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Taurus, Apr 20 - May 20


Success happens in the months to come where work and career are concerned. It is very important that you work diligently so that you receive positive feedback from superiors and critics. Circumstances arise that may bring stress to those born May 3 - 9 right around the lunar eclipse August 7. In months to come you will have to balance your work responsibilities with family. At the same time bulls will need to take time to play. Time spent with children or a romantic partner will be important. Play hard and have fun. Taurus has the energy to easily accomplish tough tasks. Find more efficient ways to do even simple tasks. Take time to rest from your routine whether it is the exercise routine or your work. Best days 4,31


Taurus must get past that bump in the road that happens during the first few days of the month. That bump can be arguments or news that is disruptive. Taurus has a lot on their plates this month and you are pushing to accomplish all those ideas that are on the to do list. Other people who do not have the same agenda will push back. Trust yourself at the full Moon July 8/9. Don't let people and situations shake your confidence. Uncomfortable situations come and go the week of July 23, especially where shared situations are concerned. Don't let honeys make you feel bad. If you do, it is a sign that maybe you need a new honey or a honey adjustment. Best days 8,9,18,25


Taurus has many ideas in the hopper. You might get a bit scattered trying to cover all the bases. Your ability to sell is so stellar that you could sell that bull the broken china out of the closet. Do not make statements, though, that are controversial or ones that could cause you trouble and create arguments. There are many short trips that need to be accomplished. Use caution while dashing from here to there. June is a great time to create a budget. If Taurus' money is not managed well Taurus is not happy. Your ruler, Venus, moves through Taurus June 6 - July 4. Taurus is extra sensual during these days and this does add to your ability to have your way and sell your ideas. Best days 11,20,28,29


Mars is now firmly planted in Taurus' second house of money and other stuff that pertains to your comfort zone. Bulls can really make bank because they have the energy and enthusiasm to build wealth. At the same time Mars can bring on expenses and some bulls will feel like more money is leaving your accounts than coming into them. The full Moon May 10 says that bulls will be making financial payments and rebalancing their needs with the needs of someone else. In the final seven days of May Taurus must have patience in light of the fact that most matters are not going your way. The conflict between what you want and what you can have in reality will be irritating to Taurus. Best days 5,23,24,31


Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde April 9. Get your projects started before April 9 and hunker down for the tricks and tribulations Mercury is sure to throw your way. Leave extra early for events and do not rush too quickly in any situation as accidents are apt to happen. Your stamina is abundant so Taurus is able to withstand long hour days. Stay on course and stay stubborn when it benefits you but don't let that same stubborn behavior keep you from actually accomplishing what you desire especially during April 8-15. Taxes and insurance can be stressful and sharing anything will be a challenge. Once your ruler, Venus, goes direct April 15, life improves and Taurus feels lighter. Friendships improve just after mid April. Best days 7, 8,17,26,27


Taurus may not be seeing life as clearly as usual because you are dazzled by some illusion. This is especially true because you may not like how you are being treated by coworkers, in-laws or by friends. Those with health challenges are wise to consider new options for care. Set boundaries when possible although that may be hard to do so in the face of the rules that you must abide by now. Those who are studying will have to deal with unreasonable teachers and you may want to change subjects. Difficult situations are fuel for new resolutions to move onward and upward in life. Beginning March 9 bulls are ready to take life by the horns and take action. Make sure you have the facts. Best days 2,3,30


Home and family matters are demanding but work may be just as imposing. Taurus is faced with making a choice. The need to break free of work and its responsibilities could be prevalent. You don't want to just work all the time but you do need to make money. That is a Taurus trait. It is time for Taurus to find better ways to make a living such that you are not just working to make ends meet. Consider your quality of life and the choices become much easier to make. The new Moon eclipse February 26 is the start of Taurus awakening to possibilities that have not been there for you previously. In the months until August, people come into your life that help guide Taurus. Best days 4,11,12,21


Taurus is reassessing your connections. If you have trusted the wrong people they will do things that disappoint bulls to the point of ending the friendships. Many of you will decide that the groups you belong to no longer embody your ideals. Your crush or bestie will show you that he or she is human just like you. The signs that you were hanging out with unlike people were there; you just ignored the signals and chose blissful ignorance. Get past your disappointments and build new relationships that are truly trustworthy. Be the leader when joint efforts go astray but know that you will meet with resistance. Handle mundane errands the week of January 9. January 27 begins a time when your career demands attention. Best days 7, 25


Ambition continues to thrive and Taurus has the courage to push upward. The challenge still is that you must not arouse the opposition of people who hold power over you including bosses or family members. Strive for recognition and accomplishment in ways that are not threatening to those around you. Just after mid month, it will become apparent that a group effort is the best way to accomplish what you want. Partnerships and shared circumstances are resolved over the next year. Tax and insurance matters are easily dealt with and come to a conclusion. Those of you who have matters of an estate will see it all resolve. Likewise, your own confusion about your deepest feelings is cleared as you come to understand your own psychology. Best days 1,11,19,29