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Cancer, Jun 20 - Jul 22

Jaden Smith 7/8 - Selena Gomez 7/22


Money matters and shared resources wind down so that Cancer can deal with the daily routine. September is generally a productive time, but Cancer must deal with bosses and family matters who spin a tale of deceit early and then later in September. A new routine and family dynamic is evolving through next May. Meanwhile, in the days until next March, Cancer is reflecting on your wishes and goals. Pay attention to dreams, as they have messages for you, dear Moon child. Let your imagination run wild and consider just what it is that you want in the years ahead. Sleep must be nurtured, as there is part of you that is restless. Create a routine so that you can rest. Some of the restlessness is due to disharmony among the family and maybe even problems with home. This too shall pass, but not until after October 2. The full Moon September 10 tests your faith and beliefs. Those who are dealing with classes and courses are wise to be prepared to deal with difficult schedules and professors. Forget the dogma and do something fun around that time. The new Moon September 25 further urges Cancer to consider long range plans for home and family. Best days 10,14,19, 28


August opens with surprising attractions. Get out and let yourself be seen because friends and friends of friends need to know Cancer. Romance happens, but resist the temptation to revisit a relationship that has already proven to be a disaster for Cancer. Don’t let the mean people drag you down while you are corralling your dreams through August 20. In the months until late next March, Cancer can delve into behavior patterns that you have ignored. The next several months are a good time to work alone and work on being a better Cancer. While life seems to be on a zig zag path, this is a good time to champion people who have less than you. This includes rescuing a pet. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Cancer is ready to cut ties with those who deserve to be ignored and that is very okay. Be nice to your feet and get some comfortable shoes. A pair of driving shoes are nice since you have short trips coming up after the new Moon August 27. Best days 5,13,22,23


July begins with someone, most likely an authority figure, trying to exert their influence and manipulate Cancer. Stay true to yourself even if you have to hide away from those who want to jerk your chain. The first three weeks of this month is a good time to go offline. Disappear and recharge. Important messages and texts come around July 4. This is a good time to have fun with the ones who are forthright. Opportunities come, but may not be ones you want. Bonding with new groups of friends or teams happen just before the middle of July. Show you are a team player and your star is sure to rise high in the sky. You look fabulous beginning July 18. Balancing your needs with other people is a big deal this month. Try to keep your moods stable and recognize that some people need you to commit now to dinner Friday night as opposed to seeing how you feel then. The new Moon brings the need for a new budget due to unexpected expenses. Challenges seem tough during the last days of July, but you will find solutions. Best days 9,17, 24

June 2022

Cancer, especially those of you born in late June, are at square one. You are ready to get on with life. Have patience and know that you may not be on your way until December. Meanwhile, enjoy exploring future possibilities and plans. Cancer continues to define boundaries with partners past and present through the middle of June. Let people know where you stand on the subject of sharing and dividing the harvest of life. June is a social month which is wonderful because work is very demanding and you need to the time to focus on enjoying the company of friends. Spend quality time with yourself at the full Moon June 14. You may need to come to terms with information that is life changing. The new Moon June 28brings help from people who have not previously been your fan. Best days 2,29

May 2022

Trips and educational pursuits help Cancer remember your hopes and dreams that have been watered down by the daily. Though Mercury is retrograde, Cancer is able to connect with friends and socialize with coworkers. This is a good time to politic. Handle in-laws with kid gloves. The full Moon eclipse May 15 brings passion to your words and further accentuates Cancer’s desire to find a new path. A surfing camp in Honduras just may fit the bill, but do use caution. This full Moon brings completions to relationships with partners. Children are finishing big projects in months to come and Cancer is able to come into emotional satisfaction with yourself in months ahead. Your truth is easy to express and a load is lifted from your shoulders. New bosses and jobs are coming. Promotions happen this year or next. Get ready for success. Venture into your creative side once the new Moon occurs May 30. Do not miss the boat. Life is calling Cancer. Best days 6,23

April 2022

The new Moon April 1 brings new bosses and revives future plans. This new Moon compels Cancer to sit down and make some serious choices as to what direction to take in both your professional and personal lives. Look to your current responsibilities and the crosses you bear before jumping into any new plans. Cancer has steps you must take in order to rid yourself of said tasks before you can move on in life. Children, lovers, mates, or business partners must be satisfied in order for you to move ahead freely. Generous behavior and a willingness to take care of those who want to hang on facilitates your progress. This is a great time for travel and spiritual growth. However, do not blindly follow anyone’s advice or teaching. This is the time to be idealistic but not stupid. If it seems too good to be true then it is too good to be true. Do not be manipulated April 10 and 18. The full Moon April 16 calls for Cancer to end relationships and search for your new identity and destiny. The new Moon April 30 brings new friends and new goals. It is time to do some manifesting. Your future awaits, dear Cancer. Best days 8,17,26


Life can seem daunting for Cancer because you are juggling relationship issues that must be resolved so that Cancer may rewrite your life story. Partners and even enemies have you in their sights hoping to control or manipulate you in order to thrive in their own disfunction. It is time to assert yourself by no longer taking care of those who do not complement Cancer. Some of you will go back but soon realize you can never go back to the way you were in the past. Life is presenting Cancer with opportunities to grow. Give thanks to those who lend a helping hand and grow some faith in yourself. The new Moon March 2 spurs your need for independence. The full Moon March 18 offers insight and understanding as to how to move forward. Your understanding of life and your ability to resolve interpersonal issues unfolds through showing compassion and understanding to the people who are holding onto Cancer. Now is the time for Cancers to grow out into the world. You must adjust your emotional outlook. Best days 3,12,21,29,30

February 2022

Relationships of all sorts are showing Cancer where and how you have lost your power. Do not be manipulated by frenemies or loved ones. You will discover that you are relating to people in a different fashion this month and next. In the months to come, you will begin to realize what you really want out of life as you begin a new phase. As some of you leave the old ways of expressing yourself, new people come into your life that show you the way to your goals. Some Cancers are finishing raising children and it is time to focus on you over the next year and a half. Travel when possible through May. Take classes, make a gratitude list, and begin a spiritual practice. Accept the chance to do things with younger people. They can be a great guide and open Cancer to new love. Yes, younger can be okay for you. The full Moon February 16 insists that Cancer put your affairs in order so that you can move forward. Finish your responsibilities and compromise with difficult people so that you are able to catch the next best thing for you in life, free from current burdens. Best days 3,4,13,22

January 2022

Cancer is working through the push and pull of all sorts of relationships throughout January. The new Moon January 2 brings new relationships as well as old relationships that want a fresh start. Do not jump for either opportunity too fast. Give it time and wait to see if the person from the past sticks around after January 29 and then give it the opportunity to bear fruit. The full Moon January 17 shows Cancer where imbalances are taking place between you and other people. Someone will pull on your feelings and this could be a better time to be analytical and do self-care as opposed to giving away your power and identity. Mercury turning retrograde January 14 suggests you delay decisions about any commitment. Take life slow and do not let anyone push you into any decision. Yes, you are at a crossroads, but the stop light is stuck on red. The new Moon January 31 also suggests that Cancer consider new and old partnerships. Jupiter is now moving in harmony to Cancer and the expansion of life has just begun. You will travel and grow and have opportunities. It’s gonna be good. Best days 6,16, 26


It is time for Cancer to begin a new way of living. Some will be starting new diets and health routines. Other Cancers are finding new ways to work and even new careers. The new Moon eclipse suggests that you embrace expansive new ideas. The Moon is your ruler so this month and last are very auspicious for endings and beginnings. Jealousy and control are sure to pop up either in you or in the behavior of your other. People who are your enemy expose their behavior and Cancer must deal with so much dysfunction from people in your inner circle that you may need to seek help in how to deal with such antics. Equip yourself with the knowledge and maturity to pull the imbalances back into place so that you my regain your composure. This is a process that will take until March. Those who reappear and profess undying love will be gone shortly thereafter so do not spend time picking out China patterns. The full Moon December 18 insists Cancer get some rest. Surprising news just may be the reason you need to withdraw and process the events of your life. Best days 2, 20


Cancer continues to juggle work and family matters. Somebody wants to argue so put on your diplomatic hat and let them argue without responding. Partners, bosses, and family members pull Cancer in many directions. Those born at mid-July open up and realizing that you are capable of so much more than you have been in the past. Consider your talents and do not let those bossy people manipulate your life and decisions. November is a great time for having fun and saying just what you need to say. Friends and children bring surprises, especially right around the new Moon November 4. Some of you may have a surprise pregnancy while others begin family planning. The lunar cycle is a great one for learning something new, like a sport or a method to win the lottery. Travel or explore the mysteries of life, including why the difficult people want to be difficult. The full Moon November 19 brings endings to friendships and the opportunity to be the leader of any pack you belong to at the moment. In the months to come, Cancer has a lot to say and do when it comes to friends and honeys. Get used to becoming self-sufficient. Best days 5,13,22,23


Home and family have Cancer activated to repair the house and deal with family ties that are strained or strange. Do try to avoid updating or repairs until after Mercury goes direct October 18. Otherwise keep the contractor’s number because another house call will be necessary. Misunderstandings between family members are certain until late in the month when the agitating energy becomes smooth and fun times happen without effort. Meanwhile, push for what you need in terms of a loving household. When you push too hard though, you will be pushed back and that’s a sign to alter your tact. Health and beauty treatments are a good idea, but avoid any elective surgery. The new Moon brings new choices and directions. Some of you will move; others are clearing away the clutter. Partners of all sorts are difficult and even manipulative October 1,7,12,17, and 21. The full Moon brings recognition for jobs well done or complete failure. Evaluate the feedback you receive at that time. It is possible the messenger dislikes Cancer no matter how wonderful you are and there is nothing you can do but move away from critical people. Best days 8,9


Cancer has many great ideas and so much that needs to be accomplished. Everyone is not going to be onboard with your plans. Many people, including neighbors and in-laws vehemently opposed what Cancer wants both at the beginning of September and at the middle of the month. Use caution driving and certainly do not drink and drive. Pay attention when operating anything from a rubber band to a spaceship. Challenges with partners come up September 5 and again September 25. Cancer is quite sexy September 10 to October 7. This is a great time to accept and project your sensuality. Single Cancers should find a way to mingle while others are ready mate and procreate. September 22 brings shifts to the dynamic of love. Do not overreact when uncertainty rears its head. Hold steady and do not react. Plan a romantic time September 29. The new Moon September 6 brings new ways to communicate while the full Moon September 20 brings opportunities to redesign the big picture of life. Make a gratitude list at the full Moon and muster your faith. Mercury retrograde September 27 to October 18 holds up home and family plans and creates delays in any home project. Best days 2,11,19


Money matters and other stuff that makes Cancer uncomfortable are at the forefront as August opens. Honeys or bills are the culprit, but that gets worked out before you have time to roll your eyes and decry, ‘What next?” The new Moon August 8 occurs in Cancer’s house of money so that is the time to set a budget and a boundary on spending. The daily routine is busy all month. August 9/10 brings confusion over schedules or some small details. You will want to overspend. Keep cool and do not let emotions get out of hand. Get togethers with friends are planned at the last minute August 19 and 21. Home and family matters come into play as the month progresses past the middle. A sit down dinner or smart financial plans come into play August 23. Just be sure you read the fine print. The responsibilities you take on at that time work out well. Commitments are favored August 23 and again August 26. The full Moon August 22 has Cancer juggling your time and resources with that of a significant other. Review tax matters and insurance at that time. If you take out a loan in late August, do not borrow more than you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. Some of you will battle with difficult partners that are on the way out the door. Good riddance, the time has passed for those people to vacate Cancers’ lives.

Best day 5th


Cancer continues to evolve in the way you are relating to the people in your life. Many Cancers have come to realize that you must move past partners’ problems so that you can be happy and comfortable. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in your second house brings a cycle of finding comfort in both your emotional and financial worlds. Some of you will break through into new prosperity while other Cancers give up on people and relationships that are a lost cause. It is time to start anew and come to terms that many of your challenges are because you believe other peoples’ opinions about you. Stop the self-sabotage and move away from bosses, mates, and family members that do not honor the light that you are dear, Cancer. The full Moon July 23 brings endings to partnerships and business connections that are no longer supportive to Cancer. Read the fine print so you do not have to pay unnecessary fines. Next year brings greater harmony, so sort through the messes this year in order to be ready for the opportunities ahead. Best days 9, 27


June is recharge month for Cancer but you still have to be out in the world and very active until June 11. Venus moves through Cancer June 2 to 26 making you as attractive as a sweet flower is to bees. So you don’t want to hide while you have this great vibe. Money matters and your need for comfort gear up June 11. Cancer has to deal with partners this month and next so that you can move onto the next phase of life. Connections and shared resources must be sorted. When an impasse occurs just sit tight; it is not permanent and neither are money worries. Remember, those worries are only thoughts and most likely are not valid reasons to fret. The new Moon eclipse June 10 signifies that Cancer is about to go through a period of letting go of people, situations, and stuff in life. This is a big new beginning and you must lighten the load. Some of you may actually be moving far away and cannot take a lot of possessions with you. Travel beckons but you may have to wait until next year to really get out into the world. The full Moon in Capricorn June 24 brings completions to all sorts of associations ranging from love to bitter business partnerships. The changes are productive for Cancer so do not question the process called life on Earth. You will be happier for that willingness to move forward. Best days 1,11,12, 29


Mars is moving through Cancer energizing crabs to take all sorts of action. Getting up off the couch and out and about requires very little effort because of the abundance of energy you possess. Monitor your moods as they may demand you act impulsively. This is especially true right around May 11 when you must make adjustments to your work or lifestyle schedule. You may not feel well at that time because you are overworked. Those of you born late in June have opportunities beckoning but do not jump on any offer too fast. Travel with caution and take a carryon. The new Moon May 11 brings new connections with friends. Evaluate your goals and be willing to take charge and lead your team. You will be needed by many and that is one of the definitions of Cancer. The full Moon eclipse May 26 brings changes to your lifestyle and the way you do your work in months to come. Some of you are called back to the office while other Cancers will have more freedom to pursue your dreams. Adjustment is the way you will be living in the months ahead. Do not categorize this as good or bad but a process of moving through life at a new pace or direction. Remember, life is but a dream and it is your dream. Best days 5,6,15,16


While April is a month to shine in your career and initiate new beginnings, you must spend time alone with yourself. Sometimes, life does not move in a straight line. Take a personal inventory letting go of the thoughts and ideas that lead to a dead end. Soul searching is a wonderful activity, especially during the stress that takes place April 11,16, and 18. Rearrange the furniture at the middle of the month. The process and results are therapeutic. Employ some Feng Shui to balance the flow of energy in your house. Once Mars moves into and through Cancer April 23 to June 11, Cancer is so busy that you really need balanced energy in your home. The new Moon April 11 brings new bosses, jobs, and projects. In that cycle that begins April 11 and ends May 10, Cancer will have power struggles and challenges with partners and people who want to control Cancer. It is a good time to avoid getting involved in any legal matter. People who want to manipulate Cancer must be put out to pasture. The full Moon April 26 brings surprises from friends and children. Strike out of your routine at that time and have some fun. Talk about how you feel at the full Moon. Best days 8,9,18


Look beyond today and where you want to be in one year. Make plans for travel and take a class as it is time to learn something new about the world. Language and classes about culture stimulate Cancer to grow. The new Moon March 13 compels Cancer to get out and explore the world. Engage with people who can help you grow and show you other ways of living. Have faith in yourself even while you are forced to adjust to the changes life is forcing on Cancer. Generally speaking, March is usually an easy month for Cancer. Yes, you are questioning your worth in your career. Jupiter and Saturn are both insisting that Cancer adjust emotionally and psychologically. Mars is moving through your twelfth house, which can have you feeling like you are moving slower than usual. Sometimes life has to go sideways in order to get from point A to point B. Get some rest, as the pace of life picks up in later April and you will not have time to catch your breath. The full Moon March 28 brings demands from family members and more second guessing about your abilities and talents. Balance career and family at the full Moon. Your tribe will surprise Cancer with their behavior. At that time, you have the strength of character to handle any situation that shakes your world. Start something new, you can always change your plans in mid-stream. Best days 12,22,31

February 2021

February is a productive month for Cancer as you go about reaching for your goals and reconnecting with people. You very well will be called to lead a group endeavor or just host the book club at your house. Back at the ranch in your most intimate life, Cancer is adjusting to the needs of others and finalizing financial connections. Some of you are adjusting to a new status quo, while others are realizing that you are not in the right place and this is not the right time. Most anything you do is requires that Cancer adjust your needs and budget to insurance and tax matters along with the needs of your partners. Whatever you share in life with others will have to be sorted through whether that is a mortgage or the cat. Since Mercury is retrograde, nothing will be totally settled until mid March. Keep on keeping on and it will all turn out for Cancers’ best interest. March is an easier time, so do not fret over delays. Let the stars do what they do and that will take care of Cancer more than any worries. You are undergoing a psychological shift. Go with it, the price you pay is worth the new direction. Best days 13,14, 22


Cancer continues to deal with matters of the heart. This includes easy and not so easy relationships. The intensity has shifted a bit as you have decided you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of one or more situations. There are still power struggles and realizations for those of you born July 15 or after. The rest of you are actively making adjustments to the actions you are now taking. Friends and partners are full of surprises especially later in January. Either you or the other is going to be selfish. This could be in your best interest. The new Moon January 12 insists that Cancer balance your needs with the needs of the other. However, the other may not be interested in compromising. If you have anything legal that needs to be started, do so January 27. We all begin to feel Mercury retrograde January 15, but it does not begin until January 30. This means that Cancer is best to finish the business with partners, but partners may stall the progress. Do not worry, at mid-March Cancer will be back on your way to finishing the Karma. The full Moon has Cancer feeling uncomfortable January 28. This can be a bit of a high drama time where children and friends are concerned. Get a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished at that time. Speak your truth, you will still be loved and you will be respected. January 4,6,13 and 27 are days when you can accomplish loads but you will have to push to do that. Before you can soar, you are going to have to make some repairs to your mindset. Find the love you need and want inside your heart and you will experience bucket loads of that in the outer world. Best days 8,16, 17, 26