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Taurus Apr 19 - May 20

Queen Elizabeth 4/21 - Henry Cavill 5/5


Taurus’ ruler, Venus, has been retrograde since July 23. Happily, Venus goes direct September 3. Many of you have been settling in and unpacking while other bulls have been spending more than usual. Still other Taurus are going through changes in relationships. Uranus, retrograde until late next January has Taurus wanting to experience a new sense of freedom. Do remember though, that the freedom you desire can be disruptive to other situations in your life. Applying your need for freedom to your inner self goes along way and is really more important than destroying good relationships. Even the challenging relationships are best resolved before running off and hurting someone. What you disrupt now will come back to bite you in the bull butt mid October to late November. Jupiter retrograde from September 4 to the end of December compels Taurus to move out of self deception and develop a sense of self awareness. New adventures are coming next spring. Mercury retrograde until September 15 says Taurus has to sit on the bench while others play. Address your diet and health through mid October. Healthy behavior is a must in the weeks ahead. Best days 4,9,14,23,27


Taurus’ ruler is Venus and Venus is retrograde until September 3. The last time Venus was retrograde in this same spot was eight years ago. While Venus is retrograde, Taurus is getting to see what lacks in your character. You are not a bad bull, you are just seeing how you can be a better bull. Now is the time to create a harmonious environment. Some of you are unpacking from trips while others of you are unpacking from a move. Venus is not in a harmonious place for Taurus so you have personal work to finish. If you are trying to reclaim any part of your life, there will be a big hoop on fire for you to jump through. The life challenges you face now are your creation. Taurus is on the way to being in touch with your inner self. Surprises come August 9 and 15 so be ready to hop over hot coals. Uranus, ruler of your tenth house of career turns retrograde in Taurus August 28 until late next January. While Uranus is retrograde, Taurus gets to learn that you are not the center of someone else’s world. You are in freedom seeking mode, but if you dishonor the people who are bonded to you, you will lose out on something wonderful. Selflessness goes a long way now. Look within as that is where your freedom lies. The August 1 full Moon brings recognition among your peers. The new Moon August 16 brings the focus on home and family matters while the new Moon August 30 brings new friends through structured activities and classes. Best days 8,12,13,18,27,31


Endings lead to new beginnings that remind Taurus we are all the same light beginning July 18. Some bulls have new projects that take time to accomplish. You are in a transition such that you are leaving the old ways and beliefs that no longer serve you, dear Taurus. People and situations that do not match your creed must go away for good. Home and family are busy and some of you are doing some deep cleaning or remodeling. Venus, your ruler, is retrograde July 22 to September 3. While Venus is retrograde, Taurus will do well to focus on your inner abilities and personality traits. Venus retrograde is going to be a challenge when it comes to your money and love. Don’t do something stupid that makes a mess of your current situation and creates regret. The full Moon July 3 is a super busy time and one that nudges you to make the changes you need to make in life. The new Moon July 17 brings productive trips and communication with new and different people who can show you through the change you are now experiencing. Best days 3,11,12,22,30


Life is taking Taurus in a new direction, but the jury is not out as to which direction Taurus will be taking. It is time for you to do something in your life that is helpful to others over the next twenty years. Yes, you read it correctly; twenty years. Hopefully, you have been tending to your life philosophy and letting go of misconceptions since 2008. This exercise comes back into full force between June 11 and next January 22. You have until November 20, 2024 to clear out the cobwebs and dogma so that you can embrace your new role and life path. This is very exciting as you come into your true self. The bad news is that while your reputation is expanding widely so will your waistline. Hold off on those rich foods and creamy chocolates until May 2024. Home and family matters are intense until July 11. This a good time to handle home projects that need to be done during warm weather. Family will buck many Taurus ideas so use diplomacy when moving those chess pieces around the board. The full Moon June 3 brings big endings such as paying off debts and ditching unworthy partners of all sorts. The new Moon June 17 brings new financial plans and budgets. Money matters are busy this June so pay attention to balances. Best days 6,24


Taurus must balance your identity with the needs and desires of your partners and enemies. This is a good time to act with independence as opposed to giving into the unreasonable needs of someone else. Many Taurus are saying goodbye to people who are a burden. It may be the person that texts you four times a day or the person who represents behavior patterns that no longer work for a bull. While Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until May 14, hold off beginning new ventures and projects. Otherwise, said actions are sure to fail. Your daily routine is busy until May 20 when home and family are bustling. Family matters are contentious May 15 to 27. This is a very intense time in your life. Do not let your family or anyone else get all Britney Spears’ dad on you and take control. Change the way you approach unreasonable parents and do not stand for their selfish behavior. This is a good time to become emotionally independent of helicopter family members. The best news is that Jupiter moves through Taurus May 16 until May 2024. This brings many new advantages and opportunities to roll through life with greater ease than in the recent past. This last occurred twelve years ago. Enjoy the good times but push back on the sugar and carbs as Jupiter not only expands your reputation but also your waistline. This is a good time to build muscle. The second half of May brings big accomplishments. You have the drive and urge to succeed now but do not get too big for your britches. The new Moon May 19 provides a fresh and innovative start to present a new image. Use caution in the days around May 21.

Best days 1,9,18,28


Mercury moves into Taurus April 3. This means Taurus is busy making plans for self improvement of all sorts. This is the time to plan to become a new bull. Use the sextile between Mercury and Saturn April 5 to put ideas and plans into place that make you look good physically and on the playing field of life. Call on your village for help.

At the same time on April 5, the full Moon in Libra helps Taurus to make resolutions and carry out plans that insure a healthier lifestyle. Recognition comes from your work, but you may not like the attention you receive. If photos are involved do not look at yours. You will need to get some rest around this full Moon.

Once the calendar strikes April 7, Mercury in your sign gears up to turn retrograde April 21 to May 14. Pay attention to your actions and words as Mercury is about to play tricks on Taurus when you are looking the other way. Slow down around April 23.

The new Moon eclipse April 19 happens in your twelfth house just as it did last month. However, the March new Moon was a plain old new Moon. In case you did not get the memo last month, this total eclipse says, “let it go.” This is mostly about Taurus releasing parts of you that do not serve you. People will be leaving though, especially in July. Let them go so that you can move forward. Best days 3,12,21,30


Starting March 7, Saturn begins to spend two plus years in Taurus’ eleventh house of friends and goals. While this transit occurs, friends will let you see who they truly are. You may feel friendless at some point, but this just lets you know that you have made some bad choices in the past. It is time to clean house. In some cases you will leave your groups of friends or decide to move to a new team. Taurus could also become a leader or mentor especially where a good cause is concerned. The main theme will be the exit of friends.

Pluto moves into Taurus’ house of career and your future. In the months ahead until late 2024, yes 2024, bulls are getting a big hit of spiritual energy that is sure to transform your life direction. This can be a big turning point in your life. Your angels and guides and are going to point you in a new life direction if you are on the wrong path. Over the next twenty-one years Taurus must step up your game of life. You can make great life strides and will be better off in twenty-one years, but do expect to walk through fire to get to the other side of this transit. Do not be afraid, life is only a movie and your movie will have a much better ending in the long run. Family members will have their own transitions.

This month of March is a time for you to consider your wounds and do some healing of your self. Secret affairs are not a good idea, but some of you cannot resist. Money matters get easier after March 24, but the daily routine gets super busy. Leave the road rage at home and stay calm when dealing with siblings and their issues. The full Moon March 7 says you need to speak up and tell someone how you feel about them. This full Moon is a good time to get away for some fun. The new Moon March 21 compels Taurus to search within your self. This is where happiness lives so stop running about looking for something that you already possess. The final days of March bring sudden new connections that can last a long time if you relate wisely. Best days 24


Taurus born in late April have many opportunities that you may or may
not want. Those born around May 5 are letting go of who they are and even changing their appearance. The full Moon brings sudden changes to all Taurus, but especially for those born May 4 to 10. Destiny has a new port of call for those bulls. Taurus born May 13 to May 20 are deciding enough is enough and are redefining boundaries in their lives. Meanwhile, all Taurus have money on their minds more than usual until March 25. This is a great time to strive to make more moola, but most often this particular transits means that money must be paid out for expenses that are expected and unexpected. Those who have done their work well receive congratulations, while those who irritate the boss better have proof the boss is biased. Remember, some of you are making big changes and it could be that boss is a bully. Your day is coming in May and beyond so do not let unethical people ruin your days. The new Moon February 20 brings new friends that are sure to vibe well with Taurus. Make a list of fun goals. Bulls are about to turn a corner. Don’t worry it will all be fine. Embrace change as opposed to choking on new circumstances. Best days 7,8,16,25

January 2023

  • Bulls born May 13 or later have big changes happening. This is not a bad situation. Taurus is letting go of aspects of yourself and your relationships that no longer work.  Some of you are getting new bosses and new jobs, while others are declaring emotional independence from people that are too much to handle.  January 5, 8 and 29 are bring opportunities to have new adventures. Your commitment to your career is uncertain January 14, but by the January 22, Taurus has taken on new responsibilities. Where you were once uncertain in life, you will become more committed later this month. In the months ahead, Taurus meets people who have come to guide you to a new sense of yourself. Life has much to show you over the next four months. The full Moon January 6 brings conversations that clear the air and show Taurus who can and cannot move forward with you.  Let go of challenging people and bond with friends who want to sit by your fire and chat. The new Moon January 21 brings opportunities for advancement of your career and reputation.  Spend wisely and do not make big financial decisions until after January 18. Best days 1,11,20,28,29

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