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Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21
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December is a beginning and an ending for Sagittarius as Saturn moves into Sagittarius. Over the past two years you have been finishing the business of the current Saturn cycle. What did you start fourteen and half years ago? What did you begin 29 years ago? Over the next couple of years you will be required to restructure your life and add a sense of discipline that maybe you don’t usually use in your life. People who do not share the same values and beliefs as Sagittarius will test your truth. Reality is going to set into your routine but do not despair. Saturn, though considered a malefic, can bring ultimate happiness, but you will have to work on in order to attain your dreams.

Best days

Sagittarius colors include all shades of purple and violet


Mars moving through Capricorn has this sign making deliberate, concise, and calculated decisions. November 6-17 are intense, but Capricorn is able to put forth amazing effort to accomplish your goals or wishes. There is sure to be some bullying and pushing and shoving from your opposition. Family, business or legal matters, and even challenges with bosses are apt to occur this month. The answer to any dilemma is diplomacy. Those who have something to hide are sure to be exposed so use good sense and stay out of trouble. Networking, friendships, and group collaborations are the key to getting some of what you want. You will connect with those who can help and you will receive a cold shoulder from those who are not supportive.

Do not step on toes and run over others with your acerbic wit. Yes, you are right and your jokes are spot on, but the sensitive ones will be hurt. When frustrated just move onto another project and above all else, get out and play. The full Moon eclipse October 8 insists that Sagittarius pour your time and energy into some form of self-expression. Art, photography, or sports are great activities that Sadge or even your children can excel at in months to come. Those who have children are occupied with kid’s activities. The new Moon eclipse compels Sadge to stop and find peace. You are at the end of a Saturn cycle so review and close the doors that need closing.