Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22


September opens with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all moving through Virgo. Mercury trine Uranus September 1 brings easy change and innovation. All four planets take turns forming a trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This means Virgo can play nice with those in power and that you yourself can advance your causes and reputation with ease. Confusion does happen when your motives and communication can be misinterpreted. Others may not see you clearly so be sure to be succinct and direct. Family matters and home repairs must be dealt with September 5. The stress will leave as quickly as it arrived. The full Moon in Pisces September 13/14 shows you where you are out of balance with others. Again, watch out when others misconstrue your intentions. Partners and enemies will show their true colors and that is ultimately good for Virgo. Just past mid month, Virgo attention must turn to your finances. A bit of juggling will have to take place. Offers to travel may have to be turned down as you do not want to spend out of your budget. Do not let honeys talk you into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Bosses or family matters are stressful September 21. Begin a financial plan September 29. Best days 7,8,17,18,26,27


Virgo will have to be out in the world refining details and making the world a better place. But that must be balanced with rest. Some of you will have to recover. Backs, teeth and knees need some care. Getting the daily chores done is going to take longer. Plod along and do not be hard on yourself. You are preparing for the coming year that starts on your birthday and you want to be fresh and healthy for the new beginning ahead. Once Mars moves into Virgo August 18 your energy increases and you are able to move ahead and not sideways. Venus moves into Virgo August 21. Your attractiveness is suddenly enhanced and people will be drawn to you. Mercury your ruler moves into Virgo August 29 and life gets very busy with communications and details that must be tended. Surprising news and conversations occur August 7 while the full Moon August 15 brings new ways of working and a change in your habits. Bosses and work are difficult but Virgo can handle the little stuff that will make everyone feel better. The new Moon August 30 is the new beginning for you, Virgo. Set your intentions for the coming twelve months at that time. Best days 2,3,11,12,21,22,30


The new Moon eclipse occurs in Virgos’ eleventh house of friends. This means you have many new associations coming. Some of you will be joining teams or professional associations in months to come. You will be instrumentally important to the people that you choose to keep because you bring an element of nurturing and fresh air to those people. In turn, the new friends will be of like mind and share many of your interests. They will see you for who you are and most likely open Virgo to see yourself in a new light. The full Moon in your fifth house will have you expressing your self as an authority. People will listen to what you have to say because you know what you are talking about. This will go well as long as you do not come off as authoritarian. Leave the suit and tie at home along with your worn out opinions and you will be the darling of the younger set. Remember that your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde. Do the usual Mercury retrograde routine such as backing up the computers and leaving for events early. Do not initiate anything new. While Mercury is retrograde some friends will disappear and others will reappear. If the computer does not cooperate, just walk away for a couple of hours as opposed to making yourself nuts over the delay. Mars is moving through your twelfth house stirring up all that data in your head. Recognize what is real and what is imagined and you will sleep much better. Above all else, trust in the universe as opposed to the thoughts that make you crazy. Best days 6,7,15,16,25,26


The Sun is moving through Virgos’ tenth house of career and recognition. Both of these things bring Virgo both positive and challenging pushback types of people and situations. That just may not matter because Venus trine Pluto June 2 makes you very aware of the love in your life. This is a primo time in life to run into the one if you are a single Virgo. Those who are attached can deepen their love. The New Moon June 3 brings new ways of thinking about your career. This new Moon says get clear on where you want to go in the future and with your career. An opportunity will come your way right around or on June 10. Think before you give anyone a decision. The full Moon June 17 brings attention from career to home and family. Make adjustments and compromises so that all parties get what they want June 25. June is a social month. You will meet many people. Best days 1,9,18,28


Slip away to a change of scenery. The travel routine gives Virgo a new perspective on life. The new Moon May 4 is great time to initiate new ways of thinking and living. Here and there during the month you will be able to express how you feel to someone you care about. Do not think that is going to make life more rosy. In fact the clearing of the air in your thoughts and words and deeds will bring changes to the current status quo. You just may find that you are starting over by losing someone that has bee a regular fixture in life. Stick true to your ideals. Many people do not see who you are and that is their loss. Align yourself with those who know your true value. The full Moon May 18 compels Virgo to speak from the heart. Have courage, it will make you vulnerable and being vulnerable will bring you to the heights of ecstasy in months to come. There will be some agony in the process. Your daily routine is very busy later in the month and will show Virgo that indeed you are powerful no matter how others see you. Best days 4,13,21,22,31


Get ready for relationships to take on an air of intensity. Existing relationships become deeper while new relationships come in and knock your socks off in months to come. Virgo may or may not be ready for what the stars have to offer so refine your list of demands. Partnerships of all sorts take off and shared ventures are wonderful. However, Virgo must be prepared to make some concessions. Mars moves through Virgos’ tenth house all month providing the impetus to forge new paths in career. Your ambition can take you far but Virgo must not push too hard as those who do not share your vision will oppose you vehemently. Previous commitments must be reviewed in months to come and some of you will have to dodge people who do not share your attitudes about work and what you actually need. Stand your ground when you know what is appropriate for Virgo. This is not the time to dance to other people’s music especially at the full Moon April 19. Balance your needs with the needs of the people who want to be part of your life. Just don’t let those people take the wheel away from you and start doing the driving. Best days 6,7,15,16,24


The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are all in Virgos’ seventh house of relationships. The Sun says you are halfway through your solar year and it is time to adjust the plans that began at your last birthday. The Sun is opposite Virgo. There are lessons to learn from people that are an opponent. Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde March 5-28. Some people will disappear and some will come back from the past. Pay extra attention to how you treat people and how they treat you. Do not sign papers unless you read the fine print and have given thought to all the ramifications of the contracts. Neptune greatly affects those of you born September 4 - 11 at this point in time. You have probably noticed that you are having to deal with some looney people. That is Neptune's influence. Virgo must seesaw between what you need and the needs of others. The new Moon in the seventh house brings new relationships and romance. Go slow until you have all the facts about those people. Don’t get anxious if you don’t hear from your special someone. Step back and take a breather. Over in the ninth house, Uranus is taking residence for the next seven years. Virgo will experience new awarenesses and awakenings through surprising events. Sometimes coincidences throw Virgo off center but don’t worry because the angle from which Uranus affects you is an easy one. Opportunities to travel happen and someone just may pay your way. Throughout March, Mars is moving through the ninth house. This adds a lot of energy that Virgo can handle without stress. Lay a foundation for emotional security at mid month. Best days 1,10,11,19


Some of you have had to adjust your diets because you have been out of balance while other Virgos have had to adjust the daily routine and still others are getting used to a new emotional identity. Those of you born in the last days of Virgo will have incidents that make you go WOW. All Virgos are warned to stay alert at mid month and just beyond. Rest assured your angels are watching over you. At mid month and through the end of March, Virgo will be better able to head directly to your goals. The direct approach will work. Once the Sun moves into Pisces February 18 you will be at the halfway point between your last birthday and the next. Now is the time to balance your needs with others and alter your plans. Since the full Moon is in Virgo February 19 you will be able to take care of you, but others may think you are being selfish since your usual modus operandi is to be of service to others. Love and romance are yours if you want it, Virgo. No matter what else is happening, Virgo currently has the tools to remain calm and can respond to the world with wisdom and authority. Best days 2,11,12,19,20,28

January 2019

The new Moon eclipse in Capricorn January 5 brings new beginnings in love and romance over the next several months. Those of you that are romantically involved will consider moving forward with that person. Self expression is also an advantage of this new Moon. Consider how you behave with others and the words you use when trying to engage with someone who holds your interest. The proper words and timing can get you recognition from the one you want to notice you are in the room. Maybe it is time for a relationship coach. Don’t jump when he or she texts you at the last minute for a date. Maybe you need to learn how to move on from the people who are not on the same page as you so that you do not waste your time. Do things over the next several months that will advance your confidence and charisma. Mars moving through your eighth house of intimacy suggests you use a new strategy. People will be coming to visit. Do a bit of nesting and prep work so that your house is ready for friends and even for a special someone. Make space for those people. The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 calls for time alone and an adjustment to your outlook. Spend time alone thinking about what makes you who you are at this time in life. Do not ignore your pain physically or emotionally. Best days 5,15,16