Eclipses - On The Brink

Here we are once again at eclipse season. The last round of eclipses occurred December 25/26 and January 10. Eclipses foreshadow big events in our lives. Long ago they were considered omens of droughts and other unfavorable events. That is not always the case but the last round were followed by the conjunction of the power planets Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn amping up the need for change within and without each and every one of us.

The Full Moon Eclipse

The first eclipse is the full Moon June 5. It occurs at fifteen degrees Sagittarius at 2:13 pm CDT. This eclipse is square Mars. When we look at the zodiac we have the Sun with Venus retrograde really close by (exact conjunction June 3) opposite the Moon in Sagittarius along with Mars in Pisces halfway between the Sun and the Moon. Venus is square Mars (exact June 2). Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Venus are retrograde. Mercury in cancer is sextile Uranus (exact June 5). Mercury and Uranus together bring sudden but productive change.

We will all have some sort of relationship issues. Expect some big endings and some relationship explosions. This is heated time when many of us will be making important decisions. Many of us will be ending old ways of life and starting on a new path. It does not have to be a bad experience but rest assured, if you are born around the 3 to the 9th day of any month you have some big shifts coming in your life in the months to come. This is the time to reevaluate where you are in your connections with others. Read books about the psychology of relationships to understand what makes you and your partner tick. The dynamics of love and loathing will be quite active.

Remember too, that the United States was born on July 4, 1776. The most commonly used chart is known as the Sibley Chart cast for 5:10 pm LMT in Philadelphia PA. That puts the rising sign of the USA for 12 degrees Sagittarius which means that the eclipse occurs on the first house of the United States’ chart. This is a harbinger of great change and dissension to come. The battle over personal rights and US relations around the world. Crazy talk will be all over the place as ideologies try to out do facts. Venus square Mars is sure to bring up worries over war or the validity of the war machine in the United States in as well as in other countries. Violence will continue. Use caution. Issues with the armed forces are sure to come up maybe due to COVID 19 or the way the command is being handled.

It just gets wilder. The full Moon eclipse is opposite Uranus in the President’s natal chart. Uranus says duck because here comes something unexpected. Donald Trump was born within hours of an eclipse. Mike Pence’s Gemini Sun is conjunct the Presidents’ Uranus. Mars is transiting the Presidents’ seventh house. I wonder if Trump is going to dump Pence. Maybe Pence is going to decide he is done with being VP. This certainly shows challenges for the these two men and the country. We are embarking on a cultural revolution across the world.

The new Moon eclipse December 26 occurred on Mike Pence’s Saturn in the tenth house of career and recognition. Whatever the case, these two men are not going to be on the same page and maybe not even in the same room. Maybe they are at war. Maybe Pence has to take over in the coming months. Perhaps Pence will not be Trumps running mate.

Fast forward to July 4/5 and the full Moon eclipse in Capricorn opposite the US natal Sun. Further financial shakeups are going to take place. Many leadership positions are going to be changing over the next several months. This is an exciting time to be present to see what will take place around the world. Please stay safe and listen to all advisories whether it be about health or travel or finances.

And I just thought we might all get to send away an ex that comes sniffing around to say they made a mistake by dumping us. While Venus is retrograde and conjunct the Sun June 3. June 1 to 8 is sure to be eventful in all our lives and with the federal government.

The Sun is square Neptune in Pisces June 11. This can be both confusing and inspiring. Monitor your mind as to which way it takes you now. There will be lots of lies and conspiracies as people vie for influence.

While the Sun is square Neptune, Mars in Pisces is coming to cross over Neptune in Pisces June 13. Neptune is stationary, about to go retrograde June 22. I always think of steam heat when Mars and Neptune come together because is it is a combination of fire and water. News about COVID 19 will be inflammatory. The combination of Mars and Neptune and the Sun and Neptune at ninety degrees between June 11 and 14 brings more news about the cruise industry or even a maritime accident. Use caution when you venture out on your jet ski.

Mars is sextile Pluto June 18 and then sextile Jupiter June 20. So basically Mars is sextile the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction that occurs June 20. Those who act in over the top violent way will be met by great opposition now. Use the productive sextile from Mars to dive within yourself and harness your talents and resources.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto retrograde is sure to bring breakthroughs in the way science and the medical profession is dealing with the pandemic.

The Sun moves through Cancer June 20 to July 23. While the Sun moves through Cancer our thoughts turn to family and reunions and security. Well, that’s already happening.


Mars moves through Aries June 27 to January 6, 2021. Mars is at home in Aries and does his most effective work there. Sometimes that is good and sometime Mars goes wild and throws things. Remember Aries Russell Crowe throwing a telephone at a hotel desk clerk years ago?

Mars moving through Aries is a good time to start new projects and make your mark, except unless Mercury or Mars are retrograde. Don’t forget this month and next Mercury is retrograde. Mars will be retrograde in Aries September 8 to November 14. That explains the long stay in Aries. While Mars is in Aries do not start anything that you cannot stop. Those who start the fight are destined to lose the war while Mars is retrograde.

Just as Mars moves into Aries, this planet squares the position of the new Moon eclipse that occurs June 21. During the first week of July, Mars squares the position of the eclipse last December 25/26. This is sure to bring up dissension and battles over the citizens rights in countries around the world. Little people with big guns are best avoided during the last three days of June until July 2.

Mars is sextile Saturn June 28 so much can be accomplished if one knows the ropes and how to tie said ropes.

The New Moon Eclipse

The new Moon eclipse is June 21 at zero degrees Cancer at 1:42 am CDT. Once again Cancer is about security. In the United States chart this eclipse occurs in the seventh house of relationships conjunct Venus and close to Jupiter in the US chart. It is also opposite the eclipse of last December. The issue of balancing our space with other peoples space is coming to a new beginning. We will move forward with a new social construct but not without some battles. The people in the world who do not want to move forward will protest loudly. Speaking of protests, this eclipse is going to amp up China’s desire to control Hong Kong. News from India and Pakistan and South Africa will catch our attention. The structure of society of the world is undergoing a change. We will be moving away from the idea of if they build it ,we will buy what is built. Humans will begin to consider what it is they really need and desire.

And since the nodes of the Moon have shifted into Gemini and Sagittarius, this eclipse will bring more battles over personal liberties and conspiracies. Fact and fiction are sure to be at war. Those with little knowledge and big mouths will want to exert their influence. Those with knowledge better use their resources to inform and educate.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde June 17 to July 12 in Cancer. For God’s sake back up the computer. This month has enough to deal with without losing your data or your house keys. Reevaluate your resources and your living arrangement. Maybe it is time to get a new quarantine mate. This Mercury retrograde is most challenging for Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Okay its a challenge for all of us. Pay attention. We will all find ourselves going back to a place where we left off recently or years ago.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is conjunct the Sun and sextile Uranus June 30. Most situations that go awry are easily handled and work out in our best interest at the end of the month. There is sure to be a lot of busy work and too much chatter. Out of all of that chatter listen to what is really being communicated.

Neptune turns retrograde June 22 through November 29 in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces so that’s a double whammy of more intense sensitivity. This is especially effective for Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio since they will feel and know the vibes. Others of us will be touchy and more emotional that usual. Given the circumstances most of us will have one or more reasons to process joy and grief.

Venus Goes Direct

Venus goes direct June 25 signaling an end to all the rethinking about relationships. The ones that showed up during that time will suddenly disappear and the ones that disappeared will finally come out of the shadows and make contact. For most of us that will be too late as we are not interested in that pattern.

June is an intense month with these two eclipses and another coming in July. The events we are experiencing collectively and individually seem to be leading many of us inward.

Most clients I am reading for are experiencing a combination of big endings, beginnings, and discovering their true purpose in life. The best advice I can give to just about anyone now would be to follow the words of the first line of Max Erhmann’s prose poem DESIDERATA,

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste.”

From the March column…

In the next few months we will see ways of living that need to be changed. This will be easy for Gemini and Libra. Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus will be harshly affected by the outrage of what suddenly is going wrong in life. The answer to it all is to bond together and reinvent the way we live. It is already happening. Many of us are thinking in terms of communal living. Others of us are turning away from the structures and people of society that simply no longer serve us.

Seems like we can expect a lot of advancements once Saturn moves through Aquarius December 2020 until March 2023. We are likely to get lots of new cool stuff that makes life easier and we are going to bond together to make cultural changes and shifts that benefit all of us.

From The April Column

One last note

Chiron is still loosely square the nodes of the Moon all in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Libra. We have Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We are at a crossroads. Some of the old patterns are still clinging in place. We are just at the beginning of major changes across the planet. Many souls are leaving while other souls are taking the reins.
Use caution and listen to the facts we must all face at this time. This is the beginning of a new society emerging. I see it in the microcosm of my own neighborhood where people are connecting and caring and sharing resources like never before. Humanity has survived wars and epidemics and so many other challenges to its existence. It will be okay. Maybe not today, but it will be okay.