Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22


Mercury, the Sun, Venus and Saturn moving through Sagittarius afford Virgo the impetus to accomplish what needs to be done this month. But that impetus is most likely an irritating urge to push out of what is uncomfortable and into a better place in life. Mercury, retrograde and square Virgo, provides opportunities to put out fires such as computers that crash and family relationships that need resolution. Saturn, squaring Virgo since 2015, moves into Capricorn. Virgo moves out of the place of waiting and impatience and into a flow of steady progress that over the next three years builds a solid foundation of accomplishment. Remember, though, your ruler Mercury is retrograde December 3 - 22. Use that time to complete tasks previously begun. Avoid fights December 10. Best days 1,9,19,28


November opens with Virgo questioning the facts and philosophies that you have held dear until now. Question the impressions of life you have been carrying and try to decide if you are acting out on false beliefs. Give others a bit of credit for their behavior and release the way you respond to the stimuli that pushes your buttons. This month is a time of embracing new ways of thinking and doing life. Redesign the big picture of your life. In the mundane world, money and budgets are on Virgo agendas. Many of you will have greater expenses than income. This is not a permanent situation though. Turn off the worry about money and take steps to make more in the days until December 9. Best days 3,4,12,22


Virgo is extra active as Mars moves through this sign until October 22. You have lots to do and Mars provides the physical energy to accomplish your tasks. Just be sure that you do not push others hard and become a crazy person irritating the rest of us with your perfectionism. Once October 22 arrives money matters are important. Work hard to make more money especially if you are on a commission basis. Money may seem to run away with extra expenses and new obligations. This is not a permanent situation but will last until December 9. Jupiter moves through your third house October 10 until November 2018. Communication and education is favorable. Many of you will get a new vehicle for one reason or another. Best days 7,16,25

Discover the boundaries that designate where your needs begin and end. Avoid letting others disturb your peace of mind and sense of well being. There will always be people who have more or look better. September is the time to value your strengths and weaknesses. Toughen up and do not get down because you were not chosen for the job or the mate or the date. You don't have the full picture and you must recognize that the “forces that be” are taking care of Virgo whether you can see that or not. The need for changes is apparent at mid month when you do not feel supported by loved ones. Perhaps you need new loved ones who honor Virgo. Your power and influence is expanding. Best days 1, 10,18,20,28