Twins 2004

Gemini, May 20 - Jun 21

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Over the past fourteen years you have been focused on your inner world including family matters and taking personal responsibility. Once Saturn enters your seventh solar house you begin to rearrange your outer world for the next fourteen and a half years. Don’t expect to get a running start especially those of you born during the first week of this sign. The next two years may seem like a time of bad luck. Don’t go there. Consider this time to be a period where you are in the valley looking at the mountains around you deciding which one to conquer. The decisions Gemini makes over the next two and a half years will determine the rewards you receive in seven and fourteen years.
Best days

Gemini colors are anything two toned and shades of lavender

Non commital
Talks too much

Make life adjustments that enable you to do better work. This includes taking steps that make your work more efficient or eliminating steps that are no longer necessary. November is a great time to make nice with people at work, including those with whom you have previously had power struggles. Recognize that those people can make or break your efforts and make them your ally. Gemini’s health is another area that can use some tweaking. Diet and exercise may be best tackled with a partner for support in developing new habits. Information that Gemini needs to know comes to you right around the 7th. Neighbors, siblings, and gadgets are difficult at the mid month. Family matters and members compete with career matters and bosses on the 29th.

Geminis’ ruler, Mercury, is up to his antics once again turning retrograde October 4 -25. During October 5-11, work may suddenly seem boring and repetitive. Gemini will have to redo what has been done already. Friends and group activities are peaked and shifting. Enemies come out of the shadows and that is sure to facilitate your shifting relationships. Know when to keep your mouth shut. Expect friends to leave and others to need help from Gemini. If you are not prone to helping others, get ready as one of your roles in life is headed towards that way. After October 11 you just may find yourself in a resort or other fun place having to watch everyone else have fun while you work on your projects.