It's April !

pril opens with Mercury retrograde in Aries until April 15. Since Mercury is retrograde in Aries, many of us will be rethinking our personal identity and how we fit into certain situations. Okay, enough with the optimism. Check and double check your work and leave home with plenty of time to allow for delays on the road until Mercury goes direct.

Sun and Mercury connect in Aries April 1. These two planets together cause a busy day, especially for Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Keep your eyes open to avoid the tricks that life wants to play on you.

Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio, is sextile (sixty degrees) Pluto in Capricorn. This is one of those long term aspects that to this astrologer seems to be a backdrop to everything else that is happening in our lives. Sort of a silent influence or even a fairy godmother. Jupiter and Pluto at this distance can make everything better. In most cases it just seems like life seems to unfold in our favor generally.

Jupiter is already retrograde and Pluto goes retrograde April 22 until September 30. They are both backing up to take a second look at previous events. Those second looks are what can make situations come to a positive conclusion. Remember, too, that Pluto retrograde facilitates healing. Grudges can be released which in and of itself creates a healing environment.

This is especially true
April 24-26 when Mars is sextile Jupiter and conjunct Pluto. Helpers both in real life and on some other plane will make life easier for so many of us. Don't question it, just enjoy the boost.

Sun in Aries is square Pluto April 11. At the same time the Sun is incunjunct (150 degrees) Jupiter. The Sun and Pluto bring up control issues and the inconjunct insists on a compromise. Balancing control and compromise are the way to move forward around April 11.

Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect is once again triggered when Venus in Taurus is opposite Jupiter and trine Pluto April 17. Venus and Jupiter call for the music to play loud and a good time to be had by all. Venus and Pluto want to be serious. This is a push pull between having a good time or getting down to business and getting the profits you want. Perhaps mixing business and pleasure can give us the best of both worlds. Just remember what you are trying to accomplish during this time.

Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde April 17 - September 6. Saturn wants stability and structure. While Saturn is retrograde we always want to consider the situations in life that are currently in place. Many of us will renegotiate contracts in order to make them more stable. Others of us will break previous commitments. Don't be surprised if the progress you want to make slows down.

Saturn goes retrograde Mars crosses Saturn April 2. Progress can be stifled and many of us will feel like we are stuck. Some of us will feel sore. Don't let emotions and disappointment drag you into negative thinking. Just two days after on April 4, Mercury is square Mars pressuring us to make decisions with little time to ponder the facts. Arguments and accidents can happen now so slow down and pay attention. Mercury square Saturn April 5 augments the difficulties with bad or no news. This is probably not a great time to travel. Face your tests and testy people with a sense of detachment and awareness. Don't let that glass be half empty. Our attitudes and outlooks will determine how we get through these difficult days.

Venus in Taurus is trine Saturn April 7. Saturn is not retrograde yet so this aspect is great for connecting with someone out of your age group. Business can go well and if you are shopping with a budget the deals will make you very happy.

April 11 Venus is trine Mars in Capricorn. This nice connection brings about productivity and relationship connections based on camaraderie as opposed to just a physical connection. Whatever you want to get accomplished in the days around this aspect should generally be easy to accomplish.

Venus keeps up the good work when this planet is sextile Neptune April 12. Love and compassion go well as do shopping and just about any creative endeavor.

Right after that
Mars is sextile Neptune April 14. Romance remains strong but Mars is action and Neptune is compassion. Many of us will be standing up for a cause. Expect to see more people in the news gathering to create a better life for all of us.

new Moon occurs April 15 at 8:57 pm CDT in Aries at twenty-six degrees. Aries is about starting anew. Especially in terms of becoming a new you. This new Moon is conjunct Uranus. Uranus changes us and our path big time. Use this new lunar cycle to make wonderful changes in the way you are and the way you go about life. Many of us will begin to awaken to a new sense of ourselves. Even after this new Moon, the Sun moves to conjunct Uranus April 18. Change is afoot whether we seek it or not. Change will find us and that goes double for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Sun moves through Taurus April 19 - May 20. Our attentions will turn to our comfort level and our belongings. While the Sun moves through Taurus many of us will defend our position in life. Taurus is one of the fixed signs so many of us will resist change. This time is generally easy for Virgo and Capricorn . The other fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are challenged by people and situations that require us to make adjustments.

Venus moves through Gemini April 24 - May 19. Venus in Gemini is a social butterfly. Many of us, but especially Gemini, will be off to this or that function. This is not a time of sitting on the couch. Get out and play and flirt and have fun. Libra and Aquarius will enjoy this transit almost as much as Gemini. However, Virgo, Sagittarius and, Pisces must cut the chatter and avoid gossip.

Mercury is square Saturn April 25. News will not be good and responsibilities must be tackled. Stay late and get that report to the boss first thing in the morning.

full Moon is April 29 at 7:58 pm CDT in Scorpio at nine degrees. This full Moon has us considering where and how we are out of balance with those who are closest to us. We will be facing our comfort level with others and considering if we are giving too much or too little. This is a good time to settle debts both karmically and in real life. Some of us will receive refunds and other sums of money while others of us will be paying off debts.

Later in the same day the
Sun in Taurus is trine Saturn. This easy aspect has us, but especially Taurus and Capricorn, working easily and methodically to accomplish tasks for a goal. Since Saturn is now retrograde we will be considering if what is on our plate is worth working for or if we should take a new direction towards a different goal. Whatever the case, take a slow approach to the projects at hand.

2018 Mercury Retrograde

March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6.


Consummate Relationships April 16 after 3:51 am CDT, 23

Have Medical Tests April 7,8,14,15,21,27,28

Sign Contracts April No days, nada, zip.