May 2020

The zodiac continues to change and shift away from the intense Capricorn emphasis that we have experienced from last December to March 2020. As one follows astrology you will discover the premise that nothing is permanent. The planets are constantly on the move at varying speeds, directions, and angles to one another. Therefore, nothing lasts forever.

This month the nodes of the Moon change signs May 5 according to THE NEW AMERICAN EPHEMERIS based on Universal time. If one runs a chart for Washington DC in Eastern time, the nodes of the Moon do not change Capricorn/Cancer to Sagittarius/Gemini until June 4, 2020. However, this does bear note this month.

The nodes of the Moon are the points where the Moon in its orbit intersects with the ecliptic hemisphere. In all our charts we have a South node and a North node.

The South node represents what we bring to this life to address. Some call it karma some call it a challenge. It can be bad habits, behaviors or talents we have not expressed previously. The North node is the goal of one’s lifetime. Very simply to say but not so much an easy process.

The nodes have a cycle of 18 to 19 years. That means the nodes in the sky return to our natal position at age 18, 36-37, and again 55-56. These ages usually have a notable event such as graduating from high school at age 18.

The shift in the nodes is from the North node in Cancer to Gemini. The South node will shift from Capricorn to Sagittarius. This means there is more movement away from societal rules and structure of Cancer and Capricorn. The intensity we have been experiencing will subside somewhat for now.

Gemini is a curious sign and wants to know facts. Gemini is always thinking. Sagittarius looks at the big picture of the world and has grand ideas. In the coming two years we are going to see a battle between the ideologies and facts. They are two very different things.

Just open your news app on your phone and you will see all kinds of ideas thrown at us attempting to influence our behavior. Look to the facts. Many people are not looking to the facts but reacting out of emotion and bias.

Saturn, now in Aquarius, is retrograde May 10 to September 28. Saturn is one of the outer planets so it creates change at a deeper level than say Mercury retrograde that messes up your computer or printer. Saturn backs into Capricorn July 1. While Saturn is retrograde the rules that apply to all of us will be changed and questioned. Like who goes to work and who quarantines. Many people are questioning that.

Once Saturn moves back into Capricorn we will return to some of the intensity that we have felt since last December. Leadership in the microcosm and the macrocosm will be questioned by the masses. Rules will be quite structured and those in charge will dig their heels in so as not to lose power. Saturn backs up to an orb of influence with Pluto at the end of September and we will see more changes to leadership across the globe.

Saturn retrograde will probably be most difficult for Capricorn and people with Capricorn rising. Aries, and Libra and Cancer will be challenged to realize what is not working and what must be changed in their life. Social and cultural change continues because we are seeing that the old ways don’t work. One thing to ponder is: How could commuters get around Los Angeles and still keep the clean air that has returned during shelter in place?

Venus is retrograde May 13 to June 25. Venus is also out of bounds and in Gemini. The ride this summer is sure to be a rollercoaster. Watch your spending. Invest very carefully. Do not get married or make a commitment and do not get all starry eyed over an ex that suddenly knows you are the one. That same ex will have a change of heart come late June. Enjoy the fun and exhilaration but do not get emotionally tied up during this time. Consider life a romantic comedy that ends with a better outcome in the sequel, but the sequel has not been written or cast yet.

Jupiter is retrograde May 14 to September 12. This occurs every year for about four months. Jupiter does not do well in Capricorn. The economy suffers when Jupiter is in Capricorn. Just look back to 2008. While Jupiter is retrograde we will see further economic challenges. Look within and contact your inner authority. Jupiter retrograde and its effect on the world economy will be a catalyst for continued change in what we know as a normal way of living.

The full Moon occurs May 7 at 5:46 am CDT in Scorpio at 17 degrees. This full Moon is in aspect to Mercury in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. Mercury and Neptune are spaced apart in a productive angle that can bring about good news somewhere in our lives. This full Moon will relax the restrictions we have felt in the recent past. We can expect to see life return to feeling safer. Acts of compassion around the globe will inspire us. Do not let your guard down, though.

The new Moon occurs May 22 at two degrees Gemini at 12:39 pm CDT. The great news about this new Moon is that it harmoniously aspects Saturn in Aquarius. This is stabilizing and affords us the ability to rebuild out of the chaos that we have recently experienced. We will feel like order is being restored. Look to mature people for guidance.

At the same time, though, Venus retrograde and Mercury both in Gemini are square Neptune. During this cycle we must watch for dishonesty and scams. This is a time to discern who we can trust. Those are the people who will lead the way during this time. Remember that Venus is retrograde so stay away from making commitments.

Mars moves through Pisces May 12 until June 27. Action oriented Mars does not love to be in compassionate Pisces. Many of of us will feel confused over choices and direction. Extenuating circumstances seem to keep us from going forward. Just remember…nothing is permanent.

From the March column…

In the next few months we will see ways of living that need to be changed. This will be easy for Gemini and Libra. Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus will be harshly affected by the outrage of what suddenly is going wrong in life. The answer to it all is to bond together and reinvent the way we live. It is already happening. Many of us are thinking in terms of communal living. Others of us are turning away from the structures and people of society that simply no longer serve us.

Seems like we can expect a lot of advancements once Saturn moves through Aquarius December 2020 until March 2023. We are likely to get lots of new cool stuff that makes life easier and we are going to bond together to make cultural changes and shifts that benefit all of us.

From The April Column

One last note

Chiron is still loosely square the nodes of the Moon all in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, and Libra. We have Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We are at a crossroads. Some of the old patterns are still clinging in place. We are just at the beginning of major changes across the planet. Many souls are leaving other souls are taking the reins. Use caution and listen to the facts we must all face at this time. This is the beginning of a new society emerging. I see it in the microcosm of my own neighborhood where people are connecting and caring and sharing resources like never before. Humanity has survived wars and epidemics and so many other challenges to its existence. It will be okay. Maybe not today, but it will be okay.

Every storm runs out of rain - Maya Angelou