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Taurus Apr 19 - May 20

Queen Elizabeth 4/21 - Henry Cavill 5/5


Friends and loved ones are a pain in Taurus’ neck. Taurus rules the throat and neck. Don’t be the one that acts passive aggressive. Whoever does that will just shoot themselves in the neck or foot. Use caution playing and generally participate in age-appropriate activities. Taking chances with your body is not advised at the opening or middle of September. Those who compete, better be more than ready or you will perform poorly. Keep an eye on the kids and their friends when they behave sketchy. The same goes for that person you just began to date. Stay alert. Once the middle of September arrives work and the way you do work must be adjusted. That area of your life is going to be one that requires patience. Much will be delayed through late October. At the same time Taurus must stay healthy by balancing the crazy with good food and plenty of rest. The new Moon September calls for new beginnings and fun. Those that want to get pregnant should do what is takes to accomplish that between the new and full Moon September 20. The full Moon puts a spotlight on Taurus. You will be called upon to lead your team and or help someone. Some friendships will be stressful at the full Moon. You will be fine. Best days 6,15,24


The changes that Taurus wants in life are becoming easier as restrictive Saturn and independent Uranus are separating for now. Taurus born late in April and early May know enough is enough and make the changes. Those born around the middle of May are off and running, but do not know where to go. Those bulls are best to prepare for the unexpected. All Taurus must juggle career and family during the first several days of August. Duties you do not care for must be handled. Picking up after parents and errant bosses is your job. The new Moon August 8 brings family matters to the forefront. Some of you are moving. Others are just busy around the house and with family concerns. Amid all this, do accept invitations during the first several days of the month and again August 19 to 21. August is a fun month as long as you do not color outside of the borders. Money and love are easier so stop fretting. The full Moon August 22 brings big endings that are terrific for Taurus; especially those born after the middle of May. Release the parking brake and let life happen for you, Taurus.

Best days 1,10,19,28


Taurus is making big moves. You have lots of tasks and responsibilities to accomplish and the ride is not an easy one. There is work to do and it will be in the trenches, not in a resort day spa. Some bulls are moving, others are doing home repairs and remodels. Those jobs are bigger tasks than you plan or budget. A wise bull is best to wait until August 2 to start those projects. They will go better and be cheaper. Family members demand Taurus’ attention. You have so much to do and you can do it all so just whistle while you work. July 1,6 and 8 are especially challenging. The change you desire happens, but you may rethink it all this month. Plow ahead and do not turn back. The new Moon brings new ways to deal with the challenges. Use new words and tactics to have your way, Taurus. The full Moon brings recognition at work and rewards such as more responsibilities and not necessarily more money. Keep your head down and make sure to do your best so that it is the boss that gets laid off and not you, Taurus. It will all be fine by next month. Best days 14, 22


Mercury is retrograde in Taurus’ second house of money until June 22. This is not the time to make financial decisions or important purchases because you do not have all the information you need in order to make a wise decision. The new Moon eclipse June 10 does happen in that same house, but you want to wait awhile before setting new plans and goals into action. The main theme of Taurus’ life this year is to find freedom and independence, but first you must create a plan and finish what is currently on your plate. Change happens but the change is going to take time. Mars moving through Taurus’ fourth house June 11 to July 29 has Taurus energized to tackle home improvement projects. That is a good channel for restless and irritated energy that can create family upsets. There are a lot of family emotions to deal with and most of them are not joyful. Push through it and when you assert yourself make sure you do so without aggressive behavior or intentions. Otherwise, plans and dreams go up in flames. The full Moon June 24 says use caution driving. You will be able to get a point across and make progress at that time. Kind words get Taurus over the bumps in the road June 2 to 26. Best days 6,16,25


Taurus is a social creature this month. Those who have been shut in have opportunities to get out of old routines. The first few days of May bring smiles as you realize how much you have missed your friends and loved ones. May 3 brings upsets to the routine, but Taurus can recover from the changes and discover that those changes were not so bad after all. May 10/11 is full of energy. Operate within certain constraints if you wish to have your way. The new Moon May 11 promises a productive 28 days going forward. As early as May 3 the planets begin to shift into Taurus’ second house of money and self-worth. New friends are coming and those new friends have friends that you will meet. Your social circle is broadening but at that same time you will be having big completions with those who no longer can stay in Taurus’ life. The full Moon eclipse May 26 brings opportunities over the next several months, but Taurus must do your own research when reaching for the financial stars. Big endings are coming including paying off debts. Listen to your insights and when you wake up at three in the morning listen for what the vibes are broadcasting. The daily routine is generally busy but there are bumps in the road caused by responsibilities to your work or parents. Let life wash over you and do not resist. Drive safely and turn off your mind when it goes off on tangents. Best days 10,11,20,28


The twelfth house is loaded, so it is time for Taurus to take a breather and recharge. If you do not willingly slow down, the planets will create a situation wherein Taurus has to sit on the bench. It is time to seriously focus on your inner self. The new Moon April 11 compels Taurus to take a personal inventory and accept the inevitable endings and current circumstances of life. At the same time, making money and achieving worldly success is on your mind. You have the energy and certainly the gab to make a good deal. Work and your good reputation are becoming apparent to a larger number of people. Pick days between the new Moon and the full Moon to network and work your professional network. Happy Hour and coffee meetups are very productive. Venus, your ruling planet, moves through this sign April 14 to May 8. Taurus is sensual and magnetic April 22 but by two days later, the luster of whatever once was shiny will be dull and boring. However, the full Moon April 26 puts Taurus back in balance and feeling less weight on your shoulders. Really big changes are afoot and the direction of life is insisting Taurus act now, but finish what is on your plate. Turn it over and it will happen better than any way you could imagine. Best days 4,14, 24


Mars moves through Taurus' second house of money and other creature comforts March 3 to April 23. Money and security are big motivators for Taurus. Mars moving through the second house has Taurus striving to make more money and worrying that you will not have enough. Often when Mars moves through one’s second house, there are lots of expenses that agitate the person. Taurus likes income but does not like payouts because somewhere deep inside you have a fear of lack. Cut that out and do what it takes to make the bucks during this transit. Sometimes, we must spend money to make money. Remember that 2021 is a year when you want to make big changes but are hampered by current responsibilities. Mid-month brings surprises that shake your confidence. Put up a good front and do what you have to do to get through those challenges. Get yourself organized financially in the days around March 21. March 23 brings upsets to your bottom line, but it is really in your head. Remain calm and turn your attention to your network. March is a great month to reconnect to the people you have not been able to see recently. The new Moon occurs in Taurus’ house of friends and teams. Reach out to new and different people. Volunteering brings you lots of social opportunities but you must go out and find them. The full Moon March 28 brings up surprises, some of which will be cause for Taurus to pause to recharge your batteries. Roll with the changes when you have no power to control the events that are happening in life over the next several years. Let your guides take you where you need to go this time around. Best days 7,18,16, 26

February 2021

February opens with stress and even arguments. Bosses and other powerful people in your life are sources of angst. Taurus wants the freedom to be who you are but current circumstances hold Taurus to the ground when you really want to fly. Opinions are just opinions. Do not let what other people think influence your future. Those opinions are just thoughts. This stress you feel is the need for change. If you are resisting the change you will feel the pain. Allow your identity to grow independently of the people who want to hold a bull in the pen. Those people are not in your life forever. Jobs and career directions are changing. Look back to 1991-1994 and you will remember that similar change was taking place. Many of you will wake up and realize, “enough is enough.” New bosses and new jobs are coming this year. The new Moon February 11 brings diligence when sculpting you. You cannot rest on your laurels this year. Keep pushing. Taurus’ energy is super high this month and that is great because you have some mountains to climb. The full Moon February 27 brings the ability to easily deal with changes and difficult people. At the full Moon you will be able to set boundaries with friends and others with whom you no longer want in your life. Best days 8th


Mars moves through Taurus January 6 to March 3. Taurus is active and getting a jump on the year ahead. Instead of worrying about your well-being and bank balance, use this good vibe to initiate all sorts of new plans. You will have to push up against bosses and bossy parents at mid-month when someone opposes your enthusiasm. Work is opening up in many ways but getting used to the changes is going to be an adjustment through next month. The days around January 20 are especially intense. Avoid accidents and make sure you turn off the car at the gas station. There will be explosions and you do not want it to be a literal explosion. Taurus must be focused in order to get what you want because there will be a boogeyman that wants to subvert your intentions. The good news is that the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are in Capricorn. The means take the high road and use communication to circumvent the insanity that others project onto you, Taurus. The new Moon January 12 offers opportunities and resources to explore new avenues and places. Some of you will take classes while others of you are reaching out across the world to make a better place for yourself. When used wisely, your influence will rock your world. The full Moon January 28 brings home and family matters to the plate. Taurus will have to balance the needs of the group known as your work family and their cause with the need of your immediate family of origin. Once Mercury turns retrograde January 30, plans at the office must be evaluated and some will be cancelled for the time being. Best days 3,12, 21, 22, 31

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