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Cancer, Jun 20 - Jul 22

Jaden Smith 7/8 - Selena Gomez 7/22


Cancer is forced to deal with the changes that are taking place within you. The issues you are dealing with are somewhat intense and aggravated by the full Moon February 5. What once seemed appropriate must be considered, and in most cases Cancer is coming to understand that you cannot continue to share your life in the ways you once shared it with your intimates. You are changing and beginning anew. Your sense of work is evolving. It is time to budget your finances and resolve what does and does not work regarding the people you share your finances, intimacy, or even children. Friends bring surprises; some of which delight you and some which make you realize said people no longer have a place at your table. Formulate a game plan and speak up especially around the full Moon. Cancer is able to get your life tasks accomplished, but you must speak up and make loved ones understand you are not going back to the way you were in the past. The new Moon February 20 is a wonderful time for renewing your sense of who you are in this life. By the way, you are a spirit in a body. This new Moon supports new education endeavors and travel. Perhaps it is time to attend a meditation retreat. It is okay to question the concepts and beliefs that you have followed up to now. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2022

  • The crossroad you thought you were at last year has come back for your final decisions and actions.  Part of those decisions are who can stay and who must be exiled from your life, dear Cancer. Many of you are negotiating with partners and you will have to make concessions in order to cement or dissolve partnerships of all flavors. With Mercury retrograde, you can complete your karma with partners before January 18. However, someone wants to stall for no good reason. January 22 brings completions and commitments for Cancer. Do not give away the store just to be free.  The full Moon January 6 ensures completions are here to happen. This full Moon is an emotional time for Cancer. You will feel the tension days before the actual event.  The new Moon January 21 signals the time to reclaim your power and independence. The best way to do that is to adjust your approach to life and intimate relationships. A new budget fixes a lot of situations in the near future. Best days 6,16,24