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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


August is time for Aries to get out and mingle. Getting involved with other people helps Aries to improve your ability to work and play well with others. You will be forced to collaborate and cooperate and be part of a team. This will make you more proficient at getting what you want. You can't live life like an island. New forms of self expression are coming. Those who are single just might find a new honey in one of the groups you attend while those who are wanting to conceive a child will be on the track to that happening in months to come. Those of you born April 5 to 11 are still undergoing intense transformation. All Aries should go with what is happening. Best days 2,11,12,20,30


Home and family matters continue to be at the forefront. July opens with intense matters at work and where your family is concerned. Make repairs around the house and update that old wallpaper with something from this century. Most of all, make your home secure. Batten down the hatches and maybe put one of those camera doorbells at the front door. You probably wont need it but you will feel better. Emotionally speaking, Aries has a lot to process. Review old hurts and past events that make you smile and make you cry. Use caution to avoid accidents at home mid month. Stay off the ladder unless you have a helper. Life gets much easier starting July 20. Your energy can smoothly accomplish your tasks. Best days 5,6,15,23,24


Make your home safer, more secure, and fix the stuff that needs to be modernized. Family members need assistance also. Parents could use a helping hand. Aries is taking charge of family affairs. However, in many areas of life you will experience resistance to your efforts. Not everyone in the vicinity wants Aries to have control of the wheel. Remember, Carrie Underwood is not singing "Aries take the wheel." She is talking about Jesus, not Aries. So soft pedal your ambition to take charge and you will get further on the path to wherever you want to go. Do not believe that you don't have enough of whatever around June 9. Just keep the faith and take care of the daily routine. Then take an adventure. Best days 8.9.26

Aries is looking good so you are wise to make the most of your current magnetism. Maintain your expectations so that they do not become limitations especially around May 19. At that time curb your bravado so you don't scare off the ones you want to attract whether that is for love and lust or for business. Mind your budget and don't go overboard on fashion purchases. Mid month calls for adjustments and if you have travel plans you will have to adjust the schedule. Use caution driving May 24-31. Choose your words wisely then so as not to upset siblings or neighbors. You will have the knack to irritate others who will retaliate. Anything legal can get hairy during those days. Best days 3,12,13,21


April is the beginning of a five month period in which Aries is rethinking the big picture of life. Rethink commitments that you are no longer keen to keep. How can you reorganize your life so that you can get to the goals you have set previously and do you want to adjust those goals in some way. Money matters and your current comfort level are important factors in this process. Many Aries will be working extra hours to make a quota while many others are dealing with extra expenses. Financial decisions are best delayed April 9 to May 4. Icky feelings and difficult in-laws must be dealt with during the first half of April. Striking a balance April 11 brings solace amid the noise. Best days 5, 15


Venus in Aries turns retrograde March 4. Don't get all worried about how you look because most likely you can't do anything about that pimple that won't go away. Rethink who you think you are and don't let Venus get you into a tizzy over how you are not being treated right by enemies and partners. Money matters are stressful as more is going out than coming into the coffers. This is not permanent. Work extra hard to make your quotas. Take responsibility for your life status around the full Moon March 12 and do something to make the needed changes. The new Moon, March 27, calls for you too start anew that goes double for those of you born March 23 - April 1. Best days 1,9,18,19


Sure you feel sentimental and even melancholy about what has taken place but Aries is ready for some fun. Activities are abundant especially for those of you with children. Relationships from that past get better, especially if you begin to put some energy into them and make others feel loved by you once again. At the same time you have new friends coming most likely because you have gotten involved in a new social or business group. Whatever you do, do not take on new shackles. This is a time of freedom. Move beyond heavy responsibilities both in your physical world and your mind. Let go of the past in the months to come. You don’t have to forget it, just let it go. Best days 1,9,10,19,28

January 2017

Make life happen and move beyond life's challenges. You have a vision as to where you want to go but circumstances keep you where you are at the moment. Your intentions are falling into place whether you can see that or not. A new Aries is emerging whether it is through your diet and health or your work and family matters. Much is going on behind the scenes and in some cases people will work against Aries in the shadows. Stay vigilant and quiet so that you do not make a bad impression. Keep your affairs to yourself now. Business and family must be tackled the week of January 9. Get rested as Aries' life gets into high gear beginning January 28. Best days 13, 22, 23


Aries will be able to make sense of your life events and tackle them with a mature approach. Many Aries will take on an educational pursuit while others will simply change their philosophy of life to one that better suits the current events. This will not happen overnight but slowly this month and next May and November. Expect to see a different person in the mirror one year from now. Meanwhile, group endeavors bring new leaders and Aries may just be that leader. The full Moon December 13 brings news and lots of detail oriented tasks. Use caution on short trips around the full Moon. The new Moon brings new bosses and the need to balance career with family through January 27. Best days 9, 17, 27