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Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22


Virgo's ruler, Mercury, is retrograde August 12 - September 5. This of course is the time for Virgo to reconsider past decisions and reorganize the ways you plan to move ahead in life. The lunar eclipse in your sixth house calls for a Virgo to rethink your work. Expect changes in your work environment. If you wonder will those changes be bad or good, know that ultimately the evolution of your work will be positive. The road will most likely not be rocky unless you have a hard time speaking up for yourself and doing that which is in your best interest. Virgo health and spiritual well being are addressed in months to come so that you can feel fulfilled as a spirit in a human body. Best days 4,13,31


Virgo has the energy to get organized and accomplish so many goals. Your attention will be concerned with what others need and those people will turn to Virgo for help and understanding. The “big however” is that Virgo will tend to feel lazy in the face of so much to do. Muster some discipline if you want to get it done. The schedule is very full with many tasks until July 20. Once July 20 arrives, Virgo will have to turn to more private issues and tasks that are personal. Sleep may be hard to come by as your “committee members in spirit” are having board meetings after hours in your head. The full Moon July 8/9 is a time for powerful but positive communication. Best days 8,9,18,25


Virgo must make extra effort to get anything accomplished this month. There will be people who are part of your problem and don't help with the solution. That includes bosses, people who think they are your boss, and parents. Communication might be a challenge June 6 to 21 and no, Mercury is not retrograde. Details of all sorts will have to be worked out so read the fine print during those days. The good news is that Venus moves through Taurus June 5 - July 4. You are extra magnetic and others find you to be extra handsome or beautiful during this time. However, relationships will be a challenge to maintain at the end of the month while legal matters can be touch and go. Best days 11,20,28,29


Virgo continues to work to make your mark in the world. This can be a frustrating time because your rewards are not equal to the amount of effort you must exert. Those of you born September 13 and later are sure to be exasperated. Issues concerning who is in charge come to light at the full Moon May 10. You are sure to feel uncomfortable with some aspect of life, intimacy and finances at that time. Life and the circumstances will show you how you are not prepared and you will come to know what you must do to be able to move forward. The new Moon offers opportunities to get started towards making your future happen. Home and career are at odds late in the month. Best days 5,23,24,31


Virgo may feel like an alien because everyday seems to contain a new element of life that requires adjustment to your tact. Situations show you what is not working adding more fuel to the need for streamlining life and reinventing your lifestyle. Any situation that is shared with someone else is up for negotiations. Rebalance your new needs with the needs of that other person. At the same time endeavor to move beyond the limitations that are evident and Do not focus on making new relationships just yet and do not attempt to finalize any plan until after May 4. However, the new Moon April 26 begins a time whereby Virgo is able to come to a new view of what you want your future to hold. Best days 7, 8,17,26,27


Virgo has an itch that needs to be scratched, a thought that needs to be expressed and time for fun. Move beyond the responsibilities and get what you want. If you are not comfortable with your situation change how you play and live. That will make more time for Virgo to recharge and just be you. Reassess what you have been doing since your last birthday and make adjustments to your path so that by your birthday you will have accomplished what you set out to do since your last birthday. The days around March 12 are super busy and a bit intense especially for Virgoans born at mid September. The lunar cycle that begins March 27 is especially helpful for you to make lifestyle changes. Best days 2,3,30


It is time for Virgo to make adjustments within yourself and the world around you. The stuff you share in life can be contentious so try to avoid getting in squabbles over who paid this or that. At the same time you are wise to take a break and recharge especially at the full Moon February 10. This full Moon wants Virgo to delve into your motivations along with your habits that do not support who you truly want to be now. The new Moon February 26 brings new people that can become business or even love partners in months to come. Those people will be supportive at a time when Virgo has not felt the support of those who say they love you. Best days 4,11,12,21


Virgo, especially those born September 13 - 20 have really big changes ahead this year. Many of you are making changes around your home while others are learning how to negotiate through relationships that are good and or challenging. Throughout this month Virgo must be ready to duck when people vehemently oppose you. Friends who are enemies will come out of the shadows and into the light. Don't let it bother you. Instead look to resolve old issues within yourself and look down your path to a new future. That future is beyond work and family challenges so don't get too worried about the current challenges. They will resolve. The road may be rocky but Virgo has no choice but to move forward. Best days 7, 25


Virgo, especially those of you born September 7 - 10 are undergoing changes that are not optional. Embrace it or suffer. This is especially true where intimate relationships are concerned. Whether you are putting a new relationship in place, taking one apart, or redefining the boundaries; the path will become clear and you will know how best to proceed amicably. This goes for tax and insurance matters also. The full Moon December 13 brings stress and recognition you may not relish. Romantic matters get sticky while Mercury is retrograde December 19 - January 8. During that time, Virgo will be on the sidelines while the rest of the populations of the zodiac have fun. Do not let conflicts get out of hand December 19 - January 28. Best days 1, 11,19,28,29