November 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius is trine Uranus retrograde in Aries November 11. Since Saturn and Uranus are slower moving planets, this event is longer term and the effects are somewhat profound. In fact, we have felt it in varying degrees since last December when it was exact December 24, 2016 and again May 19, 2017. If I were to give this aspect a title I would call it "making sense out of pandemonium" because that is what most of us have been doing since the events of last year. We have heard "What happened?" so many times because of unfathomable events have taken place for so many of us personally and on the world stage. Fires and floods have chased people out of their homes, earthquakes have taken place, and it seems like inexperience seems to be a better option than the tried and true ways. Those who seem capable really are not but are being replaced by those who are also incapable. It is a strange world these days.

The best use of this aspect is to realize and hope that the events in life are stepping stones to a new consciousness and way of living. Saturn urges us to use caution while Uranus says step out of the box and forget the resistance. Saturn offers stability while Uranus retrograde brings sudden and unexpected events showing us we are not prepared. Allow yourself controlled growth. It will be fine.

Neptune, retrograde in Pisces since June 16, turns direct November 22. Neptune's presence in our charts and lives is a gauge of sensitivity. While Neptune is retrograde our door to that which is unseen is quite open and we are able to understand and see more than is apparent. Our sensitivity to substances are heightened so maybe we need one less cocktail or scoop of ice cream. We may have a tendency to develop one of the many side affects that the latest drug on television warns us can happen. The shift from Neptune retrograde to direct will most likely be subtle.

Venus in Libra is sextile Saturn in Sagittarius November 3. While romance is wonderful is it has to be sensible now. Venus with Saturn compels us to desire love but this is not a time when we just go for anybody. It has to be someone who has scruples and a job. At the same time, the Sun in Scorpio is trine Neptune bringing our compassion to the forefront. This is a great time to help others. Who knows, maybe we can meet a mate or date while volunteering at the rescue shelter or just fall in love with a homeless puppy.

full Moon occurs November 4 at 12:23 am CDT in Taurus at eleven degrees. This full Moon is sextile Neptune in Pisces adding a touch of compassion to what is often a bit of a high drama time for many of us. This full Moon compels us to take a stance. Do not sit quiet. Remember, Taurus rules the throat so don't swallow something you really need to say. Venus, in Libra is opposite Uranus retrograde in Aries at the same time so many of us will feel free to blurt out our truth which will be quite surprising to those who are close to us. At the same time financial matters come to a conclusion.

Mercury moves through Sagittarius November 5 - December 1. While Mercury moves through Sagittarius, our thoughts turn to the big picture but sometimes we are a bit scattered. Listen wisely so that you do not believe inflated claims. This is a busy time for Sagittarius while fellow fire signs Aries and Leo are able to handle big plans with ease. Sagittarius' fellow mutable signs Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo have trouble with the small stuff and the big stuff.

Mercury is sextile Mars in Libra November 17. Sagittarius and Libra, are quick witted and very sharp minded. We can handle tasks, especially the surprises with ease and efficiency. It will be easy to make smart snap judgments.

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries November 25 opens us to all sorts of new and different ideas and situations. Hopefully, we are feeling this aspect by November 23 when family discussions turn to politics and religion. Mercury and Uranus will open minds to opinions and alliances that usually disgust us.

Mercury crosses Saturn November 28 opposing ideas will be tough to handle. Good news will be scarce and arguments and disagreements are common. This will be a far cry from November 13 when Mercury is square Neptune and we seem to be clueless.

Venus moves through Scorpio November 7 to December 1. Venus is not at her best in Scorpio. We want closeness and intimacy but must avoid obsessive behavior. Do not let love consume you now especially if you are Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo. Cancer and Pisces are less love struck but very attractive while Venus is in Scorpio.

Venus crosses Jupiter in Scorpio while Mercury is square Neptune in Pisces November 13. Don't believe everything you hear now, but do enjoy the bliss.

Venus trine Neptune November 16 brings happy emotions to many of us. Think of the way we all act during the holidays. That is how you will really feel, just without the parties and lights. But by November 21 when Venus is sextile Pluto in Capricorn we will know the meaning of serious love. Capricorn and Scorpio are most attractive at this time.

Sun in Scorpio is sextile Pluto November 9. During this time we are able to harness our power to accomplish what we want to accomplish. This is an easy time especially for Capricorn and Scorpio. However come November 19 when Mars in Libra is square Pluto we are sure to be the source of or object of a power struggle. Make an effort to play nice and roll with the emotions that rise up like hot lava.

new Moon happens at twenty-six degrees Scorpio November 18 at 5:42 am CST. Scorpio wants to connect and get answers. Use the influence of this new Moon to gather facts and details that empower your purpose. Make financial plans and come to terms with what makes your world go round. This new lunar cycle is a great time to make a deep connection based on reality and not delusion.

Sun moves through Sagittarius November 21 to December 21. While the Sun was moving through Scorpio we were focused on all facets of intimacy. While the Sun moves through Sagittarius our focus moves to a broader spectrum of life. Consider what you want the whole picture to be as opposed to one small part of life. Life is just a bowl of cherries but you gotta go find the cherry tree. This is Sagittarius’ kick off to the next twelve months as well as a reasonably easy time for Aries and Leo. However, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo will have to adjust to less than easy situations.

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Consummate Relationships on November 3 after 4:46 am CDT, 24, November 30 after 2:38 pm CST

Schedule Medical Tests November 1,2,7,8,14,15,21,22,29

Sign Contracts November 9,11,16,17