury. This is a day to figure stuff out through all sorts of communication. Stay focused and pay attention to the tasks at hand.

Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn on June 5 so some of us must address relationships that just are not good for us. Power struggles and push pull situations happen especially to Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

At the same time,
Mercury in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces (exact June 6). The Sun hits the same angle to Neptune June 7. Confusion is rampant and since we are just leaving the Venus/Pluto opposition someone may use confusion to control us.

Mercury moves through Cancer June 12 to June 29. While Mercury is in Cancer our thoughts are less analytical and more feeling. Right after moving into Cancer, Mercury is sextile Uranus in Taurus. Surprising but good events happen and situations are resolved in a moment’s notice. However as June 15 arrives, Mercury opposite Saturn in Capricorn brings challenging news and tasks that are not so easy to complete.

New Moon occurs June 13 in Gemini at 22 degrees at 2:43 pm CDT. At the same time just a house before, Mercury is sextile Uranus. What this all means is that this lunar cycle is a time of life when information is clicking at the speed of light or so it seems. Life events are fast and if you say something expect it to get around the block before you know it. Use this new Moon to make connections, learn about new topics, take tests and consider new ways to solve the current dilemmas. This all goes especially well for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius while the rest of us are overloaded and overstimulated. If you get to that point, turn off the noise and give your brain a rest.

Venus moves into Leo June 13 until July 9. Venus in Leo has us feeling romantic and ready to go out on dates. This is a great time to begin a new liaison but if you want it to thrive and grow you must get started before Mars goes retrograde June 26.

Venus in Leo is a great time to play. Vacations with the kids will be rewarding because the adults can shed those adult responsibilities and just have fun.

Right after moving into
Leo, Venus is square Uranus in Taurus July 14. Surprises come from the person you are seeing and children may be more than a handful. Drama can happen especially if someone acts out because he or she feels stifled. Try to roll with the punches and watch the play proceed with detachment.

Mercury in Cancer is trine Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces June 19 - 22. Venus did the same thing during the first couple of days of this month. This is a time when we feel emotional. It is not good or bad but a time when our emotions guide us. We don't think as much as we feel our thoughts. Take time for meditation or prayer or whatever else helps you to get in touch with your feelings. Compassionate acts reach far and wide during this time.

Sun enters Cancer June 21 at 5:07 am CDT. This is the summer solstice i.e. the longest day of the year. While the Sun moves through Cancer, we find solace in our safe place. Take time to do what you need to do for you. Many of us will feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster. This is especially true for Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries. This lasts until the Sun moves into Leo July 22.

At the same time,
Venus in Leo is opposite Mars in Aquarius. Relationships are sure to be tense. Try not to blow up and blow it all out of proportion. This is a quick transit that comes and goes so you don't want to do damage to a long term situation. You will ultimately regret it. Instead, channel that intense energy into passion.

Sun in Cancer is sextile Uranus in Taurus June 23. If you break out of your comfort zone it should yield a positive affect. At the same time, Mercury also in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This intense aspect brings a battle of the wills with words. Watch out for the controlling people who will do anything to get their way. Since Mars is just about to turn retrograde this is not a good time to stir the pot.

Venus in Leo is square Jupiter in Scorpio June 25. Another fast aspect, this is a time to avoid overspending and overindulgence. If you are on a diet you want to avoid the buffet line. However, this is a great time for socializing. Do avoid the serious aspects of your life right now.

Life is sobering as the
Sun comes to oppose Saturn June 27. Tension is in the air once again as many of us feel alienated from the very people we want to spend time with now. Many of us will have low energy. Ride this tide and get some rest. Most of the dissension is in your mind especially if you are Cancer or Capricorn.

full Moon occurs in Capricorn at 6 degrees at 11:53 pm CDT June 28. We are still feeling the effects of the Sun opposite Saturn because this full Moon is very close to Saturn in Capricorn. This full Moon will show us where we need discipline and where we have failed in our efforts. What a drag, but if you heed the need to be better at wherever you have fallen short, you will ultimately succeed. Full Moons are often dramatic. If you are not getting what you want now, do what it takes to make that happen.

Mercury moves through Leo June 29 until September 5. This long transit is because Mercury is retrograde July 26 - August 19. While Mercury moves direct through Leo, many of us communicate with self assured bravado. This can go well for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius but the rest of us may want to tone it down a bit. No bragging now as you will just come off as a - well you know.

Mercury is square Uranus June 30, so the last few days of the month bring upsets and people who just want what they want now. Try to look on the bright side of any situation and look for different ways to accomplish what you need to do. Alternative ways are the solution to any problem late in June.

2018 Mercury Retrograde
March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6.


Consummate Relationships June 17 up to 10:25 pm CDT, June 22 after 2:11 pm CDT, June 23

Have Medical Tests June 1,8,9,14,15,21,28

Sign Contracts June 1,10,11,12,18,19,25