Taurus Apr 20 - May 20


Beginning March 6, Uranus moves through Taurus until 2026. This is an amazing time for bulls but many of you will become scared because you do not usually like change. There is nothing you can do about this but go along with life. Events will surprise you and knock you off your feet for a bit. Get up, dust yourself off, and carryon in a new way. Your look will change. Your attitudes will change. Your relationships will change and so will your work. It is going to be okay. Right at the beginning and end of March surprises provide a taste of whats to come. Meanwhile, the new Moon brings new friends and a realization as to where you stand in life. Taurus will most likely not be happy with your position in the pecking order. The new Moon March 6 pushes Taurus to seek new and altruistic goals. You might discover there is more to life than luxury. The full Moon March 20 adds to your impetus to follow a new lifestyle. If you don’t have a gym membership it might be time to get one. Grow beyond behaviors that do not serve your well being. Best days 1,10,11,19


The Sun moving through your tenth house of career puts Taurus in the limelight for better or worse. Most likely you will be challenged with too much to do and it will be tough to please just about everyone. The people that love a bull will most likely be the ones who are far away. You could go visit them but those people will be the ones who find fault once you arrive. The new Moon February 4 brings new bosses and or new beginnings at work. With that new Moon comes challenges to your authority. In the days between February 4 and 22 use an extra bit of diplomacy and a dash of bitchiness to get it done. Play nice on the 12th especially when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Mars moves through Taurus February 14 to March 31. During that time Taurus is extra busy and active. The full Moon February 19 compels you to do something nice for someone you care about. An act of service will make someone feel really good at that time. Romance and love are shifting. Casual relationships will become less casual and other associations that are worn out are coming to an end. With all the challenges, Taurus will be the sexy one that has the right answer. Take your time before responding in any situation. Best days 2,11,12,19,20,28

January 2019

Taurus does not usually like change but the new Moon eclipse in your ninth house has Taurus hankering for new life experiences. Some of you will travel new places while others will embark on educational experiences that can take you to far away places. Still others may start a consulting business with foreign connections and influences in coming months. Do your homework. There will be pitfalls to jump over during the second half of January. Plan for all unexpected events because a lot is going on behind the scenes and behind your back. You may be the one with the secret but you have not kept it very well and your reckoning day is coming this spring. If you watch GAME OF THRONES you will remember that a big foreshadowing is that winter is coming. Dear Taurus, change is coming like you have never known come March. It will not be bad but it will be relentless for several years. The full Moon January 20/21 is a harbinger of that change. Those you hold dear will be changing too. Kids and honeys will become more independent. Use the full Moon in Leo to speak up and let someone know how you feel, it just may be the one thing that keeps that person from leaving. Try to quiet your mind and get some sleep. Best days 5,15,16

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