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Aries, Mar 21 - Apr 19


Saturn crossing the cusp of Aries’ tenth house is the beginning of a square to Aries which means you must evaluate your circumstances and decide on a new direction in life situations. This month and next Aries experiences both recognition for your work and frustration due to added responsibilities. Aries will have to determine in the next three years whether or not your accomplishments are worth the price you have to pay to have those material gains and reputation. Do not get bogged down by people who block your path. There will be plenty of other people willing to help Aries. The situations that do not come to fruition are sign posts to change direction. December 25 is stressful and not because of the holiday. Best days 7,16,17


Aries must deal with partners' issues that may or may not pertain to Aries. You must know when to throw in your opinion and when to let others just go off on their tangent. Strive to lean back in the boat of life as it tilts uncomfortably out of balance. There will be power struggles around November 19 when you must handle family matters and career matters that seem to be out of Aries’ control. The best tact is most likely to wait and watch while others spin out of control. Find your comfort zone whether thats a warm spot in the tv room or setting a financial boundary with a partner. The new Moon November 18 is a time for Aries to take steps to empower yourself. Best days 2,9,20,30


Aries is making positive adjustments to your life and the way you share your life with intimate friends and the characters with whom you split your time and resources. Tax and insurance matters generally go well. Many Aries will receive inheritances, payoffs, and refunds from past transactions. You will be able to help friends and family members with your time and money. Your thinking and psychological self is undergoing an evolution while Jupiter moves through Scorpio October 10 until next November 2018. In the here and now do not get over tired. Pay attention to your health and play it cool at work. Your work is a busy and crazy place. October 5 is especially fraught with opportunities for drama so stay out of trouble. Best days 5,14,22


September is a time of making adjustments for Aries. Your work demands that you reorganize in order to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Stay to yourself so that you are not sidetracked by issues that are not pertinent to what you need. Time spent alone during the first half of September allows Aries to recharge and deal with deep seated issues. Some of you will have to address a health issue. Perhaps you just need a more comfortable pair of shoes. Move beyond the stuff of life that you think you need to do just because and for no real reason. Since you are becoming a new Aries, old ways are no longer applicable due to your age and circumstances. Allow personal healing to occur. Best days 7,8,16,17