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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


September is a time for Aries to take a happiness inventory. Make a list of what does and does not make you joyful, dear Aries. Consider your habits and how you can improve your diet and lifestyle. You will eat healthier, go to bed earlier and readjust your supplements. This is all part of Aries adjusting to the current wave of life. Part of the process is figuring out how you can do your job better and more efficiently. Those of you born during the first week of Aries are still dealing with surprises and challenges to your right to be doing whatever it is you do. Those of you born during the April 6 to 9 have lots of help and opportunities to learn, travel, and generally get ahead in life. However, travel and communication is a challenge September 4. Make time and space to be alone at the full Moon September 13/14. At mid month your attention turns to balancing you with your others. That includes any sort of partner. Aries will have to juggle your needs and identity with those you love and those you despise. Communication and short trips are difficult September 20. The new Moon September 28 brings up the need to have healing conversations with those who are important in your life. You may want to run away but you are better off to work out your needs with those you care about beginning late September. Best days 7,16,24,25


Some of you are questioning your worth and wondering why you are here. Others of you are not content and need to reset every boundary with others. While still other Aries are out there doing what it takes to be more powerful. Maybe you are a little bit of all three. Payouts and issues of ownership come up August 7. Jupiter goes direct August 11 bringing back helpers and making your overseas business much easier to conduct. Finalize plans, especially where your work and parents are concerned. Do have fun this month and tell everyone how you feel. Maybe filter it a bit, but now is the time to be an authentic person. Windfalls and losses can both happen at mid month. You will have to take the lead with friends and make a move August 15. Begin to think about your diet and lifestyle around August 18. Research, but don’t start your new ways until August 30. Best days 1,9,10,19,20,28


Aries is faced with balancing the needs of your home and family with the demands of work and career. Your decisions in one area will affect the other area. For instance, you may need to move your home in order to take better care of your family, but you will have to get a new job. On the other hand, changes in your career will affect where and how you live over the next several months. The answer is to balance your personal happiness with the demands of someone who thinks they are in charge of Aries. Hold true to your integrity and speak your truth especially when family members are demanding. Aries, especially those of you born during the last week of March, are feeling uncertain about the future. The status quo is shifting and you do not know where you are going to land. Your priorities are evolving but don’t worry, you will land on your feet. July 9 has you feeling pulled in four different directions and all the paths are slippery. Events have you feeling shaky the week of July 7. Make changes that suit you at that time but do avoid challenges with the one you love. While summer is vacation time many of you will have to work while others play this month. Get all your responsibilities out of the way so that you too can enjoy some fun starting July 30. Best days 4,5,12,13,22,23


Aries’ ruler, Mars is firmly planted in Cancer forming hard angles to Aries from your fourth house of home and family. Matters that hit Aries at home must be dealt with through July 1. Some of you will be able to take life by the horns while others of you will dwell in disappointment. Walk through your challenges and do not shirk your responsibilities. Family matters will battle your career and public position for your attention. There will be disappointments and endings that must take place in order for you to grow into the new you that has appeared in the mirror. Surprise events shake up your comfort zone. Those of you born during the last week of March may ask, “Why me?” While June sounds like a tough month you can use the joy of Venus to get out for short trips and social events .You will be looking great and everyone will be glad to see an Aries at the table after June 8. Watch what you eat June 10 and resist having a childish meltdown June 25. The full Moon brings offers and a helping hand that will remind you that everything happens for your best interest. Look to special partners to help you throughout June. Best days 7,15


The daily routine is very busy for Aries through the middle of May. Watch your words and other drivers on the road. The neighbors will be pushy and siblings push buttons. Those of you that are still in school have a bit of cramming to do and the teachers just keep piling on the work. The new Moon May 4 is in your second house of money and other stuff that makes Aries comfy. This is great time to begin to save for something you really want. However, the full Moon May 18 brings bills and other obstacles that must be dealt with in order to obtain your desires. Partnerships must will be resolved or ended. This does not mean you are divorcing or dumping your honey. It means that something has to give and it just may be that your partner needs to give you your way. Beginning May 11 you will have to adjust to what the boss or some other authority demands. Make important career decisions in the coming months. Home and family matters demand attention starting mid month. Visitors and repair people will disrupt the routine at home. This all sounds tough but you can do it, Aries. You may question your sense of who you are and why you are here. Do not spiral into self indulgence. Best days 1,2,19, 20, 30


Aries has a full plate in your daily routine. Your head is full of thoughts and ideas some of which are quite valid and can be successful. The biggest challenge is that you will scatter yourself focussing on too many projects at once. Narrow it down to your best three ideas and sell them. Make your pitches April 13 to 17 to impress the people who can help Aries. April 19-21 are some of the hardest days of the month because circumstances dictate that Aries will have to slow down and make a better plan. Bosses and other authorities will not share your enthusiasm during those days. Aries born during the first few days of this sign are sure to feel wounded and worry about their identity. Mercury moves into Aries April 17 and Venus moves into Aries April 20. You are sure to look good and have the ability to communicate well but don’t just talk about you. Remember to ask about others as part of your plan to get what you want. When you feel hurt ask yourself why you feel hurt. Those of us who define ourselves by masculinity are forced to address whether that mask is still valid. The new Moon in Aries is a super kickoff to success but you must identify and work through limitations that are present. Do this and the sky is the limit. Money surprises occur April 22. This is just a sign of what to expect over the next seven years as Uranus moves through your second house of money and creature comforts. The full Moon April 19 shows Aries where and how you are out of balance in your relationships. Others will push back at Aries when you act like life is just about you. Best days 4,5,13,14,22


Uranus moves into Aries’ second house of money and other stuff that makes you comfortable March 6. That happened last May to November. What was that like? Did you have money surprises? Did events unsettle your comfort level? Uranus will now transit the second house until 2026. You are going to have to get used to the ebb and flow of money. Saving money may be challenging, however, you can also have windfalls. In the short term, Mars moving though the second house until March 31 exacerbates money worries. Mars is your ruler. Use his energy wisely to make more money. March is a time to enjoy time alone when possible. Charge your batteries and think about how wonderful you are when those haunting thoughts make you wonder where you belong. The new Moon in your twelfth house adds extra energy to your spiritual life. Consider doing charity work or rescue a pet. Doctor visits are inevitable but that does not mean you are sick. The full Moon March 20 brings people and situations that insist Aries balance what you need with the needs of them. At the same time people who are not on your side come out of the shadows. Best days 8,9,17,25


Mars moving through Aries is ninety degrees from Pluto in Capricorn February 1. Aries will be going up against authorities and it wont be pretty. This will not be a time of compromise so you, Aries, must use your will to vanquish those who wish to suppress your very being and desires. Those of you born April 5 to 11 must make changes because you have awakened to the fact that you are not happy with your circumstances. Those of you born April 10 to 16 must take your life to a new level, but there will be fire to walk through in the process. Those of you born around April 10 and 11 need help in general. However, the process does get easier as the month progresses to into March. The new Moon brings friends to help and maybe even a chance to take a trip. Education, especially a spiritual class, helps Aries through this time. Your ruler Mars moves through the second house of money February 14 to March 30. Take action to make money and make yourself more comfortable. That will be easier in March but for the time being don’t get freaked out because of extra expenditures. Spend money to make money if you must. At the full Moon February 19, make a promise to be healthy and take the action to accomplish that goal Money matters are productive February 27. Best days 9,18

January 2019

The future is changing for Aries. Many of you will be getting new bosses or jobs in the coming months while others of you will be handling family matters. Aries born during the first week of April should be aware of necessary changes that must take place. Those realizations are not really pleasant, but Aries is quite capable of initiating change. Mars moving through Aries through February 14 energizes you and your resolve to do what you need to do for your future. You will have to deal with blocks to your progress January 16 - 27. During that time, slow down and revise your plans. Progress will slow most likely because some superior wants to hold you back due to their own ego needs. Use caution so that you do not slip up at mid month. Eventually you will prevail over those who want to sink your ship. Remember, Jupiter moving through your ninth house brings helpers to the rescue through December. Make sure your helpers are not enemies. This may be the year to start a new business but you must do it with proper timing. Play nice January 14. Best days 2,12,21,22,30,31