Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22


Cancer starts a cycle of redefining your relationship with the outer world that lasts for the next fourteen and a half years. In the course of the next three years you will be sorting through issues with your contemporaries. A turning point is taking place and sometimes you will feel like you are at the bottom of a valley trying to figure out how to get to that resort at the top of the mountain. For those who are old enough, think back to 1988-1990. What were you doing during that time? What decisions were you making? Relationships take on a serious tone. Determine how serious you want to be in your commitments. Help a friend early in the month and be nice to your feet. Best days 5,14,24


Pent up energy helps Cancer accomplish your hopes or goals. You can use this ambition but must do so very carefully so that you do not arouse ill will from those who are not keen on your ideas. Home projects are especially favorable but you might find that your tasks are bigger than you originally planned. At the same time, family members are agitated. Cancer is going to have a power struggle on your hands in the days around November 19. This is not the time to act bossy just because you can. The resistance you receive will be commensurate to your pushy behavior. Getting what you want is easier after December 8, but then Mercury is retrograde. Push on for now but use a velvet glove. Best days 7,16,17,18,27


While Jupiter transits Cancer’s fifth house, you are compelled to express yourself creatively. Explore talents that you have not expressed previously. Romance, fun, and good times are easy to come by because Jupiter wants to make your life easy now. Single crabs are sure to have a full dating schedule but don't necessarily expect marriage because this transit is about a good time not a commitment to one person. Jupiter moving through Scorpio forms a great angle to Cancer that brings you luck and opportunities. Pay attention and do not pass over the good will that Jupiter wants to bring Cancer. However, Jupiter can have you making multiple visits to the buffet line. October 12 is not one of Cancers' better days. Cancer's children experience success. Best days 3,11,20,21,30


Tackle self doubt that seems to be creeping into existence. Take stock of all that's good and prepare for adventures to come in the course of the next year beginning October 10. The daily routine is busier than you will be able to imagine and the to do list is long. Since you have so much on your plate, slow down and drive with caution to avoid accidents. Watch your words as friends neighbors, and siblings want to argue with Cancer. Once the new Moon occurs September 20, you will want to learn something new such as techniques that help Cancer to do your job with greater expertise. Preparation for tests and exams will go well if you sit down and calm your mind. Best days 6,14,23