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Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22

Beyonce 9/4 - Sean Connery 8/25


Come to terms with whether you want to be an “I” or a “we”. Consider the pros and cons and prepare a plan no matter what your decision. Once Venus moves into Virgo October 8, Virgo looks great and should go mingle in the world. At that time, Venus gives you clear instructions as to how to proceed with life. Meanwhile, Virgos’ ruler Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until September 15. Have patience and hold off on new projects until after Mercury goes direct. Otherwise, said projects stall and crash. The New Moon September 14 is in Virgo harmoniously angling Uranus. New beginnings that are out of your usual box land at the door of life. Travel, consciousness expansion, education, and even publishing are Virgo’s to pick. Travel is probably the most available right now so budget and plan for trips as soon as possible. Exciting times are ahead. Those born just days before and after September 12 have an eventful year ahead. Money matters should be considered. Some of you get raises while others have unexpected expenses. Push away those fashion ads and look at airline websites. The full Moon September 29 brings triggers that show Virgos need to bond and balance yourself with another person. The Sun is in Libra on this full Moon so Venus will be doing its magic for you dear, Virgo. Plan to be your best self. Best days 4,9,14,18,23


The full moon August 1 compels Virgo to break bad habits. It is time to change how you live and eat. Virgo is finishing lots of projects, but should avoid starting just about anything new until after Labor Day. News is disconcerting and you have to make important decisions that are not easy. Make travel plans August 9 which it is actually a good day to travel. Remember, that if you travel between August 23 and September 15, there will be delays or cancelled flights. If this does not bother you, Virgo is free to travel about the planet. Venus, still retrograde offers Virgo the tendency to forgive, but not forget where your heart has been hurt. The new Moon August 16 brings surprising realizations and secrets come to light. Listen to your body. Jump at the chance to help someone in need. Virgo is energetic and strong until August 27. It is okay to let unhappy feelings move through you August 22. Remember, you are loved and the things that bother you do not define Virgo. August 24 is especially powerful and positive for making lifetime strides just days after feeling down in the dumps. Virgo is resilient. Uranus is retrograde in Taurus August 28 until late next January. This has Virgo searching for truth and the freedom that truth offers. The obstacles you experience are past life actions coming around to be cleared. Best days 8,12,13,17,18,22,23,27


Secret affairs and delicious gossip are best kept to yourself during the first week of July. Once July 11 arrives, Virgo is super busy and more direct than usual. You are really good at seeing what can be improved, but in the days between July 10 and August 28, Virgo must soft sell your ideas. Otherwise, the others around you will push back. Power struggles take place with friends, honeys, and children July 10. The full Moon July 3 creates financial opportunities and the need to tell others how you feel about them. This is not the time to take anyone’s inventory, though. Travel is quite favorable at the full Moon. The new Moon July 17 brings new friends and an opportunity to be the leader of the pack. Consider all opportunities between now and next May 2024. This is a really good time for Virgo even though you may feel like you are back at square one. Add to your good karma by tending to others in need while Venus is retrograde July 22 to September 3. Best days 3,11,12,22,30


Jupiter, now moving through Taurus, bestows good luck and lots of help in getting to where Virgos want to go in life. This includes studying lofty topics and traveling internationally. Like all the other signs, some parts of life feel stuck. Virgo can be stuck in old routines and ways of thriving that no longer nurture you, dear Virgo. In the days until July 11 Virgo needs time alone. You will work best alone during this time. If you feel like you are floating sideways go with that theme and flow with that current. At the same time, let go of people and situations that drain your energy and waste your time. Get some rest because once July 11 arrives, Virgo will need your strength as you will be very active. At the same time, Virgo must continue to serve others and be the rock for those with whom you are closest. You have a lot of responsibility to others in months to come, so do not worry about letting go of the people who are insatiable and never satisfied with you or your efforts. It is their loss and your gain to move away from those people and situations. The full Moon June 3 brings new people to the door. Some will have traveled a long distance. Others just want to sell solar panels or some other product Virgos do not need. The new Moon June 17 brings new bosses and jobs that both take Virgo off in a new direction. Beginning June 11 Virgo must make conscious decisions that are good for you, but take you out of your comfort zone. Best days 6,24


Virgos’ ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until May 14. This is not the end of the world. Finish previously begun business and projects and pay attention to details that have slipped under the rug. Meanwhile, Pluto is transitioning into your sixth house of health, habits, and lifestyle. During this time until the transition is complete November 2024, you are letting go of the way you express yourself with children and romantic partners. Saturn, now moving through your house of relationships has Virgo cleaning house and letting go of those who cannot stay long term. Some of you will make a commitment over the next couple of years while others are compromising and deepening current connections. Wonderful Jupiter moves into the ninth house May 16 for the next year. Travel and education come easily, but the nicest thing about this transit is that Virgo has many opportunities coming your way. People in high places want to help Virgo and you will feel more blessed than in the recent past. Those of you born during the first week of this sign are starting over and making new plans that come to fruition within the next fourteen or so years. The full Moon eclipse May 5 warns Virgo to drive safely. The eclipse brings passion to Virgo in months to come. The new Moon May 19 brings deep renewal and new adventure to your life over the next month.

Best days 1,9,18,28


During the days until May 20, Virgo is able to employ your team members to get what you want done. You may have to take the lead so handle that wisely or be labeled bossy. Group adventures are fun for sure. Those of you that are born during the last days of August are starting over in one way or another. You may feel at a low, but you are at square one in your life. This is a time of year for you to reflect on your deepest inner self. Examine your motives and adjust to new circumstances.

The full Moon April 5 calls upon Virgo to pay karmic and financial debts. These events lead to greater freedom. This full Moon also compels Virgo to nurture you. Do not sell out for anyone.

Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde April 21 to May 14. Trips are delayed and people from the past come around for you to have a final say and cut the cord. Reconciliations will not last if they occur during this retrograde. Finish your commitments to those who need to be let go and then let go of those people.

The new Moon eclipse April 19 brings joint ventures that can be business or romance or both. Your way of life is changing as you let go of inner turmoil leaving room for the true you, dear Virgo.
Best days 3,12,21,30


Saturn moves into Virgos’ seventh house of relationships March 7 until February 2026. While this transit is happening, your relationships will be streamlined. Unproductive behaviors on the part of both parties must be addressed so that the union can be more solid and content. For some of you, the burden will be too great or compromise cannot happen and you both will move on in life. Saturn is an important component of commitment and single Virgos are likely to meet the one and make a long term commitment. Be very clear about what does and does not work for you and your partner. Do not commit on a whim if you want long term. Business partnerships fall into these same challenges. Saturn is moving through your opposite sign. This is not an easy transit. You may feel tired, but Virgo is laying a foundation now that leads you to a peak of life in 2037. What you put together now through February 2026 will be adjusted 7 years from now. Saturn is going to send you people and situations that challenge you to grow.

Pluto moves into Virgo’s sixth house March 23. Pluto does not fully stay in that house until November 2024. Over the next twenty-one years Virgo is going to experience a gradual change in your daily routine and your health habits. Look to your patterns of behavior, including how you treat your body and what you eat. This is the time to listen to your body. Tend to your nervous system and circulation. Consider how your emotions and thoughts affect your health and take action to lead a healthier life.

Happily, Mars, which has been squaring your sun since last August leaves that position when it moves into Cancer March 25. This has been a rough and tumble time in the sense that you have felt confident but, that has put off people in some cases. You have felt ambitious and sure of yourself which has scared off those who did not deserve to know you. Say good riddance to those who are afraid of your confidence and bravado. Career will calm down a bit, but you will still be in the limelight and possibly asked to be a leader.

The full Moon March 7 is in Virgo requiring you to balance your needs with the needs of love and business partners. It will be easy to free yourself of people and their dogma. The new Moon March 21 brings new partners in both business and love. Look for the mark on their face. Take your time before committing to anyone financially or emotionally. Best days 24


The first week of February brings Virgo to your quiet place. Do not resist the overwhelming need to spend time alone. You need to recharge as life has been super busy for one reason or another. You may need this time to finish a project in peace and quiet. While you may think you need to be in out in the world, the most effective results come from time in your cave. Finish projects, consider your health and let go of that which has come to an end. Address health matters, especially your circulation and cardio vascular system. Work continues to be very busy. You may feel like you must push to make your mark. Read the room so to speak and do not cause a fuss as that will not go well. Work and career can be overwhelming through March 25. Yes, March, so you have several more weeks to control your pace so that life does not get out of control. The new Moon February 20 brings new relationships and resolution to current relationships. Diplomacy takes Virgo to new heights with those you care about. Consider your behavior in all relationships. While you may try to save others, you are best to exercise compassion and give support to people without letting go of your own identity. Find empathy to care for others, but do not enable them in their bad habits. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

Mars remains retrograde in Virgos house of career and people who are your bosses until January 12. This is the time to keep on keeping on, doing your best work to your best ability. Do not take the bite when bullies project their bull your way. Plod on, especially since Mercury is retrograde until January 18. During this time the small stuff must not be allowed to become high drama. Tend to your health and diet. Small adjustments to all aspects of your behavior and habits yield big results. January is a good time to do some financial planning. The full Moon January 6 puts Virgo in the chairman’s seat or at least has people asking you to lead them out of their abyss. This full Moon is an empowering and fulfilling time for Virgo. The new Moon brings new people to your tribe along with more efficient ways to work and thrive. Set goals once the new Moon occurs January 21.  This start of the year just happens to be a time for Virgo to lay some fertile groundwork for moving forward in life. Best days 1,11,20,28,29