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Pisces, Feb 18 - Mar 20
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Saturn moving into Sagittarius means that Saturn will be at a ninety-degree angle from Pisces. Saturn will bring up situations that must be corrected in the course of the next two years. Look to what you started seven years ago. Those foundations that you laid at that time will be tested and adjustments must be made to strengthen the resolve that occurred at that time. Bosses parents and others who think they can tell Pisces what to do must be dealt with wisely so that ultimately you can make peace and move forward. Have patience during this period. You often will move two steps forward and three steps back. However, you will be wiser and more experienced once Saturn puts you though his paces.

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Pisces colors include shades of dark purple and shades of aquamarine


Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, since June 9 has had Pisces feeling reflective and down right scary with those accurate predictions. However, once Neptune goes direct on November 16, you will still be perceptive but maybe a bit more interested in getting those You Tube clips produced. November provides Pisces with a boost to your reputation and talents that puts you in the limelight. Travel, publish your book or even pursue a new language or philosophy. Starting at mid month, situations and people are less supportive and more critical of Pisces. Whatever path Pisces pursues at this time, you must do it according to the beat of your own drum as opposed to other people’s agenda. The new Moon November 22 calls for Pisces to rebrand your public image.

Mars is ninety degrees from every Pisces at some time between September 13 and October 26. Pisces born March 1 and beyond are most affected this month by people who want to push your buttons and throw obstacles in your path. October is a time Pisces is called upon to make compromises but at this time that will happen when hell freezes over. You must accept adjustments after October 23rd. The full Moon exposes the interplay between Pisces and their partners. Know when your intimate relationships need more or less sharing. Power struggles bring the imbalances to light so that Pisces can come to terms with what really makes you comfortable in your skin. The new Moon/eclipse brings new adventures, the desire to write, learn, and travel.


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