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Aries March 20- April 19


Make the most of opportunities to promote your ideas and goals. There are many people who are willing to help Aries advance in the world. You must use good sense and the right words so that you create a positive image for the world to see. Tap into and express your authentic self. February opens with unexpected expenses. Roll with that punch and prepare for later in the month when unexpected situations call for Aries to put out fires that you likely started. Jobs and family matters come to a point of closure as you are compelled to grow as a person. This is a theme Aries is sure is experiencing through October 2024. Continue to drive cautiously and do some feng shui to deal with irritating neighbors. The full Moon has Aries dealing with unexpected changes on your team. You just may want to buy a lotto ticket on February 5. Use the intensity of this full Moon to express how you feel about someone special. For the most part, lay low and avoid accidents during the first week of February. The new Moon lands in Aries twelfth house; meaning you need time to recharge. Avoid riptides at the beach, the office, and the family dinner table between February 20 and March 7. Best days 5,14,22,23

January 2023

  • January opens with enjoyable time with friends and family. Socializing is on your plate January 2 to 26. While Aries’ ruler, Mars, is retrograde until January 12, hold your tongue and read the room before making your preferences known. Aries is in the limelight. Just be sure you have good lighting and are not being trashed about town due to haughty behavior.  Those of you who keep your cool have lots of opportunities to lead and be admired for your style. The best news for Aries is that Jupiter is moving through Aries until May 16. Jupiter brings opportunities and notoriety. Aries will travel and receive helping hands from people in high and even far away places. The bad news is that you are sure to gain some weight. Avoiding desserts is a good call for Aries until May.  The full Moon January 6 brings family matters that must be tended. Juggling career and family matters is a full time job at the full Moon. The new Moon January 21 brings new groups of people to your life. Friends, teammates, and even other people’s children are positive addition to Aries’ life. Use caution driving until March 25. Do not start new jobs or initiate work projects until after January 21. Best days 8,18,26