May 2021


The biggest news of the month is the full Moon eclipse May 26 at 6:14 am CDT at 5 degrees Sagittarius. The eclipse is a pleasant one that provides important events right away. Those events include sudden flashes of insight and awareness. Some of us will have big endings while others will have big payoffs and successes at the time of the eclipse. When inspiration comes, take action because this eclipse will not disappoint. Those of us who have planets at five degrees are most affected by this eclipse.


The other big news is that Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini May 29 until June 22. Please, no whining. Delays happen and we get shown details that we left out. Sometimes that causes problems that most of us blow out of proportion. Back up all the computers and your phone. Do not upgrade your computer or make important purchases while Mercury is retrograde.

We will begin to feel Mercury retrograde May 15 and that feeling continues until July 7.

Even before that time Mercury moves out of Taurus and into Gemini May 3. Mercury is trine to Pluto and square Jupiter in Aquarius May 2-3. Our thoughts are going to be deep and seem profound at that time. Look to the big picture of life and consider the status you want in the future. Just be sure you do not give up before you start as the Sun will be square Saturn and Saturn shows pitfalls we have to climb. Bumps in the road do not always mean it is time to turn around or quit.

Once Mercury moves into Gemini, our thoughts and actions adjust from slow and methodical into dealing with details that come to us rapidly. Mercury moving through Gemini is easy for Libra and Aquarius but somewhat challenging for Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Just make sure you check and double check details. That is where you will find your devils.

Mercury is trine Saturn while the Sun is sextile Neptune May 12. This is a great time to stay on course, remaining cautious and patient. A lot can be accomplished with just a bit of perseverance. Just be sure your motives are sincere, otherwise you will be taken down by those who wish to see you fail.

Mercury is square Neptune May 22-23. Confusion happens, so stick with daydreaming without taking action. Do a good deed but once the Moon goes void at 4:36 pm until 10 pm CDT sit still and do nothing as your efforts will not yield the results you desire. The fog lifts as soon as it starts. Do use caution around the water. Maritime accidents are possible at this time.

Mercury and Venus conjunct May 28-29 just as Mercury is turning retrograde. Party plans are sure to be changed. Do not believe the wooing or the wooer. It is all smoke and mirrors.


Venus is finishing the transit through Taurus May 8. Venus is nice in Taurus especially when sextile Neptune May 2. At that time, we will need to be with the people we care for as this is a passionate time. Put this date on your calendar and do not let work get in the way of romance.

Venus in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn May 6. This is another passionate day. Make sure you are available and open to that passion. At the same time, Venus is square Jupiter May 8. These days are off the chart good ones.

Venus moves through Gemini May 8 to June 2. Venus in Gemini is very social so many of us will be getting out to mingle. Avoid gossip, but do enjoy the new and old connections with friends. Gemini looks super terrific as do Libra and Aquarius. Before leaving the house, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces need a style check from someone that is honest.

Venus is trine stable Saturn May 19. Make long lasting decisions. Commitments to friends, loved ones, and a course of action are very favorable. Get the ball rolling before Venus is square Neptune May 27 creating confusion, not to mention Mercury retrograde May 29.

The New Moon

The new Moon occurs May 11 at 2 pm CDT in Taurus at twenty-one degrees. At the same we are feeling Mars sextile Uranus, Mercury is trine Saturn and the Sun is sextile Neptune. These aspects coupled with the new Moon in Taurus compel us to create new budgets but also to seek habits and behaviors that enhance our self-worth. Commitment to a course of action and adventure coupled with enhanced vision makes this new Moon a wonderful time to start a new way of thriving. Use the limitations you perceive as a foundation and reason for a new start.

A New Ingress For Jupiter

Jupiter dips into Pisces May 13 to July 28. This is a glimpse of what to expect when Jupiter moves through Pisces December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022. Jupiter in Pisces compels us to move beyond what is now and into what we feel we can create. This is a highly imaginative time wherein we will seek that which is ideal. Many of us will be opening to new psychic abilities. Compassion is on the rise and we will leave behind that which is petty and pretentious. It will be a time of spiritual advancements. On an earthlier level, we will be considering the quality of our water. Travel by ship should begin to flourish once again. There will be storms and floods.

The Sun

The Sun in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn May 17. This aspect gives understanding to motives. This is not the time to pull any baloney because everyone will see, smell, and taste that baloney and those who try to get away with anything underhanded are disappointed. Set something in place that can grow as the foundation will be firm. Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus have financial protection.

The Sun moves through Gemini May 20 to June 20. This last month of Spring has us feeling lighter and more festive after what we have all been through in the past year. Try on new ideas, clothes, and adventures. We get a big dose of expansion while the Sun is square Jupiter May 21. Seek variety and make big plans.


Saturn in Aquarius turns retrograde May 23 until October 10. Slow down and think. Consider your commitments. The daily routine and activities slow a bit but we mostly need to act in methodical ways as opposed to jumping into anything both feet first.

May 30

Mars in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces. We feel this a few days before and after this aspect is exact. The causes that are in place receive a big boost because we are feeling passionate about accomplishing growth and harmony in our lives not to mention helping others.