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Cancer, Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Saturn moves into Cancers’ sixth house of work and health for the next two and a half years. During this time you want to tend to your diet and health regimen. This is not to say you will be sick but if you tend to you it now you can avoid future physical challenges. Apply discipline and make adjustments to how you go about the business of life. Where work is concerned, Cancer must become more efficient. Learn new methods and share what you know with your community and coworkers. December, particularly, can be a challenging time where shared situations and enterprises are stressful. Do not get carried away with those credit cards during the holidays and at the end-of-year inventory sales.

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Cancer's colors are all shades of green

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days. Therefore, Cancers' mood changes every few days and sometimes sooner.

Cancer's should always keep track of when the Moon is void. Do that
HERE and life will be simpler.

November is a very emotional month, as Cancer must contend with the ongoing prospect of rebalancing themselves with the needs of partners, authorities and family. It is high time Cancer explore new ways of going about the business of life. Some of you are forced to strike out anew while others are learning healthier ways of relating in business and love. November embodies lots of opportunities to explore growing pains. Know when to speak up and when to withhold your opinion. The troubles you experience in life are reasons for Cancer to make life changes. If you need to be exposed you will be exposed. If you need to move onto new work circumstances that will happen. Do not be afraid. Find your synchronicity with life.

The way Cancer goes about the planet must change and that includes letting others do what they need to do for themselves. Your relationships must transform but not necessarily in the way that Cancer envisions. The full Moon/eclipse October 8 brings big changes to your future. Some of you are getting new bosses, jobs, and or even a new roof on your home. It is time for Cancer to let go of the old ways that no longer work to your advantage. At mid October this theme continues as you are pulled in different directions. Cancer is discovering that you do not fit in where you once did and that too will facilitate the changes that are afoot. Please take care of your health.


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