I have been writing this column for over twenty-five years now and in order to better assist readers who are not students of astrology I offer some suggestions as to how to use the monthly summary.

Read the summary with your calendar that shows the whole month on one page. Read through the intro and make note of the days that I point out. Mark the new Moon and the full Moon. The days between the new Moon and the full Moon are when you generally want to start something that you want to grow. Do look at that Moon void chart and take a rest on those days. I have discovered that no matter what I plan, it turns out another way on a Moon void day. Anything you try to accomplish will turn out with unexpected results.

Make note of the three days before the new Moon. People usually get anxious during these days because the phone does not ring or they feel confused or simply nothing is happen. That is because it is wind down time before the new Moon. You will usually notice that the action of life picks up once the new Moon occurs. Also note the days that planets change directions, especially Mercury retrograde.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you a bit of a start to maneuvering through life with astrology.

August 2019

The Sun, Venus, and Mars are moving through Leo this month. Mercury joins them August 11. This is great for fun, frolic, and generally being a teenager. The challenge, though, is that as many of us will be enjoying the final days of summer there will be somebody or some situation that will want to rain on our fun. This is due to the fact that these planets will angle Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn August 1 to 16. Don’t expect everyone to be difficult but do be prepared to deal with those who do not want to see others have a good time.

The best news of the month is that Mercury went direct late night July 31/early morning August 1 depending on your time zone. I know many of you are breathing a sigh of relief. Remember, though, that until August 15 when Mercury gets back to the point where he first went retrograde, we will still have some goofy stuff taking place. You may still be resetting the modem to get your internet going during those days. This astrologer does not usually pay too much mind about the post Mercury retrograde shadow.

Mercury moves into Leo August 11 and leaves August 29. Many of us, but especially Leo, will be thinking of big plans. We will feel and act dramatic. However we will have to be realistic because some bossy pants says we have to August 21 through 27. It is really that we must adhere to reality or simple physics dictate more logical actions. Once Mercury moves into Virgo August 29 our thinking becomes more logical. Details will be properly tended.

Jupiter, retrograde in Sagittarius since April 10, goes direct August 11. Some people have felt stuck while Jupiter was retrograde. This time was an opportunity to reinvent areas of your life that are stale. Once Jupiter goes direct, opportunities sprout and flower for many of us. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo will generally be quite fortunate in the days until December 2.

Uranus in Taurus is retrograde August 11 to January 10. While Uranus is retrograde the pressure to assert change and innovation is somewhat stifled. Once the pressure gets to a certain point it all pops like an overblown balloon. Money matters and the stuff of our lives that make us comfortable will suddenly feel uncertain. The trick to anything Uranus, in my opinion, is to accept that uncertainty with calmness and faith in the process called life.

Venus in Leo is square Uranus in Taurus August 2. At the same time Venus
is thirty degrees away from wounded healer Chiron. Venus, Chiron, and Uranus together mean that many of us will question our ability and right to be in a situation. The simplest thing someone can say or do can set us into doubt. Be vigilant and confident in yourself. Otherwise you could feel wounded emotionally. These instances are an opportunity to grow into a more confident self. Mercury follows suit bringing similar results August 16.

Venus is much better in a trine to Jupiter August 8. The Sun does the same the day before. This is a lucky time especially for Leo and Sagittarius. This can be a happy go lucky life is just a bowl of cherries time these two days. The cherries should be sweet and pitted.

The Sun in Leo is conjunct Venus August 14. Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries look great and we can’t help but notice when they walk in the room. Add this to the good days list but remember there will be buzz killers waiting to foil your plans.

Th Full Moon occurs at 7:29 am CDT August 15 at 22 Aquarius. It is opposite Venus and Mars in Leo. The opposition to Mars and Venus creates drama. Arguments and insults are not productive. Learn from the things that are happening now. Aquarius and Leo are sure to be active or stressed at this time. A bit of romantic tension could be needed now.

August 18 feels like a turning point as Mars moves into Virgo. Mars has us getting down to chores and the beauty of handing details. Many of us feel like life is a bit smoother.

Venus moves through Virgo August 21 to September 14. Hooray for Virgo because you will look terrific. Venus in Virgo has us thinking of love in practical terms. We may want something luxurious, but it also has to be practical. Do something nice for someone. It goes along way.

At the same time, August 21, Mercury in Leo is trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. We feel it in the days around August 19-23. This is another lucky aspect but there will have to be compromises now. You may not be happy with who got lucky.

The Sun moves through Virgo August 23 - September 23. It’s official.
Refined attention to detail is the most important thing going on now. Lifestyle and health seem gracious. For many of us, much will fall into place. Concern yourself with better ways of living and working.

Venus and Mars connect in Virgo August 24. Right around this time Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are extra lucky and find life moving forward with greater ease than earlier in the month.

Venus in Virgo is trine Uranus in Taurus August 26. There will be beauty in the unique and even macabre. Chance encounters happen and can turn out well. Mar is trine Uranus August 28 adds to our desire to try something new in life. The Sun follows August 29 and trines Uranus. August 26 to 29 should be an exciting time. Many of us will strike out in new directions without warning.

At last Mercury catches up to the others and moves through Virgo August 29 - September 14. Mercury just adds more earth influence in our lives. We feel more grounded and our communication is usually more precise. There is going to be a lot of talk for Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces during this time.

The New Moon August 30 is at 5 degrees Virgo and takes place at 5:37am CDT. Aries is sure to feel uncomfortable right around this time. It is because you are becoming a new you, dear Aries. The rest of us can consider the Virgo lifestyle. Start with turning on your music source and playing meditations. Give yourself a facial and order in tonight. Then envision life ahead.