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Capricorn, Dec 21 - Jan 20
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Capricorn has endured death and rebirth to the nth degree in the past three years. You now begin a period of completion over the next two plus years. Those of you who have any type of artistic talent can begin to set up a structure in your life that will support the development of your creativity. Other Cappies will discover the real truth in their spirituality. Your connection to your higher power will be tested and you will look to new avenues to connect to spirit. You may leave your church or spiritual community to join or pursue one that supports your current evolution. Still other Capricorns will have to do something about your behavior that no longer supports your health and happiness.

Best days

Capricorn colors include all shades of navy blue and lapis


Mars moving through Capricorn has this sign making deliberate, concise, and calculated decisions. November 6-17 are intense, but Capricorn is able to put forth amazing effort to accomplish your goals or wishes. There is sure to be some bullying and pushing and shoving from your opposition. Family, business or legal matters, and even challenges with bosses are apt to occur this month. The answer to any dilemma is diplomacy. Those who have something to hide are sure to be exposed so use good sense and stay out of trouble. Networking, friendships, and group collaborations are the key to getting some of what you want. You will connect with those who can help and you will receive a cold shoulder from those who are not supportive.

Recognition comes to Capricorn. However, quality of recognition received may not be stellar. People and situations come up to challenge your past efforts, even some that you began three months ago. Those of you born right around the beginning of any year are sure to be batted about by circumstances that seem out of your control. Work to keep some semblance of control but in most cases take a deep breath and let the chips fall where they may fall. Circumstances will happen whether you stress about it or not so hang onto the side of the sink so you don’t go down the drain. The full Moon eclipse October 8 brings fast changes to home and family matters especially for those born around January 6.