Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22


Set your own agenda and don't allow people to waste your time. Mind your health and diet so you do not get sidelined with a back ache. Health and other frustrations come to a head at the full Moon July 27. That is the time when Virgo will put a stop to the madness and set boundaries. Your feelings about friends, love, and your offspring is changing. Virgos' relationship with love and the very idea of relationship is undergoing a transformation in months to come. The process is a challenge because the people you know will not be accustomed to your new way of expressing your needs and desires. Venus moves through Virgo July 9 - August 7. Virgo looks great but don't nit pick at others. Best days 8,11,14,15,22


Get your house in order so that your base of operation is set for entertaining. You don't want to be worried about dust bunnies when you need to be focusing on career. Not to mention Virgo is cutting ties with old ways of thinking and broadening your horizon for an expanded future. Between now and November you must do good stuff for your health and diet. Adjustments here and there will make big differences in Virgo's appearance and lifestyle. Let good sense and the magic of life take you on a new ride. Friendships can become more than that, but don't get involved in anything that you are not proud to be a part of between mid June and July 10. The last three days of June are trying. Best days 1,10,11,18,19,28


Life is fun and it is safe for Virgo to be direct with your intentions and plans. It will not shock the rest of us. Starting May 16 Mars will be moving through your sixth house. This means that in the days and weeks until November 15, Virgo will want to do things your way. You might do well to hold off on monitoring everyone. Just monitor the people you are responsible for and every now and then check in with a third party to assess your bossy behavior. At the same time reassess your habits and the ways you live. In the months ahead Virgo will begin to move through a new window of life. The rules and dogma that have guided you are no longer useful. Best days 4,5,14,15,22, 31


Do what is right for Virgo but do so without damaging relationships. Don't ignore the needs of others, its bad karma and will come back to haunt Virgo. Not to mention your loved ones are going to be a bit demanding and Virgo will have to compromise in order to keep the peace. As you make changes in how you relate to others you will actually feel more fulfilled and that's good karma. April is also a time to getaway. Some Virgos will take trips that are spiritually rewarding. If you go to play, try not to over do. Those who have serous work to accomplish will find at mid April they are hard pressed to get work done because play is more inviting than work. Best days 7,16,17,25


At the onset of March many Virgos will speak up or speak out because they want the rest of us to know they are here. Virgo has a tendency to play a supportive role and this is not a time when that sits well. While Mars moves through Sagittarius until March 17 Virgo pushes for what you want. Maybe you need to stay home and work there or work on home improvement projects. Family members will be demanding, hence your need to have a hissy fit to get some attention or respect. At mid month it begins to be easier to use diplomacy but as March comes to a close Virgo must strive to find your own level of comfort with or without the approval of others. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,28,29


Some Virgos will be moving while others are doing home repairs and tending to the needs of family members. This leaves your work and health needing attention but Virgo will have to make scheduling adjustments to keep those areas of life balanced. Since home and family are demanding you will need to find ways to be more efficient at your job. Think about doing some delegating and let others take care of the small details. Consider eating cleaner and doing something new in terms of managing your overall health. Doing what everyone else is doing does not serve Virgo now. Virgo's born September 1 - 7 are wise to look at how life and people are mirroring you. Don't be fooled by yourself or other dishonest people. Best days 2,11,12,20,21

January 2018

Virgo's focus on social events and friendships winds down with the January 1 full Moon. You are probably tired of chasing the one that really isn't the one. Friends who don't respond go to the back of the line. Concentrate on the people that deserve your good will. Consider your goals for the coming weeks. Over the next several years Virgo attention is best placed on long term matters and projects. Those who have children have much to tend to handling kids issues and activities. By month's end the rest of us will wonder where Virgo went because you will be needing your space and time to rest. This is a trend over the next several months as Virgo settles into a new way of life. Best days 5,6,15,16, 25