Virgo, Aug 23 - Sep 22
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Saturn moving into Virgo’s fourth house signals a time of laying a foundation emotionally and physically. Family and emotional matters that have not been previously fixed come back for another tap on your shoulder. Some Virgos will work these issues out with a helper such as a therapist while others will seek a parental figure that guides you through this period. In some cases Virgo will become someone else’ guide. Over the course of the next year Virgo especially those born in the first day of Virgo, are coming to terms with and expressing your emotional truth. Your view of life may seem uncertain and pessimistic, as reality does not always mirror a fairytale. Rewrite the story so that it serves you better.
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Virgo colors are shades of purple grape and lighter shades of brown

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The focus of Virgos’ life has shifted this month to communication and tending to lots of life’s details. You are sure to have many irons in the fire now. Keep your activities all close to home including your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Siblings and neighbors are at the door and in some cases you will have to be responsible to them helping with simple tasks like watering their plants or walking the dog. As November progresses to mid month Virgo needs to express your true feelings and that can become fierce. Your needs and values are shifting. Take action where investments are concerned but do not do so without thorough investigation. Those of you who have children will notice that your oldest is making important decisions.


Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde October 4 – 25. During October 5-11 the daily routine has delays and goofy stuff happening. Back up the computers and leave for appointments early, as traffic is sure to slow the commute. Beginning October 12 through 25 you are dealing with financial surprises. Do not make financial decisions now especially in conjunction with partners. Sort through past commitments and get them back on track or walk away and do not look back. At the same time others may try to subvert your efforts. Strengthen your resolve in times of stress and disappointment and it will all work out in Virgo’s best interest in the long run. Starting October 26 Virgo is able to assert yourself and your endeavors with little interference.
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