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Cancer, Jun 20 - Jul 22

Jaden Smith 7/8 - Selena Gomez 7/22


During September and through October 11, Cancer is super busy with home and family matters. Some of you are remodeling, others are packing and preparing to move. For others, company is coming and home is a beehive of activity. Whatever the situation, Cancer is busy and stressed handling all this extra energy especially when family members are a pain in the neck. Forgotten lunches and notebooks have to be delivered pronto so be ready to jump when you are called upon to assist others. Home security is important. Be sure to clear the space of bad vibes. Turn on the security lights and lock the doors when you head to Europe for a month. You must make time for you and your new projects such as healing your personal psychology. Money matters improve this month, but you must pay attention to the little details and make sure your car is in good working order through September 15. The new Moon September 14 brings new friends and ideas as to which way to take your life from now. Include freedom and independence in the plan along with diverse friends. The full Moon September 29 brings recognition in your work as well as a new boss or job. Best days 4,9,14,18, 27


Cancer is rethinking who and what is of value in your life. Perhaps it is time to replace that kitchy lamp from the 1970s or your trophy husband or wife. Both could cough up a nice amount of cash. Shifting your priorities puts Cancer on a new road to somewhere in life. The full Moon August 1 further highlights karmic completions. Tax and insurance matters must be addressed. Perhaps it is time to renew policies or finalize a claim. Get as much done as possible in the first three days of the month as the shadow of Mercury starts August 4. Avoid doing new projects before the shadow of Mercury retrograde begins. Mercury retrograde actually begins August 23 and ends September 15. Mercury will attempt to play tricks with your schedule and communications. The new Moon August 16 brings beginnings to financial endings as you gear up to pay bills and determine what is yours. Review your budget and spending habits. The full Moon August 30 has Cancer wondering about your faith in yourself. Bide your time and research trips to take after mid September. It is okay if you feel crazy and stressed beginning August 27 as that will be the norm for several weeks to come. Best days 3,8,12,13,17,18,22,23,31


Money matters are a top priority for Cancer throughout July. Lots of expenses as well as sharing your wealth must be sorted. The stress of money leaves you July 10, but Cancer is sorting through the stuff of life that once seemed important and no longer hold power over your thoughts. Cancer is wise to hold off making important financial decisions until after September 4. The full Moon in your house of partnerships spurs Cancer to assess who can float your boat, balance your boat, or sink said boat. Herein lies the assessment as to who and what can remain on the stage of your life. Situations that have felt stuck for the past several months begin to move July 18. The lights of life turn green and you are at last ready to move forward with new career prospects. Career and family matters can be resolved between this month and January 2025. In either case Cancer must move forward. The daily routine is productive July 10 to August 27, but friends, neighbors, and in-laws are troublesome. Use caution driving during the same time. The new Moon July 17 presents Cancer with dynamic new beginnings. Which direction shall you go in the weeks to come? There is no wrong choice other than to make no choice. Best days 7,16,26


Your closest and most intimate relationships seem to be in limbo. Some of you are trying to get out of a relationship while others of you are trying to get into a relationship. Children are a challenge maybe because you are stuck with entertaining them. Many situations are on hold until next month at the very soonest. There will be manipulative words and actions that Cancer must field. Do avoid being the one who is trying to pull strings. June 7,13,20, and 28 are the days that are most stressful and stuck. This is a time when you just have to go with the flow and manage those wild thoughts that roam in your head. Money matters are among the stuck stuff. It seems that more is going out than coming in, but with a lot of effort Cancer is able to turn your financial picture into a masterpiece. Mind your money and credit June 25. The full Moon June 3 brings projects at work to a conclusion. This same full Moon compels Cancer to make some serious lifestyle changes including what you eat and drink. The new Moon June 17 ushers in a month of spending time alone either by choice or circumstances. Travel June 28 and 29. Your dreams become quite interesting beginning June 30. Best days 1,2,30


May starts off with a full Moon eclipse in Cancers’ fifth house. This means fun is a must in months ahead. Your life will be very immersed in a love interest or children’s activities. The new Moon May 19 in the 11th house of friends and goals brings new friends and long-term goals into play. Jupiter moves into that same house May 16 ushering people who are more than happy to help Cancer on your road to accomplishment. Friends, new and old, let you know they are your fan and want to connect you with other people who can open doors for Cancer through next May. Now is the time for Cancer to get out and be seen. Money matters and partners must be dealt with May 15 to 27. During these days Cancer can use stress to power the ending to stale and outdated relationships that no longer serve Cancer. When that stuck feeling strikes this month, know that the gears of life click into high speed in July. Mind your money and do not overspend beginning May 21. While many new friends are coming into your life, exercise discrimination when picking your mates for fun or more.

Best days 5,13,14,22,23


Cancer is energized to do the stuff you want to do and the stuff you need to do through May 20. Challenges come from friends or team mates April 3 and 20. It is all about sharing time, space, and stuff. Cancer and others will have to work out who is responsible for what around those times. The full Moon April 5 brings endings to relationships. At the full Moon, Cancer must balance your family and their wishes with your duty to your career. This is the best time of year for work and Cancer must assert yourself in order to get ahead at the game of life. People in charge are watching Cancer. Many are willing to give Cancer a helping hand. The new Moon eclipse April 19 brings opportunities over the next several years that can enhance your career or lead you in a totally new direction. Missed opportunities and being tardy for events happen once Mercury goes retrograde April 21. Give other people that same slack you would hope they would give you when you are spaced out and forget something. Secret relationships are ripe to begin this month and next. Ask yourself if it is worth the trouble. Best days 25,26


Saturn moves through Cancer’s ninth house beginning March 7 and does not finally leave there until February 2026. During that time Cancer is faced with new facts and information that change how you feel about your life philosophy including religion. Where religion is concerned you will probably ask uncomfortable questions. Do feel free to make those spouting dogma uneasy. Now is also a time of travel, but most likely travel for business or educational reasons. Oftentimes with this transit, travel is a hassle. Let a friend make the plans and you just go along if you travel for pleasure. This is a good time to write, but you must have a disciplined plan.

Pluto moves into Cancer’s eighth house which is generally considered to be sex, death, and taxes. Pluto is also the house of mystical unseen things of life. Over the next twenty-one years Cancer is going to explore the deeper meaning of your life. You will delve into your deeper emotions and what motivates you this time around. Intimacy and intimate relationships transform either out of your life or to a stronger bond. Anything that is shared will end or flourish. Do try to avoid power struggles over money. This is an intense transit at a deep level within you, dear Cancer.

Mars continues to move through your twelfth house since last August. There is still time to cut the bond with those who can no longer stay. While moving sideways and not forward has maybe been a challenge, that comes to an end once Mars moves into Cancer March 25. You are suddenly very busy and are getting your to do list done. Your energy is so high and you are ready to take charge of life.

The full Moon occurs March 7. This is a time to get organized and handle all those small details. Siblings and neighbors are blowing up your phone so use your words wisely or just ignore the drama. Use caution driving in the days before and after the full Moon. This full Moon is very productive in terms of reaching out to people who can make a difference in your life. This is also an easy time to strike out in a new direction or take a short trip to relax. The new Moon March 21 brings new bosses and jobs soon. Put the word NEW on your vision board. Best days 1,2,12,20,29


Cancer is forced to deal with the changes that are taking place within you. The issues you are dealing with are somewhat intense and aggravated by the full Moon February 5. What once seemed appropriate must be considered, and in most cases Cancer is coming to understand that you cannot continue to share your life in the ways you once shared it with your intimates. You are changing and beginning anew. Your sense of work is evolving. It is time to budget your finances and resolve what does and does not work regarding the people you share your finances, intimacy, or even children. Friends bring surprises; some of which delight you and some which make you realize said people no longer have a place at your table. Formulate a game plan and speak up especially around the full Moon. Cancer is able to get your life tasks accomplished, but you must speak up and make loved ones understand you are not going back to the way you were in the past. The new Moon February 20 is a wonderful time for renewing your sense of who you are in this life. By the way, you are a spirit in a body. This new Moon supports new education endeavors and travel. Perhaps it is time to attend a meditation retreat. It is okay to question the concepts and beliefs that you have followed up to now. Best days 2,3,12,20

January 2023

  • The crossroad you thought you were at last year has come back for your final decisions and actions.  Part of those decisions are who can stay and who must be exiled from your life, dear Cancer. Many of you are negotiating with partners and you will have to make concessions in order to cement or dissolve partnerships of all flavors. With Mercury retrograde, you can complete your karma with partners before January 18. However, someone wants to stall for no good reason. January 22 brings completions and commitments for Cancer. Do not give away the store just to be free.  The full Moon January 6 ensures completions are here to happen. This full Moon is an emotional time for Cancer. You will feel the tension days before the actual event.  The new Moon January 21 signals the time to reclaim your power and independence. The best way to do that is to adjust your approach to life and intimate relationships. A new budget fixes a lot of situations in the near future. Best days 6,16,24