Cancer, Jun 22 - Jul 22


July is an extra powerful time for Cancer due to the eclipses July 2 and 16. Take action especially where your career is concerned. The new and full Moon are very auspicious. Be careful, though, since Mercury is retrograde. Give serious thought to redesigning your life direction. Since the full Moon July 16 is in your opposite sign Capricorn, you will have to balance you with others who are less concerned with your needs and more concerned with their own agenda. This could come as a David against Goliath scenario. Other peoples' agenda probably is not in your best interest especially if you are involved in a legal matter with a big bad wolf. Relationships with friends come to a conclusion. In some cases that is because you realize that those friends are indeed enemies. Mercury backs into Cancer July 19. This brings about some of the needed endings through July 30. Slow down after July 19 and reassess what you have put into action thus far. Once you recover from the events that catch you by surprise, use those experiences to inspire you to move forward as opposed to your usual sideways. Try to make money as opposed to spending it through mid August. Do not fret if money is running out as that is not a permanent situation. Best days 1,2,11,20,21,29


If you don’t like being called moody then keep your self in check all month long. You have probably noticed that your plans and decisions have been more motivated by your emotions since last month. You have a lot of energy now to move sideways. Say nothing when you feel a biting comment coming into your mind. When you are disappointed adjust your tact and reel in your behavior. The new Moon June 3 compels Cancer to refuel intellectually and physically. Balance your need to relax with all those physical projects you want to accomplish. Sort through all the feelings you have. When you feel yourself engaging in self indulgent thoughts, perform an act of service. Roll with the high waves June 10 and commit to learning how to better take care of yourself June 17. Pay attention to your work June 25 and be prepared to defend you decisions and actions. Fight for a good cause this month, but the results you desire will come in August. Best days 4,22,23


May brings social and networking events that offer opportunities to make new friends. Step out of your comfort zone because that unknown is where love and belonging reside. It is a long process but you are letting go of old alliances and memberships that do not serve Cancer any longer. This is very evident at the full Moon May 18. Those who have children in their lives will be busy with their needs and in more than one case you will have to dish out tough love couched in tenderness. Mars moves through Cancer May 15 to July 1. During these days, Cancer has the energy and bravado to go for what you want whether that is finishing a five k race or rebalancing a relationship. Explore and come to terms with who you are in the days until July 1. This is important because there is a new Moon eclipse July 2 that is a kick start to a new way of life. Career and family are a challenge right around May 22/23. Best days 8,9,17,27


Cancer is at turning point this month. Some of you will be starting a totally new direction in life or career path.There will be recognition and you will see just where you are out of balance in life. Somedays it may be hard to keep it all up, but you must. Commit only to that which helps you start over in life. Move forward and do not go back. Consider the proper vision for yourself starting with the new Moon April 5. Get it all started and be ready to hibernate at home when the full Moon arrives April 19. Forces behind the scenes help Cancer so don’t get anxious. It may be hard to sleep at times. If you are prone to blood pressure issues keep your home blood pressure machine on hand. Mid month brings great opportunities but Cancer must be willing to bend a bit. When things don’t go your way, know that you will get what you want but it will be later and better. Don’t fret over the delays. Best days 11,20,29


Mercury is retrograde in Cancers’ ninth house of travel and education. This is not a great time to travel or begin any sort of educational classes. Instead, do a bit of daydreaming and planning for the big picture of life. It is okay to look at those travel websites and brochures but don’t book until after the 25th. In fact, if possible book after April 16. Thats a long time so if you must travel expect the unexpected and take your good nature with you because it will be tested by delays and snafus of all sorts. If you have to travel this month, it is not a very good time to do so with friends. They may be a source of irritation on the road or at your dinner table. Cancer will have to take the lead in a group situation, but do so with a velvet hammer so that your friends and associates do not revolt. Cancer is just the person to manage the cake sale or a takeover of the home owners association because you have a special organizational touch. While your ability to shine is wonderful, you don’t want to be off putting. The full Moon March 20 brings home and family matters front and center. Stay humble or have your dirty laundry aired. Best days 6,15,23,24


Since the beginning of January Cancer has been promoting yourself and your career. Many have taken the fast track to success and many of you have stepped on toes along the way. The first several days of this month bring power struggles with partners and authority figures. It can be intense especially for those of you born July 7 -14. February 13 brings surprises and explosive behavior as you strive for independence. Patience may not be one of your virtues February 13 and the responsibility you have to others can be a drag at mid month. Once Mars moves into Taurus February 13, Cancers' efforts will become more productive most likely because you will use your village to get what you want. Just be sure you are a benevolent leader and not a tyrant in the days until March 31. The new Moon February 4 does increase your awareness regarding other peoples’ needs so you should be able to corral others into helping you get your goals accomplished. Consider new financial plans and get them started before March 5. The full Moon February 19 is a very busy time but Cancer should be able to handle all the details with ease. Allow your personal issues to evolve into thin air. You don’t need that junk anymore.

January 2019

Relationships of all sorts are having a face off with Cancer now and over the next several years. Power struggles continue for some of you while other Cancers are starting over in life. It is time to start over no matter what age you are at this time. The new Moon eclipse January 5 combined with Mars moving through your tenth house set the stage for you to start a new business. People who have the experience you need will want to partner with Cancer in the months to come. At the same time bosses and other people who want to control Cancer step up to challenge you through mid February. Those same people are likely to have a fit over some minor infraction. Move on with your plans, just do not push too hard as your push will receive even more pushback. Tension is abundant and you are pressed to use diplomacy January 14. The full Moon eclipse January 20/21 compels Cancer to deal with what’s yours and your partner’s responsibilities and resources over the next several months. Give and take is the key to peace of mind at this time. Take a realistic approach to life.
Best days 10,11