August begins with The Sun and Mercury in Leo opposite Saturn August 1 and 2. Leo is magnanimous and expressive but Saturn puts a damper on our enthusiasm. This is not an optimistic aspect, but it quickly passes in a day or two. Do not give up before you start the journey, whatever that journey may be. This is especially true for Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus. Use the grit of this aspect to get the tough stuff accomplished.

Luckily, at the same time, Venus in Virgo is trine Uranus in Aquarius 2-3. These two together are stimulus for fun social events especially if you are Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn. Libra and Gemini easily bring in new money at this time.

Of course, there always has to be a warning on the package of good news and that is that Mercury and the Sun are square Uranus August 3 and 6 respectively. This brings surprises and upsets. Have it your way whether you are ordering a burger or declining to be manipulated by friends who want to borrow money or move into your guest bedroom. Independence from the group dynamic is important. In the big picture of life, we are sure to see political unrest and demonstrations in the news.

The New Moon

The new Moon occurs August 8 at 8:51 am CDT in Leo at sixteen degrees. Leo is a playful sign that can be loving and loyal. Make wishes and set goals to bring in new creative projects. If you want love and romance this is the new Moon to make that happen.

August 9 -11

At the same time, we feel Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune (exact August 9). Oppositions are lessons and hurdles, so when you make those wishes, address the challenges that you consciously or unconsciously put out into the world. Stay home for a day or two and do not believe the baloney someone throws your way especially if you are Virgo or Pisces.

Mercury is opposite Jupiter August 10. Even though this is an opposition Mercury and Jupiter bring big plans. Just do not bite off more than you can swallow and do not brag as that is unbecoming.

Mercury moves though Virgo August 11 through August 29 or 30 depending on your time zone. Mercury rules Virgo so this planet is extra potent where details and data are concerned. Consider the fine points of your habits at work and personally. Consider ways you can perform any task more efficiently. Take stock of your vitamins and organize the cabinets. Mercury in Virgo is very helpful to Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer. The rest of the signs have trouble with decisions and piles of paper to sort.

At the same time, August 11, Venus is trine Pluto in Capricorn. Relationships feel deeply passionate at this time. We will all be growing into our relationships in a positive way during this aspect. Virgo and Capricorn and Taurus are safe financially so turn off those unproductive worries no matter what the circumstances.

Venus in Libra

Venus moves through Libra August 15 to September 10. Venus rules Libra, so this planet of love and money is extra powerful now as well as our desire to connect with another. Gracious behavior goes a long way as opposed to arguing a point. Take off the boxing gloves and put on the white gloves. This is a time of love, luxury, and finding balance in all areas of life. This event goes well for Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo.

August 18-26

Mercury is conjunct Mars August 18. Mercury and Mars are trine Uranus August 20 and 21.

Mercury and Mars together offer opportunities to think on our feet. When arguments happen, verbal assaults will be humdingers. At the same time, quick innovative decisions can be made. Many of us act with independence. If you have that relative who already wants to know what you are doing for Christmas, now is the time to say what you really want to do and it most likely will not include that relative. Innovation is an important word during this time.

Uranus, in Taurus, is retrograde August 19 to January 18. Uranus brings change that is often unexpected. We adjust to the chips that fall and move on, better for the experience. While Uranus is retrograde, that change is internal. We process what needs to be done internally before taking action. We initiate the change in our behavior without putting out a news release. This is a good time to go quietly amid the clamor of life.

As the Sun is leaving Leo it is opposite Jupiter in Aquarius August 19. The Sun and Jupiter together give us great confidence and that is great if you have low self-esteem. Ask for favors. Ask nicely and do not be overly dramatic. Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus can get a lot done, but we don’t all need to know about it. Just say, “excuse me” at dinner. It is not necessary to tell everyone you have to poop.

While all this planetary action is taking place, the full Moon occurs August 22 at 7:02 am CDT in Aquarius at twenty-nine degrees. This full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which is off the charts wonderful. Venus is trine Saturn which supports long term commitments. New relationships begin and established relationships deepen. Mars trine Uranus is still in effect so this is a great time to employ the courage to express how we feel about the person we love.

The Sun joins Mars and Mercury in Virgo August 22. We are shifting back into earth, so earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn feel greater ease in moving through life. Tend to details and good habits.

Mercury in Virgo is opposite Neptune August 24. Let go of ego and enjoy the flow of life. Boundaries are melting and sometimes that is not a good thing. Do not take anything for granted as what you perceive could be a fairy tale. Virgo and Pisces should be on high alert so as not to fall for any scam even from those in your inner circle. That pyramid scheme will not make you rich.

Mercury in Virgo is harmoniously trine Pluto in Capricorn August 26. Place your attention on what it is you wish to create or accomplish. Pay attention to messages that are literal and symbolic.

Mercury moves through Libra August 29 to November 5. The unusually long transit is because Mercury is retrograde September 26 to October 18.

Mercury in Libra calls for balance and diplomacy, but all are warned not to give in too easily to unreasonable people. Do not be swayed by hearsay or gossip.

Plan now to work around the days of Mercury retrograde. Get your projects started before September 26 and do not make plans for travel while Mercury is retrograde.