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Leo, Jul 22 - Aug 22

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Saturn moves into Leo’s fifth house of self-expression. While Saturn moves through this house Leo is defining your sense of self in relation to the rest of the world. You will learn the best ways to express your essence. This is not the time to risk your fortune or listen to hot tips and hype. Learn to analyze the facts of any opportunity before jumping for any risk. Saturn in Sagittarius is a positive angle to Leo. Use the good sense and discipline of Saturn to set yourself up for goals and challenges that occur in two and a half and five years. During December and the first half of January Leo must be prepared to deal with people who want to take you down.
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Leo colors are all shades of orange and gold

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Leo is busy doing chores and tending to family needs. Holiday plans and visits are sure to be on the schedule. It will not all go smoothly so do not plan any major home projects as Leo has enough on their plate dealing with people who want be difficult. Mom or Dad has their own agenda and it may cause problems with impending plans. Leo has a desk full stuff to do and responsibilities that must be tended to carefully at work. Mid month you must find ways to get along with challenging coworkers, siblings, or neighbors. Consider those peoples’ motives before initiating your plans for them. Do use caution with your health and wear protective gear when doing stuff that requires balance and expertise.


Step out of the bounds that have recently kept Leo from your future and accept the leadership role that others demand of you. The full Moon/eclipse October 8 brings surprises that are challenging but ultimately work to Leo’s best interest. Legal matters come to an end, educational opportunities are presented, and travel brings new paths to explore. Leos born August 8 - 17 are still working with difficult situations and people that are the catalyst to move you beyond the current status quo. The new Moon October 23 brings funds and resources to help. For some Leos, a new home is coming in the near future. Make the most of the good times and give little credence to the delays and challenges in your daily routine.