Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22


Beginning November 8 Cancer begins to make adjustments in life. The small adjustments will bring big results. Your work should flourish and those around you will appreciate Cancers’ accomplishments. A coworker may even try to fix up a Cancer with one of their friends. Your heath will get better with little effort. Start slow on the treadmill and build up your time and experience. The coming couple of years entail Cancer redefining your business and love relationships. The karma is coming up to be finished. Many endings and beginnings are in the near future. Sit down and write a profile of yourself. Over the coming two years review and change your profile on paper. Entertain at home at mid month. Let the party be impromptu as well as casual. At the same time consider your household budget. Smart decisions now create future prosperity. The new Moon November 7 wants Cancer to speak up with your truth. Your words are easy to express and most people will understand where you are coming from. Avoid secrets and gossip at the full Moon November 23. Instead, help the underdog. Begin to seek your own contentment and solace. Those who are not part of the solution will have to leave soon. Best days 7,16,17,27


Venus is retrograde this month in Cancer’s fifth house. This is a house of play and self expression. While Venus is retrograde consider new games and activities that are stimulating to you. Those of you who have a steady date must play carefully and in some cases you will be want a new honey. Like the rest of the signs, friends from the past come back through your inbox. Just because that happens it does not mean that is good for you, Cancer. Use caution when letting former flames back through the door. Those of you born during the first few days of this sign are still at a crossroad. It may feel like everything is wrong but in reality you are just starting over. This will be happening to all Cancers over the next couple of years. Explore cleaning out the closets and doing some home maintenance. Family matters will take precedence. Secure your home for the winter ahead and double check the locks. Friends will need your help and it will most likely not be at a convenient time. Remember, you need to be needed. Best days 10,11,20,21,29 October 3 is not so good.


Relationships of all sorts continue to be the thing that Cancer must focus on these days. Many of you are trying to salvage relationships that are not worth the trouble while others are just stuck in a rut. Still other Moon kids are chasing after people who are not worth your time or effort. Come on now, give a hoot ( you know what I really want to say) and take an inventory. If you are not being treated right by anyone, including parents and lovers move on in a new directions. Pick your battles wisely and take a good look at why you are having power struggles. Those of you born during the early and late days of this sign can make productive changes that won’t hurt. Those of you born around July 9 must come to terms with who you are, really. The full Moon September 24 demands that you stand up for yourself. The stage and the limelight is yours. Speak up and spew your truth. Best days 4,5,13, 22,23


Ask yourself if your current commitments with partners works for you or if you are being under minded at every turn of events. Changes cannot take place overnight but your need for a change in circumstances should be explored for the merits those changes may or may not bring to Cancer. Observe without taking action until after August 27. Kindness will subdue a difficult person or group of people this month. Cancer is at a starting point in life over the next two years. The bottom rung can be frustrating but that is where Cancer is in life. The upsets you feel late in August are a sign that Cancer must reinvent your existence. Embrace a new adventure in months to come. Best days 8,16,17,26,27


Express how you feel but avoid being unnecessarily critical. The full Moon July 12 brings overdue transformation to more than one of your significant relationships. You will at last say, "Enough is enough," and begin to take action to change your life and associations in the coming months. Frustration can no longer reign in your daily routine. Pick your battles wisely while Mars is retrograde until August 27. July 19 ushers in the need to consider your options and decisions as to where you should go from where you are now in life. The full Moon eclipse July 27 exacerbates your emotional and sexual frustration. The karmic debt is being paid so get on with your life and stop being someone else's prisoner. Best days 3,12,20,30


Time alone offers Cancer the peace to consider life, habits, work and health. Ask your self what you can do to be happier even if you currently feel like life is a bowl of cherries. Once the new Moon occurs June 13, Cancer moves into a period of letting go of people, places, and situations that do not support your happiness. The full Moon June 27/28 in your seventh house of partnerships compels you to find a balance between your needs and the needs of your partners. This full Moon is conjunct Saturn so you can bet on events coming to light that make you face the stark reality of what must be tackled if you are to be allowed to be your true self. Best days 5,23


May is a great time to make plans for fun especially if loved ones are involved. Those who are on the dating scene are best to sit out until the new Moon May 15. After that romance and travel together well. The Moon ushers in new people and a heightened sense of the roll you play in the lives of many people. Get ready though, in the months and years to come Uranus moving through your eleventh house is going to suddenly shift your endgame. You may be going to college for one degree but end up at a completely different destination. In the short term, make healthy changes in your habits starting at the full Moon May 29. Take responsibility for what you eat. Best days 9,10,18,27


While Cancer has been occupied with home and family matters work has had its own share of setbacks and redesigns. Hopefully you backed up the computers before March 22. Projects are sure to be on hold at work and the recognition you deserve may not be exactly the kind you want. Once Mercury goes direct April 15 most of these delays and snafus get resolved. At the same time April 2, 5, 7, 14, 25 prove to be onerous days. These challenging times and people will pass quickly so hold back the drama, everything will work out okay. Most likely you will have your good day in the Sun. Cancer will get to say your piece and have some fun April 30. Best days 2,12,29,30


Responsibilities are piling up and Cancer must tend to those matters before the new Moon March 17. March 9 brings challenges to your health and well being especially if you have been burning the midnight oil. The work environment is not easy due to people who want to cause trouble. With all this going on, Cancer is wise to do some soul searching. What do you really want out of your life? Do your current circumstances make you happy? Cancer is at a turning point in life between now and December 2020. Those of you born June 22 - July 4 are making important decisions about your life direction now. Starting over is really okay and providential for Cancer between now and 2020. Best days 5,6,15,16


February is a time of adjustment. Take time from your outer world to get in touch with your inner self. The psychological self that needs refining is ready to shine. The new Moon eclipse February 15 puts Cancer on the path to emotional growth that is probably long overdue. In the months to come, get rid of the baggage you no longer need. Your life and lifestyle is set to change in months to come. Relationships of all sorts must evolve and in some cases some of those relationships will end. At the same time relationships at work can be frustrating. Tend to small prospects to get your mind off the upsets. Taking care of your health is the best way to nurture you now. Best days 17,25,26

January 2018

Cancer loves to take care of others but you want to maintain your own identity as opposed to losing yourself in the needs of another person. The full Moon January 1 compels Cancer to recalibrate the dynamics between yourself and partners and even enemies. This will most likely start with you speaking up and asking for your needs to be met. Or you might just have a fit and break something valuable to release your pent up frustrations. Hold off starting anything legal or making new deals until January 17. The full Moon eclipse January 31 furthers your efforts to come into a new sense of who you are and how you feel about yourself. Stop letting others take advantage of your need to be helpful. Best days 1,10,19,20,21,29