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Libra, Sep 22 - Oct 23
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Libra’s attention turns away from money and values towards issues of your daily routine. You will be addressing the ways you think and speak in order to gain a greater control of your life’s direction. Others may have difficulty with the changes Libra is making but your new demeanor will happen with or without your conscious effort or the approval of those around Libra. Over the next year Libra is routing out untruths and inefficiencies at work as well as getting to the bottom of persistent health conditions. December is a month to play and exert your plans with confidence. Everyone else will be clear as to your intentions and the actions you take will be well thought out and direct.
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Libra colors include cream and most shades of yellow

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Kim Kardashian 10/21/80
Lie In 15 -- John rehearses Give Peace A Chance
John Lennon 10/9/40
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Zac Efron 10/18/87

Consider the best ways to spend your money but do not go overboard. While you have certain needs and wants, Libra can satisfy those needs on a budget. Pour your efforts into making and managing more money. The full Moon November 6 brings people and situations that require Libra’s financial assistance. If an intimate or financial situation is going to come out of balance that is sure to be evident at the full Moon. You must be extra careful with your bucks at mid month. Home and family matters could be the cause of any insecurity that pops up now. Many of you will have home repairs while other Libras will be ready to throw the towel in and move onto a better abode.

Libra continues to assess your financial picture. Once Mercury goes retrograde October 4, hold off on luxury spending and avoid siblings. Friends who need a financial boost courtesy of Libra are not to be trusted. The full Moon eclipse in the seventh house brings about sudden departures of friends who you thought might be a permanent fixture. Legal matters come to a close or come to surprise Libra. The week of October 6 is intense. Somebody is going to act controlling, hopefully not Libra. October 15 brings irritating people who want to argue. Your best game plan is to consider how you can help others. Take a break from the routine and reconsider how to do it all better October 11- 25. Money matters begin anew October 23.
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