July 2017

July starts off with Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto July 2. This strong aspect between two powerful planets compels many of us to strive to get what we want and in some cases at any cost. This is not the time to enter the playing field alone. Those who are arrogant will do that but those who are wise will assemble their best and brightest buddies to help achieve their goal. Do your best to use caution and don't head out into the world without good sense and a lot of protection. We all experience this aspect June 26 - July 6. Please use caution on the Fourth of July holiday especially if you are a Cancer or Capricorn.

Speaking of the Fourth of July,
Venus moves through Gemini July 4 - 31. Gemini is extra cute and a social butterfly during this time. All of us will have many social opportunities during these days. Just do not spread yourself too thin. Gossip will be abundant. Let it stop with you.

At the same time
Mercury, in Cancer, is square Uranus in Aries July 4. Mercury is communication, details and short trips. Uranus brings surprises. Think out of the box but don't insult others in a quest to be funny. Plans have unexpected changes and some of us will feel downright anxious. This all goes double for Cancer and Aries.

Right after the US holiday
Mercury moves through Leo July 5 - 25. During these days our words and actions are full of bravado and in some cases drama. Leo is especially busy and chatty. Leo's fellow fixed signs Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus must watch their words so that what they say does not come back to harm them in the future. The truth always comes to light.

At the same time, July 5, the
Sun in Cancer is trine Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, and square Jupiter in Libra. Neptune is extra sensitive and of course that creates a higher love vibration. During this time we are extra idealistic, compassionate, and loving. At the same time the Jupiter influence can cause us to overdo in our behaviors or in what we imbibe. This is not the time to dance on tables and do other foolish things that harm your reputation.

Mercury is sextile Venus in Gemini, July 7, lending us to easy communication and asking for favors that will be granted. One week later on July 14 Mercury is sextile Jupiter in Libra calling for great communication and the start of fun trips.

July 8 the full Moon occurs in Capricorn at seventeen degrees at 11:07 pm CDT. This is an intense full Moon due to the fact that is conjunct Pluto. This can bring up the need for great transitions and change in ourselves and in the structures of our society. Later in the day the Moon is square Uranus foretelling the possibility of surprises. Today and even a couple of days before, we are wise to use caution and be aware of our surroundings.

Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto July 10. If you resist change it will be forced upon you. Change your approach to any dilemma and change your internal thoughts at that time. Stuff you own is sure to break so have a handyman on your speed dial. July 10 can be an intense day.

Mars, still in Cancer, moves to square Uranus in Aries July 17. Mars and Uranus at this angle demand changes to the way we do things. Move away from the normal way of doing life but don't go to fast as accidents can occur. Lightning can strike twice now.

At the same time,
Venus is square Neptune July 17 and trine Jupiter July 18. Some of us are going to feel insecure and some of us are going to feel over the Moon. You may dress for an event and feel like you look terrible and then you get to the venue and everyone raves how you look fabulous. That is the square versus the trine. Don't believe everything you read or hear.

Mercury is trine sober Saturn July 19. This is great for making plans and working on projects that require attention to detail and careful consideration. Enlist the advice of someone more experienced than yourself.

Mars moves through Leo July 20 - September 5. This is sure to get our engines revving. Mars in Leo, affords us the energy to accomplish what we want and to let others know where we stand. Many of us will have a higher than usual libido. Leo is sure to be cockier than usual and may be a bit much for the rest of us. Mind your manners Leo. Aquarius will be ducking pot shots while Scorpio and Taurus are pushier and more controlling than usual if unchecked. Aries and Sagittarius can sail through challenges with optimism and a helpful attitude.

Just as
Mars is moving into Leo, the Sun is square Uranus July 20. This should bring about surprises especially for Cancer and Aries. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and adjust to those unexpected events.

Sun moves through Leo July 22 - August 22. It's the heat of the summer and the Sun is now is in fixed Leo. This is the time for us, and especially Leo, to have fun, play, yell, laugh, and maybe even cry. Just avoid over the top drama and don't act self centered.

new Moon occurs July 23 at zero degrees Leo at 4:46 am CDT. This lunar cycle begins a time of fun. Break away from the routine, put on a sundress, and throw an outdoor party or crash one if you don't have a party to attend. If you have too much fun, remember to have a designated driver especially July 24 when Venus in Gemini is opposite Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius.

Venus, still socializing in Gemini, opposite Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius July 24. The party music will seem to stop in the days around this aspect. Disappointments may be abundant so try to work it out with communication. Life will show you how and where you need to prepare yourself. At the same time Mercury in Leo is trine Uranus in Aries. This aspect offers new options as opposed to the disappointments we might be currently experiencing.

Mercury moves through Virgo July 25 - August 31. While Mercury moves through Virgo, our thoughts and communications are concerned with details and analysis. Get as much done as possible because Mercury is retrograde August 12 - September 5.

Sun is conjunct Mars in Aries July 26. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are motivated to climb any tasks with enthusiasm. All of us should use caution with our actions and words now.

Right before moving into
Cancer July 31, Venus is sextile Uranus July 30. This is a great time to meet with friends and do just about anything social.

Venus moves through Cancer July 31 - August 26. Cancer looks great now as do Scorpio and Pisces. During these days our love of others is heightened but so are the emotional ups and downs. Many of us will want to attach to someone to care for during these days.