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Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22

Beyonce 9/4 - Sean Connery 8/25


Virgo is busy with work, but luckily has people who support your ideas and recognize your talent. This appreciation gets even better once Venus moves into Virgo September 4. Virgo is extra sexy while handling details through August 28. This sign is super charged with sensuality and irritation at the middle of September. Someone is challenging, but so attractive at the same time. Making out is the best way to make up around September 16. This is one of those times when looking delectable is the best revenge. Surprise events and meetings happen September 19. Disappointments are quickly followed by an awareness that the stars have your best interest at heart during the last eight days of September. The full Moon September 10 warns Virgo to be happy with you and do not look to others for approval. This is so true until next March. During those months Virgo is working towards recognition but some people want to drag you down. The new Moon September 25 calls for setting a budget. Virgos’ ruler, Mercury is retrograde September 9 to October 2. Finish what you have on your plate and avoid beginning anything new. Use that nervous energy to your advantage. Best days 5,14,19,24,28


Take life’s big and small changes in stride as you deal with people who need Virgo. Virgo has the vibe to break away from the status quo of your society. Adventure and new ideas beckon Virgo. Do mind your health around August 7. Virgo must mind your health between now and next March. Practice healthy habits now so that your future good health is solid. This includes balancing your time in the world with time alone to recharge your soul and your batteries. This is especially true at the full Moon August 11. Secrets come to light and surprises are cause to take time to assimilate the fork in the road. Timeout offers the chance to assess handling sudden changes. Virgo is laying a foundation for a new future and many people do not see you for who you are now. Work is undergoing an adjustment. Do not panic during slowdowns. Have faith that the stars are guiding you in the best possible way. The details of life have Virgo very busy August 5 to 25. Get all your projects started this month at your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde next month beginning September 9. The new Moon August 27 suggests Virgo balance your books and take stock of your budget. Work and family vie for precedence from now into next spring. Best days 9,17,18,27,28


The onset of July brings Virgo a dilemma where children or shared resources are concerned. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated and do not allow yourself to act as the manipulator. Whatever the first of the month challenge can be, it will pass within a few days and the drama cools. This comes around again just after the middle of July on the 19th and a few days prior. Virgo is appreciated at your work, but life becomes more social during the second half of July. Virgo vibe and energy get back to full steam July 5 to August 20. During these days, your life and your influence become expansive. Some of you are traveling, others are preparing to learn something new. During this time, Virgo feels more brazen than usual, but must be sure that you are not bossy. State your opinion, but do not brow beat others into submission. Finesse your way into getting your way and influencing people in your life, especially in-laws. The full Moon July 13 is both playful and productive. Partnerships are comfortable and Virgo is able to have fun and feel content with the happenings of life around you but you must use discipline and good sense. The new Moon July 28 brings endings and the need to recharge. At the same time, you are needed by close friends. Good deeds pay off in months ahead. Best days 4,13,21,31

June 2022

Virgo is at the ninety day mark before your next birthday. June is the time to review that past several months so that you can do what needs to be done before your next birthday. Career gets back into high gear once Mercury moves direct June 3. Pay attention to what needs fixing so that you are able to move forward at the middle of June when life really gets back to the usual pace. Pay no attention to unqualified people who take your inventory. This month and next is a time when Virgo is stressed to please your audience. The best tact is to do your best as this shall all pass. Those who denigrate Virgo are creating their own future comeuppance. Payback is so delicious. Streamline your habits and take stock of your supplements. Tend to your health and do not worry that people misunderstand so your motives including your acts of kindness. Partnerships bring changes to your routine. Virgos born later in this sign have events that confirm you are guided by unseen forces. Best days 7,16,24

May 2022

Mercury retrograde dictates that Virgo take a break from dashing towards destiny. Stop thinking about limitations and rest easy that in the here and now you are safe and secure. Resolve relationship issues. The full Moon May 15 brings the past up to be completed. Stay neutral and do not stir up trouble with siblings or neighbors as that just keeps Virgo in the same old box. Assist others, but do not lose yourself in the process. Fated events that help Virgo occur during the week of May 23. You will know just what to say and do at that time. The new Moon May 30 brings new plans at work and communications from long lost friends and family. Virgo feels more secure than you have in the past. Sharing yourself with others is an adjustment, but you are able to do so without a struggle. Money comes from refunds or inheritances. The last week of May and the first half of June are intense, but productive. Best days 1,11,19,28


Partners and situations where you share resources are ready for a revival. This is a great time to make tax plans and evaluate your insurance coverage. New people, some of which are very passionate, come into Virgos’ life. Do not discount the younger ones but do vet them for honesty and loyalty. Make sure everyone’s words and actions match, otherwise do not let anyone waste your time. Conversations go well and many past problems are resolved during April. A bit of compassion and forgiveness go a long way for Virgo. Those acts free Virgo to rise spiritually and find happiness within your psyche. During the middle of April, Virgo must strike a balance with your partners. Do not give away your emotional well-being in the face of anyone who is bossy. At the same time, balance your financial accounts and the budgets. Pay off loans and avoid going into debt. Virgos born in the middle of September must maintain good habits and avoid overextending your physical capabilities. Learn to rock climb but do not start with Mount Everest. The full Moon April 30 brings mentors, travel, and opportunities to grow spiritually. You will be letting go of ties that bind you unnecessarily. Legal matters can be resolved and you will graduate from school or some other situation in the coming months. Best days 3,13,21,22,30


The new Moon March 2 brings Virgo new relationships in the weeks to come. These can be helpers, suitors, or good business partners. These people will not be the usual people you gravitated to in that they may be from other walks of life. Virgo habits and work have changes during the second and third week of March. You will have to roll with surprises and upsets, but will soon realize that the changes are in your best interest. Independence and empowerment of Virgo get an extra push this month. The full Moon shows Virgo that harmony can occur during your evolution. You will be helped by the stars and the people who are sent to you. Financial decisions go well. Your ability to communicate and create is enhanced so that you may manifest the stuff of life that you desire. Balancing your relationships with your partners in life is easy. Avoid misunderstandings March 23 and take responsibility for your well-being March 28 when the load is heavy. This is really a great time for Virgo, but you must leave all that analysis behind and operate from your higher consciousness. Best days 7,16,17, 25

February 2022

Virgo moves out of doing all those chores and decorating at home and into fun and play. You are very supported by good vibes and contentment. Your nature is one of usually working behind the scenes but throughout February, Virgo comes forward with opinions and ideas that are well received by most. Health matters come up showing Virgo that adjustments to your lifestyle make a big difference. This could be a good time to join a healing group or make your space at work a calmer environment. This is especially potent at the full Moon February 16. At the same time, embrace innovative ways of doing your job. In months to come, embrace the big picture of your life. Realize the oneness of yourself with the rest of life around you, dear Virgo. Find a balance between the daily details and worries of life and the broad spectrum of the universe. This could be a good time to regulate screen time and social media. Take time to charge your battery. A bit of charity work will give you a new perspective. Best days 7,8,17,18, 26

January 2022

Virgo is busy redecorating and refining your home. Get those dimmers in place and replace dated lighting. Spending more than you planned is not necessarily a bad scenario, but hold off on new projects while Mercury is retrograde January 14 to February 3. Meanwhile, Venus, the Sun, and Pluto are in the fifth house of fun and self-expression. People you have self-expressed with in a romantic way are sure to pass back through. Those former flames are back for a flare up, but remember, a flare is a burst of energy and usually does not last too long. Those past honeys are passing through because they have been most likely ditched by someone else and need someplace to play out their avoidant behavior. It is always fun to play a player, but do so at your own risk and do not get sucked into their charade. The new Moon January 2 makes way for new playmates and games of life. Fresh bread is so much better than the day-old stuff with that dried up heel. The full Moon brings goals and completions with friends. Some of you are called to take charge. The new Moon January 31 brings new habits and ways of doing work. Don your mask and your gay apparel and get out in your community. Refine your health regimen. Mix and match your furniture, old pieces of clothing, and friends. You will be so happy with the results. Best days 2, 21


Home and family are very busy this month of December. Decking the halls with boughs of holly and lights is a bigger chore than usual. Maybe you should focus on more long-term projects, like that back yard spotlight, as opposed to the holiday lights that stay up for two months. Family members bring confusion December 7 and 11. The new Moon eclipse December 4 opens Virgo to new projects and new homes. Talents you did not know you possessed come to light in the months to come. Your psychic senses develop or your ability to chop down a tree in the woods may lead you to starting a Christmas tree farm. Whatever the project or emerging talent, Virgo has the oomph to get so much done through late January. Do not let your Sagittarius friends and relatives make you crazy during this time. Do consider how you can take yourself into your destiny over there at the horizon. The full Moon December 18 provides some direction as to which way to go in the near future. Venus, transiting Virgo’s fifth house through the first week of next March, adds energy to your emerging talents. This can be a really fun time wherein Virgo has so many choices that the dilemma is who and what activity to choose. When the ones from the past come back around, you can enjoy them, but they will be gone again by the first week of March, so given them a regift for Christmas. Best days 6,15,25


November begins with work going well, but someone tries to rain on your parade with manipulation and harsh words. Step back from that spew of words or wear a crystal to ward off those people. The new Moon November 4 kicks off a year of learning better ways of communication. Get ready, new adventures await, dear Virgo. Since 2008, Virgo has been growing in your personal power and you are at the threshold of taking you on the road. The full Moon eclipse November 19 has you questioning your rules of life and how you play it. This full Moon is ready to broaden the horizon of Virgo’s life. Some of you are seeking higher knowledge, others are going back to school, and other Virgos are letting go of early life conditioning. The coming months have Virgo laying a foundation for the future that you have not imagined. Closer to here and now, Virgo is dealing with other people’s wounds and bouncing back from surprising events to calmness and peace. Through all that, the end of November is a very productive time for Virgo. Accept your mission and let your role in life evolve in the months to come. Best days 8,17,18, 28


Mercury, Virgos’ ruler, is retrograde in the second house of money and other comforts unit October 18. While this is happening, avoid making important decisions where love and money are concerned. Once Mercury goes direct, new information comes that alters your choices. At the same time, unexpected expenses seem to deplete your resources. That situation lets up beginning October 30 so there is no need to freak out now. Bank balances will increase before the end of December. The new Moon October 6 brings the need for a budget and discussion of shared expenses, beds, or even bathrooms. Do not take on responsibilities just to help someone who chooses to be helpless. You are here to serve, not rescue, dear Virgo. You will have to stand up for what is right for you more than once. Continue to tend to your health and replenish the supplement supply. The full Moon October 20 shows Virgo where and how you are out of balance regarding your relationships. Pay attention to what your partners are saying and doing at the full Moon. Ask yourself if the events and people you are dealing with are fair. The need for changes to your karmic contracts of life are evident. Life happens in your best interest, but Virgo must choose yourself before you can choose anyone else. Best days 3,4,22,31


September starts off with Virgo feeling uncertain about one or more relationships. Watch for the signs that you are with the wrong people. If you cannot be who you are during the first days of this month, then you want to consider whether you have a future with certain people. At the same time, do not be so critical of yourself. Those born during the last few days of August and the first few days of September get this issue as something to work through over the next year. It is important that Virgo express how you feel. You can really go deeper with some of your relationships, but Virgos have to be willing to get past the petty stuff such as unfounded jealousy and manipulation. Shopping is not the answer though a bit of shopping therapy with a friend uplifts the spirit. Your sexy vibe gets a charge September 10 to October 7. Flirting works but do not go overboard with the leather whip. The new Moon September 6 brings easy opportunities that are out of your comfort zone. Go for it anyway because these events expand your life experience. You are sure to have a positive learning experience in the weeks to come. Remember to give thanks for what you receive and for who and what you already have in your life. Mid-month brings events that lead to a stronger bond with others but that means. Act responsibly when you are called upon to vault big challenges. Don’t lend money to honey now. At month’s end life feels calmer and there are some great opportunities to travel. Just remember your ruler Mercury is retrograde. September 27 to October 18 in your house of self-esteem and other creature comforts such as money. Put major purchases on hold and don’t say yes right away when you are presented with that ring. Have just one piece of birthday cake. Best days 6,15,24


Lucky Virgo has Venus, Mars, and Mercury moving through your sign. It is a busy time and you are exceptionally attractive to others. Just be sure you do not get caught in telling others how they can improve their lives unless those people are asking for your advice. The new Moon August 8 occurs in Virgos’ twelfth house. You are moving through a time of letting go of people and situations that no longer serve a purpose. In the days on and around August 9 and 24, people tend to disappoint Virgo. Let go of your ego and let the grace of life lead the way. Tend to your health and your emotional wounds. You will be fine and remember you are looking good these days. Do not let said disappointments color your attitude permanently. It really is not you, it is the other person. People who do not seem to be likely friends, partners, or business partners should at least be given a chance and enough rope to determine if they are keepers. That close call was averted because of divine intervention. The full Moon August 22 has Virgo suddenly deciding to change your habits and lifestyle for the better and there is help right around the corner. Maybe it is time for that home gym. Your ruler goes retrograde September 26/27 so you have to get stuff in motion before that happens.

Best days 1,10,19,28


July is a social month for Virgo as the Sun, Mercury and the new Moon all take place in your eleventh house of friends and goals. Teamwork with the people in your circle is the best way to reach your goals now. Find the people who share your same values and philosophies, thus making the project easy to accomplish. Maybe it is time to join a sports team in order to be more social. Get ready for the limelight as you will end up being on the front row of any picture or group endeavor. Yes, there will be confusion or misunderstandings around July 6, but for the most part you will be helped and likewise must be a helper. Do not worry if you feel low on July 1 or 6. This too shall pass and you will bounce back from the bottom of the barrel after those days. Power struggles and surprising information comes to light July 25. Venus moves into and through Virgo July 21 to August 15. Virgo is looking and sitting pretty during this time. Just do not overdo any activity July 21. Puking is not pretty. Mars moves through Virgo July 29 to September 14. This is a busy time and you may get a bit frazzled. Take it one project at a time. Best days 14,22


Mercury continues his retrograde trek in Virgos’ tenth house slowing down progress where career matters are concerned. This is not the time to meet with the boss or interview for a new job. Do not pay attention to those crazy thoughts running through your mind. Once Mercury goes direct June 22, Virgo is able to make the most of the new Moon eclipse June 10. The eclipse happens in that same tenth house of career. Slow down and the opportunities come to Virgo as soon as Mercury goes direct and again July 12. Meanwhile, consider which direction to take in life. You are not moving sideways. Turning within allows Virgo to see the sign posts that point the way that life wants to take Virgo. This month and next are social times, but hang back and coast through the moments of confusion. Others do not always understand you, but it is not your job to set those people straight. The full Moon June 24 is a time for fun with the kids and even a bit of romance. Trips to the beach are joyful even if it rains. Partnerships and love opportunities are there for Virgo and it can be a good match. Do not rush. Best days 6,16,25


Virgos’ ruler, Mercury, is retrograde May 29 until June 22. Use this month to get started on matters that can be finished while Mercury is retrograde. Once Mercury goes retro, put off new projects, purchases, and travel. Of course, life cannot come to a halt so pay extra attention and read the fine print. Otherwise, the Sun moving through Taurus generally brings harmony and ease until May 20. The new Moon in Taurus brings travel, education, and a general feeling of gratefulness. May is a busy time due to this new Moon. Inspiration to live a fuller and healthier life is a by-product of the new Moon. Virgo has been laying a foundation for good health and the new lunar cycle gives this sign an extra push. Friends are coming to visit. Some of them will need to recharge in the shadow of Virgo’s hospitality and sympathy. Take the lead when it is offered. Do not jump on new partnerships after the middle of the month. The full Moon eclipse May 26 opens your psychic ability and your connection to members of your family. In the months ahead, many Virgos are ready to move. Some will make major life choices. Those who stay in place are wise to secure their homes with repairs and amenities, but wait until Mercury goes direct June 22. Work and social events are combined easily. Best days 10,11,20,28


April is a time of adjusting to life; maybe it's the time change or the dealing with other people’ s life situation. This month is extra productive when it comes to getting to the root of why and how you can improve you, Virgo. At April 9, watch out for people who are deceptive. Get the money up front and take flattery with a grain of salt. They want something. As the month progresses, travel for work goes is easy. Work and the way you do your job goes well, even if you are still at home plugging away in quarantine. April 21 to 27 is full of responsibilities and some disappointments. Virgo has a lot responsibility. Life shows you that you need better ways to do what you are wanting to do and in some most cases Virgo has to contend with responsibilities before you go can out and play. Eating too much of the wrong foods really messes with Virgo during the last nine days of April. The new Moon April 11 compels Virgo to sort out issues with those closest to you. Use this new Moon to initiate a budget and get finances in order. The full Moon April 26 brings surprise messages and/or opportunities for last minute getaways. Do drive safely at that time and watch your words. Loose lips get Virgo in trouble in late April. Best days 4,14, 24


March is one time of year for Virgo to balance your needs with the needs of those close to your business and your heart. Patience and compassion a long way, especially when Virgo is dealing with those who are operating more from emotions and drama than Virgo. Virgo is tasked with the decision to know when to give and when to take. In some cases, you will just have to open the door for those who are upset with Virgo, but cannot tell you why. In many cases, those people do cannot see you for who you truly are and that is their loss. The boundaries you set are sure to chase off those who wish to exploit Virgo’s talents. It is time to stop picking up the mail for the person who does not value you, Virgo. You career is very busy through late April. Virgo must not allow partners and enemies to push your buttons through late April. Anyone who crosses Virgo in the days around March 23 is sure to be deleted from the holiday mailing list. Organize priorities at mid-month and make a shopping list so that you can lower your food bill and eat healthy without ten trips to the store. Work continues to flourish and will get even better once March 15 arrives. The new Moon brings new people to your life to replace those that are leaving. The full Moon March 28 brings closure and conclusions that may or may not be planned. Younger men can be a challenge at that time, so bide your time before jumping onto anyone’s band wagon. Best days 7,8,16,26

February 2021

The sixth house of Virgos’ health, habits, lifestyle, and service is very busy this year, but especially this month. The daily routine is full of tension as you have to deal with communication challenges and oh yes, having faith in yourself. Virgo’s philosophy is tested so know your facts and figures when dealing with people who think they know more than Virgo. Travel will of course be stifled and it may be a challenge to get to school or just deal with challenging assignments. Adjustment is a key word because you will adjust how you work, the way you eat, and the way you deal with the people with whom you work in the daily routine. Please don’t ask in your head if this is bad. It is an adjustment to make you feel better. Improving yourself and the world around you is what being a Virgo is all about. At mid month discover unseen forces or situations that are protecting Virgo. This is especially true for those of you born in late August. Close calls of some sort will save Virgo by the bell. Virgo has the energy to tackle most challenges with grace. The new Moon February 11 helps jump start the changes you want to make, but hold off initiating any new plans until after February 20. This is due to the fact that Mercury, Virgo’s ruler is retrograde until that time. The full Moon February 27 brings opportunities to take a break and get away from the usual routine. Just be sure you do not let drama pervade life at that time. Best days 8th


August Virgos are especially blessed with financial security while others are stressed about money. Rest assured
, you will be provided what you need. Communication is an important factor. Virgo is able to get your point across with ease even when you want to slap that person who is not keeping up with their end of the bargain. Play it safe but still be daring. Go ahead with the adventure and do not let your fearful mind talk you out of what you inherently know is destiny. Work is busy, but Virgo has a knack for making it all work efficiently. Watch for accidents while traveling January 12 and 20. Plans change January 20. Over the next two years tend to your health and lifestyle to avoid future health events. Travel and work go together well. Streamline your schedule. You begin to feel your ruler go retrograde as early as January 15 and that lasts until March 13. Mercury is retrograde January 30 to February 20. Back up the computers and pay attention to the fine points in any situation. Lots of redos have to be endured. This Mercury retrograde is not the time to have elective surgery or any procedure, if at all possible. If you do, the results are a disappointment. The new Moon January 12 is a harmonious one for Virgo. Continue on a path of empowerment. The new Moon brings romance and sentimental gestures. Suitors come from another generation. Don’t be an ageist, that person could be the best thing that happens to Virgo. With such a busy time, the full Moon January 28 insists that Virgo have some solitude to recharge.