Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22


At the onset of March many Virgos will speak up or speak out because they want the rest of us to know they are here. Virgo has a tendency to play a supportive role and this is not a time when that sits well. While Mars moves through Sagittarius until March 17 Virgo pushes for what you want. Maybe you need to stay home and work there or work on home improvement projects. Family members will be demanding, hence your need to have a hissy fit to get some attention or respect. At mid month it begins to be easier to use diplomacy but as March comes to a close Virgo must strive to find your own level of comfort with or without the approval of others. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,28,29


Some Virgos will be moving while others are doing home repairs and tending to the needs of family members. This leaves your work and health needing attention but Virgo will have to make scheduling adjustments to keep those areas of life balanced. Since home and family are demanding you will need to find ways to be more efficient at your job. Think about doing some delegating and let others take care of the small details. Consider eating cleaner and doing something new in terms of managing your overall health. Doing what everyone else is doing does not serve Virgo now. Virgo's born September 1 - 7 are wise to look at how life and people are mirroring you. Don't be fooled by yourself or other dishonest people. Best days 2,11,12,20,21

January 2018

Virgo's focus on social events and friendships winds down with the January 1 full Moon. You are probably tired of chasing the one that really isn't the one. Friends who don't respond go to the back of the line. Concentrate on the people that deserve your good will. Consider your goals for the coming weeks. Over the next several years Virgo attention is best placed on long term matters and projects. Those who have children have much to tend to handling kids issues and activities. By month's end the rest of us will wonder where Virgo went because you will be needing your space and time to rest. This is a trend over the next several months as Virgo settles into a new way of life. Best days 5,6,15,16, 25