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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


The first half of March is an active time for Aries. You are enthusiastic but must avoid off putting behavior that will subvert the adventure you are having. Work projects come to a conclusion and many Aries will begin new exercise and dietary regimens. Once mid month arrives Aries will have to contend with people and situations that oppose your ideas and plans through mid May. Mercury turns retrograde in Aries March 22 so get ready to backtrack and revise many situations. Additionally, the new Moon March 17 initiates a time of rest and recharge. The best tact this month is to watch life for the signals that say go, stop, and slow down. In other words, go with the flow or drown. Best days 7,18,26,27


Saturn moving through Aries' tenth house is showing you where you are in life. Aries born March 20 to April 1 are not so happy with your status or what you see in the mirror. February is a good time for all Aries to consider your goals. The new Moon eclipse February 15 ushers in new groups and group dynamics. New friendships come in the months ahead and many of you will be stepping out of the old ways of life and having experiences that are unusual even for Aries. You are more courageous than usual and that is sure to unnerve the people in your social circle. This is a year for Aries to grow beyond your normal limits especially those of you born April 10 to 19. Rest June 26 - August 27. Best day 27

January 2018

Leave time for tending to the needs of those you love. It’s the little things that count and will make a difference in others’ lives. Return that call, spend time five minutes listening to a child, and acknowledge that your friend wants to hear from you. Once the new Moon arrives January 16, get back to work initiating plans for the months ahead. Throughout the year, Aries will receive information as to your life status. How far have you made it career wise? Have you done your due diligence? What can you do to improve your relationships? Evaluate your status quo. The full Moon eclipse January 31 offers life opportunities for Aries to make wise decisions and go with the flow of life in months ahead. Best days 3,4,12,31