Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22

January 2019

The new Moon eclipse in Capricorn January 5 brings new beginnings in love and romance over the next several months. Those of you that are romantically involved will consider moving forward with that person. Self expression is also an advantage of this new Moon. Consider how you behave with others and the words you use when trying to engage with someone who holds your interest. The proper words and timing can get you recognition from the one you want to notice you are in the room. Maybe it is time for a relationship coach. Don’t jump when he or she texts you at the last minute for a date. Maybe you need to learn how to move on from the people who are not on the same page as you so that you do not waste your time. Do things over the next several months that will advance your confidence and charisma. Mars moving through your eighth house of intimacy suggests you use a new strategy. People will be coming to visit. Do a bit of nesting and prep work so that your house is ready for friends and even for a special someone. Make space for those people. The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 calls for time alone and an adjustment to your outlook. Spend time alone thinking about what makes you who you are at this time in life. Do not ignore your pain physically or emotionally. Best days 5,15,16