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Taurus Apr 20 - May 20

Jojo Siwa 5/19 - Henry Cavill 5/5


The full Moon eclipse July 4 forms a harmonious angle to Taurus from your ninth house. This particular new Moon is one that brings happy times for you, Taurus. Look to your philosophy of life. This is a harbinger of happy completions and new beginnings that remains the picture life. Many of you will get to travel soon while others will embark on new studies and educational pursuits. If you are questioning your direction, look to innovative solutions that can push you forward. The new Moon in your third house brings short trips and new gadgets. In the weeks after the new Moon, some of your trips will be delayed or challenged by unforeseen circumstances. Have faith and carry on dismissing those feelings of discouragement. Delays are not the same as a NO. Mars is moving through the twelfth house for the rest of the year. During that time you may feel like you are moving sideways. It is just taking longer to get to where you are going. Spend time alone. Meditation would be good for you so that you can unplug your mind and see where life is taking Taurus. All of this recharge time will help you deal with the daily routine and in-laws that are acting like outlaws. Just don’t forget the big picture when you feel anxious. Be nice to your feet at mid month. Best days 15,16,23


While Mars continues to move through the eleventh house of friends and goals, Taurus is productive and social. It may be hard for you to adapt to the new ways of connecting, but using new devices and apps will be really good for you. You can make new friends but make sure they are not a soldier in Afghanistan with the special forces. In case you don’t know, that is a common identity used by scammers. Venus retrograde in your second house does bring more goofy people especially from the past. People from the past are not here to stay. Wait until next month to make any financial or emotional commitment as there is a different wizard behind the curtain than the one you see projected onto the screen. The full Moon eclipse June 5 brings big endings to your life which means big beginnings are right around the corner. Pay off debts and complete partnerships with kindness. This is all part of a psychological adjustment you are undergoing. The new Moon eclipse June 21 brings new ways to communicate and get around town. Wait until after July 28 to buy that new car or computer. Your change and evolution continues. Some days will be easy others will push you to climb over that big wall. Commit to doing it all your way. In the meantime return to an activity you enjoy. Best days 17


Taurus continues to see what does not work in life. If you feel afraid it is because you feel out of control. Make a list of that which does not work and then work to make changes. This includes your job, your boss, and the stronger of your two parents. It is really important for Taurus to focus on what makes you comfortable this month. Explore your options but remember that Venus, your ruler, is retrograde May 13 to June 25. Make no solid plans during that time. Partnerships and shared ventures seem like a great idea but Taurus is wise to look at all the details. Whether it is business or love, you need to know who you are getting in bed with now and over the next couple of years. Do not marry anyone with bad credit and do not take on any partner wherein you are the goose that lays the golden egg. Do not give up your identity or control for the sake of an experience because the experience can go off the rails if you, Taurus, ignore negative factors. This is especially true around the time of the full Moon May 7. Otherwise, enjoy the new adventure at hand. Best days 3,11, 21


April opens with Taurus still feeling the effects of Mars and Saturn conjunct March 31. Many of you have awakened to the need to make a change. This is not the time to act with vengeance or without preparation. You know what needs to be changed. Make a game plan as the month begins and do not broadcast your plan as that would undermine your efforts. Spend most of this month recharging. Taurus is preparing for a new beginning April 23 when the Sun moves into this sign. Taurus has a lot of changes you are going to want to make between now and April 2021. The change will not be easy so you must have a plan, know that facts, and roll with the wave that is taking place. April 7/8, and even a few days before and after that, will show you that your ducks are not in a row. You very well may be caught by surprise at that time and again April 26 and 30. Challenges and roadblocks must be dealt with April 20 and 28. Travel is a challenge this month. April 14,15, 24, 25 are good days to stay put. The full Moon April 7 brings adjustments to the way you have been living and working. Some Taurus will discover that you must address your health in a more balanced fashion. The new Moon April 22 is an intense one that is very personal for you Taurus. While this is a new beginning, it is also a new Moon that compels you to deal with the crisis of your own wounds amidst all that is happening in the current world situation. This new Moon is the start of a long period in which Taurus can let go of the pain you have experienced in the past. Seek people with whom you share a similar experience. You will bond with one or more people that share your same life plight. Best days 5,13,23,24


Taurus is a fixed sign so many of you do not like change. Change you must at this time of your life and over the next several years. Question the big picture of your life and rewrite the script. It is okay to let go of the past philosophy and religious beliefs. You are discovering that dogma is becoming a worn out exercise. Taurus’ biggest challenge is to speak up and say your truth because it may hurt those around you. Speaking that truth just may cause pain for you dear Taurus. Friends may have disappeared but they will be back. Double check your work for errors and do not make unnecessary or large purchases. Communication is a challenge especially March 2. The full Moon is a positive time to say how you feel but avoid being critical of others. Otherwise, it can be a fun and romantic time. Just remember Mercury is retrograde if you travel. Take a toothbrush and a change of clothes in your carry on. The new Moon March 24 insists that you explore the upsets that compel you to do the things you do that are not in your best interest. Best days 9,17,27


February opens with a quick challenge to your reputation by a boss or other bossy person. Take difficult people in stride and take responsibility for yourself without fueling dissension. Somebody has an issue that really is not about Taurus. Sidestep the divas and drama. Focus on travel and great opportunities that real friends present. It could be a trip to a great retreat or an opportunity to volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Africa. Jump on the opportunities but pay attention so that Mercury does not play you while the playful planet is retrograde February 16 to March 9. Some friends will disappear during those days while others from the past will cycle back through to see if they can still push your buttons. Taurus, especially those born during the last week of April get an extra push to make life changes. Go with the trend or miss or be the actor that turned down the award winning role. The full Moon February 9 insists that you tend to family matters and home repairs. Some of you will be preparing to move. The last quarter brings up the last straw with friends and partners you no longer need. The new Moon cycle that begins February 23 brings people and situations that propel Taurus to a new sense of independence. Bulls are letting go of what you no longer need or want. It is time to get a new fashion statement. Best days 2,310,18,19,28,29

January 2020

The gathering of Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury means that over the next 30 years your ideas about what is important will be changing. Taurus’ horizons are expanding. Ideas to travel, learn, and grow as a human being are unfathomable. Don’t worry how you will pay to get from here to there, it will happen. Opportunities are here even this month. Be very careful before you say NO to any opportunity. It just may be the role that wins you an award no matter what you do for a living. This month and next are a time of psychological transformation. The way that you share your self and your stuff with others is transforming. It will require you to be more fluid and spontaneous. This month and next are not a great time to make financial commitments to a project or partnership because your are in such a flux.

The full Moon in your third house brings up issues with neighbors and siblings. Someone close by will be leaving. A completion and resolution comes up through thoughtful communication. Taurus is closing doors on the past. One level of education is ending while another will begin in the next year. Do not cause your self pain by swimming against the current. The new Moon January 24 brings innovative ways and interesting people into your career. Be open minded. Best days 5,14,22,23


Taurus, especially those of you born in the first days of this sign, have been experiencing the need for independence and adventure. Many bulls have felt uncertain about how to attain their goals and still others have had sudden upsets that leave Taurus feeling depleted. Now that Jupiter is moving through Capricorn until next November, you will receive helping hands. Mentors will tell you their secrets to success and life in general brings you luck this month. Those of you born in the later days of Taurus undergo a transformation into the real you. The events of this month and next will reform your ideas about your life and the world around you, Taurus. Your truth will evolve and the philosophies that Taurus once held dear no longer have validity. Embrace your power and work through relationships and people that challenge your process. In some cases issues come and go while some people will come back around to you to resolve what was left undone. Worst case scenario is that you get stalked. The full Moon December 11/12 occurs in your second house of money. That is one of the times when honey or money shake Taurus to your core. That uncomfortable feeling will come and go as fast as the full Moon subsides. The new Moon is an eclipse in Capricorn December 25/26 and that brings new opportunities to grow into a renaissance man or woman over the next year. Do not be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. Best days 8,9,17,18,26,27


Venus moving through Taurus’ eighth house of intimacy and shared ventures has Taurus feeling a bit independent. Any honey or partner that wants to cling like plastic wrap is going to be disappointed as you disappear. This coupled with the fact that Mercury is retrograde in your seventh house of relationships has Taurus wondering if you would be better off with someone else or just being single. This is not the time to make that decision even though you want to make a big move at the full Moon November 12. Mars moves into your opposite sign, Scorpio, and opposes Uranus now in Taurus November 24. Blowups are likely and some may call an event the final straw during November 19 - 29. This is a volatile time in your love life and with business associates. Taurus will come to know who has your back and who must leave your life. Bosses, family, and sweeties vie for your attention November 4. Family wins the battle for your attention November 19 but you will not be happy with your seat at the Thanksgiving table. The new Moon November 26 calls for a new perspective and behavior that is empowering Taurus. Once the new Moon occurs the issues you have had can begin to work out in your best interest. Look at that big picture before you let the little stuff derail your mood. Best days 1,2,11,12,20,28,29


Work and lifestyle continue to be on Taurus’ mind. Those of you born April 23 to May 1 are in limbo. Independence and innovation are on your to do list but you will have to give up the status quo in order to get to your new way of life. Change is afoot and it is most likely out of your control. Over the next several months Taurus will have to balance your self with others including loved ones and those you do not like. Surprises occur October 8 and 14. October is a busy month. Once Mercury goes retrograde October 31, you will be busy retracing your previous steps. Mars moves through your sixth house of health and lifestyle October 3 to November 19. During these days Taurus is making adjustments to the way you work. Look for ways to do your job with less time and effort. Consider eating better food. You know you love rich foods and this is the time to eat more nutritiously. October 5 brings challenges with coworkers. Philosophical and cultural differences are sure to clash. The full Moon October 13 exposes secrets that will add to the changes in your life. Those who are living a lie will be exposed. This full Moon is also an opportunity to express compassion for someone in need. The new Moon brings new relationships in business and love. Surprises knock Taurus out of place but in the long run those incidents are in your best interest. Best days 15,24


Generally this is a lovely time of year for Taurus because the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all moving through Virgo. That makes life easier for you, Taurus. The surprises that happen are most likely good ones but you will have to deal with money matters and the stuff that you share right around September 5. Do not overspend at that time. You may actually have a big expenditure that brings closure. The full Moon September 13/14 brings messages from friends needing Taurus’ help. At the same time Mercury and Venus move into Libra. At that time, Taurus, you will need to make adjustments and compromises at work and in your personal habits. Unexpected news or events compel you to find better ways to do your job. Money matters and confusion go together September 21. Do not succumb to anyone that pressures you into doing something that you feel uncertain about doing. You will continue to have the ability to go straight for your goals, but during the second half of September you will have to make concessions. The new Moon September 28 brings new recipes, supplements, and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks. Best days 7,8,17,18,26,27


Taurus has a lot to do, especially where home and family are concerned. There are repairs that have to be made and those will most likely be a bigger project than you plan. People will be coming and going so don’t expect to find much quiet time at home. Taurus will be the driving force in many situations. Surprises and changes to your plans happen August 1 and 2. You don’t like change but now is a time when you must make changes. You will receive push back from family members and even in-laws. Legal matters are touchy and partners are difficult August 7. Let it all slide so a molehill does not become a mountain. Work, career, and one of your parents will be demanding at the full Moon August 15. You will be in the spotlight hopefully for good deeds. Avoid arguing over money August 23. Life becomes a bit smoother once August 18 arrives. However, you will have challenges with travel even though Mercury is now direct. Best days 2,3,11,12,21,22,30


The new Moon eclipse compels Taurus to think about what you need. Many of you are already experiencing a crisis of identity. Life and who you are in this life is changing whether you want that or not. Some of you have put that into motion by behaving dishonestly while others of you are simply progressing to a new status quo. Use the new Moon to begin to learn a new subject. If you have been non communicative in the past, now is the time for Taurus to speak up and face the consequences of your actions. The full Moon demands that you take responsibility for your life. Consider the ideas and situations that you have depended on up until now. It could be that now is the time to give up on a course of behavior or religion. You can keep on doing whatever it is you do, but you are going to be forced to take new risks and opportunities. Do use caution when traveling around the full Moon July 16. You can accomplish a lot if you are trying to remodel your house but it will cost more time and money than you planned at this time The process is not easy and you are going to have lots of challenges and obstacles through mid August. Have the courage to march to your own drum, but be up front about your song. It is time to come out of the proverbial closet. Legal matters come to an end soon and those who travel will make changes to end that period of life. Best days 6,7,15,16,25,26


Life is full of incidents that make you tremble from change. Think about what makes you comfortable and then interject feelings into that picture. The new Moon, June 3, in your second house of money brings Taurus the best of luck as long as you make cautious decisions. Consider making a practical budget and give thought to improving your cash flow around June 10. In the days until August 11 make time to analyze your investment positions and expenditures. Insurance and tax plans should be considered for the future. News arrives especially where siblings, neighbors, and in-laws are concerned. Some of these people just may be rocking the boat. Okay, some of these people may be trying to sink the boat. June is a very good time for Taurus to respond to the difficult people with sober tones. Do not make threats but do stand by your words and do not be manipulated by anyone. When harsh words fly stand firm with mature behavior and do not let your emotional happiness be commandeered by others. Those of you born during the last week of April are wise to brace for surprises at mid month. Do not let those surprises cause you to question your validity. The full Moon June 17 brings endings. Financial and karmic debts are paid off, but you must make adjustments to your life to accomplish these endings. Perfection will be hard to come by June 25. Best days 1,2,9,18,27,28


Take some time off during the first few days of May in order to contemplate your next life move. You have just embarked on a seven year period that is changing Taurus in unexpected ways. Those changes can be overwhelming on any given day. The new Moon May 4 ushers in time for Taurus to initiate new projects and life experiences that redefine your role in this life. Ask yourself, “ What makes me happy and comfortable?” The process of redefining your outlook is a long assignment. Stop holding onto what you think you need to hold onto, it is outmoded and is no longer the definition of your reality. The harder you hold on in the months ahead the more painful your transition will be for you. This month in particular, you are balancing your identity with the needs of those around you, Taurus. The full Moon brings conclusions to partnerships of all types. The writing is on the wall and you simply cannot whitewash what you know must happen. In order to be comfortable in your skin, make changes. Face your fears and enjoy your uniqueness. Money and comfort is on your mind until mid month when the daily routine becomes crazy busy. It is okay to feel vulnerable around May 22. Best days 4,13,21,22,31


Chiron, the wounded healer is now firmly planted in Taurus’ twelfth house. This means that over the next several years Taurus has to deal with your secrets and fears. At the same time, Uranus is now transiting Taurus for the first time since 1935-1942. You don’t like change but change you must. April is one of those months when your dirty laundry just may be exposed. Don’t be doing stuff in the light of day that you don’t want other people to know. Some of you will actually do the unthinkable in order to get caught. April is a good time to consider some counseling. At the very least recharge your battery so that you can deal with the change the you know is coming. Those of you born during the first week of this sign are already dancing to new tunes and this is just the beginning. Many of you will have to deal with doctors and illness that may or may not be your own. Health matters come to light later in the month around the full Moon April 19. It is time for Taurus to start a new lifestyle. This includes what you eat and how you work. Life, your waist size, indigestion, and your co workers are the agents of your change. Those of you born at mid May feel stable at this point and seem to have it all together. That is just an illusion. Best days 6,7,15,16,24


Beginning March 6, Uranus moves through Taurus until 2026. This is an amazing time for bulls but many of you will become scared because you do not usually like change. There is nothing you can do about this but go along with life. Events will surprise you and knock you off your feet for a bit. Get up, dust yourself off, and carryon in a new way. Your look will change. Your attitudes will change. Your relationships will change and so will your work. It is going to be okay. Right at the beginning and end of March surprises provide a taste of whats to come. Meanwhile, the new Moon brings new friends and a realization as to where you stand in life. Taurus will most likely not be happy with your position in the pecking order. The new Moon March 6 pushes Taurus to seek new and altruistic goals. You might discover there is more to life than luxury. The full Moon March 20 adds to your impetus to follow a new lifestyle. If you don’t have a gym membership it might be time to get one. Grow beyond behaviors that do not serve your well being. Best days 1,10,11,19


The Sun moving through your tenth house of career puts Taurus in the limelight for better or worse. Most likely you will be challenged with too much to do and it will be tough to please just about everyone. The people that love a bull will most likely be the ones who are far away. You could go visit them but those people will be the ones who find fault once you arrive. The new Moon February 4 brings new bosses and or new beginnings at work. With that new Moon comes challenges to your authority. In the days between February 4 and 22 use an extra bit of diplomacy and a dash of bitchiness to get it done. Play nice on the 12th especially when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Mars moves through Taurus February 14 to March 31. During that time Taurus is extra busy and active. The full Moon February 19 compels you to do something nice for someone you care about. An act of service will make someone feel really good at that time. Romance and love are shifting. Casual relationships will become less casual and other associations that are worn out are coming to an end. With all the challenges, Taurus will be the sexy one that has the right answer. Take your time before responding in any situation. Best days 2,11,12,19,20,28

January 2019

Taurus does not usually like change but the new Moon eclipse in your ninth house has Taurus hankering for new life experiences. Some of you will travel new places while others will embark on educational experiences that can take you to far away places. Still others may start a consulting business with foreign connections and influences in coming months. Do your homework. There will be pitfalls to jump over during the second half of January. Plan for all unexpected events because a lot is going on behind the scenes and behind your back. You may be the one with the secret but you have not kept it very well and your reckoning day is coming this spring. If you watch GAME OF THRONES you will remember that a big foreshadowing is that winter is coming. Dear Taurus, change is coming like you have never known come March. It will not be bad but it will be relentless for several years. The full Moon January 20/21 is a harbinger of that change. Those you hold dear will be changing too. Kids and honeys will become more independent. Use the full Moon in Leo to speak up and let someone know how you feel, it just may be the one thing that keeps that person from leaving. Try to quiet your mind and get some sleep. Best days 5,15,16

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