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Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22

Beyonce 9/4 - Sean Connery 8/25


The first week of February brings Virgo to your quiet place. Do not resist the overwhelming need to spend time alone. You need to recharge as life has been super busy for one reason or another. You may need this time to finish a project in peace and quiet. While you may think you need to be in out in the world, the most effective results come from time in your cave. Finish projects, consider your health and let go of that which has come to an end. Address health matters, especially your circulation and cardio vascular system. Work continues to be very busy. You may feel like you must push to make your mark. Read the room so to speak and do not cause a fuss as that will not go well. Work and career can be overwhelming through March 25. Yes, March, so you have several more weeks to control your pace so that life does not get out of control. The new Moon February 20 brings new relationships and resolution to current relationships. Diplomacy takes Virgo to new heights with those you care about. Consider your behavior in all relationships. While you may try to save others, you are best to exercise compassion and give support to people without letting go of your own identity. Find empathy to care for others, but do not enable them in their bad habits. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

Mars remains retrograde in Virgos house of career and people who are your bosses until January 12. This is the time to keep on keeping on, doing your best work to your best ability. Do not take the bite when bullies project their bull your way. Plod on, especially since Mercury is retrograde until January 18. During this time the small stuff must not be allowed to become high drama. Tend to your health and diet. Small adjustments to all aspects of your behavior and habits yield big results. January is a good time to do some financial planning. The full Moon January 6 puts Virgo in the chairman’s seat or at least has people asking you to lead them out of their abyss. This full Moon is an empowering and fulfilling time for Virgo. The new Moon brings new people to your tribe along with more efficient ways to work and thrive. Set goals once the new Moon occurs January 21.  This start of the year just happens to be a time for Virgo to lay some fertile groundwork for moving forward in life. Best days 1,11,20,28,29