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Mar 21 - Apr 19
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The rebirth of Aries’ future continues. Aries has no choice but to continue on the path that you did not necessarily see for yourself. Saturn moving into Aries’ ninth house brings you to a place of acceptance of the rules of life and how to deal with this great game called life. Many Aries will come to terms with what is really important as opposed to what is hype. Do not get weighted down by rules and ritual now, as that will not bring you the life understanding that you need. Instead take what you like so to speak and leave the rest. As Saturn moves through Sagittarius you will feel more balanced and able to rebuild your health as well as your spirit.
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Aries colors are all the shades of red and pink

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Aries seeks to reconcile the need to be who you are with the need to relate to others with the need to balance career and family. This process does not have to be concluded and in fact will not be finalized until Aries learns to address these challenges individually at some times and collectively at other times. Matters of authority come knocking, as Aries must deal with who is in charge either in your family or your career. Aries may have to put yourself out there because it is the right thing to do but in fact you want to be at home and cozy. You may feel put out, but you are creating comfort for Mom, Dad or someone else who counts. Roll with the tide.


Keep your seat belt on as the changes just keep on coming. There is no use digging your heels into the ground you will just bloody them. The full Moon eclipse October 8 occurs in Aries and is right next to the south node of the Moon and Uranus. This means Aries is sure to be wearing your emotions on your sleeve, your face and your words. If you are out of balance with others you will let them know that. Aries, especially those of you born right around April 6-8, are becoming new people. Your identity is changing in one-way or another and there is no avoiding that. This is not a bad thing, but you must be willing to embrace the new adventure and new freedom.


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