August 2023

August is an eventful month. We are compelled to grow in our awareness and move on from life situations that no longer work. Recognize that most of what you are seeing and experiencing now is theater created by those who want to distract us. Wake up and make your own decisions that come from your deeper self. If you have no connection within, it is time to dial up to the energy that we all are one. If you are not adding to the solution keep quiet.

August holds two full Moons and one new Moon. No, Nostradamus did not write about it and the world is not ending. It is just one of those cases where the man made calendar holds these three events in the course of thirty-one days.

The full Moon August 1 at 1:32 pm CDT in Aquarius at nine degrees - There are so many aspects around this powerful Moon that I will give you the results of this Moon as opposed to confusing non astrologers with the technical aspects.

This full Moon, like the last full Moon, is a super Moon meaning that it is extra close to the earth. Tides may be extreme and seismic activity is likely to occur. We are sure to feel more emotional than usual with this full Moon.

With the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, we are compelled to balance our emotions with our intellect. The technological advances we have experienced in this lifetime have put us more in our heads than our hearts. This full Moon is actually asking us to listen to our inner selves. Consciousness is shifting. We are shifting. Some of us are resisting out of fear of losing power. That power is an illusion. The collective will take power over time anyway so we are wise to join in the expansion of awareness.

This extreme full Moon is asking us to move on from the way we have been creating our world. Some of us have an agenda and will fiercely strive to accomplish that agenda. People and structures that no longer are viable are going away over time. Some to jail. Some to the other side. This full Moon along with Pluto square the nodes brings more social unrest over the next several months. There will be breakthroughs and roadblocks to maneuver. At the same time medical advances are taking place. People are suddenly being cured of HIV. Who would have thought that thirty years ago? The answer is the optimists.

With Saturn opposite Mercury at the time of the full Moon we will understand the stark difference between wisdom and sadness.

This full Moon calls us to evolve and change that which is shown to be corrupt and not in the best interest of the masses. Creativity is prevalent. Focus on love and do not fear our differences. We are the same. We must help each other now and in the coming years. We can do it. What is your wish during this time? Focus on how to change your life for the better. That starts in our hearts. This writer has a wish for all of us to spread love and for those machine hogs at the gym to get your butts up and let someone else workout. It would also be nice if people would pick up their dog’s poop. This astrologer has simple wishes.

With Mars and Jupiter positively aspected at this full Moon, our wishes are sure to manifest quickly. Karma comes swiftly. There will be movements to live in harmony with nature in the coming years and this full Moon is a trigger for us to get along with nature.

In the days after the full Moon, the Sun in Leo is square Jupiter in Taurus August 6. Additionally, Venus retrograde in Leo is square Uranus and Mercury is trine Jupiter This brings us the advancements we need to survive. It brings us people that are interesting and people we do not want to see. Those who are holding onto the old ways of thinking and being will be uncomfortable. These can be some really nice days for new romance and expansive thinking, though.

Venus, still retrograde, and the Sun are conjunct in Leo August 13. Many of us are changing our minds. Others of us will regret past decisions. Just remember, you cannot drink hot coffee out of a broken cup. If you broke it you have to accept that responsibility. What were you doing the last time Venus was retrograde in Leo eight years ago?

This full Moon is called a sturgeon Moon because, according to the Farmers Almanac, this time is ripe to catch lots of sturgeon. Whatever.

The new Moon August 16 at 4:39 am CDT in Leo at 23 degrees

This new Moon is square Uranus, our spirits are adventurous, independent, and rebellious. There will be rebellions in the coming weeks. With Pluto transitioning into Aquarius between now and November 2024 we will see the masses organizing to make changes.

At the same time as this new Moon, Mars is harmoniously aspecting Uranus. This brings new ideas and philosophies that urge us individually and collectively to find new ways to tackle challenges of the climate, the financial systems, and the need to feed the world. Egomaniacal behavior will be abundant. Do not give those people your attention as it empowers them.

August 22

Venus still retrograde is square Jupiter in Taurus. This is a fun aspect that brings changes to our relationships. Just because that person comes back does not guarantee he or she is here to stay. If you were hurt do not take them back. They will hang out until September and be gone again. Get off that merry go round.

With Mars opposite Neptune, pay attention to the stuff that people do and say that are red flags for you. Enemies lurk behind some smiling faces. Pay attention to body language like when he or she smiles, closes those pretty eyes and says, “of course we are not breaking up.”

The Sun moves into Virgo on this day. We do need a dose of earth to ground us and get us out of all the drama we are experiencing. This is an exciting time, but sometimes we just need to get grounded in nature and healthy habits.

August 26

The Sun, now in Virgo is opposite Saturn in Pisces. This is not easy. People are critical and many of us are wondering what’s the use. This will pass and you will feel better soon. Call the friend that does not judge you to pull you in off that ledge before you do something dumb. This is especially true for Virgo and Pisces.

Speaking of Virgo, Mars finally leaves this sign and moves into Libra until October 12. Up until this time Virgo has been a bit of a pain in the neck and will become easier to deal with where details are concerned. Libra gets the Mars supercharge. Mars does not like to be in Libra so look for them to be wildly out of balance in the weeks to come. On a positive note, Libra is able to take a position and get off that fence.


Mercury is retrograde in Virgo August 23 to September 15. People get so freaked out about Mercury retrograde. Mercury does rule Virgo so this one is going to hurt. Back up the computers, and double check just about everything you do during this time. If you have read the first part of this column, Mercury retrograde is small potatoes compared to consciousness shifting events that are taking place. As a teacher once said in class, pay attention while Mercury is retrograde. After that lecture this astrologer got into the car and plugged the cell phone into the wrong slot and shorted out the electrical system. Pay attention.

The full Moon August 30 at 8:36 pm CDT at 7 degrees Pisces

This full Moon is called a blue Moon because it is the second full Moon in a month. This is also the full Moon that is the closest to the earth this year. Since this full Moon is in Pisces, there are sure to be lots of issues around water or lack of this precious substance that keeps us alive.

This full Moon is within a few degrees of Saturn which is at an odd angle from Mars. That offers compassion and an increased awareness that we are one and the same whether we are trying to get across that border river or trying to keep others out of our club. Endurance and hard work are a must with this influence from Mars and Saturn. Some of us will be digging our heels in with hollow outrage. Do something kind for someone. That is why we are here.


Uranus in Taurus turns retrograde August 28 until late next January. Uranus, a disruptor, brings us sudden change in our outer world. While Uranus is retrograde, the need for change stems from within us compelling us to make changes in our outer world. We do not feel Uranus retrograde as abruptly as we usually feel Mercury retrograde. Uranus retrograde in Taurus is sure to bring financial changes across the globe.

Pluto in Aquarius 1777 - 1798
The American Revolution was won.
The French Revolution and the French Reign of Terror
The industrial revolution
The dollar became the currency of the United States