Taurus, Apr 20 - May 20


Jupiter moves through Taurus' opposite sign, Scorpio, over the next year, Taurus is compelled to accomplish financial goals. That is nothing unusual except that Taurus will have to face your values. If money and material possessions are your god, you will be faced with dilemmas and choices that cause you to question your ethics. While Jupiter is transits your seventh house you are likely to meet business and romantic partners that come from different backgrounds or cultures. Their beliefs and feelings will be another nudge to mine inner happiness. It is quite possible that come November 2018 Taurus will be kinder and gentler when wandering through that china closet. The new Moon brings about a need for Taurus to work efficiently and employ healthy habits. Best days 7,16,25


Taurus has been busy this summer having fun. Reconnect with friends or get involved in a group activity to make new friends. One of your friends will call for help. Hopefully it won't include moving furniture. Otherwise, keep communication open with the group and let everybody know where you stand on any issue. Be sure to “RSVP” so that there are no miscommunications. That goes double when you are dealing with children or a romantic interest. Generally, life should move along at an easy pace, especially after Mercury goes direct September 5. Lay a foundation for investing including setting money aside for travel and education. Take a break from fretting. No matter how difficult money may seem, you will be taken care of in life. Best days 1,10,18,19,20,28

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