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July 22

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July 17

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Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22


Cancer is making changes in your viewpoint in many areas. It is time to look past the surface to see what makes you tick so that you can come to terms with the deeper aspects of who you are and what motivates Cancer. Many of you will begin a course of study pertaining to the metaphysical or psychology. The result of these new stirrings will be life changing inside you and in your worldly circumstances. Many of you will start to live life in a new or reborn fashion. Strive to be comfortable with your surroundings where you are. This is as important as who you are and what you do with life. Money matters can be stressful but amidst all your unnecessary worries, you look fabulous. Best days 26,27

Cancer is under pressure as July begins and that is somewhat of a theme for most of the month. Cancer is fearless in the face of challenges and challenging people now. Many of your ideas and actions will be opposed by those who do not share your ideals or goals. Temper your words and don't push others hard even when you know what is good for them. It will backfire. The full Moon July 8/9 shows you where you are out of balance with others and you just may have an argument on your hands at that time. The new Moon July 23 calls for Cancer to make changes in life that create greater comfort both monetarily and in your sense of self. Best days 3,13


Take time to charge your batteries. That way, once the Sun moves into Cancer June 21 you are prepared for the life theme of the year ahead. Mid month is a time when Cancer is wise to pay attention to your health. At the same time, consider better ways to do your work. Don't listen to people who act as though Cancer is incompetent. You might be moody but you certainly are not incompetent. Mars moving through Cancer June 4 to July 20 activates Cancer to get projects done. There will be times when you are off putting because you are so direct. At other times you will be especially proficient at sidestepping your way to accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Roll with the punches. Best days 6,16


Cancer is working through a frustrating time as you reflect on life. Your mind is busy and as the month progresses, that which seems at an impasse can be upsetting. Express yourself carefully at the full Moon, May 10, so as not to disrupt your relationships with your own unhappiness. Attempt to move your focus from what is not working to how you can fix what is not working. For some Cancers that means finding a new job while for others it involves finding a better place to live. Health matters must be considered especially where your feet and bones are concerned. Starting at the new Moon May 25 take time to lick your wounds and do something that supports your peace of mind. Best days 9,10,19


Cancer must make effort to accomplish even the mundane tasks. Those who work are sure to be in the limelight either because you have done a great job or not. You will have to balance home and family with career demands. You just may want to run away and find freedom at any cost but most likely that will not come to pass. Keep on plugging along. Rethink your commitments to your community and don't get overbooked doing everyone else's work at work or in your community. Those commitments will surely weigh heavy on Cancer this month. Do take responsibility for your diet and exercise. Use caution driving around April 12 and pay attention to details. Challenges to your serenity happen April 3. Best days 12, 22, 30


Family matters and how to address them is a concern for Cancer this month. Many of you are not happy in your home or work and feel it is time to make some changes. This is a good time for a family meeting and a good time to meet with bosses to discuss the direction of your work. Now through mid April, Cancer will rethink what your destiny looks like and where you want to head from where you are now. March 5 has you feeling invisible. Avoid fussing with members of the opposite sex. March 12 is very productive but you must use efficient and organized tactics during that busy time. Work and career take precedence over home and family beginning March 27. Best days 6,16,25,26


That feeling that you are stuck or just moving sideways can be frustrating so you must come to terms with the things in life that you cannot control. Once Cancer comes to terms with the stuff of life that is not in your power you can put those worries aside and be happier. This may take a lot of practice to change these beliefs. Start by turning off the news. You can’t control the events that you see there. Bosses and even family members can be challenging as they do not support your advancement. Determine how to react to partners in business and life. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t listen to your detractors. Renewal and revival happens over starting February 26. Best days 7,16,26


Don't let responsibilities and pessimism get the best of you. Tend to health matters and do what you can do to make the daily routine easier. Travel plans and legal matters are tiresome but all will lighten up as January progresses past mid month. The week of January 9 and especially January 12 is an emotional time for Cancer. You will not be able to hide your feelings. Attempt to strike a balance between what you want and the needs of those around you and do avoid having a meltdown. That will not be pretty and since the new Moon is in your eighth house of intimacy January 27 you don't want to have to be doing damage control when you could be building rapport. Best days 3, 11,20,21,30


Work starts to sort itself easily. Some crabs are figuring how they can do a better job and move beyond the glass ceiling while others are working on negotiating skills. Still others are opening up to talents and aspects of life they never knew existed within themselves. Sort through what seems to be a mess and don't go into legally binding partnerships until after January 8. Continue to dump your past hurts that impede your progress. Cancer is going to want to travel while Mercury is retrograde so be sure to make contingency plans and take a carry-on in case your luggage is lost. Spend time alone the week of December 11. During that time you are sure to awaken to some hidden knowledge. Best days 6,14,23,24