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Aries March 20 - April 19


Many Aries are obsessed with looks while others are dealing with emotional or physical pain. The past year has been a major transition for rams and while the transition is less intense, said transition is far from being over. During January, Aries feels the need to make changes where your future and career is concerned. Root out dishonest people as the year opens and make sure that you yourself are not a hypocrite. At mid-month, Aries is able to make plans that can easily payoff. You will be ready to socialize. Know that January 8 to 11 is a mixed bag of fun with buds. There are some bumps in the road. Uncomfortable situations come up around January 13. The new Moon does bring new career beginnings, which means Aries is going to be leaving some groups behind while you rise in the ranks of work and life. Aries is making new friends in the course of the next several months. They will be out of your norm and you will be excited to connect with these new people. Younger friends come on the scene, but the age difference is challenging at times, such as January 23/24. Aries is surprised by events and behaviors more than once this January, such as at the full Moon January 28. Mercury comes right behind that January 30 so you, your goals, and your network will settle down for a few weeks so that you can assimilate to all that has occurred recently. Do not rush into any commitment too fast. Best days 1,10,18,19