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Taurus Apr 19 - May 20

Queen Elizabeth 4/21 - Henry Cavill 5/5


Taurus born in late April have many opportunities that you may or may
not want. Those born around May 5 are letting go of who they are and even changing their appearance. The full Moon brings sudden changes to all Taurus, but especially for those born May 4 to 10. Destiny has a new port of call for those bulls. Taurus born May 13 to May 20 are deciding enough is enough and are redefining boundaries in their lives. Meanwhile, all Taurus have money on their minds more than usual until March 25. This is a great time to strive to make more moola, but most often this particular transits means that money must be paid out for expenses that are expected and unexpected. Those who have done their work well receive congratulations, while those who irritate the boss better have proof the boss is biased. Remember, some of you are making big changes and it could be that boss is a bully. Your day is coming in May and beyond so do not let unethical people ruin your days. The new Moon February 20 brings new friends that are sure to vibe well with Taurus. Make a list of fun goals. Bulls are about to turn a corner. Don’t worry it will all be fine. Embrace change as opposed to choking on new circumstances. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

  • Bulls born May 13 or later have big changes happening. This is not a bad situation. Taurus is letting go of aspects of yourself and your relationships that no longer work.  Some of you are getting new bosses and new jobs, while others are declaring emotional independence from people that are too much to handle.  January 5, 8 and 29 are bring opportunities to have new adventures. Your commitment to your career is uncertain January 14, but by the January 22, Taurus has taken on new responsibilities. Where you were once uncertain in life, you will become more committed later this month. In the months ahead, Taurus meets people who have come to guide you to a new sense of yourself. Life has much to show you over the next four months. The full Moon January 6 brings conversations that clear the air and show Taurus who can and cannot move forward with you.  Let go of challenging people and bond with friends who want to sit by your fire and chat. The new Moon January 21 brings opportunities for advancement of your career and reputation.  Spend wisely and do not make big financial decisions until after January 18. Best days 1,11,20,28,29

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