Taurus Apr 20 - May 20


Taurus is a fixed sign living in changing times. Your home life is unusual and you may even feel detached from your family and the one you live with predominately. Career is in flux and those changes are just as demanding as your family. Rethink your choices in both business and relationships. The new Moon November 7 brings opportunities to restart intimate connections that have cooled in recent times. Some of you will reconnect with former loves. Redefine all areas of your life in order that you may live with a bit more rest and peace of mind. You have been operating at a fast pace for months. The intensity of life is going to ease starting at mid November. Except that time you may be chosen to lead a team and your social life will pick up. Nevertheless, the flow of life will be gentler until the New year. You will feel and look better at mid month. Get ready though, change is ahead beginning next March. Financial matters can hit a snag at mid month. Don’t worry, it will start to work out after December 6. Best days 3,11,12,30


Taurus’ ruler, Venus is retrograde October 5 to November 16. In the days until October 31 when Venus backs into Libra, Taurus is sure to be dealing with love and partner disappointments. Someone you love may not be able to care for you or take care of you. Taurus discovers other people’s limits especially when compassion is needed. Perhaps you discover that someone does not satisfy you any longer. Additionally, people from the past are sure to show up and want to reconnect. Do not jump on that band wagon because this astrologer is pretty sure that once Venus goes direct in November that long lost honey will be lost again and good riddance. Take your time where relationship is concerned. Do not be in a hurry to connect or reconnect. On top of all that, Mars is still moving through Aquarius bringing difficult people and situations to your door. Try to lay low when the boss and other shark types are swimming in your vicinity. Enemies will not be able to hide their feelings. The new Moon October 8 wants Taurus to refine your lifestyle and try to find some balance in your diet. The full Moon October 24 insures upsets to one or more relationships. You don’t like change but that is just what Taurus has coming and its gonna be big. Remember, nothing is permanent. Best days 6,15,16,25


Life is always full of choices and Taurus has the choice to harness stressful energies this month and make a difference or sit by the side of the road complaining that life is not treating you well. Your ability to move ahead with confidence is enhanced September 1-10. You can accomplish what you desire easily especially if you are born in the later days of Taurus. Beginning September 10 your edge becomes sharper and you may push a bit too hard. You have a lot to do between September 11 and November 15. Work is going to take precedence over love and family. You may have to surrender your time and peace and quiet in order to satisfy what bosses and other authorities want you to accomplish. Mid month brings drama most likely because your are paying more attention to work than your love life. Taurus born in the first nine days of May have love challenges through late October. The new Moon September 10 opens life up to fun and you can hit a home run in more than one way. Schedule downtime around the full Moon September 24. You will need to process some issue or just get some rest. Best days 9,17,28


Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus August 7. This compels Taurus to ponder why you want what you desire and how you can go about making that happen. Avoid knee jerk reactions especially August 4 when someone, most likely of your opposite sex, jerks your chain to irritation. The new Moon eclipse pushes Taurus to listen to you instincts in order to make long term plans that elicit a sense of security within your self and in your outer world of money and home. Make modifications to your castle. Some bulls will move to new digs in months to come. The bottom line is that you are wise to do what makes you smile. One of the most important things you can do now is help others. Best days 12,13,21,22, 31


Life continues to throw Taurus into uncertainty. You will be fine if you embrace the changes. Bulls who are students or travelers should prepare for coming trips and semesters. Take advantage of investment opportunities and don't freak out in the short term. What you do now can have positive results in the long run. Career matters seem to take precedence but often you will feel like you are spinning your wheels. Just keep on spinning and do what you have to do now. The current changes will affect your life in the next couple of years. Recognition, hopefully for the good comes to Taurus late in the month, but not without a price to pay including a bit of stress. Pay attention to your surroundings July 27. Best days 8,11,14,15,22


Change is in the air for Taurus. Get used to it as there is nothing you can do about it as long as you are a Taurus in this life. Open yourself to new adventures. Balance family and work. Work will most likely win because Taurus has an agenda to accomplish goals and recognition. This won't happen overnight and you will have to contend with people who push back when you push them too hard. Get as much done as possible regarding your agenda as once Mars is retrograde June 26 - July 27 relationships will shift and change in ways that make you uncomfortable. Bulls must reconcile your desire with disillusionment. Every effort will not get an immediate response. Remember that everything happens for your best interest. Best days 1,10,11,18,19,28


Uranus wades into Taurus May 15 to November 7. During those weeks Bulls get a taste of what to expect over the next seven years when Uranus is full-on moving through Taurus beginning March 2019. Over the years I have seen many clients have this transit and what you can expect is to change your life direction several times. Just when you think you have a job in London, you end up living with someone new in California. Don't be afraid if you can embrace the uncertainty of life. Do be afraid if you resist life changes because you will make the process painful for no reason at all. In the short term don't jump at just any offer. Get organized and don't fuss with others May 7.
Best days 4,5,15,22,31


Venus moving through Taurus has this sign looking good and wanting creature comforts. Venus rules Taurus so she is extra potent and positive while moving through Taurus until April 24. Mid month is generally a very uplifting time for Taurus. You are shining socially but must make sure you do not misstep by going overboard with gushiness. Do not let others take advantage of you at this time. Make sure that any protest you have is heard. The new Moon April 15 begins a time for Taurus to get some beauty rest. As April progresses Taurus will feel the pull to lose your identity in relationships. Work to strike a balance with people who fall into all sorts of relationship categories in your life. Best days 7,16,17,25


Speak your mind and it will generally go well. As March progresses past the first seven days, Taurus must contend with friends and mates who disagree over duties, responsibilities or even finances that are shared. In the months between March and July you will discover that some associates do not share the same values as Taurus. Avoid people with poisonous personalities. Taurus will come to know who is and is not a friend. In some cases friends from the past will appear but use caution. Your stamina and enthusiasm is abundant March 17 - May 16. But while Mercury is retrograde March 22 - April 15 Taurus is at a loss for words. You look really good March 31- April 24 and can have your way without a word. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,28,29


Taurus' career and reputation take precedence this month. Hopefully you have been doing a bang up job but do prepare for some people to be unhappy with Taurus for one reason or another. Your plans are sure to be tested by bosses or coworkers that are not your fans. Just keep on doing what you are doing but do make note of constructive criticism so that you can do a better job and put those people in their place. The new Moon eclipse February 15 is a kickoff to your future and especially the future of your current career. Some of you will be starting anew in months to come and this is the result of the new vision you have been seeing within yourself. Best days 2,11,12, 21

January 2018

Taurus must handle details, mail, and paperwork that has piled up on your computer and your desk. Tackle those matters in the days until January 16 so that once the new Moon arrives at that time, you can get back to the adventure part of life. Look to the big picture and the stuff of life that feeds your soul. At month's end your life and focus will be pulled from moving about the planet back to home and family matters. Taurus will have to juggle your sense of self and what you want for you with the needs of honeys, career standing, and immediate family. Home repairs are most likely in months ahead. Avoid arguments January 24 as the irritation will pass quickly. Best days 5,6,15,16, 25

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