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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


Uranus moves into Aries’ second house of money and other stuff that makes you comfortable March 6. That happened last May to November. What was that like? Did you have money surprises? Did events unsettle your comfort level? Uranus will now transit the second house until 2026. You are going to have to get used to the ebb and flow of money. Saving money may be challenging, however, you can also have windfalls. In the short term, Mars moving though the second house until March 31 exacerbates money worries. Mars is your ruler. Use his energy wisely to make more money. March is a time to enjoy time alone when possible. Charge your batteries and think about how wonderful you are when those haunting thoughts make you wonder where you belong. The new Moon in your twelfth house adds extra energy to your spiritual life. Consider doing charity work or rescue a pet. Doctor visits are inevitable but that does not mean you are sick. The full Moon March 20 brings people and situations that insist Aries balance what you need with the needs of them. At the same time people who are not on your side come out of the shadows. Best days 8,9,17,25


Mars moving through Aries is ninety degrees from Pluto in Capricorn February 1. Aries will be going up against authorities and it wont be pretty. This will not be a time of compromise so you, Aries, must use your will to vanquish those who wish to suppress your very being and desires. Those of you born April 5 to 11 must make changes because you have awakened to the fact that you are not happy with your circumstances. Those of you born April 10 to 16 must take your life to a new level, but there will be fire to walk through in the process. Those of you born around April 10 and 11 need help in general. However, the process does get easier as the month progresses to into March. The new Moon brings friends to help and maybe even a chance to take a trip. Education, especially a spiritual class, helps Aries through this time. Your ruler Mars moves through the second house of money February 14 to March 30. Take action to make money and make yourself more comfortable. That will be easier in March but for the time being don’t get freaked out because of extra expenditures. Spend money to make money if you must. At the full Moon February 19, make a promise to be healthy and take the action to accomplish that goal Money matters are productive February 27. Best days 9,18

January 2019

The future is changing for Aries. Many of you will be getting new bosses or jobs in the coming months while others of you will be handling family matters. Aries born during the first week of April should be aware of necessary changes that must take place. Those realizations are not really pleasant, but Aries is quite capable of initiating change. Mars moving through Aries through February 14 energizes you and your resolve to do what you need to do for your future. You will have to deal with blocks to your progress January 16 - 27. During that time, slow down and revise your plans. Progress will slow most likely because some superior wants to hold you back due to their own ego needs. Use caution so that you do not slip up at mid month. Eventually you will prevail over those who want to sink your ship. Remember, Jupiter moving through your ninth house brings helpers to the rescue through December. Make sure your helpers are not enemies. This may be the year to start a new business but you must do it with proper timing. Play nice January 14. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31