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Taurus Apr 19 - May 20

Queen Elizabeth 4/21 - Henry Cavill 5/5


Mars moves through Taurus January 6 to March 3. Taurus is active and getting a jump on the year ahead. Instead of worrying about your well-being and bank balance, use this good vibe to initiate all sorts of new plans. You will have to push up against bosses and bossy parents at mid-month when someone opposes your enthusiasm. Work is opening up in many ways but getting used to the changes is going to be an adjustment through next month. The days around January 20 are especially intense. Avoid accidents and make sure you turn off the car at the gas station. There will be explosions and you do not want it to be a literal explosion. Taurus must be focused in order to get what you want because there will be a boogeyman that wants to subvert your intentions. The good news is that the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are in Capricorn. The means take the high road and use communication to circumvent the insanity that others project onto you, Taurus. The new Moon January 12 offers opportunities and resources to explore new avenues and places. Some of you will take classes while others of you are reaching out across the world to make a better place for yourself. When used wisely, your influence will rock your world. The full Moon January 28 brings home and family matters to the plate. Taurus will have to balance the needs of the group known as your work family and their cause with the need of your immediate family of origin. Once Mercury turns retrograde January 30, plans at the office must be evaluated and some will be cancelled for the time being. Best days 3,12, 21, 22, 31

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