February 2018

February opens with the Moon waning towards the New Moon/eclipse February 15. At the same time the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Aquarius. This means our attention tends towards ideas that tend to be innovative and good for all of us. Since we are past the full Moon it is time to conclude business of one sort or another. This astrologer tries to avoid new starts while the Moon is waning.

Mercury, in Aquarius, is sextile Mars in Sagittarius February 3. Mercury and Mars at this distance from one another insures snappy responses and quick decisions. Many of us will have agendas that we must accomplish and will do so with confidence. It will be easy to push our ideas and to have them accepted at this time.

At the same time
Venus in Aquarius is square Jupiter in Pisces. Venus loves luxury and Jupiter loves more, more, and more. Under this transit many of us will have difficulty staying on a diet or within our budget. Have fun but try to avoid a shopping or sugar hangover. Venus sextile Uranus February 6 adds to our fun quotient. Those of us who are demure will be less so during these first few days in February.

February 7 the fourth or last quarter of the Moon occurs in Scorpio. This is where the Moon in Scorpio is square the Sun. This is a day when intimate connections can be abrasive and troublesome. This begins the final days of the quarter before the new Moon. This is a time when life gets somewhat quiet. Many of us get impatient because life seems to be on hold and we don't see results or messages we want to see. February 12 - 15 can be especially upsetting for some because it is the dark of the Moon and life just seems to halt. Sit still and finish the stuff that needs to be completed. That includes relationships.

Our desire for fun and overdoing activities amps up again
February 10 when the Sun is square Jupiter in Scorpio. Sounds like a good time for a night out with buddies.

Mercury is square Jupiter and the Sun is sextile Uranus February 13. Mark that Tuesday on you calendar for getting out of the usual Tuesday night routine.

Venus moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces February 10 - March 6. Venus likes to be in Pisces. Pisces is sure to look good during these days. While Venus moves through Pisces love is pure and compassionate. Some of us will yearn for love.

The new
Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs February 15 in Aquarius at twenty-seven degrees at 3:05 pm CST. This new Moon is conjunct Mercury. Aquarius rules the masses and a sense of being in this together. The masses are ready to take on the few. It will be the collective that leads the leaders in the months ahead. Expect to see more groups assembling and taking action. This will be the thinkers and innovators as opposed to those who want to preserve the past. This is an exciting new Moon that is sure to kick start us with new ways of doing the old ways of living. Since Mercury is so close there are sure to be social and media breakthroughs as well technological news. Individually, make a list as to how you can move out of now and into a brighter future.

Look back to
February 1999. That's the last time a solar eclipse occurred at this place in the zodiac. What were you doing then and in the subsequent months? This should give you some clues as to what you can expect this time around.

Venus in Pisces is sextile Saturn in Capricorn on the same day as the eclipse. Venus is love and beauty and Saturn is wise. This is a time when relationships take on an air of knowingness and confidence that what you have is real. This is not a time to be cavalier about sex or love. Don't leave the important question for Valentine's Day. Ask it February 15 after 8:42 pm CST.

Mars in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces February 17. Mars is ambitious and has an agenda. Neptune is “pie in the sky” romantic. At this distance these two planets can bring us disappointment and disillusion. Perhaps the romantic is disappointed by the fiery one who has to have experiences and independence. At its worst our counterpart will fool or deceive us. At the same time avoid a stream of thoughts that cause discomfort. This would be a really good time to meditate even if you don't usually do that. The calmness will get you through the emotional roller coaster.

Sun and Mercury conjoin in Aquarius February 17 just before Mercury moves into Pisces. This is a busy day of finishing tasks and coming to terms with ways of thinking. As the day wears on our way of thinking and communication is engaged and compassionate. Our interests will turn toward charitable causes that are for the good of all while Mercury moves through Pisces February 17 - March 6.

Sun moves through Pisces February 18 - March 20. Now we have Venus, Mercury and the Sun all in Pisces. During the Pisces time some of us will feel emotional, content, imaginative, and meditative. Others of us will feel confused and run in different directions. Shift gears and senses and let your intuition guide you in the next few weeks.

We get a big dose of
Pisces' best when Venus crosses Neptune February 21. Venus is exalted in Pisces and that's good. Neptune rules Pisces. Just picture the scene from the Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West sky writes “SURRENDER”. Surrender to life and that which is of the stars and the universe to find your way back home. Just don't get too high on life, otherwise the landing will be brutal. The good thing is that Mercury is sextile Saturn at the same time. That lends a bit of sense to that which is unfathomable.

Venus takes a swing at Mars from ninety degrees away in Sagittarius February 25. Venus in Pisces goes toe to toe with Mars in exuberant Sagittarius. Egos are sure to clash now and passions easily erupt. At the same time Mercury is conjunct Neptune. Confusion and misunderstanding must be avoided. Keep your head out of the clouds. Thank goodness the Sun is sextile Saturn lending some logic to what could be an emotional and unsettling time.

Venus and Mercury in Pisces are sextile Pluto in Capricorn February 27 and 28. Our ideas about relationships are set to change thus transforming us individually. Relationships will move to a new step or change their pace. Whatever the process or outcome it is set to be productive. Just don't let the squabble or should I say square between Mercury and Mars cause arguments and missteps during those days

You most likely noticed that there is no full Moon this month. The
full Moon occurs March 1 at 11degrees Virgo. The final days of the month may seem like a fever pitch especially since the Moon will be in exciting expressive magnanimous, regal, and arrogant Leo.

2018 Mercury Retrograde
March 22 - April 15
July 25/26 - August 18/19
November 16 - December 6.


Consummate Relationships January 1 between 2:10 am CST 18,20,and 8:24 pm CST
January 25 up to 9:17 pm CST
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January 1,2,7,15,16,23,29

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