Taurus Apr 20 - May 20


Speak your mind and it will generally go well. As March progresses past the first seven days, Taurus must contend with friends and mates who disagree over duties, responsibilities or even finances that are shared. In the months between March and July you will discover that some associates do not share the same values as Taurus. Avoid people with poisonous personalities. Taurus will come to know who is and is not a friend. In some cases friends from the past will appear but use caution. Your stamina and enthusiasm is abundant March 17 - May 16. But while Mercury is retrograde March 22 - April 15 Taurus is at a loss for words. You look really good March 31- April 24 and can have your way without a word. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,28,29


Taurus' career and reputation take precedence this month. Hopefully you have been doing a bang up job but do prepare for some people to be unhappy with Taurus for one reason or another. Your plans are sure to be tested by bosses or coworkers that are not your fans. Just keep on doing what you are doing but do make note of constructive criticism so that you can do a better job and put those people in their place. The new Moon eclipse February 15 is a kickoff to your future and especially the future of your current career. Some of you will be starting anew in months to come and this is the result of the new vision you have been seeing within yourself. Best days 2,11,12, 21

January 2018

Taurus must handle details, mail, and paperwork that has piled up on your computer and your desk. Tackle those matters in the days until January 16 so that once the new Moon arrives at that time, you can get back to the adventure part of life. Look to the big picture and the stuff of life that feeds your soul. At month's end your life and focus will be pulled from moving about the planet back to home and family matters. Taurus will have to juggle your sense of self and what you want for you with the needs of honeys, career standing, and immediate family. Home repairs are most likely in months ahead. Avoid arguments January 24 as the irritation will pass quickly. Best days 5,6,15,16, 25

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