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Aries March 20 - April 19


Stay at home and adjust your energy to the world outside. Many Aries are subject to criticism and arguing. Lay low and do not be the one to stir the pot. Bosses, family members, and pushy people want to light Aries fuse November 1, 2,16, 23, and 30. Do not get mad. Get started on a new life path. Make a list of goals to accomplish by November 2022. That can be a golden time for Aries. The new Moon November 4 calls for Aries to dig deep into your motivations. Your money and partners’ resources require attention in the months ahead. Get your taxes and insurance and other affairs in order. Some of you will be separating your resources while others are creating financial partnerships in the months ahead. Aries is getting ahead financially and in your career. Those who are unhappy with the boss or the tasks at work can very easily find a more rewarding job. Look back to 2003 to see the patterns and events you will experience this year until late next year. Laugh at those obsessive thoughts and behavior. You may have to fake the laugh at first. It is called fake it ’til you make it in life. Best days 6,15


October puts Aries at the halfway point between your last birthday and the next birthday. This is the time of year to reassess all the activities you put into place on your last birthday. Adjust your aims and goals so that you can really get what you want to accomplish by the next birthday. Relationships from days gone by come back for an encore. Most likely, that person is not back for good, but for closure. Whatever is going on with your other, take care of yourself by not losing your identity in the shadow of anyone. The new Moon October 6 is good for a fresh start and brings new relationships of all sorts. Make no commitment or consummate until after the new Moon. The full Moon October 20 occurs in Aries. This new Moon is a super powerful full Moon that brings choices as to which way to go in life from this point in time and space. Consider what you have in terms of talent and resources and where you want to land in the near future. Look to home and family for solace at this intense full Moon. Some of you will have meltdowns while others will begin to reinvent your lives in the weeks ahead. Do not let those who think they own you take charge of your destiny. Keep your wits and your ethics in check. Neither will fail you in the face of difficult choices and the impending drama. Best days 2,10,19


Beginning a new health regimen is not easy this month. Whether it is a new diet or better way to do that job, the road is winding and uphill. Persevere, break throughs do happen and Aries is able to make progress once the new Moon occurs September 6. Mercury is retrograde September 27 to October 18. During those days Aries must not let the balance between you and others tip more in one direction more than another. This is not the time to begin any sort of partnership or legal matter. Partners from the past show up but do not stay so do not get all excited. You will be wasting your excitement on the wrong person. Jealousy and other petty stuff pop up September 5. Wars of words happen September 21. Relationships of all sorts are something to work on September 14 to October 30. People will be pushy and push you Aries. Take this is all as a lesson and work to stabilize the instabilities and unstable people that come at you, dear Aries. You know how to handle a battle. These days are not the time to act confrontational. The full Moon September 20 brings upset stomachs. Change your habits at that time and handle the minor details at work so they do not become big ole mountains. Remember to back up the computers sometime between September 7 and 29. Best days 4,13,21,22


Aries, especially those born in the middle of April, continue to be pushed to change and be better. August 11 and 26 bring easy and pleasing options that seem to make the stress worthwhile. While money has been up and down, Aries is blessed with payoffs commensurate with your efforts. Make adjustments to the ways you work and live this month and next. Aries born late March and early April find it easy to make necessary changes. That includes setting boundaries within your network. Reconsider where you want to go from here into the future. Do take care of your health over the next six weeks. One reason is that your work and the people there are a royal pain in the neck. Keep your eyes open and let life happen for you around April 15. Close calls where accidents and other difficulties are concerned show Aries that your angels are close by taking care of you. Stop pushing and let it all happen. The new Moon August 8 boosts your popularity and your self-esteem. Have some fun in the time between Augusts 8 and 22. The full Moon bring opportunities to lead and receive ample payment for your efforts. Some associations are sure to come to an end. Put you wishes out to the Universe and let it do your bidding.

Best day 25th


Mars and Venus are moving through your fellow air sign Leo infusing Aries with good vibes that can bring romance, fun, and a flair for doing anything with panache. These two planets connect, creating a nice little cycle that uplifts Aries out of the muddy spot of pain and self-questioning that you have been enduring. That process is not gone, but it is a bit easier. Use the good vibes to make a martini out of that cheap vodka in the bar. That will be so much better than lemonade. Time spent at home is nice, but you need to get out of the house. The middle of July is a good time to start new projects, such as sorting through mountains of stuff you no longer need. Let the control freaks be freaks and do not get into debates with those people. July is a great time to face your fears and come to terms with the fact you are all that and yes, a bag of chips. However, stop eating so many chips. Do some physical and emotional exercises that are therapeutic so that you can move beyond the stuff that is holding you back from being the new you that your people need you to be now. Best days 1,2,12,20,29


Mercury retrograde in Aries’ third house is sure to remind you that you have forgotten something that is important. While Mercury is considered the devil by most, Mercury retrograde forms an easy angle to Aries. This means the challenges you endure can actually be blessings in disguise. Sure, you will question your abilities and self worth but that is not really important. Do what you gotta do and let go of all the thoughts that are not productive. The great news is that your ruler, Mars, is moving through the fifth house of fun and self expression. Get up and make some fun. Your words are a wonderful wand but use them wisely and you, dear Aries, will be the leader of the pack. Give thanks and tell someone you love them or even audition for a commercial. You just might get the gig under this harmonious Mars transit that occurs June 11 to July 29. The new Moon eclipse June 10 is all about communication. Friends from the past look to make connections with siblings, neighbors, or in-laws. The full Moon June 24 brings recognition you may or may not want. Jobs and projects come to conclusions and bosses just may resign leaving the ladder clear for Aries to climb higher. Best days 4,15,23


Mars is moving through Aries’ fourth house until June 11. While Mars is in the fourth house, Aries’ homes are buzzing with activity. Repairs and maintenance have you busy, but just remember to avoid new projects while Mercury is retrograde May 29 to June 22. Mars in this position creates intense energy that will sometimes be hard for Aries and your family to cope with as your style may be too aggressive for those who are more chill than Aries. Hold back on bossy behavior and you will be fine. Otherwise, battles with family members and repair people are sure to occur. The new Moon May 11 occurs in Aries’ second house of money and creature comforts. May is a great time to create a budget and balance your needs with partners. The full Moon eclipse May 26 is harmonious for Aries in that you receive help from people that are powerful. This eclipse is life affirming for Aries, so spend time giving thanks for the blessings. Best days 8,18,26


For most of the month, Aries gets to enjoy the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through your sign invigorating and agitating you to get up and do something. Many Aries are starting self-improvement programs. Your network of helpers is growing and you can get so much done using your village. Teamwork is the best method this month no matter how independent you are, dear Aries. Before the middle of April, life gets stressful. You will be feeling pressured. Act kindly towards yourself in order that you are able to cope with challenging situations and oppressive characters currently on the stage of your life. The new Moon brings strong urges to change or be changed. Slow down your thoughts and you will get more accomplished. The full Moon April 26 brings completions of a karmic nature such that you are closing a big door. Prepare to say goodbye to people and debts. Use caution while driving, speaking, walking, or sending an email at mid-month. Neighbors and siblings can be helpful but you will still pay a price for that help. Avoid anything that can become complicated. Unexpected windfalls or expenses happen in late April. Best days1,2,11, 29


Aries continues to deal with stress and even depression. It is all part of the growing pains your spirit is experiencing. Your friends are noticing it and many will not understand Aries’ behavior. Some of them just need to go as you let go of those who no longer can be a part of the life of Aries this year. This is the final three weeks of winter and time for Aries to huddle in hibernation before coming out into the Sun March 20. Aries is called to deal with friends March 3-4 so put a smile on your face and a fresh pajama top for that online meeting. Make art or meditate March 10 – 13, for by the following week, you will not have the luxury of just doing your thing. The new Moon March 13 compels Aries to do something to expand your consciousness, your empathy, and your creativity. That peace you are looking for is within, and now is the time of year to discover the real self called you, sweet Aries. The full Moon March 28 reflects the theme of March, which is to balance your needs with the needs of others. The days around March 28 can be stressful if you are already feeling uncomfortable with your current state of affairs. People will naturally be drawn to Aries March 25 so suck it up and do what must be done. Shrinking violet is not your role for this incarnation. The last few days of March are very productive. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” That alone will fix many things. Best days 14,15

February 2021

Aries’ eleventh house of friends and societies are highlighted this February. The big backdrop is that you will be assessing who can stay and who must go. There is a stress most likely due to lifestyle differences and this extends beyond friends and the goddess group. Relatives such as aunts, uncles, and cousins, even some in-laws will make it known one way or another that they are or are not of like mind. Miscommunications happen all month long, so check your phone and stay on top of your incoming calls and texts. Those warriors who are born in late March are dealing with people who do not honor the soul you are and this is the time to address them or just block their access to you, Aries. The new Moon ushers in new people over the next twelve months. Many of them will come with the sole purpose of helping Aries to accomplish one or more important tasks. Consider your comfort, but do not let the money that you must spend have you worrying. There is always more where the money came from. Do what you have to do to make your financial goals and willingly spend the money required now. If you feel like more money is going out than coming in, know that this circumstance is not permanent. The full Moon wants Aries to make some choices about your lifestyle. What you eat and what you feel are affecting you, so clean up your diet and your worries. Stretch you calves, as they may have a tendency to give you charley horses. Best days 6,15


Many Aries are obsessed with looks while others are dealing with emotional or physical pain. The past year has been a major transition for rams and while the transition is less intense, said transition is far from being over. During January, Aries feels the need to make changes where your future and career is concerned. Root out dishonest people as the year opens and make sure that you yourself are not a hypocrite. At mid-month, Aries is able to make plans that can easily payoff. You will be ready to socialize. Know that January 8 to 11 is a mixed bag of fun with buds. There are some bumps in the road. Uncomfortable situations come up around January 13. The new Moon does bring new career beginnings, which means Aries is going to be leaving some groups behind while you rise in the ranks of work and life. Aries is making new friends in the course of the next several months. They will be out of your norm and you will be excited to connect with these new people. Younger friends come on the scene, but the age difference is challenging at times, such as January 23/24. Aries is surprised by events and behaviors more than once this January, such as at the full Moon January 28. Mercury comes right behind that January 30 so you, your goals, and your network will settle down for a few weeks so that you can assimilate to all that has occurred recently. Do not rush into any commitment too fast. Best days 1,10,18,19