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Scorpio, Oct 23 - Nov 22
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Saturn moving through Scorpio since October 2012 has restructured your life such that it is not the same anymore. Now that Saturn will be moving through Scorpio’s second house of money you will be coming to terms with what is really important to your well being and happiness. If your finances are in bad shape Scorpio will have a tough time putting that sector of life in order. This Saturn transit is a good time to use common sense and a conservative approach to put your priorities in place financially and emotionally. This month of December brings family challenges and upsets that are exacerbated by the holiday season. Scorpio will have to deal with relatives who are selfish and home repairs that are unexpected.

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Scorpio colors include shades of red and black or maroon


Plans and ideas have Scorpio running about from dawn to dusk. Right around mid month you will have to slow down and take stock of your endeavors. Wasted energy and efforts will be exposed as Scorpio comes to terms with what will and will not work in your schemes. Neighbors and siblings are sure to be a headache as they act as if Scorpio and their family do not matter. Scorpio must plug into the higher knowledge and psychology that you understand so well. Old issues, even some from early life, come up to be resolved. Scorpio must decide what is and is not Scorpio’s responsibility. Ask yourself, “Are you doing a good deed or being exploited?” Legal measures may have to be employed.


The full Moon eclipse compels Scorpio to make big decisions and declarations about their lives, daily routine, and your health in months to come. Some of you have changes in your work environments while others must deal with your eyes or bumps about your head. If you are the one doing all the work at work that will have to stop. There is new work out there so jump at the chance to make connections that bring Scorpio more power in your life. Siblings and or neighbors once again are shocking and amaze you with their galling behavior. No matter what occurs, dwell in elevated knowledge and that will see you through this time. The new Moon eclipse in Scorpio brings great new beginnings in the coming months.