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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


Uranus moves back into Aries November 6 and remains there until March 6. Remember that Uranus has been transiting Aries since 2011. In the months ahead Aries and especially those of you born in the latter days of this sign are finishing up transitions and changes. Return to the mode of expecting the unexpected especially around November 21. Meanwhile, your ruler Mars, is finishing his time in Aquarius as of November 15. Aries has been extra busy in the past months. Many of you have had to be the team captain. Once Mars moves through your twelfth house November 1 - December 31, you will be tending to matters behind the scenes. Aries will not want other people to know what you are up to now. Stay mum and avoid acting passive aggressive. Managing your sleep can be difficult because your mind is overactive in these final days of 2018. Plus, this month Aries must balance your self with the other people in your life. The new Moon November 7 calls for you to make decisions that lead to transformation in your psyche. Consider your life long goals. What are your hopes and wishes? Your gut instinct wants to guide Aries so listen to your heart. Venus retrograde until November 16 still has Aries rethinking relationships. The daily routine is demanding around the full Moon November 23. Use caution driving. Travel will be abundant over the next year. If you must travel while Mercury is retrograde November 16 - December 6 plan for delays and lost luggage. Best days 9,10,28


Venus goes retrograde in Aries eighth house of things that are shared. This includes intimacy and money. In the weeks until mid November, Aries has to deal with relationship challenges. This is not a good time to start a new relationship. People from the past will reconnect but don’t put expectations on anyone as you will be disappointed. When the green eyed monster tries to take over figure out why you are feeling jealous and release those destructive emotions. Most likely those who come back to you are not here to stay in your life. Money matters including insurance will need to be tended. Those of you born in the first seven days of Aries are challenged by people and situations that make you feel unloved or unsuccessful. This is not a permanent situation. Explore your options and get out of situations that are not supportive. Dump the people who do not make your life better. The full Moon brings unexpected expenses around October 24. At the same time people who you feel close to have surprises. When a situation or person’s behavior discounts your existence, open the door and kick them through that door. Then slam said door shut. Those of you born around April 9 must let life take you to a new level of strength and confidence. Best days 4,12,13


Those of you that are born on the later days of Aries are super busy working to get jobs accomplished. Your enthusiasm must be tempered so that you do not irritate authority figures including bosses and parents. Take time for a checkup as that funny feeling in your gums or somewhere else in your body needs attention. Make time for these things because your calendar is sure to be maxed out until mid November. Aries is a leader and in the days until mid November you will be called upon to lead a group. Lead wisely so that you do not incite a revolution against your efforts. Starting September 9, initiate better ways to work and live. Consider better foods and refine your supplements. Clear out the clutter and let go of methods that no longer work at work. The full Moon September 24 brings up emotions that Aries cannot deny or hide. Those Aries born in the first few days of this sign are especially jazzed to get what they want but must do so in a mature fashion. Best days 14,15


Aries’ ruler Mars continues retrograde until August 27. This has caused challenges and delays in your career and with family. Once Mars backs into your ninth house, August 13, it is time to say to hell with the push pull of work and family. Take a day trip to the water park or a big adventure far away. Do something you have wanted to do but never have taken the time to experience. Mercury is retrograde and there are sure to be travel delays or lost luggage. Aries is best to travel after August 19. Otherwise, you may find that you cannot participate in the fun because of having to focus on responsibilities. Do not mix travel and business or you defeat the reason to get away. Best days 1,2,10,19,29


Take time to consider where you want to be in life in the next two years. This is not the time to start in a new direction as you will waste your time heading off in most likely the wrong direction. The new Moon eclipse July 12 stirs up your emotions and has Aries working to get settled in one way or another. Family dynamics are shifting and power struggles are sure to happen especially if you are dealing with aging parents. Bosses are a challenge in months to come as they demand more attention than usual. Friendships and group dynamics are changing. Many Aries decide that the current associations are more trouble than the benefits you receive. It is time to move onto other pastures. Best days 22, 23


Mars, your ruling planet is now firmly planted in the eleventh house of friends and goals. This means that being the leader is easier than a team member. However, while Mars is in this spot you need to consider the group consensus, otherwise Aries is going to end up with a mutiny. At the same time, Aries is dealing with issues of self worth and self discovery. Take time over the next five months to come to terms with your abilities and how best to use those abilities. Mars turns retrograde June 26 to August 27. Your energy is likely to be lower than usual and you will really have to work to play well with others. Turn on the charm to get what you want. Best days 7,9, 17, 25


Aries is coming to terms with the stuff of life that is hurtful. For some, your sense of pride has been damaged while others are working to heal your physical body. No matter what the nature of your wound; only a body, mind, and soul approach will take care of the matter. Aries is coming to terms with what course of action and how much effort you are willing to put in and put up with in order to get where you want to go in life. Your priorities are shifting and in many cases so is your financial picture. Group efforts and the support of a group helps Aries get to where you want to go over the next seven months. Resist the temptation to take charge.

Best days 2,11,29


Mercury retrograde in Aries has this active sign slowing down to redo and redesign past actions. Aries has a long list of projects and dreams to accomplish but you must wait until after April 22 to get back into forward motion. During April 17 to September 8 Aries will be reconsidering your commitments. This is doubly challenging for Aries born March 23 to April 2. That which does not work in life is evident, but how to fix that is not easy even when you know the solution. Aries does have a great support group and mentors. Avoid overindulgence at mid month. Misunderstandings happen April 23 so choose your words wisely. Pay down your debt and work to achieve comfort in you closest relationships. Best days 4,5,14,15


The first half of March is an active time for Aries. You are enthusiastic but must avoid off putting behavior that will subvert the adventure you are having. Work projects come to a conclusion and many Aries will begin new exercise and dietary regimens. Once mid month arrives Aries will have to contend with people and situations that oppose your ideas and plans through mid May. Mercury turns retrograde in Aries March 22 so get ready to backtrack and revise many situations. Additionally, the new Moon March 17 initiates a time of rest and recharge. The best tact this month is to watch life for the signals that say go, stop, and slow down. In other words, go with the flow or drown. Best days 7,18,26,27


Saturn moving through Aries' tenth house is showing you where you are in life. Aries born March 20 to April 1 are not so happy with your status or what you see in the mirror. February is a good time for all Aries to consider your goals. The new Moon eclipse February 15 ushers in new groups and group dynamics. New friendships come in the months ahead and many of you will be stepping out of the old ways of life and having experiences that are unusual even for Aries. You are more courageous than usual and that is sure to unnerve the people in your social circle. This is a year for Aries to grow beyond your normal limits especially those of you born April 10 to 19. Rest June 26 - August 27. Best day 27

January 2018

Leave time for tending to the needs of those you love. It’s the little things that count and will make a difference in others’ lives. Return that call, spend time five minutes listening to a child, and acknowledge that your friend wants to hear from you. Once the new Moon arrives January 16, get back to work initiating plans for the months ahead. Throughout the year, Aries will receive information as to your life status. How far have you made it career wise? Have you done your due diligence? What can you do to improve your relationships? Evaluate your status quo. The full Moon eclipse January 31 offers life opportunities for Aries to make wise decisions and go with the flow of life in months ahead. Best days 3,4,12,31