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Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22

Beyonce 9/4 - Sean Connery 8/25


August Virgos are especially blessed with financial security while others are stressed about money. Rest assured
, you will be provided what you need. Communication is an important factor. Virgo is able to get your point across with ease even when you want to slap that person who is not keeping up with their end of the bargain. Play it safe but still be daring. Go ahead with the adventure and do not let your fearful mind talk you out of what you inherently know is destiny. Work is busy, but Virgo has a knack for making it all work efficiently. Watch for accidents while traveling January 12 and 20. Plans change January 20. Over the next two years tend to your health and lifestyle to avoid future health events. Travel and work go together well. Streamline your schedule. You begin to feel your ruler go retrograde as early as January 15 and that lasts until March 13. Mercury is retrograde January 30 to February 20. Back up the computers and pay attention to the fine points in any situation. Lots of redos have to be endured. This Mercury retrograde is not the time to have elective surgery or any procedure, if at all possible. If you do, the results are a disappointment. The new Moon January 12 is a harmonious one for Virgo. Continue on a path of empowerment. The new Moon brings romance and sentimental gestures. Suitors come from another generation. Don’t be an ageist, that person could be the best thing that happens to Virgo. With such a busy time, the full Moon January 28 insists that Virgo have some solitude to recharge.